DIY PERIOD KIT for School & Home | Period Storage!

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DIY Period Kit for School & Home | Period Storage! Like for more Period storage hacks for beginners. :)
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The highly requested diy period kit for school & for home. It's been super requested to do a period storage 2016 video. Let me know if you want more period storage diy vids, period storage for school, period storage hacks, period storage for beginners, period storage haul, diy period hacks, diy period hacks for school, diy period storage, and another diy period pads video! Comment which of these videos you want to see from me next! :)
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Commenti 6 491
Jozlynn Hernandez
Jozlynn Hernandez 2 giorni fa
2 0 1 9 Anyone
Kenslie Little
Kenslie Little 3 giorni fa
I love you so much you help me learn so much about periods thank u Chester and Marissa
The gymnastics bat
The gymnastics bat 5 giorni fa
Night me *sleeping* Wakes up WHAT IS THIS KETCHUP ON MY BED!!!!!!
Emily Stewart
Emily Stewart 5 giorni fa
i love pandas and Chester
Alfred Fiddler
Alfred Fiddler 5 giorni fa
Hi I love your videos and your collection are awesome thanks for sharing this information
Oly Wibb
Oly Wibb 9 giorni fa
I’m really worried as I got my period when I was around 11 (year six if your British and grade five if your American) and it in springtime, and I am now it year nine aka grade eight and have had it for 2 and a bit years, I’m concerned as recently I have missed all of September, and it’s the 9th of October! I’ve never had a very stable period, always quite light, no cramps or headaches really and not very bad mood swings, so it was like I had it but quite lightly for all these years! I could sometimes get it up to 25/30 days late, or 10 days early, but it’s now very late, the last period I had was the fifth of August! September never came! And usually it would be at the start of the month, but it’s the 9th of October and still nothing! I’m virgin and COULDNT be pregnant! ( I’m 13 ) and I’m also good height and weight and by no means stressed or ill! I get around 8-10 hours of sleep a night and I need some help with why it won’t come!!
Kid Games
Kid Games 10 giorni fa
OMG, every period ITvidr has this!😱 and I have it really recommend it
YellowGirlCat Lover
YellowGirlCat Lover 11 giorni fa
Also having a period is like trying to give birth every month
Xx_Little_Chic_xX 3 giorni fa
I just had a thought poor women who have birth on there period
Dehab Habte
Dehab Habte 14 giorni fa
Tahlia Nelson
Tahlia Nelson 19 giorni fa
I got mine well looking at period videos
Dr. Angela Ziegler
Dr. Angela Ziegler 19 giorni fa
Clue doesn't work for me because I tried to use it then I was waiting for my next period. It was one week early. The next time it was 1 week late
Annabeth Chases
Annabeth Chases 20 giorni fa
I use Flo to track my period it’s awesome!!!
What do you crave when you have period?? I think i crave sweets the most dunno why what's yours?
pizzaizo _gamed
pizzaizo _gamed 16 giorni fa
BANGTAN SONYEONDAN NAMJINYOONMINVKOOKJUNGMHIA I crave spicy food, I get nauseous if it’s anything sweet
m j
m j 22 giorni fa
My mom doesn't get me pads for myself. She keeps all of them and occasionally gives them to me when I have to change 😔😔😔😔😔😣😣😣😣
Laura Hunter
Laura Hunter 18 giorni fa
That sucks
Lily and Arrow
Lily and Arrow 26 giorni fa
Okay so I am 13 and I have been having discharge for more than one year but I still don’t have my fricken period and all my friends have it ☹️🤬
Esper Kay
Esper Kay 12 giorni fa
Lily and Arrow same girl same
crazy cats 101
You forgot the tampons in the school period kit.
why cant you not be my sister, just why, i only have a brother ):
spaceebubble Mese fa
*i just want chocolate cake :(*
Emily_411xx Irving
Always bring a spare pair of undies, I learnt the hard way😒
World Of Twins
I love chester
Madelyn Olson
I wish I could download Clue but my dad sees every thing I download. And I have to ask him to get an app and he's like "What's the app?" And I'm like. .. 😬😬😬😬😬
Adria Hubbard
What are the really big things in the home kit? They are wrapped in blue and white
tikTok girl princess
I love chester
Natalia Emestica
I swear I feel like she is upses with she having her period (in a good of way)
Oh That’s great
Clue is the one period thing that’s free like jeez tampons and pad can be expensive
paige Blackburn
so i've never had my period before and i got a light pink spot in my underwear a couple days ago is that spotting or no because i googled it and it said it is
Star Burst
Star Burst Mese fa
paige Blackburn yes it’s spotting.
