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Watch more of the action from Everton's 1-0 win at Spurs, featuring the debuts of Allan, James Rodriguez and Abdoulaye Doucoure and a perfect header by Dominic Calvert-Lewin.
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Welcome to the Official Everton Football Club ITvid channel. We'll offer fans real insight into life at Goodison Park, USM Finch Farm and on the road with the Blues.


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15 set 2020




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Commenti 100
Soulaimane Ajanif
Soulaimane Ajanif 2 giorni fa
This is the best game this season so far
KDM_kEnzo bris
KDM_kEnzo bris 3 giorni fa
Indo like
Miftahul Huda
Miftahul Huda 3 giorni fa
Gelandang serangnya mantappp.... james rodriguez 🤩
Sandra Baker
Sandra Baker 3 giorni fa
Firstly I have been scammed a lot of times , so trading again to me was very hard and stressful. Then I saw a post on twitter someone testimonials about landlay . Then I decided it was my last and traded with just $500 and then I received my profits back . I’m really happy 😃. You can connect with her on Instagram. @landlay_12fx
Muhammad Yusuf Kurniawan
James good job!
Eyang Prabu
Eyang Prabu 4 giorni fa
James same as kaka
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta 4 giorni fa
Everton is never the same since james joined...like if you agree
Zainal Ilmi
Zainal Ilmi 5 giorni fa
James star plyer from everton
Gerardo hermenegildo González vargas
Ese número 7 si que falla en cada partido
john U.S.
john U.S. 6 giorni fa
Mina taugh him how to hit headers.
ปฐพ จันทะ
mustafa manja
mustafa manja 6 giorni fa
mu no good
mustafa manja
mustafa manja 6 giorni fa
sy harap everton buat yg terbaik th ni..everton main baik tahun ni
Moeez Awan
Moeez Awan 7 giorni fa
1:13 that was the most stupid thing I have watched in Premier League Football ...like WTF ..how could he miss open goal it was an odd angle but I've seen footballers beat best goalkeepers from that angle and if he was losing control why didn't pass it the other player was open and right in front of goal ...Stupid and Selfish ..Someone tell him its a team's sport
Born on 15 me
Born on 15 me 7 giorni fa
Why James is not getting full time to play?
CabSebas 10
CabSebas 10 7 giorni fa
People be like Everton gonna win the premier league. Hell no Tottenham will be ready next time. Our new and improved sonny and Kane will carry.
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson 7 giorni fa
James been waiting his whole life to take center stage. Welcome as a Barca fan. 🔥🔥🔥
Bangbang Jaenudin
Bangbang Jaenudin 7 giorni fa
Everton is good
Geo fani
Geo fani 8 giorni fa
Doncarlo top
Mohammad Muksalmina
I am milanisti, Respect Don Carlo.. Good for Everton.
HACHI 8 giorni fa
Sanches Jhonatan
Sanches Jhonatan 8 giorni fa
Everton is the best.james yess
Me Cambodia
ari hamdar
ari hamdar 9 giorni fa
2 special managers trying to make special stories with their club.. 🔥
Anubhav Tyagi
Anubhav Tyagi 9 giorni fa
2 much selfish plays by Everton left winger and harry kane needs to be calm down
あずねこ 9 giorni fa
Minh Nguyen Van
Minh Nguyen Van 9 giorni fa
Love james
Yudi Kuswantoro
Yudi Kuswantoro 10 giorni fa
James stupid
porscheoscar 11 giorni fa
James Rodriguez 40 goal season
Khaled Khcr7
Khaled Khcr7 11 giorni fa
فريق محترم
Adison Kangabam
Adison Kangabam 12 giorni fa
Coz of Everton's keeper
dodo varestaA
dodo varestaA 12 giorni fa
Everton champions
Ignacio Fontalvo
Ignacio Fontalvo 13 giorni fa
Never forget this day: James Rodriguez had a dream as a child, to play for Real Madrid, and he achieved it, but now he goes in search of glory, "El Dorado", with Everton, and will be proclaimed the best soccer player of the world. And, he will win the golden ball several times. The Prophecy is written.
Leonardo Torres
Leonardo Torres 3 giorni fa
good bad boy
good bad boy 13 giorni fa
loved seeing son as the face of tottenham in the thumbnail. asian representation im excited for spurs and everton this season. both have a lot of potential
Mat3us 13 giorni fa
4:25 Goal
34 wilfridus soinbala
Francisco rodriguez salmoral
video de fútbol
Top Siêu Xe
Top Siêu Xe 15 giorni fa
James 19. I like him 😍
Abde 15 giorni fa
Please help me to get to the academy. I am a very good player
Frankie Pereira
Frankie Pereira 17 giorni fa
James does the most accurate passing and feeding that makes a world of a difference to the Everton
Berita Menakjubkan
Berita Menakjubkan 17 giorni fa
James Rodriguez 👍 class is permanent.
