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There are so many ways to cook eggs that I couldn't cover them all in one episode. This time we're making Scotch eggs and Eggs Benedict.
Watch the rebroadcast of the Twitch live stream for this episode here: itvid.net/video/video-ROAmMJeTO6Y.html
Grocery List:
Fresh sage
Fresh thyme
Fresh rosemary
Ground pork
Black pepper
Panko bread crumbs
Whole grain mustard
Dijon mustard
Lemon juice
Unsalted butter
Canadian bacon or ham
English muffins
Special equipment:
Steam basket (optional)
Deep fryer
Mesh sieve
Blue Apron shakshuka recipe: www.blueapron.com/recipes/swiss-chard-potato-shakshuka-with-garlic-toasts-tinkerbell-peppers
"After the Sun" Britton Goldsmith
"Kaleidoscope" Lawrence Ziapour
My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
Amazon: a.co/bv3rGzr
Barnes & Noble: bit.ly/2uf65LX
Theme song: "Stay Tuned" by Wuh Oh
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12 apr 2018

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Commenti 2 675
Tomás 8 ore fa
That is the fattest Scotch Egg I've ever seen.
Garrett V
Garrett V 23 ore fa
How to juul
gmikhanashvili 3 giorni fa
The Jorah impression kinda sounds like Obi-Wan impression
The commentor
The commentor 4 giorni fa
This guy can make it to masterchef and win
Madeline Rivera
Madeline Rivera 7 giorni fa
Hahaha juul spotted at 2:56
m.c. nugget
m.c. nugget 8 giorni fa
2:55 you can see banish is holding a juul
DryTaste 8 giorni fa
What did you do to that broccoli at the end ._.
Krystal L
Krystal L 10 giorni fa
Why are those eggs so pale...
No Body
No Body 10 giorni fa
Really shitty Jorah impersonation lol
Max Vermeulen
Max Vermeulen 11 giorni fa
My hollandaise sauce tasted like soup
Abby Ritter
Abby Ritter 11 giorni fa
If you make an eggs part 3, could you please show us how to make a Spanish omelette? That's the best kind of omelette by far.
FacCa Flame
FacCa Flame 12 giorni fa
what kinda shakshuka is that dude ?
Bruno Wengert
Bruno Wengert 13 giorni fa
Please Stop supporting blue apron! I think we are all lazy enough and don't need to get more stuff delivered especially if each and every ingredient is wrapped in plastic. Ps.: Still a big fan of the show. Best. ITvid. Chef. Ever.
DJ M.O.D. 14 giorni fa
"the pour stuff into me hole" TV and Movies taught me that was the "didn't know what they are doing in a kitchen hole". Who knew it was both?!
timeroller 14 giorni fa
what if you don't have any friends to be hung over?
u no
u no 14 giorni fa
skirt skirt
ErikJohnson1234 16 giorni fa
I made eggs Benedict with hamburger buns because I didnt have any english muffins Haha
Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons 16 giorni fa
Succ an egg
SumthinC001 18 giorni fa
Grey Poupon, rich!
Tama Higuchi
Tama Higuchi 18 giorni fa
G&L Vlogs
G&L Vlogs 18 giorni fa
Who peeped the juul at 2:50
fuking king gal
fuking king gal 19 giorni fa
what the hell is that fake shakshuka
Blood Money BO2
Blood Money BO2 22 giorni fa
2:55 is that a juul? Almighty Babish confirmed vape lord?🤔😂
July17 24 giorni fa
No omurice?
NatureHealsMe 25 giorni fa
I love Babish’s work, but when I see this Blue Apron crap.... 😡
M Isa
M Isa 27 giorni fa
Eggs are so advanced that he needs two parts to explain it
Yoni Ifrah
Yoni Ifrah Mese fa
I see you at 255 gotta hit that juul all day every day my dude
Soul Intent
Soul Intent Mese fa
Basics with babish: quitting smoking
Ian Ciborowski
Gavin Mese fa
Runny yolk is awful
sum lonseth
sum lonseth Mese fa
Andrew Sarkissian
2:56 is that a juul in his hand?
Eric Collins
Eric Collins Mese fa
Egg yolk butter sauce 🤣🤣🤣🤣
David Tran
David Tran Mese fa
Should have mentioned the wet hand/dry hand technique while breading
Charlie Yale
Charlie Yale Mese fa
saw ur juul at 2:54
Andrés Duque Solís
The word "Aioli" (alhòli in Occitan, allioli in Catalan) comes from the combination of the words for "garlic" (alh, all) and "oil" (òli, oli), the traditional recipe containing little more than those two ingredients. So, quite literally, you cannot make (or write) aioli without garlic. Perhaps that's what Babish means by "fake aioli", but to be clear, that preparation hardly resembles the original. It's just a delicious mustard mayonnaise sauce. Video suggestion: Sauces Part 2, featuring the real aioli.
ne kilmer
ne kilmer 2 mesi fa
nice job, Babish; your Scotch egg was almost as good as Chef John's.
