DIRTIEST Plays In NBA History.. 

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These DIRTIEST Plays In NBA History..
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ceedee1945 Anno fa
I thought Draymond kicked Adams on purpose when I first saw it. After hearing his explanation of the play, now I KNOW he did it on purpose.
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Anno fa
Yep! 1:58 watch it at 0.25 speed. 100% INTERNATIONAL!
🍁Ebby🍂 Anno fa
@Frank Castle *Intentional *
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Anno fa
@🍁Ebby🍂 yep! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brown Cookies
Don’t be stupid. As someone who wanted to marry Draymond at some point. He definitely did that on purpose. It’s obvious.
sherina Anno fa
@Brown Cookies is that not what he said lol?
Jake 2 anni fa
listening to Draymond Green meticulously detailing how he didn’t mean to kick Steven Adams just makes me think he actually did intentionally kick him.
indy 2 anni fa
He didn’t know that he kicked him but I respect your opinion.
EugeneBuvard 2 anni fa
@indy My ass he didn't know. He barely even jumped and his legs goes out of control like that?
@indy i mean first he did have a pause at 1:27 so thqts a lil sus also mens section sus again idk im not a specialist or expert but still pretty sus:p.
D Rawc
D Rawc 2 anni fa
@indy Yep, he said that, it HAS to be true
Brady B
Brady B 2 anni fa
Draymond kicks his legs around all the time. I think it was accidental just because he kicks his legs like that so much
cnuffs 2 anni fa
That knee injury for Westbrook cost us a championship in okc. We had number 2 seed and he missed the rest of the playoffs. We lost to the grizzlies in the conf semifinals and every game sent to the buzzer and we lost 4-1. If Westbrook is there... we beat Memphis and we owned San Antonio after 2012 playoffs where people said they had one of the best teams ever winning 20 in a row b4 going up 2-0 on us then we won 4 straight... took 3 of 4 in reg season over San Antonio. They got us the very first game of the season where Parker hit a 3 to win it We blew a 5 point lead with 18 secs left But we took the next 3 from them and shoulda had all 4. We were a bad matchup with our length. KD is a really good defender and we had ibaka and our goon Perkins. We had the deepest bench in the league by far... reggie Jackson Ronnie brewer, nick collision, Caron butler, deandre liggins, Derek fisher, Kevin Martin, Eric maynor and Jeremy lamb... that bench coulda been a. 8th seed alone if it was a team. Oh yeah perry Jones too... San Antonio if not for ray allen 3they beat Miami in 6. I think okc was the better team in 2011-2012 season vs Miami but just choked on the 2 point loss at home. The gave up home court. We went to their gym was up by 17 in the 2nd half of game 4 but lost. Just sumthing failed. I think we did so much to beat San Antonio and was riding that high of beating a team no one else could that we assumed we could just beat Miami. Earlier that yr we beat em by 20 on our floor and went to final shot on theirs. With a healthy team in 2013 with that bench I truly believe they figured it out. That was the rocket team that had harden on it too. If we beat them 4-2 still just at a huge price. And now we just live on memories and what if’s sucks
Ben Bowen
Ben Bowen 11 mesi fa
Why so long, bug
Polops Anno fa
Man. Just listening to this guy's commentary is enough to make me burst into laughter.🤣
John Anderson
John Anderson 2 anni fa
You should have included this one. In the deciding game of the 2011 western conference semifinals Lakers center Andrew Bynum bullied the Maverick's JJ Barea, knocking him to the floor. He was ejected for that and since the Lakers were eliminated in that game, suspended for several games at the beginning of next season. Wisely, the Mavericks on the floor instead of retaliating(probably what Bynum wanted), knelt over their teammate. At the time commentators called it a "bush league" play, whatever that means. It really made me angry.
