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We have been to a secret location, somewhere no one has gone before. One secret room contains the whole story of one of the greatest legends in the history of the sport. Valentino Rossi has shown us suits, helmets, boots and, above all, stories and experiences stretching back more than 25 years, from a career at the apex of world motorcycle racing.
Welcome to Valentino Rossi's Secret Room.
WATCH MORE: www.dainese.com/it/en/dainese/valentinos-secret-room.html
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18 mar 2020




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Commenti 100
Stylee Blade
Stylee Blade 2 giorni fa
i want 1 helmet mr. rossi..😍🤹👫🤦tnx
Ardhi Arment
Ardhi Arment 4 giorni fa
Coba lemparin 1 helm nya hehe😅
Cuci Helm Oasis
Cuci Helm Oasis 6 giorni fa
Amazing, thanks for sharing. Salam dari Indonesia 🙏
LEGENDARY TV 7 giorni fa
Hi newbie here nice friend thank you for sharing
Maynard Lappay
Maynard Lappay 8 giorni fa
I wish i will have one of your helmet idol it is my dream helmet.. God bess you idol
oOPILOTE46Oo 10 giorni fa
Magnifico 😍🙂
Laura Festa Platto
Laura Festa Platto 14 giorni fa
Ha tenuto tutto ! Incredibile ! Altro che stanza ! Quello è un vero garage pieno di ricordi ! Spero che qualcuno non cerchi di portargli via qualcosa perché per lui sarebbe un peccato e un dolore ! Mi è piaciuto molto il casco della " gallina vecchia che fa buon brodo " 👍👏👏👏😂😂😂🤗♥️
Gianluca Paiano
Gianluca Paiano 14 giorni fa
Amo Valentino, ma queste marchette non sono necessarie.
Kamboza Production
Kamboza Production 16 giorni fa
Thanks Dainese for making our legend still safe at the race! ❤️
Dainese 16 giorni fa
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 16 giorni fa
I Love you Brother Rossi ❤️👍💪❤️👍💪❤️👍
BeNY Arya
BeNY Arya 16 giorni fa
s.vivek anandan
s.vivek anandan 17 giorni fa
Hi my super hero VR46
PleuraBlue Bubbles
PleuraBlue Bubbles 17 giorni fa
Non c'è modo di vincere chi è nato con una corona, un re non perde mai il suo potere ...
Azis Setiawan
Azis Setiawan 18 giorni fa
Banyak bener helmnya
falchetto46 banfi
falchetto46 banfi 18 giorni fa
La classe di valentino e unica !!
Blue and D Blue Handkerchiefs
Any way you gonna be able to sell some gear here in Ghana? We need good gear like this big bro. You should see our roads
Carlo Caruso
Carlo Caruso 19 giorni fa
Valentino siempre e confiado en ti parcero, eres grande por que lo llevás en tu sangre eres y serás el mejor desde California te quiero mucho y me gusta tus competencias en general pero más la GP 1
AJ Chris Moore
AJ Chris Moore 19 giorni fa
എൻ്റെ പൊന്ന് റോസീ, ഒരു വക മനസ്സിലാവുന്നില്ല ! Get what I just said? No ? Me neither !! I don't understand a word you said !! 😍👍
AJ Chris Moore
AJ Chris Moore 18 giorni fa
@Dainese Thanks..😍👍 Sorry,I could not see it. I tried
Dainese 18 giorni fa
Hello AJ, you can enable the subtitles by clicking on the small gear icon on the bottom-right of the screen! #dainesecrew
Walid Dotchi
Walid Dotchi 19 giorni fa
Abonner amon chaine et mrc
bobi frz
bobi frz 20 giorni fa
You are my IRON MAN & TONY STARK,,,,
Why Ask
Why Ask 20 giorni fa
Cool room but should have put the helmets lower down and the sliders n gloves up high
OZI NINO 21 giorno fa
Hallo bang bolehkah saya minta hlemnyah satu aja
Christian Loddo
Christian Loddo 21 giorno fa
Grande vale Chissa se farai il 10 mondiale. Sara difficile ma va bene lo stesso
Simone Poli
Simone Poli 21 giorno fa
A me basterebbe il GMT 2 master Pepsi che ha al polso. Rolex. Top Vale.
