Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!! . -- Dr Phil #7

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12 set 2018

SATIREDr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!dr phildr phil gabrielledr phil pewdiepiepewdiepiepewdspdppewdiedrphildr phil destroysdr phil destroys girldr phil funnymemememesdr phil memesgabrielledr phil spoileddr phil september 2018dr phil pregnant with jesus




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Commenti 60 045
R Ham
R Ham 2 ore fa
If i were to be sexually active at her age then i would be beaten by my parents so im glad i have a goos life and im not a brat
Gambit Gaming Ibrahim Blake
LMAO i love his vids so much
-And3Rs0N -
-And3Rs0N - 3 ore fa
SkiiAnnika 3 ore fa
Watches a 4 minute video in 20 min 😂😂😂
Devin Brigman
Devin Brigman 3 ore fa
The beginning just killed me with laughter
Frank Bomberger
Sweet C
Sweet C 4 ore fa
If you turn on the captions , Gabriela is replaced by *little brat*
Circle K
Circle K 5 ore fa
Nearie 5 ore fa
You absolute gem.
Peter McChristian
My guy Dr.phill will use knife hands
Five Cent
Five Cent 5 ore fa
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns 6 ore fa
sub to ginger speaker and ill sub to u
MBravis 6 ore fa
*lifts shirt like a thottie* “It’s just not me”
Jeush Deang
Jeush Deang 6 ore fa
Wow her mom is also a spoiled brat and her daughter too what happen to humanity
Boi she look like Kalvin Garrah
Cameron Carpenter
7:45 um... um... um... fantasy
Tremolo Truong
I’m telling Pyrocynical. Copystrike 3 here we go.
XDLazxr 7 ore fa
629K people yawn
She will most likely become a cam girl
lily gasai
lily gasai 8 ore fa
I like to watch brats cry.....it’s funny! >:D
Proxgas Tiger
Proxgas Tiger 8 ore fa
well these times are very weird compared to stone age can we hit 200 thousand likes to erase t series
Purpl3 P0ny
Purpl3 P0ny 9 ore fa
I said *OH NO*
Ela Demir
Ela Demir 9 ore fa
You are being so disrespectful. That dad isn't innocent too and the girls is just raised that way. Not everyone grow up in the same way as you.
whisard 9 ore fa
15:20 on word: "depression"
8-bit Damien THAT DUDE
Where is it legal to have sex at 14!!!!
Dani - Ella
Dani - Ella 10 ore fa
I can't stop watching this video.
Zack mya
Zack mya 10 ore fa
this kid need to go to scared straight show
Zack mya
Zack mya 10 ore fa
SAD...... i hope she’s not end up like cash me outside 😔😑😑
Let's smoke Marijuana daughter
SkonaldoPro 11 ore fa
🧔 👔This Is T-Series 👖He Have 1000 Health 👟1 Like = 1 Damage 1 Comment = 1 Health Can He Still Live?
Émile Lapointe
He has
Osama Ahmed
Osama Ahmed 11 ore fa
Horses are having a good time.For sure with her consent xD
Christian Barnes
Send me to the ranch
Madisøn Wølfhard
Now she's gonna dominate the horses and have sex with them.
Madisøn Wølfhard
You know what no one likes? Peudeepiee
aeropg 11 ore fa
All right I don't think the smoking thing is okay but the sexually active thing hell yeah parent consent no hiding sounds good to me
Zacster Plays
Zacster Plays 11 ore fa
Why pewdiepie your my idle I love I pray to you like if you agree
Ny_the_Great 12 ore fa
They are so stupid they should just go to Germany. Legal Age for Alcohol and sex are both 14 in Germay
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel 13 ore fa
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Eggster 13 ore fa
0:01 pidipi
uhm ok
uhm ok 13 ore fa
Sam King
Sam King 13 ore fa
Dr Phil isnt really a docter he is a fake and is a destroyer of familys and needs to be stoped please realize this and strike agensts it
Me_is Animation
Me_is Animation 14 ore fa
Yes she has the knowledge to say that it's totally ok to be pregnant in 15 without a job,that you won't get lung cancer by smoking,and that it is perfectly ok to become drunk and kill a person!
Tung Le Minh
Tung Le Minh 14 ore fa
no nut november for me right now
Potato da XD
Potato da XD 14 ore fa
I yawn so i had too.
Oops! Memes have short lifespans
Dr Phil really has to talk with the 8th Grade white girls at school 😤😤
Evelyne 16 ore fa
The poor girl is completely brainwashed.. Why doesn't the father just divorce and get parentship over her..
Wanja Nel
Wanja Nel 17 ore fa
Happy 70 mil pewds
Galaxycod 01
Galaxycod 01 17 ore fa
Who else dropped a like for the ranch?!
Dr phil is the THOT POLICE
3 AM
3 AM 18 ore fa
“Before dark today” she will be going to the Ranch. Lol. Sounds like a movie teaser line.
Adam York
Adam York 18 ore fa
9:57 that’s what she said
Sky Marcel
Sky Marcel 19 ore fa
