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Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 2)

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Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part Two.
Kamikaze is out now: shady.sr/Kamikaze


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13 set 2018

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Commenti 32 138
Catchy Segmentz
Catchy Segmentz 57 minuti fa
The only person who needs to shut the fuck up is Eminem
Downtown Raps
Man I think he got choked up talking about Slaughterhouse.. He was extremely passionate about that group and you can tell he wished it went differently.
Fahim Islam
Fahim Islam Giorno fa
12:20 Motherfucker Shut the fuck up. Just shut the fuck up 🤣🤣
Fahmi Ardiansyah
Marshall Gonna Kill me
Guccigangdowner Giorno fa
I love how Eminem is just so humble he’s not like these new rappers rapping about how he has millions and how he fucks bitches and how he has ice on his wrist
Josh Pace
Josh Pace Giorno fa
Wordsmith I like that. 😂
Rajesh Jesus
Rajesh Jesus 2 giorni fa
Thank Jesus God Praise Jesus God Praise Jesus God Thank Jesus God Amen....
Viola Fontellio
Viola Fontellio 4 giorni fa
”your gonna get hit tho” *snaps neck*
Catherine G
Catherine G 4 giorni fa
M: " It's not bad... for him." Fucking brilliant & I l.m.a.o. !!!
Catchy Segmentz
Catchy Segmentz 4 giorni fa
So basically Eminem is saying his pride is worth more to him than his daughter
Michelle Semak
Michelle Semak 4 giorni fa
He gone get hit yo but guaranteed he’ll hit back with full force and vengeance on tap😉
Preye Fid
Preye Fid 6 giorni fa
Yeh After all he was a battle rapper before fame
Aijam Cortes
Aijam Cortes 7 giorni fa
Like John Wick, Em should have hired cleaners who clean after all the killing spree he made after dropping kamikaze
Hol up now, what the fuck is em talking about? If he doesn't want him to get bigger, JUST FUCKING IGNORE THE GUY! JESUS, its like MGK wanted him to respond so he can start showing up on the radar, which is exactly what em did, he served kelly the attention on a platter and kelly took that to the bank. Sometimes I think em isn't all that smart when he could have easily avoided talking about a nobody rapper. Don't feed the fucking TROLLS that's the FIRST RULE OF THE INTERNET EM JESUS
Nate River
Nate River 7 giorni fa
Em can't back down from a direct challenge without appearing weak. Especially when there are already so many people that think he's washed up. It would be like Mayweather coming back to the ring but refusing to fight.
Geese Howard
Geese Howard 8 giorni fa
Eminem is the greatest rapper, but, he's an awful talker. He barely finishes his sentences and sometimes stumbles on stupidity
Ds. S.
Ds. S. 9 giorni fa
And Eminem is still praising slaughterhouse still giving them their respect
Ds. S.
Ds. S. 9 giorni fa
please Joe Budden doesn't have a platform the only thing he got his reality TV and the only reason he got that was from Eminem.
Naasir Ali
Naasir Ali 9 giorni fa
Please bring back slaughterhouse and just replace joe budden with yelawolf I’d be cool with that foreal bruh he’s way better
Ethan Engel
Ethan Engel 9 giorni fa
All the dislikes are all of MGK’s fans and that’s sad that he only has that many fans 😂 Eminem is the living lyrical legend just imagine if this man died, you’ll never have another person/rapper like this guy and it’s gonna be a sad day when he dies because all the memories and great music this man has put it out is just unreal so for all you MGK dick riders you better recognize real music and hip hop before this man dies because I don’t wanna hear y’all saying “rip to a legend” when he dies pay your respect now or be a bandwagon you two faced little fucks. MGK could never have the brain power this man has every bar Eminem says he blows my fucking mind I don’t know how the fuck he thinks of the stuff he thinks. But like em said some people lean toward beats, sounds, or bars. I’m the bar kind of dude because that’s what’s REAL HIP HOP. Eminem has EARNED the title to call himself the GOAT because he pushes himself more than anyone. His challenge is his own self. So sit back and enjoy the genius ness while we still have him before he’s gone. 🐐✌️
iSoda 9 giorni fa
10:14 - "did he really diss me though?" 😂😂 Best part
Peace ,
Peace , 10 giorni fa
6:29 how is this not a meme😂😂
King Saya
King Saya 10 giorni fa
His fuckin beards weird. Best line in rap history 😂👌
Trey Davis
Trey Davis 14 giorni fa
To be honest I think the beat itself with slaughter house was great but not a lot of people can feel it because it’s an older style beat with lyrical geniuses with what I would call about early 2000’s style of bars. I loved it but that’s me.
