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Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas [REACTION]

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UND Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas [REACTION]
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13 set 2018

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Commenti 772
LizA.H. 3 giorni fa
Alan w that smile, like the song too 😘😘
Cub Swanson
Cub Swanson 3 giorni fa
That whole song, lyrics The Beat everything about it, Is one of the Best songs.💪💪💪💪
Jack Castro
Jack Castro 3 giorni fa
Em never uses ghost writers Watch Eminem free style He doesn’t need multiple takes
Writers Music
Writers Music 5 giorni fa
@9:38 *Speaking gibberish* .. Dude replies: Yup LOL
Drew Rycerz
Drew Rycerz 5 giorni fa
Trust me Em writes everything. And I mean everything.
Sezai Dogan
Sezai Dogan 11 giorni fa
Eminem best Mumble shit
BobBub 13 giorni fa
stop pausing like every 10 sec... otherwise good video, but that shit really annoyedm e
Earlene Phillips
Earlene Phillips 14 giorni fa
Isaac Walker
Isaac Walker 17 giorni fa
I think the zombie looking guys are supposed to be rappers that want to be like Eminem
joe espinoza
joe espinoza 17 giorni fa
How you gonna say eminem did multiple takes at the end of his verse when he was rapping fast. I can do that in one take and if I can he can too. If you have good breath and mastered when taking breaths when rapping then you good.
Scooby Smith
Scooby Smith 19 giorni fa
Real Gs move in silence . like lasangana (lil Wayne voice )
Scooby Smith
Scooby Smith 19 giorni fa
I slept for so long on Joyner. but he deff got the smoke bruh . I fucks with this !
Atomik Blaster
Atomik Blaster 20 giorni fa
stop fucking stopping the song niggaaaaaa
Cameron Disser
Cameron Disser 22 giorni fa
Yet another reaction channel that cuts out music between lines or even cuts out entire lines, so annoying 🤦‍♂️
Cameron Disser
Cameron Disser 22 giorni fa
I know the words to this song and they cut out at least 10 lines throughout the song
The Fungal Attack Is Imminent
print out a lyric sheet and just dont look at it till the video
moussa ibra
moussa ibra 23 giorni fa
Cassandra Foxx
Cassandra Foxx 24 giorni fa
Joyner and Em both dope asf
bravorufus 25 giorni fa
the cat with the toilet brush on his head thinking em has a ghost rider is dumb as shit. clearly knows dick all about the game and can’t understand lyrics.
Tonika Zhimo
Tonika Zhimo 29 giorni fa
Too much pause
Chris Albrecht
play the fucking video...damn... can't afford 2 more min?
Jamie Woodstock
Hey guys, love your music. Also they are doing the drake dance when he says the ghost writers line. So he's going at drake for some reason. 🤘✌️ keep writing guys.
Nate Ellis
Nate Ellis Mese fa
I fuck with ya'll channel for real.. Just hit that Subscribe button.
Joshua Fagan
Joshua Fagan Mese fa
yo what do you use to record your song?
gaming ant
gaming ant Mese fa
Eminem actually don't do multiple takes he rap it out there A screen that he read from and also memorize that verse so he can go super fast which is lot of work so that why many rapper wont do it in one take
Yuri Lopes
Yuri Lopes Mese fa
i think the title is something like from joyner's perspective, "lucky you" you rappers who have grammies and been winning shit by making trash music, and from the prespective of em "lucky you" dudes like joyner who have no regrets of selling your soul for awards
queenb bowdown
some parts of the song are cut off. this is bad
Daniel Ainger
Intro is 🔥🔥🔥
NoahThreePew Mese fa
This shoulda been on ADHD not kamikaze, this Joyners s song fr
Anthony  Gonzalez
I believe what they were tryin to say with them copying everything they do is that these younger people are following and doin everything these new age rappers are doin cuz all there worried about is there social status and they think these new rappers set the standard instead of realizing what real talent is
haywood jablowme
Yo he said YOU got a couple of ghost writers not I
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Cring Af
Stay_ illin
Stay_ illin Mese fa
Alan love is fuckn fiyaa 🔥🔥🔥🔥
12 inches unbuffed
you guys programmed ^^
Neil Mcinnis
Neil Mcinnis Mese fa
ALABAMA 54 LSU 20 Georgia FUCKED! Dawgs been put down brah
White Lion
White Lion Mese fa
With that fucking fan blowing in the background i can't hear shit...
