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Final Moments of the 2020-21 NBA Finals
NBA moments/highlights/parodies

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19 lug 2021




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Commenti 489
The One
The One 6 mesi fa
Man I wish Middleton played against Boston this year. He’s a different player in the playoffs. Especially in clutch moments like this
Patrick 26 giorni fa
@Fullmetal Gamer giannis anteankle choke tatum son jrue holiday
Fullmetal Gamer
Fullmetal Gamer 26 giorni fa
@Patrick And Brooklyn still lost the first round even with your precious Kyrie. Bucks are better than Broken Nets.
Patrick 26 giorni fa
@Fullmetal Gamer excuses u trash bucks they very lucky harden injured kyrie injured by giannis anteankle kd toe in the line . U got karma to middle injured . If middleton healthy u still not beating gsw curry goat
Patrick 26 giorni fa
@Fullmetal Gamer excuses u trash bucks they very lucky harden injured kyrie injured by giannis anteankle kd toe in the line . U got karma to middle injured . If middleton healthy u still not beating gsw curry goat
Fullmetal Gamer
Fullmetal Gamer 26 giorni fa
@Patrick They weren't avoiding the Nets. Lol. Even if they did play against them, the Broken Nets would still lose. That last game before the playoffs didn't matter to the Bucks because they wanted their key players to rest up. Doncic should've taken notes before injuring himself.
Dxic 6 mesi fa
This is what the bucks missing right now. A player who can shoot midrange with ease.
Fethi Turan
Fethi Turan 4 mesi fa
joseph the bobcat
How does a healthy Joe Ingles and khris Middletown sound in the playoffs? 🦌
Jsab 22
Jsab 22 5 mesi fa
@Solo they still have him though. 😂
Solo 5 mesi fa
@Jsab 22 he was injured goofy😂
Jsab 22
Jsab 22 5 mesi fa
@Dxic true, but they still have him and he’ll be back next season
Atul Ganesh
Atul Ganesh Anno fa
This championship is special because the Bucks didn't have to sign or trade for any superstars(and they beat the Nets team that tried to get all the superstars). They built their own superstar and their own team. Congrats!
Grady Clark
Grady Clark 2 mesi fa
Lol Jrue is a superstar bruh
Ethan Schwartz
Ethan Schwartz 4 mesi fa
@soulja nope the nets suck in general I was cheering for the bucks vs nets and I’m happy kd isn’t in the finals
onedaykenn 4 mesi fa
Home grown talent
Atul Ganesh
Atul Ganesh 4 mesi fa
@Eddie_L4L My point was that they didn't trade for superstars like most teams try to do these days. Instead, they wisely signed valuable role players that they could use to build around Giannis.
Atul Ganesh
Atul Ganesh 4 mesi fa
@Chinguunssi I said "superstar" in my comment. If Jrue Holiday is equal to KD, Kyrie, James Harden, or any other superstar in the NBA, let me know. My point was that they didn't try and recruit all the best players but instead, built a solid core around Giannis through wiser decisions that weren't just stacking stars on a team.
Johnny Boi
Johnny Boi 6 mesi fa
The way the sports industry was portraying Giannis to never win a championship feels real amazing to see him prove them wrong, but when I saw Booker say “damn” that did hit me too ngl 😅
Crinkle Minkle
Crinkle Minkle 4 mesi fa
@Jordan S uh oh suns fan
Jordan S
Jordan S 4 mesi fa
@Crinkle Minkle English, please
EAP Shorts
EAP Shorts 4 mesi fa
@Code 0 cause it’s boring watching the same people every year
Code 0
Code 0 4 mesi fa
@bruh. and why didn’t warriors or lebron deserve to win lmao?
BubbaWasTaken 5 mesi fa
@bruh. Chris Paul’s dirty ass doesn’t deserve a ring lmao
Grievous 4 mesi fa
This was a great series, and the crowd was incredibly loud, im so happy for Giannis and the bucks that they won last year, the last 2 nba seasons have been great because last year we saw the Bucks win it and this year my Warriors won it. Can’t wait for next season
Chris Ludecke
Chris Ludecke 6 mesi fa
Most impressive 50 point game in finals history
Brody Kuemin
Brody Kuemin 4 mesi fa
@Generic Gaming Channel it was supposed to say 49. There was a typo on the screen
Generic Gaming Channel
He had 47, hit 1 FT and got 50
Giannis.clips95 5 mesi fa
@Random User lmao
Random User
Random User 5 mesi fa
@Chris Ludecke after what happened I’d quit too
Chris Ludecke
Chris Ludecke 5 mesi fa
@Confessions Of A Movie Freak they lost in that one and he quit in ot so no
Ruben Tavares
Ruben Tavares 6 mesi fa
Wow the bucks really swept the suns after being down 2-0 😮
Fullmetal Gamer
Fullmetal Gamer 26 giorni fa
Just like the 2006 Miami Heat and 1977 Portland Trailblazers.
