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Eminem - Natural feat. Imagine Dragons, Mike Shinoda & 50 Cent (2018 Kamikaze Motivational Video)

DJ Skandalous
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Remix & Video Created by DJ Skandalous aka Kevin Rivera
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30 ago 2018

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Commenti 541
Amal M Ashok
Amal M Ashok 4 ore fa
hff hats off to the mix up!! You should win Grammy!! ;)
Dominic Mckenney
Dominic Mckenney 3 giorni fa
That's a bad ass movie too.Luv this mix!!
Ronaldo Varona
Ronaldo Varona 6 giorni fa
They dont know that Mike Shinoda is a co vocals in LinkinPark. :'
Joe Mcdonald
Joe Mcdonald 8 giorni fa
Deadly video to watch with it
David phillips
David phillips 12 giorni fa
Yo you should put this on spotify bro
Shannon Okonski
Shannon Okonski 13 giorni fa
Fucking awesome!
Mike DeAngelo
Mike DeAngelo 13 giorni fa
dope mix
Ralph 116
Ralph 116 13 giorni fa
Is the MMA fighter a movie or is it just clips if it is a movie what movie is it
cavalo amarelo
cavalo amarelo 18 giorni fa
É vdd isso ?
Happy Potato
Happy Potato 19 giorni fa
JJFsix 20 giorni fa
I'm just here from Imagine Dragons, but Eminem is fire. No clue who the other people are but are they famous rappers I'm assuming?
KWAN* 21 giorno fa
This even features Tom Hardy too??? My life is complete.
Dimpal Pathak
Dimpal Pathak 22 giorni fa
Both of them are legends...
Dan 28 giorni fa
This mix is shit hot!!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
MultiWobble 28 giorni fa
My 3favourite rappers eminem and linkin park but that bit was xcotioners which consist of Mike and static x another great band
Ricardo Cano
Ricardo Cano 28 giorni fa
I love this song, never giving up ;)
Antonije Stankovic :3
Which eminem song and 50 cent song is used ?
sailesh agrawal
Warrior 💥💥
Adrian James
Adrian James Mese fa
Doest the imagine dragon's lead singer hate Eminem?
Adrian James
Adrian James Mese fa
(Pin this would ya, please) this GOAT song is a mash up and yes Eminem is back (he's got a new album out right now) but this is a old verse from one of his songs. Read the description.
noahjac360 Mese fa
Damn, been a minute since I've heard Mike
Nathan TV
Nathan TV Mese fa
This is the best mix ever
Jazey Haze
Jazey Haze Mese fa
fake but good
#Angel🤓 Mese fa
I think that 50 cent just became 50 dollars
Bruh this is dope natural mixed with the other song fits really well
I love Mike and I can memorize all of his songs 😍😍❤❤💕
Azal Darain
Azal Darain Mese fa
Mike Shinoda!!!!
Kcvtr Mese fa
Sub because of this 👍🎶🎶
Anand And
Anand And Mese fa
it will be really dope group if they work on the song and what kind of songs they make this mix from?
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh Mese fa
Imagine Dragons ♥
Pensky Material
First mashup i didnt instantly flag for the title beeing misleading!!
I think I’m late to the party y’all
Congrats on 400k
Lol thanks
DJ Skandalous
It's all good lol
D Stream Gaming
D Stream Gaming 2 mesi fa
On the radio they keep advertising this song as strictly Imagine Dragons and it's pissing me off.
Kumar Aman
Kumar Aman Mese fa
This song is a mashup... it's not an actual published song...
Grvv-tuber 2 mesi fa
Yes I love remember the name
Mallorie Louann
Mallorie Louann 2 mesi fa
Imagine Dragons and Eminem together just works perfectly
eustone peralta
eustone peralta 2 mesi fa
Eminem Mike shinoda NF Please....
xd sparrow
xd sparrow 2 mesi fa
Workout music right there
antony moore
antony moore 2 mesi fa
Denton Lofton
Denton Lofton 2 mesi fa
Vegito blue
Vegito blue 2 mesi fa
Aye back with another DJ skandalous video keep up the good work we all respect you man. 👍
YouMirin 2 mesi fa
Finally decent music
Bolt 2 mesi fa
What is that movie called
Josep Mas Pérez
Yo where the lyrics bro
Chase Otis
Chase Otis 2 mesi fa
A very great edit I like it 😃
harshad brown
harshad brown 2 mesi fa
#natrual cuz it is awesome from the beginning to end 50 cent image dragon and Eminem good job m8
Edward Barrett
Edward Barrett 2 mesi fa
What movie is this..