Lautaro Jehzz
Latent Hero
Latent Hero Mese fa
Yooooooooo ya'll track is fireeeee
Nikitas Kafantaris
Couldn't hear a word you guys were saying, especially the song. Next time you shoot a video turn the vacuum off
Runtberg Mese fa
Everyday Struggle
Alley Kat
Alley Kat Mese fa
Nice very big deal song
Grim M
Grim M Mese fa
Damn that song was dope af ✊🏾🔥
Xgtedvw Fvrdhze
Lol "UND" Is German and means "and"😂🤦🏼‍♂
Gary W-l-o-t
Gary W-l-o-t Mese fa
Those dudes with the red eyes represent every other rapper in the game. That's why they all look the same and copy Eminem. Aint NOBODY dressing like that for Halloween
Josue Leyva
Josue Leyva Mese fa
Stop skipping hoes
I don't think he breaks it in to many intervals. Just in the obvious short gaps they cut out the giant breaths he takes because it you listen to unedited stuff of rappers rapping quickly sometimes they sound like they're gasping when they take the breaths.
Give me that merch boy
Morish Music
Morish Music Mese fa
Lucky you cover FAST PART itvid.net/video/video-QrfFVdvJElM.html
Ronn Nussbaum
Y'all doing good don't buy into the bullshit
Ronn Nussbaum
Y'all minds are warped get over it try to kill with kindness if your still that bitter
Ronn Nussbaum
Guess what idc versatility bitches
The idea with the video is the rappers of today doing everything legends do after thay do it. Joyner is pure pure talant. Eminem even said himself. But more to the point there is only a few rappers on eminems level an joyner is one of them. Thay both will go down in history as goats
fan shinee
fan shinee Mese fa
Eminem is legend
Poptropica Witch
GhostNtheShel13 2 mesi fa
Fuckin intro song is hard AF!!! I need that shit in my car💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☄☄☄☄
Siyanda Khanyile
So no one is going to discuss Alan Love's hot track.
True Yeti
True Yeti 2 mesi fa
Skipping all the good parts, wtf
Danny Escobar
Danny Escobar 2 mesi fa
Why are people watching 3 ignorant idiots. They can’t even complete sentences. Garbage reaction.
BTG 2 mesi fa
Alan Love is fire af.
Dylan Collins
Dylan Collins 2 mesi fa
Quincy Jones did not write thriller, Rod Temperton did. Quincy Jones did not run Motown and was never associated with Motown
Persephone Unboxed
Wish I could meet you guys!
Persephone Unboxed
Hahaha I'm watching on October 13th lol
nerlive neelive
nerlive neelive 2 mesi fa
Eminem is the best of the best
Nathaniel Kitzmiller
Zee Verbeek
Zee Verbeek 2 mesi fa
the song in the starting is actualy realy good
The FlanK
The FlanK 2 mesi fa
Yooo, can you do a reaction to K.a.a.n.-Kaancepts or Rap God remix. Dudes insane
Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt 2 mesi fa
Why cut the song?
TWENZY BATZ 2 mesi fa
Who got a hobo Johnson ad 😂
terrace farmer
terrace farmer 2 mesi fa
Em don't use writers. It's only him stupid!