Rohan George
Rohan George 5 mesi fa
@Gabriel Martinez wasnt a sweep lol but k
Monke 5 mesi fa
@AymsLT same thing I said to gabriel
Monke 5 mesi fa
@Gabriel Martinez they went 4-1 against them after down 2-0
AymsLT 5 mesi fa
Mavs did the same thing 🤣 Suns never learn there lesson
_ItsRanGamez Anno fa
Giannis is literally the meaning of hard work pays off
Sour 5 mesi fa
Bucks are the only one of my sports teams to win a chip in my life dude, love giannis he brought it home! GO BUCKS!
V Carchedi
V Carchedi 5 mesi fa
We'll get it back next year!
V Carchedi
V Carchedi 5 mesi fa
I'm a die-hard Bucks fan! I watch this video over and over and get chills every time! Definitely one of the greatest moments of my life!
V Carchedi
V Carchedi 5 mesi fa
@CoCo MiKe I wish we kept PJ Tucker, but yes we can't keep having injuries all the time
CoCo MiKe
CoCo MiKe 5 mesi fa
We need to keep Bobby Wesley and carter and i would to get pj back....but must important we need to stay healthy
V Carchedi
V Carchedi 5 mesi fa
@CoCo MiKe I want payback next season!!
CoCo MiKe
CoCo MiKe 5 mesi fa
STILL i am crying every time....we will do it again soon
SoCal Trains and Garbage Trucks
I loved how Giannis was emotional winning his first title it was amazing watching this game!! Very inspirational. And once Giannis retires, he’ll retire with a ring
michael coutley
michael coutley 3 mesi fa
@Jonathan Chen lmao you an absolute fool to say he would retire without a ring🤣 hes only 27 and with how durable he is even if they lost he still got years left to play at an elite level and he only gonna get better😂
Alphatenks 5 mesi fa
@Jonathan Chen u think a superteam deserved a ring? Lmaoooo
Anmol Nautiyal
Anmol Nautiyal 5 mesi fa
@Jonathan Chen yeah even with a healthy Kyrie, the Nets were absolutely terrific this year right? 4 - 0 IN THE 1ST ROUND!!!!
xxxTOKYO 6 mesi fa
@Jonathan Chen how does it feel to know he’s gonna retire with a ring 😉
Julian Saul Dipad
@Jonathan Chen how does it feel to have an unneeded opinion?
EAP Shorts
EAP Shorts 4 mesi fa
As a bucks fan it felt sooo good to finally have the respect we deserved. When Giannas was drafted reporters laughed at him because he wanted to win a MVP and the Finals and that’s how it was with curry also but look who is laughing now Curry:4x champion 2x MVP 1x Finals MVP Giannas:2xMVP 1x champion 1x Finals MVP I’m ready to see Antetokounmpo win another one he is a beast he is on my best PF of all time
SlyCooperRN 4 mesi fa
@Stephen Philipps 2015, 2017, and 2018 are all bogus rings. Everyone knows this lmao
SlyCooperRN 4 mesi fa
Crazy how Gianni’s and curry have the same amount of real rings
Cristian 4 mesi fa
Chris Paul has been through some very harsh moments for real.. it really makes me wonder how he feels after losing over and over again every year when being so close to winning a championship.
Vaugh Macatulad
Last 1 minute of the game and Giannis freethrow made it a 7 minute video😂 Congrats Bucks!
Cori McCoy
Cori McCoy 5 mesi fa
Giannis definitely solidified himself in the legends conversation 🙌
Nikos Manoussakis
I don't think anyone understands how clutch that Middleton dagger was
Tyrunner0097 5 mesi fa
That's who Khris has always been. He'll have 5 points after 3 quarters, then score 17 in the 4th, with the clutch clinching shot with :40 left.
