Fans are in danger when Kyle Schwarber homers off Yu Darvish, a breakdown 

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26 mar 2023




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Jeffrey Merlino
Jeffrey Merlino 6 mesi fa
I immediately noticed the guy who almost died during his WBC homerun and thought about how the World Baseball Classic was inches away from being remembered as a tragic event.
panner11 6 mesi fa
Yeah it would be a shame if this overshadowed one of the greatest baseball moments. Remember idiots like these aren't just a danger to themselves but also the people below.
M Spacely
M Spacely 6 mesi fa
It was a tragic event if u rostered Edwin Diaz on your fantasy squad.
PayRy's Two Cents
It already is remembered tragically. *cries in Edwin Diaz*
Toastbuster 6 mesi fa
What game was this?
Enrico Pallazzo
Enrico Pallazzo 6 mesi fa
Or when Josh Hamilton killed that guy in Arlington.
Max 6 mesi fa
We all wondered if the breakdowns would change after Jombaby was born. I want more how to hold a child breakdowns
Chris Conley
Chris Conley 6 mesi fa
Jomboy did have one major miss in regards to the fans here. For the playoff HR, right behind Swarber is NBA Legend and San Diego’s greatest export (ok so 2nd greatest only by tthe Marines) Bill Walton.
Ch L
Ch L 6 mesi fa
It did indeed.
Vince 6 mesi fa
Yes lol 😂
subg88 6 mesi fa
N1ghtroad 6 mesi fa
Also of note: not a single person near him is looking his direction. If he had started to tip over there would be no one to grab a leg or anything. Gives me chills just watching.
It's one thing to endanger oneself with one's utter stupidity, but he could just as easily have landed right on top of some innocent person below and squashed that person dead.
Mark M.
Mark M. 6 mesi fa
Darwin award.
Mark M.
Mark M. 6 mesi fa
​@NoJusticeNoPeace True.
Skippy the Alien
@NoJusticeNoPeace fucks sake, i have no idea why that thought didn't even cross my mind. great point. thank goodness nothing horrible happened
Small World Big World
Yep. His friend cared more about a phone. 21st century living.
Seamus Michael Hogan
This whole at-bat was insane. Have to give credit to Darvish that he kept giving Schwarber pitches to hit after those bomb foul balls. It reminded me of that similar AB in the World Series where Schwarber hit a homer that got called back as a foul ball, then flew out on a ball that was about 6 inches from being gone.
Goose 6 mesi fa
Darvish purposely did it so that he can manipulate the batting order to create Ohtani vs Trout :p
ms teresa
ms teresa 6 mesi fa
The bomb homer felt inevitable, I can't believe he didn't just put him on base. I guess he didn't want a "one swing ties it" scenario? But that's what happened anyway...
Kristopher Wilson
@ms teresayep but forces schwarber to execute (and he did)
tminus543 6 mesi fa
@ms teresa are you kidding? Yu would have given up a 2 run homer to the next guy lol
randall simpson
randall simpson 6 mesi fa
Was telling my girl who missed it because she was in the shower, how Kyle hit 3 homeruns before this one they were just foul. A homer seemed inevitable on that at-bat
Atroz Zorta
Atroz Zorta 6 mesi fa
I'm glad you did a breakdown on this because I noticed this during one of your WBC breakdowns where people are jumping to catch a ball and one misstep on the way down or if they jump too far forward they are gone. People risking life and limb for a baseball is absurd.
Spencer Grice
Spencer Grice 6 mesi fa
It's SO childish its unbelievable. These are the type of dudes to wrestle a ball away from a kid.
Simon Van Liew
Simon Van Liew 6 mesi fa
You definitely didn’t notice that in a breakdown.
Simon Van Liew
Simon Van Liew 6 mesi fa
@Spencer Grice here’s a based take, kids don’t deserve or appreciate a 25$ dollar MLB official baseball.
