Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 1)

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Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part One.
Kamikaze is out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze


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12 set 2018




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Julian Kulak
Julian Kulak 10 ore fa
I almost feel bad but at the same time i don't want to say that but rapper fucked up hiphop today i miss all the old shit where most of the greats are dead or retired
Kbarbieb 01
Kbarbieb 01 Giorno fa
The Impartial Savage
Sway trying to sound like he was a big rapper and shit, "if you wanna use any of those lyrics from that you can" maaaan ain't nobody trying to use Sways corny ass lyrics haha
Omy Haby255
Omy Haby255 Giorno fa
We are all eminem...!
Mr. WrongUk
Mr. WrongUk 2 giorni fa
I would love to rap..just for me as a hobby...I just can’t find a voice/tone I always sound like some rapper or other that I heard....how do you find your own style? I’m sure a lot of rappers watch this any help or advice on that would be appreciated ✌🏻
GD lIlXentimentlIl
GD lIlXentimentlIl 2 giorni fa
Bagpipes from Baghdad still mine fav after Role Model. Liked Relapse AND Encore. I always take them when I'm bored since they are so funny I cringe and laugh and feel great again.
Armando Quidato
Armando Quidato 2 giorni fa
he looks like forest gump
Siiri P
Siiri P 2 giorni fa
I love Eminems music and Eninem him self 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 i just started at last year listening his music and now i love it ❤️❤️👌
Genrold 3 giorni fa
Love how Em's interviews on shade 45 sound like councling sessions
P Zeid
P Zeid 3 giorni fa
Eminem was created for competition and working to be the best. Not necessarily to BE the best but for the PATH on the way to the top
Kara McNac
Kara McNac 3 giorni fa
way too humble..only Eminem can criticize Eminem the way that Eminem can.
SoulSearcher247365 3 giorni fa
9:15 What if I said it WAS on Revival. You wouldn't know cause you didn't listen probably."
Drew Jeskey
Drew Jeskey 4 giorni fa
Relapse is fire tho
Kevin Daley
Kevin Daley 4 giorni fa
Em is a legend. I put em up with tupac Kurt Cobain Hendrix etc.
Suicidal Bunny
Suicidal Bunny 4 giorni fa
i loved relapse...
Jason Rios
Jason Rios 4 giorni fa
No comments on creepy lady passing by at 5:29 ? Anyone? Ok...
EagleTube 5 giorni fa
Em already rapping, give him a beat
Calud E
Calud E 5 giorni fa
Buy the new phone Eminem X. Now only for 899 $
TVCH LORD 6 giorni fa
people dont want rock beats in hiphop its simple, thats why kamikaze was succesfull
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith 4 giorni fa
TVCH LORD Rick Rubin needs to stay away from Em. I can’t stand any track that he’s produced for him
Ian Blom
Ian Blom 7 giorni fa
Em would have a good talk with david draiman from disturbed who wrote "saviour of nothing"
Ryan-glenn Austin
Ryan-glenn Austin 7 giorni fa
I like relapse lol
Otis Floyd
Otis Floyd 7 giorni fa
Eminem the man he cool as hell
power xxn
power xxn 8 giorni fa
Im still listening to the sing "criminal from eminem "
Estela Laturno
Estela Laturno 8 giorni fa
I love em❤😍
Mimi Walker
Mimi Walker 8 giorni fa
Anybody notice the ghost behind Em 5:28
Robert Hernandez
Robert Hernandez 3 giorni fa
Word I thought it was only me noticing that
Sulaiman Haji Mohamad
I saw......maybe it's people behind him sway could look at behind!
Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler 8 giorni fa
Its not even that weird...
sgt Hale107
sgt Hale107 9 giorni fa
Why is Eminem dressed like the Nostalgia Critic? Even the hat he's wearing is the same as Nostalgia Critic's.
1 1
1 1 9 giorni fa
You know. Like. Uhm. Right?
