FA CUP FINAL! Chelsea vs. Liverpool | Full Game Highlights | ESPN FC

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13 mag 2022




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JayCFC Mese fa
We've lost 3 FA Cup finals in a row. Perfect. Congratulations to Liverpool.
Richkad N
Richkad N Mese fa
@Duke Isgrimnur what abt lukaku
Horus Lupercal
It was a great day for Scotland!
Hung Phan
Hung Phan Mese fa
that’s the price for a champions league
And against Arsenal 😂 y’all a clown college basically
Mantis Football
Spurs lost 2 straight league cup finals to Chelsea (lost the next one to City).
strawhatxavi Mese fa
Pulisic and Diaz could’ve had like 3 goals each if they had finished. All the other forwards were quiet today, but overall good game.
abdi shekhey
abdi shekhey 8 giorni fa
@Deng real always lucky helps them if you see the squad they have & how they ran thru man city Chelsea psg Liverpool
Deng 8 giorni fa
@abdi shekhey 🤣🤣 Real can’t stand a chance ?
Andrew Campos
@turtle fast 13 champions Leagues…14th coming soon, add on the balon dor for Benzema to top it off. Oh and Mbappe soon after
turtle fast
turtle fast Mese fa
@Andrew Campos Kings of Europe?? LOL the same team that lost to Chelsea at home and to Barcelona 0-4? Not to mention that was outplayed by City in 180 minutes? you're funny campos!
Johnnybgood 11
Diaz and Pulisic were the two best attacking players for their respective sides. Salah, Mane, Lukaku and Mount were all quiet.
Al Mese fa
Lukaku is a clown. He performs well in seria A then comes to perform like this in Chelsea? Diaz costed Liverpool half the price and he even played in a less better league
Dancehall Entertainment TV
@Nick Dasher u wasn’t watching the game I see. So u didn’t see one of the chance pulisic miss, it was lukaku that set him up?
Adam GT40
Adam GT40 Mese fa
@Ivan Go watch some Chucky Lozano highlights or something, nobody cares what u think
D1ndad0r Mese fa
Pulisic and Diaz were incredible. They should’ve played the full 120 minutes
Al Mese fa
I don’t even know why pulisic is always on the bench
D1ndad0r Mese fa
@Ugo's Videos He was literally the only one doing anything. You’re probably a Mexico and chucky fan. Diaz missed even better chances than Pulisic and I don’t see you criticizing him
D1ndad0r Mese fa
@Ivan How many chances did the other players get?
Anthony Randi
@Ivan certified troll. Every comment praising pulisic you are in trashing him. You must be a Mexican National Team supporter.
Realfred Mese fa
Yeah both were amazing, but they were tired
The Peteles
The Peteles Mese fa
LFC is an amazing team. This is definitely one of their golden ages. We will look back at Salah, Mane, Coach Klopp, Van Dijk, Diaz, Milner, Alexander Arnold and the rest of them and think what a privilege it was to see them play together.
Chris Varela Benítez
What a game!! Luis Diaz is an amazing player. Liverpool coming in with confidence against Real Madrid but it'll take much more than today to take them down.
ginger 29 giorni fa
@Chuks Richard my brother… at least you can be classy and buy me a beer 😆 Good win … it was Madrid’s destiny this season. With the one shot on goal they scored. Amazing!
Chris Varela Benítez
Hala Madrid !!!!
ginger Mese fa
@Chuks Richard OK good. So you have given a 100% guarantee of Real Madrid winning.
Chuks Richard
@ginger this is a game and anything can happen but Real Madrid just like in 2018 will win it again.
Joe VanHorn
Joe VanHorn Mese fa
What a great game, could have gone either way. Congratulations to Liverpool. Diaz and Pulisic were both played great.
Luis Diaz played well He made chances and nearly scored a ton of times by making himself open, what a player 🔥
Hector Morena
@Generic White Female Suarez started in Anfield as a winger (7). And yes, you can compare players in different positions when is comes to analyzing whether they are truly “amazing”.
Generic White Female
@Hector Morena imagine comparing a winger to a striker.
Aomlol Mese fa
@Hector Morena hes not overrated and comparing him to other players doesnt change anything. he still performed well and got the ball on target or slightly missing the target each shot.
