Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer #3 - (English Sub)

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Funimation has released a new subtitled trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The new trailer offers our first look at Vegeta going Super Saiyan God and gives our best look yet at Goku and Vegeta's fight against Broly. The 20th Dragon Ball movie hits theaters in North America in January 2019.
Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2018:
Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer #2 - (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - NYCC 2018:
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7 nov 2018

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Commenti 21 362
Pit Bull
Pit Bull Ora fa
0:32 Replay 😎👌
SSJ3_Yunny Ora fa
Furesis777 Ora fa
wrong color galick gun but alright
Bi Bi
Bi Bi Ora fa
Aspiring Marauder
Question: How many series has DB gone through? What's the chronological order?
If it's the main storyline you're interested in knowing then it's just - DB Manga and DBS Anime and DBS Broly movie. (But it'll likely get readapted into anime format later on down the line. Then it's only DB Manga and DBS and then the next season of DBS assuming there will be a new season, which is likely) But if you want a chronogical order of side stories too and is mainly interested in the anime then it goes like this: DB Anime - DBZ - DBS - DB GT DBS takes place in-between the 10 year timeskip after evil buu's defeat and before tenkaichi budokai 28. Also, for your info, DB GT is the "side story here." so it's not a part of the main continuity aka toriyama's storyline. But it is as official as it can get, but the involvement from toriyama is little to non existent other than some few character designs here and there. And DB GT takes place around 4 years after the end of DBZ. Also, there's something called Dragon Ball Kai and Dragon Ball Kai final chapters. It's basically just Dragon Ball Z with less "anime only" material, that focuses on solely being more faithfull to the original manga. And for english dub fans it's prefered to watch Dragon Ball Kai and Dragon Ball Kai final chapters because of the more accuracy in localization and more accurate to the actual source material in-terms of translation, meaning you won't get missinformed like in the DBZ anime. Dragon Ball Kai is basically from Saiyan Saga to end of Cell saga, Final Chapters is basically buu saga. So if you just want to get more accurately informed and only want the anime rather than reading the original manga then it's this: DB Anime - DB Kai - DB Kai Final Chapters - DBS. But if you want to watch GT too then do it after DBS, but it has nothing to do with DBS Timeline, as the transformations from DBS does not exist in the GT storyline, as it is from an alternate timeline. Thus side story. Also, there's battle of gods movie and resurrection F movie, but again they've gotten readapted into the anime DBS series, so you don't need to watch the movie, just watch the DBS series as is. In my personal opinion it's fine to start however you want, but if you want accuracy in translation and just overall story and not get confused. Read the original manga, it's easier and faster. And then watch DBS Anime and then watch DBS Broly movie. So basically only 3 things you need to follow.
PKThe Rim
PKThe Rim Ora fa
Style Ora fa
If goku doesnt go ui I'll be pissed
Moe 2 ore fa
1:10 me when its Monday
Fandom Trailers
on which cinema it play
valentine SJ
valentine SJ 2 ore fa
Anthony Reyes
Anthony Reyes 2 ore fa
I bet soon vegeta will unlock ultra instinct
Anthony Reyes
Anthony Reyes 2 ore fa
Vegeta unlocked ssg red?
King Plush
King Plush Ora fa
Yeah, he unlocked it in the goku black arc in the manga
Annas Hossain
Annas Hossain 2 ore fa
The graphics looks like in a game
Cypsmen 2 ore fa
Nice !
Yusuf Hendricks
I’ve never gotten more chills in my life
Laurence Acosta
It reminds me when broly grab gokus head is the same in the tournament of power kale even the blast of ki that she cant control it
TheFighter 3 ore fa
They need to release a Dub trailer
Joshua 10
Joshua 10 3 ore fa
I just love the 3D effects. Don’t you love it?
Alawygamer 66
Alawygamer 66 3 ore fa
Dub version?
