FIFA 20 | Official Reveal Trailer ft. VOLTA Football

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Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20, releasing September 27, 2019. Build your player, pick your gear, and express your style in football playgrounds all over the world. x.ea.com/58584
Pre-order the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition and play VOLTA three days early : x.ea.com/58585
VOLTA Football takes the game back to the streets with the authentic culture, creativity and style of the small-sided game played on streets, courts and futsal pitches around the globe.
Learn more about FIFA 20: x.ea.com/58586
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8 giu 2019




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Commenti 12 806
EA SPORTS FIFA 4 mesi fa
Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20 x.ea.com/58584
Alvvaleed7 5 giorni fa
Fifa 19 top trailer
dark side
dark side 7 giorni fa
Goran Pandev Face Update Pls ..
Frank Meyer
Frank Meyer 17 giorni fa
Und ganz ehrlich gesagt werde mein fifa 20 in müll hauen und kein Geld mehr für so ein mist ausgeben danke ea für so ein mist Spiel und seid ein mal ehrlich das ihr nur noch kohle macht mit ultimative Modus und DER Rest euch doch der rest nicht mehr interessiert he wer gibt euch das Recht so ein misst für so viel geld zu verkaufen das nicht mal 10 euro wert
Jose Moreno Mejia
Jose Moreno Mejia 18 giorni fa
EA put teams like F2 FC
Süleyman Karakaya
Süleyman Karakaya 20 giorni fa
Ribery Cabaye ?? uptade EA fifa
Jéferson K
Jéferson K Giorno fa
Arrumar o Fake shot pra quem usa as setas nada né? Tá difícil
ErenKlasse 2 giorni fa
This gamemode already dead people online arent that good only passes so ez to het division 1 (ofcourse higher division people where much better but still) finished mission and rest of the world tour comon add some legends to unlock like ronaldhino with an extreme hard mission
soflo23 4 giorni fa
This trailer is like a millennial nightmare.
Ike Gex
Ike Gex 4 giorni fa
When i am fighting in dragon ball xenoverse 0:54
Ayanda Masondo
Ayanda Masondo 4 giorni fa
FIFA has improved
KING NINGA1344 4 giorni fa
the song is sick
Danilo Cabral
Danilo Cabral 4 giorni fa
Ea I can’t not hear the dialogues, can you help me ?
raw lity
raw lity 4 giorni fa
Your End is near satan
Alvvaleed7 5 giorni fa
Fifa 19 top trailer
Craig Edwards
Craig Edwards 5 giorni fa
Can you watch the video i uploaded and explain please
Robert Völker
Robert Völker 5 giorni fa
Music name?
Norbert Csólig
Norbert Csólig 5 giorni fa
Hi! Three of his years I play with the game. The ultimate is my favourite. I spent much money in this month fifa onto dots. Nothing came. Let my drawer be looked at. csolignorbi@gmail.com, noressz xbox one. The big youtube users more million fifa a dot is received. They would not be able to give presents to me onto openings fifa dot? Videot it would be prepared from the openings what I would charge onto the net. I wait for their answer excitedly
iSaulx 6 giorni fa
Oliver Schulz
Oliver Schulz 7 giorni fa
Gelbe Karte für Unsportlichkeit.. Wer kniet sich denn bitte hin um auf kleine Tore einzuköpfen ?! Gelb is es dennoch, einfach keine Spielweise. ✌
ARLUMA 7 giorni fa
we interrupt this fifa 20 reveal to bring you thor the dark world
Pamela Carulli
Pamela Carulli 7 giorni fa
Was ist mit den Servern!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Galeano
Chris Galeano 7 giorni fa
Literally the worse fifa they made
Adi_YT 7 giorni fa
Volta football. Me: What did it cost? EA: JUVENTUS
Right behind you
Right behind you 8 giorni fa
This is not street football in street you play with shitty boots and dirty shirt hahaha
Irley 2002
Irley 2002 8 giorni fa
Haaaaaa muleque Fifa Street tá de voltaaaaaaaa
YassBNZ 9 giorni fa
0:37 thé opside down
Tes Sammy
Tes Sammy 10 giorni fa
I spent money to get a better game than fifa 19, I guess I wasted my money unless you guys fix IT! 🙄🙄(career mode) P.S Did y'all test this GAME? 👀
rapbalance 10 giorni fa
Why is FIFA discriminating white footballers?! There's hardly any in the game intro and menu. We're still majority in playing and watching so why are we under-represented?! At least white guy on the cover. I dont know if i'm gonna buy it next year if that's the case!