Samuel Higgins
I agree I am a huge Mavs fan ever since Dirk played and I remember watching that game live and I was pissed that he did that
Jake Anno fa
“bush league” basically means amateur move. it refers to the leagues set up for recreational softball and slow pitch where people mostly just drink beer and smoke cigarettes. very little skill is involved and tempers are usually high due to “macho men” trying to act hard. he basically meant that the hit bynum did on barrea had no place in professional basketball.
D M Anno fa
You're right, and these aren't even the dirtiest plays in NBA history by a mile. There are so many worse plays than these -- like Rudy Tomjanovich having his skull and face fractured by Kermit Washington's hard punch, and having spinal fluid leak into his mouth. And all the crap Bill Laimbeer used to pull. And Robert Parish taking Laimbeer to the ground in revenge with multiple blows?
toni 7 mesi fa
@D M but that wasnt a dirty play by kermit washington, he just tried to defend himself from an attacking rudy tomjanovic
Aceman Anno fa
The Metta elbow definitely can kill. An Australian cricketer named Phil Hughes took a cricket ball to the area where Metta's elbow landed. The cricket ball burst a major blood vessel, killed him just about instantly.
Clay Johnson
Clay Johnson 11 mesi fa
If only…
Shownn Wick
Shownn Wick 2 anni fa
I like how Rebound is staying super consistent🔥🔥🔥
lucxkz 2 anni fa
Ea Gaming
Ea Gaming 2 anni fa
I like your channel name
Itunu 2 anni fa
Back to back.... 👌🏽
Ched HimsMan
Ched HimsMan 2 anni fa
so agreed
PRIMAL_SAM 2 anni fa
dude u r so good at luring people into your next videos It feels like a netflix series at this point and It's so hard to resist
angel Anno fa
Another 1
Another 1 Anno fa
I mean really. U hate the voice changes and rebound stickers hole reason I ant subscribed. But to each there own I guess
scarysunday Anno fa
I know right
Esoteric Guru
Esoteric Guru 2 anni fa
Bev and Zaza took 3 years off Westbrook career. That knee still bothers him.
Rick B
Rick B 2 anni fa
TheBigSway 2 anni fa
@Rick B 🖐️
J.R Junior
J.R Junior Anno fa
@Rick B hello. 🙋
@Rick B hey
Jahim Uddin
Jahim Uddin Anno fa
@Rick B, Hi.
BiqF Anno fa
I was once in a game and got a steal started sprinting down court and got my legs knocked out by a kick and hit my head, the guy that tripped me went to his bench and started laughing with his coach and teammates and the worst part is that there was no call and just out of bounds for them.
Hehe Anno fa
That Would Hurt! I Have Been There Before. I Hate Moments Like That!
Anime nerd 78
Anime nerd 78 11 mesi fa
Omg the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Princess Lightning
I would’ve fought that day
RMS Teutonic
RMS Teutonic 5 mesi fa
Had a teammate miss a free throw and the other bench called brick city. The ref “missed it” (she was also a coach for the same club, but a different team) and my coach was livid. Ended up losing by 2 in overtime.
bobbycone2 2 anni fa
Missed Andrew Bynum trying to kill JJ Barea in the Mavs v Lakers 2011 Playoffs. That was one of the dirtiest, nastiest plays on a man literally twice the size of another man I've ever seen. It was insane. If you haven't seen it then search for it.
Konsy 9 mesi fa
You know its a good day when rebound posts 🔥
Rocket Beats
Rocket Beats 2 anni fa
Malachi Flynn did no wrong. He was trying to go for the ball. (Not lamelo ball)
Lucas Vollmer
Lucas Vollmer 2 anni fa
Thank u. It wasn’t dirty
Likoodzi Ross
Likoodzi Ross 2 anni fa
Malachi is one of the nicest guys he wouldn’t do anything on purpose
Q.ColdEST 2 anni fa
It was a joke. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
- BestO'DaRest
- BestO'DaRest 2 anni fa
Bro it's a joke....
something random
FastLtG 2 anni fa
That elbow by metta was vicious.