Turner Waller
Turner Waller 6 mesi fa
That khris Middleton is exactly what the bucks needed against the Celtics this year
Gas 3 mesi fa
They were easily back to at least finals if they had Khris
I admit, although as a long-time Dubs fan and we won the title again for the 4th time, we would've had a Warriors vs Bucks/NBA Finals this year had Middleton not gone down.
NBA Editzz🏀
NBA Editzz🏀 3 mesi fa
@Irv Dela Cruz salty warriors fans, jrue holiday would be a huge problem for curry
Irv Dela Cruz
Irv Dela Cruz 4 mesi fa
We still winning it though. With the way Milwaukee defends the three, our Warriors would cook them, especially considering that Giannis is a one man army. Look at how the Warriors completely dismantled Jokic's nuggets, and Luka's Mavericks. That would be an easy task for the Warriors.
shadowrks Studios and entertainment
That's the series I wanted to see
gor9027 Anno fa
Everyone knew the series was over once Middleton hit that shot.
ePlayablez 6 mesi fa
Scenes after Connaughton drew the foul, gives me chills every time..
p weber
p weber 6 mesi fa
Same, the owners going nuts then the cut to the 10s of thousands of fans outside. Just surreal. Still can’t believe we won it honestly.
Andrew Briones
Andrew Briones 6 mesi fa
brought tears to my eyes 9 months later not even a bucks fan
bigtymer501 5 mesi fa
One of the greatest finals performances in NBA history!
Antonio Escobar
Antonio Escobar 6 mesi fa
A playoff run a series a game in a night I will never forget thank you giannis
Jam Man
Jam Man 6 mesi fa
That Middleton shot wasn’t talked about a lot. Legit the dagger imo
Him. 6 mesi fa
both teams got blown out in the 2nd round on the same day 😳
DaMarco Jones
DaMarco Jones 3 giorni fa
At least the bucks didn’t lose game 7 in a blowout at home
Patrick 5 mesi fa
shīt's different this time 😂
Thomas Pierce
Thomas Pierce 5 mesi fa
@Reuben O.C. Not fully healthy but pretty damn close (if you watched you'd see something obviously wrong with CP3). 1000% their fault and a massive choke job
Reuben O.C.
Reuben O.C. 6 mesi fa
One was missing their second best player the other was fully healthy and choked🤷🏾‍♂️
REX FUYONAN 6 mesi fa
And in game 7
Jonathon Bartos
Jonathon Bartos 10 ore fa
That list of players to score 50 points in a Finals... rare company. Every one of them other than Giannis and LeBron in the Hall of Fame... and I think we can safely say that LeBron and Giannis are both destined for it as well.
The Josh Gilchrist Network
“The brilliance of the young man from Athens”
Cody James
Cody James 4 mesi fa
I will never forget this, being in deer district, Giannis dropping 50, bucks winning after 50 years the celebration afterwards, this is the reason I love sports
Coco FORYA Anno fa
4:50 Middleton celebrating even tough giannis got fouled They trust him no matter what That's what a great leader (In giannis) brings to a team Trust each other no matter what
Sebastian Leung
Sebastian Leung 2 mesi fa
@BANGZZ! Maybe both? I mean the momentum has shifted once Middleton hit that dagger fadeaway, most of the Bucks players (if you watched the all access for game 6) kinda knew they were gonna win around either the 24 sec mark or right during the Giannis Tucker chest bump. I think Middleton is actually egging Giannis to get 50 since he is making history as the 2nd guy to get 50 on a game clincher since Bob Petit from 1958
BANGZZ! 4 mesi fa
What? In that moment if I was Middleton: I would be thinking I just just won a chip!! Not how many points my teammate gets or how “I trust him” like what?
There was 9.8 seconds left I would too
Merdal Boran
Merdal Boran 6 mesi fa
More so because he could get to 50 and make more history 🙌🏽
Steven Anno fa
I could watch this over and over!
