Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 1)

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Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part One.
Kamikaze is out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze


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12 set 2018

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Commenti 34 355
CoNnErW 125
CoNnErW 125 8 ore fa
I'm sure a fucking dog keeps breathing into the mic somewhere
IcePick Slim
IcePick Slim 19 ore fa
VLAD wish he could get this close to Em 😂
Basti Langkilde
Basti Langkilde 22 ore fa
I feel like every time em pauses he’s just created a whole song in his head. His eyes look like he’s processing 1 trillion bars😂
The_ Atlantian
The_ Atlantian Giorno fa
First time i saw talking eminem instead rapping
Simone ILMSM
Simone ILMSM Giorno fa
The problem with Eminem music right after Shady XV is that the lyricism is gone in favor of his bitter/acid side which i surely love because nobody can fire shots like Em, but to me he was even better when het let people see his true colors and was not afraid to involve his fans in his real life situations. The last few albums have just been about rambling, there's a place for that for sure but can't be the only thing people like me can look forward in his songs, knowing how many emotions he can give when he's more open to let them empathize with him
Nicola Clair
Nicola Clair Giorno fa
Norvell The Rapper
I think is so cool that Em is wearing just regular Nike’s. It makes me happy that my favorite rapper wears clothes I can afford and have in my closet. Down to earth even tho he’s a multi millionaire! Raps not all about gold chains and Loui V you feel?
Ahmad Salman
Ahmad Salman Giorno fa
The Krissie Trené Show
Eminem hasn't cracked
DIMAS395 2 giorni fa
8:33 anger is a gift - RATM
christian 3 giorni fa
I loved the relapse album... it’s my favorite Eminem album
Raph 3 giorni fa
Y’all need to stop sucking Em’s dick, yes he’s a talented MC but the fact that he made a whole album being angry at critique yet his whole career is based of him critiquing other MC’s is purely fucking hypocritical.
Putri A.
Putri A. 4 giorni fa
woodmaj 4 giorni fa
It's your moment, this is it As big as you're gonna get, so enjoy it Had to give you a career to destroy it. Mic drop
Loweden Hoss
Loweden Hoss 5 giorni fa
I went in to rap devil thinking it would suck Guess who was right
phil simbage
phil simbage 6 giorni fa
whos surprised by sway's face
Angel Medium
Angel Medium 6 giorni fa
Yaiii eminem k won though
trist parton
trist parton 7 giorni fa
eminem we love all your shit
Smokin' Joe Cool
Smokin' Joe Cool 7 giorni fa
H look
Smokin' Joe Cool
Smokin' Joe Cool 7 giorni fa
Eminem is high as fuck
Devon Zastre
Devon Zastre 8 giorni fa
Is that a paddock.....does em finally have a classy watch......dope.
Tearza Armijo
Tearza Armijo 8 giorni fa
He is so intelligent. People don't give him any credit to how honest, real, and truly intelligent he truly is.
hibert boogus
hibert boogus 8 giorni fa
jay Mason
jay Mason 8 giorni fa
OMG how can he put himself down on Relapse, that is on my top 3 list, it's a top lp. Ge puts himself down too much. I love Relapse it's a great album
Earl Seagrave
Earl Seagrave 8 giorni fa
What I find amazing is how many of y'all can't write proper English. LOL
Sujata Khadka
Sujata Khadka 8 giorni fa
I missed Em so much that I had to come back here to watch him, listen to him(other than songs). I wish he would do more interviews/podcasts anything to connect to fans :(
foufa mess
foufa mess 5 giorni fa
Me 2 he needs more conncte with his fans like the other artists do to their fans 😞 we deserve this
Leondra  Felder
Leondra Felder 9 giorni fa
Everybody wants every artist to be how they used to be, and I think that’s such bs tbh
*》Michael Stephano《*
PalArnob M
PalArnob M 9 giorni fa
Did anybody notice Marshall literally laugh
Šupłex Čitý
Šupłex Čitý 9 giorni fa
killshot 💣💣 mgk ☠☠died
vvv bbb
vvv bbb 10 giorni fa
You could start from the beginning with his work till now it's like a book every chapter is something new an different that's what makes him unique .
