Dirk Leads Mavericks To Title | 2011 Finals Mini-Movie 

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Relive the 2011 NBA Finals as Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks capture the NBA championship!
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12 mag 2020




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Rusty Shackleford
Thunder had youth... lakers had experience... heat had youth and experience... Mavs had German Jesus
Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall 2 anni fa
You don’t talk trash to German Jesus
Calvin Darling
Calvin Darling 2 anni fa
Kinda funny that Bron and wade thought they could get into Dirk's head like that
Bruv Imma ride
Bruv Imma ride 2 anni fa
@Calvin Darling but just got into there own head that's why LeBron scored 8 points
Ash Risen
Ash Risen 2 anni fa
and a lot of luck that heat were still dysfunctional half the time and lebron had his worst playoffs series
Franklin Dalmacio
I love that german jesus🏀
Forty Seven
Forty Seven 3 anni fa
Too bad this Finals is viewed as Lebron’s failure and not Dirk’s achievement.... Dirk is a top 15 Player Of All Time
CJ Jam Sessions
CJ Jam Sessions 3 anni fa
Because Bron's fans are forcing their queen to be the goat and this series is to remind them she was not 🤣
CJ Jam Sessions
CJ Jam Sessions 3 anni fa
@JP H you mad? Haha
Fingering Things
One of the GOAT title runs, Dirk was on a mission
Hunter Games 2006
Fingering Things ✔️, yeah, especially after losing to the 8th seated warriors!!
A13 A13
A13 A13 3 anni fa
*The GOAT title run
Eyebliss 3 anni fa
if he lost, he wouldve never gotten a ring
DsLmaNiaC 2 anni fa
3 and 6 not goatish stuff.
Foxy Chariot
Foxy Chariot 2 anni fa
The best playoff run in history bar none. My Mavs had no damn business beating the teams they did. But Dirk has a point to prove.
Hallihallo 3 anni fa
Finally dirk gets some recognition! One of the best- didn’t need a super team to do it
Gurdeep Singh
Gurdeep Singh 3 anni fa
William. Kuprecht I mean this Dallas team and the 2014 spurs literally did not miss as a collective, it wasn’t one player of a couple of players in particular that played exceptionally well, it was a team effort.
Wyeth Purkiss
Wyeth Purkiss 3 anni fa
Ballers Hub. Bro no one actually cares, stop self promoting
In fact most of the ages of this Dallas team are 30+ and its so impressive
James Ambrocio
Wachu talkin about? Not to take anything away from Dirk, but Dallas was stacked.
@James Ambrocio stacked by 30 year olds in their twilight years
Javier Elío
Javier Elío 3 anni fa
When I watched LeBron and Wade coughing imitating Nowitzki, I thought, please Dirk, kick their asses. And he did 😁
Thorgard Haugen
Thorgard Haugen 3 anni fa
Well Miami beat itself...
DsLmaNiaC 2 anni fa
But lebron is so well mannered, so unselfish rofl.
Foxy Chariot
Foxy Chariot 2 anni fa
DsLmaNiaC Right lolol
misterhouse 2 anni fa
@DsLmaNiaC That scene proved otherwise at that time
thelegendary1 3 anni fa
Put some respek on the 2011 Mavericks They beat LaMarcus Aldridge, Gerald Wallace, Brandon Roy, Kobe Bryant, Paul Gasol, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh
Morlich209 3 anni fa
The 2016 Cavs beat Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson, Marcus Morris, Dennis Schroder, Al Horford, Jeff Teague, Demar derozan, Kyle Lowry, Bismack Biyombo, Klay Thompson, Steph Curry and Andre Iguodala with a strained back...
nukiepie 3 anni fa
All bums minus Kobe rip
nukiepie 3 anni fa
@Morlich209 all bums too
Ball1slife 3 anni fa
that is a bit too much, russ and harden were not what they are, and neither was gerald wallace
maimouna kone
maimouna kone 3 anni fa
Jacob Park
Jacob Park 3 anni fa
this finals is so underrated. Dirk led an all-starless team (besides dirk himself) to beat one of the greatest teams of all time
Abigail paraan
Abigail paraan 3 anni fa
Tyson and jason kidd are all stars.