Isaac Punch
Isaac Punch 2 anni fa
As a Hornets fan, I didn’t think Ball’s injury was due to malicious intent. Just unfortunate tbh.
Kaira M
Kaira M 10 mesi fa
As an occasional youtube watcher, I have discovered your comment.
ngl i dont think he touched melo
Dinosaur Gaming
@MIKEYROOROODOG yeah melo turned around, you probably shouldnt turn around while running full speed
Bozo Martin
Bozo Martin Anno fa
Surprised that the play where Rudy Tomjanovich was punched by Kermit Washington (1977 Lakers v Rockets) was not included. Rudy suffered concussion, broken nose, broken jaw, cracked skull, brain hemorrhage, etc. There are numerous clips of it on YT but none that I saw had the original sound, which was a very loud crack and immediately put the raucous crowd into total silence.
tameko coakley
tameko coakley 2 anni fa
I love Westbrook reactions every time 😂🤣🤣
Hugs4drugs20 9 mesi fa
The reason those elbows aren't allowed in ufc isn't because they're more dangerous than any other elbow, but simply because when mma was commissioned it was done by boxing commissioners who were ignorant to the sport. They saw karate masters break bricks with that elbow and assumed it was too powerful
RealNoah_btw Lol
Anyone notice that it was mostly Russell Westbrook and okc reciving the hits
Buttons38 2 anni fa
It was mostly okc and golden state
CHRIS_2145 2 anni fa
Okc and GSW
Jheii Dizon
Jheii Dizon 2 anni fa
It's bcoz content creater root for OKC and obviously not a fan of GSW
Colton Ray
Colton Ray 2 anni fa
Yes poor Westbrook
Derek Petrarca
Derek Petrarca 2 anni fa
@Jheii Dizon no it’s because they were mostly on okc, that’s the reason
JaGoesCrazy-yt 2 anni fa
Nba player: accidently hurts another player Rebound: THIS IS A DISGRACE, HE COULDVE DIED, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS!
Your local Falco Main
Where was the accident?
toe gang
toe gang 2 anni fa
sounds like someone is pissed. none of these were accidents lol. And even if it makes me sound racist. I’m not.
Chris Cade
Chris Cade 2 anni fa
@toe gang The ones at the end with the steal/steal attempt from behind? That's just part of basketball, no dirty intent.
Disco Kidd
Disco Kidd Anno fa
@toe gang I guess what Poole did to ja was dirty too huh
Ninja Tony
Ninja Tony Anno fa
The Artest elbow to Harden could have legitimately killed him. If you don't understand that, you're not very aware of how serious head injuries can be if they land in certain spots.
Im Sure
Im Sure 2 anni fa
Artest should have been suspended for the whole season without pay for that. That was completely uncalled for. He should have joined mma if he wanted to throw elbows like that.
@zach loy you a arrest fan boy or sumn cause that was just an uncalled for and dirty move
UC_Pepsi Anno fa
@zach loy bro you know thats shits also banned in the ufc so that when you know its serious
Jeremy Sun
Jeremy Sun Anno fa
Harden was smart. He became a star with his famous lock arm move. Come to think of it, Artest was walking back to his court and Harden went over to battle him. For what?
Im Sure
Im Sure Anno fa
@Jeremy Sun looked like Harden was trying to get to the ball. Harden bumped into him a little. The elbow was uncalled for. He was trying to take Harden out of the game. He wanted for the Lakers not to have to deal with him. Artest was probably getting schooled that game so he resorted to using a cheap shot.
super8ben Anno fa
I’m glad to see anyone talk about Flynn. He was a great guy back here on the Aztecs.
EnglishPappa - Vadim Zakharov
Zaza's best play is to injure other players. I guess it's fun to watch for spectators, but he should've gotten his ass kicked a long time ago by other players to return the favor.
