Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 1)

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Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part One.
Kamikaze is out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze


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12 set 2018

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Commenti 34 689
Reagan Cordero
I find Relapse to be his best Post-Hiatus album (Hell, I regard it as a Top 3 Eminem Album) so seeing Em talk trash about it is weird
Josip Živković
This is cool like Jocoiscool 😂😁😍😍😍😍😋
Yo he's homophobic
John Paul Longno
John Paul Longno 2 giorni fa
Because of Em! I need to Learned & Understand English Words.... Em is RapGod #GOAT His Music will never Gonna Die! 💪💖💯
i eat alot of ass
Lil pump better
Gyrbae 2 giorni fa
After Killshot MGK said that he had a disstrack that he doesn't want to release because the beef is over, but during his live shows he plays parts of this interview before Rap Devil. MGK is a bitch, and I can only wonder how Eminem will response to that in his next years tour. That is if he feels like responding at all.
Stacey Brodrick
Stacey Brodrick 2 giorni fa
Marshal for president!!! White rapper in the white house that's the movement this country needs you can tale Eminem is really a good dude id vote for him stay humble em
tara monroe
tara monroe 2 giorni fa
Just so you know, revival was the shit! Forreal dude. It's for grown ups. Kids dont understand the stuff you spoke about thats prolly why the younger crowd didn't get it. But you spoke about real life adult tribulations . just know you are great! Frrl
Lee Hughes
Lee Hughes 2 giorni fa
First great interview sway my brudda I love how a white dude who went through a tough up bringing and went through hell and back and then back again with the drug addiction . And is now back dominating a black orientated genre of music hip hop and no racial shit intended got black friends before anyone jumps on that you no I could watch a interview with Marshall for hours and hours believe me ! Good to see him looking healthy and bck sharper than a razor too . Sway respect and stay blessed and have a great Christmas I'm out peace .. 🧢🎄✌👏👏
Jay Deliah
Jay Deliah 3 giorni fa
I wish he wasn’t so hard on himself about relapse that’s one of my favorite albums
I don't read replies
Face facts dude, Revival is TRASH. The dude makes fun of MGK, or N'sync or whatever and then has Ed Sheeran and Beyonce on his album. Fucking sellout.
GForce1080 3 giorni fa
kamikaze was way better bruh that shit went hard tho
Cyber Cyborg
Cyber Cyborg 3 giorni fa
I was first introduced to Eminem's music when i was 14-15yrs old. English, not being my first language I didn't understand 90% of the lyrics but i used to listen to them anyway. Eminem is the first english language singer/rapper i ever listened to and he's still my favourite and he'll always be 🤘🏼
Nox Reliquia
Nox Reliquia 17 ore fa
The same happened to me!
Alana Wrisley
Alana Wrisley 3 giorni fa
That's awesome to hear. The guy is loved by every corner of this world. EM is the goat
Aryanshu 0
Aryanshu 0 4 giorni fa
TBH I hate the fact that ppl come at Em calling his lyrics homophobic...the only time he actually said it was on 'Fall'. That also, he rewound the slur, he apologized as well...I don't understand why they still have a problem WID it??? And let's not forget 6ix9ine whose music sucks ass, who uses racial slurs ALL THE TIME. So in general u accept a rapper like 6ix9ine who promotes violence, racism n basically uncivil stuff in general. But when one of the best artists, who does so much charity work, who is so accepting uses just one slur...you condemn him?
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 4 giorni fa
This man em needs to stop breathing so fucking hard
Todd Bradshaw
Todd Bradshaw 4 giorni fa
Hey slim I have a big fan since your album the re-up I am a die hard eminem fan I loved revival unlike most people
Brenden Sullivan
Brenden Sullivan 4 giorni fa
That outro tho
rudy garza
rudy garza 4 giorni fa
Need to hit up DAX
Felicia Bye
Felicia Bye 4 giorni fa
God its SO GOOD TO SEE him backkkkkk!! He's a legend! He is the GOAT PERIOD!
