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Eminem - Lucky You (ft. Joyner Lucas) (Lyrics)

Sam Iverson
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Eminem - Lucky You from the album Kamikaze (2018)
Due to the videos being made after the first listen of a song and a day or two after its release there may be some innacurate lyrics.


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31 ago 2018

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Commenti 6 555
Osirus1029 3 ore fa
That moment when Em takes up a Slim Jesus flow XD
Jose Rolon
Jose Rolon 7 ore fa
Thank god Eminem answered all of our calls on where rap went
Debbie Shepherd
it starts at 3:08
Harris Mir
Harris Mir 16 ore fa
Still says brain damage the same way!
Cye Linz
Cye Linz 17 ore fa
Hatata batata.. . Killed me 😂😂😂
Damian THE RoBlOx NoOb
anyone after joyner and logic isis
Eva Pedraza
Eva Pedraza Giorno fa
He says “I got a couple of mansions still don’t have any manners you got a couple of ghost writers but to these kids they don’t actually matter they ask me what happened to hip hop I say I don’t have any answers”. Basically he is dissing bad rappers like ...... Lil pump,69,lil xan, and all the fake rappers. What a Bad***
Elliott Kowlaksi
yooooooooooo this is fire 🔥
Elliott Kowlaksi
this fire bro
destroyer 94
destroyer 94 2 giorni fa
no matter how fast he raps i can understand every word hes saying
ThaBubs Smith
ThaBubs Smith 2 giorni fa
Eminem I got a question for you when I play Fortnite
izuddinz 2 giorni fa
izuddinz 3 giorni fa
the man man
the man man 3 giorni fa
Cujo Curtis Joseph?
Sunila Regmi
Sunila Regmi 4 giorni fa
Eminem is the best rapper in the world lucky you best song of eminem I think
Ga Bear
Ga Bear 4 giorni fa
izuddinz 4 giorni fa
izuddinz 4 giorni fa
Nirbhay 5 giorni fa
1.25x speed. Whatever. 1.50x whoo, but can still do it 1.75x just hurt my head felt like I was breathing fire 🔥
Sarah Ainscough
Sarah Ainscough 5 giorni fa
Jennifer Oertel
Jennifer Oertel 6 giorni fa
reactions 4u
reactions 4u 6 giorni fa
Remember when people thought rap God was hard 🤣
izuddinz 6 giorni fa
ann pinto
ann pinto 7 giorni fa
Mumble rap😢😢😢😭😭😱😱
Tee Park
Tee Park 7 giorni fa
Why does nobody realise he mimicked drakes flow in his indirect ?
voidless 7 giorni fa
It's seems that eminem predict what will happen to thanos in end game at 3:08
okay chill
okay chill 9 giorni fa
Eminem, Joyner vs 2pac, logic Who would win?
D.O.S KINGIN 9 giorni fa
Okay..Eminem killed Joyner!..love joyner tho
Michelle Roy
Michelle Roy 9 giorni fa
A true fucken Artist!! EMINEM IS A LEGEND AND WILL NEVER DIE!!! So, keep trying and he will keep teaching you, while you keep talking about pussy and drugs, bc you have no story to tell.
Galvatorrix 10 giorni fa
Joyner: I did a fast rap on my verse Eminem: *That was fast?*
theminecraftkid -minecraft and more
Love this but sorry but Lucas kinda mumbles in the fast part but still much love fore this song
Zodiac ZA
Zodiac ZA 12 giorni fa
Eminem is faster than a Scorpion with a rapid-fire but only those who've played bo2 will get it tho
noty thx
noty thx 7 giorni fa
Shut up idiot
jwattam bloo
jwattam bloo 13 giorni fa
jwattam bloo
jwattam bloo 13 giorni fa
jwattam bloo
jwattam bloo 13 giorni fa
jwattam bloo
jwattam bloo 13 giorni fa
jwattam bloo
jwattam bloo 13 giorni fa
Mom is not sure I can get a bi
Nathan Hurst
Nathan Hurst 13 giorni fa
The problem with these lyric videos is they miss words and it throws off flow lol.
Kyle Tingey
Kyle Tingey 14 giorni fa
Mansion Manors not manners
wkwkwk wkwkwk
wkwkwk wkwkwk 14 giorni fa
Eminem is da best rapper like ever
Ert Koning
Ert Koning 14 giorni fa
masterbrice 15 giorni fa
3:14 when they print your grocery receipt
seavey 15 giorni fa
PROOF THAT EMINEM IS THE BEST RAPPER: change playback to 0.5 or 0.25 and you'd hear the lyrics word by word, without any skips. That's what a rapper is.
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel 16 giorni fa
Eminem is really really good at this shit just....no words
Filip Moniuszko
Filip Moniuszko 16 giorni fa
One day, I'll make an cover on this... One day XD
Jessica Dade
Jessica Dade 17 giorni fa
Eminem RAP GOD hands down!!!!
Maong Ugan
Maong Ugan 17 giorni fa
Yeah..very nice songs..that's good..i like this song 👍
izuddinz 18 giorni fa
Joonskee SKEESKEE 19 giorni fa
I love you Marshall mathers