M iro
M iro Anno fa
Zaza is 2nd rebound player in NBA history he is very good player from georgia
brownskin babeee
@M iro if he’s that “good”, why does he need to injury other players to win? Doesn’t seem like a “great” player to me
pipi ont kaki in pipi kakaland
@brownskin babeee bro he didnt injure kawhi on purpose thats for sure
brownskin babeee
@pipi ont kaki in pipi kakaland why do you keep on defending Zaza? Tbh after seeing him play dirty with Westbrook he can definitely play dirty with Kawhi
Rosy Harari Hanono
You guys have no idea how much rebound cares about his fans!
squidy4llife 2 anni fa
Honestly, if russ saw Zaza staring him down right there, he probably would have hopped up and clocked him.
Player_242 2 anni fa
Ong lol
Life With J. Rob
Sir Mark Goldbridge the 50th
@ProbablyHungry when I played 2k18 with my older brother I used gsw and he used cavs I used to troll and say zaza was good and if I won I’d say zaza carried
LandingMan 2 anni fa
Steven Adams is tough as hell, he got kicked in the balls twice and played the rest of both games.
Yuri Maddison
Kiwi as for ya mate
RMcG Anno fa
Calm down he was hardly shot... wait America... so infact, were there bullets involved 🤯
Mr. Jish
Mr. Jish Anno fa
@RMcG ......what? 😐 You're cut off.
Tuck Wyatt
Tuck Wyatt 2 anni fa
i was on team w/ zaza's kids they were nice and so was zaza. dirty plays r mean but they were even more common in NBA during my dad's childhood. he was perfectly nice around my a lil rude teamates who asked for autographs, he couldn't come to his son's games cuz he'd get swarmed.
Joe Cool
Joe Cool Anno fa
Good video with good content. I think you're far from capturing the dirtiest plays in the history of the NBA without including clips from the late 80s Celtics-Pistons and 90s Bulls-Pistons. Some of the fouls in those playoff games were criminal.
3243 11 mesi fa
Or Celtics-Lakers, like Kevin McHale clotheslining Kurt Rambis in the 1984 Finals.
Drew S
Drew S 11 mesi fa
yea this video is a fucking joke lol
Mommy and Stella's Channel
Thanks to Artest, when he hit Harden with an elbow. he makes James Harden a pure shooter ..
YxngRussell 2 anni fa
True as hell LMAO Artest really said “let’s make him a crossover god what better way then hitting him in the head and awakening his powers”
Axyl Bailey
Axyl Bailey 2 anni fa
A head injury like harden's is nothing in nz that injury happens all the time in rugby p.s I can't spell the Injury so yea
@Axyl Bailey concussions can be life threatening though
Axyl Bailey
Axyl Bailey 2 anni fa
@φιλοσοφία I know
David Burgess
David Burgess 2 anni fa
@YxngRussell ah yes the man who walks to do his crossovers, doesn't hustle on defense, and cries and fouls people when he doesn't get his way or a call doesn't go his way. The man isn't a crossover god and his handles aren't all that spectacular compared to many others in the league.
John Doe
John Doe Anno fa
I feel the worst one was the ron artest elbow strike to the back of the head. I mean if professional fighters, who train in one on one combat, both offense and defense, aren't allowed to do that, why would you do it on a bball court?
Extreme Beast Reaction
The Lamelo Ball one wasn’t even bad, he just tried to get the ball, that’s all 🤣
Tristin 2 anni fa
Elijah Besaw
Elijah Besaw 2 anni fa
Ya the guy tripped over this own feet
wasd on 144hz
wasd on 144hz 2 anni fa
Benjamin Espach he is talking about the clip that lamelo did
Babyham 2 anni fa
Perry Jones
Perry Jones 2 anni fa
didn't look dirty to me
Ty Asak
Ty Asak 2 anni fa
"It nearly ended an entire family" I was cracking up
Dylanbchillin 2 anni fa
When I saw the kawhii moment I feel like I felt the pain with him
Marvin 2 anni fa
I thought his leg gonna snap
lucas monteiro
lucas monteiro 2 anni fa
The hideous part is that The warriors were a great team , so there was no need to purposely injury the opposing team's best player to make it competitive.