erkan özten
erkan özten 23 giorni fa
We want to see you in turkey . I hope we will see you in turkey
erkan özten
erkan özten 23 giorni fa
I wish you the best
erkan özten
erkan özten 23 giorni fa
You the best
Ahmd Ayyash
Ahmd Ayyash 24 giorni fa
i want helmet VR
Ryan Hartadi
Ryan Hartadi 24 giorni fa
King of the king.... halla VR-46
リボルバー6 24 giorni fa
👏 👍🏻 46;Rosy secred;
Wahyu Wafiq Suharyanto
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 p3😢😥😢😥😥😥😥😢😫😫😫😕😕😕😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Wahyu Wafiq Suharyanto
Saverio Scaccianoce
Saverio Scaccianoce 28 giorni fa
Strabiliante, praticamente un tesoro. Ho un solo dubbio: Cosa non piace a chi a messo "Non mi piace"?
Marcos Davis Silva
Marcos Davis Silva 28 giorni fa
Magnífico!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤙🏼
Saverio Mallardi
Saverio Mallardi 28 giorni fa
Riprendendo un commento fatto in inglese, sono particolarmente deluso che per l'ennesima volta non ha fatto nessun riferimento al povero Marco............... Non mi stavi più simpatico dal un bel pò, adesso mi stai proprio sul ca..o Valentino, forza #93
Shamanth 28 giorni fa
Atleast add subtitles in English so that we can also understand my favourite Legend speaking ❤️❤️
Dainese 26 giorni fa
Hello Shamanth, you can switch on the English subs by clicking on the small gear icon on the bottom-right of the screen 😉
Sniper King
Sniper King 29 giorni fa
Dainese 1 of my dream suit
Wong BringinCNL
Wong BringinCNL 29 giorni fa
Memang sang legend
Dzaky Amami
Dzaky Amami 29 giorni fa
Lot of helmet, can i get one
Chris Bosschaert
He is the one best driver of the world
Lucky VJ66
Lucky VJ66 Mese fa
Theres no indonesian subtittle. I can't understand italiano
Lucky VJ66
Lucky VJ66 29 giorni fa
@Dainese Done
Dainese 29 giorni fa
Hello Lucky, you can also switch on the English subs by clicking on the small gear icon on the bottom-right of the screen 😉
Robert Gawanab
wow what an amazing collection Doctor give me some pls u a my hero from Namibia
Racingboy Pinrang
How much? i wanna one 🙏🏼 @valentinorossi46
Aldi Syafi'
Aldi Syafi' Mese fa
Give me one valeeee!!!😅😅😅
Muslih al fatah Muslih al fatah
Slam kenal dari indonesia
Jayson Van Arguelles
Nice helmets... I love the GP-RR... Im a big fan from philippines... Wish i could have one of your helmets...
Nas Tain
Nas Tain Mese fa
The legend valentino rossi
Vakansi Mese fa
Eeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Abdul Hasyim
Abdul Hasyim Mese fa
can i get helmet as souvenir from dainese or valentino's for me....
C4rrot TV
C4rrot TV Mese fa
im your fan idol valentino from philippines 🤟 can i barrow your 1 helemet and racing suit with your signature? hihe
mramlan Mese fa
He would make a great salesman and a serial hoarder😂. I'm totally sold on the AGV helmet pitch. Hahaha
Mar del plata Limos
Grande Vale 🏆
Miky ॐ
Miky ॐ Mese fa
Il casco di biaggi no ? ;p
Miss Rune
Miss Rune Mese fa
Luarbiasa ... 🇮🇩
Qistina Harry
tugus melaya
tugus melaya Mese fa
the ultimate motoGp pilota
christian federici
Forza vale sempre e il campione e marchez fa Scifo forza male
Nita 76
Nita 76 Mese fa
❤️❤️❤️VR always
Woyyy translet
Hassy Mese fa
Alejandro Rubio
This guy is truly awesome!!!! Not only because he is greatest motorcycle’s rider ever, but for the humble personality! The best!!!! Questo ragazzo è davvero fantastico !!!! Non solo perché è il più grande motociclista di sempre, ma per l'umile personalità! Il migliore!!!!
