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Dua Lipa - One Kiss / Electricity [2018 American Music Awards]

Dua Lipa
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Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa - One Kiss
Silk City, Dua Lipa - Electricity ft. Diplo, Mark Ronson
The Complete Edition is here!! dualipa.co/completeedition
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10 ott 2018

dua lipacalving harrisone kisssilk cityelectricitydiplomark ronsonamasamaamerican music awards




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Саша Сокол
Dua Lipa I love you
Sabrina Kaminaga
Sabrina Kaminaga 2 giorni fa
Pause at 3:35 I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM
João Bevilacqua
João Bevilacqua 3 giorni fa
Como sempre ela está linda... Dua Lipa 👏👏👏
primos Resendez
primos Resendez 3 giorni fa
La amo😍
Muriel Araya
Muriel Araya 4 giorni fa
cutegirl 10
cutegirl 10 4 giorni fa
Lucky Park
Lucky Park 5 giorni fa
One kiss 🤘💋💋
Jonathan Palmquist
Jonathan Palmquist 6 giorni fa
The rain at the end is INSANE!!!
ItzReece 6 giorni fa
Amazing Performance Mann!!!! Love this song.
Dani White
Dani White 6 giorni fa
Great job ! So happy for you! I'm a huge fan ! Congratulations!! You rock the stage wherever you go! 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠
Fernando Contreras
Fernando Contreras 6 giorni fa
Gissel G
Gissel G 6 giorni fa
That kiss though
shadyea 7 giorni fa
I loved this performance let's go breath control!
LxnaLxna 7 giorni fa
Love me my urban outfitters music
bigcollie 7 giorni fa
for yall saying that the performance was boring, did you even see the electricity sequence? she fell from a ledge
Tina Carter
Tina Carter 7 giorni fa
Wish I was there during this performance. There's no way I could've stayed in my seat. I'm dancing just watching it. She nailed it.
Laura Marin
Laura Marin 8 giorni fa
the energy is ABSENT.
Ida ruth Fatuma
Ida ruth Fatuma 9 giorni fa
Wow Wow actually enjoyed this perfomance BIG UP Sex Dua Lipa
Haider Hossain
Haider Hossain 9 giorni fa
Gabrielly Peixoto
Gabrielly Peixoto 9 giorni fa
Top Electro Music
Top Electro Music 9 giorni fa
Dua lipa best new artist nomination for the grammys
karlstein 10 giorni fa
The only problem with dua’s performance is her singing-dance voice.It’s hard to sing and dance but I think she did a pretty great job,she just need more training that’s all.Beyonce and Ariana did it,I think dua can do it.There’s nothing dull with this performance.I don’t even like the song Electricity but yet I enjoyed this live performance,that means she actually connects to the audience.It has amazing stage art,live instruments remix,dua lipa’s energetic dance.I don’t get it why people hate this.If you say dua’s voice bad with dancing,try to watch Selena Gomez Same Old Love snl performance,she barely even moving yet she running out so much breath.I don’t hate selena,I like her but don’t attack dua lipa and pretend like there’s no performance worse than her.
Andree Michaels
Andree Michaels 10 giorni fa
Dua is so talented. But how was she still singing with no Mic and jumping up and down
Jessica 1
Jessica 1 10 giorni fa
i love this video dua lipa you are killing it
Adamon24 11 giorni fa
KAMPIÓ 11 giorni fa
Miles 929
Miles 929 11 giorni fa
When they say dua lipa doesn’t have stage presence so you show them this
wvwvwvw bobaj
wvwvwvw bobaj 11 giorni fa
SALMA MUSIC 11 giorni fa
One of the nicest voices to her love in my life I love her
Ryuji Omote
Ryuji Omote 12 giorni fa
Dua Lipa - One Kiss / Electricity [2018 American Music Awards] itvid.net/video/video-wAZfOIF8SAk.html
Lang Nguyen
Lang Nguyen 12 giorni fa
mirajul isllam
mirajul isllam 12 giorni fa
lover pop
lover pop 13 giorni fa
she's killing it, as always do
David Gahan
David Gahan 13 giorni fa
Esta buena pero que pedo con su vestuario
Kings Man
Kings Man 14 giorni fa
Best Woman Artist ! She kill the Music Business 🔥
Alex AA
Alex AA 17 giorni fa
HeckUDirtySnek 17 giorni fa
One of the best performances ever
Saadako B.
Saadako B. 17 giorni fa
1:53 Roblox :'))
Azul Montiel
Azul Montiel 18 giorni fa
derek millier
derek millier 18 giorni fa
this is my jam like come on!!! how can you not like this tune.....I think I have a crush now....
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia 19 giorni fa
I love Dua but the first costume aren't it
AIRTON MOREIRA123 19 giorni fa
sem qualidade ;;;eco
tyamime1 20 giorni fa
Best performance period..
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes 20 giorni fa
She's killing it.
Maria Destacamento
Maria Destacamento 20 giorni fa