mo bell
mo bell 19 giorni fa
I could listen to Shady forever. And I Don't even like rap. (prob. because of what he's tryn'a save it from - u feel that?)
kawther baloul
kawther baloul 19 giorni fa
2019 ! Hello eminem
mark russo
mark russo 21 giorno fa
Showed this to my cat.... Now he calls himself Simba
Myst DizzyYY
Myst DizzyYY 21 giorno fa
EminemAndJoynerLucas COLLIDED HOLY SHIT KEEP IT UP :)😂 I can still keep it up with it let's go
Yung J
Yung J 21 giorno fa
Who's here after Logic ft Eminem on homicide?🔥🔥🔥
Meet Leuva
Meet Leuva 8 giorni fa
You got me
Yung J
Yung J 18 giorni fa
+A Gerami I actually was one of the first ppl to listen to this song I juss asked who is here after logic and Eminem collabed on homicide 😑
A Gerami
A Gerami 19 giorni fa
Yung J my boy you Late on this song.
The Grind KE
The Grind KE 21 giorno fa
Eye ache
Theresa Brownhill
Theresa Brownhill 21 giorno fa
Im faster than him😎😎😎😎😎
Theresa Brownhill
Theresa Brownhill 21 giorno fa
I just like my comments because no 1 likes them😢😢😢
Sweet as Suga
Sweet as Suga 22 giorni fa
Try listening to this in 0.75x
FenceJumpa 22 giorni fa
Mumble Rappers - "Da fuq do our songs even mean?"
izuddinz 22 giorni fa
1:27 my practice
Gucci Gaming
Gucci Gaming 23 giorni fa
This for illumimati
Baby 23 giorni fa
Why did Eminem talk about methamphetamine?
villecity 502
villecity 502 23 giorni fa
Ksevenx13 23 giorni fa
Listen to this song 5 times. Thank me later!😘
Chan Felix
Chan Felix 23 giorni fa
I can do the rap god fast part but I can‘t do Joyner‘s fast part on this song. So annoyed
Jos3 v3ga
Jos3 v3ga 24 giorni fa
I deadass thought he said sharingan
Clarkster 24 giorni fa
Eminem is garbage now
Hala Alaqeel
Hala Alaqeel 24 giorni fa
King of Rap
Derek C
Derek C 25 giorni fa
Let's make up bunch of songs about nothing.. ...and we'll mumble them too.
Nathan Steadman
Nathan Steadman 25 giorni fa
I'm trying to learn the song and I'm reading the words singing along then they add a syllable to a fucking word and throws me off like ability he says abilitye
Bábý Fàćè Tíńà
Like eminem koment lilpump Won eminem👑
Donald Malkotone
Donald Malkotone 25 giorni fa
Eminem better than ever
sya mi
sya mi 26 giorni fa
"sold my soul to get 'em".....satan buy ur soul is it ? hahah
Alexsutu 2007
Alexsutu 2007 26 giorni fa
Is hard !!!yes,is eminem :)
Irfanda Pratama
Irfanda Pratama 26 giorni fa
Bre Ezy
Bre Ezy 26 giorni fa
Eminem is god.... But honestly Joyner’s verse is better
ZoFi Productions
ZoFi Productions 27 giorni fa
No one gonna mention that sample from Bully in this track? 😁😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Revan 23 giorni fa
Oh well, I did not think of this till I read your comment.
iliya Ivanov
iliya Ivanov 27 giorni fa
If you cant beat Em. Joyn Em
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson 28 giorni fa
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson 28 giorni fa
Haeley Diehl
Haeley Diehl 28 giorni fa
April 2019 anyone 👌👌
Spence Remix
Spence Remix 28 giorni fa
Eminem's speed though! Joyner is quick too but eminem is the goat for a reason.
noty thx
noty thx 7 giorni fa
Sure isnt because of speed, idiot.
rlion1228 28 giorni fa
this song is fire
GUCCI MEMES 28 giorni fa
WiRiya ManHut
WiRiya ManHut 29 giorni fa
One of the best tracks
amaru shakur
amaru shakur 29 giorni fa
andrew l
andrew l 29 giorni fa
Harder than rap god lowkey
Fan of SlimShady
Fan of SlimShady 29 giorni fa
Edvin Halili
Edvin Halili 29 giorni fa
27.04.2019 Wtf best song Ever ...
killer dragins
i beat that record try and beat me YOU WONT BE ABLE TO IM WARNING YOU
SnipezZzzPlays !!!
I showed this to a fat guy It was the 🔥🔥it burn his caloires off /no offence to overwheighted people
Sarah Ainscough
Mini Mohamed
Mini Mohamed Mese fa
Lyrics: Look at video above.........;
theo l
theo l Mese fa
you don't need lyrics, this isn't lil pump
Sanjeev Verma
Eminem's Lungs:Can u just donate me
alfred campilan
1:25 can omeone give me a meaning of this?
Stygianous Mese fa
Why is everyone only talking about eminem..... Joyner deserves love too
How2 Mese fa
How do they rap without saliva gathering in their mouth?
Vlad The Narrator
Y'all gotta move
Gaming God
Gaming God Mese fa
Headset max I can here a echo of them without auto tune u have to really listen
Eleazar Garcia
When you eat to much sugar 3:14
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