DIY PERIOD KIT for School & Home | Period Storage!

Marissa Rachel
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DIY Period Kit for School & Home | Period Storage! Like for more Period storage hacks for beginners. :)
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The highly requested diy period kit for school & for home. It's been super requested to do a period storage 2016 video. Let me know if you want more period storage diy vids, period storage for school, period storage hacks, period storage for beginners, period storage haul, diy period hacks, diy period hacks for school, diy period storage, and another diy period pads video! Comment which of these videos you want to see from me next! :)
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Commenti 80
france leon
france leon Giorno fa
Thank you the information about periods 😀😊
Cool Rainbows
Cool Rainbows 3 giorni fa
My period/puberty kit! 😋 Pads Even more pads 🤣 Underwear Scrunchies Deodorant Hairbrush Lip balm Plastic bags I keep it in an old shopping bag in my desk ☺️
a lexia
a lexia 10 giorni fa
I got mine at 13 and my mum says :it s to early. Me:😶
Venkatesh Ponniah
Venkatesh Ponniah 10 giorni fa
Thank you for the app
Josie Townsend
Josie Townsend 11 giorni fa
I have the app flo app
๖ۣۜWølfy 12 giorni fa
My period kit: Tampons Pads Dark chocolate Panty liners Hair tie Advil headache pills Hand sanitizer Jacket A whole new outfit Feminine wipes Chapstick Gum Lotion Perfume Bra ( Yes i have alot of space in my backpack ) { Also sorry for my spelling }
Stella Bouyer
Stella Bouyer 14 giorni fa
my Emergency period bag: tampon, pantie -- liner, alchohal wipes, Q-- tips, blood remover (salt and water), and maybe in the future PADS
Stella Bouyer
Stella Bouyer 14 giorni fa
but I am not on my period
Stella Bouyer
Stella Bouyer 14 giorni fa
yeet king meme god
yeet king meme god 15 giorni fa
I know this was 3 years ago but I don't have Instagram so I'll just say it 3:24 "I know the secret!" This should not give any thing away because it was so long ago
hi um
hi um 18 giorni fa
I love how schools are like oh yah were going to help you but your not aloud to go to the bathroom in class if you have male teachers
Kaylee Taylor
Kaylee Taylor 20 giorni fa
I know the secret
Hannah Maple
Hannah Maple 21 giorno fa
Also if you have a Garmin watch, you can track your period on there 😉
Leah Cunningham
Leah Cunningham 28 giorni fa
Do more of this please
Lori Sterrett
Lori Sterrett 29 giorni fa
I tried clue but I haven't had a period yet
Carrie Bignar
I had my first period 3 days ago 😬
Michael Hansen
I’m not on my period maybe soon
Simple Truth
Simple Truth Mese fa
Boys will never understand why girls binge watch period vids....partly bc we don’t even know 😂🌧🌸
A .j. Fiddler
A .j. Fiddler 8 giorni fa
@Simple Truth I know this because I only have sister's.
Simple Truth
Simple Truth 8 giorni fa
A .j. Fiddler 😂idk whether this is creepy or weird....wait it both 😂😂jkjk but kinda
A .j. Fiddler
A .j. Fiddler 9 giorni fa
@Simple Truth I understand because I binge watch period videos and I respect girls alot.
Sudesh Chauhan
I'll give one kit my Lil sis soooo yea wish me luck 🙏🙏🙏
Elizabeth keeton
I like the Flo app better
Mya Findlay
Mya Findlay Mese fa
Can u answer this message bc I have a question
Mya Findlay
Mya Findlay Mese fa
Lypto Colipto ok thx
Liiiy Mese fa
@Mya Findlay well i dont think it really can do much before you get your first one bc i have not gotten mine yet but it when you do get your period you can put that date into the app and it says when your next perid might be
Mya Findlay
Mya Findlay Mese fa
Lypto Colipto how dose clue help before ur first period
Liiiy Mese fa
maybe i can help ? whats your question?
Livia Cox
Livia Cox Mese fa
Who is watching this is 2020 and also I’m On my period
Itzlillie27 Goodwin
Livia Cox ME!!!
Skyla Ashworth
Hand sanitiser is a key thing that I always need of I just feel dirty
Nikki’s Studio
I just added clue
Amelia Salazar
Im binge watching ITvid video And i just started
Samedina Mujkic
I got my first period at corona virus
I got my period yesterday for the first time and mum gave me liners tampons and day pads what do I wear for sleep
Liiiy Mese fa
at the shops there is overnight pads
Bean’s Life
Who’s watching this in 2020 and remember the bright colors and pillows
Mommy Me And Marie Homeschoolers Life
Who else here uses Clue! It’s so amazing! I am about to make this kit for at home!
Courtney Beaudoin
I haven’t started my period but I have a bag with pads, underwear, a hair tie, wipes, and food.
Gabriella Williams
Suggestion: extra underwear in the school kit
grace marino
grace marino 2 mesi fa
I just have pads in mine and what is bad is that I sit with boys at lunch and I didn’t have pads and I was scared to ask so friend(boy) I was like can you ask our other friend is she has a pad and he was like what is that 😂😂😂😂
Nadine grossman
Nadine grossman 2 mesi fa
anna Hernandez
anna Hernandez 2 mesi fa
This was pretty weird because my brother could here the video 😳
ItzBella 2 mesi fa
why do i need to eat chocolate and what to do if i get my period im 11 my friends wont tell me
Liiiy Mese fa
ItzBella Mese fa
Lypto Colipto xd ok...?
