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Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

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From the album Kamikaze, out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze
Music video by Eminem performing Lucky You. © 2018 Aftermath Records


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13 set 2018





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Commenti 168 461
SIdalia C
SIdalia C Ora fa
Wow! Amazing song!!
asscheeks mcbuttface
I like how em dabs xD
Carlos L. Garcia
But holy shit, EM always tears shit up! Thank you EM for being Original gangsta! 💪🦁
Col.Glover 413
Go watch Kent Hovind ✝️
Carlos L. Garcia
Ohhhhhhh shit, twista is always on point
I just realized the similarity to the Tom Clancy game "The Division"
Alexa Miller
Alexa Miller 2 ore fa
eminem dabbed were making history everybody
Alexa Miller
Alexa Miller 2 ore fa
i liked my comment
4:44 Killshot ☠️☠️☠️
Showkat Shah
Showkat Shah 2 ore fa
Showed this to a new born baby He slapped me and told me "you gotta move,you gotta move,give me some milk"
MGK is better than Eminem
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller 2 ore fa
Amartya Sharma
He raps faster than a electrons revolves arround neutron 😂
RipperPlayz 2 ore fa
Ooooo I like this soooooo muchhh
Crystal A
Crystal A 3 ore fa
Eminem your the man/god!!!
Unknown Is watching
Xxxtentacion death=eminem
chou tzuyu
chou tzuyu 3 ore fa
Impossible makes possible by Eminem
Shadow Playz
Shadow Playz 3 ore fa
I love the post apocalyptic vibe.
AstroGames 3 ore fa
Other Rappers: Eminem is a joke. He can’t rap anymore. Eminem drops Kamikaze Other Rappers: This album’s garbage. They listen this song. Other Rappers: Ok then sorry we all love you
Colin playz
Colin playz 3 ore fa
Why cant eminem do old school still
Delvisions Dela Rosa
Worth the title of being a "rap god"
Cyrill Bucher
Cyrill Bucher 4 ore fa
Song of the year, in my opinion🙌🏻
Juan Esteban Benitez
Rap Bruto. Residente-Nach, Eminem- Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas, disfrútalo como quieras, solo hazlo
Thomas PALMA - 1
Two words discribe Eminem astonationing savage I love eminem
Víctor Diaz
Víctor Diaz 5 ore fa
The King.
Jordan Sherrod
FataLsPoTs 5 ore fa
wtf is asitamitophen
Seth Summers
Seth Summers 5 ore fa
Joyner Lucas went off
Blake Beach
Blake Beach 5 ore fa
i think there voices are a perfect combination, y'all should do more together fr
Ruben Loftus-Cheek
Name a Joyner Lucas song - this is the one they gonna say LMAO This sounds like a drake song when they’re rapping normal 🤔
Dark Pazific Dorofeeva
Wagon 6 ore fa
I can tell eminem made this song based off of the lyrics. It's just not as well made as joyner lucas music.
YT Triple XxxX KID
No cars No hoes No money Just pure rap Skill.................and I can't believe someone convinced Eminem to dab🤣
WOLf SOL 6 ore fa
this is the official channel of Eminem ?
R B Violettt
R B Violettt 6 ore fa
3:36 when middle schoolers still think dabbing is cool
ry Wise
ry Wise 6 ore fa
Who still come here every single day for the part where em and Lucas are making all the soliders mimic them loll... *Yo if y'all like real rap check my page. Have a great weekend don't stress bout shit that aint worth worth your time. Check me out*
Isaiah Madrigal
Boudi Dawson
Boudi Dawson 6 ore fa
I love this collab
WAR READY 6 ore fa
No joke the guys with the red eyes were part of my Halloween, costume
Erik Rashawn Coates
Joyner Lucas looks almost like ice cubes son
Jaivion Langston
Eminem is one of the best rapper that i listen to and talk about life
Professor Halliburton
Fortnite souls after Eminem killed them!!
michael sanchez
On the brink in a minute got me thinking of finishing everything with acetaminophen and reaping the benefits I'm asleep at the wheel again as I peak into thinking about an evil intent of another beat imma kill again cause even if I gotta end up eating a pill again
new galaxy
new galaxy 7 ore fa
Hey who still is on youtube that watches others newly posted video
new galaxy
new galaxy 7 ore fa
Eminem I hope you do get on and read this I really like your songs and you need to drop more of the hot songs like this
Finally what I've been waiting for. 1 legend and one legend in the making and this shit 🔥🔥🔥
Tenth Man
Tenth Man 8 ore fa
When you are on top and you still remember the tireness of climbing the Mountain, you can entirely comprehend and fully live the landscape in front of you. *You deserve the legend, Marshall.*
Tenth Man
Tenth Man 7 ore fa
+new galaxy if you feel like it, please check my Channel. That would mean the world to me.
new galaxy
new galaxy 7 ore fa
Hi tenth man
michael sanchez
It better be at least 70 to 300 million views it might as well because Eminem is still killing them again
Valie Romero
Valie Romero 8 ore fa