marcello sajeva
Riccardo Traina
Valentino ma perché non vinci più
Matteo Mio
Matteo Mio Mese fa
O un casco 🙏🏻
Matteo Mio
Matteo Mio Mese fa
Mi potete regalare una tuta ho 14 anni 🙏🏻
Er Yanto
Er Yanto Mese fa
valintino rossi saya minta satu 1.helmet nya
Ryan Hidayat
Ryan Hidayat Mese fa
9:25 ererere
Ryan Hidayat
Ryan Hidayat Mese fa
dari menit 0:00 - 16:14 saya ga paham bapak ngomong apa, besok belajar bahasa Indonesia ya biar saya paham, terima kasih.
Nur Iman
Nur Iman Mese fa
who dat
who dat Mese fa
Eh yes chicken eh Alfredo Ches ches
Tony Tone
Tony Tone Mese fa
Does that equipment belong to him or his sponsors or the MotoGP?
Bekoy Sundality
Server indo like nya dong woy
joby Moosa
joby Moosa Mese fa
വല്ല മനസിലാകുന്ന ഭാഷയിൽ പറഞ്ഞാരുന്നെങ്കിൽ കൊള്ളാരുന്നു. 🤪
Dainese Mese fa
Hello Joby, check out the various subtitles available by clicking on the small gear icon at the bottom-right of the screen. #dainesecrew
Antonio TonyT
Top Vale 46 👑👑
Saya ingin agv nya😭
aian motovlog
Rossi is the best i'm fans Indonesia
혜진정희 Mese fa
His kids gonna wear those in the future
Pietro Mengo
Pietro Mengo Mese fa
Ronaldo Fernandez
Brasil só queria ☝ de doação
Risan kks
Risan kks Mese fa
Indonesia hadiirrr 🇮🇩
mas adhijawa
mas adhijawa Mese fa
Oalah ros..ros... kowe ki ngomong opo to yo... ruwet men..
how many one
Edmar Casido
Edmar Casido Mese fa
Agua oksinada.. Emperador lights..
Putra N W
Putra N W Mese fa
When he retires , a quarter of motogp fans will leave.
Nino Octavianto
I can stay down there all of my life 😍
19-uel-129 Ordhash
Who are all still shaking your head even though you don't understand
José da Cunha Filho
Imagine if Rossi decided to auction all those items. Not that he needs the money by any means, but he could help a lot of people in need now during this pandemia.
Filippo Stoppa
Varmaraj R
Varmaraj R Mese fa
അതിൽ ഒരെണം എനിക്കു തരാൻ പറ plz
jeremy wrc8
jeremy wrc8 Mese fa
Ma ! ma !... la collection.. d'enculé !!.. tout c années de grand prix tout ca carrière il yen a pour des ron super video falle le savoir quil avait ca petit cave perso merci a rossi de nous avoir fait voir ca 💪 VR46 💪😎
Bekantan MotoVlog
I whant 1 helmet 😢
Eliezer Clemente
No Deals
No Deals 2 mesi fa
Haha keren keren..om !!! Tapi lebih keren coba pake motif batik om. Seandai nya GP ada di Indonesia... Bikin seri batik..
Luca 2 mesi fa
Simply over exaggerated. Given the costs, to ride a bike a normal biker struggles with buying 1 single set. Like with football players this motorsport world is saturated with money.
Nazrul Imran
Nazrul Imran 2 mesi fa
Kayo lah ko Rossi!
salam youtuber indonesia 🙏
Setyawan Andy
Setyawan Andy 2 mesi fa
Give me one helmet pliss
Ruben Polidori
Ruben Polidori 2 mesi fa
Quanto ne vorrei uno....
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