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This is Idemili Kingdom, This kingdom has succeeded in producing the most beautiful maidens... It is often said that the cost of getting married to a maiden from this kingdom is usually higher than that of other kingdoms. Every 14years Idemili kingdom celebrates her festival of beauty.
Starring: Ken Erics, Destiny Etiko
DIRECTOR: Ugezu J. Ugezu.
COMPANY: OssyKing Movies Industries Ltd.
YEAR: 2018
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10 ott 2018

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Commenti 772
NWP Loves you all click for part 1 >>> itvid.net/video/video-wC9RCHSaW5Q.html
Christiana Lawrence
I so much love this movie and I can't wait to watch the nest part's.
Huawei Yeesam
Huawei Yeesam 2 mesi fa
part 3 please
Claret Chidinma
Claret Chidinma 2 mesi fa
Nollywoodpicturestv please the nest part
Zed zed
Zed zed 2 mesi fa
Am still on air waiting for the continuation my guys @nollywoodpicturetv big up guys it's a very nice movie 👌👌👌
Alisha Charles
Alisha Charles 2 mesi fa
where is part 3
lian samuel
lian samuel 24 giorni fa
Marcy Watson
Marcy Watson Mese fa
Boiled yam and palm wine, i coming back to visit now ooo.
Ndey Gaye
Ndey Gaye Mese fa
😁I fell asleep
Namuli Katumba Sarah
Interesting movie .Actors and actresses weldone. Am really enjoying it.
Mabenaa Beauty
That slim guard made my day 😃much love to him 😍💕
Precious Mungoh
Pls if u know ugesu J ugesu wish him well for me💕, he is doing a marvelous job entertaining the whole world, putting smiles on their faces.God bless ur effort Sir, Watching from USA
you are always welcome my love and thanks for keeping in touch with us..don't forget to share this movie with friends
Gianni Morpurgo
I am over familiar with this your always character Prince ( ken eric )can u guyz just start using another Prince already 😰
Stellah Kerubo Nyangaresi
I looooove the movie💕💕
we are glad you enjoyed the movie my love and do share with friends
Justice Jalloh
@Ada Ndiche Who ever gave u that name deserved a COW 😃😃
thanks for watching my love and do share this movie with friends
Bébé Igienne
So na only di watch from Cameroon. If u dey here for Destiny Etiko click the like bottom make I see u
you are sighted sweetie and thanks for keeping in touch with us..do share with friends
Desmond Chi
Desmond Chi Mese fa
Africa is blessed with goddest maiden. black is beautiful
stelli ranking
Nice movie love u all.
Beatrice Wanga
For those always say if you are here coz of ken and destiny hit the like!if you are here coz of bla bla blaaaah those comments make me sick,we are all here to watch movie and learn something about it,ibelieve all actors give their best😅💙
you are right my love and thanks for being part of us..do share this movie with friends
Joan Wande
Joan Wande Mese fa
Cheei I love this chief guard ooh. He get sense pass ooo
Eddie The Great
Nice movie, thanks for uploading dear... We really appreciate
Ismail Haziq
Ismail Haziq Mese fa
Whose else is seeing this senior guard...i really like his part so much
Defney James
Defney James Mese fa
Very nice movie
Richy Mena
Richy Mena Mese fa
Am here , let see how it goes
Florence Rolland Flozy99
nice movie,
ESTHER BIKA 2 mesi fa
Am enjoying with this movie,,, but I miss that yellow bone maiden in this movie...
we are glad you were entertained by this fascinating movie my love and don't forget to share with friends
Christina Sunday
Am enjoying this movie
Faith thank u jesus. Ese
This movie too go sweet me oooooo
Osore Diana Diana
Woow great movie
you are welcome my dear and thanks for being part of us..don't forget to share this movie with friends
cmber mtoto
cmber mtoto 2 mesi fa
Am asking for the second time in another movie is this royal guard in any ways relate with ugezu????
catherine abena
catherine abena 2 mesi fa
Nollywood pictures tv. You do all ... Ayeekooo
Okojie tracy
Okojie tracy 2 mesi fa
You are a woman of unexplainable splendour the glue of the sun and the moon are nothing compared to the glory in your eyes your beauty raddatz and whoever that gave you that name deserves a cow.
