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Dr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!! . -- Dr Phil #7

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12 set 2018

SATIREDr. Phil DESTROYS spoiled brat!!!dr phildr phil gabrielledr phil pewdiepiepewdiepiepewdspdppewdiedrphildr phil destroysdr phil destroys girldr phil funnymemememesdr phil memesgabrielledr phil spoileddr phil september 2018dr phil pregnant with jesus




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Commenti 73 874
Kayhn Gardner
Kayhn Gardner 15 minuti fa
🚬😀💬ESSKTTY 👘 👖 👇🏼 make it blue or you are a @#$&
Shara Jordan
Shara Jordan 4 ore fa
what if ther subed to u
Random Account
This woman’s mind is more broken than her life...
Brot mann
Brot mann 6 ore fa
Warum ist der titel auf Deutsch ?
trimmaren-eri 9 ore fa
Hos did you make a 2 min klipp to 19 min 🤣
jinah Jeon
jinah Jeon 10 ore fa
"so funny they're so delusional.. all kids are stupid okay?" EXACTLY
SM 11 ore fa
"all kids are stupid" Agreed. God I was stupid when I was a kid
Haley C.
Haley C. 13 ore fa
I was just about to click off this video because there was no crying. Pewds: Alright, my favorite bit. This is where she cries. Yesssss
Cake Batter
Cake Batter 14 ore fa
My dad: I going fishing Me: can I come Her mom: I going to have sex Her: can I come Talk about differences
David Bailon
David Bailon 14 ore fa
Send her to the ranch !!!!!!!!!!!!
Cake Batter
Cake Batter 14 ore fa
Breathing Problems
jus u wait imma get in the ranch ill sneak my way in
Fred •-•
Fred •-• 16 ore fa
- 3590650543761345326 Small No gren
RedScar32 17 ore fa
Point of video: Dr.Phil destroying the girl Me: arent you gonna send her to the ranch?!?!
Teo Ciber
Teo Ciber 21 ora fa
shoutout to my parents especially mom and dad
Martina Komanová rod.Cveková
I need dr.Phil for my three-year-old brat kid :D
Dragons Instincts
"all kids are stupid" has 96 mill 9 year old army
Joseph Evans
Joseph Evans 23 ore fa
I love how this whole series is a copy of Triggered Tro's (RIP) Dr.Phil Videos
MrDawgy Giorno fa
Subtitles: Clap x4 Deaf People: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Arsalan Siddique
No one: Literally No one : Felix:*ThAtS a ClAp*
Synobyte Giorno fa
fIfTy ShAdEs Of ThInGs
Link Link
Link Link Giorno fa
nobody: Dr. Phil:send them all to the RANCH. 😈😈
M O N I Q U E Giorno fa
"what? i like watching children cry. is there anything wrong with that?" BIJJ WE'RE IN THE SAME BOAT HERE LOL
Juan Pablo Velásquez
hey CJ! what a cool nickname for a father.
Frida Isaksson
Frida Isaksson Giorno fa
What did the dad do??
NightFox Giorno fa
Random man: she's scared Me: NO SHES NOT
Just Peanut Butter
2:52 ahorde is coming!!!
Jessica Kaye
Jessica Kaye Giorno fa
Hahahaa I’m laughing so hard I spit out my coffee. You’re hilarious
Gacha Kiwi
Gacha Kiwi Giorno fa
Can’t that girl just learn about ### in health class
ii_Ari :3
ii_Ari :3 Giorno fa
What did the dad do
abdullah alhaddad
Logan Field
Logan Field Giorno fa
Weird Flex, but I got 1st place in a math competition
Zachery Short
Zachery Short Giorno fa
If you knew what a used “feminine product” was, you’d be making that face too Felix
black cowboy
black cowboy Giorno fa
15:25 yes there is somthing wrong with that🤨
Walter Morton
Walter Morton Giorno fa
I’m spoiled 9 year old and I subs to pewds
Joanna Bush
Joanna Bush Giorno fa
Lazarbeam found out Dr.Phill is not a doctor.