Andrej Marković
@Abigail paraan They weren't all stars that season
Babablacksheep 3 anni fa
@Abigail paraan past their primes
JUPIL MOON 3 anni fa
It’s underrated cuz LBJ fans don’t wanna think about this one
Sky 3 anni fa
Abigail paraan Kidd was 38, and Chandler wasn’t an All-Star until 2 years after this.
Ajit Chamraj
Ajit Chamraj 2 anni fa
It’s crazy that no one on that mavs team had a ring going into that series
gustavo. Anno fa
Uh didn’t durk have a ring
aka DoIphin
aka DoIphin Anno fa
@gustavo. he made it to the finals before but wade and shaq got the better of dirk who legit had no one
AJ Macatuno
AJ Macatuno Anno fa
@aka DoIphin *the refs
Jarrett Thomas
@gustavo. it’s literally insane that you thought he had a ring
Juan Dela Cruz
Juan Dela Cruz 3 anni fa
Dirk dominated the big 3 of Miami. Best championship win ever.
Takable Pond1339
Dirk swept phil Jackson Kobe Pau beat Durant Westbrook Harden Lebron Wade Bosh
CanTsar 3 anni fa
I'd put them 2 behind 2016, coming back 3-1 to a 73-9 team tops what the Mavericks did imo.
Lil fagalz
Lil fagalz 3 anni fa
Dark Shadow but 2016 was really only about the finals, the mavs had huge challenges every round
Semion Johnson
Semion Johnson 3 anni fa
“Dark Shadow” that 2016 finals run was overrated and Steph wasn’t even healthy what the Mavs did in 2011 is far more impressive than what the Cavs did that year.
Takable Pond1339
@Semion Johnson it was a one point game and if the warriors had won you wouldn't make excuses
Joesy Outlaw
Joesy Outlaw 3 anni fa
Glad Jason Terry, Tyson Chandler, Kidd, JJ, Marion and German Jesus Dirk got the ring
Chris Fergus
Chris Fergus 3 anni fa
@Joesy Outlaw Don't forget Peja
Gage Prince
Gage Prince 3 anni fa
German Jesus is now what Im gonna call him
scotti pippen
scotti pippen 3 anni fa
That was the greatest playoff run that i have seen in my lifetime..and i was born in 76`. The Mavs were underdogs in every round, but Dirk beat them all. A talented Portland team, 3 future Hall of Famers with OKC, the reigning 2 time champion Lakers. And in the end, he beat that arrogant and bigheaded Heat team. Lebron and Dwayne laughed at him. And he beat them with pure class. Loved it..!
Devin Booker
Devin Booker 3 anni fa
They weren’t the underdogs against the blazers, but the other series they were the underdogs
scotti pippen
scotti pippen 3 anni fa
@Devin Booker When i remember correctly, they weren`t favorites either, most experts didn`t believe the Mavs would even win that series. Detroit was the only other nobody expected to wind the title. That run in 2004 was also pretty impressive and special..
Kevin Kohoutek
Kevin Kohoutek 3 anni fa
@Devin Booker alot of people predicted the blazers to win. Only Vegas had the Mavs winning . Other then that round , Mavs were underdogs from media and Vegas
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 2 anni fa
If the Mavs. stayed intact the following seasons they could have won 1 or two championship.
Lightdion 2 anni fa
$harpshooter24 2 anni fa
Dirk put his blood, sweat, and tears during this playoffs. He earned that championship, will always be respected by hoop fans. #GoodTimes
Xavier 2 anni fa
That Mavs championship might be the most valuable ring in NBA history. The amount of superteams they cruised through that year was insane
Jay Jay!
Jay Jay! 3 anni fa
Dirk Nowitzki one of this generations most under appreciated player!!!