Whispy Woodz
Whispy Woodz 4 giorni fa
Honestly I wouldn’t compare encore to relapse although they came out chronologically they were on two different motives of concert encore felt like a sequel to the Eminem show which is a great album and relapse feels like a spiritual presuccessor to Dr. Dre’s detox .... then detox took a decade and more to make which caused relapse to string with recovery and at that point it sounded like Eminem was reflecting on too many sad things in his life which is an a bad thing but I can understand the shift in audience I’ll map the album you can’t suggest people under a notion is your concept early on Eminem was very based on the same principles of the joker which is just an agent of chaos and anarchy applauding the Bizzarre over the Mundane and this enliven fans who were already on this concept of musical conquest along the lines of insane clown posse and Tech N9ne I think the reason why relapse and recovery sounded neutered was because this image contradicted who he was conceptually you can’t make people learn who you are do the things you say for more than a decade and then expect them to understand why you’re not really that person especially when it took years to convince them that you were ... either way your music is good don’t stop
Whispy Woodz
Whispy Woodz 4 giorni fa
Does everybody who signed the deal with Eminem have to wear those style of hats ... or are they legally forced to not have style at all lol
gray watson
gray watson 4 giorni fa
any way was good to see you just I had to watch it many times in part , but it only seems conversation has to many views that they are not responsibel of ACTS of all if some one mıight think that they are verbical points in your Mİnd ;)
Pieceless 4 giorni fa
I watched the much dank interview prior to watching this and it feels im still watching much dank💀
Ciaran Byrne
Ciaran Byrne 5 giorni fa
Anger inflates the ago em
Indrajeet Kashyap
Indrajeet Kashyap 5 giorni fa
does anybody realize end of this video has venom beat.
No Name
No Name 5 giorni fa
Bring the accents back
w47willrise ?
w47willrise ? 5 giorni fa
Marshall Mathers LP was my fav
Batman 5 giorni fa
This is the first time I heard eminem talk normally
Batman 16 ore fa
Nox Reliquia yeah, well in the 5+ years I have been listening to em, this is the first time I’ve heard him speak in normal conversation. I have only listened to him in music
Nox Reliquia
Nox Reliquia 17 ore fa
What do you mean? There are many videos where he talks "normally"
Hot Wheels Addict 74
All that dust in the air, change the lighting backdrop, damn..
Zay Tay
Zay Tay 7 giorni fa
ya know, revival had some bangers on it. my favorite songs were tragic endings, remind me, in your head, and sand castles. it definitley wasnt a trash album. ,aybe just over prepared and overly hyped. his flow was strange on a couple of songs but after a few listens, the writing is skilled and really apparent.
NO ONE YOU KNOW 8 giorni fa
From my life experience the masses haven’t changed it’s I, myself that’s changed, developed, evolved beyond the norm of society, people are scared of change, more comfortable living in their own little box until the walls come caving in & only then will they change, evolve. Do what you feel is right, sing about what you want to sing, they’ll love you no matter what.
hailie jean
hailie jean 8 giorni fa
my dad starting listening too kamikaze and he looked at me and goes “Em’s back”
Destination Unknown
45 yrears old wearing skinny jeans smh go back to your old style u aint 15
Alana Wrisley
Alana Wrisley 3 giorni fa
And you need to find a style. Lol
Sunfire 39
Sunfire 39 8 giorni fa
Stay yourself Em. Dont listen to anybody. Youre awsome as you are buddy. Cheers!
huliahoop702 8 giorni fa
"there is something inside me that is a little more happy, when I'm angry." art is emotion and expression, and em at his peak was feeling the purest form of emotional rage and used it to create his legacy. So many good artists "fall off" after they battle those demons and try to grow. Such a fascinating part of the human experience.
Justin Hoyt
Justin Hoyt 9 giorni fa
If I were to have a conversation with eminem, I would say, " despite its hate, I loved Revival! I loved kamikaze! Every single album was awesome, even my least favorite which is encore." I would tell him that surpringly revival is in my top 3 albums of his along with the eminem show and his latest kamikaze! Castle off revival and stepping stones off kamikazee are 2 of my favorites of the century! I honestly felt your most popular album which i think is mmlp would've been my favorite, but it's just I've heard it so many times I had to move on. I've listened to the eminem show straight through for 4 years a lot and it never gets old, it's my go to rap album so maybe it would've been my fav from start since I've listened to it for a longer span. I really don't know, but my main point is if I'm comparing albums like kamikazee and revival, I love both styles. Then again I love all music, from screamo, to rap, to jazz! Pretty much all music types that couldn't be more opposite. And last and foremost, never discredit your albums that didn't get much praise, there are still people who love them like me!" That would be my conversation with em!