Spencer Grice
Spencer Grice 6 mesi fa
@Simon Van Liew I’ll put it this way: a kid getting a home run ball from one of their baseball idols and it meaning a lot is very cool. A grown man fighting that kid for a home run ball hit by another grown man is cringe loser behavior. The timeline of a normal baseball fan is to idolize pro players as a kid, then grow up and realize they are just people.
Reelmuzikfein 6 mesi fa
The guy jumping with his kid is nuts smh
Jordan Roman
Jordan Roman 6 mesi fa
Just imagine if he dropped her
Hawaiian Water
Hawaiian Water 6 mesi fa
@Jordan Roman Honestly even if he dropped her the fans would've saw her fall and maybe catch her because the ball went straight in his direction
Josh Shellenberger
He barley jumped and went backwards
stephen strohm
stephen strohm 6 mesi fa
@Hawaiian Water relying on a bunch of drunk strangers to catch a falling toddler from 30 feet is the dumbest thing I've ever heard
Vooduh 6 mesi fa
​@Hawaiian Water What an interesting (absolutely batshit) way of looking at it. I didn't consider this.
Lt Hh
Lt Hh 6 mesi fa
Great message, man. Always wondered why stadiums are still without higher guard rails.
KingPonto 6 mesi fa
Honestly its probably because it is expensive so until someone actually falls to their death it won't change. Which is sad that it is like that.
Anthony 6 mesi fa
If you go higher you block even more sight - it has a knock on effect. Taller glass would be weaker and more prone to buckling if there was a force applied at the top
Lt Hh
Lt Hh 6 mesi fa
@KingPonto Agreed that it's probably a cost-thing but there have actually been close to 30 fan deaths by falling in MLB history already.
Lt Hh
Lt Hh 6 mesi fa
@Anthony Miniumum safety codes are definitely skeptical if it is that easy to fall from the bleachers. I agree there could be more view obstruction but there's got to be a better/safer way. (mentioned in the comment above there have been close to 30 fan deaths by falling over the years)
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 6 mesi fa
I was at an Orioles game a few years ago. A homer was hit directly to me. At the time I worked for MASN, which covers the Orioles games. I was supposed to be at work that night editing promos, but I split out early to meet up with a couple friends at the ballgame. I knew my boss was probably watching the game, or at the very least would be watching the sizzle of all the big moments from the game. I was the only one actually running away from the ball, and I was in every every angle. Thankfully though my boss never saw me.
greencat184 6 mesi fa
Noledad77 6 mesi fa
You should send the specifics to Jomboy and let him do a breakdown of it. Statute of limitations has surely passed, right?
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 6 mesi fa
@Noledad77 I should have kept the footage. We had the melts of it, which was essentially every single angle of the play. Unfortunately I was laid off during Covid, and don't work there anymore. I have no way to get the footage. The entire promo department was shut down. Hell of a time to be working for the Orioles...literally the worst team in MLB at the time, and a global pandemic hits. Almost everyone I worked with was laid off.
Noledad77 6 mesi fa
@rjones6801 I'm sure he could find it somewhere. Sorry to hear about your layoff. Hopefully another door was opened and you were able to return to work!
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 6 mesi fa
@Noledad77 I picked up so much freelance I had to start turning down work. I got a better job and paid off all my debt within about 8 months of being laid off. The pandemic was like the best thing that could have happened for me personally, lol.
John Jamele
John Jamele 5 mesi fa
I was in the upper deck with my father at a Memorial Stadium game in Baltimore in the early 80s- the family in front of us was in the first row, and they had a kid who couldn't have been more than 2 years old who kept standing up and leaning on the rail, extending her head to see the crowd below, while her parents were totally oblivious. We reminded them that their kid was in danger and they told us to mind our own damned business; we called an usher, pointed out the situation, and the usher escorted the family to more appropriate seats. There was just no way we were going to be able to watch the game with those stupid parents and that kid doing acrobatics on the railing right in front of us.
