Disney bake with me!! + Disney Q&A!!

Jade Billington
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Love Jade xxx

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12 mar 2019




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jessica brading
jessica brading 2 mesi fa
I love you videos especially your disney ones where is your dumbo jumper from I love it Xx
Carly Youssef
Carly Youssef 2 mesi fa
the cupcakes look really good...I love your videos...it makes me what to go to disney
Emma Morton
Emma Morton 3 mesi fa
You have such a pretty voice
Jess Thompson
Jess Thompson 3 mesi fa
You have such a lovely singing voice
Paige Nicole
Paige Nicole 4 mesi fa
Ahhhh what version of you’ll be in my heart are you listening to in this??? I’m obsessed!
Liv Ford
Liv Ford 5 mesi fa
So excited for your Florida vlogs, I went last year and saw baymax and I loved it, he was so cute and just exactly like the real baymax!
sleepygrande 6 mesi fa
Your voice is stunning! You sound just like a real life Disney princess :)
samuel Drake
samuel Drake 6 mesi fa
Am going back to Disney world in may
mariekhalife 6 mesi fa
Aww the blue cupcake with the ears and the white stars is like Mickey's hat in the Sorcerer's apprentice! Love your energy as always
Maisie Robinson
Maisie Robinson 6 mesi fa
Just found out I’m going to Disney this summer! Do you have any tips or related videos planned? 💖💖
Jess Baldwin
Jess Baldwin 6 mesi fa
Great baking xx
Annelies Thuwis
Annelies Thuwis 6 mesi fa
Oh this was fun :) Ooohhh you should try do make red velvet cupcakes or use red food colouring in the cupcake batter and then pipe on the blue icing...you'll have Sorcerer Mickey cupcakes :) They all looked so cute with the 'ears' :) Perfect for the 'get your ears on' :-) xx
kaym disney
kaym disney 6 mesi fa
Your videos are very entertaining. One piece of advice from someone who has learned. When you have to mix something with an electric mixer, start off on low speed until combined then turn up. That will avoid it going all over! Learned that the hard way myself. 😀
Sarah Martin
Sarah Martin 6 mesi fa
This made me want bake so much! Would love for you to do a ‘spring clean wardrobe clear out’ now you have more time for ITvid💗💗
Jenn'sCrazyLife 6 mesi fa
I loveeeeee Disney 😍❤️
Hollife 6 mesi fa
you shop at the same tesco as my parents :')
cassandra brown
cassandra brown 6 mesi fa
you have such a pretty voice!!🥰
Ella Oreo
Ella Oreo 6 mesi fa
Would loved to have seen Matt's reaction to them 😊❤ Great video xx
Keyanna Stape
Keyanna Stape 6 mesi fa
Oh my goodness- where is that Dumbo jumper from?? I’m obsessed!!
Sophie Canton
Sophie Canton 6 mesi fa
Where were your earrings from Jade?😍 xx
Amy-Leigh 6 mesi fa
One of my fave videos!
Kate Brownlee
Kate Brownlee 6 mesi fa
Loved this style of video jade x
Lauren Fitzpatrick
Your so good at singing also can’t wait for may your one of my favourite Disney ITvidrs ✨ xx
brianna travel
brianna travel 6 mesi fa
what do you use to edit your videos?
Kendall 6 mesi fa
Can you use ATD from the US???
Linsey Loo Loo
Linsey Loo Loo 6 mesi fa
Awe! Cute 💖
Eleanor Jones
Eleanor Jones 6 mesi fa
Brilliant video jade 😊love baking and Disney 💕😊xx
DisneyDisneyBec B
You can check the Uber app from the Uk and it will give a rough estimate we’ve checked for universal etc! Also loving this video you seem so relaxed and happy! Loved the cupcakes 100% making some when I’m off work ❣️❣️ xxxxx
Emmie and Lissy's bake_a_cakes
Hey Jade, you should check out our baking channel... We love baking and we are completely Disney obsessed xxx
The Wilton Way
The Wilton Way 6 mesi fa
I love watching anything Disney related! Your WDW vlogs were the first i ever watched and inspired me to book my next trip! Looking forward to watching your next trip! X
Ana Salazar
Ana Salazar 6 mesi fa
Jade WHAT why didn’t you tell us you could sing like that!?
Nicole Foti
Nicole Foti 6 mesi fa
Ahh! So cute!!! I never bake but you inspired me 💖😍
Kenna Mae
Kenna Mae 6 mesi fa
Does anyone know the name of the song at 6:23??
Naomi Weston
