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Aidan Beeson
Aidan Beeson 3 giorni fa
I can't hear
Cary Benzel
Cary Benzel 7 giorni fa
Dude your a great reacter
Mr.Flippy 15 giorni fa
Kendra Williams
Kendra Williams 18 giorni fa
React to devils work!!
e t
e t 19 giorni fa
You need to do a reaction to Joyner Lucas new track devils work
Chief Captn
Chief Captn 23 giorni fa
Let’s get Jay to react to the video of Joyner rapping his verses forward and then backwards at the basketball court!!!!!! Thumbs this up for Jay!!!!
No Fun Intended
No Fun Intended 2 mesi fa
If y'all remember, Eminem did this concept before. The real Slim Shady, anyone? but now instead of wife beaters and bleached hair, it's glowing red eyes and black hoods
ISHDAGOAT 619 2 mesi fa
this was uploaded on my birthday
1:58 you get it.
King Kaydron
King Kaydron 2 mesi fa
4:35 🤣🤣🤣
Rae Holland
Rae Holland 2 mesi fa
You know it's good when people stankface to ya music.
Wavegang Waveyton
Playing Simeon says with the dancers was indicative of these copycats out here 🔥" You can never say to me I'm not a fucking record breaker I sound like a broken record every time I break a record " 🔥
Keereeto uzamaki
Yo, you gotta do a reaction to Eminem ft Royce Da 5'9- Caterpillar.
RustAnticts Scoobs clan
This the funniest ITvid I’ve ever watched
Eternal Reaper
Eternal Reaper 2 mesi fa
The aseedamrnefin line slipped on em
Chino YT
Chino YT 2 mesi fa
"only time i do that is when it's me and a young lady sorry em, lucky you." 😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
joe jones
joe jones 3 mesi fa
Machine Gun Kelly in breakfast club said he will not respond to kill shot he bitched hes a fake ass bitch
Smigo218 3 mesi fa
Anyone ever tell you that you behave so much alike like @unboxtherapy’s Lewis? Your commentary and facial expressions can make you racial twins lol
curse1 3 mesi fa
em should be thanking mgk for waking him tf up. dudes been sleeping for almost 10 years
Cole English
Cole English 3 mesi fa
Em the GOAT!
Uncommon Escapes
Ma man Jay, I'm hitting that like button harder than a booty
Teresa Somerville
#8 Not Alike..MGK diss!
VAPE GOD 3 mesi fa
David Guy
David Guy 3 mesi fa
LuckyM3Game instagram.com/p/BtOwspAAFCZ/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=3zbujm44wl1x
Melissa Morgan
Melissa Morgan 3 mesi fa
I'm sure that you know that Joyner contacted Eminem about this song and Joyner wrote a Verse to m and then Eminem would right back anyway ... this is something that Joyner started with his bars and a course Eminem and they've made this... and it formed a very nice Bridge. 🐐🐐🐐👏👏👏
ilya soltani
ilya soltani 3 mesi fa
Omar Betancur
Omar Betancur 3 mesi fa
está recebado este negro
Andrew Glass
Andrew Glass 4 mesi fa
You wanted old Shady? Congrats, you got him......
sandra dosh
sandra dosh 4 mesi fa
Videos not available in my country
florabelle sarea
Jealous ☠️
melvin lantigua
melvin lantigua 4 mesi fa
Mejor no digo nada con respecto a esta publicacion, despues me acusan de ser machista, racista, golpista, fascista, artistas, budista, cambista, ciclista, copista, corista, bajista, cronista, dentista, farrista, flautista, florista, marxista, modista, nazista, nudista, exorcista, revista,sambista, simplista, sofista, solista, taxista, tenista, surfista, anatomista, turista, alarmista, algebrista, alpinista, alquimista, Analista, adventista, activista, agonista, malumista, comentarista, columnista, comunista, concertista, confirmista, congresista, dogmatista, dualista, duelista, duetista, esclavista, esgrimista , deportista, izquierdista, estadista, estatista, estilista, extremista, feudalista,finalista, financista, futurista, guitarrista, tecladista , hispanista, humanista, humorista, maquinista, masagista, moralista, ocultista, oculista, optimista, pacifista, paisajista, panfletista, pesimista, pianista, realista, retratista, revanchista, romancista, ruralista, simbolista, sufragista, terrorista, vanguardista, velocista, accionista, agnósticista, anestesista, antagonista, apologista, armamentista,ascensorista......