Jules cesar Adjavoin
I love this movie in fate is the best movie of Ken Éric and Joyce Kalu
Mamadou Moi
Mamadou Moi 2 mesi fa
This chief Gard is very amazing 😃😃😃😃😃very funny
Ijenwa_the _PAINKILLER
Wow this epic is actually different from others
solomon ugwu
solomon ugwu 2 mesi fa
fully out of igbo customs. where in igbo land does a woman supersede the power of a king? This neither the tradition of ndigbo. What message are you passing to the younger generation? please stop misleading the younger ones. Respect our culture. we can't call this fiction or fable but stupidity. Am so disappointed and upset with this trash. very bad production. Even the costumes was altered by the footwear. this most be precolonial era but I don't know why the artist shouldn't go on bare foot. This is the worst production I ever watched from Nollywood. The producer is really sick. Nonsense
Fabian Vallejos
Fabian Vallejos 2 mesi fa
Really good material hope you like ours! Have a look our post and help us aand subscribe too!❤️😄
iamewurabena Candy
Nice movie guys 💕💕💕 Mr Ugezu movies are always on points. . Kudos to you guys💕💕💕💋💋💋 Ken Erics though 😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Obaapa ama Siaw
Obaapa ama Siaw 2 mesi fa
Indeed if ur parents denied for ur desire it's really hurtful keke..nice movie still watching till all the season ends
Mac jo Videos Entertainment
Is this palace head guard Ugezu J Ugezu younger brother? their voice sound the same.
Hajia Amina
Hajia Amina 2 mesi fa
I think many people sleep here 😩😩😩
maitta kamara
maitta kamara 2 mesi fa
Wow am here for Destiny n ken nice move,,more love from Liberia, Monrovia
Kendo VEVO
Kendo VEVO 2 mesi fa
Dis movie makes me start filling in love, any single updates me
peace sibete
peace sibete 2 mesi fa
I love this movie so so much I really enjoy it very interested
Blessing Queen
Blessing Queen 2 mesi fa
The HeadGuard o Nice one.. Ugezu has a junior now
Blessing Queen
Blessing Queen 2 mesi fa
My prince are you alright😂😂😂😂
Romeo Naz
Romeo Naz 2 mesi fa
This woman is a pro I love her acting I mean her marjesty The woman is talented
Humu Ibrahim
Humu Ibrahim 2 mesi fa
Interesting movie,I like every aspact of it
amadou sabally
amadou sabally 2 mesi fa
ken will always be my bestie actor
Baidu Janet
Baidu Janet 2 mesi fa
Powerful movie I really enjoyed it Thank you for uploading.
Shania Jones
Shania Jones 2 mesi fa
Hope didn't eat the fly to lol
Olu Bb
Olu Bb 2 mesi fa
LILI NOSKI 2 mesi fa
THANKS YOU N....W....P...
Awoody Gnezele
Awoody Gnezele 2 mesi fa
Exactly he speaks the same like Mr. Ugezu J Ugezu.
Patience Iyamu
Patience Iyamu 2 mesi fa
nice movie
Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan 2 mesi fa
Nwp you guys are the best
Beatrice Osei
Beatrice Osei 2 mesi fa
I love this movie soo much😍😍😍💓💓💓❤❤❤💘💘💘🌹
Hjdjdd Ghhjd
Hjdjdd Ghhjd 2 mesi fa
nice one
Victor Mary
Victor Mary 2 mesi fa
I really love destiny and Ken movie
edith aisien
edith aisien 2 mesi fa
Powerful movie ken Eric and destiny you guys always on point
goodness nwakaego
Wow very interesting and lovely movie
Moussa Camara
Moussa Camara 2 mesi fa
Nollywood you are the Best ❤❤❤❤
FATIMA Ali 2 mesi fa
perfect movie
Please I need season 5
Anthony Uwugbusun
Wow festival of beauty, is there anyone more beautiful dan l am If there's show urself😀😀😀here
OKON MARY 2 mesi fa
really enjoyed this movie. please 3&4
Princess Queency
Beautiful lady's
obaapa Akosua
obaapa Akosua 2 mesi fa
Very interesting movie pls next part
Nakofa Hassan
Nakofa Hassan 2 mesi fa
nice move next part please
Nyambukenyan Gal
Nxt part biko
Benetta Klar
Benetta Klar 2 mesi fa
where is 3 4 5 and 6
pupetta ciro
pupetta ciro 2 mesi fa
When it comes to women, Ken is super and when it comes to loving a man ,Destiny you finish work. Greetings to Mr Ujezu
denise hall
denise hall 2 mesi fa
I hate when the movie is really good and I have to wait for the next part. Part 3 where are you!!!!???