Sir Diddle McPooter III
Dirk is not underappreciated. Maybe by kids under 18 right now. But dirk is a known legend and hall of famer. Never heard of dirk as being underrated. I mean his nickname is german jesus ffs
Ea 2 anni fa
most satisfying NBA finals of all time! Thank you Dirk, Marion, Kidd, Jet, Tyson, JJ
Bonn Moran
Bonn Moran 2 anni fa
Aarav . 100 years ago he did mention it. He's the jet.
Krishna Widardjo
I think you should also mention Peja and Stevenson. I remember they played okay
Stefano Mori
Stefano Mori Anno fa
Stevenson Too And Peja
Dominique Jones
The belief n his team that Terry showed getting the championship trophy tatted on his arm is RAW
Raul Rios
Raul Rios Anno fa
It's 2021 and I'm STILL crying about this. Love the Mavs.
SuperThisen 2 anni fa
One of the greatest playoff runs of all time. I was so happy when Dirk got his ring.
Dominique Jones
Finally. All the respect n the world 2 Dirk & the crew
Jessica Rivera
Jessica Rivera 2 anni fa
One of the best finals I've ever witnessed. A true underdog story. Awesome to see Dirk and that entire group win the big 1
Financial Literacy With Alvin Arquero Pamplona
And they have swept the Lakers, funny how there’s most of times Lakers got lost in an underdog team like this year 2021.😅
Nobodyyet 2 anni fa
And this ladies and gentlemen is what you call deserving of a ring
Esmond Tan
Esmond Tan 3 anni fa
As a mavs fan, this was beautiful. Great team of veterans who deserve their ring.
Nicholas Q
Nicholas Q 2 anni fa
To all people downplayings Dirk run here are either drunk, high or hatefully in denial. He lead a team with no allstar at that season except himself all the way to the ring beating 2 players who are in the GOAT conversation with Kobe and Brons and his superteam.
MiyaShiba 3 anni fa
Best title/playoffrun ever. Most sympathic starplayer, destroying masses of allstars while never being favoured. Nothing bigger if youre honest.
Jamo 3 anni fa
Most enjoyable championship run I’ve ever seen. Lbj at the peak of his most-hated phase and sentimental favorite in Dirk. So many comebacks throughout the run, so many epic performances
Leon Stelzer
Leon Stelzer 3 anni fa
I hate that they do not show dirk going down the hallway after game 6. Thats iconic
g 2 anni fa
no doubt best NBA championship run in NBA history
Shoot acoustic
Shoot acoustic 3 anni fa
Mavs and NBA final 2011 are so emotional and inspirational! One of the best NBA finals I've ever seen.
Can't believe this was 10 yrs ago...I still remember watching this series live on tv like it was yesterday. it was an incredible achievement by the Mavs as a TEAM.
Prince Royalz Beatz
I seriously remember as a young teen cheering the MAVS on and I was so happy they won
@Prince Royalz Beatzhaha i was 23 back then but it was one of the best memories of my life
YaBoi27 Anno fa
This was my first finals that I ever watched. Had just finished the 8th grade
ScottyD 2 anni fa
Dirk = Loyalty. A true champion. Super team didn’t win this one
Karagdagang Impormasyon
I can't believe that this series will be 10 years old this June 2021!! Time flies so fast and this feels like it only happened yesterday!
JV C 3 mesi fa
It’s 2023 and I’m still in awe of this run. I love a good underdog story. ❤
Verd254 5 mesi fa
I'm so fortunate to have been able to go to a game during this playoff run.
Lightdion 3 anni fa
My all time hands down FAVORITE team. A thriving Dirk finally had the supporting cast he needed. All hungry for a championship. All well deserved it❤️
Lightdion 2 anni fa
Aarav . 100 years ago FACTS! Dirk said that that although he was grateful for his championship in 2011, he felt that he could've enjoyed it more in '06 because he was younger and not so exhausted 🤣🤣
Paul Hoenig
Paul Hoenig 11 mesi fa
My favourite Finals (all time). Mavericks are the underdog with Nowitzki against the big three. Great team work from mavericks. Great movie
Alexander Mendez
This is my favorite championship team of the decade. So many greats who never won a ring on one team overcoming all the odds. Dirk, Kidd, Jet, Peja, The Matrix, Tyson Chandler... It was storybook stuff.