Rachel Bebe
Rachel Bebe Giorno fa
Sees picture: yes I want I Dr Phil slither.io too!
sabina renck
sabina renck 2 giorni fa
The Nifty Nerd
The Nifty Nerd 2 giorni fa
PewDiePie: all kids are stupid! Nine year old army: TriGgEreD!!!!!!!!!
Golden Boy Francisco
14:40 silently sating send her to the ranch hahaha
Stryklius 2 giorni fa
Boss fight: *DR. PHIL HAS APPEARED* also go to 6:35
Im the yeet king
Im the yeet king 2 giorni fa
The dad isn't that bad
someone somthing
someone somthing 2 giorni fa
riding horses every kids dream
someone somthing
someone somthing 2 giorni fa
never yawn
SOLID #1 2 giorni fa
She’s so ET too.
Wes McCall
Wes McCall 2 giorni fa
I need to see pewdiepie on this show as someone who is just there to help Dr.Phil destroy these spoiled kids I would do anything to see that
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un 2 giorni fa
What I really want is Dr. Phil getting destroyed. I want little bit fucked up being to go there and be like: FUB: "Good afternoon sir. I probably have some kind of a problem and I probably need a doctor and therapist." Phil: "But I´m a doctor." FUB: "No u are not. U have degree in psychology, but u r not even a licenced therapist." Phil: "Your mother and fath..." FUB: "Did they get any money from my attendence in this show?" Phil "..." Ofc they would have to act like totally mad person, but the troll would be totally worth it.
dook 2 giorni fa
Sam Elliot "the ranch"
Allen Steik
Allen Steik 2 giorni fa
ummm if her job is to give dem spanks why doesn't she do it to her daughter
Commander Bly 7567
Commander Bly 7567 2 giorni fa
Any time someone is annoying to me I just say go back to the ranch
Jaywalk King
Jaywalk King 2 giorni fa
He should write to dr Phil about the company who is claiming these videos
Mister Puggy6
Mister Puggy6 2 giorni fa
Do more dr Phil please your awesome
Lav Trgovcic
Lav Trgovcic 2 giorni fa
2:57 pewdiepie channel in everyone’s opinion
Anoyid 2 giorni fa
i wish i could smoke weed with my mom
Dracopticon 2 giorni fa
Men för F: fatta att du bara splittrar sönder allt vad sammanhang heter här. Hela videon blir ett enda gigantiskt snuttifierande av vad det egentligen handlar om. GÖR ETT SERIÖST resonemang runt detta istället för nåt som verkar helt idiotiskt. Du bara pajar själva meningen med det här. DÅLIGT!
BossierRocket49 Perez
You said make her go to the ranch but I thought you were gonna tell her to go to space 🤣??
JustinPlays 2 giorni fa
6:10 Pewdiepie:"All kids are stupid" While almost every subscriber of pewdiepie are kids
Roddy Moohan
Roddy Moohan 2 giorni fa
4:41 the surprised face she puts on..
Roddy Moohan
Roddy Moohan 2 giorni fa
The thing is that at some point the authorities must have arresteds Kaile cuase of WTF goin on with Gabriela so shes probably fake
Testa Me
Testa Me 2 giorni fa
these "i dont care" really giving me cancer
S H R E Y A 3 giorni fa
My would've threw my out of the house if I did that I swear but that's okay I'm not that bratty anyway😂
nitsa Garcia
nitsa Garcia 3 giorni fa
no one: absolutely no one at all: the mom and daughter: 👁🕳👁 👂🏼👁🕳👁👂🏼
Paranoia 2 giorni fa
Beowulf 117
Beowulf 117 3 giorni fa
🤢🤮... sorry I get sick when I’m around, or see dumb b*tches
K. Lewis
K. Lewis 3 giorni fa
U r amazing
bra brick
bra brick 3 giorni fa
The ranch!!Yeeeeee hawwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!