Pheinny Anthony
Pheinny Anthony 2 mesi fa
Where's the next part plz
AAisha mohamed
AAisha mohamed 2 mesi fa
Next part please when are you guys uploading it
Avamar Smith
Avamar Smith 2 mesi fa
Where is part 3
Jima baby Njubemere
When are my seeing the next part oooooooo.
Jima baby Njubemere
When are my seeing the next part oooooooo.
Chinenye Chi
Chinenye Chi 2 mesi fa
All this good for you ?
Omajali Monday
Omajali Monday 2 mesi fa
am still waiting for the 3 and 4
Vanessa Hurd
Vanessa Hurd 2 mesi fa
Nice movie🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 Season 3 please
Omajali Monday
Omajali Monday 2 mesi fa
please 3and4
Azeezat Ajoke
Azeezat Ajoke 2 mesi fa
Nice movie
Prunelle Florence
The next parts, please... Thx
Omajali Monday
Omajali Monday 2 mesi fa
next part
Gifty Geli
Gifty Geli 2 mesi fa
Pls I beg you people to uploaded the next pls I beg 3&4 am waiting for it now pls
DUFIE MECARE 2 mesi fa
Ima Victor
Ima Victor 2 mesi fa
nice next part
Abidoye yemolas
Abidoye yemolas 2 mesi fa
Please next part
Nivah Swabrina
Nivah Swabrina 2 mesi fa
next part please
we will upload it very soon my darling and do stay connected
Paula Hinds
Paula Hinds 2 mesi fa
Nice again as always but how long for the other parts
we will upload it very soon my dear and do stay tuned
Annabel Success
Annabel Success 2 mesi fa
Next part please
golden brown
golden brown 2 mesi fa
This head guard is very funny 😂
البلوشي البلوششي
Am waiting next part
ADAEZE Omalicha
ADAEZE Omalicha 2 mesi fa
Just the time I started enjoying this great thoughts of our great man ( Ugezu J Ugezu ) oh i can't love you Enough or less. you are indeed an a great man . Please when am I expecting the full of this wonderful movie?
Nana Ofori
Nana Ofori 2 mesi fa
Next part oo It’s getting interesting
we will upload it very soon sweetie and do stay connected
Ehiz Bankz EntertainmentTV
Please where is part 3?
Ehiz Bankz EntertainmentTV
Nollywoodpicturestv can't share what's not complete am sorry 😆😆 when it's completed then i can share
we will upload it very soon sweetie and do share this movie with friends
Cletus Ntih
Cletus Ntih 2 mesi fa
Very interesting movie
diva la posher
diva la posher 2 mesi fa
Interesting movie pls next part
Kim Nelson
Kim Nelson 2 mesi fa
Part 3 please
Suzi Suzi
Suzi Suzi 2 mesi fa
Nice one please next part 3 & 4??
Precious Awor
Precious Awor 2 mesi fa
Part 3&4 🙄 please you guys should try to release everything at once. I mean, it’s not even a season film 🙄
bella gold priscillia
Am waiting
Ehiz Bankz EntertainmentTV
How soon?
we will upload it very soon my dear and do stay connected
Doctor Frank
Doctor Frank 2 mesi fa
Please next part ooh I can't wait please, please, please.
we will upload it very soon my darling and do share with friends
Gift Westerm
Gift Westerm 2 mesi fa
Nice movie next part pls
we will upload it very soon my darling and do share with friends
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