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We look at everything that has been confirmed to be in ITvid Rewind 2019, from Old Town Road to PewDiePie, we look at screenshots hinting what is to come!
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ITvid Rewind 2019 is tomorrow, and ITvid has revealed some things and people that will be in it. Will PewDiePie be in ITvid Rewind 2019? Yes. We look at everything, from K-Pop to Team Trees - find out what has been confirmed to be in ITvid Rewind 2019!
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Commenti 100
Timeworks 8 mesi fa
Well then - after my video I had the feeling that everything I saw in the gifs were from actual videos on ITvid - not anything original... and I was right. So, I made my own ITvid Rewind 2019: itvid.net/video/video-nFEObsePGHQ.html
iiSxnRay editss
iiSxnRay editss 3 mesi fa
2019 = LAZY 2018 = TERRIBLE ITvid: AMAZING Google : even more amazing
_arc_007 8 mesi fa
Bruhhh don't tell me that was rewind of 2019 itvid.net/video/video-2lAe1cqCOXo.html 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ lazy as hell it's 1% better than 2018 but still its dead 3 million dislike 😂😂 we need more
Adrian Staunton
Adrian Staunton 8 mesi fa
Tha was Ariana grainde
_arc_007 8 mesi fa
Hey have they mentioned the date for youtube rewind this year ??
JEITS 8 mesi fa
*У ЮТУБ РЕВАЙНД 19 МЛН ДИЗОВ* / *ITvid Rewind have 19 million DISLIKES* itvid.net/video/video-9gJGK2yRWu.html
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy 7 mesi fa
Grant Thompson
1:06 The first guy is Big Marvel and the kid is from the music video for Earth by Lil Dicky (don't know if it's helpful but here you go)
Ehab Aljehani
Ehab Aljehani 8 mesi fa
How about a custom made ITvid Rewind 2019 itvid.net/video/video-xi0wg5f4CzU.html
Tan Dao
Tan Dao 8 mesi fa
I thought it said kingdiepie lol 0:40
。。。? 8 mesi fa
*where is my hamster who denied his request*
pokemonmew two
pokemonmew two 8 mesi fa
This video is pure crap.
The Generate
The Generate 8 mesi fa
Guess, just guess.
corona virus
corona virus 8 mesi fa
ITvid rewind is soo good they Liked it the opposite way
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet 8 mesi fa
It’s lil dickies song the earth
Animu Guy
Animu Guy 8 mesi fa
What is this! The video was posted on dec 4th. But I'm getting the notification on dec 7th! Why?
Josh Mar Wick
Josh Mar Wick 8 mesi fa
The guy on 1:08 is big marvel
Bryndon Little
Bryndon Little 8 mesi fa
The kid with the story book is a frame from lil dicky EARTH music video
dv 8 mesi fa
Im from the future ITvid rewind is Absolute Sh1t
Angie Yonaga
Angie Yonaga 8 mesi fa
Likes: 1,9m Dislikes: 4m Me....
QuickSqueeze 8 mesi fa
They should of put a list of top 10 most sensored conservative creators
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 8 mesi fa
Did you enjoy the watch mojo video ITvid
Sanad Ali
Sanad Ali 8 mesi fa
I think the image of the boy with a book is from middle child by xxxtentacion and pnb rock
Kayleyyy P.
Kayleyyy P. 8 mesi fa
2:27 Gabriel brown / black gryphon 💗🖤
25,000 Subscribers with 0 videos?
Yet yet Yoted
Yet yet Yoted 8 mesi fa
The book is from earth the song by lil dicky
Gengar 8 mesi fa
Ariana grande
Silent Shadow
Silent Shadow 8 mesi fa
This is so optimistic that it makes me sad
•Pinkk Cubee•
1:45 is Ariana Grande
DraGoLinkz 8 mesi fa
Everything? *where is DanTDM* *Jackseptickeye* *Brave Wilderness* *Roomie* *and more?* there are still so many ITvidrs out there that need to be added in ITvid Rewind *(except me)* but Great Explanation I'll sub
MeMonkeyBrain 8 mesi fa
it was basically a watch mojo video
The one with the kid holding the story book I think is from Earth!