Frances Laboy
Frances Laboy 9 giorni fa
I would love to hear @snowthaproduct and EMINEM do some music together!! Desr god that shit would be 🔥!!! #toiletbowlgang #everydaydays
xXxKAMIKAZExXx 9 giorni fa
Relapse > Encore
Lavetta Thomas
Lavetta Thomas 9 giorni fa
@ 4:10 did anyone notice his mouth didn't move at all when he supposedly said "yeah"? 🤔 Also why does Sway look like he want to knock Em out the entire interview? 🤣🤣💀
Kamran Abbasi
Kamran Abbasi 10 giorni fa
You are an Illuminati bro.
rachekane seloane
rachekane seloane 11 giorni fa
I'm always "digging in the crates"
Akim Makoi
Akim Makoi 11 giorni fa
Relapse is not bad its equivalent to jay z kingdom come , not a bad album some decent bangers it just what pissed him off is that he being insulted by bums compared to him . Rappers that have no credibility unlike kendrick or cole etc rappers that have would have constructive criticism.
tahsweatshirt TV
tahsweatshirt TV 12 giorni fa
Eminem is fucking retarded lmfao
Tristan T
Tristan T 12 giorni fa
Marshall stfu... Relapse's your last classic... stop spitting on it
Danzig Dill
Danzig Dill 12 giorni fa
it was coo em they was coo album I miss slim shady !
abolfazl arrival
abolfazl arrival 12 giorni fa
you know what I'm saying?
iliar sbragi
iliar sbragi 13 giorni fa
Greatest rapper ever. No one can fuck with him. No one ever. G.o.a.t.
KiAtTa KoRkOwSkI
KiAtTa KoRkOwSkI 13 giorni fa
I love Eminem’s laugh
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 13 giorni fa
Relapse was a work of "Art".
William O'Reilly
William O'Reilly 13 giorni fa
Eminem got all the rap infinity stones
STOP MaximillianMus
STOP MaximillianMus 14 giorni fa
Who breathing extremely hard behind the camera
Heidi Rodgers
Heidi Rodgers 14 giorni fa
How bout the fact that I LITERALLY almost BURST into tears when Em said, "Yes, please." to "Should I sign it to Marshall?" Beautiful! :')
the_ ghost_77
the_ ghost_77 14 giorni fa
Eminem for ever bitch❤❤❤
ROBERT YOUNG 15 giorni fa
I love em but this interview is bullshit as it was rehearsed and he wrote all the questions he was asked so he had his answers wrote rather than being sincere...
NoahTre 15 giorni fa
Encore was my first Eminem album, my mom bought it for me. Greatly loved and still love that album. I loved and still love Relapse too. Hell, I jammed the whole thing the other night.
Michaela Walsh
Michaela Walsh 16 giorni fa
I’ve always had the biggest crush on him and I’m only 21...😂
Gabe Ochoa
Gabe Ochoa 16 giorni fa
Shawn cee is the best music review channel on ITvid no cap
Gabe Ochoa
Gabe Ochoa 16 giorni fa
What shoes does em got on?
Turyagyenda Martin
Turyagyenda Martin 16 giorni fa
Em relapse was hotter than recovery .... that album was really the Em i like 2 hear
Ali Ghazali
Ali Ghazali 16 giorni fa
I love every eminem songs but rap god is my favorite
Nyanko Sensey
Nyanko Sensey 16 giorni fa
When i listen to his songs i notice that most songs which is consider bad have poor music in it. Like lyric and eminem is one thing and music is another. Here is no harmony. But maybe i imagine things
Troy Oclair
Troy Oclair 16 giorni fa
I think anybody who doesn't think Eminem isn't a phenomenal artist and Rapper. To be able to call out so many so called artists and for so many rappers not respond just as a battle back even are weak and have no Talent. ( Way to go Eminem keep calling them out to change talent an true artistic talent)
Meredith McCown
Meredith McCown 16 giorni fa
Thank God, Jesus, Mary and Joseph that I found THIS!❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 #DayFuckinMade #IthoughtIwasLosingMyEarTooEm😂🤗❤️❤️✌️
Aziq Syaz
Aziq Syaz 17 giorni fa
Man he still look great until now shout out to EM..
Mr smith
Mr smith 17 giorni fa
Eminem purist see it like this Eminem show his best Encore purist’s favorite Relapse great Slim shady lp classic Marshall mathers lp fantastic Recovery good Mmlp 2 trash Revival trash Kamikaze ok no replay value
Robert E
Robert E 17 giorni fa
"Spit on and hit with shit everytime i sung like r kelly as soon as bump and grind comes on"
sami francois
sami francois 18 giorni fa
this guy not look like Eminem at all I know go ahead curse me bitch ! i'm just a French dude
Loyiso Sijaji
Loyiso Sijaji 18 giorni fa
Rap God
wethebest myway
wethebest myway 19 giorni fa
Eminem the devil worshipper and i worship Allah i dont want fame and money i want paradise
Saroj Gurung
Saroj Gurung 19 giorni fa
check out UNIQ POET 's rap
Ahmed Siddique
Ahmed Siddique 19 giorni fa
How to Tell in India people tell you what are from in India people how tell
B. Bullfrog
B. Bullfrog 19 giorni fa
It's funny cause honestly I fuck with Relapse so hard to this day.
