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Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

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From the album Kamikaze, out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze
Music video by Eminem performing Lucky You. © 2018 Aftermath Records


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13 set 2018





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CheeseDip Gaming
“ I live in Mars, I’m not Bruno “
Khaldon Alali
Khaldon Alali 3 ore fa
Iván Buccafusca
I show this to a meth that's 70% pure Now it's 99.1% pure
Noe Garcia
Noe Garcia 3 ore fa
29k bitches disliked the video
karim abi zeid
I was with him...until he dabed
Jabeez 3 ore fa
فلسفة العرب
أهلين بالعرب في صفحتكم 😍😍😍 إعملو لايك ومتابعة (أبوني) 😉😉😉
Brian H
Brian H 3 ore fa
I think there was 3 or 4 references to balls and cocks. Sorry but that just went off weird.
Con Jon
Con Jon 3 ore fa
Please come out with a track like 50 did "how to rob" and slaughter these kids in the game. War brings innovation and we need it in hip hop
Multi talented
We'll make the like n dislike ratio like 200000:2
Yash Pednekar
Yash Pednekar 3 ore fa
Who is that MGK lady??
Harsh Gaur
Harsh Gaur 3 ore fa
Esat Abdullai
Esat Abdullai 3 ore fa
Multi talented
You are way too good
Confused Pencil
Is this fucking Black Mirror Episode lol
Nick Smart
Nick Smart 3 ore fa
How Joyce can come outta that double time and go back to that slower almost west coast vibe is fucking sick.
Olibra retard
Olibra retard 3 ore fa
Trey Osborn
Trey Osborn 3 ore fa
These were two people I’d never thought I’d hear and see together. We need more of Joyner and em!!!!
Pablo Solis
Pablo Solis 3 ore fa
Ya'll two are🔥🔥🔥 together, more please 😱🔥😜
Jasper Li
Jasper Li 3 ore fa
sounds like a pubg item grab snd 2:50
Nicolas Critique !
September 20TH2018 WHERE YOU AT ?
HaMza Dz
HaMza Dz 3 ore fa
I am from algérienne 🔥🔥
HaMza Dz
HaMza Dz 3 ore fa
King of hip hop 2upac chakur non Eminem 🔥🔥
even though eminem is 45 years old he still looks like his 25 and no white hair ohhh i hope eminem stays healthy and stays young
Amyrul Iqhlas
Amyrul Iqhlas 3 ore fa
Start from 4:00 em start his mumbling rap like yalll thats was lit af shitss dont mess with em yall
Anthony Barbuto's vids
Dab on the haters
Michael Mcglynn
He sounds like a broken record Every time he breaks a record
Ana Anchy
Ana Anchy 3 ore fa
Hahaha OMG!!!! F*ing yeeeeeaaahhh!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!
Matus Kral
Matus Kral 3 ore fa
Adam D
Adam D 3 ore fa
Where are the damn views on this shit? This shit should have at least 50 mil. by now. I suspect there might be some shit associated with race here. I think all this white shaming politics has fucked with our Hip-Hop as well. People showing Em less support simply because he's a White guy in a Black Music Arena. Even though he's one the few people, regardless of his skin color that can help save us from these retarded ass labels and artists. I hope he CAN be our Superman in this case. This Track is fucking ill. Maybe its that skit in the middle people don't like so they go to listen to the audio track and not the video.
Cruorr 3 ore fa
Joyner getting the mf recog he needs. TY M, blow this guy up, he deserves it.
Aram Arefpanah
this kid EM!!!!!!!!!!! you need to see this.... THE REAL AK itvid.net/video/video-4qFql1dSOGg.html
papo recto angola
porrada foda se
Hakan ve Hakan
Eminem kendi yarrağını yalıyomuş
Procts 3 ore fa
Not matter how hard i try i still can't get into em's new shit he's whole style seems to have changed since relapse and recovery it's almost like listening to a different person.
Shemar Mills
Shemar Mills 3 ore fa
www.dreamtrips.com/ Get Started!
Chun Foong Koon
fck that eminem rap bar was godly sick
Yiannis Kan
Yiannis Kan 3 ore fa
Everyone is talking about the lyrical aspect of this excellent track...do you know what other is excellent ? The music!
Александр Князь
А я там был
Imran Abdulla
Imran Abdulla 3 ore fa
King Koyo
King Koyo 3 ore fa
28k mumble rap fuck boys disliked this.
Ludvig46 3 ore fa
did he really just throw a dab? i'm dead
laffy laff
laffy laff 3 ore fa
dat Eminem dab tho.
Skinner Dabreadwinner
He’s finally back king shady
SaNe 3 ore fa
tell me does this flow sound familiar ? 1:18
SuEma TV
SuEma TV 3 ore fa
29k dislikes are on the mumble rappers side
Steelcrafter XD
*Lucky me* cause Eminem did a new song!?