BracedBird 2 mesi fa
2:56 juul in left hand
b r o t w o r m
b r o t w o r m 2 mesi fa
eg 2
Brenda Perales
Brenda Perales 2 mesi fa
I’m a babish you can’t kill me 😂
This is not how to make prober Shakshoka
Mikimbo Beats
Mikimbo Beats 2 mesi fa
2:56 this man got a juul
Dan the Dude
Dan the Dude 2 mesi fa
What would be the best alternative to pork for scotch eggs?
Maya Lyubomirsky
sorry my man but that was not shakshouka. the ingredients need to be minced, and you need WAY more tomato. it is basically eggs in a chunky tomato sauce. yours was wayyyy too chunky.
Flash Gaming
Flash Gaming 2 mesi fa
Possibly one of the only part 2 videos he’s posted on this channel
That ain't shakshuka.
ScottishBawbag 2 mesi fa
A love a good scotch egg! 🤣
delcidkidv 2 mesi fa
"pour stuff into me hole"
greg rice
greg rice 2 mesi fa
yolk shouldn't be runny
Brainhorn 2 mesi fa
But they should though
Avid_Gamer 2 mesi fa
You should show how to peel a soft boiled egg without running water. Great video! Can't wait to try some of these.
Alexander Gittens
If you pause your screen at 2:56 HE HAS A VAPE IN HIS HAND
olivia latiuk
olivia latiuk 2 mesi fa
Peep that Juul
cheska irene
cheska irene 2 mesi fa
why is no one talking about his juul
Brainhorn 2 mesi fa
A very large portion of the comments are talking about it
Chris Winslow
Chris Winslow 2 mesi fa
Babish, thanks for making Hollandaise seem easy, I need to man up and learn to make it. Next time you feel like getting your Benedict on, give them a try over a Croissant with tomato and Avocado and crisp bacon. Had this at a Cafe in California - VERY good.
Meme Lab
Meme Lab 2 mesi fa
Blue Apron got me sold on that burned broccoli
mavrick solo
mavrick solo 2 mesi fa
Hey Oliver, what flavor juul pods do you have?
Wicked Sus
Wicked Sus 2 mesi fa
Saw the Juul
Ben Reubenson
Ben Reubenson 2 mesi fa
This seems like the wrong channel to be sponsored by a meal delivery company...
Srii Vatsan
Srii Vatsan 3 mesi fa
I really appreciate the high production quality in all of your videos. Makes it much more appealing to watch apart from your obviously excellent narration.
tc whiterabbit
tc whiterabbit 3 mesi fa
This is giving me flash backs to my Irish pub days... I hated making these in Mass...
Paolo Cristobal
Paolo Cristobal 3 mesi fa
"Pour-stuff-into-me hole" ahh. so that's what it's called
TechedWarrior 3 mesi fa
U should go on a cooking show and use the money to fund your channel like so he can see
Cale Douglas
Cale Douglas 3 mesi fa
2:56 this guy has a juul
danielle sell
danielle sell 3 mesi fa
Does anyone put a tiny splash of vinegar in their egg poaching water? Babish doesn’t mention it but I’ve heard it so many times. Personally I’m not sure if it makes a difference because I’ve always done it if an egg poaching pan wasn’t around. Anyone else know?
Human Anonymous
Human Anonymous 3 mesi fa
Idk why but I just can’t stand to eat runny yolk. Idk if cause I was taught that it is raw or that it’s the texture of it.
CloutMaster 3 mesi fa
Babish juuls?
lord tachanka
lord tachanka 3 mesi fa
it’s called Peameal not canadian bacon
G T 3 mesi fa
Thank you for the runny yolk scotch egg
Twisted Studios
Twisted Studios 3 mesi fa
You eat with your eyes first and the shakshuka looked really gross in my opinion. It also barley resembled what a good shakshuka should look like.
Brainhorn 2 mesi fa
+Twisted Studios "Barely" means almost nothing at all. "Barley" is a type of grain.
Twisted Studios
Twisted Studios 2 mesi fa
Brainhorn what are you saying? Barley mean almost not at all. As in, this almost looks nothing like what it’s supposed to. Are you drunk?