D0NKY 6 mesi fa
Reminds me of that time Josh Hamilton tossed the baseball over the wall and that Dad who was there with his 5 year old son fell over the wall and died. Things can happen so fast.
Skippy the Alien
that was a horrible horrible horrible day
Wallace Gneiss
Wallace Gneiss 6 mesi fa
Jomboy at his very best, baseball breakdowns. Super stoked for the upcoming season! Thanks for posting.
deepzone31 6 mesi fa
Thanks for covering this. I was dumbfounded over why the announcers didn't call this fan stupidity out in the game.
MuskokaMatt91 6 mesi fa
Watching this breakdown made my stomach drop seeing buddy almost bail over that railing
Tater Avila
Tater Avila 6 mesi fa
I remember about 10 or 15 years ago or so, a dad reached out over the railing to catch a ball but slipped and fell some 20 feet to the concrete below and it ended up killing him. If I remember right he was there with his young daughter. I believe it happened at a Rangers game. Very sad
Bigcoin 6 mesi fa
LukeBCtown 6 mesi fa
Reminds me of the tragic events at the ballpark in Arlington. First during a game against my Indians, a ball was fouled off then you see the ump rip his mask off and wince in complete awe because a fan fell off the upper deck luckily he survived but then years the infamous moment when a fan with his son fell out of left field and passed away happened. RIP and always be careful and vigilant at the ball park
Gorilla Whale Von Lebowski
Another great breakdown Jomboy, thank you! The guy with the kid makes me crazy. I know as a baseball fan it's pure instinct to reach for a ball, but have some perspective pops; you should be crouching over to protect her from a possible ricochet or any of the possible bad things that may happen when you jump, not leaping as if she was just a beer or some nachos you could spill. Anyway, not villainizing the guy, he wasn't thinking, but it's still hard to watch. And the guy almost falling over the railing makes my stomach drop (higher railings in the first row of the upper deck please). Also, Jomboy, can you do a breakdown of the Phillies/Jays game today when Realmuto was ejected? An ejection in a spring training game and JT did nothing wrong, just another super-sensitive umpire letting his own power get to his head. It's hilarious and fucking stupid. Hopefully this idiot doesn't pull shit like that during a game that counts.
CP 97
CP 97 6 mesi fa
I was at this game and I’ve gotta tell you we could sense the home run coming. That foul ball at 1:17 was one of the hardest hit I’ve ever seen. He was just calibrating to launch one right angle right timing.
BeachBum 6 mesi fa
This was one of the more serious breakdowns I've seen from ol' Jomboy. Thanks dude!
3KBaphomet 6 mesi fa
Bryce and Darvish reactions are gold
Jacques de Molay
I don't even watch baseball anymore, but I love watching Jomboy. It is a sport all its own.
Max Power
Max Power 6 mesi fa
Killing it as always. Keep up the great work!!
Keep It Real
Keep It Real 6 mesi fa
I have always thought about this stuff with balconies. And this exact reason for baseball, trying to catch home runs in the heat of the moment
Blindfire 6 mesi fa
Schwarber was spectacular throughout the playoffs last year. He's extremely good at hitting home runs, I could have sworn the Astros would have issues with him making the games more even/giving Phillie the lead.
jamesj199789 6 mesi fa
The Astros did have issues. He hit 4 homers in the series and barely missed another on back to back pitches in game 2
Steve Babiak
Steve Babiak 6 mesi fa
Problem for the Phillies in the WS is that only Schwarber and Harper were able to go deep with consistency.
jamesj199789 6 mesi fa
@Steve Babiak yeah. JT got burnt out and Rhys never truly got going even tho he had those clutch homers. Excited to see this team with Trea and hopefully a bounce back Castellanos, and if Stott and Bohm show growth and Hall performs anything like his short look last year, it’s a dangerous lineup
Jerry Luo
Jerry Luo 6 mesi fa
jesus christ my entire body went numb watching the guy almost fall over the railing
Bigcoin 6 mesi fa
You should see a doctor
Donar Thiazi
Donar Thiazi 6 mesi fa
Really? Your entire body went numb just from THAT?? 🙄🤦‍♂️ _F_
JackHandling 6 mesi fa
@Donar Thiazi Prolly means like chills
Fly The W
Fly The W 6 mesi fa
@Donar ThiaziReally? You never heard of an exaggeration?...