Jackson Gibson
@Aomlol he was born and raised in Hershey, Pennsylvania… he has a Croatian grandfather… what do you think it means to be “fully” American?
Hector Morena
Let's be honest. Luis Diaz is overrated. If he were anywhere close to the player Luis Suarez was when he was 25 y.o. , Liverpool would have won today at least 3-0. For people calling him ¨amazing¨, what word would you use to describe Suarez at Anfield?
emi Mese fa
8:17 Thiago is so saucy man, this season I really got to admire him and I can see why he was rated so highly when coming to us he’s just a joy to watch. Class player 🔥
Bird Mese fa
He’s a product of: great Andres iniesta+ Xavi Hernandez 🤟🏾👊🏾
Danny Gee
Danny Gee Mese fa
Facts 😍
Sheryn Shahwan
Love how Tsimikas had the winning goal.
NotSoLiberal Mese fa
He’s a good player what a confidence boost that will be
Lazaros Tsirkos
@Jovid Bodurkhonov Nah hes the future Torisidis in his prime haha. hes gonna develop to be better than Robertson trust me this is gonna boss his Ego even more , coming from me im Greek been watching him since Olympiakos youth days.
Jovid Bodurkhonov
He’s the future Manolas
NS23 Mese fa
Tsimi tsimi tsimi oh kostaaas tsimiiikaas
Jobs mine
Jobs mine Mese fa
Amazing game by both teams. But the mentality with Liverpool’s substitutes is incredible. Heck they all play like champions. Allison what a giant goalie.
Roberto Muller
Liverpool looked tired after 20 minutes and somehow managed to hold on. Klopp’s mentality coaching is top notch, better than pep or tuchel.
@icefresh2327 i love the salt don't be too hard on your self lol
Enyinnaya Obioma
@Mohavic Official
Joseph Quintero
Liverpool has a way better team . Just sayin
Iowa Scratchers
@small arms kepa lol small club Liverpool has many titles stay mad. You're not even brave enough to say what team you go for lololol.
Devin Pruitt
Devin Pruitt Mese fa
Both keepers were immense today, no question about it. But still, both sides need work more on their finishing prior to big matches. Liverpool more so than Chelsea, with the CL Final coming up.
Bird Mese fa
Best comment from a Barcelona Messi fan 😬🙌🏽
Jonathan Villalba
@Repent or you will likewise perish. i thrusted many a times, inside an infidel and spilled thy seed
Repent or you will likewise perish.
Repent to Jesus Christ “The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him,” ‭‭Nahum‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬ hu
Daniel Morgan
@Lennard A. Bass true
Lennard A. Bass
No lies detected!
Both teams played well! Congrats to Liverpool! 🥳🏆
Jason Salinas
Absolutely gutted . 3 straight years , 3 straight loses
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor Mese fa
All the losses were unlucky 😔
M F Mese fa
Well at least you won the Champions League last season. As a Liverpool fan i don't mind throwing away one of the domestic cup if we won both the EPL & CL, but being realistic, there's a high probabiliy we won't win anymore after this for the current season.
D M Mese fa
Top four is a good year considering everything that has happened since February, Liverpool first FA cup since 2006 I believe.
Diego Bermudez
@Brooks McFadden True, most teams would take that but that's a small club mentality. Big clubs always play to win. I'm a City fan but I do feel for Chelsea fans.
asianfiya17 Mese fa
props for getting the highlights up so quick
Ivan Mese fa
@ESPN FC clowns
Anipaptions Mese fa
@ESPN FC never seen you reply to anything
Stan Smith
Stan Smith Mese fa
@ESPN FC give me a job, I can edit and upload highlights 5x quicker.