Jacob Carlson
Jacob Carlson 14 giorni fa
That's gotta suck so bad...you want to tell some fucker off who's talking shit about you, but you know if you do, you're going to be putting millions in their pocket. If I was a rapper, the 1s thing i'd do is talk shit about Em.
Gemma Green
Gemma Green 15 giorni fa
Can't stand micky mouse got money thinking she's the man
Gemma Green
Gemma Green 15 giorni fa
This is what happens when money goes to your head fk him
red rayn
red rayn 16 giorni fa
He never really said why mgk was banned from shade 45. Kinda dodged the question and immediately went into Hailey's shout out lol.
Max Palmer
Max Palmer 17 giorni fa
Speaking of rap groups what happened to D12
paradoxical247 18 giorni fa
It's a weird feeling to realize that I am grateful for MGK, if not for him Em wouldn't have done this. Thanks bro. That was a real solid.
Anayka Moreno
Anayka Moreno 19 giorni fa
97 Tone
97 Tone 20 giorni fa
Producer./././././ soundcloud.com/97vett Hit me Up
Chris Gaming
Chris Gaming 20 giorni fa
10:51 when the annoying kid interrupts you
odk slaughter
odk slaughter 20 giorni fa
"I want to destroy him but i also dont want to make him bigger" fucking genius looking at the situation from different angles
alyn jones
alyn jones 20 giorni fa
a white man paraphrasing a white man acting as a fcking black man. crazy world 12.19
lys in
lys in 20 giorni fa
Eminem is the goat. These rappers deep throat. They take one page thats all they wrote. Then its a hit. Its a fucking joke....
Robert_6- _
Robert_6- _ 20 giorni fa
Complx Oner
Complx Oner 21 giorno fa
Dammm brow em used to not give a fuck about anything what’s going on bro....the world can talk all they want...ur unique homie what u doing
brendan b
brendan b 22 giorni fa
32k fuckin comments i feel so disrespected as afucking FAN.. Wttf, anyway Em ive look to you since i was in 3rd grade i would love to see your vinal collection i bet half your collection would make me cry...
mohit kashyap
mohit kashyap 22 giorni fa
13:03 I sometimes wonder in the middle of the night If we could listen to that song which dre deaded because it went "too far" lol
Gabriel Mejia-Lara
Gabriel Mejia-Lara 23 giorni fa
They said eminem irrelevant to hip hop now a days...until he mentions your name lmao!!!
Alex9000 24 giorni fa
"But to be the wrost song you ever heard" "Have you listen to your own shit" LMAO 😂😂😂
Manan Shah
Manan Shah 26 giorni fa
Outro song ?
