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Don Williams - Greatest Hits Live.

Elisvaldo Martins
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Songs: Good ole boys like me - She`s in love with a rodeo man -Some broken hearts never mend - The ties that bind - Lousiana saturday night - Till the rivers all run dry - I recall a gypsy woman - It must be love - Lay down beside-me - Lord, i hope this day is good - (I`m just A) country boy - Amanda - You`re my best friend - I believe in you - We`re all the way - Lay down beside-me -

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20 apr 2017




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Commenti 1 221
Samuel Mwangi
Samuel Mwangi Giorno fa
Country music for only those who knows and understand the taste. Entertainment guaranteed
Abhijeet Ganguly
Don Williams is simply great.
Kool Aid Man
Kool Aid Man Giorno fa
songs of Don are stress reliever
Rodrigo Saa
Rodrigo Saa Giorno fa
Beatifull song for ever
judy wright
judy wright 2 giorni fa
love him.
Sophie Walter
Sophie Walter 2 giorni fa
Great legend amazing songs😘😘......May you RIP
Princess Eva
Princess Eva 2 giorni fa
I'm listening Don Williams songs while i am working here at my shop now... i feel so relaxing his voice love it!
Luciana souza Souzza
Diva Santos oliveira
Lindas paisagens amo essas musicas
gail ives
gail ives 3 giorni fa
I have been loving this since I was 15 and have loved his music all this time
Munchou Garlang
Munchou Garlang 4 giorni fa
Pa Don William u are just the best singer for some one like me R I P, I love every song sang by u
Sam's fav
Sam's fav 4 giorni fa
What a voice you had...it makes me cry when I am lonely...RIP
Bert Fontaine
Bert Fontaine 4 giorni fa
Love it - Most relaxing music, you gotta love it
Alex Black
Alex Black 5 giorni fa
great singer compared to these singers that are in Nashville now 90% cannot sing like Jones, Haggard and many other great singers who passed away
Felix Fadoju
Felix Fadoju 7 giorni fa
I never knew Legend Don has gone to rest ..OMG..RIP DON.
Felix Fadoju
Felix Fadoju 7 giorni fa
Country music my best kind of music...is for men not boys.
Sally Duncan
Sally Duncan 7 giorni fa
We lost a awesome singer there will never be another Don Willmas the world has a great lost we love you Don Willmas
Kavinda Senani Widyasekera
very hart feeling song i love this
wayne boucher
wayne boucher 9 giorni fa
wonderful music
marie-therese rudell
Always liked his music!!!!
Marta Petricova
Marta Petricova 11 giorni fa
milujem country hudbu, a tieto skladby sú nádherné, nemusím rozumieť ale cítim čo spieva
Niyas Babuakm
Niyas Babuakm 12 giorni fa
Hwo the dislike they're 💓 less people
Niyas Babuakm
Niyas Babuakm 12 giorni fa
Beauty full songs
Ishfaq Hussain
Ishfaq Hussain 12 giorni fa
Two true legends: Don Bradman and Don Williams. True ‘Dons’ of their industries
Erl Erl
Erl Erl 12 giorni fa
Perfect songs and voice. We never forget you. you are gonna be always in our hearts GENTLE GIANT.
Kenny G
Kenny G 14 giorni fa
Paul Henry
Paul Henry 17 giorni fa
Don Williams was a musical C & W giant with a beautiful voice.
cyprian nyakundi
cyprian nyakundi 18 giorni fa
The world has really lost very important people the likes of this great legend of country music... Soo bitter.. RIP the man of honour
Kelly Dimar
Kelly Dimar 18 giorni fa
Ton Bongers
Ton Bongers 22 giorni fa
I love this Songs!
Master Genius
Master Genius 25 giorni fa
Superrr :)
John Milles
John Milles 26 giorni fa
Good ole boys like Don and Hank and Tennessee
Sarah Aldawood
Sarah Aldawood 29 giorni fa
What a wonderful songs I have every single day in my work listening to these a beauty full songs from amazing voice of country music.
Gerald Chilembo
Your music always sounds like yesterday.RIP
Ongeowun Micheal
Thanks allot otherwise we are praying for you Don. Your my best I will remember you until marry Christmas
Emma Okai
Emma Okai Mese fa
Rest in Peace Don! your memories will live on
Betty Fields
Betty Fields Mese fa
Miss that beautiful deep soulful music that comes from the heart.
Tawanda Dovie
Beautiful songs
ester ferreiragomes
8th.Sept.2017 u left us in tears we gonna miss u Don for such smoothly and lovely voice. Still listening end of 2018
JD Wisdom
JD Wisdom Mese fa
Laid back, real, honest dialog, really, fine tunes; this friend is Don Williams
lashika kiba
lashika kiba Mese fa
My favorite of all times!
Alvin Paye
Alvin Paye Mese fa
Rip Don William
Rosana Dutra
Rosana Dutra Mese fa
don williams essas tuas musica e muito boa de mais ela fas muito bem para mim
Isabella Cornelia Kleinhans
Shakeel Shaikh
First gift ever I received was audio cassette of don Williams at the age of 12 I have been huge fan of his voice and country music RIP in Don...I am 47 now...
Diva Santos oliveira
ChubbouyChristian Freeman
Uncle Don Donald Williams, the master of country music. How are the mighty fallen? With tears I say rest in perfect peace, your songs are our consolation. Adios
Silas Otieno onoka
I do cherish his songs....rest in peace
Crawford Kennedy
Me too
ike aneke
ike aneke Mese fa
listening to Don early in the morning on Saturday when my oldest brother slide one of his take to a boom box feels like a world without worries. RIP an iconic singer , songwriter for the Lord in haven
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