Keaton Law
Keaton Law Mese fa
Kabelo Mosotho
Yeah true that🤞
I miss Drogba so much, it was nice having a striker you knew was almost guaranteed to score in a final rather than a front three that can't even score one goal
jawad alam
jawad alam Mese fa
@FireProximity salt you know it's true
Santi Mese fa
Drogba was goated bro i used to love watching him i always knew he would score no matter the game. Big game player
@Luke Hudson 🤡
Hermanos De Paz
Drogba was that man. He never stopped running either. Legend!
pat Mese fa
@Luke Hudson who asked 😹 Also money doesn’t guarantee anything you must be another weirdo who’s obsessed with it
This game could’ve gone to anyone but in the end I think Liverpool deserved it 👏
Declan Owens
Declan Owens Mese fa
Well, technically not 'anyone', for example it couldn't have went to Man United or Man City.......🤣. Yeooooo YNWA ❤️
4c-able8 Mese fa
Agree. Liverpool had more chances at goal and ball possession.
Basilio from Panama
Its unreal that Thomas Tuchel replaced Jurgen Klopp at Borussia Dortmund and now they are facing each other twice in a cup finals twice in a year...
abu jallow
abu jallow Mese fa
look at the passion from tuchel when mendy saved Mane's pen 9:36, liverpool did come for business and unfortunately chelsea lost but doesn't renounce the fact that Tuchel has greatly benefited the Chelsea football club as a whole.
Luis Estrada
Luis Estrada 22 giorni fa
@xander you guys lost the ucl. The league and won the EFl and FA cup on pens
xander Mese fa
I loved watching that moment , seeing Tucheliban celebrating like he’d won it . i’m so glad my liverpool humbled him. DONT EVER SAY TUCHELIBAN IS BETTER THAN KLOPP. UP THE REDS
Will C
Will C Mese fa
Oh yeah, tuchel's an amazing coach
Charlie Grahofke
Ziyech is one of the most cool, calm and collective players I have ever seen. The man had incredible confidence and shows little emotion
yonis abrha
yonis abrha Mese fa
Are u crazy he is not even as calm as debrone
NotSoLiberal Mese fa
Living as an immigrant/minority among racist people does that to you , ask Zlatan 😛
Ama A1
Ama A1 Mese fa
Mane is amazing … Diaz is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sub if you hate Tik Tok and Twitter
Chelsea have now lost 10/11 domestic finals since 2015
Stephen Mason
Just an unreal stat
@Brooks McFadden we will have to see hopefully they will put some money and stop losing this is london and they are playing like Leeds loo
800 IQ
800 IQ Mese fa
Chelsea Fumble Cups
they need a reboot big time but that's LA dodgers now own them and will change the team and greatness will come back for chelsea
Ben Mese fa
Thank goodness ya won ucl last yr
Bobby D.
Bobby D. Mese fa
Shout out to ESPN FC for the highlights. I wasn't able to see such a great game. Heart goes out to Chelsea. Love the way Tsimikas ran around the field after his goal. I would do the same thing but my teammates wouldn't come close to touching me. Enjoy the moment. ❤
Devin Pruitt
Devin Pruitt Mese fa
I think Tuchel is brilliant, but too demanding. Taking Loftus-Cheek off just a few minutes after bringing him is pretty harsh, it wasn’t his usual position. And then totally ignoring Werner, who’s been in decent enough form, definitely more so than Barkley. I’m ecstatic for Liverpool, though, this is hopefully only the start to even more trophies.
icefresh2327 Mese fa
@Sam Forbes he has cheeks in his name for a reason
Ivan Mese fa
Werner was injured
Jon Kappler
Jon Kappler Mese fa
I mean hindsight 20/20. First 3 pk takers, were all defenders... Taking off Lukaku and Pulisic was a mistake for me. Especially Pulisic, and when you did it was for Loftus-Cheek who played 15 mins before coming off for Barkley. In my mind you just disrespected 2 attackers in what was really just a single substitution. Apparently, they aren't to be trusted with a pk, as well as Werner who just rode the bench... so why take off what was your biggest goal treat and leave on people who were quiet all game or prefer defenders that had too fresh of legs to take pks, looking at Mount and Azpilicueta. Barkley for Rudiger or something if you really wanted him on to take a pk. Not having Lukaku or Pulisic for pks was stupid tho.
small arms kepa
Barkley was brought on to take a penalty, and he scored his penalty. Dunno what else you would want
The Loftus-Cheek and Barkley sub was only for the penalty shootout.
Pulisic did his part congrats to Liverpool 👏
Lennard A. Bass
Amen! Say less. (Chelsea fan voice.)
