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Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas - REACTION

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XxRed Uchiha
XxRed Uchiha 6 giorni fa
I love your reaction you make me laugh lot 😂
NIA Mac 7 giorni fa
Eminem out did Joyner. The difficulty level to a flow and lyrics that are masterpieces cements this. The difficulty level of EM’s bars put him above Joyner
Kjell Arne Alden
Kjell Arne Alden 8 giorni fa
retard dude...:) lol
Yisuspegelagarto :v Rivera
Yo solo vine porque decía Eminem :v
Clent Angelo Janier
Clent Angelo Janier 10 giorni fa
u stupid
chrono 11 giorni fa
Joyner and a few others really give me hope for the future of rap today
elaine pezet
elaine pezet 11 giorni fa
mumble rappers need to watch out. Em is coming for them. Copycats
Sezai Dogan
Sezai Dogan 11 giorni fa
The best rapper
Andrej B
Andrej B 15 giorni fa
This dude is hilarious, greatest reaction videos
Diurno MX
Diurno MX 19 giorni fa
yo when are you doing the other songs on the album???????
Prob_io 20 giorni fa
Em' till 60
Assassin 1103
Assassin 1103 21 giorno fa
His facial expressions are better than all the other reactors
Toni Hank
Toni Hank 23 giorni fa
Nigga your face
Dylan McBride
Dylan McBride 24 giorni fa
Can you do a reaction video to Joyner Lucas Litty diss track on Tory lanes
enrique figueroa
enrique figueroa 24 giorni fa
Them two niggas should never be on a track to together ever again...! It’s just not fair
Diurno MX
Diurno MX 19 giorni fa
fuck yes I want a complete album of these two
khalid mohamed
khalid mohamed 27 giorni fa
I swear this dude is like kanye
Pato Seleno
Pato Seleno 27 giorni fa
You know i love ur comments and the reaction as well, but at first you said that the trophy will come to u ... Its not about that at all,its about the unfair system which they give the grammy for their relatives without even comparing.
Darius Butler
Darius Butler 29 giorni fa
You said it’s Joyner Lucas track, It’s actually Eminem’s Track🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Alexander Gudym
Alexander Gudym 29 giorni fa
sorry maybe i am gonna say smth wrong and bad but black people doing the best hip-hop in the world, best mc's are black. white people can't do real shit, well eminem is so good but only eminem. thank you for the vibe and flow. peace. p.s. i am not racist. i am white snowflake
joe lisiecki
joe lisiecki Mese fa
This ain’t old em, it’s the same new one he’s changed for the better, tired of everyone saying “we want old em” he’s slightly different but still the undisputed goat
rstuik Mese fa
It means all you mumble rappers stop your shit get the fuck out its my time
Cold TeamZx
Cold TeamZx Mese fa
he reminds me of denzel washington
Nashwarisham Suting
Eminem direct his own video
Iam yudha
Iam yudha Mese fa
im back shake my hand thank you🤣🤣🤣
Jose Felix
Jose Felix Mese fa
Two dangerous rappers
T BEE Mese fa
Can you step on EM's track STEPPING STONE...?
dallas ellsworth
Joyner was fire in this track. And I think that’s why Em was cool with that because he wants his fans to notice that Joyner is better than people give him credit for. This track is straight 🔥🔥🔥
Richard morrill
He's going into his first pubg game of the day...
KellerRecords DirtyKeller
you need beats? check here link: dirtykeller.beatstars.com/​
Mlondi Ngubani
Broeh i like all your reactions they amazing.. Please check out this Kid "Nasty C" from South Africa his Amazing you won't be disappointed... Nasty C ft Asap Ferg..
Almix Mese fa
Ohh his face is like a give me a s s slap please
Timothy Petrochilos
2:49 that actually sounds good for like a hook or sum
Ishmael Bryant
I been watching for a minute Cuh a nigga true fan homie classic reactions wlo the credit stay up post more
Uvuwuewuewue onyetue Osas
eminem coming out of that tunnel is same as darth vader scene where he slays everyone in rogue one...
sahil saini
sahil saini Mese fa
they rich you protec
can you listen first and talk later? this is why i still not subscribe to you and i do think everyone feel the same thing
they rich you protec
stop using pause smh
Dude i love your reaction videos , all of them but this intro sound ??? is fucking my high up man
Heather S
Heather S Mese fa
Snatched up Joyner likes boss!
Fred Palla
Fred Palla Mese fa
Эминем крууууууттттт !!!! Сосните к него все !!!))) Хейтеры
Avinaash Kohli
Smell farts ....my friend......😂
The Dirty
The Dirty Mese fa
I just realized why I like this guy so much. He reminds of Lou from Unbox Therapy. It never gets old, regardless of what they're saying.
SAF 2008
SAF 2008 Mese fa
Amazing video, amazing lyrics, amazing collaboration, and the message is so relevant and needed - track of the year!
Jens Jorgensen
lil dicky russel westbrook on a farm im telling you bro he killed that freestyle
Suvodeep Das
Suvodeep Das Mese fa
You should react to freedom form flow (gift of gab, afro and r a the Rugged Man)
Zakhe Mese fa
jayblac you a legend braaa
Andrew Champy
What the fuck are you even talking about
Andrew Champy
You suck
Per Hagen
Per Hagen Mese fa
I just discovered you my guy. Love you and you’re vids. Keep up the great work G.