pipi ont kaki in pipi kakaland
@lucas monteiro he didnt purposely injure anyone bro he went for contact on the shot
Go 11 mesi fa
For the second foul on Westbroek there was no intention injuring him. If you look close to it you see his teammates foot is stuck behind his knee. Pulling him forward while already unstable. The only reason he looks down if you ask me is that he feels this happening and is trying to prevent himself from getting hurt. So even tho he did dirty things before that. That one should not be in here.
User87 2 anni fa
When Westbrook’s smack Beverly area and Beverly fell I couldn’t help but laugh 😂
Sagemn 10 mesi fa
7:56 Russ has crazy self control for not beating his ass after that.
Barrett Evans
Barrett Evans 2 anni fa
Greatest moments of respect and disrespect in the same game
Gurella Anno fa
I'll never forget Kobe's elbow on Bibby and got free throws out of it lol
Vincent Veilleux
Correction! You can elbow opponents in the UFC, you can't 12 to 6 downward elbow. Many fighters got ko'd with a side elbow strike to the face.
Adam Rushing
Adam Rushing Anno fa
Preston greenbay
Not to the back of the head dummy yea elbow is fine but you can't even punch to the back of the head definitely can't elbow
Adam Rushing
Adam Rushing Anno fa
@Preston greenbay Of course....but no one was talking about the back of the head...(dummy?) He was just talking about elbowing period...so our OP here explained the rules.
Preston greenbay
@Adam Rushing the elbow harden took was to the back of the head
Adam Rushing
Adam Rushing Anno fa
@Preston greenbay Oh I gotcha now...I (and I'd suspect OP) was referring to the narrator's verbige...he just mentioned elbows being illegal without men mentioning a location. So, to my ears anyway, it came across as if he was saying elbows were illegal carte blanche. Take care, and God bless brother.
3243 11 mesi fa
Also, I would include Boston's M.L. Carr torpedoing Dr. J in the 1980 Celtics-Sixers playoffs.
Xtendo64 2 anni fa
That malachi flynn part was not really dirty. Just a little bit since it looked like a clean steal but melo tripped so im a bit conflicted here
Monkey Anno fa
Man as an okc fan…this does nothing but make me mad and sad at the same time :(
Cameron Rutten
Cameron Rutten 2 anni fa
the second Zaza on Westbrook could be a trip because young's foot was behind zazas knee as he went down although the way he landed was not natural and intentional
blue bells fan
blue bells fan 2 anni fa
This was crazy! I had no idea things like that happened on the the court
A.G .Q
A.G .Q 2 anni fa
I felt Leonard's pain right there.
pipi ont kaki in pipi kakaland
wasnt on purpose by zaza tho
Laura Matsuda
3:51 Suspended for 7 games? THAT WAS AGGRAVATED ASSAULT!!! That is with the intention of committing a serious injury. Whenever somebody assaults another player on purpose in the NBA they should at least get fired from the NBA for good and get fined... Do they forget how much money they are all making because they act like they have something to lose? The law should always have jurisdiction over any stupid contract. If you hit someone at work (at any job), you would lose your job and possibly go to jail. Imaging walking up to a co-worker and assaulting them... What would happen to you in consequence?
Malika Love
Malika Love Anno fa
I’m in love with the transitions at the end he’s smooth as hell
TyoDehGoat Anno fa
That second one with Westbrook and Zaza you can see Zaza's teammate foot hook the back of his knee when he was was going down making Zaza fall as well.
Sticky Slime-_-
Sticky Slime-_- 2 anni fa
You actually deserve my sub, this dudes humor makes my day better
Jimmy Brewer
Jimmy Brewer 2 anni fa
Dude picked Ball's pocket smooth and he tripped because he didn't know what the hell was going on.