Abraham G.
Abraham G. 6 mesi fa
Lol you made people mad
Da Steezyust
Da Steezyust 6 mesi fa
Always love my Phillies breakdowns❣️Need to see the Realmuto ejection breakdown now that happened today
Coffee 6 mesi fa
LoL I went to many O's games in the early 80's and folks flopping over the rails was pretty common and simply something no one ever worried with when it happened. Folks would just pull them back over into the stands. I'm not making light of this just some personal history from me. I've often wondered why they never extended the safety rail, 45 degrees in angle and added 2 feet of steel cage on it when someone will jump and fall forward, because it's going to keep happening.
Andrew Aaberg
Andrew Aaberg 6 mesi fa
Jomboy bringing us the crucial coverage. Stoked for opening day!
David Hollenbeck
My fraternity was working at a concession stand at an Orioles game at Memorial stadium and after we finished the work, we had to wait for the auditor. Sometimes that could take an hour or more. So, being bored fraternity guys, we set out to do the dumbest thing we could. There was a ledge that was at least a few feet wide on the other side of the railing of the section where we worked. I don’t know the purpose of it other than to catch people who might fall over, but I don’t think it was a camera platform. Someone said we should try laying on our backs on it with our heads at the edge and look down at the field from an upside-down perspective. So 7-8 of us climbed over, having no idea if it could hold us (it did) and omg, scariest thing ever. It felt like falling headfirst, just without the painful, icky splat. I remember the brother in charge of it yelling a lot as we applauded the creativity of his obscenities. Another time I test ran into an outfield wall and discovered how much more solid it was than it looked. Later, I endured a cold, hard stare as I sat in the dugout as Mickey Tettleton decided whether to beat my ass or not (I didn’t say anything or approach him, so he let me live).
NoggleBaum 6 mesi fa
Thanks for looking out for the fans man.
Jack Cats
Jack Cats 6 mesi fa
The moment he stopped the video on the phone lighting up I literally burst out laughing in tears LMAO probably the funniest photo in all of baseball, had to screenshot it LMAO
Nagito Oma
Nagito Oma 6 mesi fa
This honestly needs more attention around baseball safety. We can't let the end justify the means....
poshko41 5 mesi fa
I forgot how Schwarber flat out had Darvish timed in that at bat in the WBC. I’ve never seen a more inevitable home run.
Lola Prezz
Lola Prezz 6 mesi fa
I have only taken my 5 year old once to a baseball game because my absolute fear is that he gets hit by a baseball because I didn't move fast enough to get him out the way. And here are these people jumping and almost dying, baby on hand and all willing to risk it all for a baseball
tintinmax 6 mesi fa
I hope Darvish gets a ring this year
Jupiteral 6 mesi fa
Despite a pretty short time with the Cubs, Schwarber will always hold a special place in Cubs fan's hearts. He made a miraculous recovery from a season long rehab of a badly torn knee to come back and hit over .400 in the World series in 2016
Chili Palmer
Chili Palmer 6 mesi fa
I don't know what you consider a "pretty short time", but he played 3/4ths of his career with the Cubs... 3x more than his other 3 teams combined.
ThndrMge 5 mesi fa
The stadium should add some low U guards below the upper decks that are low enough not to disrupt fan vision but big enough to catch people and objects that fall from the deck. It really shouldn't be difficult to do and would make the stands a lot safer.
