Do Couples Know Their Celebrity Hall Passes?

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Do Couples Know Their Celebrity Hall Passes?


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REACT 9 mesi fa
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Bejaoui Mobtagha
Ethan Washington
WAIT TORI AND ERIC ARE DATING 😱😱😱. But at the same time. Awwwwww
Tristy Tea
Tristy Tea 9 mesi fa
React to k-12 a film my Melanie martenz
Captain Pops
Captain Pops 9 mesi fa
Aya A
Aya A 9 mesi fa
But also can you do more videos with mainly zendaya
Is tori bi?????
Lie Master
Lie Master 4 giorni fa
blake lively.BLAKE LIVELY. thats it.
Drawing District
Drawing District 5 giorni fa
Surprised no one liked Chris Evens... I mean he is to die for 🥰
aesthetic salsa
aesthetic salsa 6 giorni fa
My top 3 is Timothée Chalamet Harry styles King princess
Emily Zhou
Emily Zhou 6 giorni fa
Ok, I love Tori for saying Harry Styles.😂😂
Toronto Collector
Toronto Collector 10 giorni fa
Love the vids..just joined !
M.B Cupid
M.B Cupid 10 giorni fa
Penelope is not latinx she’s Spanish
Churro Solider
Churro Solider 15 giorni fa
Anyone elses hall pass Blythe?
Jack Sonia
Jack Sonia 16 giorni fa
Here are my top 5 celebs: Blake lively Zendaya Lupita nyongo Emma stone Jackie evancho
Tequila le tiger
Tequila le tiger 17 giorni fa
This is the most Bi episode.... And im here for it
TMJ 17 giorni fa
eric and tori is the best
Lakhan Hansda
Lakhan Hansda 21 giorno fa
Madison Hotka
Madison Hotka 21 giorno fa
Patrick Dempsey in this one and jessie Williams in the new one I love
Hannah Ball
Hannah Ball 23 giorni fa
I’ve had a crush on Luke Bryan too.
Head Hunter
Head Hunter 26 giorni fa
Imagine if these celebrits wathed these
idk lol
idk lol Mese fa
Whats a hall pass?
Jess Stylinson
mine is louis tomlinson & my bf is Rachel mcadams :P
Mandii Mese fa
Surprised no one said Tom Holland or timothee chalamet
Natalia Gallegos
His name is Mark and his wife didn’t call him McSteamy 🤦🏻😂
Dominic Roy
Dominic Roy Mese fa
Brandon Flowers is 38... not 50.
Aj Fighter
Aj Fighter Mese fa
I’ve had a crush on Zendaya since Rocky & CC😂
Glorious7777 Mese fa
What Baking show was he on?
Aes0m Mese fa
what’s going on about hair with Jonathan and Taylor ??? is their relation based on chaotic hair
Tayah Haggarty
tori reminds me of natalie noel so much
Brooklynn Cox
Harry styles all the wayyy✌️❤️
Mark Young
Mark Young Mese fa
I'm pretty certain that your celebrity hall pass shouldn't be someone you have met and know. lol
Mariama Diallo
Omg Kennedy & her boyfriend are so cute
Bella Kok
Bella Kok Mese fa
“HARRY STYLES OVER LOUIS TOMLINSON?! BUT YOU ARE A LOUIS GIRL!” 😂😂 boyfriend goals is when your BF knows which 1D girl you are. #Goals 💗
Kellen Hall
Kellen Hall Mese fa
britney is kinda hot
BingeFest1 Mese fa
*nervous laughing intensifies*
Nick Mese fa
How does one create a hall pass without including Selena Gomez
Audrey L
Audrey L Mese fa
Why is nobody talking about the fact that Taylor looks just like Ricky Dillon with long hair
megan fleming
Is nobody’s else’s Alex Delaney from BA test kitchen?