The Postal Dude
The Postal Dude 8 mesi fa
I don't care if the video is good. The platform fucking sucks. So many of my favorite people have been given the boot by Google's greedy system. And it's getting worse. I still call for a dislike bomb until ITvid actually spends time fixing the website instead of letting the celebs get richer. The ITvid I remember was not a corporate entity. The ITvid I remember actually took the initiative to keep the "You".
dyllman98 8 mesi fa
I can't wait till ITvid rewind 2019 comes out just so I can dislike it
Nana Aburas
Nana Aburas 8 mesi fa
1:48 ariana grande
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah 8 mesi fa
why james charles forehead larger than my IQ
toasterroven 8 mesi fa
it sucked ass. must’ve been made by watchmojo
Triggerly 8 mesi fa
I can't believe I recognize most of the frames in the GIF. Wow this tells me I use ITvid way too much.
Gacha lizzy Nugget
2013 was the best
Rosie Nugent
Rosie Nugent 8 mesi fa
Ariana grande Billie Eilish Lil nas x Endgame Mr beast pewdie pie James Charles Sonic Jeffree star Shane dawson Idk but I need these things in there
Horváth Áron
Horváth Áron 8 mesi fa
3:10 he is getting thrown with eggs
Maple Oak
Maple Oak 8 mesi fa
2:27 is BlackGryph0n
Horváth Áron
Horváth Áron 8 mesi fa
There was no connection lol 1:35
smart meme
smart meme 8 mesi fa
Well........we are very disappointed....
Gabriel Aybar
Gabriel Aybar 8 mesi fa
2:11 earth by lil dicky
Patch my laugh
Patch my laugh 8 mesi fa
Can you guys help me with my channel I am really trying to take this ITvid thing serious. If you could jest check out my channel it would be much appreciated 😁
Stephen Morley
Stephen Morley 8 mesi fa
Stephen Morley
Stephen Morley 8 mesi fa
I hate
Daniel Kolbin
Daniel Kolbin 8 mesi fa
better than 2018
BakedBanana 8 mesi fa
Crazzygamer 99880
2:17 ok boomer
GTNation 8 mesi fa
Can't wait to dislike it :0
Cool Maddox
Cool Maddox 8 mesi fa
it already came out
TechniCollins 8 mesi fa
Yooooh... Didn't know it'd be a top ten video, did you?
Avery Gullidge
Avery Gullidge 8 mesi fa
All the people only watching ITvid Rewind because Pewdiepie is in it 👇 (including me)
Indoorcat 8 mesi fa
There was no animation. They love putting them down especially with COPPA.
Synd E
Synd E 8 mesi fa
I heard they can’t not use think that didn’t happen in ITvid lot that stuff didn’t happen in ITvid like lot meme
otakuzilla gaming
Well I can tell you right now they still suck
Hot Boi
Hot Boi 8 mesi fa
This is better itvid.net/video/video-H5zCqr0I7WU.html
Vladi 8 mesi fa
Fadumo Mohamed
Fadumo Mohamed 8 mesi fa
Did this guy just say he doesn’t know BTS? ONE of the biggest boy groups this year... 😂😂😭
NotSamir- 8 mesi fa
bunny ambition
bunny ambition 8 mesi fa
1:47 ariana grande - 6 rings
baka playz
baka playz 8 mesi fa
Śûbšćříbé ťó mę øń ýøūțūbě ī will sub bâćķ fâśț
Lukson 8 mesi fa
just a lazy video, meh
Kookscookie シ
Kookscookie シ 8 mesi fa
Kpop in rewind last year was so cringy. Please don’t do the same this year.
Jack Metcalfe
Jack Metcalfe 8 mesi fa
Earth is the lil dicky singing about earth
professor dog
professor dog 8 mesi fa
Tik too should be in there for sure
sarah m
sarah m 8 mesi fa
1:39 it's Eugene's coming out
Fortunate Mean
Fortunate Mean 8 mesi fa
I’m from the future... it sucks
Pandaholic Plays
1:07 is big marvel he has a channel which he used to make covers of songs with a rubber chicken and in this screenshot glasses
Stas Sirosh
Stas Sirosh 8 mesi fa
thats ariana grandea
Anna Müller
Anna Müller 8 mesi fa
Omg... I love how people did not at all expect the Rewind we got.... Did he not see that they are all just already existing videos?
ffsluz 8 mesi fa
the put big marvel there, he’s the guy with the rainbow wine glasses
Jasper notevenarapper
1:47 7 rings Ariana Grande....
