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Warrior Mese fa
It never ceases to amaze me how much gratitude they have towards what they have and towards ARMY. Every single time they win something, they always thank us again during Vlive right away. While other celebs would be partying and celebrating elsewhere, BTS always celebrates with us.
Iphigenia 9 giorni fa
Well they're literally forbidden from attending afterparties by the agency, but I understand and agree with your sentiment.
Kulsum Akhtar
Kulsum Akhtar 9 giorni fa
Foreigner In Canada
Foreigner In Canada 28 giorni fa
I agree ☝️ i just commented this one to the other video 😃
SWEETPEA 522 Mese fa
@MARTHA CULLEN yes. You could tell as soon as they started that Jimin was not his bubbly self and that he was either not feeling well, tired, or maybe he had some other personal things going on and barely even ate or drank his champagne. It made me sad to see him this way, I just wanted to magically pop in and hug him like I would to my own kids. As a Mom of 3 boys & 1 girl (1 shy of an empty nest 😢) you just know these things as soon as you see your child if they are going thru something even if they don’t say anything. You just know and it breaks your heart. I hope that whatever it was has been resolved and he is feeling much better now. They are all so talented and hard working, they deserve the best in life! I wish them all a safe tour and happiness & good health each and every day! 🤗💗🥰🌺🤙🏽🍾🥂🙏🏽💝😙💞🎄
Isabelle Ocampo
Sooosooo TRUE!!!
Tina Bandeira
Vcs sao incríveis amo o trabalho vocês ,sucesso sempre, Cristina bandeira se Porto Real RJ.
Iris Abreu
Iris Abreu Mese fa
Amo tanto, BTS para sempre, Army no sangue. J Hope sempre.🇧🇷💋🕺🎤💛🎸🎚️🎙️🎼🎵🎶
Anjali Mahto
Anjali Mahto Mese fa
BTS : doesn't blow out the candle because of covid.. Also BTS : share their drinks.. They are such cuties 😂💜
STARS Mese fa
BTS - MY UNIVERSE, hope you like it.. itvid.net/video/video-w89-LiBVMQk.html
ORreO MacFlury
Share the same brain cells🤣🤣💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Ridita Mese fa
They are practically a family, but Jin poured his drink to V before they started drinking. I like how V gave everyting to others and Jin shared his champagne with him. They are always put others before themselves.
Disseck Garcial
They are all so good
Thato Motlhabi
I can't remember the last time I was so touched by a video. I am in complete awe of the humility and humanity of this "small boy band from Korea" (RM's words paraphrased). On a night where they were basically crowned kings of the music world, they are sitting over pizza, cake and champagne in a hotel room connecting with their fans. As a new fan of BTS, I am so honoured to have witnessed not only their talent and hard work, but to be able to see them get the worldwide recognition they deserve. Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jeongguk - don't ever change. You have proven that focus, belief, hard work and working together as a team can make the impossible possible. Thank you for blessing my life with your love for music, your light, beautiful energies and very unique sense of humour. Saranghae, all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa 💜💜💜
Helena Mese fa
Here you say true words, I could have written this myself, it shows exactly how I feel for these guys too. I'm a bit older but I've never had so much respect for anyone in all my life than this group, thank you🙏🏻
Ûpënďó. Mese fa
Omg I'm also from africa , but I want them to come to any country in Africa but they keep saying they will come.
Sajida Mahomed
I feel the same way. How down to earth bts are just like us they prefer pizza 🍕 to celebrate and br happy aww.
Very touching comment~ 보라해~^^ from Korea~~~~☆
Thato Motlhabi
@Chiwara Chiwara BTS Army South Africa, stand up! Praying for a BTS concert soon. Until then, will be streaming all their performances 💜💜💜
rOse mArie
rOse mArie Mese fa
As Jungkook said we learned from last two years that each and every moment is precious. We all will remember and cherish this moment forever. Congratulations to BTS for winning awards and thank you all fellow ARMYs for supporting BTS with heart.
