Elton John, Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) (Official Video)

Elton John
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Elton John & Dua Lipa’s new single ‘Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)’ is out now! EltonJohnDuaLipa.lnk.to/ColdH...

Commissioner Katie Dolan
Production Company: Blinkink

Director Raman Djafari
Producer Gareth Owen
Executive Producer Josef Byrne
Production Assistant Molly Turner

3D Design & Modeling Raman Djafari
3D Animation Raman Djafari
3D Build Rosa Siabi

2D Design Raman Djafari
Elton & Dua Design Seo young

Storyboard Artist Raman Djafari
Storyboard Artist Ewa Luczkow
Storyboard Artist Mysie Pereira

Background Artist Xavier Ren

2D Animator &
Clean up Supervisor Katie Spangenberg
2D Animation Joe Sparkes
2D Animation Thomas Knowler
2D Animation Ed Smith

2D Clean Up Simona Mehandzhieva
2D Clean Up Chirstopher Aboiralor
2D Clean Up Jack Zhang
2D Clean Up Jack Langridge Gould
2D Clean Up Krisi Zhupali
2D Clean Up Pete Chownsmith
2D Clean Up Martin Dray
2D Clean Up Reed Wiles
2D Clean Up Lydia Reid
2D Clean Up Nili Bhavsar
2D Clean Up Natalie Gray
2D Clean Up Kohana Wilson
2D Clean Up Sameera Joshi
Compositor Raman Djafari