Nor-hidaya Mangontawar
Zaza is unforgivable
seldom bucket
The elbow was to the side of the head, all strikes to the back of the head are illegal in mma and the clip you showed of Jon Jones he elbowed him in the face with 12 to 6 elbows which are also illegal. (Cause the people who made the rules had seen people break bricks that way and didn't understand it's not that hard)
Christian White
Just saying, that elbow World Peace threw on Harden would be allowed in the UFC. Only 12-6 straight downward elbows while your opponent is grounded are illegal in the ufc.
Preston greenbay
Not to the back of the head face yea not back tho
Buckster 423
Buckster 423 10 mesi fa
Ironically the foot under the jump shooter is a Bruce Bowen move. An ex Spur that’s done it many times.
luh._kxm 2 anni fa
“World Peace” almost killed James Harden🤧
NotRiri 2 anni fa
Ik 😔
I ASKED 2 anni fa
Gelene Celine
Gelene Celine 2 anni fa
Rektz 2 anni fa
Lakers fans were like, Harden flopped
Lucky 2.0
Lucky 2.0 2 anni fa
NBA wouldn’t be the same without Harden I’ve looked up to him my whole life
Chase Robertson
Chase Robertson 2 anni fa
Besides the Blake Griffin and Harden one and the first Zaza on Westbrook the weren’t dirty plays it was just how the game works
Max Meier
Max Meier Anno fa
"Jason Smith is an irrelevant player" - Obviously, he played for the Knicks and the Hornets.
𝓣𝓡 𝓓𝓪𝓲𝓵𝓮𝔂
I’m sorry for laughing but I spit my drink all over my phone when the commentator said world peace elbowed harden 😂
Charles Newhouse
Charles Newhouse 8 giorni fa
So with the second Zaza play where he fell on Westbooks leg. Youngs foot is very clearly around the back of his knee as Young is falling. I don't really know if you have ever had someone pull your knee forward, but trying to stop that movement can cause really bad damage to the ligaments in your knee. This one just seems kind of lazy of you to say "He must have been tripped by a ghost" when you can clearly see was was indeed pulled down on top of Westbook
Berat Gorani
Berat Gorani 2 anni fa
Everyone always forgets Giannis spearing Mike Dunleavy. That was a dirty play!
Nathan plays
Nathan plays 2 anni fa
And Gannis waping bogdonovich in the face
Hanle it
Hanle it Anno fa
Green deliberately kicked him. Its pretty obvious. Ball was outta his hands before he even started going for the shot. Artest didn't "almost kill harden". It was just an elbow to the head. Right behind the ear isn't back of the head either and in no way would ever be fatal unless he had prior issues with brain trauma.
matthew blume
matthew blume 2 anni fa
“How the hell you gonna name your self World Peace and almost kill someone”😂
Durk 2 anni fa
Shadow 2 anni fa
If u were talking about Ron artest is meta world peace
Nick 2 anni fa
@Shadow Obviously lmfao 😂😂💀
Jonathan 2 anni fa
@Shadow Oh fr?????????????????
Shadow 2 anni fa
@Nick but he said self world peace sooo....
Damilola Oyewunmi
Your channel is addictive 😭🤣..I literally kept on watching and watching!
Jonathan Cooney
Jonathan Cooney 2 anni fa
but he believes Draymond Green didn't mean to do it haha hope he's been sarcastic
sean o
sean o 2 anni fa
“Desperately needed a comeback” down 8 in the mid second quarter LOL
Christian Forbes
Most of these aren't even intentionally dirty if we're being honest. Even when Zaza fell on Westbrook. I replayed it in slow-mo like 20 times, and you can see at first he was playing for the ball like the other two, and when they started falling, one of their feet pulled on the back of his ankle, and his body momentum was going forward, and if there would've been a place for him to step and catch himself he would've been fine, but there wasn't and he would've had to step on Westbrook, so instead he went down slowly and it was just his waist that slowly came down on Westbrook. He's just big and clumsy, but that's such a strecth to say that was a seriously egregiously dirty play.