Patrick Johnson
Not a fan of Broly's new armor
Amaan Rashid
Amaan Rashid 3 ore fa
This movie will be unbelievable and who agrees with me that there should be a Marvel universe type DBZ series with real characters i know it will shatter all records
Rich Chris
Rich Chris 3 ore fa
0:59 I might just be seeing things but that might be Gogeta
Jeffrey N
Jeffrey N 36 minuti fa
You might actually be right.
Mario Art
Mario Art 3 ore fa
Whens the dub version coming out..the trailer not the movie
Sutapa Das
Sutapa Das 3 ore fa
So I have an doubt how is legendary super saiyan on par with two super saiyan blue pls clear it any ways loved the trailer
WrathGamer 9o00
0: 07 I laughed so hard
Safe D
Safe D 3 ore fa
u motivated me to start my own youtube channel thx
Safe D
Safe D 3 ore fa
love your videos
Demetrius Harris
Goku Vegeta confirm dies in movie gohan trains with wiz to defeat broly
duckstyle93 4 ore fa
4 Days, 4 Million views :D
Kissof Cherry
Kissof Cherry 4 ore fa
so they showed the whole movie in this trailer k
Vegeta 4 ore fa
Vegetal is wearing what he wore in the Buu saga at 1:04
lc0806 3 ore fa
Thats his training clothes
tri pham
tri pham 4 ore fa
Marvel have Mad Titan, we have Mad Saiyan HELL YEAH !O!
Shakuntlakaushik Kaushik
song name plz
Tyrecus Dale
Tyrecus Dale 4 ore fa
Who else think Broly gonna be the one to end Dragon ball super
Antowane Palmer
Can't wait my vegeta
Shakuntlakaushik Kaushik
you know song name
SpellYogo 4 ore fa
Love the 3rd trailer Hope you love it too
Jonney Cage
Jonney Cage 5 ore fa
I am making Mac and cheese and no one can stop me
-_ĞüH 218 _-
aprentice follower
Hey guys, do you have any idea how to buy a ticket in order to see this movie in the select theater from Japan?
Analog_ GodO_o
I cant believe No1 has asked about the song yet
King Plush
King Plush Ora fa
+Shakuntlakaushik Kaushik "Blizzard" by Daichi Miura
Shakuntlakaushik Kaushik
song name plz
Dive Into New English
Hand drawn animation lives!
Shashank Singh
Any INDIAN here
KingAJ Zpro
KingAJ Zpro 6 ore fa
goku ki Dhulay
KingAJ Zpro
KingAJ Zpro 6 ore fa
see in 0:35
KingAJ Zpro
KingAJ Zpro 6 ore fa
in 0:32 goku cry
Jitendra Sharma
Final Kamehameha 😍
Lunatic's Aces
Meh, Broly will get a senzu bean anyway
*Anyone else keeps coming back to this trailer?🔥*
Erika Washington
Vegeta will become the 3rd fiddle 😥
Katakushi 7 ore fa
Who else Came here after they heard the Theme song
Kylian Mbappé
nude nun
nude nun 7 ore fa
Will they include vegetas brother *Tarble* in this? As far as i remember he was mentioned during battle of gods arc when they needed saiyans to perform ritual and he is somewhat canon according to wiki
CIA 7 ore fa
Gotta love the “BEJEETAAAAAAA!!!!”
James 71
James 71 7 ore fa
Where in the Hell is the English dub version??
Jack johnson
Jack johnson 7 ore fa
So base broly can take on the legend that is SSG get punched head on and turn unscathed and SSJ broly can take on SSB?? man the power scaling is so off in this series.
Jack johnson
Jack johnson 7 ore fa
some of the these animations look like they were taken from FighterZ
Get ready Avengers..IW.. DBS Broly is coming to break ur records..
JAM PERIAL 6 ore fa
Don't be too sure about that ;)
RoestiF 7 ore fa
Think they fight each other, frieza appears and Broly takes revenge. Or something like
Mr Coffee
Mr Coffee 7 ore fa
0:59 what is that thing that he is holding?