Fiyin1 Mese fa
Now let’s top off an incredible season with the Champions League trophy. Will go down as the greatest season in our history! 🏆
jawad alam
jawad alam Mese fa
@Johann Flores real madrid conceded 3 goals in one half against Chelsea at their home ground lol
jawad alam
jawad alam Mese fa
@Unscripted 101 you do realize chelsea scored 3 against real madrid and madrid lost?
Jonathan Villalba
Better hope they get the Prem or else nothing else to look for
Able Bodied
Able Bodied Mese fa
@Ephrem Abebe Coming back from being behind 3 times back to back isn't luck.
AD Mese fa
@Unscripted 101 go cry. 9-0
Marcio Tisza
Marcio Tisza Mese fa
Love seeing Liverpool beat Chelsea twice ina row in two different finals this year 👏🏼
Joaquin Rodriguez
Thiago’s penalty was a masterpiece
Anipaptions Mese fa
Of course it was Mount. The one that didn't do anything offensively all game
Thug Love
Thug Love Mese fa
@Mr. E that was not a championship tier pk…
Mr. E
Mr. E Mese fa
He is soo overrated man i swear
Suiiiiii Mese fa
Not just saying this because he missed the penalty, but he is on of the most overrated youngsters that I’ve ever seen
Сергей Дмитриев
Крутой матч!
Tommy Gorski
Tommy Gorski Mese fa
These two teams have been so on par this season it’s ridiculous
wvyvw Mese fa
Diaz plays with so much confidence, hes gonna be a good player
David3188col Mese fa
Diaz was amazing, too bad he could not convert. Congratulations to Liverpool. 2 down. 2 to go.
Pól Reilly
Pól Reilly Mese fa
Luis Diaz was really good today, just couldn’t finish to save his life! Amazing pass from Trent in the 8th minute (0:24)
Crayth1k Mese fa
As a Chelsea fan this is traumatizing
Crayth1k Mese fa
@Deaney Le word
Crayth1k Mese fa
@xander can’t even say nun cause Liverpool to good rn 🤷‍♂️
Deaney Le
Deaney Le Mese fa
Dragging Liverpool to penalty shootout is like auto win for Liv, chelsea should have finish the job in the first 90 minutes
xander Mese fa
good . chelshits purple patch is over , i’m glad my Liverpool humbled the rent boys . UP THE REDS!!
El Fizzel
El Fizzel Mese fa
at least you made champions league next season
Joseph bazil
Joseph bazil Mese fa
@10:20 I thought a fan started flying in the air since Liverpool won 😂
Vishrut Shenoy
What a match 🔥
Jay Jaz
Jay Jaz Mese fa
Way to go Reds! Congratulations! The best
Set Pul
Set Pul Mese fa
6:40 T.Silva caught up to Diaz is just 🔥 Maguire would never catch it
Neil Briggs
Neil Briggs Mese fa
@Iam Champ bro you do realize Silva plays at the center of a 3 back system on a team that likes to sit relatively deep on defense? He probably ran less than anyone else on the field bar the keepers. Whereas Diaz is an attacking winger on a team infamous for how hard they press all over the field. Again, it was impressive from Silva to keep up there but Diaz had been sprinting around the field all game long and was gassed by that point.
Iam Champ
Iam Champ Mese fa
@Neil Briggs bro Silva is 37 and they both started the game. He’s elite
MrCstrey14 Mese fa
i upvote any post trashing Maguire.
Neil Briggs
Neil Briggs Mese fa
Impressive from Silva, but that run and then the shot from DIaz looked really tired. Give that same opportunity 30 minutes earlier and I don't think it would have even been close.
Remember me!!!
No one said maguire would do that.