Apsps Shshz
Apsps Shshz Mese fa
Thank, I'm 13, I didn't know what to do with out you, i just started.❤
Emily gumsworth
Im here to learn for periods because I will definitely start soon so thanks for the tips
Mariella Cusano
Mariella Cusano 2 mesi fa
I know the secret! I know it’s not Insta but can I gat a subscribe?
Randomness 2 mesi fa
(True story) one day a kid was on there period and they had some Advil in a little bag with tampons and pads and all of a sudden the6 got called down to the office at school and was pat down because she had Advil ( not my story but my friends )
Carla Adams
Carla Adams 2 mesi fa
Everybody has an abusive boyfriend/ girlfriend YOUR PERIOD CRAMPS
Olivia Flattery
Olivia Flattery 2 mesi fa
I think I have just started I have little spots of blood xx
moonlight pet shops
I just have a panda bag for my period kit for school coincidence? Maybe XD
Monica Frank's
Monica Frank's 2 mesi fa
I love chester
Franklina Darko
Franklina Darko 2 mesi fa
I love your videos 😁🤩😘
Franklina Darko
Franklina Darko 2 mesi fa
I love your name
amanda ortega
amanda ortega 2 mesi fa
I'm scared of tampons 😂😆
Hannah Pritchard
Who is watching coz ur exited to get ur period??? I haven’t had it yet but I’m so exited
Unknown101 2 mesi fa
Hannah Pritchard meeee
Mirna Atiah
Mirna Atiah 2 mesi fa
I use clue 😁
CrazyTae 2 mesi fa
guys! if you suffer from cramps/headaches/bloating/muscle pain/fatigue, Midol is really good at relieving all of those things! So if you are on your period or have pms, i really recommend midol!
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 2 mesi fa
I use the flo app to track my period
Ken Litaker
Ken Litaker 2 mesi fa
Do a video on a mini period Traveling kit video
Cierha rasasane 83
I just use baby wipes cause a lot comes in the pack
Jennifer C
Jennifer C 2 mesi fa
Why am I watching this when I’m not on my period?
CrazyTae 2 mesi fa
anyone else afraid of tampons? i got one half way in once, but then i chickened out. 😂☹️
braaa really
braaa really 2 mesi fa
Who was eating chocolate
Mya Castilleja
Mya Castilleja 2 mesi fa
At 0:48 she picks up the pillow and it just falls again I don’t know why that was so funny
Patricia Cortez
Patricia Cortez 2 mesi fa
I am 9
Megan And Kacie
Megan And Kacie 2 mesi fa
Patricia Cortez you’re literally too young for this app. Why the hell are you watching period videos
LXĞacha wăffĺěxl
I just downloaded clue my first period !_!
Eliza Smokeyday
Eliza Smokeyday 2 mesi fa
I've never had my period in almost a year..... and I really don't know
Lina’s Life
Lina’s Life 2 mesi fa
Tide to go
Panda Asmr
Panda Asmr 2 mesi fa
CrazyTae 2 mesi fa
did you get it yet?
RandomRey07 2 mesi fa
Panda Asmr oof sis best of luck to you!
Flipfilms UnknownTuber
Dose anyone else have problems with clue it's like your getting your period tommorow or it's like how much blood I'm not I'm period
omg WTF did i just get my period
GalaxyGachawolf 01YT
Oh meh god You made me happier cause I was like YASSSS Thx for da idea now if I have period I can use it
Nevaeh and devenne fozaglia and smith
Can you use a shoebox for pads
Heather Bishop
Heather Bishop 3 mesi fa
I just got my period
Delanie Ortiz
Delanie Ortiz 3 mesi fa
I just started my period today im so glad it wasnt during school
just opionions
just opionions 3 mesi fa
Delanie Ortiz I started the same day as u
Arianna Queen
Arianna Queen 3 mesi fa
The dislikes are all the boys that have to clear their watch history now🤣
fire kenny
fire kenny 3 mesi fa
I just started my period three days ago and I thoulght I sharted but I did not.can you make a video on (how to know when your period is going to end for the month)
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