teddy bender b.rodríguez
I let my penis listen to this And he grow like a baby elephant wooHooO
༒apse one༒
༒apse one༒ 2 mesi fa
MultiWobble 2 mesi fa
Bored of the tiffs ain't going to stop me listening to good music and all four singer's in this are legendary
Rebecca Cummings
My new jam for the fall
Alfredo Carvalho
muito fooodaaaa
Christopher Rueda
I just enjoy the collaboration honestly.... Great twist away from the original songs. BEST!!! Can't stop listening to this song
TheLavrushin 2 mesi fa
Name of the movie from all these scenes they show please?
Lethal Enemy
Lethal Enemy 2 mesi fa
Freshhh got it pumping through the subs
Shashwat 2 mesi fa
Video is from which movie?
Dominik Pitelka
Dominik Pitelka 2 mesi fa
Im simple man, I saw Mike Shinoda, I clicked.
ToXicGlowYT 2 mesi fa
Dude I allready Knew Cash me outside and I love it By Lil pump would get old This song would have got old If eminem and Linkin park wherent inside
Alpha Corporate
Alpha Corporate 2 mesi fa
Belinda Rodriguez
retardis......see you in the scholar...classical critics......you interfaith guests need refined in existence.refreshed and out of despair
ivy chan
ivy chan 2 mesi fa
Will you hold the line? When every one of them is giving up or giving in, tell me In this house of mine? Nothing ever comes without a consequence or cost, tell me Will the stars align? Will heaven step in? Will it save us from our sin? Will it? 'Cause this house of mine stands strong That's the price you pay Leave behind your heartache, cast away Just another product of today Rather be the hunter than the prey And you're standing on the edge, face up 'cause you're a Natural A beating heart of stone You gotta be so cold To make it in this world Yeah, you're a natural Living your life cutthroat You gotta be so cold Yeah, you're a natural Will somebody Let me see the light within the dark trees' shadows and What's happenin'? Lookin' through the glass find the wrong within the past knowin' We are the youth Call out to the beast, not a word without the peace, facing A bit of the truth, the truth That's the price you pay Leave behind your heartache, cast away Just another product of today Rather be the hunter than the prey And you're standing on the edge, face up 'cause you're a Natural A beating heart of stone You gotta be so cold To make it in this world Yeah, you're a natural Living your life cutthroat You gotta be so cold Yeah, you're a natural Deep inside me, I'm fading to black, I'm fading Took an oath by the blood of my hand, won't break it I can taste it, the end is upon us, I swear Gonna make it I'm gonna make it Natural A beating heart of stone You gotta be so cold To make it in this world Yeah, you're a natural Living your life cutthroat You gotta be so cold Yeah, you're a natural Natural Yeah, you're a natural
Mario Moncada
Mario Moncada 2 mesi fa
Who knows the name of the movie on the video?
DJ Skandalous
DJ Skandalous 2 mesi fa
MultiWobble 2 mesi fa
Probably the best remix of all time
Felipe Ruis
Felipe Ruis 2 mesi fa
Love this song
Hector Rodriguez
24 house itself. See. Bright. Bring what was. Watch out. Some. Are. Not really. Since born. Thing's. Do. Not ever. Change. Feeling. First. Find. Cold. Words. Hold
The Gueba
The Gueba 2 mesi fa
anyone can help with the name of the movie ? P.S. Forgot to say , this music , video is EPIC !!!! thank you for creating it !!!!
Lalchand Larai
Lalchand Larai 2 mesi fa
F**king love this Song.
KAiSKAjO 2 mesi fa
*Lots of things make a rapper talented - a unique perspective, story-telling ability, witty wordplay, complex and diverse rhyme schemes, cadence, bar structure, vulnerability, bravado and punch lines, humor, hyperbole, unique metaphors and similes, melody, song structure, and even song placement on the project. Eminem has it all and shows off his full arsenal on this Kamikaze album. In my opinion, Kamikaze is Eminem reminding everyone how good he is and how easy he makes it seem. It's hard for me to identify other Rappers who are in the same realm as Eminem - he's obsessed with the craft and it shows in his ability. This album is a new classic and refreshing change from the mumble rap so many of us are tired of hearing.*
Quang Anh Pham
Quang Anh Pham 2 mesi fa
Not an Eminem song. It's Imagine Dragons feat. Eminem. Not even am official song, just a mix made by someone
Jeremy Tedrick
Jeremy Tedrick 2 mesi fa
I really like da hood
Honest Lee
Honest Lee 2 mesi fa
What movie is this from
Night Raid
Night Raid 2 mesi fa
The movie sucks btw
More music like this please
Amanda Underwood
Great mashup
Ken White
Ken White 2 mesi fa
Mumblings over....R.I.P Rap is back...... Ooohhh
Mauro Jose
Mauro Jose 3 mesi fa
Love this remix man!