Yamiteh 6 mesi fa
giannis is the one who need the words " TRUST THE PROCESS"
Dumbo2 4 mesi fa
Man I wish bucks and warriors fight for champions this season, both doubted teams that proved everyone wrong
Wide Ness
Wide Ness 6 mesi fa
Crazy how the next year these 2 teams both get eliminated in a game 7 round 2. Hoping for a heat vs mavs finals
knittycatkitty 5 mesi fa
@Blue Star Gaming maybe next year we want the ring we lost in 19
Blue Star Gaming
I’m a Suns fan and I really wanted The championship this year to be a bucks versus suns so the suns could have a rematch
Tunewurld 6 mesi fa
@Kevin Durant Champion You got what you've asked for
st.6 6 mesi fa
@Griffin Cobb cornball😂 "sMoKinG on that PaCK" jesus chris you sheep 🐑 gota copy and follow what every rtard says huh?? im offended. stupidity offends me, i gota learn to let it not but rn it does
knittycatkitty 6 mesi fa
@Wide Ness lol you’re tripping we need the title we lost in 2019
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 5 mesi fa
Helluva Finals by the Bucks to pull out 4 STRAIGHT WINS
I’m a Lemon
I’m a Lemon 3 mesi fa
Man, I was on an adrenaline rush when this happened but when the camera showed cp3 and booker I kinda felt bad for them
LOLMAN9538 5 mesi fa
Booker saying "Damn..." right in the middle of it all though...
AymsLT 5 mesi fa
After this Suns blew another 0-2 lead the next year, the team that never learn there lesson
Nils Schaller
As much as I'm happy for the Bucks and feel sad for CP3, I see Booker looking at a champion celebrating and immediately I look forward to him celebrating a championship, he's a true character!
Hunter Riggle
I love how giannis went straight to his wife
Grian Defante
Grian Defante 5 mesi fa
that's his mom bro but yeah he hugged well his wife too
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard 6 mesi fa
Just coming back to this choke by the suns after witnessing another one
You can’t lie this was Phoenix best year they played
AB 6 mesi fa
@Jay Just Different oof
@Jay Just Different rip, you cut it close with the prediction.
Reroya op
Reroya op 6 mesi fa
Nah suns were different when steve nash was there
Jay Just Different
yes, and THIS year will top it off for them 💍
PjStorm27 Anno fa
Chris Paul channeling his inner Isiah Thomas with that walk out
Advisedgnu69 back up
Players that went to the parade Michael Redd (2000-2011) Brandon Jennings (2009-2013)
Jae Crowder
Jae Crowder 6 mesi fa
Middleton= Redd
Charley Carey
Charley Carey 4 mesi fa
I still tear up watching this.
Jessie TV
Jessie TV 4 mesi fa
This is the closest we see cp3 ever in a finals again he might not won one hes getting old but what a career for cp3
Jason Asis
Jason Asis Anno fa
Finals MVP: Giannis Best Actor: Chris Paul
Steven Anno fa
perfect imitation of a LOSER
AstroSwing 6 mesi fa
I remember there was like 40 people in this pool and we were all watching on the TV and had the biggest party when the bucks won
Word and water
Word and water 6 mesi fa
It’s sad how the Suns completely chocked and lose four straight games.
spacejamshawty 10 mesi fa
suns team still pretty young for the most part. without a doubt if they play like they’re playing they’ll make it back to the finals.
Dominique Smith
Dominique Smith 6 mesi fa
Jim Gahn
Jim Gahn 4 mesi fa
Happy Anniversary, Bucks NBA champs!
Steven Lau
Steven Lau 4 mesi fa
I love Giannis ! From GSW fan.
DarthBane1024 6 mesi fa
Middleton's injury cost em the repeat
Dant3_Rodant3 3 mesi fa
@Elijah Logan well the same way the bucks didn’t deal with curry, curry didn’t deal with Milwaukee again goes both sides
Elijah Logan
Elijah Logan 3 mesi fa
@Dant3_Rodant3 we can go every year and bring up Injuries that's not a good argument
Dant3_Rodant3 3 mesi fa
@Elijah Logan and Milwaukee didn’t have to deal with any healthy team in 2021, goes both sides
Elijah Logan
Elijah Logan 3 mesi fa
@Dant3_Rodant3 it's easy to say that when curry didn't have to deal with that monster in Milwaukee
st.6 4 mesi fa
@Dant3_Rodant3 well boston did pretty well against the warriors and i believe middleton would've been the difference in those close games the bucks had against the celtics. Bucks could've done well against the warriors. we'll never know though, no need to act like we know everything and say the warriors would've smoked milwaukee. it's done now lol.