Au Lockheed
Au Lockheed 4 mesi fa
Aint nobody doin this.. i guess this is what happens when em is involved lol. Tattooed to the beat.. and em is the best at it, obviously he has taught it well.. ghost writers are dirt including mumblers.. love your reactions bro! Shame this was skipped through :-( though
Alinafe Nthondowa
you are a cool reactor. had to hit the bell today, keep it up.
skinny legs 29
skinny legs 29 4 mesi fa
Facts that flow will never get old
Toxi Life
Toxi Life 4 mesi fa
Are you smelling Poop?
saife eldeen
saife eldeen 4 mesi fa
The best thing this channel Shake my hand 🤣🤝
drFIRE beantown Greentown
Real fuckin rap...this shits soooooo dope ...doper than the herbs I grow..
Hursh Gupta
Hursh Gupta 4 mesi fa
Why you always look like you're smelling a fart?
Kira Maxwell
Kira Maxwell 4 mesi fa
mylar hyrule
mylar hyrule 4 mesi fa
You are smoking real shit to think em didn’t own that song.... Joyner is great for sure, but I em is just sick...
Rafael artiga
Rafael artiga 4 mesi fa
It's just like the venom track... The song is fire... But the video makes it so much better
Alinafe Nthondowa
So funny at JayBlac, looking at the light flipping on and off
Redsparrowe123 5 mesi fa
I love this channel. Do aesop rock or lupe next!
LexxTepe Gameplays
Slipknot reacts
Quiz Kid
Quiz Kid 5 mesi fa
Just stop but the song is fire
XXRED UCHIHA 5 mesi fa
I love your reaction you make me laugh lot 😂
NIA Mac 5 mesi fa
Eminem out did Joyner. The difficulty level to a flow and lyrics that are masterpieces cements this. The difficulty level of EM’s bars put him above Joyner
Yisuspegelagarto :v Rivera
Yo solo vine porque decía Eminem :v
Clent Angelo Janier
u stupid
chrono 5 mesi fa
Joyner and a few others really give me hope for the future of rap today
elaine pezet
elaine pezet 5 mesi fa
mumble rappers need to watch out. Em is coming for them. Copycats
b-rabbit 5 mesi fa
The best rapper
Andrej B
Andrej B 5 mesi fa
This dude is hilarious, greatest reaction videos
Diurno MX
Diurno MX 5 mesi fa
yo when are you doing the other songs on the album???????
Prob_io 5 mesi fa
Em' till 60
Assassin 1103
Assassin 1103 5 mesi fa
His facial expressions are better than all the other reactors
Toni Hank
Toni Hank 6 mesi fa
Nigga your face
Dylan McBride
Dylan McBride 6 mesi fa
Can you do a reaction video to Joyner Lucas Litty diss track on Tory lanes
enrique figueroa
Them two niggas should never be on a track to together ever again...! It’s just not fair
Diurno MX
Diurno MX 5 mesi fa
fuck yes I want a complete album of these two
khalid mohamed
khalid mohamed 6 mesi fa
I swear this dude is like kanye
Pato Seleno
Pato Seleno 6 mesi fa
You know i love ur comments and the reaction as well, but at first you said that the trophy will come to u ... Its not about that at all,its about the unfair system which they give the grammy for their relatives without even comparing.