MathipaVEVO 25 giorni fa
Manan Shah venom
Robert Delafuente
Robert Delafuente 28 giorni fa
Honest when #SWAY “ your gonna get hit though” Eminem never did the only rapper that came at him was #MGK & he got destroyed
Yogi Smarts
Yogi Smarts 28 giorni fa
Slaughter House ain't gonna get nowhere puttin Eminem down. Big mistake for them
Jimmie Mulder
Jimmie Mulder 29 giorni fa
Oio, ik lach me kapot
Shay Baby
Shay Baby Mese fa
Moral of the story: “Shut The Fuck Up!” Which I’m assuming MGK took that advice because all I hear is crickets when his name is mentioned. Thank God Em didn’t hear about the Haley tweet sooner or this could have been so much worse MGK! Everyone knows that Em’s daughters are permanently off limits as it should be. I can’t feel bad for someone who is literally digging their own grave. Correct me if I’m wrong. Please and thank you. Em’s legacy among the greatest MC’s of all time was cemented a long time ago. His day one fans know this and will support him no matter what. Seeing such a drastic change in the rap game is a bitter pill to swallow. Em’s not the only MC to comment on the current state of rap but he’s the one getting dragged for saying what a lot of us are thinking. He has every right to be disappointed with album sales and harsh reviews. Every artist is sensitive about their shit that they put blood, sweat, and tears into. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. Instead of promoting his album he has spend every interview talking about a guy(who I honestly had never heard of) trying to get some shine off of Em! Every time he has to address the problem this fool gets more free press and hits. Em keeping it 💯 is what he’s done his entire career! He’s not whining or gone soft. It’s okay to be human no matter who you are. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Geoff Barkley
He’s super weird now from the way he sits to the way he talks and looks it’s just weird.. he’s in that space that celebrities get to where he wants to please the masses even asking to have this interview to explain himself to a bunch of people he doesn’t know
Thank you for your insight Mr psychologist
Infinity Mese fa
Em doesn't surround himself with YES men. Sway is sort of critiquing em in this interview and it makes me respect em more.
Antonio Mese fa
“I want to destroy him” Well... you did Shady
Ayush Bahuguna
if eminem is near you, you just Shut the fuckk uppp
Maddox Mulligan
Let's hear the ,gone to far song ,please ?
Maddox Mulligan
Can i just say ,it pisses me off about 50 cent ,not sticking up for him ,he woudnt be were he is ,so it pisses me of ,not one word of him ,I'm not saying he carnt stick up for him self ,but friends back friends ,come on 50 do the strap ,like you say ,just not seen it mate ??
Listening to the mgk part makes you realize how lucky mgk is. Had this been 01-02. Em would have been telling every fan in the country to try and beat the fuck out of mgk if you saw him in public like he did to everlast. And still mgk had problems with a lot of crowds after this: but luckily for mgk em has matured some
Jeremiah Stone
Eminem is a real mother fucker. Gotta respect his humbleness
fredrik grime
Mgk way fresher than em.
Michael Morales
fredrik grime nah.
Самир Ахмедов
05:32 wtf?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Mese fa
Mcl Mclmcl
Mcl Mclmcl Mese fa
Ok think of this for a minute just realize the thought of being the general for the stance to get down to pray to back up and throw in the towel wtf finally or is there a battle that is always won from ww1 to Korea number 2 to the next mission I have to pledge to the flag I love but the is not just blue or red or white it takes the gold at the end back to the U.N now it’s up a flag and it’s a flag we bow down to god we forget about ppl I hate the thought I’m undefined like the national anthem to pledge the won or one witch one idk but the rainbow is there flying we don’t know what we pledge I’m forget American I wish I was mex so I can say see you later yes Idk I don’t see the thought of why hold my heart when the heart is not red is yellow or purple no it’s a fucking rainbow with gold at the end now paint the picture for the saying and bet your ass it’s every disscription To it it’s a rainbow with gold at the end
Mcl Mclmcl
Mcl Mclmcl Mese fa
Slim slime or sublim no it’s mine huh mine
Mjcds95 C
Mjcds95 C Mese fa
Can anybody tell me what happened and what he’s talking about pls
7Be Mese fa
Is Em wearing skinny jeans?
karen James
karen James Mese fa
My only wish before I take my last breath is to meet Marshall,got lung damage times running out, would be so amazing 😢🔥💞👌
Lenin Trujillo
Joe budden vs eminem
Lenin Trujillo
Joe budden ain't shit to em
78freeport Mese fa
Personally I will f*** you up myself don't b**** and child molester f***
78freeport Mese fa
Fuck Jo button
Erica Marie
Erica Marie Mese fa
Love when He's angry. Marshall makes me libido go high as a rocket. 🚀 ♨️ 🌋
Dakota El
Dakota El Mese fa
Joe budden would body em
all BALL
all BALL Mese fa
"I tied a rope around my penis & jumped from a tree"- M & M
Ali Abdullah
Ali Abdullah Mese fa
Em reminds me of myself (maybe it’s a generational Midwest thing) - he hates disloyalty and betrayal; so do I.
