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Don Williams - Greatest Hits Live.

Elisvaldo Martins
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Songs: Good ole boys like me - She`s in love with a rodeo man -Some broken hearts never mend - The ties that bind - Lousiana saturday night - Till the rivers all run dry - I recall a gypsy woman - It must be love - Lay down beside-me - Lord, i hope this day is good - (I`m just A) country boy - Amanda - You`re my best friend - I believe in you - We`re all the way - Lay down beside-me -

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20 apr 2017




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Aimée Capita Makosso
J aime écouter
Mercy senewa
Mercy senewa 22 ore fa
Listen to this from Kenya. November 2018
Raymond Strong
Raymond Strong 2 giorni fa
A beautiful video, with beautiful songs.Respectfully thank you ,to Don Williams ,and all.RIP, your legacy lives on.
those ads are disturbing pls do something about it thank u.
Delora Starks
Delora Starks 6 giorni fa
That's was and to this day have mercy
Delora Starks
Delora Starks 6 giorni fa
Whenever don say mercy he means it
Delora Starks
Delora Starks 6 giorni fa
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen 8 giorni fa
how much i love this singing voice. Gorgeous!
Yolanda Gonsalves
Yolanda Gonsalves 10 giorni fa
My fav country star. Such soothing music. 'Your my Best friend' was my late husband's fav.
I never really listen to Don Williams when i was younger but boy what have i missed his voice is fab hes so cool
ChiChi Lianda
ChiChi Lianda 11 giorni fa
These are the greatest HITS of all times never to be challenged as they always sound sweetly to the listener's ears.
Jesper Lamprecht
Jesper Lamprecht 13 giorni fa
Interresting how all Country&Westernsingers assumes that a man allways has to love a woman.What women likes is not even written songs about. Why?
Jody Craun
Jody Craun 13 giorni fa
Thank you for making this, awesome
Katana Sara
Katana Sara 13 giorni fa
November 2018
Zinhle Mtsha
Zinhle Mtsha 14 giorni fa
Rest in peace Baba, zohamba izinsizwa kuyosala izibongo
Jevenil Costa
Jevenil Costa 14 giorni fa
pls remove those ads cause its too disturbing.
Muwaya Samson
Muwaya Samson 15 giorni fa
wonderful music of all times
Fatima Costa
Fatima Costa 15 giorni fa
nao me cansso de ouvir .. o dia todo se possivel
Delora Starks
Delora Starks 16 giorni fa
Mercy !
JamieAnn DEntremont
JamieAnn DEntremont 17 giorni fa
Just as I found you, Don you died. What a sad day for all who followed your GREAT music. Never in my 75 years have I heard such down to earth songs as yours. We who love country music lost a REALLY GREAT artist when we lost you for a bid. Will be great to see and hear you again in Jehovah God’s new system in the resurrection. If your family reads this, hope they know how much Don’s listeners will miss him. What a GREAT ARTIST I’ve every heard.
JamieAnn DEntremont
JamieAnn DEntremont 17 giorni fa
FANTASTIC MUSIC FOR ALL TIMES----can’t say it any better.
Steve Amos
Steve Amos 17 giorni fa
R I P ❤❤❤
Karen Ford
Karen Ford 18 giorni fa
Thank you so much for posting this video I have watched it more than one time. I remember some of the songs but never knew who was the artist thank you again we'll listen to this many more times
ERIC AGBENYEGAH 18 giorni fa
great music
Günter Vaupel
Günter Vaupel 18 giorni fa
Bravo is Very good.
Hai Le
Hai Le 19 giorni fa
Love song on Pandora
sasha karagantcheff
sasha karagantcheff 20 giorni fa
Angels never dyed
louis binwag
louis binwag 21 giorno fa
Was remember all my teen age and when I was in University ... its remind me everything...
Rosana Dutra
Rosana Dutra 21 giorno fa
que musc maravilhosa adoro muito
Darlene Pinto Tsosie
Miss you so much Clara. I will always remember you by him. You rocked my life n life was to short for you. RIP my sweet fren. I am still taking care of Rydell for you like you said
Donald Borg
Donald Borg 22 giorni fa
Great songs from a great man. 28/10/2018
Gina C
Gina C 22 giorni fa
Such a great voice
Kim fish
Kim fish 22 giorni fa
just wonderfull 💖 i love country 🎶.. bless you Don
Diseca Shim
Diseca Shim 23 giorni fa
I love his voice..its just to nice and calm.im vever get bored listening his songs..
