DRONE Solar System Model- How far is Planet 9?

Mark Rober
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I heart space but sometimes it can be hard to comprehend. I try to fix that in this video with junk you can find lying around your house. Also, if you’ve wondered how there could be a ninth planet that we’ve never noticed till now I try to clear that up too by demonstrating just how impossibly far away it is.
Make your own scale model of the Solar System using this spreadsheet I made. If you put in the size of the object you’re using for a Sun it will scale everything else for you: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8504613/Solar%20System%20Scaler.xlsx

0:08- Berlin- Andrew Applepie- www.andrewapplepie.com/
0:47- I’m So- Andrew Applepie- www.andrewapplepie.com/
1:32- The Ocean- Andrew Applepie- www.andrewapplepie.com/
5:46- Berlin- Andrew Applepie- www.andrewapplepie.com/
6:14- Special song written just fo my bad self- Lincoln Hoppe, lincolnhoppe.com/
7:00- The Ocean- Andrew Applepie- www.andrewapplepie.com/
8:52- Birds Don’t Sing- TV Girl- tvgirl.bandcamp.com/

Special effects created by-Ken DSilva- www.upwork.com/freelancers/~0...
Drone footage courtesy of the amazing Stephen Diaz- instagram.com/steezdiaz/ or trecreative.com/

I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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J. Sand
J. Sand Ora fa
I actually think there's a huge chance we are alone .. we been able to see millions of light years away , and there's nothing but stars and planets ...
Juben Gurung
How Far Is Planet Nine
Blixer 4 ore fa
Woah! Pluto is kinda far!
Jacob Hassell
Jacob Hassell 8 ore fa
I agree. We are not alone.
PatrioticChuger Let’s go bois
There are more atoms in a grain of sand then there are grains of sand on earth
MaWhut 11 ore fa
everyone is talking about biggest sun but nobody talking about smallest sun. lol
Randomrise 1st
Randomrise 1st 11 ore fa
The metric system, a systeme not invented by some drunk dude, who was sour at Britain, rolling dices. Bonus: football, the word commonly used around the world, since it requires feet Still a great video, tho! Love the channel
Eruc Claassen
Eruc Claassen 23 ore fa
And also keep in mind how big our Creator is🤩🤯
Hector Rubio
Hector Rubio Giorno fa
Deucgcijjjjjjjnbbkzkckdjdl vjjenn by ldvshsvsjd jd djdbdbdksbejsnsndndndndndnsmsnnssscscsvsshdjdjdjdhdhdvvsqq sq wefhjgdghkngf Malecho &494&0;$;9;$5/):)&4)4!4$!4$;$;8&3$2))33)76545;:5(5667$) with
Saeschboy Giorno fa
Very nice. Even you don't used the metric system what it makes it more difficult to unterstand for me as an german.
Marilyn Hoobler
Marilyn Hoobler Giorno fa
Beautiful clarity.
JMUDoc Giorno fa
"Planet 9" is Pluto. Don't care.
András Gergely-Bakács
ThE EArtH iS fLaT !!!! (JK)
Brother legends Weird life!!
Since when does mark play soccer
Justin He
Justin He Giorno fa
I knew it :/
LedZepUF 2 giorni fa
And its the oort cloud lol
Vamsi Yella
Vamsi Yella 2 giorni fa
What’s the scale tho🤔
Giuliana Longo
Giuliana Longo 2 giorni fa
great video!
Tu Bo
Tu Bo 2 giorni fa
Mark is playing crosyy rode! 2:33
RISHIT PANDEY 2 giorni fa
Best video ever
Sri Lakshmi Jowil
Sri Lakshmi Jowil 2 giorni fa
You know planet nine is Fletcher
Brother Alaric
Brother Alaric 2 giorni fa
that is 4 years old and they still find that 9 planet. well there so much sapce to watch that gonna take years, maybe with the next generation of telescope.
Utkarsh Kumar
Utkarsh Kumar 3 giorni fa
Did you know buildings are made of dirt
Armin Njo
Armin Njo 3 giorni fa
Colton Allen
Colton Allen 4 giorni fa
can you pls post moreeeeee
ncsr11 4 giorni fa
The solar system is at Fremont High School but where is Planet 9?
