Epic Moments When Nature Stops Football Match ! ⚠️ 

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When Mother Nature Stops Football Games ! ⚠️
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15 lug 2022




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Gotta love mother nature
@Seek-ww1eq Anno fa
True lol
@@Seek-ww1eq tttf86tu8uft8tff⁸yu8f8ufy68yfyfftf6tf686f68ftuf8uf86t
Salute for their effort🥺🙏
@anetapeszyk6933 17 giorni fa
@RBLXMikel Anno fa
when its too windy the ball becomes a boomerang
Ball? Nah, boomerang
Or you could say “airplane” 😂
Respect them.😎💯
2:57 cat is so 😂
@Nicole_bean Anno fa
The cat really said y'all are to boring play something moewistc💯 cat prove is not here
I remembered that time where a grizzly was talking to the referee and Cristiano got scared
@MIBB2025 Anno fa
No fake?
Papai Cris
VaiciPreparaproGoGU Aien portuGal
와씨 … 번개로 축구선수 많이 돌아가셨는데 ….ㅠㅠ 아 비둘기 ? 하고 동물들 진짜 귀엽네 ㅋㅋ❤️‍🔥
Cricket - Matches get Cancelled Or delayed evn if a Single drop of Water Falls on the Pitch.... Meanwhile Football -
How will you bounce a ball on a puddle of water stupid.
@@TheSlowmanTank I think a Similar Logic applies for football as Well, How will the Players get Grip in a Wet Soil....
@@harekrishna165 I'm talking about ball not foot In football you need to use upward motion to lift ball which is easy to do even if some water is there But in cricket you do a downward motion which leads the ball to go dead when it lands on the pitch Also the pitch is a bit down than the normal grass part hence leading to the filling of water.
In cricket, when bowling, if the pitch is to wet/slippery then the ball will either go dead, or go VERY fast making it very hard to hit
@Radhika._.1 Anno fa
The reason why the players were down because of thunder was because of their boots
The metal spikes on the bottom?
Thats why only some went down, right?
@@stephendubsky8161 yes it suppose to be in plastic but in the spikes some have metal
@PumaArg Anno fa
@asch348 Anno fa
That would’ve hurt real bad because their boots are metal XD
don't 'play' with nature. especially when thunder, wind come over .
all the footballers on red team died because of the thunder.
@iecsao Anno fa
@@alikaanzaman6487 they died?
@fishyzaa Anno fa
@@iecsao lmao
@@alikaanzaman6487 gfrg
@@iecsao zyxdwsqwrppppp
Epic Moments When Nature Stops Football Match ! ⚠
@aldo8493 Anno fa
4:40 God was like "Don't worry I got you"
@jst_kauai Anno fa
We love Mother Nature ❤
@jst_kauai Anno fa
😄even though if it ruins….sports-
wild video bro
Мне понравилось когда собака взяла буц
El perrito jugando al fut 4:56
@solaris_v16 9 mesi fa
no matter what the weather condition is, or whether theres a natural disaster or not, they will never stop playing
Well..If it’s severe than yeah, but I get your point
@Idk0780 Anno fa
Poor dog when he got hit with the ball
@Seek-ww1eq Anno fa
@Montano09 Anno fa
Только в России могут играть в футбол в любое время года не смотря на дождь и снег
Im not usually a big football fan but 6:05 i admit it made me laugh like hey grab him like if it was a baby lol 😂😂😂😂
Awww the cat was soooooo 😍 😊 😚
Te amo Ronaldo tu és o melhor jogador do mundial 🥰😘❤💋
It is the funniest video ever 😂
@tomikus8888 Anno fa
А было бы прикольно футбол на зимнем поле посмотреть
1:35 that lightning scares the hell out of me even the players fell
Trying to do a poem or something?😂
The thumbnail though ..🤣🤣
right i was thinking already how a bear enters the field
@@ricardoblom9953 exactly I was stunned at the thumbnail
viva a mãe natureza
@SofiaLisoni Anno fa
the dog was the most adorable thing
una duda , por que los futbolistas se tiran al suelo cuando ay rayos?
Yo no sé
@@FingerboardET xd
@-supramk4- Anno fa
It’s for cover and protection and they can feel safe when they do that
@@-supramk4- ok thanks
Yo cre por le da miedo
Did the players struck down by lightning all survive?
@grimx2602 Anno fa
The ref be like to the grizzly red card
@clothilde1623 10 mesi fa
Noah’s Ark could have sailed on some of those pitches! Why weren’t the games just abandoned??
Interesting video bro
*A graça de Deus* Você sabia que Deus te ama tanto que ele enviou Jesus para nos salvar? Jesus é o filho de Deus! E ele te ama muito ! Para termos provas disso, podemos dizer que ele se esvaziou de toda a sua glória e pisou na terra! Não é maravilhoso isso? E ainda tem mais! Ele nos garantiu a salvação! Ele cumpriu a missão que Deus deu para ele! Que é ter uma morte de cruz por todas as pessoas to mundo! *Como eu vou para o céu?* É muito simples! -Aceitar Jesus como o seu Senhor e único Salvador! -Arrepender de seus pecados diariamente até mesmo aqueles que você não sabe porque pecou por ignorância! -Reconhecer que você não merece a salvação de Deus mas mesmo com as suas falhas Ele quis te salvar com seu grande amor e graça! Agora sobre como manter a sua fé -Ler a Bíblia diariamente -Orar e jejuar -Ir a uma igreja que segue a palavra de Deus Que Deus os abençoe grandemente! 👋
I wonder if mother nature likes soccer or not…
@katelee670 Anno fa
I would never make anybody play in such horrific brain snow or any conditions like that..