SL Yeung
SL Yeung 23 giorni fa
Thanks so much for posting this beautiful video and the great performance of Mr Don Williams. Don will be missed deeply.
Patrick Egwuasi
Patrick Egwuasi 23 giorni fa
Sir can you sing on my wedding
Patrick Egwuasi
Patrick Egwuasi 23 giorni fa
i started as a child listing you songs,you inspire me.of love.
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams 23 giorni fa
Check me on this me .......
John Dcouto
John Dcouto 24 giorni fa
The King of soft gentle melody!!!! R.I.P. Thanks for the beautiful music you gave us.
Mopa E Bezo
Mopa E Bezo 25 giorni fa
where is this place??? wow awesome background!!
naga by blood naga
naga by blood naga 26 giorni fa
Best song ever ......
Antonio reis
Antonio reis 27 giorni fa
I always dreamed to be a singer or merry to one ,never happened so far,,,,,,,,,,,
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson 27 giorni fa
The Music of life! Music Blog
B. Rajee
B. Rajee 27 giorni fa
Respected Sir Don, I'll still remember you
Greg Stokes
Greg Stokes 28 giorni fa
One of the greatest ever. RIP sir. See ya on the other side.
Edna Trawick
Edna Trawick 28 giorni fa
Anyone know where this waterfall is located? I hope someone knows, I rate it as one of the most beautiful I've ever seem.
Edna Trawick
Edna Trawick 28 giorni fa
itvid.net/video/video-xEBq9sy51iQ.html t is at this URL in the song.
veronica ngatia
veronica ngatia 28 giorni fa
RlP we missing you
Sitamah Mangal
Sitamah Mangal 28 giorni fa
I love Don Williams song makes me feel good
Tasha B
Tasha B 29 giorni fa
La buena música nunca se desvanece. No puedo tener suficiente de su música.
Rod Knee
Rod Knee 29 giorni fa
Johnny Cash
Patricia Griffin
Patricia Griffin 29 giorni fa
Great music I'm from Nashville Tennessee and I love their music
Ronald Lloyd
Ronald Lloyd 29 giorni fa
Apparently the 1.6K never knew real country! Feel sorry for you.
Adriano Santos
Musicas pra nunca esquecer maravilhosas
Florante Ariston
GOD BLESSED you sir DON WILLIAM RIP.......👍👍👍👍👍
Yanuariusbumn Sdm
R.I.P Mr Williams....you will be missed.
Tamara Jankowska
Super gość, stara wiara, niezniszczalni: Don Wiliams Willie Nelson, Johny Cash, Weilon Jennings. Super super
Moses Sikanyika
Ultra Sonic
Ultra Sonic Mese fa
Your songs calmed nerves and fears. So soothing !
Linda Cunningaham
Ties that Bind :'(
lv van vick end mercy lv they movies so much Neti
now this was my dad favorite song don Williams he loved him so much rip pop's
Andrew Mboweni
rest in peace
Marsha Kinsella
I love his style of music he is the best I love him
darrel stewart
That voice is so soothing, trust he is singing in heavens choir now
Ashenafi Seyoum
(05) ከ አቶ ኤም.ኤስ.ሢኢ. አሸነናፊ ሰዩም ግዛው ***** *****1 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 Don Williams - Greatest Hits Live - ITvid
Paul Soprin
Paul Soprin Mese fa
Am happy listning to don songs especially amanda..i dnt believ n many.great hits of all time for country music people.rip don
Josue Carlos Dos Santos
This is a lovely romantic country music ever, thks
John Young
John Young Mese fa
There is something about enjoying the earthly beauty of this country along with Don William's smooth calming voice and his great classic music that clears the head. It's amazing how much more work I can get done with this video and music running in the background. I subsribed to Elisvaldo Martins' ITvid channel... what a great video!! It is not surprising that he has 77,000 subscribers
Adinilson dino
sou grande admirador de Don Wllians gosto muito deixou muita saudades
Jacqueline Michel
Listening ALL THESE Greatest HITS OF DON WILLIAMS.!!! I Appreciate With PLEASURE; BEAUTIFUL VOICE!!! 🌹🦋 JA-Lyne 🌹 🦋
Riki Mahoney
Riki Mahoney Mese fa
Dankie ..... ai ek verlang sommer baie ....
