Easily 3 Star Royale Challenge (Clash of Clans)

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How to Complete the Royale Challenge in Clash of Clans. Judo Sloth Gaming provides an Attack Tutorial Guide for the New Event and exactly how to Best 3 Star the Clash Royale Challenge. The New CoC Event showcases the New Royale Scenery! As ever I always try to strategize how to best win the events and help you as much as possible, although I do feel this is the easiest challenge we have ever had. Thank you for the support in using code judo before purchases. Best of luck!

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Commenti 1 509
Judo Sloth Gaming
Best of luck with the Royale Challenge! Thank you for using
Heya Heikousen
Heya Heikousen 12 ore fa
This type of challenge video was how I discovered Judo's channel. It's really easy to replicate his attack guide and his videos are entertaining and educational like fr.
KazeJordan 12 ore fa
Judo is always so fast & accurate in these challenges. Even I miss-clicked the queen ability in the early stage of the attack & still 3 starred. Thanks Judo 🖤🔥
Hayden Yip
Hayden Yip 12 ore fa
I like how judo never disappoint us on explaining strategies
Benjamin Huang
Benjamin Huang 12 ore fa
i always rely on judo when these new challenges come out ❤
Sidharth V Jain
Sidharth V Jain 12 ore fa
I think it might be a slight disadvantage to defend using this scenery because attackers can easily see the tile gaps and plan attacks slightly better lol
ROHAN GAMER 7 ore fa
''''''I request to everyone who were involved in this' Seriously the best I have even seen in youtube ' HATS OFF TO YOU ALL LOVE YOUR VIDEO S!!!!;;; 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sushant Mishra
Sushant Mishra 12 ore fa
Combination of two great games 🤩 . Cant wait to see clash of clans tower skins in clash royale
ClarkCon 12 ore fa
Thank you Judo for always providing us with informative and helpful tutorials! 😊
Aniruddh Ramesh
Aniruddh Ramesh 12 ore fa
Works 101% of the time
Ciaran Monaghan
Ciaran Monaghan 12 ore fa
I'm beating this challenge so easily after trying for a while now, great video 👍
i like you hi
finally some good, simple, and not hard challenge. Pls CoC teams more of challenge like this
lordof Howell
lordof Howell 12 ore fa
You did make that easy! Completed on first try 😁 Brilliant video 💪🏻 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Gaivy Gaming
Gaivy Gaming 12 ore fa
Thanks Judo! I Already know I'm going to 3 star because of this strategy
Sebixo 12 ore fa
The tutorial has indeed been helpful, I needed that Shovel and now I got it easily! Thank you Judo!
George Typhoon
George Typhoon 12 ore fa
Absolutely Truely gotta love this guy! Been a fan for many years, he has by far! The best tutorial videos on clash, and let’s not forget educational & fun! 😃👍 thanks Judo! As always, you have my support with the creator code👊👊
Untuk Semua
Untuk Semua 7 ore fa
I really like it when you give tutorials, it's so easy and the explanation isn't long, keep it up bro 👍👍 i like this
Ar Dee
Ar Dee 12 ore fa
Accidentally finished it in 3rd try without watching judo's tips... But actually we're slightly bit the same in terms of funneling 🤘
Burger Joint
Burger Joint 7 ore fa
gosh that was so easy - very well explained! Worked first time. Usually these challenge take me 3-5 attempts and are all about exact timing, but this was really simple. I never would have worked it out on my own, though! Those xbows are deadly:)
Random Guy
Random Guy 12 ore fa
Did it in my first try! Thanks to this guy!❣️
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