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon 5 giorni fa
“The most beautiful moments in life”
STARS Mese fa
BTS - MY UNIVERSE, hope you like it.. itvid.net/video/video-w89-LiBVMQk.html
Serena I
Serena I Mese fa
Yes! 💜
Louise Jackson
Always!!!!💜 In honor of Jungkook's beautiful eyeware...🤓
nancy sabela
nancy sabela Mese fa
Yes that's right,,,so proud of #BTS
I love how they always celebrate their big achievements with us. This is why they are so loved The connection they have with Army is so special. It's like no other, they always support us, just as we always support them. BTS & Army Forever indeed! 🍻
amrin Lashkar
Hii jung kook BTS army
Stephanie Schultz
RM saying at 15:48 “I’m so lucky to have you guys” is so sweet. What a thoughtful and generous leader.
Neelkand Sharma
Jin’s expression of opening the champagne 😬😬 These boys are so down to earth ❤️
Gana Mon
Gana Mon Mese fa
17:43 in the middle chatter, RM asked Jimin that he is okay because he was not talking so much. Then, everyone got silent to listen Jimin speak. How respectful they are to each other. How considerate RM is.
Pavee Rojsangrath
They've proved that they are full-package group, both being the artists and being regular people. They are super humble compare to the position they are being at. They never let spotlight changes how they really are inside. They don't have an attitude of "I'm famous I can do whatever I want", they might waring expensive clothes and accessories now but those pieces not change a bit of who they really are which make me love them even more. They always pay respect to people and never forget their past. They've still talked about their old-dorm days with smiling on their faces. Last night I felt extremely proud of them and myself, I'm glad I stan the right group. I just kept smiling for no reason :) Thanks to BTS, you again made my days.
Seema pawar
Seema pawar Mese fa
STARS Mese fa
BTS - MY UNIVERSE, hope you like it.. itvid.net/video/video-w89-LiBVMQk.html
Peach Georgia
Agreed. What I also love is that they still say things like, "rich people this" , "rich people that" for example when they were opening the champagne, they weren't sure how to pop champagne like rich people and talked about how rich people drink like this. These boys still prefer soju and makgeolli from your corner store/restaurants. On top of that, I love how down to earth they are on their individual v live videos. I hope they continue on this way forever and never forget their roots. If planted right, their roots will forever flourish. I'm a long time kpop fan, hard stanned of DBSK back in the days and many of those individuals who became stars often lose their way. I've seen so many top stars fall and I hope to never see it happen to this group.
Gigi jane Ferrer
cyann410 Mese fa
@himari riku you Stan the wrong king, he couldn’t even come up with an original name.
Sofia Pendragon
Sofia Pendragon 9 giorni fa
Wow. My Jiminie is looking very handsome and healthy here. Also, cool and laidback. I love it! Congratulations for winning BTS! I am so proud of you!
Keetlin Daiane
Parabéns meninos, por todas as conquistas, vcs merecem muito mais !!! E a humildade de vcs nos fazem amá-los cada dia mais. Obrigada🙏❤ Love you BTS ❤💕💕🇰🇷
Patricia Wairimu
I haven't been an ARMY for that long but I feel so much safer and happier and positive. BTS' music is one thing and their individuality is another and I am here for all of it. My little Army heart is soo proud and happy and I want to cry from all that fullness. I did not know it was possible to feel this much from interacting with 7 normal boys from Korea through a screen. So much love and light and laughter. I hope it will always be this way. Saranghae ARMIES....
Patricia Wairimu
Patricia Wairimu 24 giorni fa
@Val Cherry Bila jasho lol
Patricia Wairimu
Patricia Wairimu 24 giorni fa
@ARMY BLINK ONCE 4 years is long yoh wdm... I am essentially a fetus. But in the wise word of the Legend Min Yoongi, the day you find them is the day they debut for you.... I am happy here, so incredibly happy.
