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Dua Lipa - One Kiss / Electricity [2018 American Music Awards]

Dua Lipa
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Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa - One Kiss
Silk City, Dua Lipa - Electricity ft. Diplo, Mark Ronson
The Complete Edition is here!! dualipa.co/completeedition
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10 ott 2018

dua lipacalving harrisone kisssilk cityelectricitydiplomark ronsonamasamaamerican music awards




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Commenti 4 095
Hope Genalo
Hope Genalo 2 ore fa
1:07 *when you see a cockroach flew and landed to your hair*
Paulo R
Paulo R 2 ore fa
love !!!!!
That jump at 1:25 was so well done. And 2:25 is overall visually pleasing and so hypnotic, tbh.
Nor Aslinda
Nor Aslinda 4 ore fa
I like it. So talented😍😍😍
Altieris  Sosa
Altieris Sosa 5 ore fa
Kelly Kim
Kelly Kim 5 ore fa
Very different and entertaining
Warfu ­
Warfu ­ 5 ore fa
I honestly can't comprehend anybody who says "the performance is boring or dull", for the mood of these songs which aren't the most pumped up thing, the black light, night atmosphere, color scheme, Dua's not bad singing/moving live (can get better), even for a small stage they got pretty cool takes at the start, the stairs and the trust fall. Everything is designed correctly to fit only this type of songs.
zane tang
zane tang 6 ore fa
2018.10.22 😍🔥
RoronoaYGZoro 6 ore fa
Tidus Sims
Tidus Sims 6 ore fa
tay geller
tay geller 8 ore fa
why does the "electricty" choreography reminded me of ps2's "the urbz: sims in the city"??
lORD DARK 11 ore fa
Bad show
lORD DARK 11 ore fa
These is not perfomance These is like concert
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton 12 ore fa
Her songs are so addicted greetings from Honduras 🙌
H Chen
H Chen 12 ore fa
Very fashionable perform 💘😍😆
Diana Bruce
Diana Bruce 13 ore fa
Thiago Gonçalves
3:14 the best part
Aify Dzahiri
Aify Dzahiri 15 ore fa
her "electricity" song is like anime song (anime games)ya know like , persona series games. They have this kind of song. Relaxing yet exciting.
ladymayaaa 15 ore fa
Omg horrible, looks like a grade 5 talent show dance moves! Wtf so boring
Alejandro Monzón
What version of One kiss is this...I Love It
Syahirah Salim
Syahirah Salim 16 ore fa
3:33 lol at these two making out on stage
You know Who
You know Who 16 ore fa
This is just awfull
Dražen Torbarina
Crazy performance.
Brent Ian Dela Pena
people commenting how bad her stage presence and dull her performances are, well for once she is a singer and not a performer like Beyonce, JLo etc. And she recently said that everything is happening so fast, she was just a featuring artist then in a span of less than a year she is a hit star, so in terms of getting used to performing in big crowds, she said everything is a learning experience and i have no doubt with experience she'll get there. I also feel she's better with less choreographed and produced performances, look at her IDGAF performance at Kimmel, she has stage presence and that voice and face!!
Hooligan 17 ore fa
3:33 two girls kissing
julystia ginanjar
Bring blackpink in your stage❤
Theo K
Theo K 20 ore fa
3:34 what the fuck??
zane tang
zane tang 21 ora fa
Carina 22 ore fa
Esto para Mimi en Tu Cara Me Suena porfavor
Mony Lemuz Tovar
Excelente!!😍😱 Como siempre😜❤ Saludos desde México/Aguascalientes Te quiero Dua😘💕
The Perez Hilton
Truly EPIC!!!
Crystal Lee
Crystal Lee Giorno fa
Did anyone notice that two of the dancers were kissing each other during the performance because I'm shook?
Thiago Gonçalves
Sooooo good!
zane tang
zane tang Giorno fa
Oh my god she’s amazing 😎
anna leslee reyes
She's not a good dancer but i love her so much. She's very pleasant to look at.
