Elise & Brock's Christ Centered Wedding | Ethereal Gardens 

Michelle & Alexander Weddings
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Filmed at Ethereal Gardens on October 10th of 2022
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15 feb 2023




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chelsey lover of Jesus
so precious! 😭🤍
carmen kline
carmen kline 2 mesi fa
this is so perfect. I'm crying
Clémence Simakala
Mary Kurian
Mary Kurian 4 mesi fa
God bless both of you. May your marriage be a three stranded cord. 🙏🏼🔥
Cassidy French
Cassidy French 2 mesi fa
This is the most beautiful thing iv seen. Keeping God in the center of everything! GOD IS SO GOOD HALLELUJAH!! Congratulations you two!!
Michelle & Alexander Weddings
Thank you so much!
Ntombi Hailey Majara
I love this. God is good❤
lidia ki
lidia ki Mese fa
Prince 15 giorni fa
"JESUS" that really warmed my heart
Jadanlikespie 5
Jadanlikespie 5 4 mesi fa
Congratulations on your marriage, may you keep Jehovah God and His word the Bible in between the two of you, Mark 10:9.
Emanuell Smith
Emanuell Smith 4 mesi fa
Michelle & Alexander Weddings
Thank you!
Magdiel Photograhy & Films
Beautiful Work.... Subscribed
Michelle & Alexander Weddings
Thank you a bunch! Really appreciate it :)
Danielle Ramsay
Danielle Ramsay 4 mesi fa
Continue to keep God at the forefront of your marriage. Always remember Matthew 19:6.
SuperEdgar10 Media
Did u record this in 24fps? Its great
SuperEdgar10 Media
Also what mic r u using?
Michelle & Alexander Weddings
Thank you! It's kicked out at 24fps but shooting is a mix of 24, 30, and 60fps. Mic's, I used the tascam dr10l and Sennheiser MKE600
SuperEdgar10 Media
@Michelle & Alexander Weddings nice thank you.. I thought it had to be all the same fps at all times
Michelle & Alexander Weddings
@SuperEdgar10 Media Output is 24fps, but recording can be different!
cloud specs
cloud specs 2 mesi fa
Brock the pokemon trainer
icysnow57 cold
icysnow57 cold 2 mesi fa
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Ellie Souza
Ellie Souza Mese fa
Il prossimo
L'IMPOSTORE, smaschera l'intruso!
Quando prenotiamo a cena
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