Delegate Stripes
4:10 cracked me up man 😂
Pradeep Suriyal Official
This guy act like as if he is a rap legend
Antoniu Cernaianu
you like this f song WTF :)))
Jacob McConner
Jacob McConner 2 mesi fa
Joyner roasted me at his uncle party when we was kids real talk hes been like that since he was little
ABK Gamer
ABK Gamer 2 mesi fa
This is your face 💩👺👹
Jeffrey Seibert
Jeffrey Seibert 2 mesi fa
Chris Schelstraete
Chris Schelstraete
In my book. Nothin better then that speed rap.
Mr Egg Yolk
Mr Egg Yolk 2 mesi fa
3:05 when you dont wanna take out the trash
Unplugged Streams
4:35 funny
Unplugged Streams
10:18 so funny l
Lalalalala Lalala
Top track
Jeffrey Kingsley
Please anybody could answer this.... is real HIP HOP back?
dom dyer
dom dyer 2 mesi fa
This is a fucking banger. Straight up and down
ezekiel prince
ezekiel prince 2 mesi fa
And there you have 785 daft potatoes who disliked the video
Nick Flanagan
Nick Flanagan 2 mesi fa
Is this track whats been burning up California? lol
AtomiicGaming 2 mesi fa
i feel like the guys in the hoodie are the hypebeasts in 2018!
Get em Marshall
Juze Fudias #severancebr
Stop cutting the vídeo
Susanne Hartung
Susanne Hartung 2 mesi fa
2:40 when you get home after a long day and your mom tells you to do the dishes.
Ethan Adamowoch
Ethan Adamowoch 2 mesi fa
U went slow down let them catch up 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Choirul umyam
Choirul umyam 2 mesi fa
I love ur video, plis add subtitle,
RazzmatazZ 2 mesi fa
Boy, all yo thumbnails look like you sniffin’ doo doo... Get yo poop smelling ass out here.
adrian Lazaro
adrian Lazaro 2 mesi fa
This album is so fire that it’s got me bouncing between channels seeing reaction videos
David  Glover
David Glover 2 mesi fa
Volume shit. Rather hear music up not your voice. Switch that shit
Muhammed Jawad
Muhammed Jawad 2 mesi fa
2:06 😂😂😂😂
George Z.
George Z. 2 mesi fa
Well, Jay, you just showed the world the only line that was good and not some toddler insult in "Rap Devil". If you tried to show all the damaging lines in Killshot, I think you would show the whole video except somewhat between 10-20 seconds.
Jaymit Shah
Jaymit Shah 2 mesi fa
Stop just stop.
Nazim OEzueag
Nazim OEzueag 2 mesi fa
joyner will fuck all rappers with the bbc
Nazim OEzueag
Nazim OEzueag 2 mesi fa
joyner lucas will be the next fuckin eminem
Danny Arrington
Danny Arrington 2 mesi fa
"THEY CAN'T DO THAT!" Exactly my thoughts. STOP! I can't take it. I am trying to ween myself off rap. This isn't helping.
Michael Liles
Michael Liles 2 mesi fa
Turned onto you from killshot and EM. Love your reviews. Passionate and educated. Continue Sir
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma 2 mesi fa
Sold my sold to get em---
sudip stha
sudip stha 2 mesi fa
Shady is legend man yo mf,_|_
Sunkhrist 2 mesi fa
those guys with the red eyes are the heartless from kingdom hearts lol
Jethro Loredo
Jethro Loredo 2 mesi fa
yep . . .Rap GOD!
Hadi Isleem
Hadi Isleem 2 mesi fa
Nathaniel Ozment
Slowed down they still rap faster lmao
Duality 2 mesi fa
Your whole physical expression in your videos is fantastic. Subbing for sure.
Andre Darden
Andre Darden 2 mesi fa
4:11 lmao
threshi 2 mesi fa
That flow on E though ... 🔥🔥🔥😈
Παράγοντας 405
Respect from Greece dude
Justin barrett
Justin barrett 2 mesi fa
Yo 4:13 he really got pissed 😂😂😂
Ponytail Dlamini
Joyner is on fire!!daht's why Em decided to make a track with him...Lmao Lucky You
NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes
EM rapped faster and better than joyner , look it up it was joyners track ;)
NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes
i wrote till the wheels fall off im working tirelesly ey !
WaveGang Waveyton
I would like to take this opportunity to speak..... Thanks Shady Lucky you was a rebirth of hip-hop
rick santos
rick santos 2 mesi fa
Eminem does not need a response to MGK he is way better than that and he would destroy NGK you need to think that there’s better musicians out there than both of them
rick santos
rick santos 2 mesi fa
Are you in a studio?
Sudarshan Saxena
Bro don't cut the original videos.. Let it play...
Lyle J
Lyle J 2 mesi fa
Lol this mans is funny as fuck! Keep up the videos man! Pure humour 😂
Selks 2 mesi fa
lol he should have won a Grammy for I'm not racist. ✔💯
youness hassoune
Em is GOAT (white or black it doesnt latter)
Prossimi video