Val Cherry
Val Cherry Mese fa
Kenyan army we are here too💜
how long have you been in the fandom? for me personally i havnt been an army for that long either only 4 years
ruben elpidio porro
yo cagandome de risa y derrepente 16:21 la miradita de jin me mato estaba tipo 😳 h-hola? jsjdjsksk por cierto felicitaciones ahhhh nunca paran de sorprenderne los amamos 🥳💞
Siennaflower Mese fa
Thank you for the translation! I love how stanning BTS means, you watch their incredible, professional performances; you listen to their wise, heartfelt speeches; and then you get to kick it with them after the show and talk about the whole thing over pizza and champagne!! What other artist makes their fans an integral part of the experience like that?? No one!!! I 💜 BTS!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Serena I
Serena I Mese fa
Very true! 👏💜
Lost girl
Lost girl Mese fa
Jin's unique way of opening a champagne bottle and joon being the spoiler king as always...😂😂💕
Diana Niño
Diana Niño Mese fa
isabella Lobo
Amei sempre lindos perfeitos maravilhoso BTS te amo vc e o amor da minha vida todinha amo eles com toda minha existência 😍😘🤧💙
Alyssa Jones 💋
Frankly, I am glad that Bts did not become an overnight sensation, like a lot of these young artists. During the past eight years Bts has worked their asses off incessantly building their career and making a name for themselves. Their blood, sweat, and tears truly paid off. Congratulations Bts. This Army is mighty proud of each and every one of you 💜
Alyssa Jones 💋
@Sajida Mahomed So true! I'm hope they get their Grammy. I know it would mean so much to them.
Sajida Mahomed
If they already overnight sensation we wouldn't have bts as they are now. Because they energy and hardwork wouldn't have meaning to it.
Sajida Mahomed
Exactly 💯 energy from bts. They put there hearts into everything thier minds thought and action they do. Once you love something you will always be successful in it and they goal orientated . I hope for Grammy for them to.
Alyssa Jones 💋
@Clint Myers I wholeheartedly agree!!!!!
Alyssa Jones 💋
@clmentksh どうもありがとうございます。アメリカからの愛 💜💜💜💜💜
Aude 28 giorni fa
21:36 i bet it's regarding the hyung line(minus suga) cashing out a little of their shares... jk knowing right away, yoongi and jimin staying quiet, taehyung repeatedly asking what it was about... i love them sm this convo made me desperately curious about their behind the scene dynamics now that they've matured and no longer just a group of boys who love to sing and dance
Checxy Vlogs
Checxy Vlogs Mese fa
16:20 Jin - staring Me - ☠️☠️☠️ Jin's visual is killing me😍😍😍
glossaria2 Mese fa
Ahh, our boys. 💜💜💜💜💜💜 They worked so hard for this, but they give us all the credit! (Typical. :D) I loved how Suga reminisced about their debut at AMAs and compared to now, and how much his attitude has changed. I'm so glad he could really enjoy it this time. And Jimin, thinking about the 15 million live ARMYs on the other side of the camera as they were talking... it reminded me of how they much laughed (and made wild promises about their abs) over the idea of them getting 2 million, 10 million, 20 million, 50 million subscribers on VLive (it's over 33 million right now... your time is coming, Yoonkitty!). Like RM said in his speech, they never would have bet on the odds of them receiving Artist of the Year... but ARMY knew. ARMY's always known how special these men are. BTS are truly artists for the world, and it was absolutely amazing to see them get so much love at the AMAs. ^_^
Ille Girl
Ille Girl Mese fa
I’m speechless once again. How do they do it every time?
NonieMac Mese fa
So while other artists and celebrities go to after parties, BTS sits around a table with each other, eats pizza, drinks champagne, and Vlives in celebration with ARMY. This is what sets our boys apart from all the others. This is why ARMY are so loyal. Because BTS is loyal to ARMY. And this is just one of the many many reasons why I love them so much! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
K1TTY G4LORE 3 giorni fa
it’s a panoramic too so if they did that would be rlly bad🙃
anime c-dramas kpop
anime c-dramas kpop 18 giorni fa
@Snehal Naik Trust me Billie got chummy with all of Hollywood. She literally was/is one of America's sweethearts at the height of her popularity. I'm sure BTS got invites but they ultimately turned them down because of the language barrier.
