Driving Stereotypes ft. Dale Jr

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Love em or hate em, these drivers are everywhere.
Huge thanks to Dale Earnhardt Jr! Click HERE to check out his foundation! bit.ly/DaleJrFoundation
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Commenti 31 306
game broers
game broers 2 ore fa
Drive wicht two hands Tyler
Tony Spanu
Tony Spanu 3 ore fa
When your mom chooses the music 1:05
Sayer Firth
Sayer Firth 3 ore fa
"YoU nEvEr NoW wHeN yOu GoTtA sIzZlE a PaTtY"
Jennifer Hawkins
I hate Cody
Bailie Semmel
Bailie Semmel 4 ore fa
What American did you grow up in??
StAnLeY CuRaMeNg
Did anyone notice when the guy pulled the stuff out in the truck at 0:30
Brian Anshen
Brian Anshen 6 ore fa
What about the guy who hits every apex of every turn like he is on a racetrack
Bardia Radji
Bardia Radji 7 ore fa
I like how ty is the rage monster in ever videothey make
NathanPlayz 7 ore fa
4:45 worst parking ever am I right 😂
ZeroCool f2p
ZeroCool f2p 7 ore fa
Just realised at 1:28 they're just driving in circles lol
Keith Goodman
Keith Goodman 7 ore fa
1:23 there just going around the DP building lol
Jr Hernandez
Jr Hernandez 8 ore fa
0:07 Knights Of Columbus dale!
Floral Flowers10
Once i start driving i have a deep feeling im gonna be that girl.
Drew Staller
Drew Staller 10 ore fa
If you saw Cody have the grenade in his hand at 1:41 before pulling it out give this a like
Hayden Roof
Hayden Roof 11 ore fa
2019 anyone
Makoro333 11 ore fa
We call the black hole the seat v*****
Efe Önem
Efe Önem 11 ore fa
My mom once just parked her car in middle of the close parking space. All the road was closed and she called my dad and told him come here and park my car xd
JJBLadybug27 12 ore fa
Who would win? The Rage Monster or Brock Lesnar?
Amber_623 15 ore fa
Garret and Dale look like brothers
Casey Decker
Casey Decker 17 ore fa
Rip the old guy
"The Parking Police" Next one: Ty leaves it in drive and isn't even close to the line
Eggpie_614 22 ore fa
The one who drives with eurobeat?
Philippe Vu PIETTE
RIP the Old Guy. 😩😩
LS_ NM50
LS_ NM50 Giorno fa
1:31 Tyler is driving around DPHG1
Xelite 7754
Xelite 7754 Giorno fa
If mrbeast wants to destroy cars just get tie
Phoebe Bruce
Phoebe Bruce Giorno fa
Hockey stereotype Please
Trevor Buote
Trevor Buote Giorno fa
Cody asks one of the best nasscar drivers have you never driven a car before
Hammond Giorno fa
0:13 Ninja?
Kelly McKinley
Kelly McKinley Giorno fa
Ya do school stereotypes
Κωστας Ζωγλοπιτης
The range man?
Sadad Falah
Sadad Falah 2 giorni fa
The back seat driver
shaddup 2 giorni fa
Who is dale jr?
Albert Paulino
Albert Paulino 2 giorni fa
Esa gente tiene mucho dinero para arreglar ese carro
Tiffany Burkett
Tiffany Burkett 2 giorni fa
1:52 :officer ma'm do you know why i stoped you :her no why :officer no lisence plate : her ok how much will the tickit be :officer ma'm you have the right to remain silence any thing you say can and will be used on you in the court of law
Nicolas Blanco
Nicolas Blanco 2 giorni fa
Tilr stop Seth race monster aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai am so angry weth you
Nicolas Blanco
Nicolas Blanco 2 giorni fa
Stop haven a prumum
TeamBrodee 2 giorni fa
3:38 still shakes his hand anyway😂😂
Japvansh Bhalla
Japvansh Bhalla 2 giorni fa
Best person to win against thanos. *THE RAGE MONSTER*
Nuh Mohamed
Bailie Semmel
Bailie Semmel 4 ore fa
Alina Ly
Alina Ly 2 giorni fa
It’s a dream to me
Alina Ly
Alina Ly 2 giorni fa
How is the dog lady a nightmare?
Κωστας Ζωγλοπιτης
Were is the range monster?
B Diddy
B Diddy 2 giorni fa
Wear your seatbelt like a normal person
Yevilo 3 giorni fa
You forgot the most important one *The Front Seat Dibs*
Avighna Richhariya
Avighna Richhariya 3 giorni fa
5:49 😂🤣😆🤣😂😅🤣😂😅🤣😂😅🤣😂😅🤣😂😅🤣😂😅
Fun Films
Fun Films 3 giorni fa
Rip car 2015 to 2015
Calleigh Newberry
Calleigh Newberry 3 giorni fa
Funny is the only word to describe this
SnipeedNinja 145
SnipeedNinja 145 3 giorni fa
It's really funny that ty is the rage monster
Elizabeth Morales
Elizabeth Morales 3 giorni fa
Redfoxy 2135
Redfoxy 2135 3 giorni fa
i like leaves it in drive larry
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