Brainhorn 2 mesi fa
What does barley have to do with it? Did he add barley?
Nicos Aloneftis
Nicos Aloneftis 3 mesi fa
You're one of the few people on youtube to have made a part 2 to complement the part 1 of a video series on their channel, and I really appreciate that
birbilomata 3 mesi fa
I was trying to make a poached egg for over 2 years now... i tried at least 10 times and never made them! I saw your video and made them again... guess what? Perfect poached egg!!!!! Thank you for the recipe dude
Y’all! He’s rippin phat clouds at 2:55
Thomas Asplund
Thomas Asplund 3 mesi fa
Why did the hollandaise sauce have mustard in it? I tried this and that was all I could taste. Then watched a few other videos on hollandaise sauce and no one used mustard. I dont understand.
Da Sean
Da Sean 3 mesi fa
why is there a juul in 2:55 ?
Pazaria Nixon
Pazaria Nixon 3 mesi fa
juul while cooking respect
SoxHeather 3 mesi fa
I get all the ze frank vibes with these voiceovers
Elensila2718 3 mesi fa
I just made some shaksuka this morning! I used sweet peppers, onions, and cabbage for my base and topped with fresh harissa paste! Delicious!
Cam Martin
Cam Martin 4 mesi fa
Address at 0:05
Franklin Armendariz
dumbconscript 4 mesi fa
fuck babish and his ads
Samanta Rosario
Samanta Rosario 4 mesi fa
You should make cheesy scallops from the Netflix series’s big mouth
Avinash Mahabirsingh
Yeah Blue Apron is great, you pay for a restaurant quality meal, and you have to cook it yourself! Just go to the grocery and get your things, give your kids a $20 to do the shopping, ask a friend if you're that lazy, but don't waste money on a service that won't even deliver you completed meals for the price they charge per meal, and don't forget about the shipping charges! Food should never cost that much, especially if you're doing all the work! If you're too lazy or busy to go to the grocery, then you are also too busy or lazy to cook.
Ossian Bohn
Ossian Bohn 4 mesi fa
What wonderfully terrible jorah accent
ValuedTheLovelyGhost :3
6:41 deadpool
Joy Rowan Casey
Joy Rowan Casey 4 mesi fa
I am in stitches at the Jorah impression 🤣🤣🤣
SubGme 4 mesi fa
At least when you make another part to a video, you dont scream "ALL RIGHT U LITTLE JITS GET THIS FUCKING VIDEO TO 100K LIKES AND I WILL MAKE ANOTHER PART TO THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!)
Nicholas Suerdieck
Babby has a juul
Yuty06 4 mesi fa
Wait do American not have ham? That sounds unlikely
אורי לירון
How to really make shaksuka: Cut and pan fry an onion Add mushrooms and tomatoes and peppers Add some spices Add a whole can of tomato sauce Break some eggs on top Its really easy and delicious
אורי לירון
1-2 diced tomato cans Tea spoon of brown sugar is a must Mushrooms if you like And don't ever put carrots in shakshuke
Marcos Ayala
Marcos Ayala 4 mesi fa
High school sophmores will go crazy at 2:54 after seeing that juul😂
Raheel Alsulmi
Raheel Alsulmi 4 mesi fa
This is the most un-shakshuka shakshuka I ever seen.
Logan Sharp
Logan Sharp 4 mesi fa
Juul 2:55
Logan Huntley
Logan Huntley 4 mesi fa
Those have got to be the biggest scotch eggs I have ever fucking seen
This made preparing eggs Benedict SOOOOOO much easier! I’ve made it a couple times but always got that nasty foam egg crap. Topped on some pastrami and it was the best breakfast I’ve ever had!
Paul Dixon
Paul Dixon 4 mesi fa
The last time I saw Justin Y. Was when he had like maybe 3000 subscribers and holy wow has he grown. Good job man!
Gena A.P
Gena A.P 4 mesi fa
Really hard to find the ingredients to make any of your foods in China, hoped I could cook food I see in your videos when I got more independent (my own place/apartment) but unfortunately the problem now is the location :( other then that nice video and would be nice if you could make some Asia based cuisine food 😊😊😊
obsolete18 4 mesi fa
But the yolk isn't the wispy part in poached eggs...
nope lol
nope lol 4 mesi fa
but oh my god it is a big deal
faye76000 4 mesi fa
could flatted the disc of sausage using a plastic wrap..... makes the sausage layer much more even and uniform
Vuenxx 4 mesi fa
*Şakşukaa şakşuka şaka da şukaa*
Prossimi video