Minecraft Boys
Minecraft Boys 3 giorni fa
PHILL TIME sssssssssssssccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaatattttttttttattatttttt
Hi Bob
Hi Bob 3 giorni fa
Pewdiepie = e girl slayer
Bruh It’z Addison!
I can’t like this video because I don’t yawn!!! Jk
Luiza Prata
Luiza Prata 3 giorni fa
I`m brasilian and i love you
115DELDE 3 giorni fa
ITvid recomendations going ham on pewdiepie today.
UwU Bite Me Bitch
UwU Bite Me Bitch 3 giorni fa
Like theres a difference between being sex positive and *this*.
Stacy Medina
Stacy Medina 3 giorni fa
This could be better if you didn't talk so much. Thumbs down
K.B. USA 3 giorni fa
People should be able to do what they want without interference from hypocrites.
An Angry Goat
An Angry Goat 3 giorni fa
I called a 12 year old a thot in person
Naman 3 giorni fa
When someone tells bad joke Me: 18:32
Paranoia 2 giorni fa
I get really sarcastic.
Naman 3 giorni fa
15:53 omggggg I died laughing🤣🤣🤣
Disgusting Dimitri
Disgusting Dimitri 3 giorni fa
Gabriela looks like Angel Di Maria And the mom like Maradonnas and Luis Suarez’ baby
Lewis Gray
Lewis Gray 3 giorni fa
Battle royal in the ranch
Lewis Gray
Lewis Gray 3 giorni fa
Off to the ranch
BigBoss 7020
BigBoss 7020 3 giorni fa
6:35 I'm dead 🤣🤣
KelseyNotKelsey 3 giorni fa
No one: Absolotly no one: Dr Phil: i have the power of the roast
My Hamster
My Hamster 4 giorni fa
thirteen thousand people dont yawn.
Diego Tamayo
Diego Tamayo 4 giorni fa
Those guys are criminals
dinga ling
dinga ling 4 giorni fa
Lets start a ranch chain
THE TIMS0X_GAMER 4 giorni fa
watch this with sub titles LMAO!
Lūcifuēr 4 giorni fa
what if felix ran the ranch
Disciple7218 Prange
Your a tank Phil!!
Lydia Lubriderm
Lydia Lubriderm 4 giorni fa
I smashed like on video because I yawn. Nice to know there are people out their, you-tubers, that you can relate to on things like that almost no one in this world does like yawning, sneezing, etc.!!! Keep it up fellow ‘yawner’! 👍🙃
Cody Smith
Cody Smith 4 giorni fa
I want to go to the ranch
Jamie Golden
Jamie Golden 4 giorni fa
"this show isn't to judge you, it's supposed to give you help" *daughter: look of betrayal*
Animal Lover
Animal Lover 4 giorni fa
Pewdiepie is better they T series A FACT
Animal Lover
Animal Lover 4 giorni fa
Get burned
I have to wait 90 days to CHANGE THIS
Dr. phill helps life go right, Pewdiepie let’s make morgz go to dr. Phill
Lamadigo Perez
Lamadigo Perez 4 giorni fa
So scribe to PewDiePie people
Killer Studios YT
Killer Studios YT 4 giorni fa
Kit.T Studios
Kit.T Studios 4 giorni fa
good parenting left the chat dr.phil and the ranch joined the chat
fabian castaneda
fabian castaneda 4 giorni fa
A booga rooga Doo 😆😂🤣
Ethan Dabs
Ethan Dabs 4 giorni fa
www.reddit.com/r/troubledteens/comments/2r58r0/turn_about_ranchthe_worst_of_it_utah_is_filled/ that ranch is a nightmare read this post about it.
crass k
crass k 4 giorni fa
To the ranch with you
Wbb2128 4 giorni fa
13k ppl dont yawn or like "The Ranch"
Pewds is gonna be on dr Phil with all the kids. He’ll get sent to ranch, and all the kids that he made fun of will make reactions videos and make fun of hik
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