Fakta dan Opini Bekasi
Dua Lipa Glow In The Dark
Stan Talents
Stan Talents Giorno fa
It's actually a great performance for me 💕
Annie 567
Annie 567 Giorno fa
Calvin harris?
Romero Vivian
Romero Vivian Giorno fa
Duapink 💓
beauty expert
beauty expert Giorno fa
oh my Gosh I was really enjoying the show till 3.38 mins when those 2 girls were kissing,sorry dua but I dont want to see that,it was really disgusting,the world is going the wrong way
Romero Vivian
Romero Vivian Giorno fa
Calm down lady rsrs
Romero Vivian
Romero Vivian Giorno fa
merksam auf
merksam auf Giorno fa
Sie ist so wie Berlin
me trying
me trying Giorno fa
She copied Sabrina carpenter
Simona Schonewille
Everybody here is talking about how dull the performance was.. well i couldn’t do it like she did. It’s not something we are used to so maybe we should get used to this. I really liked the performance. If you take a good look at what’s happening maybe ur gonna like it too.
Darkrai 980
Darkrai 980 Giorno fa
That lesbian kiss 💞
min majo
min majo Giorno fa
She is my fucking queen
Thandie Ebanks
Thandie Ebanks Giorno fa
Number one I love the song but the voice was dull
Mily Bonner
Mily Bonner Giorno fa
Ela invejou a Mc Loma e as gêmeas lacração com todo esse neon, Buda tá vendo
OLEV Giorno fa
Okay guys, dua lipa’s critical comments will actually make her improve, so thanks for hating!
AshKill Giorno fa
Nice yoga routine lol
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat Giorno fa
Damn that kiss 3:33 i wonder if it was planned or not
Jenkook love
Jenkook love Giorno fa
Yasaswi Chintha
Yasaswi Chintha Giorno fa
Hey.... ive seen brooke aftr long tym 😊
Maika Binuya
Maika Binuya Giorno fa
I’m serious she doesn’t need auto tune
Nathan Tawomhera
the best performance l have watched ever good job
Nathan Tawomhera
the best performance l have watched ever good job
半蔵服部 2 giorni fa
There are lots of payed comment in here, I think someone in Hollywood is feeling the heat.
Marc Glendel Valdez
Her "Boring and dull performance" as what most of you are saying is what makes her Dua Lipa. If u know what I mean. If u do not like the way she performs then don't watch.
Dww Gaa
Dww Gaa 2 giorni fa
+Dua Lupa, hope fully soon , to see Dua Lupa duet with Indonesian popstar @agnezmo & @anggun_cipta :)
qwertyuiopz123 2 giorni fa
People have so much adhd to call this boring lmao
Mikael 2 giorni fa
Wow this was an amazing performance. Good job Dua Lipa and rest of the team!
Amy Arora
Amy Arora 2 giorni fa
lov tis songsss
Mayson Lennon
Mayson Lennon 2 giorni fa
01:54 uuuuuhhh fuck
2 0  1 8 ?
2 0 1 8 ? 2 giorni fa
3:33 ?? kiss 💋
yer maw
yer maw 2 giorni fa
What the haters want to say is that she's dull because her vag isn't in your face. Very 90s.
Pinkunicorn Girl
Pinkunicorn Girl 2 giorni fa
Is her hair blonde and blue
Ayan Dahir
Ayan Dahir 2 giorni fa
Amore Gomez
Amore Gomez 2 giorni fa
Not her best vocal show but loved it anyway!
T Hunter
T Hunter 2 giorni fa
I actually liked the performance. I feel like it matched the vibe of the song
Esther Ruol
Esther Ruol 2 giorni fa
Absolutely adore her but her body fluidity is zero.