Snehal Naik
Snehal Naik 18 giorni fa
@anime c-dramas kpop have you seen any celebrities going to party after Grammys?? Billie won 6 Grammys but never seen partying,same with other celebrities. There was one pic of Camila and Shawn going to party after Grammys but it's a birthday party of someone.
ali luv
ali luv 19 giorni fa
I will screenshot this comment I love it and your thoughts
anime c-dramas kpop
anime c-dramas kpop 27 giorni fa
If they wanna win that Grammy they need to go to after parties. Our celebrities campaign for the awards they get.
Daisy Mese fa
Jin is so funny 😂 he said "Do you eat a bone when you eat a chicken?" And Namjoon said that's not a good metaphors 🤣
Jeanne Palilu
They are so funny 😂 especially RM n Jin, pure comedians 🤣🤣
E Will
E Will Mese fa
How could one not see them as the paramount group in the World today when they are even willing to share moments like this with us as if we are part of their family. Makes me feel like going to the fridge and breaking open a bottle of champagne and toasting right along with em.
Katrine Jørgensen
Beautiful V-live with a lot of classic BTS moments: Chaos, eating, the guys teasing eachother and RM spoiling a release. Congratulations guys! And well done! You deserve it! Thank you for your hard work and please be kind to yourself and take good care of yourself and eachother
Norinela Mangaban
They're the best,i'm so proud and i luv them so much. Focus on BTS!😭💜
Vera Lucia Dos Santos Fernandez
Parabéns maravilhosos vocês merecem tudo isso aqui do outro lado do mundo sempre torcendo por vocês.😘😘💚💛💚💛💚💜💜💜😘😘😘🐰💝💝💝
MrWhitney4e Mese fa
Humble guys! love them. interesting how quiet Jimin is here. tired and also taking in these big moments I guess. Suga is usually the quiet one but he talks quite a bit here. I never realized how nice his speaking voice is! He should do a radio show in Korea when he retires. :)
Kya Marsh
Kya Marsh 29 giorni fa
I’m not sure if you are/were a vkook believer… I think that Jimin and JK told V sometime before this that they jimkook is a thing. The Vlive V did when his leg was hurt. It was a live with V Jimin and Jk. Towards the end youll hear/read about an announcement, how else would we do it, and there is no reason we can’t talk about it tomorrow…
Janavi Khandar
Jimin my cutest Person🥺❤️✨💜💜love you OT7💜
elisé 93
elisé 93 Mese fa
Jimin has been like this for a long time, he seems quite since in butter v live, i am worried about him
Lourdes Gutiérrez
Muchas felicidades y bendiciones para todos los Bts ,se lo merecen y les faltan muchos premios más son los mejores Army forever
Shivika Dubey
I really really respect them from all my heart and soul...there bonding among themselves make me want a group of mine too!! (Which I really hope happens) about them. I feel everything is beautiful...they are soo humble soo kind the love us (army) like we're there gems..but like they are our gems...gems which we will cherish ❤
Lidia Villarreal
Aaaa hermosos todos,son muy sencillos, muchas felicidades se lo merecen 💜 eso y mas 💜😍🥰 y ahora sigue el Grammy 👍
Sophia Luo
Sophia Luo Mese fa
The way they connect with ARMY makes me feel like I'm their friend and that I know them personally. I feel their success as if it were my own. It's their sincerity and humility that we can all relate to. It's amazing and unsettling at the same time how much these boys occupy my mind right now.
Angel Emmanuel
V is so handsome , it doesn’t feel real. So proud of the boys, they work hard and deserve every good thing coming their way.💜💜💜
Laura faith Piangco
Being famous and successful is the main goal,winning an award is a bonus..but being an artist of the year in an american award,for an asian artist for the very first time was a huge huge achievement..i purple u BTS so proud of u guys,in the fandom ARMY too,the hard work has finally paid off...congratulations,you make every asian proud.💜👏👏💜
luz -
luz - Mese fa
ahh al fin lo veo completo. Son los más lindos aww Más que merecidos todos los premios que ganaron
Graciela Hernandez
Muchas gracias por la traducción del vlive quería oír los comentarios de los chicos, ofreciendo sus triunfos a ARMY💜 mucha suerte en sus conciertos chicos💜
I've never seen any artist respect their fandom so much like this is fate seriously BTS deserves to be respected and if u don't i'm gonna curse you for that🙂
Carmen Del Rosario Pardo Sanchez
Muchas felicidades!!! Mi niños muchas bendiciones 😘 les envío un gran abrazo desde chile 💜💜🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱 los amo bts 💜
BTS Mese fa
the last drop goes to J-hope :( I admire their thoughtfulness towards each other, Jin shares his wine to V while Jimin shares his pizza to Jk..they're soooo adorable. will forever be an army you know...btw Suga's new haircolor is dope!