Salgod The first
Salgod The first 10 giorni fa
8;07 Haha love it, I also get to say whatever the fuck I want to say about you, I'm good with Revival Fuck it hahaha no doubt Em
Alfredo Paniagua
Alfredo Paniagua 11 giorni fa
this sounded like two old original goats having a conversation
So EMINEM had to wait till the cameras were rolling to ask HIS EMPLOYEE for an autograph? *Insert Futurama fry squint meme*
DioSundoro 11 giorni fa
he doesn't age
ĐIKA ODALOVIĆ 11 giorni fa
he looks so sexy
No Offense But...
No Offense But... 12 giorni fa
Future destroyed by swedish noname rapper. Responds to Mask Off 😱😱😱
Scoped_Panda 12 giorni fa
yeah baby slim shady's fazey. new bar baby. lol. love you em
Unknown_FTW 12 giorni fa
Whatever em makes I love it
Илья олефир
What does "how fucking off is my ear" mean? Explain me, pls. I'm not native.
Dawin Alexander
Dawin Alexander 13 giorni fa
So part 2 is not like the next day or sum right cause I see it at the bottom part 2 and you guys wearing the same clothes yo.
Dawin Alexander
Dawin Alexander 13 giorni fa
Yea ITvid is the bomb
Dawin Alexander
Dawin Alexander 13 giorni fa
"Fack, Fack on everyone"
Dawin Alexander
Dawin Alexander 13 giorni fa
Or the mic is too close to your jugular
Dawin Alexander
Dawin Alexander 13 giorni fa
Yo em you breathing to much in the mic when you're not speaking man
Dawin Alexander
Dawin Alexander 13 giorni fa
That was a joke right?
Dawin Alexander
Dawin Alexander 13 giorni fa
Eminem asking for bars?
Sharad Nair
Sharad Nair 14 giorni fa
Legend 😎😎😎
Vikas Aswani
Vikas Aswani 14 giorni fa
Not enough indians and too many chiefs?
BeautybyMia 14 giorni fa
Eminem will forever be my favorite...
I Ray
I Ray 14 giorni fa
Eminem looks so young, is it right ?
Triestman de derde
Triestman de derde 15 giorni fa
I'm deadass wondering what's under the cap ever since the beard
Ole Mrl
Ole Mrl 13 giorni fa
Hair transplant?
Eb Bunny
Eb Bunny 16 giorni fa
Recovery still to this day is his best album. Every single song is a fucking masterpiece
Aiden Wyrick
Aiden Wyrick 16 giorni fa
am I the only one that thinks its weird that it was published Sep 11 and it was called an "Kamikaze Interview" KAMIKAZE 9/11 anyone?
Kriistiee. 16 giorni fa
Carlos Ochoa
Carlos Ochoa 16 giorni fa
You could feel the pain in his eyes
Nano Nhanho
Nano Nhanho 18 giorni fa
Marshall Mathers sir please drop your skin care routine dammnn 🤗🤗
Matej Stefanovic
Matej Stefanovic 16 giorni fa
He has good genetic,me too.
Fåțhêř Çřøśśøvêř
I understand why he cringed at Relapse/Refill.
Thatfool Forlife
Thatfool Forlife 19 giorni fa
Damn, I'm OD late, but wtf is wrong with MGK? He did a whole press run about Hailey? That's crazy
karen James
karen James 19 giorni fa
I love everything Marshall has involvement in, from head to toe pure sexy ass genius 🔥🔥🔥💞👌
MASKD HD 20 giorni fa
4:09 doesn't even move his mouth
Kris lol
Kris lol 20 giorni fa
10:34 what is that demon noise
Kristy 20 giorni fa
Eminem, we love you for you! Through your ups, through your downs. You're amazing!
Mikey Gio
Mikey Gio 23 giorni fa
I gotta agree with em his weird accents on relapse made me hate that shit
Laura Pagano
Laura Pagano 22 giorni fa
Mikey Gio same, glad that’s behind us 👌
Stephen Gatsby
Stephen Gatsby 23 giorni fa
Revival: We want the old Em. Kamikaze: He's too old for this old Em. Simple as that. Pft.
Rachel Barraza Medellin
Eminem still looking good in his 40s ❤❤❤❤❤
Black Allah
Black Allah 21 giorno fa
His face looks like pussy hair on a female dog
Brandon DeAndre
Brandon DeAndre 25 giorni fa
Vo is Eminem competition 🔥 I'm serious... I'm sorry
poorest*mans_gaming 6991
Emms aging exactly like will smith anyone else see the similarity's jus look at the smiles
poorest*mans_gaming 6991
Us white people look like shit when we get old lol
najd mathers
najd mathers 25 giorni fa
watching this all over again because I'm that obsessed
Abillity 25 giorni fa
5:28 i love your rhymes
Frank Nguyen
Frank Nguyen 26 giorni fa
ur beard is weirc.
