Female Pro vs 4.0 NTRP Guy 

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In today's video, my players Ema Burgic (WTA highest rank 466 doubles 145 singles) and Shamir (NTRP 4.0) play an 8-game pro set.
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25 mag 2023




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Hai Nam Nguyen
Hai Nam Nguyen 4 mesi fa
Love Shamir's smile after the match even if he did lose. He has definitely the right mindset und approach to get better ❤
Олег Фаломкин
it would be really weird if he was upset, Ema currently way better player and he understands it ) so agree - right mindset to get better
Spencinator 4 mesi fa
You have to love Shamir, i can feel every bad decision he makes because i do that all the time 😂❤️
Dad's Freetime Classic Gaming
Well damn he was basically told he wasn't going to win. I don't think her shots are that powerful when you coach is nik. Maybe he's a little nervous.
Steven Jacob
Steven Jacob 4 mesi fa
@Dad's Freetime Classic Gaming her shots arent to powerful, but she places the ball well. You have to also remember that they were playing on clay.
William Martin
@Dad's Freetime Classic Gaming power is not the key, consistency and placement are. he did make some goofy shot choices though; like running around a backhand and trying a down the line forehand slice from an open stance.
Alexander Ismail
Glad you arranged this to show to the high (ish) level amateur male players how big of a gap there is between ex high level D1 athletes like Emma and themselves. She has tens of thousands of more hours of practice / matches in her career compared to Shamir. Also, hats off the him for checking his ego, fighting hard and taking the L like a champ. That mentality will allow him to grow his game.
Ifeanyi Ikpegbu
Ifeanyi Ikpegbu 4 mesi fa
You're really a joker if you consider Shamir a high(ish) level amateur. Those are tough 5.0s and they can beat female pros
I agree with Nick's classification of levels, to me advanced amateur is 4.5, some 4.0, which Shamir is somewhere there in the normal distribution curve (right now closer to 4.0 than 4.5 definitely). Still amateur there's the advanced competitive players and I think 5.0 are there. To me the difference between 4.5 and 5.0 is huge ,(I'm an around 4.5 player and I just don't see myself getting to 5.0 unless I really really really got into it). I liked it too that Emma got him bad. Would it be the same with a 5.0? It'd be fun to watch!
Yakziv Z
Yakziv Z 4 mesi fa
@Ifeanyi Ikpegbu no they can't. Any 500 level or lower female pro would stomp a male 5.0 easily.
Ifeanyi Ikpegbu
Ifeanyi Ikpegbu 4 mesi fa
@Yakziv Z You don't know the levels obviously. Female pros are same level as male college players and most male college players are 5.0s. High 5.0s is attainable by recreational male players who started playing from childhood.
Yakziv Z
Yakziv Z 4 mesi fa
@Ifeanyi Ikpegbu and still a lot of pro women tennis players can easily beat a lot of college men.
vubot1 4 mesi fa
Fantastic playing by Ema. Tremendous consistency! That's largely mental - shot selection, patience, discipline, focus. Very impressive and a lot of fun to watch. Also, well played by Shamir. Sure, he lost every game, but ha gave a good challenge and made Ema play. Games like this are won at the margins.
Intuitive Tennis
Alexander 4 mesi fa
games like this? lol that was total domination. sure a 0:8 can be close match, but this was not
jokkeqt 4 mesi fa
The stagnant movement really hindered his game and the lack of confidence made the ball go out as there was nearly zero effort in any stroke Shamir tried to perform - Hope there's a rematch where Nick can emphasize the importance of self confidence. If I'm playing poorly or too "safe" I usually tell myself its time to f*ck shit up and hit every ball with power and confidence. Great content again Nick, take care!