BC da Kid
BC da Kid 8 mesi fa
Every couple months i just gotta come back and watch this video just so i know it really happened if you from Milwaukee you remember exactly where you was this night
Swag G
Swag G 6 mesi fa
I guess suns and bucks fan are meeting here now 😂😂
2kelhadj 6 mesi fa
i love giannis’s reaction
iZZAEL Official
iZZAEL Official 6 mesi fa
Who's here after they both got eliminated in the same day with a huge lead?
Kevin Durant Champion
dont compare the 2 teams, bucks have a excuse, suns were fully healthy.
S F 6 mesi fa
It wasnt the same at all bucks were a close and they didnt have middleton the whole series!Mavs beat suns from the locker room!
mikey shanghai
mikey shanghai 4 mesi fa
I’d put Giannis ahead of KD. He led his own team to win the championship and the FMVP. Plus two regular seasons MVP. Plus one Defensive Player of the Year!
Patrick 5 mesi fa
crazy to think that both teams are eliminated in the 2nd round in the same night 😳🤯
Daniel M.
Daniel M. 5 mesi fa
Phoenix got embarrassed, Milwaukee gave it everything they had
Kenneth Qiu
Kenneth Qiu 5 mesi fa
If Middleton was here against Boston, Bucks have a big chance to win the series.
Gerome Trinidad
The guy at 3:15 after celebrating he realized he lost his wallet or phone
Namdaets 01
Namdaets 01 5 mesi fa
Grian Defante
Grian Defante 5 mesi fa
@Phart Phayce fr 🤣
Phart Phayce
Phart Phayce 6 mesi fa
i thought he got too excited and shit his pants
William Sturrup
OG-Rollz UFC Central
He’ll be OK, that’s the Bucks GM 😂😂
Jacob 6 mesi fa
Please another series against the Celtics both teams healthy and the bucks win
RisenTeA 6 mesi fa
Phoenix Suns could've won the finals this year if they didnt choke in semi finals game 7 against the Mavs
mikeyls 6 mesi fa
I feel sad with CP3, he's been doing his best to win a championship, but so unfortunate. Now in thid 2022 they were in 1st seed but they lose from Mavs
dutt reacts
dutt reacts 6 mesi fa
I don’t he has choked so many leads he has blown every chance at this point
Coco FORYA Anno fa
3:58 Second after celebrating Giannis saying tucker to guard D.Booker
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez 6 mesi fa
Who’s here after Dallas gave booker the luka special in game 7😂🤡
Wayne Dayata
Wayne Dayata 6 mesi fa
Who's here after both of them blow a 3-2 lead today (Winner of game 5 from tied 2-2 wins series 82% of the time)
Giannis Antetokounmpo
khris was injured we have a valid excuse. Suns were just trash 😂
DAMN SON 6 mesi fa
nahh khris was injure however the suns just sucks
Heber Reed
Heber Reed 6 mesi fa
Chris Paul looks totally different than in round 2 9 months later
Andrei Luis
Andrei Luis 6 mesi fa
Because he's too old now bruh, he's not Lebron whose still playing on a MVP LEVEL
NoobEatMahRice 6 mesi fa
Watching the suns a year later and they still look overrated. Overrated
Jedi cannon
Jedi cannon 5 mesi fa
I need a final 1:37 now I already seen 38 just need more
assdfggjkl 5 mesi fa
kinda feel bad for CP3, total greatness but still ringless.
Little Wolf
Little Wolf 5 mesi fa
The fact they got Brandon(Brawadis) On Camera is so funny 😂
Beau Babiash
Beau Babiash 4 mesi fa
I am so glad that it was a devin booker led team that we beat
Sanjit Srinivasaiah
One point for each year since their last championship
Kevin Redd
Kevin Redd 6 mesi fa
Imagine if Booker abs Paul made those shots they took
Gemaconda 6 mesi fa
hoping this didn’t end up being the finals anomaly and it’s just gonna be the warriors, lakers, and heat in the finals the next decade
Ezekiah Miranda
Ezekiah Miranda 6 mesi fa
This time its the Phoenix Suns time to get the championship. 😊
V Carchedi
V Carchedi 5 mesi fa
Mavs must have had a game plan or something
PhillyOjo 6 mesi fa
Luka’s Suns
Bip Blop Blap
Bip Blop Blap 6 mesi fa
Andrei Luis
Andrei Luis 6 mesi fa
idkman 6 mesi fa
Aged like milk bruh why did u say that lmao
StephMVPSZN 6 mesi fa
Iconic this popped up right after they lose
Earn Money Online
I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up! 💛
Julian Saul Dipad
bruh, there's no effort in this
Traveller Man
Traveller Man 4 mesi fa
The suns is the best regular season team but a choker in the playoffs!