RicGrylls 6 mesi fa
I watched both of these home runs live and didn't catch either of the close calls. Thanks Jomboy
Michael Weber
Michael Weber 6 mesi fa
I went to my first jays game in TO last year, upper level. The first thing I noticed was the guard railing looked way too low at the bottom of steep steps. I'm 6f 5in and that railing barely went past my knees.
Troy Beckman
Troy Beckman 6 mesi fa
Crowd reactions and lip reading always make it money!! Cheers to a great breakdown
jcnix 6 mesi fa
I remember seeing the WBC one live and they kept showing replays of the home run but nobody commented on the guy almost dying.
Venom Turtle
Venom Turtle 6 mesi fa
Not the Phillies breakdown I was expecting this afternoon but still great
Ea-Nasir Copper Co.
Half the comments on the Reddit gameday thread were about the utter stupidity of the ejection. That was the Blue Jays gameday thread, btw.
Venom Turtle
Venom Turtle 6 mesi fa
I'm glad everyone is in mutual agreement about the stupidity of the whole thing
tBeNz 6 mesi fa
He broke that one down too. Think it dropped a few hours ago.
Winspur1982 6 mesi fa
Young men (even those holding kids) taking insane risks is nothing new to me. I have been privileged to see Schwarber hit a "Papa Slam," but I was behind home plate at Miller Park. (I did almost die from heatstroke that day, though)
I noticed this live and rewatched in slowmo, so funny, good catch Media Team!
Andrew 6 mesi fa
The issue is that he keeps hitting homers in big moments, and people forget themselves while celebrating. Kyle is just as clutch as they come
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 6 mesi fa
That is quite a few incidents in just one game. The total number of fans falling to their death out of the 2nd deck is only 25. This one game almost had a baby and some dude nearly jumping to his doom. I watch baseball to not see bad stuff.
Wunk Skorks
Wunk Skorks 6 mesi fa
There aren’t too many things that feel better than knowing that you 100% have a pitcher’s number.
Kibblerstar YT
Kibblerstar YT 6 mesi fa
Hey Jomboy I love you videos man can I ask to see you do a breakdown of JT Remultos ejection due to the pitch clock?
GazzyInferno 6 mesi fa
I've never really understood why baseball has such a thing about folks in the crowd and outside stadiums catching balls, to the point of stepping over other people and as this video showed nearly putting themselves and others in danger. Is it just that the balls are worth sentimental value or because they sell for a lot of money, or is there something I'm missing here? It doesn't seem to happen in many, if any, other sports.
Nismo_Nike28 6 mesi fa
I saw this live!! I told my wife about it and we were shook!
Kevin 6 mesi fa
Felt like he hit a mile of balls at the WBC. That first foul was a bomb. Furthest back seat possible on it.
Andrew McNicoll
Andrew McNicoll 6 mesi fa
Will never forget that Dad who died at a Rangers game about 10 years ago. Stuff was heartbreaking. These types of videos always bring me back to that memory.
Dana Marco
Dana Marco 6 mesi fa
That should make all stadiums put nets under ro cAtch the fans or raise the bar a foot or two
Skippy the Alien
that was a fucking horrible moment. i feel so bad for that kid
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor 6 mesi fa
Some great baseball, but honestly those people should be kicked out. That's a huge liability for the stadium, and could take a huge emotional toll on anyone around - the player who hit it, the people they might land on... people have had CPS called for child endangerment for less than the guy jumping with his kid in his arms. It's just reckless and unacceptable. Thanks Jomboy for another great breakdown though!
Cozy vr
Cozy vr 6 mesi fa
Noticed that guy as soon as the homer was hit and it was all I thought about for most of the rest of the game. So unnecessarily close to a tragic ending. Didn't a Yankee fan jump down to catch a Judge homer too? Insanity.