Thowe001 Mese fa
Gotta love Loftus Cheek throwing the game away, and the ref not calling a clear pen
Mathew Frangoul
What a season it has been. Absolutely unbelievable. On to the champions league to destroy madrid. Haters can suck it
luis martinez
I doubt it
Chuks Richard
Destroy Madrid only in your dreams
Cam Jo
Cam Jo Mese fa
I’m a fan of both these teams. If a game goes to penalties, it was basically a tie.
darthtrabia Mese fa
God bless Allison Becker!!!! Legend
The 1
The 1 Mese fa
As a Chelsea fan, Lukaku is NOT the problem it's the system! I even want someone over Lukaku but he seems to be doing his job. Great game but these bottled moments are NOT it. We need better Strikers and another chance creator smfh, sign Mbappe or something
Joey Yang
Joey Yang Mese fa
Another final lost for Chelsea and congrats to Liverpool. As a Chelsea fan, I'm ready for the season to be over. Refresh the minds and focus on getting that winning mentality back.
Al Mese fa
Bro I’m done
Keneisha Melvin
Congrats Liverpool ❤️❤️❤️
Oakkar Aung
Oakkar Aung Mese fa
Mane got a nerve, unbelievable, he is a great player, should have confidence, Tamikas, stone cold killer 😬
Bran Ayala
Bran Ayala Mese fa
Should’ve kept Pulisic on for the penalty shootout. He has a very good record for pens
qualyn Mese fa
@Christopher Goodwin thank you!! As an American who loves soccer but not my passion it does strike me how fast the fans abroad turn on their players. In football if a quarterback throws many interceptions or chokes the game we for the most part still support him. Mount has been class this whole entire year, miss one pen and they turn on him? (Big game I know but still) Just an observation
Maui Sunset Ocean Front Condos
@123YOURE GAY456 Actually a coach doesn't do anything for penalties. It is all contained within the heart and mind of the player. There is no physical skill involved at that level, all players can shoot past a goalie from 12 yards. And sports psychologists are overpaid bs. Experience, belief and an iron constitution is what is needed to score a penalty in a final.
@Maui Sunset Ocean Front Condos 360 million people but like only 100-150 million play it. Less than 10 million try out and even less than that play pro. Population doesn't matter. A good professional coach for penalties does.
Zane Mese fa
@Christopher Goodwin Mount has missed like his last two penalties
Maui Sunset Ocean Front Condos
@Starpearl It is exactly how it works.
Yaze Faze
Yaze Faze Mese fa
This is a always a competitive final but I have to say if havertz and Werner started today would have been a different game for sure
George Kandylis
Our boy turning it up in England ! We miss you ! Our former Olympiacos starlet ! 🔴⚪️ Once red and white always red and white !
Marcio Tisza
Marcio Tisza Mese fa
Liverpool didn’t win by luck , Allison saved both .
Thug Love
Thug Love Mese fa
He has improved in the last 3 years; when other keepers have fallen off. Props to him.
Blocky_ Legend
@Daff Abdoul Well tbf I think he "saved" that first one too because if it was any other GK in between the posts, Azpi wouldn't have been so precise... Alisson filling that goal and being the GK he is forced Azpi to be too precise
Marcio Tisza
Marcio Tisza Mese fa
@Daff Abdoul it was two but il Lb
Daff Abdoul
Daff Abdoul Mese fa
He only saved one
lisandro flores
The Greek hero!!!!! And the Brazilian savior 🙌
mustafa Diriye
You will never walk along.the best team in the World.....
Rogue dr3amerrr
I’m upset as a Chelsea fan that we haven’t won. But congrats to Liverpool they deserve it
Matthew Maggio
I will never get tired of hearing Martin Tyler describe people running around on a field
Alex P
Alex P Mese fa
English player sends wild cross to nobody Broadcasters: Well done by Mount. Worked cleverly. Pulisic shoots closer than anyone else on both sides, after setting up Marcos Alonso for an easy tap-in Broadcaster: Another miss from Pulisic. GET HIM OUT OF THE PREMIER LEAGUE!!! He belongs somewhere his talents will be appreciated.
tehCostHD Mese fa
@Pól Reilly I think pulisics shot grazed the far post too
Pól Reilly
Pól Reilly Mese fa
Diaz and Robertson both hit the post… I’d say that’s closer😂
Dani Cordero
Dani Cordero Mese fa
Liverpool best team in the planet. Plays great football and dont need Last minute comeback 😭💪💪
Daniel Maluenda
Liverpool and Chelsea what a classic now , what a game
Spice Traders
OMG! I had Tsimikas to win the game in penalties! I'm going to buy a house!