Seema Singh
Seema Singh 23 giorni fa
And jk also shared his wine to v
Dulguun Tsogbadrakh
00:37 Taehyung notices RM was tired & helps by taking lead 02:55 Teahyung notices & helps Jin & pours champaign! We Purple you V!
G*Don Mese fa
this is the biggest group on earth and they are so down to earth
Anna Dabrowska
My favorite is RM: "I feel so lucky to have you guys". He just expressed my feelings!
Leticia Febles
K R Mese fa
They are so pure adorable... They deserve the world.. We stan charismatic purity in all of them... So happy... I heart them... JK's incomplete statement will create a complete saga someday...
Sajida Mahomed
K R Mese fa
@Lobsang Chhoten thank you so 💜
K R Mese fa
@Anshika sharma thank you 💜
Lobsang Chhoten
Anshika sharma
Yes true...well said🤗
TAKK Mese fa
Jungkook was too Focus on army and then realized pizza was gone😂. Sweet Jimin feeding JK melts my heart. Love when they’re so caring for one another even with little things. I’m so proud of you all💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Cindy Young
Cindy Young Mese fa
That's bc V shoved the box in front of himself and did not give to anybody else unless they specifically asked for it lmao
Maria Sedano Lau
Maria Sedano Lau 22 giorni fa
mis niños preciosos BTS no tengo palabras crecen tan rapido 🥺🥺💔💔 pase lo que pase cualquier cosita estare aqui no se preocupen baby mafer esta de vuelta me siento orgullosa 👏👏👏 les pongo 💯💯💯🏆👍 sigan triunfando seguire apoyandolos hasta el final
TrusFrated kook!
I felt so proud when they say the award is yours and fan of the year!! Its a lucky thing that you are surrounded by people who don't even know you but still wishes the best for you!💜 BTS, you made our heart light up inside, our universe 💜💜💜
Lillian Caro
Lillian Caro Mese fa
How adorable Jimin, Suga n V looked. I love them so much . Great success to them
Teodora Larisa
They have been working so hard... They all deserve the best in the world.
Blackswan babies lumina
Like every other artists too
J&J ASMR Mese fa
You too dear 💙💙💙💙
the unknown girl
Lorena Cendales Vargas
Chicos muchas felicitaciones, estaba, segura que esta vez ganarían todo. Son excelentes en todo y es lo que se merecen. A Jimin si lo noto un poco callado y normalmente no es así, espero que todo sea cansancio o tal vez abrumado por todo lo que ha pasado.
S K Kim
S K Kim Mese fa
There are no barriers in their conversation. They really respect each other. They are a blessing!
slow Mese fa
So, Jhope, Seokjin and RM are rebels ones ,hehehe I love it. I mean we know Seokjin was always outspoken but it's good to know he is not alone.
Amanda Strober
I caught on to that too. " Me, RM, and JHope REALLY love the company, our love is on fire. you guys could love the company less". haha. and poor Tae being completely confused and JK finally understanding and telling Tae he will examine later, cracked ms up.
G C Mese fa
Yup, I was thinking exactly same thing. :)
Shanna Williams
Jin in this bottle 😍😂 I loved it I almost died
Hobi's Sprite
I hope "focus on every moment" means enjoying life like everyone else gets to do. No public dating ban, traveling more, enjoying more private life, taking breaks etc. They deserve it! 💜
@Hobi's Sprite ahh now i remember. It didn't click me then, sorry
Hobi's Sprite
@Joan Charbonneau why is everyone so fixated on the first of four EXAMPLES I wrote lmao. I'm just saying I hope they have the option to focus on themselves more. Public, private idgaf I just hope they can relax.