Terry Brown
Terry Brown 2 mesi fa
Y’all be missin bars because y’all pause to damn much,
Will Adams
Will Adams Mese fa
Terry Brown it has to do with copyright problems. Some parts have to be cut out because of it
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith 2 mesi fa
Dude em doesn't have ghost writer's, he won't even sing hello phrase unless he wrote it even if its chorus or hook. Like he says "I've wrote everything I've ever murdered"
lydia 2 mesi fa
React to Killshot
Carletha Jones
Carletha Jones 2 mesi fa
Dog that mf opener.....SLAPPIN......G÷%DAMNNNN
Saargunam Venkateshan
When I die I'm goin' out as the underdog who never lost hope - woah Joyner !!
halo289 2 mesi fa
2:13 thank me later
Chasity Caviness
Em does NOT use ghostwriters
Favian Navarro
Favian Navarro 2 mesi fa
Everyone going to ignore the fact that Joyner fired back at logic!?!? (From logics song "YUCK")🤔🤔
Kelli McDonald
Kelli McDonald 2 mesi fa
I know it’s your first reaction, but learn what your forefathers believe in so you can speak on it. MM would never have a ghost writer. Offensive. Hope to see you guys in atl!
Siv_ JustLive
Siv_ JustLive 2 mesi fa
brain dead!!! that's what this reaction proved. Eminem is too much for you.
Siv_ JustLive
Siv_ JustLive 2 mesi fa
brain dead!!!! that's what thus reaction has proved. Eminem is too much for you.
Aaron Hunt
Aaron Hunt 2 mesi fa
Your song if fire 🔥
dudes vlogs
dudes vlogs 2 mesi fa
Stop pausing!!!
Aggresive_Hef 2 mesi fa
GO dawgs!
sharon richardson
WTF!! Alan riding on that beat!! Didn't know u were a rapper also!! 🔥🔥🔥
Maximos O'Brien
Maximos O'Brien 2 mesi fa
Y’all keep pausing
Lyniss Barnes
Lyniss Barnes 2 mesi fa
Can y'all react to Eminem venom?
jonathan calderon
These Niggas. Suck at reviewing sans get your pen and paper look up Zias an b Lou and get better Entertaining zero out of 10 couldn’t hear the song 10 out of 10 talk more about yourself and then Song 10 out of 10
SONS Of Anarchy
SONS Of Anarchy 2 mesi fa
Break it down? Multiple takes? Lol y'all must not know bro. Em's the Rap God.
Eddy De Armas
Eddy De Armas 2 mesi fa
Why are you skipping bits and pieces of it? Then pause and talk about it for too long. Smh.
Will Adams
Will Adams Mese fa
Eddy De Armas some parts are skipped due to copyright problems for the video. Hope that clears it up
Ramon Munoz
Ramon Munoz 2 mesi fa
This is real rap.
Captured ByKen
Captured ByKen 2 mesi fa
Yooooo, that song in the beginning!!!
Y'all's breakdown is trash and dumbass talking bout em has a ghost Rider need to quit listening to music
Hydra Jerb
Hydra Jerb 2 mesi fa
The beginning of every reaction video is 2 minutes of bullshit before the song even starts.
msveeip 2 mesi fa
This is on my gym playlist for sure!!!! YA'LL GOTTA MOVE!!!!
Ben Gill
Ben Gill 2 mesi fa
It’s difficult to describe Eminem in terms of quality. It’s rare you have an artist who is so good that his cultural value is incalculable. I grew up listening to this man. His vision was so disruptive that it made me believe in music again. He caught a moment - a desolate moment for millions of consumers worldwide which was exploited with precision by a marketing machine that continues to run today. Eminem is a fan of irony, controversy, pain, love. He is the greatest poet of my generation. A tortured soul blessed
OG Creative
OG Creative 2 mesi fa
Eminem did that in one take. He said it
elvis pressly
elvis pressly 2 mesi fa
in what fuckin world do millinial transgender nighers think they got any input on em . you fuckin africa lovin manbun wearing weave eating crack smoking transgender bitches.
Jaiden Simcic
Jaiden Simcic 2 mesi fa
You guys suck major ass. Stop talking over the verses and actually listen. Nothing worse than reactors who just watch the video and make stupid comments with incorrect information. Thumbs down.
Aether Blackbolt
Skip to 1:30 to see their reaction instead of ads.
bruce wayne
bruce wayne 2 mesi fa
yall nigggas didn't catch the best shit. Fake asss rapers how yall not catch that. punks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vincent 2 mesi fa
Eminem spits that fast live so no he doesn't break it up and haven't you guy's heard of k.a.a.n if not check out his koncepts song it's 4 minutes of speed no break
Prossimi video