AlohaDiana 3 mesi fa
Good point. The result was 8-0 anyways, even after he resorted to safe shots and slicing all the time. He should've try to hit with confidence and even if he lost, he might've been able to find his game/feel his shots midway into the match.
milan vincic
milan vincic 4 mesi fa
Long-awaited video🤩. I liked the way Shamir played although the score didn't indicate it. It felt he played with not much nerves. He had some decent shots. Very nice video and a great example of issue that need to be addressed in future sessions with Nick. Great job Ema, Nick and Shamir. Keep up the good work👌
sonicmilk 4 mesi fa
I lost a set 6-1 the other day to very fast and very experienced player who could cover the court unbelievably well. I definitely could relate to Shamir in this match. I use these types of opponents as opportunities to learn and improve.
loveandabcs 4 mesi fa
It was a joy to watch Ema's complete game. Nick: give a player who performs as well as Ema does an opportunity to provide her opponent one after-match tip as well, based on what she saw. Hearing input from your opponent feels more real than from an observer, and translates to a learning opportunity much better. Shamir has a nice serve technique, but I'm not seeing it translate into a high-level serve on the court as a result. The motion needs to be more free and quick and full. Need to work that out, to let it flow better to get better pace and action on his serve.
Tim Ko
Tim Ko 4 mesi fa
Shamir has such a good personality, it is truly a great example of kindness a player should appreciates when dealing with uncomfortable situation
Lu Yin
Lu Yin 4 mesi fa
Great post game analysis, and great play by both players.
Dean Lipinski
Dean Lipinski 4 mesi fa
Hat is off to both players. Great video Nick. I see how much value you bring
Rob Lindley
Rob Lindley 4 mesi fa
Lovely serve technique on Shamir. My observations were that he didn't lean into the ball as discussed in the pre-match coaching, using the body to take on some of the rally balls on neutral points. I can definitely relate to that, matches are just a different animal and the natural tentative play in stress situations does this to me all the time. Ema handled the slice well but again shame Shamir wasn't feeling his flat/topspin backhand. Both moved great I thought, well played.
sarkology 4 mesi fa
I think Shamir played great I can see a ton of improvement from other videos of his point play. Returning well, making better decisions. Started off serving pretty well. Smart to slice a lot because BH wasn’t working at all. Solid performance. Ema played amazing
rsmith02 4 mesi fa
Good play and I can relate to Shamir. The intensity in footwork is a huge difference between the two and I would have loved to see Shamir move more, split step consistently and put himself into position to hit his best shots. The slicing seemed in part as he was out of position.
Catherine Harper
Always enjoy watching Ema and Shamir! Thank you!!❤
Frank 4 mesi fa
Awesome match. Ema has a killer game. Shamir wasn’t too far from winning a couple games.
KenzoIMP 4 mesi fa
Great match! I have the impression Shamir used too much the backhand slice. Maybe he was under too much pressure and lost confidence on his one handed backhand. In the end, he played better when he played aggressively. Keep up the good work!
Rafael Roschel
Rafael Roschel 4 mesi fa
Looking from my point of view in my tennis journey, it's interesting that this video is being released now. I decided to move from the stylish 1 handed backhand to a 2 handed because I was slicing a lot and not being able to trust myself when playing higher ranked players. Even though I kept trying to keep my intensity up I just didn't have enough court time and enough lessons+practice time to develop a 1 handed that could become a weapon. From the moment I realized that I started switching to a 2 handed and I felt that the amount of time that I have for my whole preparation until I hit the ball is a lot higher than before, it also helped me in some emergency shots and have more control of where to place the ball. Interesting to see that Shamir had the same problem that I had.
Casey Banana
Casey Banana 4 mesi fa
Did the same. No looking back now
TLC 4 mesi fa
It was fine for Shamir in the first game; rallies were pretty neutral but went completely downhill after that easy mistake (bad bounce or not). Lost confidence and played completely safe and defensive not going for his shots. I would probably lost 8-0 as well but I would force my shots a bit more. Nothing much to lose anyway
Ed Park
Ed Park 4 mesi fa
You’ve got great students Nick. Good players and as importantly good people. Next match. Ema vs. Alex. And then… Ema vs. your HS student who wants to go pro. Make it happen Nick! Give the people what they want!
