Dream of Italy Season 2: Full Bologna Episode

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Bologna is one of Italy’s lesser-known big cities but is one of its more charming. Known its cuisine (this is where Italians go to eat) and as home to the oldest university in the western world. It also the center of Italy’s “motor valley” and host Kathy McCabe gets a test drive in a Lamborghini. Not only does she learn how to make Bologna’s famous tortellini but she attends Gelato University, yes it is real. Kathy and her friend Alessandro head for the Bologna Hills, La Dolce Vita-style in a convertible and meet the nonna (grandmother) who makes some of the best ragu in the world. Plus much more… For more information, visit www.dreamofitaly.com

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Commenti 44
Joanne Bedford
Love your programmes. Joanne from Cape Town.
Bon Summers
Bon Summers Mese fa
This vid is about eating as recreation,… not so healthy.
ker der
ker der Mese fa
The best series about Italy... Hehehe Grazie...
nhatthao ho
nhatthao ho 3 mesi fa
i love everything belong italian. grazie dreamofitaly.
Anirudh Bhasin
Anirudh Bhasin 3 mesi fa
I am living in Bologna as a foreign student and I want to confess that this city is pure love, the architecture, the food and the lovely people! Thank you Italy for a dream come true!
Murat Şeker
Murat Şeker 4 mesi fa
This video is 2 years old. Check out the updated Bologna guide here: www.travelcylopedia.com/bologna-travel-guide/
Murat Şeker
Murat Şeker 4 mesi fa
This video is 2 years old. Check out the updated Bologna guide here: www.travelcylopedia.com/bologna-travel-guide/
Murat Şeker
Murat Şeker 4 mesi fa
This video is 2 years old. Check out the updated Bologna guide here: www.travelcylopedia.com/bologna-travel-guide/
Murat Şeker
Murat Şeker 4 mesi fa
This video is 2 years old. Check out the updated Bologna guide here: www.travelcylopedia.com/bologna-travel-guide/
lisabolo26 5 mesi fa
I'm already Bolognese! Haha
genxer711 5 mesi fa
10:28 your body shows that you eat gelato everyday, typical American gluttony
John Tan
John Tan 6 mesi fa
Lambo driver said more than 150km/h....so humble
Gabriel Gonzalez
The worst and most ignorant host I've seen, but since I am traveling to Bologna next month ,let me finish the video.
Nora Perez
Nora Perez 10 mesi fa
What a fun video! Awesome place to visit!
Marcos H. Ary
Marcos H. Ary 10 mesi fa
Very nice video
ker der
ker der 11 mesi fa
Too much crap at beginning u lost me
You can skip forward about 60 seconds to get past the adverts.
Andrej Efremov
Andrej Efremov 11 mesi fa
Great video! I have really enjoyed watching it!
Jim Cregan
Jim Cregan 11 mesi fa
After 40 years here I have to say, this video really blew it. I learned nothing new about Bologna but was glad to see her push local businesses as if they were her sponsors.
antonio lorenzetti
Very nice, beautifully.
Laurentius Saputro
MAMMA MIA Kathy ! Keep on traveling !
Clara Vela
Clara Vela Anno fa
QVIDEO Anno fa
San Luca itvid.net/video/video-RlDgtU029Ec.html
Gitanito Sevillano
4:07 is it just me or do you also noticed it...... " it is very civilized Bologna.." :)
WEINPUNK77 Anno fa
Guess why a wine glass has a stem?? ;-) Well, Style is something you can't buy. Besides that I love the vids
Lam Brusco
Lam Brusco Anno fa
Bologna is fantastic, also you can try Modena and Parma for great food
Doge di Amalfi
Ma chi é l'idiota con gli occhiali da sole?
Perché, la macchinina extra small che il pelato guida?Sempre quelle caffettiere mostrano,per fare atmosfera.Scene stereotipate,che mi fanno salire il nervoso😱🤢🤢
Andom Bahta
Andom Bahta Anno fa
Bologna bella cita
Villa Scarani
Nice video about Bologna and its treasures! There is so much to see. If you want to take a look from the top of the hills, check our page and website.