譚政 8 mesi fa
After half century, Bucks got another
junior L
junior L 6 mesi fa
Am I missing something he had 47 pts heading to the line then sinks one and they say he has 50??
Chris Kay
Chris Kay 5 mesi fa
@Peter Johnson The graphic was wrong. ON Giannis's last FDG, Breen says "Giannis with 49". Add a Ft and it is 50.
Chris Kay
Chris Kay 5 mesi fa
The graphic is incorrect. On Giannis last FG, Breen stated "Giannis with 49".
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 5 mesi fa
I thought it was just me they were at 104 and they showed Giannis had 47 and he puts 1 free throw in and instantly 50?? I’m hoping I missed something
CTC_Mohamed 6 mesi fa
He hit a field goal
Lil Kayta00
Lil Kayta00 5 mesi fa
Yeah it definitely would’ve been bucks vs warriors and that would’ve been terrible for us warriors fans🤣🤦🏾‍♂️
Dant3_Rodant3 5 mesi fa
Nah we would have won anyways, but it would have been tougher
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 5 mesi fa
Actually it would’ve been more easier for the Warriors
zkai 6 mesi fa
Who’s here after the bucks lost to the Celtics and the suns lost to the mavs?
chris hernandez
Wait … 4:30 they show giannis had 47 pts, shoots one free throw and has 50 pts? But the Bucks total score goes from 104 to 105 . How does that work? Did they give him extra pts? Lol
Grian Defante
Grian Defante 5 mesi fa
@Nils Schaller 💯
VerySaucySauce 6 mesi fa
This guy probably lives in pheonix
Nils Schaller
@Coco FORYA exactly. They forgot to refresh the stats a couple times
Coco FORYA Anno fa
@chris hernandez Ye those graphs were kinda wrong at some points Same as in 5:39 Giannis was 59% FT in the playoffs yet they wrote down 69%
chris hernandez
He didnt score in this video but the free throw . They forgot for that long ? Lol
Raf Meister
Raf Meister Anno fa
When u realise tis couldve been demar and kyle last year but we wouldve never made it out the sixers without the klas
James Jackson
James Jackson 6 mesi fa
Wasn’t last year last year was lakers you mean 2019
Africa CR
Africa CR 5 mesi fa
Suns fans wishing Giannis could still be their owner right about now
Charlie Martinez
Since 2016... Eagles, Chiefs, Cavs, Bucks, Raptors Cubs, nationals St.Louis Blues, capitals I would put Bucs but, 18 years Not 23+ years U love sports if u get i.t. Y so serious 😈🃏🥃
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin 6 mesi fa
Had to rewatch this I’m still hurt lol
Reuben O.C.
Reuben O.C. 6 mesi fa
Fax coz if Middleton was there bucks repeat fosho. Giannis is unstoppable. If the celtics we’re having difficulties in stopping him imagine what he woulda done to gsw
st.6 6 mesi fa
dont be, we are recent champs. The only reason we lost was because of the rtarded floorboys we got hired. Celtics blessed we didnt have middleton.
Brandon Cabiad
Brandon Cabiad 4 mesi fa
Ayton acts like he's damn 6'2" out there. Absolute clown of a player
Bulls190 Anno fa
lesson learned for you suns never celebrate until its over
Stephanie Blackley
Giannis Antetokounmpo Is My Favorite Basketball Player He's Better Than Tayshaun Prince.
Panos 4 mesi fa
Lol booker said, "damn."
Sophoklis 2 mesi fa
Giannis went for his family first.
wilderac 6 mesi fa
A night I won’t forget
Rohan George
Rohan George 5 mesi fa
ofc giannis made it 50 pts nice player
jeona. 6 mesi fa
patgaming 6 mesi fa
now look at this they both loss very very out played
Zyrone Jude Biglang-awa
1:38 in game time that takes 7:42, bruh.
Ben Dresdow
Ben Dresdow 6 mesi fa
Just watching this to feel better
V Carchedi
V Carchedi 5 mesi fa
I'm with you. I want revenge next year!
Jacob Rubinov
Jacob Rubinov 6 mesi fa
And now lost in the second round damn
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