Dep Insane
Dep Insane 2 anni fa
This is the most worthy most incredible run in my generation. 2011 MAVS
doT03 Anno fa
Watching this in 2021 and I still get chills. What a run for the 2011 Mavs unforgettable.
B. W.
B. W. 3 anni fa
Dirk always gonna be the most underrated NBA player
Jiu C
Jiu C Anno fa
I still come back to watch this, man it was a crazy journey through the season and for Dirk to actually get his ring. Definitely my most favorite playoff runs in NBA history.
Mr. Cho
Mr. Cho 2 anni fa
Greatest Underdog story of all time. Veterans not giving on their dream.
86Brando 2 anni fa
I remember my favorite meme from the results of this series being: "Damn, I guess Dirk Nowitzki took his talents to South Beach too".
chell xoxo
chell xoxo Anno fa
Its 2022 & I watch this video at least twice a year....still brings me happy tear from our city of Dallas 💙💙💙
One of the most memorable runs in NBA Playoffs history. The Mavs fought through hell and back and just fought through it with grit. They never gave up their game even if they were losing. It was so damn good with so many memorable performances on both east and west conferences.
Doyle Jabilles
Doyle Jabilles 9 mesi fa
Worth watching from time to time. Late 90's draft class really did a great impact to the league. To me this is still the greatest champ run of the 2010-20 decade.
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 2 anni fa
One of the greatest finals of all time, with some of the greatest to ever step foot on a court. Miami would have beat any other team in the finals that year but Dirk, Jet, Jason, and Tyson were on a MISSION like no other! At the time, the media was only talking about Lebron and Wade failing to deliver. But now in hindsight we all know Dallas deserved this one, and their 2011 squad will go down in history as one of the best runs in sport history.
Dominique Jones
Dominique Jones 10 mesi fa
Leo Nardo
Leo Nardo 2 anni fa
The most satisfying title run I've ever witnessed. 💯
Spike Xx
Spike Xx Anno fa
Leflop was cocky and all. and he got what he deserves
TheKardred 8 giorni fa
What a great team of mature dudes that had a last chance to prove everyone they can win it all. I wasnt old enough at the time to follow basketball but man this shit brings tears to my eyes.
David T
David T 2 anni fa
this was the most amazing finals ive never seen. so many big shots after big shots, david vs goliath. amazing
bruce lau
bruce lau 3 anni fa
Truly one of the GOAT title runs for Dirk , and totally he was on a MISSION to return back to the promised land and he did . Was an underrated series for dirk , and he didn’t needed a super team to do it .
Chiko was here
Chiko was here 3 anni fa
Best Finals story of all time. A team of journeyman and veterans beat a super team.
Squeeeb 2 anni fa
I will never forget the hubris of Wade and James after that 3 pointer...beginning of the end for this series !
the michael
the michael Anno fa
i love how JJ just slices through all big three of the heat and makes an amazing layup. thats when the gods decided to let the mavs win.
K Bite
K Bite Anno fa
Tyson Chandler doesn't get enough recognition for this, he was a huge part, major respect
K P 22 giorni fa
And stevenson
Jochen Schütz
Jochen Schütz 3 anni fa
Seen so many videos and highlights about this series, but this one still managed to have a lot of footage I had never seen before or alternative angles for plays and shots that I had seen many times. So props to whoever edited this one together.
Tx BadAzz
Tx BadAzz 2 anni fa
Watching this in 2020, still gives me chills. #MFFL
The last one superstar team to win an NBA championship.
Gino Cerda
Gino Cerda 2 anni fa
@Gino Cerda He's a rental.
@slickvisualpoetry Don't move the goal posts.