Ye LI 4 mesi fa
Long waited match. Shamir did with great effort but still no chance if he continues with defensive play especially with slice against such a strong opponent. Both are not moving well on clay, I rarely see any decent sliding from both side. Great jobs Nik, thanks for this video, we are looking forward to seeing Anna’s match 😊😊
thomas medeiros
thomas medeiros 4 mesi fa
This was a tough match up for Shamir. When your opponent is at a higher skill level even your good shots are probably just an average shot that they see all the time. Ema is a lean mean ground stroke machine who can pound from the ground and run around. If you can get practice sets like this they help you understand what skills you need to work on.
Intuitive Tennis
Well said 💯
Alexander 4 mesi fa
Shamir's 1st serve sliced into the body, was the only shot Ema could not deal with, he should have used it more often, since its easy to produce even for Shamir
Sergio Simbula
Sergio Simbula 4 mesi fa
The result is what I expected and predicted. Shamir has potential and I like his game but a bit to intimidated here maybe and insecure especially on the backhand. A higher serve percentage could've maybe gotten him a game but overall the difference in level is just to high. Ema so solid. Times her shots so well. That's why it was also clear from the start that she would come out the winner against Macy. Very fun to watch! And Shamir is a great guy. Keep it up. Definitely much room still for improvement 💪🏼
Dan Kim
Dan Kim 4 mesi fa
Love Shamirs game. Knew he would still be quite far away from Emas level but was good to see him trying his best 👍
Mel Fox
Mel Fox 4 mesi fa
A very good, let alone a high level, player forces you to play above the level you are capable of. That makes unforced errors skyrocking. Shamir's serve indicates he is not a bad player. He was simply facing someone who is way better. I guarantee he looks like a different person versus a 4.0 player.
samurai7411 2 mesi fa
Nick said everything I was going to about the backhand already. Love seeing Shamir play, but the forehand... 1. Not getting coiled enough to really rotate through it. 2. That over the head followthrough is robbing him of a lot of pace and penetration. Instead of the swing extending forward (when possible) it looks like he is pulling off the ball a bit and his swing goes up and over sideways. Love to hear you let me know if that analysis is right or if I'm talking garbage! Thanks for the lessons Nick!
Munditimum 4 mesi fa
Emma is just amazing. No need to say anything about her. Shamir is a delightful soul, super nice and gentle guy that just enjoys everything. Sadly, I got the feeling that his lack of intensity (maybe being careful about his foot injury?) is getting in his way of confidence with everything, including his BHs and not so spinny FHs. I have never played on green clay courts, but it looks like a challenge on its own, being super dry and not so easy to glide/slide on. Amazing content Nic as usual. Cheers and have a great weekend. M
jbf-ev10 4 mesi fa
Nick told Shamir to use more body in his pre-game instructions, but mostly I saw poor footwork and flailing away, all arm. This was partly because of all the slices, which weren't really working well, and partly because of poor torso rotation on non-slices. There were a couple of points where Shamir had obvious torso rotation, and those were points I think he managed to control and win, but they were few and far between. Too many arm-only floaters that Ema devoured like she hadn't eaten for a week. Ema uses the full kinetic chain and that's why she could hit it way harder and with more topspin than Shamir, in spite of being about half his weight. Basically it was no contest, and I think the main thing Shamir should have learned was to drop using the floating slices - they have no future against good players - and listen to his coach in warmups! MORE BODY! He basically completely ceded offense to Ema. Again, a strategy with no future against good players. Kill or be killed!
Adeyinka Adegbite
He has a collapsed arch in his foot and can't load up to play his backhand, hence the floating slices
Bruno Brasil
Bruno Brasil 4 mesi fa
Shamir represents us all here. Every shot in the net, every little mistake. We all know the feeling. 😂Thanks!
Борислав Димитров
he is too short and got no power
Mel Fox
Mel Fox 4 mesi fa
@Борислав Димитров He is playing versus someone who had had pro aspirations a few years ago. Stop trolling.
Борислав Димитров
@Mel Fox kid I've played tennis only 10 - 15 times, but I will give more of a fight against her. His strokes are just childish, and his serve is without any variation and speed. I've played table tennis for years and I know how to spin the ball from both sides, plus I'm 1,83 tall and 88 kg.