Joan Charbonneau
Good lord....they don't want that part of their life picked apart by jealous Army. I feel bad for their partners....they will never be seen as good enough. Leave them some semblance of life on their own terms. They know what they are doing after being in the public eye for 10 years.
Leopoldina Mese fa
Eu acredito que eles já devem curtir a vida privada deles, mas também focando em sua carreira, o fato deles não mostrarem ao público, não significa que eles não façam viagens privadas, não namoram, não curtam com seus familiares, vocês sempre falam como se eles não tivessem tempo pra fazer essas coisas, eles trabalham muito isso é certo, mais não significa que eles também não se divirtam em sua vida privada, não descansem...
himari riku
himari riku Mese fa
@Hobi's Sprite NO BAKA
Riza Reomalos
I waited and searching for this video since I didn't watch it when they go to live. I am so happy that they're always bringing all the awards with ARMY'S 🥺💜 I just know you for now but my heart is so happy. I stan the right gruop. Keep reaching your dreams. We're here at your back. Love you all my 7babies🥺💜 I hope Jimin is okay 🥺
Irene Pinto
Irene Pinto Mese fa
Increíbles chicos, Dios los bendiga y proteja siempre!
I am Aisha
I am Aisha Mese fa
They are the best band ever after loosing Grammy they first came to comfort us knowing that army's will be sad and angry at same time and after winning at AMA's also they came to celebrate with army's I just love them respect them they are the best Always make army's feel special and loved my them
Diana lovely
Diana lovely Mese fa
*I wish them always success, happiness, and they deserve to win the AMA. they really respect, love, care, they always look amazing, work hard, inspire, talented, and never forget to thank their beloved ARMY. i'm just so proud of them~BTS never fails to amaze me and make me happy.* 💜
Lizzy musa
Lizzy musa Mese fa
Why is our jimin so quiet ,calm and gentle in this ?I hope he's okay. Anyways congrats BTS!y'all deserve every ounce of sucess
Shirl 4 giorni fa
@bigeye Lai You can't be serious. Are you talking about AMA? He looked stunning in Louis Vuitton. All of them did. He was mentioned and trending even before the event. They were there after a gap of 2 years, hearing actual people screaming their names, it was all probably overwhelming in a good way.
Shirl 4 giorni fa
It's probably the braces and I guess someone said he had stomach ache. He seemed happy during LA concert. I was happy to see him smiling and enjoying himself. He owned the stage.
سلمى 🔮
سلمى 🔮 20 giorni fa
@Lizzie Gift he had braces ??? I didnt know about it
Ketaki Khobragade
@Siti Norfitriah Mohd Salleh it ain't like that suga too is usually quiet
Poovanes Wari
@Daniya Khan guys.... Leave it... We don't know the way she express the word... So please don't fight for a silly things... He just might be happy for win the award.... That's only no need to fight for a silly things... He will be okay soon... So don't worry.. I don't know if she/he is haters... But let just ignore it...
Inushi Iddamalgoda
They said 'Congratulations on fans of the year'! Thank you BTS! You deserve this love and success!!! BTS ARMY FOREVER!!!!
S R Mese fa
BTS thank you so much for celebrating with us Army's! That's why we love you sooooooo much💜💜💜💜
jimin bakbak
jimin bakbak Mese fa
Congratulations to the boys !!! You are all wonderful !! Jimin hasn't been doing well for a while now and that worries me a lot. I hope he will get better with the concerts! We love you Jimin.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Isabelle Ocampo
They’re just soo lovable and sooo Relatable that’s why I jicha cheongmal Looooove them sooo much!!!💜💜💜
Curie Fong
Curie Fong Mese fa
Congratulations BTS... you so deserve this win of Artist of the Year which in all respects you should have won in 2019. It's been a long time coming but worth the wait...bitter sweet moment made even sweeter with BUTTER.... so happy to have you here in the US.... wishing you all much luck for your upcoming concerts...💯👊👊👊💯👌👌👌💯👏👏👏💜❤💜❤🥰
BlueSky Mese fa
Lourdes De Guzman
Congratulations Love BTS
ami sahana
ami sahana Mese fa
They are our kings... We chose to stan the right 7 angels I got the chills , i was prouder than even , i was happy , these 7 men really took my heart , gave me happiness and a beautiful family with my dear army!! I love you all I LOVE YOU BTS AND ARMY
Oh! Party Party Yeah!