Andrea Zicca
Andrea Zicca 11 giorni fa
farid and omar al jufrie
Why Volta football is not in the switch?
pszczółki lubią miodek
Gabriel Ferreira
Gabriel Ferreira 12 giorni fa
At 0:32 play it at 0.5 playback speed, you can see the hand go through the bor dormund players leg when he slide tackles
warren Stephens
warren Stephens 12 giorni fa
is volta football like the old fifa street game?
warren Stephens
warren Stephens 12 giorni fa
@JadxnLxwis Tidy! bhut,
JadxnLxwis 12 giorni fa
warren Stephens yes
rary27 _
rary27 _ 13 giorni fa
Very Very bad video
Gusty Márquez
Gusty Márquez 14 giorni fa
Gusty Márquez
Gusty Márquez 14 giorni fa
Gusty Márquez
Gusty Márquez 14 giorni fa
Carlos CRZ
Carlos CRZ 15 giorni fa
Joaquín Ortega
Joaquín Ortega 16 giorni fa
Hey what happened with the game on Nintendo switch? Sorry but it’s so bad
Hudson Carvalho
Hudson Carvalho 16 giorni fa
EA ia the worst Company, hate you ea
Ali ABD AL HALem3894
would you react
would you react 16 giorni fa
bonsoir madame ou messieur si vous , , voulez voilà j'ai des idées pour rendre plus réel fifa 21
Hernan Hernandez
Hernan Hernandez 17 giorni fa
I’d like a FIFA STREET 2 kinda game. Use to play it on ps2
OCSC boi
OCSC boi 17 giorni fa
Why is atletico Madrid in 16th place, fix career
Shinoray 17 giorni fa
Another cashgrab Like every year from ea
Scout Twent
Scout Twent 18 giorni fa
Fixcareer mode
Frank Meyer
Frank Meyer 18 giorni fa
Ganz ehrlich sauerei was ihr verkauft fifa 20 mit ein haufen Fehler und verlangt so viel geld betrug nenne ich das und für mich ist es das letzte fifa was ich gekauft habe
Anime Dude
Anime Dude 18 giorni fa
I really dislike your games I don’t know why I get ads for them because not once in my life did I show any interest in a game such as yours so please remove your disgusting ads of this platform.
RAMESS 600 BABA 18 giorni fa
Bonjour, alors pourquoi quand je fais croix sa tacle et du coup j’me prend que des cartons rouge. Tu peux me réglé sa vite stp et si tu peux m’arranger le roi pelé aussi merci 😂
Atoom Toastbrot
Atoom Toastbrot 18 giorni fa
Fix the career mode
Eduard Liška
Eduard Liška 19 giorni fa
Buy FIFA 20 From 48 ‎€ ‎@t
Eduard Liška
Eduard Liška 19 giorni fa
Buy FIFA 20 From 48 ‎€ ‎@t
147skin 19 giorni fa
Dieses fifa ist so scheisse eh... 0% Verteidigung und 200% Angriff... Man kann mit einem Spieler einfach durchlaufen... Richtiges huen game.. Ist der Gegner vorne muss er den Ball einfach in die Mitte passen und der Ball ist drin, weil meine Abwehr 5m vom Gegner entfernt ist... Huso Spiel... Macht viel zu aggressiv die scheisse
Hatim Lechqaar
Hatim Lechqaar 19 giorni fa
Dont got that much money to spend" I find the cheapest one ,on digitalsell.online with great price and with a coupon you will get it for the half of the price ,fucking great
Th7sns 1
Th7sns 1 19 giorni fa
My FIFA 20tricks is amai
Th7sns 1
Th7sns 1 19 giorni fa
Hatim Lechqaar ist de fake nog what you wee
Omar KHASSIME 19 giorni fa
Donc EA escroque et vol les gens ce qui paie sont avantager, défense automatique, tir un but. En gros maintenant sur FUT tu paie tu est bon alors que a la base tu construit ton equipe avec des crédits que tu te fais maintenant cest devenu un jeux d'argent et je vais même allez plus loin cest de l'abus de la personne et du vol en bande organisée puisque tout les organisme sont conscients que EA profite de mineur qui ont aucune conscience et qui paient avec la carte de leur parents qui ne sont même pas au courant 90% du temps voilà tout ce que EA fais le but maintenant cest de générer de l'argent pour eux donc tu es bon pour que les gens continue de payer.
Süleyman Karakaya
Süleyman Karakaya 20 giorni fa
Ribery Cabaye ?? uptade EA fifa
th7sn simon
th7sn simon 20 giorni fa
Like your are fifa 20
Dhaya Thind
Dhaya Thind 20 giorni fa
This will be the best fifa for the next 2.5 years
dafyduck79 20 giorni fa
chicks cant play football!
zain Khaliq
zain Khaliq 20 giorni fa
I just bought the game and played, I use the D-pad for movement not the analogue.. and whenever I try to do a running fake shot, my player just stops the ball.. I have tried everything holding R1, L2, L1, R2 almost like every button.. it just stops the ball and doesn't do it in a running way and it's very useful as a fake shot helped me to change my direction.. Please do something!! @EASports
Shab Elijsg
Shab Elijsg 20 giorni fa
Problem is that the game doesn't look half as good as the ad
Raul Brad
Raul Brad 20 giorni fa
Who's here after Fifa 21 trailer ? :))
Prince Opara
Prince Opara 19 giorni fa
Raul Brad June 2020
ABDOU GEMAR 20 giorni fa
ارجو نسخة البلاي ٤ تكون مجانية
Omar KHASSIME 20 giorni fa
Pay to win max.
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