Natalia Robinson
1:45 That is Ariana Grande
Adnana's Corner
Adnana's Corner 8 mesi fa
Lachlan Trescott
not lit af, dissappointed af
Sager Vex
Sager Vex 8 mesi fa
Disagreement hits this comment
Èhtomit 8 mesi fa
Its already out (and realy bad)
Millllie 8 mesi fa
It is terrible. *just to warm you*
Elijah Orozco
Elijah Orozco 8 mesi fa
I wanna be cold
Bri Goose
Bri Goose 8 mesi fa
It's not a rewind. It's a top 10 shitty video..lets see if anyone copyright strikes it 😂
ɹǝʇǝԀ ɹǝʞɹɐԀ
Leul Getu
Leul Getu 8 mesi fa
The kid with a book is from lil dickys earth
Carmen Torres
Carmen Torres 8 mesi fa
1:45 She is Ariana Grandeee!! 7 rings
Omar Perez
Omar Perez 8 mesi fa
Idk why they gonna put kpop, people hate kpop and the internet trolls are just going to bring up those artist that raped women
Gabriela Celeste
itvid.net/video/video-TExGKIwbUR8.html This video is a cover of bad guy with glasses, one of the images you couldn't tell what it is
Revoltz 8 mesi fa
I hope they put padoru padoru
Matthew Gameplays
1:08 is big marvel, song creator
Adam Swiggity Swooty _MAGA!
2019 rewind will be mega charged with leftist politics.
_arc_007 8 mesi fa
At 2:32 it looks like birg khalifa at dubai i thinks cause each year the does the same thing over there
Immanuel K
Immanuel K 8 mesi fa
1:12 isn't that the boy from the music videoo ''Earth'' that pickep the book.... 1:46 That pic is like everywhere and people still don't recognise Ariana xD
HereitsZara 8 mesi fa
Well this was a waste of time lol
_arc_007 8 mesi fa
At 1:08 that's marvel he is a musician he plays music with anything
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 8 mesi fa
Pewdiepie in you tube rewind 2019 Pewds: I see this as a absolute win!
African Vante
African Vante 8 mesi fa
Anyone here an ARMY???
Diffident Senpai
I just don't care about anything else....I just want PEWDIEPIE and #teamtrees in the ITvid rewind..or I'll dislike the video
quality memer
quality memer 8 mesi fa
You might have to dislike
pastry panini
pastry panini 8 mesi fa
hell no it's still shit :*
STAND BY - Studios
huh.. we had to much hope...
M G 8 mesi fa
"I think this is k-pop, bcs I've never seen THEM before." I'm not hating, but let med educate you for a second. K-pop is and industry genre, not a group, not a music genre, not a person. It's Korean pop where they focus on performance. The k-pop group in the video is BTS. A group og 7 members who does music and performances in the k-pop genre. Blackpink's "Kill This Love" was also in the video :) Thank you
M G 8 mesi fa
@Possibly Pablo Not sure what you mean, but he for it right that it was a k-pop group yeah haha
Possibly Pablo
Possibly Pablo 8 mesi fa
but he did get it right didn't he
tia poonia
tia poonia 8 mesi fa
Here’s what we got *ITvid Repost*
volve OCE
volve OCE 8 mesi fa
1:45 is Ariana grande
John Doe
John Doe 8 mesi fa
It was shit...
Zabunko 8 mesi fa
Well that were high expectations.
Ben Fine
Ben Fine 8 mesi fa
paranormal lazivity
I mean who is hating about kpop. It was a really big thing last year and this year so deal with it
Rohunt 8 mesi fa
Aw shit here we go again.
Harris Garland
Harris Garland 8 mesi fa
He obviously hasn't heard of lil dicky then 🤣
Shimrbae 482
Shimrbae 482 8 mesi fa
1:08 that's Big Marvel. His channel got really popular after he made chicken covers of songs.
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