Darius Butler
Darius Butler 6 mesi fa
You said it’s Joyner Lucas track, It’s actually Eminem’s Track🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Alexander Gudym
Alexander Gudym 6 mesi fa
sorry maybe i am gonna say smth wrong and bad but black people doing the best hip-hop in the world, best mc's are black. white people can't do real shit, well eminem is so good but only eminem. thank you for the vibe and flow. peace. p.s. i am not racist. i am white snowflake
joe lisiecki
joe lisiecki 6 mesi fa
This ain’t old em, it’s the same new one he’s changed for the better, tired of everyone saying “we want old em” he’s slightly different but still the undisputed goat
rstuik 6 mesi fa
It means all you mumble rappers stop your shit get the fuck out its my time
Cold TeamZx
Cold TeamZx 6 mesi fa
he reminds me of denzel washington
Nashwarisham Suting
Eminem direct his own video
Iam yudha
Iam yudha 6 mesi fa
im back shake my hand thank you🤣🤣🤣
Jose Felix
Jose Felix 6 mesi fa
Two dangerous rappers
T BEE 6 mesi fa
Can you step on EM's track STEPPING STONE...?
dallas ellsworth
Joyner was fire in this track. And I think that’s why Em was cool with that because he wants his fans to notice that Joyner is better than people give him credit for. This track is straight 🔥🔥🔥
Richard morrill
Richard morrill 6 mesi fa
He's going into his first pubg game of the day...
KellerRecords DirtyKeller
you need beats? check here link: dirtykeller.beatstars.com/​
Mlondi Ngubani
Mlondi Ngubani 6 mesi fa
Broeh i like all your reactions they amazing.. Please check out this Kid "Nasty C" from South Africa his Amazing you won't be disappointed... Nasty C ft Asap Ferg..
Almix 6 mesi fa
Ohh his face is like a give me a s s slap please
Timothy Petrochilos
2:49 that actually sounds good for like a hook or sum
Ishmael Bryant
Ishmael Bryant 6 mesi fa
I been watching for a minute Cuh a nigga true fan homie classic reactions wlo the credit stay up post more
Uvuwuewuewue onyetue Osas
eminem coming out of that tunnel is same as darth vader scene where he slays everyone in rogue one...
sahil saini
sahil saini 6 mesi fa
they rich you protec
can you listen first and talk later? this is why i still not subscribe to you and i do think everyone feel the same thing
they rich you protec
stop using pause smh
ASAP DEFF 6 mesi fa
Dude i love your reaction videos , all of them but this intro sound ??? is fucking my high up man
Heather S
Heather S 6 mesi fa
Snatched up Joyner likes boss!
Fred Palla
Fred Palla 6 mesi fa
Эминем крууууууттттт !!!! Сосните к него все !!!))) Хейтеры
it's me ur dad
it's me ur dad 6 mesi fa
Smell farts ....my friend......😂
The Dirty
The Dirty 7 mesi fa
I just realized why I like this guy so much. He reminds of Lou from Unbox Therapy. It never gets old, regardless of what they're saying.
SAF 2008
SAF 2008 7 mesi fa
Amazing video, amazing lyrics, amazing collaboration, and the message is so relevant and needed - track of the year!
Jens Jorgensen
Jens Jorgensen 7 mesi fa
lil dicky russel westbrook on a farm im telling you bro he killed that freestyle
Suvodeep Das
Suvodeep Das 7 mesi fa
You should react to freedom form flow (gift of gab, afro and r a the Rugged Man)
Zakhe 7 mesi fa
jayblac you a legend braaa
Andrew Champy
Andrew Champy 7 mesi fa
What the fuck are you even talking about
Andrew Champy
Andrew Champy 7 mesi fa
You suck
Per Hagen
Per Hagen 7 mesi fa
I just discovered you my guy. Love you and you’re vids. Keep up the great work G.
Ørbit Prøject
Ørbit Prøject 7 mesi fa
4:10 cracked me up man 😂
Pradeep Suriyal Official
This guy act like as if he is a rap legend
Antoniu Cernaianu
you like this f song WTF :)))
Jacob McConner
Jacob McConner 7 mesi fa
Joyner roasted me at his uncle party when we was kids real talk hes been like that since he was little
The Gamer ABK
The Gamer ABK 7 mesi fa
This is your face 💩👺👹
Jeffrey Seibert
Jeffrey Seibert 7 mesi fa
Chris Schelstraete
Chris Schelstraete
In my book. Nothin better then that speed rap.
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