Dunkey's E3 2019

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What if they had bee 3. Think about it.
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Commenti 8 902
GabeTheBabe Giorno fa
Dammit Microsoft this was your big chance.
Big Water
Big Water 3 giorni fa
Now I'm waiting for the spectacular Weegee's Castle 3 video to come out. I love that game.
Tom Valverde
Tom Valverde 4 giorni fa
5:04 git G-nomed
big chungus
big chungus 9 giorni fa
how did spiderman not benefit from being open world? It was so fun to swing around and explore new york, that was actually 90% of the fun of the game. how did red dead 2 not benefit from being open world? when you said yourself in the dunkview that the open world was extremely fun to explore, there was an entire section on it?
AsherThom 9 giorni fa
I stopped listening to this guy when he said "fuck" I have stopped listening 42322 times
Ali Zare Moayedi
Ali Zare Moayedi 13 giorni fa
You didn't talk about Elden Ring?!
Sanj de doge
Sanj de doge 13 giorni fa
Ahmet Tay
Ahmet Tay 14 giorni fa
note : Half Life 1 has 2 vortigaunts named "Banjo" and "Kazooie"
memedroid 101
memedroid 101 18 giorni fa
Guh huh
Igbinedion 18 giorni fa
Banjo-Kazooie Now sand undertale
Cat 20 giorni fa
Scarlett... what a stupid name. Fuck. Sometimes I wonder why I'm an xbox fan
Oscar Salvatierra
Oscar Salvatierra 11 giorni fa
What do you want to call it then
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut 20 giorni fa
Spider man benfited because you get to swing around the city and get backpacks and crap. Idk how to say out loud tbh
Aramadani2x 21 giorno fa
2:01 how is this shit no were near as good as star wars the force 2 , star wars the force 2 was made in like 2003 wtf
Rafael de la Roca
Rafael de la Roca 24 giorni fa
Elden Ring, thanks
Daniel oguejiofo
Daniel oguejiofo 27 giorni fa
I started getting pissed of when youdissed watchdogs
Dusty 28 giorni fa
feel like death stranding would be better of as a movie
Micah Beckner
Micah Beckner 28 giorni fa
Hey guys I’m kionue reeeeves by the way have you seen me in fortnite
Jennifer Sablan
2019: When you have no other ideas for games
Papa Sleepy
Papa Sleepy Mese fa
That asian lady makes my weegee go castle know what i'm saying
ScopedNoodle 27 giorni fa
Papa Sleepy ...
Bimmy Jewtron
Um uh Well Uh Mm Uh Uh It's like GTA if you were a shark You can't simply **say** that and not elaborate
Zappy Omar
Zappy Omar Mese fa
Starwars The Fallen Pre Order get it now...
Ninjajack 64
Ninjajack 64 Mese fa
Nintendo when the other companies sucked: WE GOT A CITY TO BURN.
miami cosmo
miami cosmo Mese fa
what was that egypt game that he mentioned
Sefo Tuaau
Sefo Tuaau Mese fa
Anyone know the song at 0:19
cool and good
I respect you for using FEZ music.
Scissoroo Mese fa
What’s the song at 3:20?
Edgard.TM -
Edgard.TM - Mese fa
YEEEEEEEE Hollow Knight Hype Babiiiiii! I am a grown man, but when I saw that trailer drop I cried tears of concentrated joy
Guy Lloyd
Guy Lloyd Mese fa
I orgasmed when Nintendo first showed it... BACK IN FEBRUARY 2018
ZeCenturion Mese fa
Where is that small clip from in 3:02
igichan Mese fa
What the hell was that at 1:43
Oscar Salvatierra
Oscar Salvatierra 11 giorni fa
"Casual mode" hmm
Darkx Lord
Darkx Lord Mese fa
I like the banjo kazooie music in the end
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Mese fa
Keanu should buy out xbox and start making the consoles instead of phil spencer
0:28 oh please i can do more then that on pc
Oscar Salvatierra
Oscar Salvatierra 11 giorni fa
Yeah but this is about consoles that's like saying "30 fps on that phone? My console can do more than that"
P3DR0360 Mese fa
anyone know the song at 3:18?