Tafari Mosi
Tafari Mosi 6 mesi fa
I remember being at a Cubs game and running to catch a foul ball. I ran down the stairs staring at the sky. Like, I didn't even look at the stairs as i was running for the ball
Type RyRy
Type RyRy 6 mesi fa
There have been a few deaths from fans falling on the first deck down to the ground. 😥
Hoosier Flatty
Hoosier Flatty 6 mesi fa
Last one I have a memory of was in the Rangers ballpark maybe 15+ years ago iirc
fireinthenight 6 mesi fa
​​@Hoosier Flatty that's what I thought watching this. I think so where in 10's.
Hoosier Flatty
Hoosier Flatty 6 mesi fa
@fireinthenight Yes, you were very close. July 8th, 2011. Extremely sad but sometime in the moment we just react. Josh Hamilton flipped him up the ball and the dude fell 20 feet.
Bax Out The Box
Bax Out The Box 6 mesi fa
I’m sorry it’s awful to say but of course it was Josh Hamilton
Type RyRy
Type RyRy 6 mesi fa
@Hoosier Flatty yes, I think there were two deaths that same year where people fell ~20 ft.
RD Enduro
RD Enduro 6 mesi fa
Noone does crowd work like you man, incredible. gentle high five
North Of Nashira
As a Phil's fan, I thank you for your concern, Jimmy. I will be sure to heed your advice this summer.
Sharpshooter649 6 mesi fa
Reminds me of the Texas fan that jumped 20 feet trying to catch Aaron Judge's 62th home run
SeñorTortas Developments
The worst part about these type of people is if something were to happen, their go-to move would be to sue the stadium, team and MLB for their idiocy
mastod0n1 6 mesi fa
Alternate title: Fans are in danger when they act like idiots and completely forget about common sense and self-preservation when they see a homerun ball coming towards them that can potentially grab.
Carbonated Turtle
I remember saying to my wife a few pitches into this at bat that he was definitely going to homer. Thankfully Ohtani was waiting in the wings to shut down the American comeback in the 9th. Go Japan!
Skippy the Alien
Darvish had a really bad tournament. thankfully for Japan, they had Ohtani lol
Colin Croft
Colin Croft 6 mesi fa
I love how Jimmy is just a concerned father 😂
Slw Snowman40
Slw Snowman40 6 mesi fa
A company my dad worked for would get season tickets to the Orioles. I'm usually pretty okay with heights, but front row top deck is different. I always had this thought the morons behind me were going to shove me off for a ball you can buy for a couple of bucks.
Saber BLU
Saber BLU 6 mesi fa
Harper's reaction gets me every time.
Crazy Steve
Crazy Steve 6 mesi fa
They didn’t want to get too crazy with the high five with George Washington standing right behind them
bubbleheadft 6 mesi fa
Seeing his knees go up and over like that was insane
Daniel Hanafin
Daniel Hanafin 6 mesi fa
Be careful on the upper deck in Philly! PSA we didn't know we needed. My heart sank watching the guy with his knees over the railing omg
The Amazingly Randy
I love watching Schwarber hit home runs. The ball explodes off his bat like nobody else. Reminds me of Vlad Guerrero in that respect. Just yanks the ball out of the park.
Kyle Irvine
Kyle Irvine 6 mesi fa
I've always been worried that someone will do something stupid on the Monster in Fenway as well, can't recall anything bad happening with that, at least to my knowledge.
Vocu 6 mesi fa
dying of laughter at the high five breakdown analysis
WhatTheHeller 5 mesi fa
always appreciate a good high five breakdown
Reid McEvoy
Reid McEvoy 5 mesi fa
The phone type stuff is what we're all here for Edit: "look at the jiggle of their forearms" THIS is the content we want 🤣
Club Astro Transcendental Motor
That dad jumping with his daughter is re+arded.
Matt Weaver
Matt Weaver 6 mesi fa
Was hoping for a breakdown of this AB!
mxamiss5 6 mesi fa
This is what ITvid is for. Beautiful breakdown and pattern recognition.