I’m glad to see that Em was being a bit silly in this video, I missed that 😂 It looked like an episode out of Black Mirror. I totally loved it!
SwissSpace 8 ore fa
Try listening to "my name is", while picturing his face from today...
new galaxy
new galaxy 7 ore fa
I feel you with only 6 subs I hardly post but I can post alot more I just don't have time
Matthew C
Matthew C 8 ore fa
my favorite song from the kamikaze album
Jahwaiian808 8 ore fa
Aye shady show these clowns how to do it. You ain't got a choice to retire you got a spare flood that engine and nos through these mumble bun cakes and send them to the curbside.
Jahwaiian808 8 ore fa
Killshot went and slaughtered and capsized the game . Lucky you went and set a standard that only real artists understands the concept of true hip hop!!!!!!! Thank you Eminem oh.... Shady for bringing hip hop back to its roots !
Frankie Seper
Frankie Seper 8 ore fa
I don't listen to rap no more but if these 2 did whole album together id definitely get it
Amir Carter
Amir Carter 8 ore fa
R.I.P. Mumble rappers
Kyc vieja piruja :v
Hyper Sniper01
I love this song
alton davis
alton davis 9 ore fa
the nigga at the beginning a animal!!!!
alton davis
alton davis 9 ore fa
Em A Legend!!
Nadine Masson
Nadine Masson 9 ore fa
Très déçue des paroles ..Je ne retrouve pas Eminem du début...Bien sûr le débit des paroles est là mais ça ne fait pas tout..
Thisjustin 21
Thisjustin 21 9 ore fa
Sad another pathetic attempt at coming back this cracka was never good😂and everyone knows he’s had all is shit ghostwritten like a bitch this prolly ghostwritten to smh
Kevin Woram
Kevin Woram 9 ore fa
This song fire af
Monte Karlo_254
Goat .Greatest of all time😎
That shit hard as fck!!! Now that’s real rap
hades 9 ore fa
I'm dead
bipul kalita
bipul kalita 9 ore fa
esquolette awx
Always alive with lyrics eminem always ; ) (eminem the god in lyrics)
LinearCrip 9 ore fa
Listen in 2x it’s so crazy especially 4:45
Esra 10 ore fa
Voz Feia Games
Voz Feia Games 10 ore fa
Eminem & Joyner Lucas ft. PS2 random dark characters
Dalibor Susilovic
Yo men
Rhino Prime
Rhino Prime 10 ore fa
It pretty funny watching Eminem dab
Bojan Bijelic
Bojan Bijelic 10 ore fa
Joyner saved this song😂
DRX Gamer
DRX Gamer 10 ore fa
One of the best songs all time
Shahzad Rahim
Shahzad Rahim 11 ore fa
he sold his souls to get grammy's 2:28
Aadammlaahmm 11 ore fa
Hola alguien sabe como llegar al canal de vegetta
Miriam Valmes
Miriam Valmes 11 ore fa
1 like=if eminem raps fast
Liam Grey
Liam Grey 11 ore fa
Seeing Em dab is something I didn’t know I wanted to see..
PM Killer
PM Killer 11 ore fa
Fuck world, Eminem is a king👑
sal lugo
sal lugo 11 ore fa
Focus on you and what makes you happy and how you can add value to your own life..focus on the positive and go with the flow. ✌️🇺🇸✌️
Lacey Lewis
Lacey Lewis 11 ore fa
Uggh. Just canNOT get enough of this man! Also- joyner killed it too. I respect em so much for bringing talented artists to light. I live RIGHT down the road(8 miles) from where he grew up! Positive vibes from Detroit,MI-who else??
Cheesedeese 11 ore fa
I'm very thankful to God for letting me live as long to see Eminem dab
Skittles Gaming Videos And More
When Eminem dabbed I laughed my ass of
spekman games
spekman games 11 ore fa
The part where they dab is cute and cringy at the same tine
PSV KRK 11 ore fa
Listened this on apple ear pods I own high end Beats by Dre now
S. Brown
S. Brown 12 ore fa
I fucks with Em but mumble or not I feel like he's hating! Why yall mad 😡 because mumble rappers getting paid? So I guess Eminem will be dedicating an entire album about mumble rappers, because he has nothing else to rap about, and mumble rappers gives him a reason to be relevant! 🤔🤔🤔
paul walker
paul walker 12 ore fa
and coming from humble beginnings I'm some what uncomfortable winning
J Golden
J Golden 12 ore fa
Wow 🔥
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith 12 ore fa
Eminem went hard on this track. Hope to see more things like this from him soon.
Joshua Chairez
Joshua Chairez 13 ore fa
mumble rap is dope af lil m&m
david stevens
david stevens 11 ore fa
Sure. If you like filler meat, mumble rap is right up your alley. If you want real meat, listen to a lyricist like Em.
Joshua Chairez
Joshua Chairez 12 ore fa
lil m
Clara Anderson
Clara Anderson 13 ore fa
Best in the game imo Eminem Joyner Kendrick Big Sean Danny Brown Tyler the creator Royce da 5 9 Jidenna Denzel curry
WolfZ 13 ore fa
Tatumishida Ishida
This masterpiece deserves more views!!
Miriam Kojinna
Miriam Kojinna 13 ore fa
Bead Rap Däp
Pswishghted Mskul
แร็ปก็เหมือนแนวอื่นๆล่ะครับ แต่งจากบทชีวิตที่ต่างกัน
Pswishghted Mskul
เกือบๆ ฮ่าๆๆ
Kai Hunt
Kai Hunt 14 ore fa
David Cupp
David Cupp 14 ore fa
Destroy those Mumble rappers ended you just killed it
Gir affe
Gir affe 14 ore fa
_Give this man his juice_
André Fabrício
Eminem dabing...
Malachi Washington
1:57 😱🔥🔥🔥🔥
Prossimi video
Eminem - Fall
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