516WolF BaD
516WolF BaD Mese fa
You can't trust these mother fucker's EA they will probably just make the new star wars just like the last one you want great items pay or play for 44hours to get darkvider
A Koopa Troopa currently working for bowser.
Everyone else at e3: look at all these cool games! Everyone is cla- Nintendo: nice baby games, BANJO IN SMASH, BOTW 2 ANIMAL CROSSING, LINKS AWAKENING, LUIGI’S MANSION.
MegaseanX4 Mese fa
Welp like most other years... NINTENDO WINS BAYBEEEEEE
Sr Blimpitron
What about elden ring
Goldenapple 710
Knak3 when?
Alex Negz
Alex Negz Mese fa
if he's like this with Banjo-Kazooie being in smash I can only imagine what he's going to be like when they finally add Knack to smash
Dexter Johnson
What was the game at 2:28? I've seen the trailer but forgot the name. If someone could answer that please.
Nicholas Leclerc
5:32 I live that reaction
Ruric Mese fa
"Botw murdered any other open world game" Yep.
Mr. Noodlemin
*little brother walks in while you’re playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 Brother: Can I play? Me: No. Go out. Brother: Why? Me: 5:10
Mr. Noodlemin
5:10 it’s *speukyyy*
“Playing as any NPC in the game” ....If you can PLAY as a character, how do they even maintain an “NPC” status?
GabeTheBabe Giorno fa
You act in a very scripted manner
Samantha Chrisman
Samantha Chrisman 19 giorni fa
SPC: Sometimes playable character
Mark Goddin
Mark Goddin Mese fa
He is so excited about Banjo and Kazooie. And so am I I love it! The excitement, the joy, the Jinjos.
Boris Borsodi
Boris Borsodi 2 mesi fa
its spewookey
Taytertot 2 mesi fa
I’m glad donkey keeps me so informed on things, I wouldn’t know a literal thing about anything without him.
Uncle Cldđ
Uncle Cldđ 2 mesi fa
Mario 2 babyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Joshua Duarte
Joshua Duarte 2 mesi fa
Waiting for him to upload a vid of him playing Banjo-kazooie in smash....
jules Mese fa
He neva did
Same here.
Tom S.
Tom S. 2 mesi fa
Left out borderlands 3
CloutSuki 2 mesi fa
“How did they get the guy from fortnite to be in this” - Dunkey. I love you so much dunkey
Ben Fenton
Ben Fenton 2 mesi fa
"oh and they're doing another Zelda whatever..." lmao
Preston Barnes
Preston Barnes 2 mesi fa
What's tuff tho, you already know Xbox bois finna have to pay about a decent $120,000 for the new Xbox. For 4 dollars a day you can lower the cost on that fuckin Xbox and help us afford it..
WoNd1sH CS
WoNd1sH CS 2 mesi fa
Joun Derp
Joun Derp 2 mesi fa
...is he for real about Breath of the Wild? That game is just fine, but it's not the best game ever made.
Guy Lloyd
Guy Lloyd Mese fa
Best game of this generation. Period. Only rivaled by Bloodborne.
Gurgel 2 mesi fa
Respawn is gonna slam god of war back to the kindergarten with starwars jedi fallen order i, mean, look at Titanfall2, Come on.
SciRei 2 mesi fa
You think we could get a raw reaction to an E3 event, Dunkey? 🤔
Luke Milbocker
Luke Milbocker 2 mesi fa
Banjo Kazooie in Smash was easily the best thing about E3 2019!
Luke Milbocker
Luke Milbocker 2 mesi fa
Animal Crossing is hardcore, can't wait for it's release!!!
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