SuEma TV
SuEma TV 3 ore fa
Eminem dabbing? My life has been accomplished
Askiayende Palmore
Pasar Malam
Pasar Malam 3 ore fa
Mumble raps by eminem
brandon russell
2:56 is hilarious lmao
Brooklyn De Leon
King is back! This want happens when u get shady mad!
Briana Nicole
Briana Nicole 3 ore fa
As usual... perfect, Em xoxo
Zemi Asri
Zemi Asri 3 ore fa
can i get a like on a comment?
Skate Kid
Skate Kid 3 ore fa
Lmao Gimme da juice
GOD RANGERS 3 ore fa
good good good
Man he has not lost it , this song fire 🔥 yaw jus woke him back up
Ayoub El
Ayoub El 3 ore fa
Nate Lucid Carter
Eminem dabbed. Now I've seen everything
ZAFran arif
ZAFran arif 3 ore fa
eminem dab, eminem hotline bling
Gyula Papp
Gyula Papp 3 ore fa
Why this man surround himself with Jawa's?
conspiracyomg 3 ore fa
They're lemmings. Ppl just copy eachother n follow in music industry
manu ali
manu ali 4 ore fa
4:24 eminems real voice when rappin
Hadz kshouri
Hadz kshouri 4 ore fa
Okay, they dead. Em is god.
Merim 4 ore fa
Eminem stronger than ever!
GOONMRKAY 4 ore fa
Fall&Killshot, not very good, this one....this was actually really good. I liked the idea behind this,.
HanaDul Set
HanaDul Set 4 ore fa
Rap God🔥 finally music that makes sense
So good that track man 😎😎😎
eminem try to do it solo dont work with shit
Drift BeastYT
Drift BeastYT 4 ore fa
📂Documents └📁Music └📁EMINEM └📁 Bad Songs └📁 This folder EMPTY
Lubi Kalimina
Lubi Kalimina 4 ore fa
Greetings #respect to This but u doing what you have already done we want new stuff MGK all way
RAWPaper j
RAWPaper j 4 ore fa
they really dabbing?
sister fister
sister fister 4 ore fa
*eminem dabbing is not something I thought i'd ever see XD*
Cue Mayhem
Cue Mayhem 4 ore fa
Ight that was pretty cool
Jermaine Jansen
The real Slim Shady just stood up!
Maria Miranda
Maria Miranda 4 ore fa
wajaja y mientras canta se rie de Drake imitando sus pasos ....Eminem el mejor,que bueno que regresaste ya te echaba de menos !!
Kensis23 4 ore fa
Joyner Lucas could be drake
Joseph Suarez
Joseph Suarez 4 ore fa
This track goes harder than a thug’s life. #thisiswhatrapisallabout
X Vill
X Vill 4 ore fa
xLegendC 4 ore fa
[Bridge: Joyner Lucas] Yeah, I done did a lot of things in my day, I admit it I don't take back what I say, if I said it then I meant it All my life I want a Grammy but I'll prolly never get it I ain't never had no trophy or no motherfuckin' ribbon Fuck the system, I'm that nigga, bend the law, cut the rules I'm about to risk it all, I ain't got too much to lose Y'all been eatin' long enough, it's my turn to cut the food Pass the plate! Where my drink? This my day, lucky you Fuck you too, woo! [Chorus: Joyner Lucas] Y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move Give me some room, give me some room, give me the juice Hop out the coupe, hop out the coupe, hop out and shoot Y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move, give me the juice [Verse 1: Joyner Lucas] Back on my bullshit, my back to the wall Turn my back on you, all of you finished Back to these bullets, it's back to the job Pull my MAC out and all of you runnin' Back on my hood shit, it's back to the pushin' These packs and I'm actually pumpin' Can't fuck with you rappers, you practically suckin' You mighta went platinum, but that don't mean nothin' I'm actually buzzin' this time Straight out the kitchen, I told 'em the oven is mine I do not fuck with you guys If I don't kill you, just know you gon' suffer this time I ain't no gangster but I got some bangers Some chains and some blades and a couple of knives Choppers and jammies, a partridge, a pear tree My twelve days of Christmas was nothin' but lies I run at you hard like a sumo (sumo) They say I talk like a chulo (chulo) I live in Mars, I'm not Bruno (woo) Bitch I'm a dog, call me Cujo (rah) You play your cards, I reverse on you all And I might just drop 4 like a Uno (bup) Cállate boca mejor, maricón, little puto, and all of you culo They've invented a level up in the ghetto to ghetto Lookin' for somethin' I prolly can never find now Shit get relevant until the beef die down In truth a nigga just really want me tied down I've been alone and I never needed nobody Just only me and my shotty, I'll tell these niggas to lie down Keep all the money, I never wanted the lifestyle I just pray to God that my son'll be alright now I said ain't no love for the other side Or anyone who ever want smoke (Joyner) When I die I'm goin' out as the underdog who never lost hope You in the wrong cab down the wrong path Nigga, wrong way, wrong road Snakes in the grass tryna