Jefri swan
Jefri swan 17 giorni fa
Thavel hmar
Thavel hmar 17 giorni fa
Carlos Ancelotti 👍
Ak official
Ak official 18 giorni fa
Cood everton full pay game
Diego Oquendo
Diego Oquendo 18 giorni fa
Estoy orgulloso de ti James ! Volviste a brillar 💛💙❤️CO CO
Samuko 2211
Samuko 2211 18 giorni fa
Yo: minuto 2:00 no richardlison para que te traje 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
안. 19 giorni fa
하메스 인성 안좋즘 예전 인종차별행동함 ...
Marcal Goncalves
Marcal Goncalves 20 giorni fa
Franchini Ragazzo Napolini
What a big surprise!
Muhamad Satrian
Muhamad Satrian 20 giorni fa
Lewin lewin...
Alban Topi
Alban Topi 20 giorni fa
I would love to see you in first place this year 🤗
New Football
New Football 21 giorno fa
Oscar Andrade
Oscar Andrade 22 giorni fa
James Anchelotti colombia. Presente
Guilherme Gonçalves
Hawni Bareh
Hawni Bareh 22 giorni fa
I want James back to Real Madrid again. Real Madrid fan
Teofilo Da Silva
Teofilo Da Silva 23 giorni fa
The funny part morinho is lost
Teofilo Da Silva
Teofilo Da Silva 23 giorni fa
I can't wait to morinho get kicked 😭🤣
Max Attack
Max Attack 23 giorni fa
Watching ficharlison play AMAZING😎
Merry Go
Merry Go 23 giorni fa
Weare love you James
Kevin 23 giorni fa
Fucking Richardlisson never wants to gove the ball in the area he barely make a good pass in atack, and thats only when he sees him self in a hurry end up being bad pass, that goal at the beggining he fail when he could have give it to his partner could have coast him the game
Jijo Intan92
Jijo Intan92 23 giorni fa
TmZ Pasang
TmZ Pasang 23 giorni fa
1:48 Son made terrible mistake
Big Thotz
Big Thotz 24 giorni fa
zidane is foolish for not playing james, he is world class. Im a madrid fan btw
Johatsu 24 giorni fa
Everton looks scary under the guidance of ancelotti , he is better than lampard Good luck everton for top 4
มนต์ชัย คุ้นเคย
N0.19 EVERTON- he look like CR-7....
Diego Viveros
Diego Viveros 25 giorni fa
James Rodríguez
Reza Prakoso
Reza Prakoso 26 giorni fa
my interest in watching totenham games increased because of james
Bisri Mustofa
Bisri Mustofa 27 giorni fa
Italian manager feat EPL team with blue Jersey : Dangerous combination
Purwanto Purwanto
Purwanto Purwanto 27 giorni fa
Remember carlo, increase stamina team.. it's very urgen
Minh Phung Quang
Minh Phung Quang 27 giorni fa
hope he found his place. good for him.
Edfran Santos
Edfran Santos 27 giorni fa
Timão yes 👋
Marsel Pakung
Marsel Pakung 27 giorni fa
The Answer
The Answer 27 giorni fa
6 months later ... 🤫
Gospodin Jebacina
Gospodin Jebacina 27 giorni fa
Everton is definitely a top 4 contender this season
Muhammad Shahrukh Khan
Everton #7 is such a Selfish As*hole player.......
Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh
That kneeling down for a Marxist front group really needs to stop
Ahmad Yani Yuman
Ahmad Yani Yuman 29 giorni fa
Pelatih.a legenda semua
Eel Haerudin
Eel Haerudin 29 giorni fa
Everton coach carlo ancelotti champion EFL
Ushangsu Paul
Ushangsu Paul 29 giorni fa
everton will challenge this year for top 6 or 4
belva cantiek
belva cantiek 29 giorni fa
Glad to see James Rodriguez playing again , miss his amazing goal in world cup .
INDRA LESMANA 29 giorni fa
Sebaiknya everton membeli bek tngguh stu lgi agr lolos 4 besar premier ingris
David 143
David 143 29 giorni fa
Saat nya kebangkitan everton... forza everton
jahir montero gonzalez
Be careful with everton holy
yolo ‘
yolo ‘ 29 giorni fa
Bruno Fernandes or James Rodriguez?
wAHYu channel24
wAHYu channel24 29 giorni fa
I am from Indonesia . I love James Rodriguez games .
Zombi City
Zombi City 29 giorni fa
wow cge gol , fantastico Everton. grande Carlo . ti vorrei all'Inter .
Grande james y mina!!
Aliya Maske
Aliya Maske Mese fa
I love m. son.
1:12 cuando higuain juega una final de la uefa o mundial
ابو جري
مسرع الايام
daniele Mese fa
syahbana 93
syahbana 93 Mese fa
Good job James👍👍👍😎
maz mancung
maz mancung Mese fa
Bad first chance
Jem Jem
Jem Jem Mese fa
Epl gonna be a fucking hell league, and it will good to watch it
Victor Fidelis
1:15 puskas
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar Mese fa
Richarlisan....So selfish player....it will be 4:0 if he pass.
Jorgd juniot Salome
Oe no te pases ese gol como te vas a fallar
Abdulrahim Yusuf
Daniel Gurung
Those diagonal long balls from James. 👌👌. Everton will be a different team this season.
King Arvi
King Arvi Mese fa
James + Anceloti = 🔥🔥🔥
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