VFX Artist Jack Stone
VFX Artist George Brunt





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Commenti 24 998
Kingsgamer876 Kashyap
Donna Hennessey
Donna Hennessey 27 minuti fa
I’ve loved Elton John for almost 47 years since the young age of 13 and amazes me everyday. This is a very well done remix...BRAVO!!!
popsanic sans
popsanic sans 50 minuti fa
this is sus
Hippo Chan & Goncha
Hippo Chan & Goncha 56 minuti fa
Can we appreciate the gRoOvY Dancers,they did a great job here
ruut tauriainen
mitä tää jätkä on tehnyt niin hyvää että myönnetään joku arvonimi,hah
D Mars
D Mars Ora fa
“When I farted but I kept it in”😂
yohan beck
yohan beck Ora fa
This is a MASTEPIECE! Wonderful and I get so nostalgic to my childhood :')
Christiane Bailly-Rauch
Amazing song. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nathalie Bendebiza
J'aime J'aime j'aime ❤❤Qui en FRANCE aime 🎶🎼😍❤
Moody49ksa Ora fa
who ever made this his in drugs ( I mean the video not the song )
Real Gamer
Real Gamer Ora fa
just rest under this awesome music @ 👏
Desenhos rápidos
Música muito boa e viciante, trás uma vibe muito incrível, mas o vídeo clipe é BIZARRO, com esse bichos estranhos, assisti o vídeo clipe e me arrependi, vou tentar esquecer o que acabei de ver.
Ega Krisna Indra Cahya
Mix 2 best Sir Elton John its very nice btw
Ivana Hanzelova
I love it!!!! ❤️ Elton John will always be a legend, no matter what. I love Dua Lipa, too. Perfect coworking. 👍👍👍
Anna R.
Anna R. 2 ore fa
Nice Song !! Excellent!!
Kale MacPherson
I swear this man is going to have hits and #1s in every decade since his musical careers started
Trace 2 ore fa
“Hard dung” -TRID
emi エミ
emi エミ 2 ore fa
This reminds me of that early 2000s weird MTV animation advert on at breakfast before Fraser at 8am
ultimatedude 2 ore fa
Nice voices.
Kyle 3 ore fa
It's ok not the greatest
Brenda Knapp
Brenda Knapp 3 ore fa
My most favorite musician EVER! I've been a fan since his first album. SO glad he's still making music!💙
Eipnvn 4 ore fa
Far out man. I can dig it
Rohan Khurana
Rohan Khurana 5 ore fa
Love this
Claudinho Ambrózio
Ficou melhor que a original 👏
Ezequiel Costa
casus00pl 5 ore fa
Garbage. Listen to the real thing. Sir Elton deserves more than this.
Mathieu Vechambre
By the way, this remix its a great feeling good song ! Sir Elton John stay on top !
Scott Bott
Scott Bott 5 ore fa
Dua Lipa vocals in this instantly made this addictive to me
Jefferson Xavier Dos Santos
Eu ouvi essa música em uma rádio no carro e passei 18 hrs pra encontrar ela 2021.
Marluci Vieira
Que preciosidade de música! 👏🏽👏🏽
Marie Claire De Ros
The characters are a little scary LOL!
Jamaizing 6 ore fa
Love this remix!!
Khôi Nguyễn
that is good
Sara Troge
Sara Troge 7 ore fa
I sit in my car after teaching my destination to listen to this song. Good vibes.
stephen haines
One of the best remixes Ive ever heard
Samir m4
Samir m4 7 ore fa
bleep77 7 ore fa
An amazing ode to Elton John combined with Dua Lipa’s sweet voice. This remix is such a vibe. Makes me happy whenever I hear it.
Bhav 7 ore fa
Feel like dressing like Elton john and start dancing especially with the glittery shoes
steve butters
steve butters 7 ore fa
Awesome Song
Banjo_Playes 7 ore fa
I love how they yoused acouple songs the make 1!
Fernan Negron
Fernan Negron 7 ore fa
I love the song and the video! Corozal, Puerto Rico ✨🇵🇷✨ December 6 2021, 8:54 pm, Monday...✨🕯️🎄🕯️✨
Maika Le
Maika Le 8 ore fa
Great catchy song
SSWolfGang27 8 ore fa
Our dreams while under lockdown
andrea 8 ore fa
Urszula Mostowiak
Nie wiem w jakim języku napisać ale u mnie chyba nie rozumieją słów. Kocham wszystkich . Przez ta piosenkę sąsiedzi mnie nie lubią pl
Urszula Mostowiak
Obaj nieszczęśliwi ze szczescia
Angela Van Veen
This duo is unreal makes me so happy to listen to ❤
Urszula Mostowiak
Elton jak Versace. Kocham ich 😍
Octavia Jones medina
Is his a good or bad song ?
Cliff Chiong
Cliff Chiong 8 ore fa
Try using this as your alarm, promise it'll never be the same.
Lisa CHENG 8 ore fa
Luana Leme
Luana Leme 9 ore fa
Música lindíssima, me faz lembrar da minha adolescência, e com essa nova versão com a Dua Lipa, ficou sensacional. Amei 🎵
tout dans cette reprise est bon surtout le son pnau remix excellent après le talent de E.J et .D.L
Elle Ef
Elle Ef 9 ore fa
Michel Douglas De Oliveira Guilherme
Essa música traz uma vibe tão foda, que isso !! Sensacional
Livr 9 ore fa
1:28 sounds really familiar I don’t know why
Graciela Brito
👍😘❤🇦🇷 fabulozooooooo!!!!!
Arjen Monsma
Arjen Monsma 9 ore fa
I really like Elton John's music, but sorry, this sound like crap
Olesia Maria Di Meglio
This is best italian song: itvid.net/video/video-gfsE3q1IOrw.html
CJ Lupont
CJ Lupont 10 ore fa
I'm obsessed with this song. I'm a big fan of Elton. and now Dua
Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear 10 ore fa
When the repeat button is broken beceause the song so good 😍 In love!
Marjie 10 ore fa
Can I just say I love both of these artist but I really do hate this song. Really wish they would have done a different song with the verses and a different chorus....sighhhhh
BestLifeEver 11 ore fa
Can all eltons songs be remixed now pls?
Footbrawler 80
Footbrawler 80 11 ore fa
This is great. Really catchy! 👍🏼
Eduardo Bouzan
Eduardo Bouzan 11 ore fa
Uma das melhores músicas dos últimos anos. Top
Anna Zatora
Anna Zatora 11 ore fa
U guys know that there are 4 songs in 1 !1!1
N3XUS 11 ore fa
Coco vip the best
Lenchanteur Enchanté
Cant like it twice, damn it.
The Australian Chef
I love this
Cecilia Casasanta
Barbara Mahaluf
Barbara Mahaluf 12 ore fa
Demasiado buena la canción 😃
Caio Murilo
Caio Murilo 12 ore fa
O Groove ficou bom
Daniela Maier
Daniela Maier 12 ore fa
Wunderschöner gut gemachter Song🥰🥰👍👍
Musique Funny
Musique Funny 12 ore fa
Le mec qui a réaliser le clip doit être sous LSD lol
Karl Harper
Karl Harper 12 ore fa
This is like 4 favourite toppings on a 🍕 with a slice of Dua Lipa 😋
Brhane Brhane
Brhane Brhane 12 ore fa
Yes bien
Linda Steffen
Linda Steffen 13 ore fa
Cristiano Ronaldo Barber
Pure emotions and pure love ! I flying 💚🇷🇴💚🇷🇴💚🇷🇴
Lily Drew
Lily Drew 13 ore fa
Indescribable feelings of awe for this song
Dobroslav Veselka
I dont know this guy looking like ezreal but dua lipa look so symphatic in this movie
Stanga Lucian
Stanga Lucian 13 ore fa
The song is great. Why is nobody talking about the elephant in the room? What the hell is with the freaking weird video??
Killjoy 420
Killjoy 420 13 ore fa
Day 22 of me listening to Cold Heart everyday for 1 year as a tribute to my grandma Today emoji: 🤚
maar galvan
maar galvan 13 ore fa
Wooow!! A mi papá le gustaba mucho la versión original, se que le habría gustado también esta versión Quedó genial!! ❤️ Besos al cielo pa ✨
Jake GGTV Ora fa
mis condolencias😢
YUVmega 14 ore fa
zi rF
zi rF 14 ore fa
Anonymous Viewer
Funny little video. ha ha ha
William Franco
William Franco 14 ore fa
Essa música poderia ter 1 hora de duração, que repetiria várias vezes!
Lourdes De Oyague Mendoza
Paz, paz, paz! Eso me transmites
Gray Zee
Gray Zee 14 ore fa
What is this blasphemy
Dilsha Ranawake
Dilsha Ranawake 14 ore fa
Власта Севастьянова
Джо Дассен, Элвис Пресли есть в этих котах
Martin Orlovič
Martin Orlovič 14 ore fa
Prostě nádherná balada kterou si denně aspoň jednou pustím.
蚊子 14 ore fa
I love dua lipa for sure
Orhan Göksoy
Orhan Göksoy 15 ore fa
Nayan Dutta
Nayan Dutta 15 ore fa
L Rios
L Rios 15 ore fa
1:19 ? -_-
Sabrina Turci
Sabrina Turci 15 ore fa
Io vi amo❤❤❤
JaNuS 15 ore fa
LET ME FLY, people! itvid.net/video/video-BJfMOh7j09k.html
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