Ruru 2 giorni fa
Her voice is beautiful and powerful . i prefer when she stay and just sing😁 she is a great singer. She doesn't need to dance and be naked on the stage. Just my opinion.
madalina dermelici
madalina dermelici 2 giorni fa
Michael Angel
Michael Angel 2 giorni fa
Am I the only one here who actually enjoyed this performance?
In my opinion her best award-show performance!!!! Woweee
Peu Rocha
Peu Rocha 2 giorni fa
Pela thumb pensei que fosse a Pablo vittar kkkkkkk
Marisya BTS
Marisya BTS 2 giorni fa
The best english singer ever her voice , songs and her moves everything os perfect 💜💜💜
Z Swiftie
Z Swiftie 2 giorni fa
You call this performance "boring,She kills the event😑😐" but then you call Shawn mendes's performance "incredible😍😍" she did so many things than shawn did. He just walks around with his guitar and then he runs his hand trough his hair,smile around and sing ; but dua at least makes some different moves by herself and the dancers. But Shawn' s performance was perfect but dua's was boring.( I don't like any of them)
Judi Mendes Puth
SHAWN HAS HIS OWN STYLE and Dua Lipa has other,and if you don't like any of them why are you saying that things about Shawn? Both are an amazing artists and that's all😐❤
Anonymous 18 ore fa
Beyoncé is more exciting standing still.
potbotra Giorno fa
LOL no one even watches shawn's performance, i can't believe that is the hill you want to die on.... shawn mendez really? yikes. both are boring.
Vsmoxs •••
Z Swiftie look why you attacking Shawn. Their completely different performers. I think her performance was great as well. But I wouldn’t compare it to someone who’s music and style is different to get my point across. It’s kinda unfair on him🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
seuli Yu
seuli Yu 2 giorni fa
To be honest I like her performance. I dont understand why people dont like it. I love you dua. Keep improving and we always support you
khirstie butalid
khirstie butalid 2 giorni fa
Talented and boring.
Oscar Ft
Oscar Ft 2 giorni fa
So electric baby
Hex Kobold
Hex Kobold 3 giorni fa
The era of 90's nostalgia begins now.
Team Super Grande
Team Super Grande 3 giorni fa
Dua lipa is exceptionally average
Octava 3 giorni fa
¡Qué perrísima! 👏👏👏
Jikook is L-I-F-E
Jikook is L-I-F-E 3 giorni fa
Nathaniel Valbuena
Nathaniel Valbuena 3 giorni fa
Yall complain, if it was dull then i urge you to do better, too "boring" then click out and watch something else. Simple
Vinni Almeida
Vinni Almeida 3 giorni fa
Dua lipa arrasou
Francisca Moya castillo
Te amo demasiado bb ♥️
Sirius XXX
Sirius XXX 3 giorni fa
Her Live Performances are so great!
gmail Users
gmail Users 3 giorni fa
Os 3 em linha
Os 3 em linha 3 giorni fa
Sirius XXX
Sirius XXX 3 giorni fa
gmail Users
gmail Users 3 giorni fa
Такой треш без фонограммы, это пздц. Кроме Майкла Джексона никто не умеет петь и танцевать в живую как на студийном записи
76shian 3 giorni fa
The song is exciting but she is Boring
zane tang
zane tang 3 giorni fa
Oh my goodness I like her so much 😍😍😍
Konstantinos Georgiou
She is not singing at all !! I appreciate that she is dancing but she is a professional singer we need to hear her talented voice i guess !! Just nothing ... but she is dancing really really well !! Beside that just nothing to me
영세이 3 giorni fa
I've never seen before such wonderful performance. It's amazing...💓
Courtney Louise Bass Martin
The mic swap😍😍
Ardi Tairi
Ardi Tairi 3 giorni fa
I love you dua lipa
My Name Is R
My Name Is R 4 giorni fa
arkar myowin
arkar myowin 4 giorni fa
on point ❤️❤️❤️ Dua Lipa
generic person
generic person 4 giorni fa
Dua is not my top singer but I like her style hope she improves over time.🤗
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