Everytime they get international recognition or award, they immediately turn their radar to express gratitude towards ARMY! We indeed are the most blessed fandom ever.
BM@BeaTS Mese fa
Best artists ever. I feel lots of love from them. Whatever achievement they got they come towards us to give gratitude. They are the true artists. Really proud of them. Proud to be army. We are always with you guys. Go higher and higher because we are behind you. Don't worry you never gonna fall.armies never gonna let BTS to fall.💜️💜️💜️💜️💜️💜️💜️
Iara Guimarães Cruz
CoMe Be mY CrEaTure
other celebrities after winning awards : "let's celebrate with each other" BTS after winning every single achievement "let's celebrate with army" why don't we love them and protect them from bad peoples proud to be an army and stanning them😌😌
ApriL __
ApriL __ Mese fa
The precious artists BTS being so humble even though they're the most famous group in the world. Their attitude is amazing and I love the relationship among them!
Peggy Driver
Peggy Driver Mese fa
Need to come to the eastern part of the United States. Would love to see them in concert. Love how they're alway so down to earth.
Roxana yaritza siguenza perez
BTS son increíbles únicos leyendas los mejores nunca me había gustado y admirado tanto a una banda pero ustedes son los mejores mis artistas favoritos felicidades hicieron historia en los AMAs me encantán su live💜💜💜💜
MultiFandom HamHam
These men bring me so much joy, just by smiling. I'm happy for them and wish them even more success! Their hard work is always appreciated and I respect the hell out of them and their dedication. On another note, the pizza looks good! lol Seeing them enjoying themselves never fails to put a smile on my face!
Deborah Parker
How unique are these seven men...no after parties for them; they eat pizza and drink champagne on vlive celebrating with their Armies!!! Didn't understand a thing they said...Their happy faces say it all! Congratulations to these amazing gentleman.
Deborah Parker
@Ebbeko Duncan Thank you for the info...sincerely appreciate it!!!!!
Betty Chan
Betty Chan Mese fa
Agree, yesterday night the caption not fully yet, but still continuing watch until end and smile, although didn’t understand a thing they said but saw their happy face, their interaction each other, make me smile and happy. Love them muchh
Ebbeko Duncan
Hit the caption icon on phone screen or caption icon on TV, and select English. Sometimes its captioned already.
Maria do Pilar Santos
Congratulations BTS you are the Best of world and l am So PROUD OF YOU FOREVER you are A GREAT FAMILY💋💋💋💋💋💋
Yuren jared Molina
Es normal llorar al verlos felices celebrándo sus logros 😭😭
Mariel Andrea
Our humble kings! I laughed when one of them (can't determine who, everybody talked at the same time 😅) was demonstrating how to hold the champagne bottle and saying "this is how rich people do it", as always, forgetting that they're billionaires 🤣 Truly deserved, great job, our insanely talented, goofy, lovable, super humble BTS loves. Borahae! 💜💜💜 BTS ARMY Forever indeed! 🥳🥳🥳
Maria Lemus
Maria Lemus Mese fa
Siempre en la vida, no hay nada mejor que estar reunidos y convivir en familia, malos momentos, alegirias y exitos como este es el caso, felicidades y muchos exitos mas. Que Dios los siga bendiciendo y tambien a sus familias y gracias por estar siempre presente ARMY en ustedes. Saludos los amo mis chicos guapos.😙
They are the real definition of hard working , friendship , handsomeness , kindness , perfection and everything Moral : they are 7 angels sent by God
Karen Morton
Karen Morton Mese fa
My perception exactly, we couldn't ask for more , I always refer to them as the magnificent 7, but angels work for me too , we look after them and they look after us, thanks boys
michelle Kim
michelle Kim Mese fa
Yeah~ true 👍 👌
Zoya OT7 Bias
Dam'n True 👍👍
No name
No name Mese fa
danett rios
danett rios Mese fa
BTS has been good to us this year. I'm so proud of you guys. It's yo music that kept me going. I may not understand most of the words but I definitely love how I feel when I listen to you sing. 😘😘😘💕💕💕
G Mese fa
I still remember when the same thing happened to Taehyung when he did not say his speech that he practiced so much😆 All is well since they always have vlives after those award shows and they'll have their own time to say their own pieces so Armys are still aware of what the boys wanted to say💞 #BTSxARMYFOREVER
Kookiegirl Mese fa
The way Bts love their fans is so sweet they're really beautiful inside and out 💜💯🌟😭
thai6687 Mese fa
I LOVE how Tae takes care of his brothers. The happy drinkers ,Suga, Jimin & Kook , he gives them the most champagne. He & JHope drink the least. Then Jin shares a Lil of his with Tae cause he didn't give himself any. So watchful for each other even in these circumstances. They truly are a Loving FAMILY. Congratulations for the Boyz. They've been busting AS$ all this time. They deserve it all.