Jerryon Anno fa
2 Jason kidd is a hall of famer as well
@Jerryon but he was nowhere near a superstar at that time, he was pretty much washed by the time he got to Dallas
Jared Johnson
Jared Johnson 9 giorni fa
I remember it like it was yesterday. One of the best team runs in sports history. My dad had season tickets and we were there for the entire ride. Truly priceless!!
Rod Balingit
Rod Balingit Anno fa
Imagine the prime GOAT lose a finals game against a Dirk with fever.
Oliver Dennis
Oliver Dennis 2 anni fa
Imagine if all theses guys were in there prime, Kidd, The Matrix and Dirk at their best would be unstoppable.
No one talks about how good of a coach that Rick Carlisle is. He's gotta be one of the best of all time!! My favorite NBA coach as well since I'm a Mavs fan! LETS GO MAVS!! LUKA and Kristaps is gonna recreate the glory all over again for us!
Big Poppa Pump
Big Poppa Pump 2 anni fa
Carlisle is a top5 coach atm at least
Javi _ CountJugg49
Brought so many memories I was just a little kid when they won, still feels like it was yesterday. Hopefully Luka and his squad can win one soon they have the talent for it just need to put in the work #dallas
netflix N' Chill
The most underrated championship ever
Dice Anno fa
One of the last respected championship teams in history
Zenki Anno fa
The BEST Championship Playoff Run in the history of NBA.
Will 3 mesi fa
That dirk fadeaway brings a tear to my eye.
lohengren Anno fa
we don't talk enough about how good a series this was. lotta fun twists and great performances in this one
Dirk’s fade-away was so lethal
miss77 2 anni fa
I was at the AAC in Dallas for game 6 & it was amazing ! We’re gonna keep going, GO MAVS 🤙🏽
K P 22 giorni fa
Game 6 in miami
ChuckNola 11 mesi fa
It’s easy to forget how big of an upset this was but damn this was huge. I did not see this coming at all!
Timothy Thomas
Timothy Thomas 22 giorni fa
This NBA Finals was so satisfying. To see the good guys win for a change
SiddTuber 2 anni fa
Do not ever underestimate the 2011 Mavs team.
Swasti Swaroop
Swasti Swaroop 2 anni fa
If winning a ring with the Cavs makes Lebron the GOAT,I wonder what this ring with a Mavs team against the Superteam Heats, makes Dirk?
Ethan Baker
Ethan Baker 2 anni fa
Well I mean the team Lebron went against was 73-9 so idk bro it seems even to me also the warriors had more than Curry, Klay, Draymond, and Andrew Bogut who played a serious role in the team also their bench was unstoppable with the finals mvp on the bench lol
Swasti Swaroop
Swasti Swaroop 2 anni fa
@Ethan Baker curry, klay, dray vs The self proclaimed goat, Wade and Bosh.. You can pick🙄
Nimesh Rajapaksha
Lebron had Kyrie, Love too
Herschelle Benting
Robin Lindberg
Robin Lindberg 2 anni fa
@Nimesh Rajapaksha Love wasn't even top 20 that year.
irfan Dharma
irfan Dharma 3 anni fa
This dirk is the reason why i love this sport.
Jaythan Rodriguez
Can't wait for the Luka and KP ring.
Jose Vazquez Orozco
It’s coming 😤😫
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 2 anni fa
You guys have the best roster since that 2011 run. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dallas make a run in the coming years, but Luka will have to duel LBJ just like dirk did, this time in the conference finals...
Nashpotatoez 2 anni fa
Arthur Rahman lebron will get old
Ace Boogie
Ace Boogie 2 anni fa
We need another peice or two!
Ryan Dupont
Ryan Dupont 2 anni fa
@Arthur Rahman tbh lebron has maybe only 2 more shots at a ring. This year and next year. In two years hes gunna be 37 years old
Jandra Shriker
Man! I loved Shawn Marion on this team. One of the best perimeter defenders ever who was barely ever acknowledged.
Lakers foReva
greatest championship run ever!!!!!!!