Ask azhar Khan
Ignore me i am just here for my daily view😉😉
Theflopup 8 ore fa
Failed no nut November..
GXDGhost 8 ore fa
1:10 when it's December 1st and you survived no nut November
Lance Pagaduan
The animation is so amazing
RAMMSTONE 8 ore fa
How come Brolly doesn't like his fellow Saiyens?
freak show
freak show 8 ore fa
whenever i watch dbs trailers a feel something do you also feel that
Anime World2019
*Spoiler @lert* @ The End Goku n Vegeeta Were about To *Die* That's when *Yamcha Sama Came In MUI Form n Kicked Broly's Butt!* ⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮⛮
LOM MIU 9 ore fa
I cant handle Gokus Voice over ...
flushfire 9 ore fa
The art direction looking similar to the older DBs look amazing... I personally like the old style auras instead of the ones in Super, and the animation seems to be top-notch as well! Really looking forward to this movie!
This Trick alway's works *Read More*
Its just me or not... Who dont like goku voice dubb
Saad Hassan
Saad Hassan 9 ore fa
I want to see Broly vs Jiren. Two mass monsters against each other!
Jon Con
Jon Con 9 ore fa
His power is maximum.
Hamish Wickins
Full spoilers have dropped for this movie
DireXIS 9 ore fa
MY SKIN IS COLD.... Wrong movie
Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer
Dragon Ball CG
Patrik Broz
Patrik Broz 10 ore fa
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Mo M
Mo M 10 ore fa
Why would they release this during no nut november
Placebo™ 11 ore fa
frieza is my new ringtone *hyhiAAAAAAAAA*
James C
James C 11 ore fa
I’m not sure on the timeline of this movie. Is this before or after the tournament of power?
Nobody knows. He's forgotten how to use it after all.
James C
James C 2 ore fa
So that means goku is going to be able to use ultra instinct then?
Adrenalin844 7 ore fa
Right after the tournament.
BlazingGodStorm 11 ore fa
What if if they revamp the broly on dragon ball legends to this one 😰😰 too op id say
Eli Gonzales
Eli Gonzales 11 ore fa
*me while watching* My testosterone: "Lemme ou-" Me: "NO."
ゴサンsᴏɴ ɢᴏsᴀɴ
Well, there goes my victory at No Nut November.
Fahad Ansari
Fahad Ansari 11 ore fa
Where is ultra instinct?
Sanjay Murmu
Sanjay Murmu 12 ore fa
How the hell has broly become so powerful?
robotroadrage 11 ore fa
Completely different Broly. The original movies never happened basically.
Javier Cardenas
Javier Cardenas 12 ore fa
Omg 👌 this gonna be fire
Style Is Life
Style Is Life 12 ore fa
Japanese audio, English sub ❤️️
giovanni baring
giovanni baring 12 ore fa
Expect that there will be lot of shouting...
Ben Layers
Ben Layers 12 ore fa
why 1,8k disliked tought ??
Confided 12 ore fa
i cant wait
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen 12 ore fa
Có vẻ nhất nhiều chi tiết 3D
Mr Pro
Mr Pro 12 ore fa
Red Lotus
Red Lotus 13 ore fa
Dragonball sounds like garbage in japanese. Annoying chipmunk voices do not fit on Saiyans.
bronzo minasa
bronzo minasa 13 ore fa
I'll still be watching this in 2050! Anyone agree with me
bronzo minasa
bronzo minasa 12 ore fa
+Random Player hahahahahahahahahhaha
Random Player
Random Player 12 ore fa
Naah shut up
What is name the back sound
Debasish 13 ore fa
Nishant Som
Nishant Som 13 ore fa
Will no one acknowledge how awesome vegeta looks in his SSG form!!
Blackswordsman6 13 ore fa
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 13 ore fa
I hope Broly doesn’t die in this movie. He’s my favorite.
mahesh 13 ore fa
A million a day !
this is called vegeta every form that vegeta achieve by his own where goku always have to borrow
Prossimi video