Gabriel Reyes
Gabriel Reyes 10 giorni fa
Quick someone piss him off so he can drop another song!! 🔥
Rigoberto Arevalo
Rigoberto Arevalo 10 giorni fa
I love relapse and encore wtf😭😭😭
Aaron Brandhagen
Aaron Brandhagen 10 giorni fa
"There is something that is a little more happy when I'm angry" NO SHIT Em lol. That's the fuel that drove your whole career
maya summers
maya summers 10 giorni fa
Eminem has no rivals. He is his own Rival.
Cathleen Bravo
Cathleen Bravo 11 giorni fa
I am not saying this in a bad way...just curious but is it the shadow of his hat or did Em get plastic surgery? He looks better as he gets older, most men do.
Shrek will end your depression
Capelli Media
Capelli Media 11 giorni fa
The cloned version of Eminem. 😪
Ryan Stills
Ryan Stills 11 giorni fa
Revival is a different but solid body of work. You got the hip hop tracks (Chloraseptic, Framed, Offended), you got pop tracks (River, Walk on Water, Like Home, Nowhere Fast, and you got a bit of rap rock (Untouchable, Remind Me). But nonetheless, the album has bars, punchlines, metaphors, CONTENT!!!
Forever Misguided
Forever Misguided 12 giorni fa
I keep hearing Eminem breathing so deep throughout this whole interview
R1T2 13 giorni fa
Imagine a ski mask and eminem collab
Kaitlan M
Kaitlan M 13 giorni fa
he's back! Listen to em til he's 80 ha
Irena Deacon Henriquez
Nothing but respect and pure respect for the greatest of all times Eminem.I hope He will live long very long so he can give us more quality music and make sure he leaves the biggest legacy ever and give us even more quality that no other rapper in the future can even come close to that long live Eminem
Clark c
Clark c 13 giorni fa
Take out the music...his cadence and style is so repetitive and uncreative
Clark c
Clark c 13 giorni fa
The most overrated rapper ever
Rachel Seekell
Rachel Seekell 14 giorni fa
I loved relapse
Malyn Taylor
Malyn Taylor 14 giorni fa
Nobody gonna talk about how sway was talking with his mouth closed at 4:10?
Toma Ujkic
Toma Ujkic 14 giorni fa
@eminem. Who give a fuck what the haters say. Like T.I says ignore em till they fade away, amazing they ungrateful after all the game you gave away, it’s safe to say you paved the way for these cats to get paid today, you still be wastin days away now had you never saved the day
KruzeyBreeze 14 giorni fa
But i don't really like lil pumps music and stuff because of how it sounds and what he's talking about and the mumbling
OnPoint 15 giorni fa
Idk what Em is talking about...relapse was fucking dope
Martha 15 giorni fa
I actually really liked revival...
Levi Austin
Levi Austin 15 giorni fa
em should start a react channel
Anna Catherine Kowalsky
yo "thx man"- "no problem man" 😂😂 it made me cry 😂 this guys😂 lol
Deanna Turner
Deanna Turner 15 giorni fa
He made Sway almost cry in the first 30sec
Young dagger dick
Young dagger dick 16 giorni fa
Eminem beeing to hard on himself with relapse here, relapse was a dope album maybe the accents was a bit overdone but still had some really good songs on there.
DemonHeroInGaming 16 giorni fa
I like all of your raps
Malachi_Euangelion 16 giorni fa
Those breathing sound's a little annoying.
afbear 16 giorni fa
The only one who can beat slim shady is marshall
Benjamin White
Benjamin White 16 giorni fa
its kinda funny, the ending rap battle in 8 mile was a better diss to Em then mkg's taky rap. tbh
Max Allper
Max Allper 17 giorni fa
Legend is back on the track🔥
Marouane Marshall
Marouane Marshall 18 giorni fa
Emenem is simple, but he's cool and he's real. Morocco 🇲🇦
Eve Moore
Eve Moore 18 giorni fa
how a bastion becomes a shadow. Hope you have a fulfilling life meni me.
ddotremraf 18 giorni fa
Fuck that, relapse was my fave, unique shit made me think how good M is.
I obsess on everything this my legacy. Lot artist seem to compete with the early work whether it's Kanye Jay z or Snoop Dogg and Nas even others like Metallica and pink Floyd u can't win either way
James Anthony
James Anthony 18 giorni fa
Eminem is a perfectionist. Nuthin wrong with doing accents, IMO. Sia uses them all the time, so wots wrong wit a rapper doing em - can add more color to a verse, as long as they're not overdone. As for My Grandmothers Kunt, he's an Eminem copycunt with his flow and tone but his delivery is miserably slow, rhymes are piss-weak eg "weird/beard" wtf? .. and his choruses suck, needs to back to Cleveland, probly deliver faster if he gotta job drivin a truck
marxalenina 18 giorni fa
Interesting, Em sounds like he has ADHD... it's hard for him to stay in one line of thought...