Patrick Circle
I pick Zendaya 100%
Jasmin xx
Jasmin xx Mese fa
i really appreciate that you guys chose that picture of Louis 😌
i saw harry styles, and i smiled a lot😂😂😂
GAMER X-KM Mese fa
How much bisexual
Dawn DiPierro
My list is very long. Sam Riley Douglas Booth Lily James Jeff Goldblum Taron Egerton Val Kilmer Tim Curry Luke Bryan Kristen Bell Idina Menzel Cody Fern Zach Villa Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Ewan McGregor Sean Patrick Flaubert Norman Reedus Michael Cudlitz David Morrisey Jim Morrison Jim Carrey And the list goes on lol
shasiela z.
shasiela z. Mese fa
this reminds me of that one friends episode
Ender !
Ender ! Mese fa
Ira Curry
Ira Curry Mese fa
Sharon and her wife are the BEST couple I have ever seen.
KoalaBat Mese fa
All I clicked in this vid is because of Tori and Eric on the cover😂 Like if you're the same😂😂😂
Loukas Marantzas
Who is my celebrity crush you ask? Lana Phoades
Carlos Vela
Carlos Vela Mese fa
I like how Jonathan and Taylor explained their crushes. Also, Kennedy's boyfriend do looks like Jeff Goldblum lol
August Liu
August Liu Mese fa
Anthony is so cute
CJ Siner
CJ Siner Mese fa
First off, Brandon Flowers is 38. 🤦‍♂️
Lady H. Wotton
The level of acceptance in this video makes my heart happy ❤️
Vegan Atheist- Coral
Vin Diesel, Lupita Nyong'o, and Angelina Jolie are my top three 😍
shimmerbrite Mese fa
Haha Sharon hiding her face over Zac Effron.... he’s on my list too... as well as Kristen Bell, Sarah Michelle Geller and Eliza Taylor....
Dominic Camarena
Billie Eilish
PinkPixie Mese fa
Who is in team #TeamSingle #SingleSquad #LonleySquad If you are taken......I'M JEALOUS.....
Alexander Kudryavcev
I from Russia. It was strange for me to watch this episode. I'm sorry, honestly. I have Nothing against LGBT or smth like that. Its Just unusually for me.
Mariajose Santana
I met Shemar Moore when he was filming SWAT at my high school 😂
Sharon's significant other was in my opinion kind of an asshole to Jeff Goldblum not gonna lie.
LuiGi Lopez
LuiGi Lopez Mese fa
wtf with this bi sexual thing??!!
Lesbian Youtuber
The bisexuals won this episode
Jaelynn Renae Fayth Hendricks
Zach Efron and Odell Beckham Jr are hot as hell!!!
imahaloguy Mese fa
What. Why are all these young girls bi. And the beta males dating them are too?! How long did React search to find the most “inclusive” forced diversity cast? PC culture and pandering to the maximum. I’m honestly feeling sick.
John Rozz Lapitan
Whuttt I thought Jim was Keith from the Try Guys 😂
Makenna Vanpelt
I just realized Jim looks like Milhouse from the Simpsons
I didnt know they were all bisexual
Camryn Terry
Camryn Terry Mese fa
I love gossip girl
Linh Anh Nguyen
I'm happy that my favorite reactor choose Harry Styles, a member from One Direction and also my favorite band. :))
Aiayyy Mese fa
“He resembles my cousin..that’s kinda weird” lmao😭
Ronnie Rodriguez
Not my favorite episode I'm too straight
Ronnie Rodriguez
Is everyone bi
André Carvalho
Petaluma represent!!!!!!!
EugeOrochi Mese fa
The Weeknd and Drake... 😂😂😂
Now you have to make a video where the stars react to this
Landon Fise
Landon Fise Mese fa
Didn’t realize a handful of not all of them were bi
KillaSin515 2 mesi fa
What a strange episode
valenn suarez
valenn suarez 2 mesi fa
Hailee Hixenbaugh
woah wait toris bi???????
Adam Blesener
Adam Blesener 2 mesi fa
Is everyone bi?
Adam Blesener
Adam Blesener 2 mesi fa
5:12 did she just say that she thinks he’s hot and looks like their son😐
Danny Devito? More like “Daddy devito” ;))
When Eric and Tori will be married???????
BDN x Omni
BDN x Omni 2 mesi fa
When he said Aaron Rodgers looked like his cousin so its weird I was like 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Eatie eats ASMR
Eatie eats ASMR 2 mesi fa
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