IceCweam7 6 mesi fa
Good observation and upload Jomboy! Some MLB ballparks need a bit more safety measures implemented asap. Homerun balls are nice to have, but lives more important!
Jayson Tatum
Jayson Tatum 6 mesi fa
Jomboy being genuinely concerned about fans' safety tells you all you need to know about our baseball Lord and Savior, Jomboy. Go Red Sox.
Anna Maria
Anna Maria 6 mesi fa
How much do baseballs costs these days, a couple of bucks? Sheesh. A way to stop this before more people get killed is for the home team to give awards to fans who calmly clear out a path for a ball to land on the seats, and maybe bounce a couple of times before someone picks it up. There could be a staffer who looks at those landoings on recorded video, makes a determination of who was sane, and then sends out a page to hand out the awards (free beer, swag, etc). Obviously the award would be more valuable than the ball.
Matt 6 mesi fa
Schwarber is a man of the people, giving all these balls out to fans
Koala Gaming
Koala Gaming 6 mesi fa
What grown adults will do to try and get one damn baseball is insanity
Trutty 6 mesi fa
I'm gonna miss Rhys so fucking much this season. Bryce's reaction got all the attention but Rhys is the biggest fan of all of these guys and it showed on that first homer
Roleplaying Pain
man..never stop commentating the tiny hilarious details. I was dying when you pointed out the forearm jiggle on the gentlest high five
NYCFenrir 6 mesi fa
It didn't fall out of his pocket, it fell out of his hand which is even worse. He jumped up for the ball with his phone in one hand.
E Deutsch
E Deutsch 6 mesi fa
Thank you for bringing this to our attention
David Miller
David Miller 6 mesi fa
I wasn’t sure where this video was going but the life lesson learned is invaluable
channelname 6 mesi fa
After this breakdown I’m sure darvish surely does not want to face schwarber again for safety reasons
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson 6 mesi fa
I was a bit scared when I saw that live. Had to watch the replay to see how close that was. 😬
Dodger99 6 mesi fa
I'm definitely going to use my Schwarber HR Prediction code from Topps Series 1 on a game where Darvish is pitching against Philly
The_Beef 6 mesi fa
Yu is a great pitcher, confident with him against anyone but Schwarber has cracked the code.
N 6 mesi fa
And that is why Jomboy is the legend that he is!
Stuart Stogdill
Stuart Stogdill 6 mesi fa
A true Hoosier legend! Schwarbs is a beast!!!!
kitch1717 kitch
kitch1717 kitch 6 mesi fa
I just looked back and I have watched if not all 99.9 percent of every video you post since I found your channel. I love it you ha e an awesome way of making anything fun and Interesting
Quita Loves Sports
Jomboy’s breakdowns are legendary
C S 6 mesi fa
I'd like to think that the phone lit up because someone was calling with very important news in that moment. Maybe telling him not to throw those antique guns they stole off the upper deck.
mark dixon
mark dixon 6 mesi fa
A good warning to all and the super hero hi-5 breakdown at the end had me ctfu!
ChitFromChinola 6 mesi fa
A perfect, but safe, high five. Inspected and approved by Jomboy . ..
Patrick's Music
Patrick's Music 6 mesi fa
The resonance in the forearm was amazing.
David Johnson
David Johnson 5 mesi fa
The phone actually landed right on the warning track and the Japanese right fielder gave it to the bullpen catcher who told the guy who dropped it to come down, I was there lol
clockradio989 6 mesi fa
Had 500 level tickets in the front row at Rogers Centre. There was water on the thrid last step and I fell. If I went forward it’s all over. Ass breaks my fall on the stair and most impressive part I had a beer in each hand, held onto them and spilled the minimum. Used peanut shells to soak up the water and drops of beer.
TommyGuns Trading Cards
Jomboy with the best breakdowns ever.
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Tintoria #177 Arturo Brachetti
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