Dunkey's E3 2019

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What if they had bee 3. Think about it.
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12 giu 2019




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Commenti 80
mason vandenbrink
agents of shield reaction
B 3 giorni fa
Most importantly..... BAAAAANNNNJOOO!!!!!!
fer262 4 giorni fa
I had forgot about 60% of the games that he mentions, basically all that aren’t out yet. Damn, there are tons of great games to come
dixan07 7 giorni fa
3:50 You were right, it went that way (right)
R Films
R Films 7 giorni fa
Frosty 7 giorni fa
Dude, when is e3 2020 coming out you are so lazy Jason I'm not going to pay for your internet anymore good luck with your stupid ITvid videos now I win bye bye
CheeseNJunk 8 giorni fa
Keanu Reeves had better show off some knack 3d gameplay at e3 2:3 , or I'm goin home
Chazz3.o 11 giorni fa
yeah its not knack 3 so i think e3 sucked
GuyN0ir 12 giorni fa
I can't wait to see Dunkey's E3 2020 video
Camo Crew
Camo Crew 14 giorni fa
Where's the E3 2020 video?
リョウヘイ 15 giorni fa
Are people actually still talking about Death Stranding? I'm not really following the community, so I wouldn't know
Nick Giorno fa
Yeah that game died awhile ago
Ak47 13 giorni fa
nah its dead now
Volantico 15 giorni fa
Well the final fantasy 7 remake part really aged well, with alternate timeline thing ff7 remake literally went to kingdom hearts way
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 16 giorni fa
Does anyone know the name of the music for the Final Fantasy part?
TheUltrasora 17 giorni fa
The last E3 in history.
Von Potatostein
Von Potatostein 19 giorni fa
3:48 for those who are seeing this video after FF7R was launched: It went to KH's way... In other words Nomura's levels of BS.
Spaceman Alph
Spaceman Alph 18 giorni fa
According to Dunkey and many others it did. But the overall reception for the remake has generally been very positive, whereas with KH it was pretty much universally disliked upon its release. FF7R has been somewhat divisive. KH was just downright hated. We’ve yet to get to the point with FF7R where the story becomes absolutely abysmal and way too convoluted like in Kingdom Hearts, but there definitely is potential for that to happen within future installments.
Vir3o 21 giorno fa
And thus the first strand type game was invented
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚
Nice cold Dunkey. Ha ha HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHA
blimlimlimm 23 giorni fa
Dear future people, please tell me CyberPunk 2077 is good. I don't normally get hyped but goddamnit please.
Anmay Suri
Anmay Suri 23 giorni fa
Does anyone know what the final fantasy music that dunkey uses in this video is called?
Spaceman Alph
Spaceman Alph 18 giorni fa
It’s the ost to the opening Bombing Mission in the remake. Pretty sure it’s called Bombing Run
Coconut32 29 giorni fa
Have been binging to watch dunkeys's greatest hits I might be stop for every E3 videos and continue soon :-]
Coconut32 29 giorni fa
This year, sony just go messed up XD
Hitch Mese fa
Daikyosenshi Mese fa
3:47 >>>>>
Atticus Smith
I’m so disappointed in dunkey. He didn’t even mention sans in smash
Anton Quiroz
Anton Quiroz Mese fa
I could listen to Keanu saying only "Cyberpunk 2077" all day...
Daxank Mese fa
My god, he truly did predict how FF7R would go!
Grudgge daive
Fuck Dunkey. You were so right about FF7. They went for facking blue pill goddamit ) : For real i'm not totally displeased with what they are going for. But goddam does it feel like it could become kingdom hearts at every moment.
Matt Bell
Matt Bell Mese fa
Who is here after E3 2020 cancel.
Raynaldi Sutedjo
5:47 sadly, dunkey didn’t get mario odyssey 2
joseph to
joseph to Mese fa
anyone sad that we aren’t getting a dunkey’s e3 this year? lol
GumGum LeoBazooka
What is the track used right at the beginning? It’s been bothering me for 10 months lmao
John Arts
John Arts Mese fa
Bruh you funny
2015 Honda Civic
I think it’s safe to say...doom is boom
Sugar Jesus
Sugar Jesus Mese fa
What about pso2
KaRaTeLoRd11 Mese fa
What Dunkey should do for his E3 video this year is a 5 minute video of just nothing
Dr. Own
Dr. Own Mese fa
I really wish I enjoyed the metroidvania style of game more than I do. Hollowknight has such as fascinating world and story, but torn between spoiling all of that and wandering aimlessly in places I had already been in dozens of times, I could never motivate myself to finish it either with a guide or on my own. Maybe I'll pick it up again, but for now I just hope that Silksong is a success for a clearly talented team, even if it's not a game for me.
when you realise there won’t be an E3 2020 video this year :((
wiltedstar Mese fa
3:47 Oh no.. it went full Kingdom Hearts. DUNKEY PREDICTED THE FUTURE WTF
Bryce F
Bryce F Mese fa
Why is the final fantasy remake theme one note away the Pirates of the Caribbean theme?
David Lim
David Lim Mese fa
Do a video of E3 2020
Why Not?
Why Not? Mese fa
Can't wait for your E3 2020 video!