One of the best performances that evening! I'm so glad that 80's 90's electric circus feel is back! You're killing it girl! ⚡⚡⚡
MICHAEL MORGAN 21 giorno fa
Qui à fait ce remix de OneKiss ce n'est pas la version "radio edit"
Victor Mora
Victor Mora 21 giorno fa
Se me volaron los pelos de la panocha
D0NKEY K0NG 21 giorno fa
Te dua 💘 Dua
Benoit 21 giorno fa
ouh 1 min 53
Maria Antonieta Navarro
what happens is that we are used to Shakira moving the hips like crazy and Beyonce breaking her neck when she dances...so when Dua starts moving her hips kinda rusty we compare her....but i don't think this was a bad presentation....even though she is rusty compared to SHakira lol
Penny Proud
Penny Proud 22 giorni fa
1:53 SIS OK
Jesha Austria
Jesha Austria 22 giorni fa
I really love how dua lipa perform on stage. Baaaamm! we love you dua! ❤️❤️❤️
Tom Antunes
Tom Antunes 23 giorni fa
Fernando Spoladore
Fernando Spoladore 22 giorni fa
Amo essa garota
Ry Bread
Ry Bread 23 giorni fa
This performance was for the gays and the gays only
Juan Manuel Peña
Juan Manuel Peña 16 giorni fa
Amen 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍
Gipsy Soul
Gipsy Soul 24 giorni fa
Damn i like her performance here, retro vibe ❤ her karisma singing and dancing carefree
Sayra Espejo
Sayra Espejo 25 giorni fa
Alvaro The Great
Alvaro The Great 26 giorni fa
I'm in 💘 love 💘
Tim Teun
Tim Teun 27 giorni fa
I like the first
4 Furry Friends
4 Furry Friends 27 giorni fa
2 of my favorite songs by her!!! Yes Kween!!!
Domique Mbueko
Domique Mbueko 27 giorni fa
someone noone
someone noone 28 giorni fa
Italy loved Dua's performance and video...Bacci a tutti
Von Lao
Von Lao 29 giorni fa
She used to be a model and u can tell that from the performance the way she walks and runs her stage presence but I still say Dua nailed it, but has to work on a few things to break into U.S
Bewqetu SewMehone
Bewqetu SewMehone 29 giorni fa
I am finding it hard to differentiate which one is male or female dancers. Feminine occidental receptive culture getting bizarre by the day.
Rakan Alanazi
Rakan Alanazi 29 giorni fa
love this song
Micha Ghaffar
That 2:30 turn phewwwwww so effortless
heyitzdee 5
heyitzdee 5 Mese fa
Ricardo Rodriguez
Astounding performance! Very talented all around and very creative ! Leap of faith 🤩
Jose Rosales
Jose Rosales Mese fa
Camille Andres
Au début c'était faux
rully prawitasari
She's more relax with her dance...practice makes perfect👌👌
André Luiz
André Luiz Mese fa
Ela ta tão linda nessa performance.
Chacha Damita
Sherry Young
Sherry Young Mese fa
Love this shhhhh!!!!!
Victor Said Flores Romero
La mejor de todas❤❤😍😍😍
Laura Nathalie Avellaneda
I wanna dance like Dua
Zip Mese fa
90's rave inspiration :D
Camryn Hood
Camryn Hood Mese fa
Electricity sounds like ... falling into you -Hillsong Young and free
Very 90s
This bitch is killing the game. PERIODT.
L Meto
L Meto Mese fa
We can barely hear her voice lol what a garbage performance
L Meto
L Meto Mese fa
Boring and dull
Cleopatra Doodles
Even though the performance wasn't brilliant - she has made huge progress with her stage presence. During her promo for her debut album, her stage presence was awful. She looked bored, awkward and generally didn't move. But now, she's embracing the "performance" aspect of her music.
Matilde Veronese
I love you Dua, you are my idol ❤
Stina1234 Mese fa
Oh god no don't try to dance! You can barely walk on beat
Carlos A. Peña O.
Martha KAIT
Martha KAIT Mese fa
After one year of experience I do not see changes. Only that now she is blonde. Mamma miaaaa, what a generous country.
Roger smith
Roger smith Mese fa
she sound so tired
Oso K
Oso K Mese fa
Dua 💕 it’s a great feeling when I walk in the mall or shopping centre and every where I go they play your music! A proud 🇽🇰🇦🇱🇨🇦
Ronnie Llasus
aaaaa that voice thooo💕
Steven  Kane
Steven Kane Mese fa
That trust fall tho
Triggered Mese fa
She’s so hot
Crystaisunshine MSP
not one clothing store I go into that doesn't play this
Micka Datwist
I cant stand contemp trash and these new musical minnows.....but this song is top class
xsahnasenpai Mese fa
queen of body rolls.
baigalmaa lkhagvasuren
This girl need really need to learn.how to dance. Boring
체리코튼 Mese fa
진짜 장난 없다 ㅠㅠ 개좋아... 진짜 퍼포먼스도 쩔고 노래도 개쩔고 언니 진ㅉㅏ 부족한 게 뭐야 진짜 대박이다 대박 대박 대박 대박 ㅜㅜㅜ
aracely ynga
aracely ynga Mese fa
Neil Nashef
Neil Nashef Mese fa
3:33 did any body else see the lesbian / bisexual couple kissing on stage? I send you love and wish you the best of respect, and Dua Lipa is so confident on stage!
David Neiderman
She da bomb
Prossimi video
Breaking Up
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