@Linda Van zyl suga himself said tht hobi drinks less than all others
Lumy Miranda
Lumy Miranda Mese fa
Independientemente de todo, estoy feliz por ellos, ahí que celebrar 😄🤗😘🤗✌️🥂😉🎂🍕. Se merecen todo, los amo a todos BTS 💯💞😘, sin desmeritar a los demás miembros BTS, mi cantante favorito es V 😘💯✌️👏♥️😘.
Trisan Howard
Yea Jimin and JK also shared theirs.
Linda Van zyl
I dont agree with it that Jhope drinks the least. Him and Jimin finished a bottle of whiskey in second season of the soop.
Mickey Mese fa
That's our thoughtful winter bear💜
Wandering Maria
Congratulations my beloved boys, My heart is full. I love seeing you happy. Thank you for loving us 'ARMY' we will always support you. Keep on going.. but don't forget to enjoy life too.
liseth salazar
me encanto todo
Sanjay Mese fa
Congratulations 🎊 👏 💐 🥳 🎊 you guys deserve 💖 ❤ 💗 💓 ♥ 💕 everything you got, so keep soaring and smiling while doing it. Your humble hearts makes you rich
Saba Ilahi
Saba Ilahi Mese fa
Whole heartiest congratulations....love n prayers for you all 💜💜 7 angels... beautiful faces and soul 💜💜
Vitni Mese fa
The way V pouring until last drop of wine to members and end up nothing to him then there's his Jin hyung quickly pouring some for his Tae 🥺💜
Justin Seagull🌚🕊️
@Chylormicron also 7:52 Jikook🐰🐥it was so sweet ❤️❤️
Chylormicron Mese fa
😭 the way jk notice tae..the way jin shared his vine with v the way v asked jimim to wich pizza he need? Wooooow
Jk noticed that tae glass was not filled.he guestured .and then Jin poured it into tae glass😁😁
Justin Seagull🌚🕊️
Yep JK saw & told him🥰❤️ They are so caring
I"m glad they are finally getting the awards they deserve for all their hard work !!!!!!!
laraffinee Mese fa
God Bless these guys....they are really special!
Bts biased yk?💜
Sometimes I feel great coz I stan a right group😃..saranghae bangtan
Tallie RS
Tallie RS Mese fa
I'm glad the translation actually matches what they are saying. 👏
Jahan Melekeyewa
Okay I can’t leave without comments. Boys, guys, babes, just know that you’re amazing and unbelievable. You give us power to live and lоve ourselves and you. Thank you and congratulations ❤️
Jane Klein
Jane Klein Mese fa
@himari riku go…take it elsewhere.
💜 Lisa BTS Army 💜
#JahanMalekeyews Yes Right 💜💜
himari riku
himari riku Mese fa
Kael kristof Maghirang
Congrats for the awards. More awards to come. Fighting
I agree with V the vibe was actually nice this year 💜
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