TNipper 4 mesi fa
@Борислав Димитров I hope you're trolling. Cause if you're serious... hahaha
Борислав Димитров
@TNipper what so funny kiddo ? You ever played tennis ? You know the rules ? Or just trolling here ?
Brad Smith
Brad Smith 4 mesi fa
From Ema I saw confidence in her strokes. She accelerated through her strokes. From Shamir I saw nerve and a tentative stroke. He didn't push the ball, but he also didn't accelerate as he hit, and it showed. At no point was Ema feeling any danger.
Javi C
Javi C 4 mesi fa
Well done both of you!
jason you
jason you Mese fa
He reminds me of me. Lost to a guy 6-2 6-1. I forced myself to learn thbh i had a one handed bh for 2 yrs. That helped me alot as well as better serve. Played the guy again lost but got closer 6-4 1-3. Keep it up man doin great.
The sGt
The sGt 4 mesi fa
Was looking for this for weeks! Love this series
gab 4 mesi fa
There's definitely a large skill level gap but Shamir did a good job. Emma is consistent and has been improving. I would love to see Emma generating more power though.
Josh Z
Josh Z 4 mesi fa
although ema was clearly on another level, I think shamir had good chances at winning at least a game if it weren't for some bad bounces. that clay court looked brutal, maybe someone should have swept it before, but perhaps it was expected going in
Vikram Kadi
Vikram Kadi 4 mesi fa
Great match Shamir! Even though it was expected that Emma will win, you looked like you belonged on the same court as her, which is great!
Rob Davies
Rob Davies 4 mesi fa
Well done both, well all three, great match to see. I think prime Shamir gets a 2-6 2-6 which is v respectable. Looked a bit rusty here. But lots of potential - keep going Shamir 👍🏼
Gogo Pauk
Gogo Pauk 4 mesi fa
Nice to see the difference between pro and amateur. Good game Shamir, but you have to keep on improving. :) How would Emma go against Winston Du?
Sergio Simbula
Sergio Simbula 4 mesi fa
Pretty much the same. Winston might make a game or two if he gets lucky.
Marco Monti
Marco Monti 4 mesi fa
Winston vs Ema will be a close match. I think Ema now is a 5.5, she has a shot quality over her level, but must improve further the footwork.
Sergio Simbula
Sergio Simbula 4 mesi fa
@Marco Monti haha totally disagree there is such an enormous difference between the pro level and amateur level. Your watching strokes and power and fitness level. It is way more about decision making, reading the game, recognising where the momentum is. How to pace a match etc. Yes for the untrained eye looking at Ema play Winston on a practice court could make you think the level isn't that different. Playing a match is something else completely.
[GD] TheLiga
[GD] TheLiga 4 mesi fa
​@Marco Montiit wouldn't even be close lmao maybe a bit closer than shamir but still, it would be an easy 8-0 or 8-1
Frank 4 mesi fa
This is a great question. It’d be a close match. Winston is a 5.0 player.
R DS 4 mesi fa
geez, Shamir used to be 4.5 but playing a tough player makes anyone look "worse". The thing that surprised me was Ema's serve. I thought Shamir was backed off too far from the baseline returning.
William Vergara
William Vergara 4 mesi fa
I will always root for Shamir!
BrianL 4 mesi fa
Yup Shamir is our everyday hero!
D Y 4 mesi fa
Rooting for Sham, he is working hard to improve his game. Can sense his love for Tennis.
Alex Grant
Alex Grant 3 mesi fa
Would be interested to see a match between Emma and Alec
Lee Sulzener
Lee Sulzener 4 mesi fa
I'd seriously consider moving Shamir's backhand grip more toward semi-western. It looks even weaker than eastern right now. Most players I've seen with that grip can only shovel the ball with very little racket head speed because their wrist is in a very weak position when they try to swing upward with the racket face slightly tilted down. Then when they want spin they just chop strait up and hit it super thin. I think that's why he seems unconfident on that side. His mind and wrist simply won't allow him to swing hard because it's protecting him from injury.
Jack Bond
Jack Bond 4 mesi fa
Great play from both, I feel on a hard court it’s maybe a little closer as Shamir (Shamir could win 2 games in the pro set) but he doesn’t really know how to move on a clay court.