Luiz Cruz
Luiz Cruz Mese fa
O idioma mais lindo do universo.
Andy Ruben
Andy Ruben Mese fa
Don Williams, you are exceptional in your music,no one can be compared to your very songs in the whole wide world.Though you are gone, but your songs is evergreen.I dearly mis you.
Z S Mese fa
he is still the king
Hemant Kumar Dubey
Sweet melodies to sooth heart and mind
Moore Debbie
Moore Debbie Mese fa
My Dad is so right...his songwriting and talent are one of a kind... Photography is spectacular....
Jean Butteris
Huben Johnson come home soon please !!! I got u something to take with when its time for u to back.i love u !!
Maria Madalena Marotto
Não tem nada a comentar, apenas ouvir, curtir e sonhar ao som e ouvir a voz maviosa de Don Williams. Obrigada pela postagem.
Sanjeet Giani
Soothing soft.........melody.....the best of all american traditional country music.....
Milady Virginia
I hope Don's soul is now resting with the same peacefulness his songs and his soothing voice transmits to us and will do forever: good music never dies... And the lovely scenes of beaches, woods, mountains, etc. really add peace to this great video.
akamaraable Mese fa
RIP Don Williams
Jim Chastain
Jim Chastain Mese fa
Please re post all the lyrics! Thanks!
Ryan Stanislawski
I love you leah
Bev McGeechan
I'm potty pottering around the garden, my refuge, therapy and hide-out/hang out
Phillip Woodward
Many years ago, about 1978, someone at work wearing headphones said, listen to this Phil, sounds like your type of music. It was 'I Recall a Gypsy Woman' and the rest as they say is History. I saw Mr Williams four times at the Theatre Royal in Notting ham and I now have 173 of his songs. To this day I tell young women to go on u-tube and listen to the gentle giant, at least have a listen. What more can I say except thank you Mr Don Williams - The Gentle Giant. x
Anita Mitchell
I have many of his songs. He has a wonderful voice!!!!!!!
Phillip Woodward
Thank you Milady x
Milady Virginia
Thanks for sharing your story! Nice words, Phillip Woodward.
Annie Carroll
My husband and I danced across Texas to Don Williams' music. Such a great loss, Blessings to his family.
Harri Tapio Kaunisto
...You Live, Good Songs
Carthage Flaherty
loved him from the first time I heard him in 1978 in kilroys shop high st Tullamore wages was gone on his lps well spent.
Annie Valentine
We could still listen to your beautiful songs .. Rest in Peace 🙏🏻
Joana Arthur
Joana Arthur Mese fa
so so sad
Lonnie Kruse
Lonnie Kruse Mese fa
thank you so much for the smiles
country will stay good love my country. willem
Philip Wachira
May you RIP sir, legends never die they rest and their memories are fresh everyday.
Javier Estrada
I World Like to now hwos sing the song pop a top again en inglés en español
Marco Strebel
Superbe songs
Maria Paixão
Belo, belo lindo, lindo amo, amo demais Dom Williams, Beijinhos beijinhos
Riki Mahoney
Riki Mahoney Mese fa
Wow xxx
Antonio Fernandes de Queiroga
So many beautiful songs along his career...but LAY DOWN BESIDE ME is the number one.
MayoyaoDist Hospital
i love country music esp Don wILLIAMS PLS show me some live concerts of don williams
raultachero Mese fa
Desde Buenos Aires. Argentina, maravillosa voz,"Don Williams", justa y atrapante voz para el country... Que excelente registro de voz..!Gracias por su música maestro..!!!
Milady Virginia
Hola raultachero! Si sos tachero me gustaría algún día subir a tu taxi porque seguro viajás con buena música: no es fácil encontrar en Argentina muchos fans de la música country como vos o yo ...
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