TechHelpWizard Genie
Why isn't Kojima directing movies? His expositionary setups are more in depth than the 10 minutes it took a cocaine-powered writing team to fill in the blanks around his 9000000000+ recorded hours of Norman Reedus just existing. I feel like Kojima just used this game as a premise to very intensely stalk Norman Reedus in such a complete manner that there are 15 god damn iterations of the Norman scratching his nose animation. MGS 1-3 were masterpieces. IV was an excellent game but whereas the MGS3 exposition begun to drag IV suffered from a fatal Japanese defect I have coined "over-epicosity" Did Raiden really have to fight a metal gear ray with his face or all the other crazy shit that happened in that scene? To quote most game critics "I actually felt like OId Snake" in MGS IV. By the time it was over I was looking down at the barrel of my trusty pistol and welcoming oblivion. The game was really fun, but the volume of story was just absurd. There is literally a section where they had you watching some bitch cook eggs. Then you can see in MGSV (Single player 9/10 MGS Online was stale 5/10) the exact point in the writing where Konami wrested creatvie control out from Kojima because there weren't really any loose ends except for the fact that none of this was really happening to who we thought it was and this game was a giant lie.. Shout out to Dunkey, who is absolutely my favourite instagram celebrity. Keep writing those articles on renaissance art culture.
mezzyjezze Mese fa
4:08 lol
Vibhava Mese fa
0:18 seriously wat is that music 😂
Der45lol 2 mesi fa
Dunkey sounds sick in this video Coronavirus:patient zero?
Rayan007 2 mesi fa
Nope you’re nitpicking and biased i win byebye
Mr Sqeez
Mr Sqeez 2 mesi fa
“It could go this way or this way”..... me “wait what? Both of those were not good directions”
Ahmet Yaşar
Ahmet Yaşar 2 mesi fa
1:16 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Superb Fairy Wren
LIttle did Dunkey know, he would wish he'd never found out firsthand, how Death Stranding's story would translate to gameplay
Normanz 2 mesi fa
Cant wait for dunkey to make an e3 2020 video!
faldostick123 2 mesi fa
Yash Sabarad
Yash Sabarad 2 mesi fa
Dunkey will now NEVER make a video titled E3 2020.
EagleofYT 2 mesi fa
I can’t wait for 2020’s E3 video
Ryan Tran
Ryan Tran 2 mesi fa
I’m still waiting for E4...
Blake IRL
Blake IRL 2 mesi fa
Can’t wait for 2020.
EZMoney 2 mesi fa
Psychonauts 2: now featuring the Stanley Parable Adventure Line (patent pending.)
Krabbypal 2 mesi fa
It's da first strand-type game
Paper Mario
Paper Mario 2 mesi fa
This E3 is trash because there was no Banjo Pilot 2
PSG Gill
PSG Gill 2 mesi fa
No e3 this year?
Willyfanta 2 mesi fa
Do a wire episode
Yoo Toob
Yoo Toob 2 mesi fa
Sheeeeeeeit partner
Leon St.
Leon St. 2 mesi fa
Hah dunko no E3 2020 for ya
Daniel Kennard
Daniel Kennard 2 mesi fa
I think Enix is going to screw up FF VII.
Nick Giorno fa
They could easily screw it up bc it seems that the story could be changed and become something like kingdom hearts
Napoleon 2 mesi fa
KnookBook 2 mesi fa
I played the demo for the Final Fantasy Remake, and it was boring
The 2 Penguins
The 2 Penguins 2 mesi fa
“How did they get the guy from fortnite to be in this” *e r n i e p r e p a r e s t o c o m m i t a h a t e c r i m e*
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 2 mesi fa
When he said the story of ff7 remake is stupid that's when I unsubscribe him
John Renardo
John Renardo 2 mesi fa
I don’t know why he’s hating on Star Wars but talking about how good Doom is...
TheOriginalCDub 2 mesi fa
Everybody gangster til they see the jiggy
S Olarsch
S Olarsch 2 mesi fa
Hey dunkey can you do e3 2020 next
Borsalino Kizaru
It’d take a lobotomy to enjoy Fallout 76.
Edward Nigma
Edward Nigma 2 mesi fa
Folk out の下り好き。
Brayden Kovanda
Brayden Kovanda 2 mesi fa
If in watchdogs three you can play as NPCs, shouldn’t they be called PCs?
SAiNTS 2 mesi fa
5:36 Its Banjo and Gagagaga! XD
Owl Blue
Owl Blue 2 mesi fa
Can't wait for Dunkey's E3 2020 right guys?... Right?
Shreyas Sodhe
Shreyas Sodhe 2 mesi fa
Ah man, there's not gonna be an E3 video from dunkey this year :(
bloodcorpse gamer
Yeah just like the last time did he announce s*** and it completely destroyed Michael s*** or less your idiot that forgot
Alexander 3 mesi fa
i'd really like to see an animal crossing new horizons review from dunkey specifically, because he doesnt seem like the kind of guy to get impressed because the animals are cleaning their house now and all these little details. i feel like he would be the guy to look at the actual gameplay instead
Tobi Pohan
Tobi Pohan 3 mesi fa
Hey talking about psychonauts Why am i often gets dizy playing that game? I dropped that game near ending because of that Especially the detective level, it's just mindfuck, really Maybe it's the art direction? Because everything looks so.. depressing? Colorful but like all over the place It's cool, meaningful, but really flat at the same time
RenaRena01 3 mesi fa
Unfortunately Egypt Game is not coming out... :,((
OutOfAllHooping 3 mesi fa
Does anyone know the game at 1:40 ?
Paul Keiser
Paul Keiser 3 mesi fa
I'm looking forward to "dunk eternal"
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