Azreal231916 Mese fa
People say Eminem is irrelevant? He made that other white guy more relevant than he’s ever been
Levani Mirvelashvili
when someone says eminem is not rap god me: 10:51
Pam Taylor
Pam Taylor Mese fa
MGK who? 🤣🤣
M Harris TJ
M Harris TJ Mese fa
Wanna hear OG Slim Shady,s voice 11:04 the way he said time sounded much like old day shady.
Nicolette DeGiovine
Such a good interview
Kunhee Shin
Kunhee Shin Mese fa
Em I would be going 4 years diss after diss But who would not like that
Floating Starfish
"Worst thing you've ever heard?! Do you not listen to your own shit?!" Nice, li'l tap there.
taytor tott3r
taytor tott3r 2 mesi fa
If you love it em, don’t give a shit about what anybody living off their parents couch has to say about it. Period.
R8C STVR 2 mesi fa
Damn Em seem kinda hurt behind slaughter house
Ansh khare
Ansh khare 2 mesi fa
Anybody notice for mgk how many times em says fuck 😂😂
Rastko Bojkovic
Rastko Bojkovic 2 mesi fa
,,Do you listen to your own shit??'' :D : )
Andy klassen
Andy klassen 2 mesi fa
It's funny how much petty shit u gotta either trip over or skip over -/- to get the real deal across 🤙🏾 haha! just erratically damage their shit n teach em something valuable while doing it.
Work Hard Play Hard F##k Harder
Machine Gun Kelly is just Machine Bum Jelly
Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa 9 giorni fa
Naman Shah
Naman Shah 2 mesi fa
Eminem for President! Like here
Kalani Ferguson
Kalani Ferguson 2 mesi fa
WHY IN THE HELL DID MGK's headass diss Haley. Everyone knows damn well not to diss his daughter. They want the bull, they get the horns up their asses.
Notorious .02
Notorious .02 2 mesi fa
To all the kids who listen to lil pump and all that shit music...this guy is one dark mother fucker AKA the goat Em4life
ThatDude936 2 mesi fa
this mfr eminem talks like a politician. he straight ignoring questions by going on tangents about other shit that dont make sense in their "beef" timeline.
Cem Gunduz
Cem Gunduz 2 mesi fa
If anyone knows what Em's shoes are, i'd love to hear it haha
NOBLE NATION 2 mesi fa
Now your my fuckin Enemy.. Goosebumps
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz 2 mesi fa
The goat
Dylen Lowowski
Dylen Lowowski 2 mesi fa
Two things you don’t mess with Eminem and his daughter
Og Peppermint
Og Peppermint 2 mesi fa
Dude Joe Budden is tripping about Untouchable. That song was fucking great and if he actually paid attention to what Em was saying on the song he might have enjoyed it.
Adam Baker
Adam Baker 2 mesi fa
How many times in the video does em say feeling for felt like...
Alexia 2 mesi fa
Que fuerte que esta eminem por dios, cuando era pendeja estaba bueno, ahora esta mas bueno que comer asado mmm
teresa de rosa
teresa de rosa 2 mesi fa
eminem saying “fuck” is the hottest thing
fearfactor8210 2 mesi fa
11:47 "FuCk No!" Love it!😂
Dharmendra Jal
Dharmendra Jal 2 mesi fa
Whenever he says "I feel like" My mind start playing his song "Fall" And the intro line "i feel like i wanna punch the world in his fucking face right now" 😵😍😍 Em is god 🙏
juleantonia x
juleantonia x 2 mesi fa
I love the part from 9:38 to 10:04 hahahaha, he's literally not even in the conversation.
Rachael Moore
Rachael Moore 2 mesi fa
I would pay to see hiddencam footage in a room where Eminem & MGK are talking it out.
This is just my opinion on why the slaughterhouse album flopped, the lyrics were there and lyrics were amazing I think the group as a whole was more focused on lyrics than song structure, if they focused more on creating hit songs more than lyrics I think they would’ve blown up, keep in mind I’m not saying they should be mumble rappers I’m saying, they should focus on creating hits then lyrics second
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