Darron Doss
Darron Doss Anno fa
Thank You Mavs! Especially you Dirk! For being a loyal elite leader & not leaving our franchise without a Championship! Mffl
senad halilovic
senad halilovic 4 mesi fa
I don't even watch ti basketball ..but this is one of the best sport/inspirational story ever... Dirk its MONSTER
Kareem Jones
Kareem Jones 4 mesi fa
That walking out of the locker room down the tunnel in all black I knew it was about to be a funeral for the heat, good ish Mavs.
YvngGoat 2 anni fa
Dirk really grinded for this championship.
Lapua Anno fa
The best playoff run in history
Joe Cardaman
Joe Cardaman 4 mesi fa
Jason Terry doing a postgame interview immediately after he walks off the court after every game is hilarious
onnyx malonzo
onnyx malonzo 3 mesi fa
This is probably the only Finals in the last 20 years that doesn't have any asterisk. It can't get any cleaner than this.
Results Anno fa
This playoff run might be the best playoff run of all time
Skeet Anno fa
i think in my opinion this has gotta be the greatest finals in the 2010s
🏀أجمل العوالم... الرياضة🏈
I love the Dallas Mavericks so much 💙 I hope this year we reach beyond the first round 🙏
Rj A
Rj A Anno fa
They have
mlortiz06 3 anni fa
Legendary. The whole team came as one with their superstar leading the way. Glad to call myself a MFFL 💯
Private Figure
Private Figure 2 anni fa
One of the best finals series ever
Jan Carlo Oriña
One of the best. If not the best finals series ive watched. Been watching since 1993
y a
y a 3 anni fa
Probably the best final series of the decade,considering everything on and off the court coming to it and how it eventually played out.Legendary playoff run by Dallas and Dirk,one of the best ever.
RandomEngg Anno fa
One of the similarities of 2011 Mavs and 2021 Bucks was that they build off of their draft pick in Nowitzki and Giannis. The team was built, not bought. And this is why fans respect their win
SJ  P magar
SJ P magar Anno fa
What about warrior 2015 they pretty much built there team by Normal to make them super star
styleemusic 2 anni fa
the last of the Adidas era, gave dirk 2hp extra pep, on that step back. Anyone who watched Mavs ball on TXA21 in Dallas from the beggining of the 2010 season to the finals understood something special was happening, and this was the culmination of all of it. Perhaps one of the greatest NBA championship stories ever etched in the modern history of the game.
Skinny Mini
Skinny Mini 2 anni fa
Yup bro after that 06 loss we knew we were getting revenge soon fr
styleemusic Anno fa
Oh man did not miss a single game on TXA 21, I was screaming in my living room when they took it all.
Ercel Ann Felix
Ercel Ann Felix 2 anni fa
This proves that Dirk Nowitzki is a true legend.
Halit Aliu
Halit Aliu 2 anni fa
Dirk might not be the greatest to ever play the game....but there is no one excepted Dirk whom people would‘ve granted it more That was a hell of a Playoff-Run 🏀 Nostalgic feelings when I See this minimovie 10 years later 😍
chris gatewood
Literally greatest playoff performance of all time‼️‼️
JaKhari May
JaKhari May Anno fa
Dirks nickname after I saw this playoff run was The Dagger. He kept killing people. I felt him through the screen
Motivational Cheers
The 2011 Mavs kind of reminded of the Raptors Championship team. No one could find a solution to stopping Kawhi or Dirk. Both teams played solidly together. And they had other good key players like Lowry, Siakim, Powell and Vanvleet for Toronto and Kidd, Chandler, Marion, and Terry for Dallas.
Flyrish Homie
Flyrish Homie 2 anni fa
Ever realized that Dirk dont talk a lot all about the actions RESPECT! ✊
TDNR G29 5 mesi fa
Them pre game speeches as the series progressed 😂😂😂
WideWalletWilly777 23 giorni fa
Boston fan but this was one of the best finals I have witnessed
Greatest playoff run ever.
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