5:48 até o Brasil os cachorros estão entrando em campo
@6.00ammmmm Anno fa
1:35 The Power of God. Happened in a split second
@hiCR7Sewey Anno fa
Whyd they fall???
@hiCR7Sewey Anno fa
Idk what happened
The animals wanted play with them too🤣🤣
That thumbnail is a CRIME
1:29 best part
all the footballers on red team died because of the thunder.
@@alikaanzaman6487thank god
The video was bearsome
@qiankun5302 Anno fa
Bloody hell the first lightning bolt scared me half to death
I don't want to imagine how cold it was there, poor Messi : 5:18
yes so sad
@Lrzmsibelts Anno fa
Trust me the Adreline cuts even a bullet pain so does it cut the cold out
@SilverXmint Anno fa
@@Lrzmsibelts yes
@Greenyy454 Anno fa
4:52 bro the dog is rlly good at soccer ngl
@jst_kauai Anno fa
POV: Mother Nature stops a soccer/football game
Mother nature: no playing today period! 🤣
9:27 that moment just reminded me of my school ground where we used to play and fall in da mud
Great song Of wars remix in da vid noice,.😊
@afgview5808 Anno fa
Very good vedio
Nadie puede atajar a la naturaleza
5:12 dang that ref has cake.. 😮‍💨 LOLL
The cat be like: me speed u MADAFADAAS me runs faster than u alll 🤣
tf you talking about😂
@@muanding5557 watch the vid
2:03 very epic :O
❤❤love nature
@koba3315 Anno fa
Very Nice All Footballers.
@Elsaa00 Anno fa
salute to them🤧
Where is the 🐻
No lo había pensado. Jaja, nos engañaron
@solla767 9 mesi fa
Respect ❤👍
@jvi5397 3 mesi fa
2:56 The cat reminds me Baddie - IVE lol
*I recall that moment when a grizzly bear was conversing with the referee, and Cristiano Ronaldo got frightened.*
La miniatura xd
Can smone tell me why they are falling when there is thunder
@Tae96 Anno fa
They are injured due to the lightening strike.
@PRimeX63 Anno fa
I fell out my chair right after the white scene poped out my screen 1:37
5:32 autogol 😂😂😂
@orca4231 Anno fa
They stop for cata and dogs but dont stop for tornadoes
@User-hx2kd 8 mesi fa
Die Hunde liebt Fußball auch! Lassen Sie bitte, daß macht weiter!...He,he,he...
@Persona_059 Anno fa
Me Cage del susto del trueno :'/
@vmrc2002 Anno fa
Que triste :(, todos estaban asustados cuando sono, se cayeron y hasta lloraron, pobres hombres...
@@vmrc2002 No era miedo, algunos se electrocutaron, otros posiblemente perdieron el equilibrio por el ruido tan fuerte que hace el trueno, es un fenómeno común y muy peligroso
Vídeo engraçado hein kkk achei muito engraçado
@fosjyjk4785 7 mesi fa
Imagine the bear got a red card and it attacked him lol😂
@iker78pro Anno fa
The wolf of the match was the mascot of the cup of Russia
@Vhsoks 10 mesi fa
1:36 God Damn, there soul’s left out of there body💀
@lorena1730 Anno fa
The grizzly bear like I what to play too
@MrFunny579 Anno fa
Nature also loves football
It was there watching but it got too excited to mess it up 😅 Ooops!
@Mervilo 8 mesi fa
2:04 lmao
Clarx-zig zag
4:25 Vidi - Ferencváros tipikus magyar időjárásssal😂😂
@stutibhatt9821 4 mesi fa
It was very scary when lighting hits the pitch 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
@XDarkOfc Anno fa
Tbm cachorro brasileiro é tudo perigo de fazer gol mais alto que o Cristiano Ronaldo ksksksksks
1:52 be like, lightning bolt gets red card
@iamarka25 Anno fa
Nature given red card
@aibot-1 10 mesi fa
At 6:50 the dog became the goalkeeper cool
@catedgar5 Anno fa
Music-Clarx Zig Zag
miał być niedźwiedź
Qual é a música 6:41 ? Por favor
Roland i like uoy ❤❤❤❤
@ren_fox799 Anno fa
@-ava- Anno fa
I had a game once and this little girl came right infront of me and I was playing keeper. What was scary is that the ball was coming right towards us and I caught the ball just in time before she got hit. It was scary and the mom quickly grabbed her daughter scared for her life.
@gabicapitan Anno fa
Ronaldo no le tiene miedo a nada ni siquiera si hubiera un oso
La madre no quiere que destruyan sus tierras
i was waiting for the bear smh
beleza mas o urso na thumb aparece quando?
i remembered that time where a dog came in the feld loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
first their was penguins!!!!!
Mas o queee como assim. 😲
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