Naomi Weston 6 mesi fa
Love this video soooo much!! Where is your dumbo jumper from please Jade? I need that so much!!
Jennifer McCord
Jennifer McCord 6 mesi fa
That was soooo fun!🧁
April Nunez
April Nunez 6 mesi fa
How cute!!!!
It’s so nice to see you getting so many new viewers.. and that they too now get to appreciate your beautiful personality and angelic voice ❤️❤️
Emily Green
Emily Green 6 mesi fa
Where’s your jumper from? I LOVEEE!! 😻😻
Ana Salazar
Ana Salazar 6 mesi fa
Emily Green i would also love to know!
My Lula Loves
My Lula Loves 6 mesi fa
You are so fun to watch!!! I can’t watch without smiling! Thanks for brightening my day!
MissKimberleyJ 6 mesi fa
Oh I do love your channel Jade. Will you and Matt be going to see the live action of Dumbo and Aladdin?...I know you'll be in Florida when Aladdin comes out but I mean when your back
Natalie Michael
Natalie Michael 6 mesi fa
Loved this video!! Where is your jumper from? X
Char X
Char X 6 mesi fa
Love it!
Chantelle Victoria
Jade love it! Can’t wait for your Disney vlogs, I’ve started my own channel...uploaded my first vlog last weekend, would love it if you could kindly like my channel... thankyou! You inspired me to take the step into the vlogging world xx
Jocelyn Morrison
you have such a beautiful singing voice! I would never stop singing if i had your singing voice! You really could be a disney princess! Loved the video :)
morgan preiss
morgan preiss 6 mesi fa
This was such a fun video! Loooooove hearing you sing too!!!!! ❣️ can’t wait for more new and different videos now that you’ve made more time to do it 🥳
Lily Xoxo
Lily Xoxo 6 mesi fa
I can’t decide wether I’m more excited for my first Disney trip in September or for your Disney vlogs 😂❤️
Annalise Vezina
Annalise Vezina 4 mesi fa
Lily Xoxo Oh my goodness have the best best time!! Disney World is truly the most magical and happy place on Earth and I just know you will have so so much fun!! 💕💕
Edited By Claire
Loved this Jade! So happy you’re living your dream as I’m loving all these extra uploads. Where is your Dumbo jumper from? 😍 sorry if you said already. I can’t wait for your Disney vlogs as I’m FINALLY going back this year! 3 years later 😊 I’m staying in Caribbean beach too, first time onsite in Disney, so I’m excited to see what you think of it! Xx
Jade Beato
Jade Beato 6 mesi fa
Your Dumbo shirt is everything! Love it so much! You are such a sweet person ❤❤
Letitia Smith
Letitia Smith 6 mesi fa
Loved this vlog, love your videos. I’m off to Disneyland Paris in July, I’m so excited. Have an amazing time when you go in May, loving your choice of music :) xxx ✈️💖🏰😘👑
Emily Jane
Emily Jane 6 mesi fa
Loveeeee Disney videos you e inspired me to do some baking this weekend!! Your singing voice is amazing also 😍
Shan Granger
Shan Granger 6 mesi fa
Where are your sunglasses from?😍
Lauren Powell
Lauren Powell 6 mesi fa
Loving your makeup! And also love seeing more videos from you, amazing video and you look like you are so happy, congrats girl😚
Samantha Gamblin
Love this so much! 🧁Love your sunglasses and Disney outfit! Dumbo comes out soon! When you come over here in May go to Target and get the box of Mickey ice cream on the stick! Limited time! They taste just like the parks but smaller! Also check on DFB Guide vlogs on ITvid and they talk about tons of Disney dining and snacks! 🙌🏻❤️ 🏰 ✨
Leah 6 mesi fa
loved this video and OMG you're an amazing singer!!!! love you
sophie jones
sophie jones 6 mesi fa
You sing so well
Jonny Wilkinson
Jonny Wilkinson 6 mesi fa
Looks like a Smurf took a poop on the blue cakes 🤣
Abbi Watkinson
Abbi Watkinson 6 mesi fa
Love u so much Jade and you have such a beautiful singing voice. I love watching your videos and you are my favourite Disney vlogger xxxx
Phoebe xo
Phoebe xo 6 mesi fa
omg I love your dumbo jumper! where is it from? xxx
Amelia liddle
Amelia liddle 6 mesi fa
The cakes looked so cute and I loved hearing about Disneyland 🎀💖💖
paige doughty
paige doughty 6 mesi fa
You can sing girl!!!!!
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