That girl is a Jake pauler
blue The immortal raptor
Kids may be dumb but teenagers are not well every teen but her
J- K01
J- K01 20 ore fa
hey where my coryxkenshin fans, if he were there......
Jesse Taylor
Jesse Taylor 20 ore fa
Every time he did his eyes I lost it
MostlyVanilla 20 ore fa
I’m 14, and if my mum knew I was sexually active with boys or smoked weed, she’d probably smack me across the head with a frying pan.
Toby Hall
Toby Hall 4 ore fa
If she knew..... the thing is are you?😏😏😏😏
Laura CEE
Laura CEE 21 ora fa
Please do more dr Phil episodes 😂😂
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez 21 ora fa
I agree👍👌
kghl 21 ora fa
I think that girl looks just like gina gerson
anders engebretsen
And olso liking wathing crying kids
anders engebretsen
Pewdiepie goes to dr.phil for roasting a kid
Slayden Playz
Slayden Playz 22 ore fa
18 naked cowboys in ram ranch waiting to get their d*cks sucked
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump 23 ore fa
18:49🎶🎶🎶 19:02🎶🎶🎶
Ashley Pattison
Ashley Pattison 23 ore fa
Butter King6000
Butter King6000 23 ore fa
That mom is an idiot
Butter King6000
Butter King6000 23 ore fa
Dr Phil Is Amazing
BoihBoihii Chinzah
"hey kid...lemme tell you about my job....i spank people" lmao ( lemme spank that mom)
Mega PuppyHD
Mega PuppyHD Giorno fa
The spoiled girl is so dramatic, like, I would love to go to the ranch. I would be happy
dhruva2 ingale
dhruva2 ingale Giorno fa
**All pewds who are kids go to the turnabout ranch** Real Pewds: Hey Pewdiepie! Here is a video to the ranch react to it pleasssee! I'll help you beat T-series then!
Thomas Rhode
Thomas Rhode Giorno fa
Pew: dr.phil is gonna kill her *looks at screen* Phil *takes out knife and stabs Gabriella killing her*
Thomas Rhode
Thomas Rhode Giorno fa
Phil: wassup I’m Phil I’m 43 years old Girl: I do drugs Phil: *eye glows blue* Girl: what? Phil: wanna have a bad time
Nearie 5 ore fa
Bruh. He's 68. lol
Hyper SniperX
Hyper SniperX Giorno fa
Literally watching the top comment change every minute
SkirSkir Giorno fa
The One And Only Doge
i sometimes get naked when i'm irritated XD wtf, and then she gets naked on tv lel imagine if she did
nemesisbreakz Giorno fa
How can we get dr Phil off the tv?
DeathRocket4990 Giorno fa
She’s crying because she’s not gonna see her mom in a while
Lil flaming hot Cheetos #FREETAY-K
Why am I turned on right now
XllKing-Slump-GodllX views
That girl looks like shia
Zig dog videos Hi
I love the intro “peedeepee” lol
Shane Caldicott
Shane Caldicott Giorno fa
That beginning tho
Sparkle Sparkle
Sparkle Sparkle Giorno fa
I love pewds react to dr.phil series
Drew Blue18
Drew Blue18 Giorno fa
Last night I had a nighmere that he killed me HE TUCHED MEEEEE WITH AAAAA KNIFE MOM GET DE CAMARA
Drew Blue18
Drew Blue18 Giorno fa
Me is very smart also wanna hear bout me job and how I slap bootys
Lilsuper Fangirl 2
I’m very small and mellow and kinda silly so it’s easy for my mom to raise me kinda
Belle chan
Belle chan Giorno fa
Can someone just immediately arrest them after the show
Manoah Zulueta
Manoah Zulueta Giorno fa
Whats the music at 9:00??
nen nennen
nen nennen Giorno fa
That mother destroyed that girl completely... Ponies can’t cure her
Naydean Gutierrez
U guys put on subtitles on this video 😂
maximumrisk2004 Giorno fa
To be honest, I do not find the mothers position that bad. YES, she is commiting a crime by doing this shit, but by my own experiences it could be way worse. I am gay and got active at 14. Way too young as Dr. Phil would put it, but I had to learn everything the hard way. I wasnt able to talk to my Mom about anything I got involved with and if I had the option I wish I had someone I could have talked about these things. This Girl obviously is oblivious to the bad stuff she is doing and there is the problem.
bort sampim
bort sampim Giorno fa
you look like bevus from bevus and butthead no homo
TeteusFX Giorno fa
"I m w h i t e"
Patrik Nørgaard
Honestly can't respect your viewpoint in this cae, Pewds... DISAPPOINTENT....
A Zekeo Santa Milkman
BeGoNe *T H O T*
Sp00kyfr1day ooof
HER EARS 😂😂😂😂😂
sayori :3
sayori :3 Giorno fa
ASMR Queen
ASMR Queen Giorno fa
Robin Lego
Robin Lego Giorno fa
Can't blame the dad for it. Women previlege, you see!
No One
No One Giorno fa
You go the ranch! You Go The Ranch! EVERYONE GOES TO THE RANCH!!!
dexter doo
dexter doo Giorno fa
what do you call a blind tv............telenovison
Sabrin Niamathullah
Let's get him a spin-off show on the ranch
Prossimi video
Anno fa