Ranuzzi & Giordani Immobiliare
Thanks for this interesting episode ! Bologna is a charming city to visit and also to choose to invest in a second home.. We are ready to help! Federico
MrSalserini Anno fa
In Bologna it is fashionable to fine foreigners who visit the city by car. the fines are 92 euros and if you do not pay in 6 days costs 230 euros. the problem that in a lapse of three hours you get up to 4 fines. it's a shame but they are taking advantage of the visitors
19dec1981 2 anni fa
23:14 USA's external policy in a nutshell
cbs Anno fa
adolfothemidget 2 anni fa
To my mind, you'll get a much better impression of Bologna and its food at Italy Unpacked: The Art of the Feast itvid.net/video/video-BW9-b3J3-DY.html
peter Yang
peter Yang 2 anni fa
Two years ago, I stayed in Bologna for 10 days. Food and drinks are great for sure, mortadella & wine(by pignoletto grape) are excellent, kind people, wonderful scene & monuments. Good place to chill.
akeridae 5 mesi fa
peter Yang where were your favorite places?
mario siaven
mario siaven 2 anni fa
Holly mackarel 39 Euro for a Kilo of fresh tortellini! around $25 a pound my goodnes!
Marco Amelio
Marco Amelio 2 anni fa
some clarifications: the Bolognese ragù recipe also includes pancetta. then if you want to mention the Bolognese wines you can not fail to mention the pignoletto. in motorvalley, let's not forget the ducati, and the maserati that is Modenese but born in Bologna.
Maestro Giuseppe Maria Talaia
BOLOGNA dolce vita!!!!!!! you wrong.....la dolce vita è a ROMA............
cloude speed
cloude speed Mese fa
@Qwerty Poiu let's say that it's a stereotype then
Sandra Marino
Sandra Marino 11 mesi fa
Ma non dire cazzate Giuseppe vieni a Rimini riccone è poi vedi la vera movida altro che Roma
Qwerty Poiu
Qwerty Poiu Anno fa
It's an expression derived from the title of the famous film set in Rome, sure. But today this phrase is used as an italian borrowing phrase that describes an attitude, a lifestyle that characterises entire Italy, not only Rome.
Bryan Burrows
Bryan Burrows 2 anni fa
With a host so witty and insightful, who can resist?:) Just kidding. Seriously, if you have nothing intelligent to say, don't make a travel documentary.Love how all the Italian businesses eager for exposure kiss up to her ("The Italians are going to looooove you,, because you are American!" :) Here's a tip: "La Dolce Vita" is NOT Spanish, therefore, it is not pronounced "VEEDAH" but VEETAH, with a hard t. And Gelato is not GELADDOH, either. Since you spend so much time in Italy, try just a little next time,.
Fræ Anno fa
why are you so angry
Amazing world
Amazing world 2 anni fa
Interesting...!!! ❤❤❤ Greetings from Dubai....!!!
Kelvin Jamfee
Kelvin Jamfee 2 anni fa
so nice to watch... the woman is beautiful.. I like her smile... I sure like to visit Bologna one day!!!
Jenny Hirst
Jenny Hirst 2 anni fa
Heya Jenny here from UNILAD, would love to feature this video on our travel page UNILAD Adventure with credit to you! If you’re happy with that could you please submit the video to the link below and if you have any questions feel free to email me at jenny.hirst@unilad.co.uk unilad.co.uk/submit/adventure
Pippie5555 2 anni fa
Too many criminals in Italy. Sorry.
Maurizio Costa
Maurizio Costa 4 mesi fa
Italy: 380 killed out of 60 million people = 0.063%. United States: 14.000 killed out of 350 million = 0.400%. 6.4 times more. Fuck. If you are from GB see the statistics.
D 8 mesi fa
Rate crimes in Italy are much lower than many other countries, US included. Anyway, I notice that under almost every video of this channel there are 1-2 trolls...
Gustav Line
Gustav Line Anno fa
Lol. You don't seem to know Italy so well. Too bad for you. Bologna is one of the most secure cities in the whole italian state. You should live here for a while...
The Goldy
The Goldy 2 anni fa
Stay where you are Pippie...we don't want crybabies in our country
Shiwei Ye
Shiwei Ye 2 anni fa
What’s the name of the restaurant in the end? Great video!
Kathy McCabe
Kathy McCabe 2 anni fa
Amerigo 1934 in Savigno - outside of Bologna
BenoitXVIII 2 anni fa
Bello reportage ma quanto è ridicolo il tizio calvo che fa il professore di ragù e di tagliatelle...
Federica Cerri
Federica Cerri 8 mesi fa
Molto esaltato e ridicolo…
Sandro Mingione
Sandro Mingione 2 anni fa
Only 360 px!?.. What a shame..
Sandro Mingione
Sandro Mingione 2 anni fa
dreamofitaly Grazieeeeee! ❤️
dreamofitaly 2 anni fa
ITvid was still crunching the file... now all resolutions are available.
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