Joshua Leifer
Joshua Leifer 4 mesi fa
Good match. Hang in there Shamir! Coach Nick will get you there. Coach: when you're playing a better player do you recommend counter punching or being more aggressive when the opportunity presents itself?
Shaun's Tennis Journey Together
It appears to me that he is barely hitting the his ground strokes and she is hitting every shot as hard as she can and he is not having any trouble with her power at all. Good thing this is clay court because I don’t think that match would be this close if it wasn’t on clay court my friend. This was extremely fun to watch and great video my friend.
Intuitive Tennis
Bill Wall
Bill Wall 3 mesi fa
To my amateur eye, the technique difference wasn't huge gap but Ema's court management and consistency was.
Stefan Brettfeld
As nick says : come on Shamir!! Good effort
Simple Balance Astrology
great video --- as expected but i think Shamir could have done better --- the foot work and reaction was a bit sluggish which affected his main weapon , his forehand. He was slicing with his BH a lot due to lack of footwork which didn't allow him to hit an actual BH.
Bman Busee
Bman Busee 4 mesi fa
Good match. Those slices just too risky (I know from experience) if you don’t execute them well since they’ll go out or float and put you in trouble. Ema was focused
Tony 4 mesi fa
Great match, lets have some more like that please, thanks
Jack Yuen
Jack Yuen 4 mesi fa
Shamir need to consider to switch to 2H backhand. Even the 2HB may still floater and inconsistent like your 1HB, but at least it will give you a bit time to relax your right hand that help preserve your strength for a long game
Andy Class
Andy Class 4 mesi fa
Props to Shamir ! From my perspective it's not his technique. Ema seems much more agile and energetic. With every hit you get the impression she want to put pressure on. Shamir, on the other hand, was often late, or just "hesitantly defensive". You couldn't really see that he had a goal (apart from getting the ball across) - for me it's mainly a physical problem, i.e. strength, endurance (see also leg work Ema vs Shamir). I would tackle that first if I were Shamir, in my opinion that's where the greatest leverage lies - and with physique / strength comes the self-confidence for a top spin backhand ;-)
Hans Olsson
Hans Olsson 4 mesi fa
Shamir's serve is his best shot! Ema is just too good here.!😀
Guillermo P
Guillermo P 4 mesi fa
I think Shamir should learn the double-handed backhand, and forget about one-handed. It's going to be better for him in the future and maybe this will help him to avoid doing the lazy shot (sliding the ball)
Rene Romandic
Rene Romandic 4 mesi fa
Hey Nick, I have a question. I use the same string setup as you and have 3 rackets and I break a string every week or so. Is it bad to string my racket immediately and then let it sit for a week to two or wait until I have only one racket strung and then string it. My question is actually whether tension loss is common with the Kirshcbaum super smash orange or if it doesn't matter. Keep up the good work, just watched your podcast with tennisnerd, really enjoyed it! Maybe you should consider making a podcast too.
Intuitive Tennis
It’s ok but store the racquet in room temperature away from the sun
Mikhail Makarenko
Ema is brilliant 🙂
Jay Chon
Jay Chon 4 mesi fa
great match, Emma will be hard to beat given her level
pianoguy33 4 mesi fa
Ema was just too sharp and in better tennis shape. She seemed to be competing more against herself on this one. Good try Shamir. Still fun to watch and to listen to the coaching.
Hero Of Comments
The problem with the female player is after hitting from the baseline you have to move back so that the next ball you can move forward, put yr weight forward and hit it. But, she stays in the same length, so every ball just before hitting she has to move backwards instead of move forward and hit the ball. The problem with the man is, seems he practices a lot of rallies, but not playing points or games. His mindset is to hit towards the opponent because of his rallies training, so very rarely he hits away from the opponent😮
Jake 4 mesi fa
Shamir- -Learn a 2HBH. -Play 100s of sets that you tell yourself you CANNOT slice the backhand! -See your game improve dramatically! Keep growing, always. Good job.