龘纛爨灪麤彠 19 giorni fa
what shoes are eminem wearing please??
Douglas Northpole
Douglas Northpole 19 giorni fa
10:08 Eminem has set the bar so high for himself, and he can never be the rapper he once was, so he can never achieve that bar height again. It is impossible. He just has to be ok with that. Doesn't mean he still can't make good music.
Mohit Marciano
Mohit Marciano 20 giorni fa
7:07 he said not enough Indians
Young.Toonz.Musik 20 giorni fa
Tupac said it, "Bomb First."
Toby ReineKing
Toby ReineKing 21 giorno fa
I don't get it. What's wrong with Revival? Why are they pickin' on EM? Just let this man make his music - god damn!
HighlyVenomous The Caribbean Pewdiepie
youv,e been my mentore for aslong as i can remember,i write music but i suck my carrier ended b4 it even started lmao,so imma youtuber now,i still write but havent released anything asyet,i know u wouldent even get to read this comment but still if u do checkout my first song thanks!itvid.net/video/video-IeS3zXxrDXQ.html
Kellen Fraser
Kellen Fraser 21 giorno fa
That his homie from 8 mile who hosts the battles?
Shaggy 419
Shaggy 419 22 giorni fa
I thought relaspe was fire
Shaggy 419
Shaggy 419 22 giorni fa
Revival wasnt trash but was one of his worst albulm thats only because all the others were 4 stars if not 5
Diogo Sousa
Diogo Sousa 22 giorni fa
Em you loved the rush of being 'bad' because you fight for what is right and you know injustice is blood boiling. You know you have the ethics behind... At least some... You could kinda stop dissing women and other inocent and already comodified people. Use your amazing power like WA or Mosh. Read TZM and meet Immortal technique before others
Beans Beans
Beans Beans 22 giorni fa
Revival didn't suck. Fuck what others think
PeculiarK8 Atelier
PeculiarK8 Atelier 23 giorni fa
Anger DRIVES you man! If you want to get it DONE, you need the ANGER!
8T2OFFICIAL 23 giorni fa
I was just watching an interview from Eminem from 98 and this looks like a completely different person
mikki youki
mikki youki 23 giorni fa
I love MGK he is so sweet.
DAVID JASON 24 giorni fa
that nike shoes?
Ri3m4nn 24 giorni fa
Sub to Pewdiepie so Eminem can do meme review on Diss-tracks.
Shady gamer
Shady gamer 24 giorni fa
These are 2 fuckin' legends in one place!!!!
chef_mantis 25 giorni fa
I find this difficult to masturbate to
furiozen 25 giorni fa
actuallu Em dresses the best of all celebraties, to be honest.
Jymix Junkings
Jymix Junkings 25 giorni fa
Sway has had that hat forever bro 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
woody mantle
woody mantle 25 giorni fa
eminem up top man
BabyDzy 25 giorni fa
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Aaliyah The worthless one
Which came here from MuchDank
Fabrice Gorgeon
Fabrice Gorgeon 25 giorni fa
www.devred.com/ : what about napstering their ass?
Nightingale Bou
Nightingale Bou 26 giorni fa
Eminem’s humble ass like can I have your autograph
Frank TheLordsSheep
Frank TheLordsSheep 27 giorni fa
Eminem lokks like my brother in law Tyler
Carla Bento
Carla Bento 28 giorni fa
YOU can rap about e very think Long LIVE THE King
Prathamesh Shimpi
Prathamesh Shimpi 28 giorni fa
What do he meant by "not enough indians too many chiefs"?
Cactus slay
Cactus slay 27 giorni fa
It's like saying " too many bosses, not enough workers", and basically he's talking about how everyone now can easily have something to say and critique the work others are putting out
Queen Duncan Donut Of Scots
Peach Plastic
Peach Plastic 29 giorni fa
Was Em never not critical with any of his albums? I personally thought Relapse was a super creative collage of stories and fun to listen to. I still listen to it.
Shogun Sigma
Shogun Sigma 29 giorni fa
Relapse is underrated asf! I loved that album still play it till this day even the refill was fire em has some stupid fans smh
Mike 767
Mike 767 Mese fa
Eminem one of the greatest things to happen to hip hop
Ní Mhaoilbhríde
I love everything about eminem.
Lauren Gibbs
Lauren Gibbs Mese fa
such a ridiculous crush on this guy. Em is such a fascinating and honest person.
Eric Hallam
Eric Hallam Mese fa
Every artist makes mistakes. Experimentation leads to breakthroughs. I still love his music.
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