Anoki Youssou
Anoki Youssou 3 giorni fa
Planet 9 is still hypothical.Wait for update from scientist:)
Cool Spider
Cool Spider 4 giorni fa
Anyone here in 2020
Paul Whitfield
Paul Whitfield 4 giorni fa
the people that saw the asteroid: 5:07 rOgUe aStErOid iTs gOnNa bE cLoSe i-iTs gOnNa mIsS the asteroid: HAHA EARTH GO BRRRRRRR IN FLAMES
mario imbimbo
mario imbimbo 4 giorni fa
Scott Carney
Scott Carney 5 giorni fa
Bobblonia 5 giorni fa
Uranus, the size of a pea
SigmoidBread430 6 giorni fa
"uranus is the size of a p"
beastyplayz beasty
beastyplayz beasty 6 giorni fa
Finally I'm so happy
Ryland Taylor
Ryland Taylor 6 giorni fa
Scientists are Jocks Too!!!!!
Sri Lakshmi Jowil
Sri Lakshmi Jowil 6 giorni fa
Thanks for a lovely
Knutcase Gaming
Knutcase Gaming 6 giorni fa
If the sun was the size of one grain of sand (1 mm) the world's biggest star would be .17 Meters or 170 mm
andrei luna
andrei luna 7 giorni fa
there are 5 quadrillion grains of sands on earth and 200 billion galaxies *L I E R S*
It’s a Friendly truck! - Roblox and more!
This was the first mark rober video I watched and it was awesome
rowena nitura
rowena nitura 7 giorni fa
The Impostor
The Impostor 8 giorni fa
Planet 9 is Pluto?
Bobby Jimenez
Bobby Jimenez 8 giorni fa
Punch out shirt... nice
Thank you Claymations
Cool shirt
M. Najjar
M. Najjar 9 giorni fa
Hail the one and only, the almighty God the creator and most merciful.
B5-Felia,John Spencer M
Pluto is mainly found on Switzerland
Fayra Aldema
Fayra Aldema 9 giorni fa
Their dream: I wanna meet a superstar My Dream: Mark rober Let's roam the universe
Ahnaf Ifaj Rahman
Ahnaf Ifaj Rahman 9 giorni fa
man i really need a teacher like him in my school
WMBS 10 giorni fa
Corridor also did a good video like this using cg
Game Ways
Game Ways 10 giorni fa
Right as he said pepper flake I sneezed lol
MN & CO 11 giorni fa
in the beginning,am i the only one that remembered gta san andreas? that sound? the nostalgia :)
manolis bakis
manolis bakis 11 giorni fa
+1 if you saw this comment in 2020-2021
andrew lightning
andrew lightning 11 giorni fa
Mr Felipe
Mr Felipe 11 giorni fa
1000 subs before 2022?
I made a little scale on my trampoline
David Lin
David Lin 11 giorni fa
urane-us and size of an pee get it
MonkeyEveything13 12 giorni fa
The earth is 150km away from the sun
ERROR_Anything 14 ore fa
also its way more than 150 kilometers lol
1000 subs before 2022?
This is just a scale, in my trampoline the earth was like 10 - 15 cm away from the little 1cm paper Sun.
Dylan Gut
Dylan Gut 12 giorni fa
Hi I love your videos
I HATE Ducks
I HATE Ducks 12 giorni fa
This is his best video
Real Tigon
Real Tigon 12 giorni fa
Mark my words humans will become so advanced they will take over the entire universe
Steve Heaton
Steve Heaton 12 giorni fa
One of your best Mark. Great stuff.
ognqski 12 giorni fa
Looking at this facts, how can a person not believe in God and be thankful. But the smarter the person, usually the stupider, nowadays at least. Great video.
Релёкс84 23 ore fa
I thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster, only true God of the universe, for everything that is. Ramen.
RiRi HaHa
RiRi HaHa 12 giorni fa
Exothermic 13 giorni fa
Great stuff 🙂
Vishvesh Shah
Vishvesh Shah 13 giorni fa
cool ur also great at soccer
Gary Hunt
Gary Hunt 13 giorni fa
and the nearest by star would be ariund the downtown of Los Angeles or Las Vegas?
Cool Subs
Cool Subs 13 giorni fa
Jacko Turkey
Jacko Turkey 13 giorni fa
i bet to get to the ninth planet you need to take 999 worm holes
Kejora Cinta
Kejora Cinta 13 giorni fa
CJ Skilling
CJ Skilling 13 giorni fa
how ironic uranus is a size of a [pee]
TEHadley Studying Is Fun
Hahaha ha lol 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹
JC 13 giorni fa
Whoa!!! BTW im glad im not the only one who pronounces Uranus like Yur-U-Nis
Jake thepro7890
Jake thepro7890 14 giorni fa
6:43 its kind of hard NOT to believe in aliens becuase why would there be galaxies with no civization because if u believe in god you would know that theres a purpose and there is already found planets with water so if u dont know geology and anthrology it means that h2o+ground=humans so they may not be green creatures that read minds but rather humans that are more or less advanced or maybe they could have sent some animal or egg in space and it could have landed on kepler 186-f
Matt Pannell
Matt Pannell 14 giorni fa
Where is Pluto ? Just because a bunch of meddling bureaucrats decide to denounce its planetary status this ITvidr has ignored it. It sickens me that a real scientist Clyde Tombaugh and his great work has been minimised by a bunch of office boys who have done absolutely nothing in the scientific field.
Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry
Matt Pannell pluto is now a dwarf planet. Just accept it.
Shazistic 14 giorni fa
Random fact There are more plastic flamingoes in the United States than real ones. -The Shades
build the rock
build the rock 14 giorni fa
Buy a yellow ballon 🚫🚫 Buy a ballon and colour it with yellow✔✔✔✔✔
YuckFou 15 giorni fa
whats one yard equivalent to?
OG_ Scorpion
OG_ Scorpion 15 giorni fa
that camera man needs a raise
Shannon Boyden
Shannon Boyden 15 giorni fa
What would Pluto be in this scale and how far away?
Spectical2d 15 giorni fa
just insane
Mr. Saucegay Uchiha
Mr. Saucegay Uchiha 15 giorni fa
I have to watch this for school
이상희 15 giorni fa
Planet nine
이상희 15 giorni fa
I know planet 9.
Carol Liao
Carol Liao 15 giorni fa
And Dwarf Planets
Carol Liao
Carol Liao 15 giorni fa
Please do PLANET 10
ANAS T M 16 giorni fa
Porn Bot Police
Porn Bot Police 16 giorni fa
Uranus is the size of a pea.
Cloudy 16 giorni fa
Everything mark rober is interesting! Fire content! Litterally 😂
Twiggi Brandyberry
Twiggi Brandyberry 16 giorni fa
How far is Moon from Earth on this scale?
Sophie Davidson
Sophie Davidson 16 giorni fa
This got deep...
Riah Andy
Riah Andy 16 giorni fa
I am in forth and I do better
Rima Bachrouch
Rima Bachrouch 16 giorni fa
Why. Is. This. So. Amazing.
prxnce49 17 giorni fa
Props to the camera man who had to run 600mph to get to soem places
Toad the official
Toad the official 17 giorni fa
Jerry: no that's not planet 9, it's pluto. PLUTO'S A PLANET
Toad the official
Toad the official 7 giorni fa
No pluto isn't a *"dwarf planet"* its A PLANET
Emmanuel Tidor
Emmanuel Tidor 8 giorni fa
@Aiden Williams e e
Aiden Williams
Aiden Williams 8 giorni fa
@Emmanuel Tidor e
Emmanuel Tidor
Emmanuel Tidor 12 giorni fa
@Aiden Williams wow more info.
Aiden Williams
Aiden Williams 14 giorni fa
Yes Reu, it's a planet but it isn't official, and Pluto is smaller than the borderline size for a planet, and other planets change its orbit slowly, so it's a dwarf planet. It is considered a Dwarf planet, so you could say its the closest DWARF planet from the sun, so yeah there's your daily does of nerd.
ava 17 giorni fa
anyone from tik tok??
ava 12 giorni fa
Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry can u stop talking i literally have no interest in engaging in a conversation with a dude named ashwin x
Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry
ava okkkk, tiktok users have a different sense of humour to normal people. But u cant really compare. Then again.... did you come to watch this video only because of tiktok? Or because your a fan of mark rober? Or because you like science?
ava 12 giorni fa
Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry ok haha ?? wasn’t really funny tbh
Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry
ava i like to troll people in the comments
Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry
ava lol, i was just exaggeratingggg calm downnnnn. I cant talk, i havent ever installed it. It might be entertaining, idk.
Mia Leary
Mia Leary 17 giorni fa
I get like a hundred times smarter just from watching these 10 minute videos
Gg Gg
Gg Gg 18 giorni fa
Adrian T
Adrian T 18 giorni fa
Yeah, Pluto don't count as planet
Proud_Crusader 18 giorni fa
My man forgot Pluto
Lax Bag
Lax Bag 18 giorni fa
It isn't classified as a planet anymore
Simulachronos 18 giorni fa
RIP Pluto 😭
Violet Queen
Violet Queen 18 giorni fa
NASA boy smart boy
Lucette Keene
Lucette Keene 19 giorni fa
5:06 That rogue asteroid had me laughing tho
Nicole Angela Balastigue
lol the called that plane heli or bird a rogue astroid
Fred The Spider
Fred The Spider 19 giorni fa
Approximatly 3,297,494,385,037 football fields away
Fred The Spider
Fred The Spider 19 giorni fa
Fun fact I randomly typed out numbers this isnt true
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