ItsH3O Mese fa
@Stergios Serres at least 2
Stergios Serres
How much did you win?
Credible Peace
This’s called real football (aka) soccer.Not only for money playing with full of passion and take out their skills between ribs 😂.Love this match much.Congratulations to Liverpool
eswagy Mese fa
Diaz is such a phenomenal player. Young and so much more to learn. He will be one of the GOATS of the future for sure.
John Ocampo
John Ocampo Mese fa
Dude has no finishing touch lol
Neopremium Mese fa
no he won’t he’s already turning 26 soon 😂
Yun Qu
Yun Qu Mese fa
Tbh I am a little disappointed. He missed so many chances, and he is already 25. Ronaldo and Messi were already world famous when they were 20.
Alvin Future
Alvin Future Mese fa
what strain
Excellent run by tsmiskas after the penno🤣🤣🤣
Oreos&Milk Mese fa
It never feels good when a game is decided in a penalty shootout...
Oreos&Milk Mese fa
@Combat_Av3nGeR I really don't mind when penalties occur in a regular game, aside form the flagrant diving. It just feels anti-climactic to end a game that way. Especially one of this class and caliber - it's just an opinion. Especially, to end this kind of match (the finals....) with a shootout. My gripe is clearly with ending a game via shootout. Has nothing to do with legit penalties during standard play - idk how you got there.
@Oreos&Milk it seems that you don't care about penalty shootouts specifically, but penalties as a whole. Yes they absolutely can be cheap, especially when players cheat to try and get a penalty for an easy goal (cough cough MADRID). But they are essential to the game, as are shootouts.
@Oreos&Milk that's simply a negligent opinion. Playing 120 minutes of top flight football is ridiculously demanding physically. If you forced players to play until a goal is scored, which by your idea is seemingly endless, tons of players would end up getting injuries. It's not good at all for the players
Oreos&Milk Mese fa
@Combat_Av3nGeR It has absolutely nothing to do with how great both teams played. It has to do with how football is played and how to score. Penalties feel "cheap" when you think about what goes into a goal in a football match, imo. Imo, exhausted players aside, let them play it out until they finally score a natural goal. That offers a much more worthwhile experience in my mind. Pens have always felt anti-climactic to me in football in particular - especially in a match of this significance.
Why? Both teams played equally as good, I think both teams deserved an equal opportunity to win on penalties
DJ Arthur Looby
Both teams should have a Harry Macguire in their defense. Than there would actually been some goals and it would have been entertaining.
DJ Arthur Looby
@Richard James possibility high.
Richard James
Probably end up 1-1, both own goals by each team's Harry Macguire....
Stephen Mason
LOL 😄😅🤣
Riyasat Arfin
🤣🤣🤣 Leave my man alone bro 🤣🤣🤣
Marco Quintero
Ugh this lose is absolutely gutting . We almost had it! Good game Liverpool . Three consecutive finals but three consecutive final loses ): Oh well let’s go blues!
Mark Hezinger
Chalobah gets the tiniest of touches on the Milner to Robertson play where Robertson hits the post... you can only see it on the second angle that's in slow motion, around 6:05 It's fun to notice it, because it makes you wonder if the Chalobah touch saved the goal.
yeimy barragan
Great road for Diaz, from Colombia to the world. 🔥
steve O'Sullivan
Love the FA cup. Great final. Just wish they did not go to kicks in final match. Add more subs and let them finish it on the field.
Cool Gamer101
Love the game!
Kristi Mese fa
Congrats to the Reds!! So happy to see Liverpool keep on winning!!! But I also want to say that no team deserves absolutely NOTHING as much as Chelsea. Here’s hoping your club’s value drops as you keep getting booted from major tournaments and dropping points in the PL😂🫶🏻
Steven Reyna
Steven Reyna Mese fa
Noah Nakashian
I was watching a Pulisic Diaz shooting practice video😅
John Freddie
John Freddie Mese fa
Hard work pays off. Well deserved!
Oliver Marcus
Well if anyone thought Liverpool was going to be able to come back on City for the EPL title this game and the one against Spurs should have made it clear they're not going to! Pool got lucky today against a team they should beat.