MrRando 4 mesi fa
agree with everything besides 2 hander. i think 2 hander is better but hes been playing with a one hander for years. way too late to change imo
Benedict Jones
Benedict Jones 4 mesi fa
Goes to show that you need to weaponize your backhand so that you can use it to take control of the point. Defensive slice backhand, when overused, is a huge weakness and causes you to lose control of the point often.
vubot1 4 mesi fa
Would love to see more matches with Ema! Her game is a great model for middle aged 4.0-4.5 males. (Ema, that's a compliment)
Aniruddh Jain
Aniruddh Jain 4 mesi fa
On video the game looks so slow but I'm sure these guys are running around struggling for their breath. Also, Ema is making very few error. Just goes on to show that top ranked players may not always be big hitters but they're much more precise and make fewer errors. Also shot selection is on point. Great video!
Ahmad Jamal
Ahmad Jamal 4 mesi fa
I called the match score before the start of play! No disrespect to Shamir, I make the same mistakes. Perhaps longer rallies would have drawn more errors from Ema. Nevertheless, Ema is too strong
rysuki10 2 mesi fa
Tough task for Shamir but you need to switch up the tactic. Should have upped the level or aggression and limited returns right back up the middle.
Keith Lin
Keith Lin 4 mesi fa
It seems pretty windy. That has to be taken into consideration. Footwork issues will make it worse on such a day.
Waterhaul 4 mesi fa
The Slice has a Shamir problem! 😆 Jokes aside, Shamir is playing really well, just have to trust yourself more. Ema improved a lot for sure.
Andy Clark
Andy Clark 2 mesi fa
Ema I loved the way you shown who’s boss, women over us/men. That’s awesome. 😁
Timothy Hess
Timothy Hess 4 mesi fa
He has a great serve. Surprised he was slicing the ball so much. He has a nice backhand!
Intuitive Tennis
Some of his backhand issues are related to his foot injury itvid.net/video/video-oLKPPTsV5C0.html
Aleksandar Milicevic
Shamir total points won 7! Oh his serve 5, and on Ema serve 2... Well not bad, shamir return didn't work at all he just overhit many of them. Anyway Shamir did well i think! 😊
M B 4 mesi fa
Surprising lack of intensity and movement from Sammy. Seems to stand around alot which is not going to work at any level of the game. Looked tight and tentative. Ema calmly went about her business and dismantled Shamir. No answer for Ema's big serve and Shamir lacks the weapons to put her on the defensive and pressure her game. Outcome not a surprise but good for both of you taking on the challenge.
Dash 8 giorni fa
3:49 now there there... That was on the line. Moving frame by frame, the shadow also appears to be on the line as well as the ball. No cheating!
Slingshot 4 mesi fa
Shamir, salute to you!!
finz blazin
finz blazin 4 mesi fa
Thanks for posting some match play!
Eugene Yu
Eugene Yu 4 mesi fa
I thought Shamir is 4.5! Score is sadly what I expected but Ema played a great game. Shamir doesn't seem to be familiar with playing on clay but it probably wouldn't have changed the outcome.
wkoz wkoz
wkoz wkoz 4 mesi fa
what clay? :O
Sergio Simbula
Sergio Simbula 4 mesi fa
Shamir would have less chance on hardcourt to be honest
Jeremy Rogers
Jeremy Rogers 4 mesi fa
@wkoz wkoz Its a Har-Tru clay court they played on
wkoz wkoz
wkoz wkoz 4 mesi fa
@Jeremy Rogers ok. i don't know this kind of a clay
Jeremy Rogers
Jeremy Rogers 4 mesi fa
@wkoz wkoz It’s gray clay very common used in North America.
John Willard
John Willard 4 mesi fa
Might be projecting here but I felt like I could see Shamir at one point prepare for a topspin backhand and then at the last second bail out and hit a slice, which of course went into the net. Definitely a lack of confidence in that shot. I liked the attacking forehand slices though, that was a nice adjustment that got him a few points. Also, who was the potty mouth I wonder...?
AlohaDiana 3 mesi fa
It felt like Shamir resorted to slicing in most of these shots. He kept slicing his forehands and backhands too much. It didn't feel like he had the confidence to swing out at all.