Big Ben
Big Ben 2 anni fa
Seeing Harden get elbowed like that live was a flashback when I got elbowed dunking on someone. I'm for sure Harden still has a little bump from that hit smh 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jordan Hunter
"desperately needs a comeback" bruh they were down 8 in the second quarter 🤣🤣
Jonah Jenkins
Jonah Jenkins 2 anni fa
2 that should have been on here (all-time edition) Bill Laimbeer's entire career but especially his clothesline on Larry Bird The almost life-ending punch delivered by Kermit Washington with the receiver being Rudy Tomjonavic. He could taste spinal fluids and Kareem Abdul Jabbar said the punch sounded like a watermelon. Rudy had to retire and almost died.
Jahim Uddin
Jahim Uddin Anno fa
Bill Laimbeer could take up the entire video.
Collin Bradley
Collin Bradley 2 anni fa
Lmfao he really said the draymond play nearly ended a whole family lineage with one kick 😅
I’m not a huge Harden fan but that hit was brutal and uncalled for. Should’ve been ejected from the league for that.
Everyday Entertainment
I’m surprised you didn’t put the dirty play of Andrew Bynum Elbowing JJ Barea in the rib cage while he was in mid air
Colton Brock
Colton Brock 2 anni fa
I love how the first 3 clips involved the thunder 💀
Ikr they have like the worst luck sometimes
jesus morales
Bro, I love how you end a video and hooked me to the next one already, 7 videos in a row now!
Ayeshi 2 anni fa
Barely watched basketball on ITvid. Rebound completely changed that for me Rebound thank you for making me like basketball again! 🙏
Chrissy 2 anni fa
It’s Reverse
It’s Reverse 2 anni fa
Oh yeah zaza definitely signed his death note when he hit Westbrook 😂
Benjamin Barrie
Benjamin Barrie 2 anni fa
The lemelo ball one wasn’t bad at all he was trying to get the ball. And even the reporters thought it was a normall steall.
h3n Anno fa
You guys probably won’t believe this but Malachi Flynn actually went to the same highschool as me and was actually the first ever player from the highschool to be drafted into the NBA. He will visit the school from time to time and help coach highschool basketball players or just play some ball in the gym.
Orestis Lomis
Orestis Lomis 2 anni fa
Zaza's dirty plays are so overstated. He may be clumsy but not dirty at all unlike some others here.
Jill Guy
Jill Guy Anno fa
"And World Peace elbowed him"🤣🤣🤣
hq_19 2 anni fa
“Blake walked GINGERLY”
Zay’vion Amos
Zay’vion Amos 2 anni fa
Supernxva 2 anni fa
Is my music fye or trash asf
kiannadeshae 2 anni fa
SuperNxva 🔥
Supernxva 2 anni fa
Nathanel THOMAS thx bro
Pxtxto 2 anni fa
bruh the malachi flynn play was literally a clean steal
Virus Ware
Virus Ware 5 mesi fa
Elbowing is allowed in the NBA. The clip you showed with Jon Jones was him being disqualified due to the angle (straight up and down) of his elbowing - not the fact that he used his elbows.
David Runion
David Runion Anno fa
Zaza destroyed the entire Spurs organization with that move on Kawhi
FLI Gaming
FLI Gaming Anno fa
Only a few of these are actually dirty. The rest are just plays on the more physical side that happened to cause an injury. If you want to see dirty plays then check out the pistons team in the late 80's / early 90's.
Zaza is like a kid I know (Tyler) who always punched people real hard to get his was and cries to get out of it and is always pissed off and zaza reminded me of him 😂💀
Christopher Gonzales
If you look at his left knee, zaza was actually pulled by his teamates leg. He didn't want to fall on brook
John Smith
John Smith 2 anni fa
Not just pulled by his teammates leg. Pulled by his teammate’s leg because an out-of-control Westbrook was falling on it. The guy who made the video has Kost all perspective.