Uzo Design
Uzo Design Mese fa
I don't remember the last time I saw a game with so many near misses.
rsxbulma Mese fa
Carboa cup
Dub C
Dub C Mese fa
I like Jota playing 55 mins or so in the Final and Diaz subbing in. Milner or Keita to start but 65 minutes.
ginger Mese fa
Congrats Liverpool, now go and win the UCL for the EPL. My Chelsea will have to settle for a participation trophy this season.
MBrockelman Mese fa
The Greek scouser for Liverpool!
Antonio Di Caterina
If Jorginho would’ve done his little hop and jump and missed, they would’ve killed him haha
HappyMTdude Mese fa
hop skip jump .. cry ..
Edwin Olvera
Edwin Olvera Mese fa
wish they had the game on television for us to watch without peacock really wanted to watch
TheSilentSK Mese fa
It was on ESPN+
FaizOne Mese fa
Chelsea and Liverpool in another final. Another 0-0 draw with Liverpool winning in penalties. Just a repeat of the Carabao Cup final.
Baili Jiang
Baili Jiang Mese fa
The one thing I want to know is, why is Chelsea wearing their yellow kit? Doesn't have anything to do with the performances of either team, but it just seemed strange.
HappyMTdude Mese fa
I am a huge Chelsea fan.. but I hate that color and why not blue ? .. it's the yellow jinx!
Moka LARE Mese fa
Edouard Mendy knows soooo well Mané… 😃
sb0707 Mese fa
Alisson gd bless you I knew you were a good decision nearly 4 years ago 😭
Jeena Khan
Jeena Khan Mese fa
Awesome Liverpool 💪🎖
chumpter Mese fa
ESPN didn’t spoil the result in the title?! What has the world come to 😰
Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera
Omg can’t believe Madrid signed rudiger 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jay Dubs
Jay Dubs Mese fa
He gets exposed in a back 4. Playing a back 5 resurrected his career. He was just an average squad player until he turned into a beast under tuchel
l ImJustAJoke l
Challobah touched that ball just enough to throw off that shot that hit the post in the 83 minute.
hor-hay Gonzalez
Tsimikas: the Greek Gawd
MullerFan28 Mese fa
chelsea lost 10 out of their last 11 cup finals in 7 years 💀
Cody Mese fa
The pass from TAA at 0:26 is peak football
Richmond kyei
Who watched it live but is still here, hands in the air
Prina Cijoli
Prina Cijoli Mese fa
Sometimes, when you keep an issue for long as a fan; it becomes a burden; I don't understand sometimes why James get that starting position when you have players like Barkley, Kante' and Ziyech sitting down ... So is Saul and Warner; they have to do something to helpout Lukaku
Anthuan Juarez
Liverpool FC! ⭐️
Everett Michael Jonathan Dooner
The quadruple for Liverpool is still on. Not even a reds fan but wow they are such a fun club to watch.
Pulisic off the ball has great work ethic and he did make plays today but man you gotta make one of those chances count.
Lâm Truong
Lâm Truong Mese fa
I kinda feel bad for Chelsea because they didn’t win anything this year
Ahuman Mese fa
Spurs man here. Big up Liverpool!
Akeem Soumare
Go away Macon Mount! Unbelievable dreadful penalty 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Maui Sunset Ocean Front Condos
I agree, Pulisic is a hardened veteran at this point. Captain of a national team. Mount is great but has not felt the pressure Puli has been dealing with since he was 16 years old from an entire nation of fans. Puli would have buried the penalty with so much conviction the next Liverpool kicker would collapse from stress.
Mike T
Mike T Mese fa
good lord, calm down. one missed penalty isn't the end of a players career
Johnnybgood 11
@richard grace Pulisic was gassed out.
richard grace
@Teddy if by "young talent" you mean only performs against teams in relegation or teams fighting relegation then you are correct... he is the same age as pulisic who has taken penalties in WAY more pressure filled situations (is why I don't understand why tuchel chose to sub him off for AZPI considering pulisic is the set PK taker for the USMNT and has never missed one or had one blocked in his career)
S S Mese fa
I’m not from Colombia, but I’m from America (the continent) so, I’m really happy to see am American winning an important game. ¡Viva Luis Díaz, carajo!
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