slither fast I just bought a fuckin' lawn mower [Bridge: Eminem] I done said a lotta things in my day, I admit it This is payback in a way, I regret it that I did it I done won a couple Grammys but I sold my soul to get 'em Wasn't in it for the trophies, just the fuckin' recognition Fuck's the difference? I'm that cracker, bend the law, fuck the rules Man I used to risk it all, now I got too much to lose I been eatin' long enough, man my stomach should be full I just ate, licked the plate, my buffet, lucky me Fuck you think? (woo!) [Verse 2: Eminem] I got a couple of mansions Still I don't have any manners You got a couple of ghost writers But to these kids it don't actually matter They're askin' me, "What the fuck happened to hip-hop?" I said, "I don't have any answers." 'Cause I took an L when I dropped my last album It hurt me like hell but I'm back on these rappers And actually comin' from humble beginnings I'm somewhat uncomfortable winning I wish I could say "What a wonderful feeling!" "We're on the upswing like we're punchin' the ceiling!" But nothin' is feeling like anyone has any fuckin' ability To even stick to a subject, it's killin' me The inability to pen humility Hatata batata, why don't we make a bunch of Fuckin' songs about nothin' and mumble 'em! Fuck it, I'm goin' for the jugular Shit is a circus, you clowns that are comin' up Don't give an ounce of a motherfuck About the ones that were here before you that made rap Let's recap, way back, MC's that wreak havoc on tape decks ADATs, where the G Raps and Kanes at? We need 3 Stacks ASAP and bring Masta Ace back 'Cause half of these rappers have brain damage All the lean rappin', face tats, syruped out like tree sap I don't hate trap, and I don't wanna seem mad But in fact, where the old me at? The same cat That would take that feed-back and aim back, I need that But I think it's inevitable They know what button to press or what lever to pull To get me to snap though (lil bitch) And if I'm payin' attention I'm probably makin' it bigger But you've been takin' ya dicks in the fuckin' back, ho (get it?) On the brink, any minute got me thinkin' of finishin' Everything with acetaminophen and reapin' the benefits I'm asleep at the wheel again As I peak into thinkin' about an evil intent Of another beat I'ma kill again 'Cause even if I gotta end up eatin' a pill again Even ketamine or methamphetamine with the minithin It better be at least 70 to 300 milligram And I might as well 'cause I'ma end up bein' a villain again Levels to this shit, I got an elevator You could never say to me I'm not a fuckin' record breaker I sound like a broken record every time I break a record Nobody could ever take away the legacy I made, I never cater Motherfucker now I got a right to be this way I got spite inside my DNA But I wrote 'til the wheels fall off, I'm workin' tirelessly, ayy It's the moment y'all been waitin' for Like California wishin' rain would pour In that drought, y'all been prayin' for My downfall from the 8 Mile to the Southpaw Still the same Marshall, that outlaw That they say as a writer might've fell off I'm back on that bull like the cowboys [Chorus: Joyner Lucas & Eminem] So y'all gotta move (yeah), y'all gotta move (yeah), y'all gotta move Give me some room, give me some room, give me the juice Hop out the coupe, hop out the coupe, hop out and shoot Y'all gotta move, y'all gotta move, give me the juice
TheAngelface8 4 ore fa
SO PROUD OF JOYNER LUCAS 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
1:56 Holy Shit! What a sweet flow.
fez. 4 ore fa
Viru Hyper
Viru Hyper 4 ore fa
Lucas Alonso
Lucas Alonso 4 ore fa
Rob Jay
Rob Jay 4 ore fa
Lucas gonna be the 🐐
Tatiana Gonzalez
Joyner Lucas is THAT nigga. Y'all sleeping on my boy, been hearing him since day one!
freaka delts
freaka delts 4 ore fa
I cringed so hard when u did the dab bro
Kudzai Chipindu
4:47 to 5:10 flow too fast too furious. Can't compare him to MGK.
Alan Gonzalez
Alan Gonzalez 4 ore fa
Estos vergas son la verga bien parada con ese flow no mamen,vuela la chompa,like.
Sky Grace
Sky Grace 4 ore fa
I'm loving this song!😍😍 thank u! !!
Fossil Gaming
Fossil Gaming 4 ore fa
boy why you gotta dab?
Ecrin Beraat
Ecrin Beraat 4 ore fa
Rape ears
fat sneakerhead
legend is back
natalia viana
natalia viana 4 ore fa
Natália De Jesus
Rachel Roberts
i cannot handle this slim shady is back
PatrickJane s.n
as lit as killshot..💥
wesner charlestin
Emmmmm fucking kucked this beat in the azzzz lol
JEDI speakers corner IS A shit STIRRER
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