Chaos Freakx
Chaos Freakx 27 giorni fa
Reguardless of what emenem is spitting or not spitting . He is rap and a legend.
RGM 27 giorni fa
Dude doesn’t age
YKB Gucci Izzy
YKB Gucci Izzy 27 giorni fa
Who ever disliked is mad cuz the fact that mgks career destroyed 😂😂💀
Nick Sorrill
Nick Sorrill 28 giorni fa
ten million two hundred sixty six thousand five hundred and three views = RESPECT
Nick Sorrill
Nick Sorrill 28 giorni fa
Twitch Urcepten
Twitch Urcepten 29 giorni fa
Relapse was amazing
Nikki Basurto
Those mics are working a little too well lol.
Mikie Da Poet
‪Eminem Stole My Style / Chicago Hip Hop History #1 2019 itvid.net/video/video-4sY2zzidSVU.html ‬
Frey Mese fa
У Дудя бы больше просмотров было.
Russell Baran
Em you probably won't ever read this but underground was an amazing song man. Is also this k revival was a good album dude. It was poetic and amazing. But I think you should do you man. Your music has matured so much but I was would love to hear your old style like rock bottom. I think it would blow people away if you went back to that and all your styles over the years mixed in. I wasn't a fan of the accents but your the goat to me man. Say what you want to say in your music man but I really would love to hear the real old em.
German Berestnev
Signature with one "L" in the name Marshall... wtf Sway?!) 0:39
Jen Mese fa
iTzYoMaster Mese fa
I laugh at the people who say "Eminem is trying to hard to prove he's the greatest" Because they be the same mf's who said they wanted the old Shady back!Well,you got him!
Azreal231916 Mese fa
also holy shit he looks the exact same as he did a decade or so ago.
Azreal231916 Mese fa
I liked Encore.
Noah Vidal
Noah Vidal Mese fa
Relapse was sick tbh🤷‍♂️
Silly_string Mese fa
0:01 it sounds like a sos
Silly_string 13 giorni fa
Ole Mrl you’re fuckin right
Ole Mrl
Ole Mrl 13 giorni fa
Holy whack unlyrical lyrics Andre
tricia almagno
I have so much respect for him because he’s honest and real , he stands out to me and no matter what the critics say your life is a journey and it takes the good and the bad to make you strive for more as a human and artist . Keep doing what your doing and everyone else can piss off!
Erica Gross
Erica Gross Mese fa
Hello, de ja vu, and old times sake weren't bad. I didn't like 3 am much tho and encore was great mosh, crazy inlove, one shot two shot, never enough and yellow brick road were the best on that one
Flying Ace
Flying Ace Mese fa
Funny how he says Relapse is his worst album, yet that was the best and most creative album he has put out since The Eminem Show. And Relapse 2 would've been even better, because it would have no accents (with the exception of Drop The Bomb On 'Em, Oh No, Buffalo Bill and Things Get Worse, but there's also a possibility that these were supposed to be on Relapse 1, but they weren't good enough or the album has already reached the 80 minutes limit). Shame Relapse 2 was replaced by Recovery, because Recovery is in my opinion the second worst album he has put out.
Chthonian121 Mese fa
One thing Em is wrong about is the reason why people disliked revival. It's not like people had high expectations that it was bad (even though they kinda did), it's just because that album was completely un-listenable. Almost every song had no meaning behind it, lyrics were trash, style was heavily outdated, and genre didn't make sense (Pop Rap?). People knew that Eminem can do WAY better than that and everyone gave him hell which got him to wake-up and drop Kamakazie. Kamakazie was all moder hip-hop, had great featuring artists, and had INSANE lyricism as well as a new trap flow Eminem adopted.
Rodrigo Guimarães
KAMIKAZ3 is very fuck good Marshall Bruce Maters. I'll explain everything about the Kamikaze man, I'm kamizak3.
Games Only
Games Only Mese fa
His first thing he said was absolutely on point
Unknown Youtuber
Unknown Youtuber
stfu! itvid.net/video/video-TjcGcLlUUxE.html
Stuart Little
Yeah Man
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