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It's not quite water bottle flipping, but you CAN do trick shots with fidget spinners!!
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Commenti 60
TC Legend
TC Legend 2 ore fa
Ninja Star of Catastrophe vs Dude Perfect *Dude Perfect wins* This proves Dude Perfect is better than Ninja
Just Flamingo
Just Flamingo 6 ore fa
It is the high - low - low - high
Jason 666
Jason 666 6 ore fa
It's low to high
Prathima Mahesh
Who is watching in 2020 like
Viraj Tile
Viraj Tile 9 ore fa
It's from high to low
jaxon baker
jaxon baker 11 ore fa
Do Friday the 13th trick shots
1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
Anything: EXISTS Dude perfect: we can do trick shots with that
Kim Montgomery
Kim Montgomery 21 ora fa
This is the first video I saw in your channel
Nidhir Bardhan
Nidhir Bardhan Giorno fa
Who can make ninja star origami
Dhanasekaran Shanmugam
Jsharon Sharon
Jsharon Sharon Giorno fa
Malayali fans undo
Iftikhar Masood
Iftikhar Masood Giorno fa
2:08 anyone else heard tonight on an airplane?
Harrison Walker
Harrison Walker Giorno fa
Dang I’m re watching this and I’m missing the times when this first came out
Shuynh Trần
Shuynh Trần Giorno fa
Hello I'm from Vietnam
Wilmer & Iris Gutierrez
They should do a trick shot by putting one of the fidget spinners on a bottle and spinning it with another one
Matthew Myers
Matthew Myers Giorno fa
I think it was low to high
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen Giorno fa
Ai lồng tiềng vậy
Fried Hipp0
Fried Hipp0 Giorno fa
Who else has memorized all of the song
ItsTobiano Giorno fa
I love your vid keep it Up guess where am i from😎
alpana pujari
alpana pujari 2 giorni fa
Low to high
alpana pujari
alpana pujari 2 giorni fa
Reffer code for mall 91akp download and enter this reffer code and earn upto 300 ruppes ZPQOPUZ
bulletprooflulu 2 giorni fa
bulletprooflulu 2 giorni fa
night lights
night lights 2 giorni fa
Even after all this time DP’s background music style doesn’t change much...
Azwani Abdul Rahim
Azwani Abdul Rahim 2 giorni fa
4:44 i think brother
Andrew Newcomb
Andrew Newcomb 2 giorni fa
it was both high to low and low to high so it was ¨or¨
Tangeni M. Shikomba
What happened to fidget spinners? 🤔
night lights
night lights 2 giorni fa
They died in a year. Simple as that.
Momar Farooqui
Momar Farooqui 2 giorni fa
It was high to low
ImEmme 2 giorni fa
its from high to low
Mueez 7
Mueez 7 2 giorni fa
I’m trying to bring the fidget spinner hype back
night lights
night lights 2 giorni fa
Don’t bother, they’re lame now.
انا الوحدانية
The old days when spinner and slime was a thing
Aziza Khan
Aziza Khan 3 giorni fa
I am subscribed and left a like
Harshiv Chandra
Harshiv Chandra 3 giorni fa
At 04 Tyler is dropping his saliva
PHI gaming
PHI gaming 3 giorni fa
Oh mai gót
Lubna Khan
Lubna Khan 3 giorni fa
0:13 now that's what you call a Tokyo drift fidget spinner🤣
Sarah Rodgers
Sarah Rodgers 3 giorni fa
Therese Henning
Therese Henning 4 giorni fa
Hi low low ih
Berzz Gaming
Berzz Gaming 4 giorni fa
CAIO The ROCK 4 giorni fa
Tem algum brasileiro aqui?
zuber al shafaq
zuber al shafaq 4 giorni fa
Said Nani
Said Nani 4 giorni fa
Who miss figdet spinner know in 2020
Koodalloor House
Koodalloor House 4 giorni fa
wow wow.. what shot
AKD INDUSTRIES 4 giorni fa
@2dsM seriously same and easy
TheEternalZeWo 4 giorni fa
Saying This Now, A Year Or 2 Late, Its High To Low
Turtle Man
Turtle Man 4 giorni fa
No it’s the HLLH
adithehipster 4 giorni fa
nobody: Cody: *NINJA STAR*
Emmanuel Rozas
Emmanuel Rozas 4 giorni fa
Soy un niño entonces como no sé hacer un truco, igual con ustedes entonces imposible en mi casa con la cuarentena entonces estoy muy increíble tu
Emmanuel Rozas
Emmanuel Rozas 4 giorni fa
Qué increíble lo que hacen ustedes
Anupama Saxena
Anupama Saxena 4 giorni fa
High to low
Pravin Waghmare
Pravin Waghmare 4 giorni fa
One thing missing Binod
rajagopal rudraraju
Ehtisham Ahmad
Ehtisham Ahmad 5 giorni fa
Spinner kitne ka hai $
Super Ben
Super Ben 5 giorni fa
The high to low low to high
Gacha Girl_55
Gacha Girl_55 5 giorni fa
3:19 scared me. That face tho 😐
Hina Sarwar
Hina Sarwar 5 giorni fa
High to low
Mary Kathrina Araniego
i am mvp
雑談組 5 giorni fa
Calum Lea
Calum Lea 6 giorni fa
Round 1: The long blue weird one vs. The dollar sign Round 2: Golden Snitch vs. Rainbow Trout Round 3: The Golden Beauty vs. The Dance Party Round 4: Ninja Star of Catastrophy vs. dp three hour minimum spin time only if you set it next to an aircraft. FIGHT!!!!!
ali bajee
ali bajee 6 giorni fa
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