Fluffy Skye
Fluffy Skye 4 mesi fa
Ooo, finally the match I'm looking for.
sj 4 mesi fa
I think shamir could have gotten a game, because he was in some games. But 8-0 is 8-0, the gap in skill is too great. Alright next is Alec, I think Alec will give her a run for her money!
K Rob
K Rob 4 mesi fa
Brave to take that match
Pedro 4 mesi fa
I noticed that Shamir's balls were going long most of the time. His slices were floating too much. Is this solely due to technique? I had the impression that maybe his racket was strung too loose... Not a lot of control on his strokes. One other thing... I would have liked too see more intensity from Shamir. But maybe that's just his style of playing, relaxed, I dunno. Other than that, huge props to him
Intuitive Tennis
Good observation, he was complaining about string tension
Alex Doty
Alex Doty 3 mesi fa
were all here for SHAMIR!
Guilherme Solino
I would like to see a match between Ema and Wiston Du
pianoguy33 4 mesi fa
Ema would eat Winston alive. But that would be fun to see. He would give her more of a run for her money than Shamir but not much more.
Tom R
Tom R 3 mesi fa
@pianoguy33 So a female pro can beat a recreational male lol, big whoop.
Sam 4 mesi fa
emma is playing 5.0 level, shamir playing 4.0 scoreline exactly as predicted
Steven Jacob
Steven Jacob 4 mesi fa
shes higher than 5.0
knowyourenemy50 3 mesi fa
@Steven Jacob nah she's 5.0-5.5, but he's more like 3.0 - 3.5 with a 4.0-4.5 serve. any 5.0 male would beat her in straights barely dropping a sweat.
Steven Jacob
Steven Jacob 3 mesi fa
@knowyourenemy50 incorrect
Franko Judo
Franko Judo 4 mesi fa
Shamir stands way back to receive Ema's serves.
Joe Chen
Joe Chen 4 mesi fa
I still think that one-handed BH is just too difficult.
ben gray
ben gray 4 mesi fa
It’s not, it just requires years of experience and commitment to perfecting the technique and keeping it consistent...
Ari Urip
Ari Urip 4 mesi fa
Shamir is pretty good for a 4.0
The Tennis Project
amazing job Nikola
mairead maccy
mairead maccy 4 mesi fa
Best way to improve is to play better players! Exposes all your faults. Then you can do 100 drills a day to better yur weak points!!!😂Brilliant video! Gud camera position too.Makes you really observe the game..ps Emma is a great player.👍👍
Didymus1984 4 mesi fa
YESSSS! I was wondering when we we going to get this.
df 4 mesi fa
Two of the biggest differences is the preparation and the footwork of the pro player.
L Cervantes
L Cervantes 4 mesi fa
Beautiful park! Cat's arming the ball, spraying shots, no power. Lady has all the energy and aggression.
Adam A
Adam A 4 mesi fa
Shamir should have won a few of those games. Actually, the slice backhand is the right shot for him. His topspin bh breaks down too early. He also was being way too nice with Emma’s 35mph second serve.
RKYT R. Mese fa
I think Shamirs game has to be improved a lot… Don’t get me wrong but Emma wasn’t playing extremely powerful but consistent and secure. Shamir could have done way better. He was playing way to defensively. His Slice Forehand was completely garbage. He should focus on playing a clean Forehand & backhand with spin and death. His game would dramatically improve and he actually could win against Emma.
Tennis S
Tennis S 4 mesi fa
Thought Shamir was 4.5 trying to get to 5.0 a year ago? Now he's back to 4.0?
Intuitive Tennis
He couldn’t play for two years bc of a chronic right foot injury. He doesn’t practice as much as he used to. He is still not 100% and has trouble loading the right foot. We talk about it here and many other recent videos 👉 itvid.net/video/video-oLKPPTsV5C0.html
EL PAQUITO 3 mesi fa
I like to see Shamir, I have 2 years seing him playing, I love his slices, I know he makes too much slices but they are so good
Gregor Sampson
Gregor Sampson 2 mesi fa
He is a far better player than I am. She’s simply crazy good
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