Viewer 19 giorni fa
The Goat is in the building.
junaid jb
junaid jb 19 giorni fa
i love your talking style
ypsimichigan love
ypsimichigan love 20 giorni fa
I just dont understand how critics can talk so much shit about kamikaze and give it such bad reviews! When i read some of the comments critics had written, i was literally dumbfounded....like are we even listening to the same album? Wtf are they talking about?! Amazing album! I can listen to it from 1-13 and i love every fking (including the skits) song! Eminem doesnt need to try to be relevant lmao (as one critic said) he is at the top of his game and the rap game...also, revival was 🔥🔥🔥. Keep putting out incredible albums fck critics! much love from Michigan ❤❤❤
Dikshyant Singh
Dikshyant Singh 20 giorni fa
We love funny Slim Shady....Eminem should do a song with Lil' Dicky....Make it happen Shady
Corll 23 giorni fa
Its interesting to see he is still so hungry for it, you would think at this point he would just be doing this shit for shits and giggles lol
Spudz Gaming
Spudz Gaming 23 giorni fa
I was wondering where my airmax’s went
Guido de Gooijer
Guido de Gooijer 23 giorni fa
Em's getting a proper dadbod 0:15
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon 23 giorni fa
Space Jam 11s in the house !
Mike Hunter
Mike Hunter 24 giorni fa
He is 46 now. He seems more reflective than I've ever seen him. This comes with age. There is a certain calmness I think men in particular find after they turn 40. Things become more clear
Melissa Wright
Melissa Wright 24 giorni fa
I'd still totally fuck Eminem
Himanshu Singh
Himanshu Singh 25 giorni fa
Eminem for life❤❤❤❤ he's a dope....
ClearPics Films
ClearPics Films 25 giorni fa
Bro I love revival.
Alen Mustlovski
Alen Mustlovski 25 giorni fa
Somebody get him some fucken clippers, his fucken beard is weird.
Jonte Marshall
Jonte Marshall 25 giorni fa
Y' know.. this is just Marshall Mathers... he's just a regular guy and don't know why all the fuss about him. Slim would slay his ass.
T Norris
T Norris 26 giorni fa
Emim lost his shitl jk keep it gong can graduations on getting off the shit
scott tulloch
scott tulloch 26 giorni fa
Is it just me or does he act so weird and stutter and pause so much it’s almost like he’s an android made my the CIA or something and Eminem is actually dead?? I smoked fat and it’s tripping me out lmao
joe lisiecki
joe lisiecki 26 giorni fa
Can somebody tell me what shoes em is wearing? I love the look of them
maya summers
maya summers 26 giorni fa
I can listen to Marshall talk all day.
Ar De
Ar De 26 giorni fa
Haters gonna hate no matter what. In a lot of cases its jealousy. Em is amazing, one of the best of all time. These days he has no competition.
Coco Love
Coco Love 27 giorni fa
Is that a GUT?? I see on you Marshall?
MZ DGIRL 27 giorni fa
Eminem's only competition is Slim Shady.
SpiceGlowTheSujay 27 giorni fa
I was one of the few people who enjoyed revival
Secrets Of Sound
Secrets Of Sound 27 giorni fa
I know how hard it can be to click a fuckn link in the comments it can be annoying af. But if you arent feeling this after 60 seconds, then tear it apart if you must. itvid.net/video/video-hJGb8tcttKI.html
Jacob Delancy
Jacob Delancy 27 giorni fa
Again at 6:51
Jacob Delancy
Jacob Delancy 27 giorni fa
Why did a lady cross the screen at 5:29
i have no hairline
i have no hairline 27 giorni fa
Go Spurs Go!!!
Go Spurs Go!!! 27 giorni fa
Revival was great. Italy loves you, Em. Your concert in Milan was fantastic.
dray max
dray max 27 giorni fa
I've been having Walk On Water on repeat ever since the audio came out. One of the greatest songs I've ever heard, and I just don't get the negativity surrounding it.
The Genie
The Genie 27 giorni fa
Anyone know the jacket em was wearing?
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 28 giorni fa
Kamikaze has sold more than 400 million albums
Victor Godwin
Victor Godwin 28 giorni fa
I'm always digging in the crates!
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