Jack Son
Jack Son 2 anni fa
And yes zaza possibly did that on purpose but I mean to place it that perfect without looking requires a lot of luck
Brandon Bozarth
Brandon Bozarth 2 anni fa
Kermit Washington holds the record for nearly ending another player's life on the court for what he did to Rudy Tomjonavich
korro Anno fa
That foul on kawhi was nowhere near the level of dirty that zaza plays at. Honestly that looked like a typical foul, he wasn’t even looking at kawhi after the shot so I can’t even call that dirty, just incidental. Unfortunate he landed on kawhi’s feet. Zaza isn’t afraid to tussle it up so I doubt slightly stepping on kawhis foot while not even looking at him would be his style of dirty, it would be a lot more blatant.
QUEEN OF PAIN 2 anni fa
Ron Artest play was so really good that it hyped him well but, it got him over hyped that he almost shaved the beard 😂😂😂
nikita kapanadze
so ashamed to be from the same country as zaza. it's a shame for him to be one of the few people we have to root for.
gvm0116 2 anni fa
You call this, "the Dirtiest Plays In NBA History?" Dude, the Bad Boys Pistons of the 80's and 90's are so ashamed of you.
Mauricio Valerio
Mr. Alligator
Mr. Alligator 2 anni fa
honestly dude put common fouls with lamelo ball as dirtiest plays in history 😂.
Cj003 2 anni fa
Thinking the same. The boy who made this vid maybe too soft
TheMainsource01 2 anni fa
For reals. Those were some dirty as plays.
thelegendary1 2 anni fa
Or when Charlie Ward tried to take out PJ Browns knees and then it led to a brawl. Or Kevin McHales clothesline on Kurt Rambis. Or anything involving Bad Boy Pistons puts this to shame.
Tommy Sheehan
Tommy Sheehan 2 anni fa
Ah 2012 Hornets vs. Clippers, a super important game between the two best teams in the league
Cleve 2 anni fa
I like how of all the people to elbow James harden it was guy who literally changed his name to “World Peace”
Ben Blowers
Ben Blowers 2 anni fa
I love how you just stole rebounds joke, he made the same joke but better
dkaye679 2 anni fa
i love in the replay kobe is just vibing
Cleve 2 anni fa
@Ben Blowers I typed this comment before the part where rebound told the joke and after he said it I was like oh crap
Zeitgeist TV
Zeitgeist TV 2 anni fa
Ron Artest and mallace in the palace is the reason.
Cleve 2 anni fa
A month later I’m still getting notifications from people replying to this comt
dogshit47 Anno fa
That steal by Flint wasn’t dirty, he just tried to get a quick steal, not sure how that’s dirty but you could look
Johann Thomas
Johann Thomas 2 anni fa
Lamelo went for the wrong ball...what a rookie.😂
EDENTH Anno fa
We just not going to talk about Kelly Olynyk literally snapping Kevin Love’s arm?
Thibodeaux Kids
Thibodeaux Kids 2 anni fa
How can you call yourself WORLD PEACE when you tried to kill somebody 😂
And he also tried to kill a fan when they played against the Pistons
TheSusMan 2 anni fa
Carlo360.9 Garcia
Ethan Crandall
Ethan Crandall 2 anni fa
The nba is soft. Zaza didn’t do anything
NzxtUp_Zy 2 anni fa
@CornholioPuppetMaster Malice in the Palace
Mr100X 2 anni fa
Flynn and Beverly was a clean play
Peace On Earth
That LaMelo steal was clean and if it wasn't it was nothing out of the ordinary
Shoddy Peasant
Shoddy Peasant 3 mesi fa
I had a girl in our school do the same thing Smith did during our sportsfest, luckily the other girl wasn't really hurt but me and my friends went DAMN.
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