Tasha Gandy
Tasha Gandy 3 mesi fa
Em making em feel some type of way!!!🔥🔥🔥
Streng Verboten
Streng Verboten 3 mesi fa
Fuck the Police..... 666
Streng Verboten
Streng Verboten 3 mesi fa
kill all the police ho fuck you uP!!!!!!
Claire me Payton
Claire me Payton
Claire me Payton
But don,t 50can't. Sound like proff? Yes he doe,s.
Mexar LG
Mexar LG 3 mesi fa
This is really good! Holy Shit! Keep up the good work!!
snots420 3 mesi fa
Fuck u
Grant Simmons
Grant Simmons 3 mesi fa
Banging tune good effort
Gaurav Merugu
Gaurav Merugu 3 mesi fa
I saw the title and for a moment i actually thought Em and Shinoda did a collab. Wish that happened.
Jmaster Gaming
Jmaster Gaming 2 mesi fa
Abbas Peeran
Abbas Peeran 2 mesi fa
Because Mike ended up collaborating with MGK 😕
Gaurav Merugu
Gaurav Merugu 2 mesi fa
Lets hope for it haha
Th3Bobhims3lf 2 mesi fa
That would be dope. Idk why they haven't
Batuhan Ateş
Batuhan Ateş 3 mesi fa
This is a sad clip. I had wanted Tommy to won the match but he lost his bastars brother.
Josep Mas Pérez
Lyrics anyone?? Em sings really and i’m not native
Josep Mas Pérez
Hey man, congratulations, i’ve not enjoyed a rap song as much as i enjoyed this one for a very long time. I love the Eminem part, but i can’t understand much of it, as he sings very fast and i’m not a native english speaker. Would you mind to share the lyrics somehow?? I would be really thankfull
Josep Mas Pérez
Hey man, did you upload the lyrics?? Can’t find’em
Josep Mas Pérez
DJ Skandalous you the goddamn best!!
DJ Skandalous
DJ Skandalous 3 mesi fa
Yes I will add lyrics to my top comment later tonight!
brad grimes
brad grimes 3 mesi fa
Eminem will always be the best rapper on earth dre taught him well.
Dre didn't teach him shit....bitch get ur facts together... Mexicano777 is my father and he taught me I taught em...dumb ass bitch. Dre don't even rap like him dummy
Chong-ma tsuki
Chong-ma tsuki 3 mesi fa
♥️EM ♥️ID God I am so blessed to hear this song....🤩🤩🤩
PELON49ER 79 3 mesi fa
This jam goes hard homie 💯💣.
Jeffery Nelson
Jeffery Nelson 3 mesi fa
go. Eminem
Lina Lina
Lina Lina 3 mesi fa
BlameJuliet 3 mesi fa
Im so happy, the kind has returned
Rebecca Cummings
DAMN!!! Oh my I am so glad I have time to catch up to these!! and OHHH MYY !!! ON ALL THOSE PLAYLISTS!!
teddy bender b.rodríguez
My favourites in one strike! When I'm angry, I listed to Eminem When I'm down I listen to Linkin Park When I'm spark I listen to Imagine Dragons
Dimensions79 3 mesi fa
Mumble rap is a fad. Just a phase that little kids are going through. Itll be dead soon like boy bands. Luckily true hip hop isnt dead.
John Shader
John Shader 3 mesi fa
Awesome mashup. Could be a part of the soundtrack for the upcoming Creed movie. This was an awesome movie too. It's called "Warrior"
Fatalist 3 mesi fa
Kntry 4life
Kntry 4life 3 mesi fa
Awesome mix... It's from 50s and EM old songs tho. ♥
Ball is Life
Ball is Life 3 mesi fa
Prossimi video
Eminem - Fall
3 mesi fa
3 mesi fa
Eminem - Fall
3 mesi fa
Lucky You
3 mesi fa
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