Liiiy Mese fa
you should tell your mum - and you crave chocolate
Lily Leslie
Lily Leslie 2 mesi fa
I don't know how to use it
Zara 2 mesi fa
Omg same I have clue
Melanie Bryson
Melanie Bryson 2 mesi fa
I like the my calendar it super cool
Yamileth Gonzalez
Does clue tell u when I get ur first period like it predicts
猫peachiicat 28 giorni fa
my chemical way
my chemical way 3 mesi fa
Why are so many little kids here that don't even get there period and say that their here because they are getting prepared but their parents don't tell them enough about periods like :\
Hyello Humans
Hyello Humans 3 mesi fa
Could you make a video all about how to use the Clue app? Ily so much❤️ you’re the best!!
richard cooper
richard cooper 3 mesi fa
Love the video i like to wear always maxipads in my panties when i wear a maxipad i feel femmine and comfortable .
Brianna Springer
Brianna Springer
I’m on my personal thung
Brianna Springer
Me I am it’s so painful
Unicorn Family
Unicorn Family 3 mesi fa
underwear and a ziplock bag for your drity underwear
Emily 3 mesi fa
For school bring a nappy bag so if you ruin your pants then you can put them in there, take them home and wash them or bin them!
if you see this tae loves you
the thing is like, I hate chocolate
isla 2100
isla 2100 3 mesi fa
Why does my mother think that I got my shark week 🦈 my mother:it's your time of the month Me:MOM JUST SHUT UP iM 11 BTW I love your vids who can relate
Ellie Cheetham
Ellie Cheetham 3 mesi fa
ive got a heavy period maxi pads for me
Ellie Cheetham
Ellie Cheetham 3 mesi fa
how do you get your merch
Ellie Cheetham
Ellie Cheetham 3 mesi fa
Priscilla Ramirez
So I am preparing in a few years I will start my period(maybe a bit too young....NAH I'm not that young)anyways my expectations on my kit Pads(ofc) Dark chocolate Lotion(to sooth my mood swings) And there will be more but that's all I remember to help •A•
Rubik’s Noob
Rubik’s Noob 4 mesi fa
When I need period supplies I go with my grandma to the shops bc she doesn’t judge me and my dad is like ooh guess who is on her period AHH and my mum... complicated
Priscila Coreas
Priscila Coreas 4 mesi fa
Help I just sneezed (not moving)
Rubik’s Noob
Rubik’s Noob 4 mesi fa
I have a tiny mini so bag and that is my period kit (maybe)
Jayden Christ
Jayden Christ 4 mesi fa
I love the app Clue I just downloaded it and I absolutely love it
Daniela Gaytan
Daniela Gaytan 4 mesi fa
I have a school bag that I love and it has a bunch of things I need to survive school(Personal hygiene) but I needed a way to organize at home so thank you for this
Rubik’s Noob
Rubik’s Noob 4 mesi fa
I tried to snuggle a pad into my pocket but there was 90 people around me 🤦‍♀️
Madison Bergstrom
I know the secret
Sope •••
Sope ••• 4 mesi fa
Who else is watching this but hasnt started their period yet
Hey I have that app
Shirin Altun
Shirin Altun 4 mesi fa
I love you Videos ❤️❤️
Unicornx St
Unicornx St 4 mesi fa
Am i the only one who dosent know how to use clue !?
Waffle - Chan
Waffle - Chan 4 mesi fa
I was tracking my period with a calendar the other day, my first came last christmas and my next will come valentines day why must mine be on holidayss
Emma Dotson
Emma Dotson 4 mesi fa
i have not had mine yet im kind of scared
Molly Malfoy
Molly Malfoy 5 mesi fa
My kit would consist of ... Reg pads Super pads!!! Tampons Liners Neprogesic Eclipse mints Moisturiser SPARE UNDIES!!!!! 💕 u Rachel.
Charlotte Whitney
I've wanted to start my period for so long and I finally did.
Charlotte Whitney
I have clue and I love it ❤😘
Katie Cullinan
Katie Cullinan 5 mesi fa
My school period pack Pads Paper towels (Better than toilet paper) Small perfume sample (just Incase 😉) Paracetamol tablets Hand sanitizer Small piece of chocolate Panty liners
queer iero
queer iero 5 mesi fa
ah yes lemme store my old homework assignments in the bathroom
damndax 5 mesi fa
"Every one needs this app" BOYS: HMM...YeeS I FiNd tHiS useFuL
kyu liter
kyu liter 5 mesi fa
boys: hmmmm yEs.... mY pEe pEe bLeed
Супер Агуша
Spare pare of undies!
kill me lol
kill me lol 5 mesi fa
I am currently binge watching your period videos at 4am in bed. I don't even have my period.
Noor Zaman
Noor Zaman 5 mesi fa
* 3:05 ** - the video BEGINS*
Mani-jeanne Washaulno
Can't you make a period storage
Rayne Hunt
Rayne Hunt 5 mesi fa
This is my emergency period kit -Tampons -Panty liners -Pads -Feminine wipes -Chapstick -Spare underwear -Hair ties -Advil -Hand wet wipe things - Lots of CHOCOLATE!!!!!
Masayo Fuji
Masayo Fuji 5 mesi fa
Mine too
Hannah Luvs cupcake
My teacher is so nice she has this thing In the girls bathroom and has free pads and liners that we can use ♡♡♡♡
Linnea Playz
Linnea Playz 5 mesi fa
More more more period videos❤️❤️❤️
Bobbyswurld Ca
Bobbyswurld Ca 6 mesi fa
Whenever I’m nervous to get my period I just watch these videos and for some reason it makes me excited lol, all my friends have it but me and I kinda want it now cause I’ve been binge watching period kit videos 😂😂
gacha_fairy 25
gacha_fairy 25 21 giorno fa
You don't want it
Tyler-rose Moors
Bobbyswurld Ca Same !!!
Itzlillie27 Goodwin
If haven’t got it yet u don’t want it :(
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