Final 33.9 WILD ENDING Cavaliers vs Spurs - March 12, 2015 👀🔥 

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To celebrate #NBAClutchWeek take a look back at this iconic finish from Kyrie Irving’s historic 57-point performance!
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LeBron and Kyrie were a formidable duo in the 2010s.
@TrueCarbon Anno fa
Greatest duo ever to me
@not2hd662 Anno fa
@@TrueCarbon im a lebron fan but cant say theyre the greatest duo, there's also mj and scottie and Kobe and shaq and the splash bros. Ik its your opinion but to me, there's no "greatest duo" to me since there's a lot of debate and stats, but its safe to say that theyre ONE OF TEH GREATEST duos
@@TrueCarbon lol
This was Kyrie’s team. Not LeBrons. LeBron just takes the credit somehow.
@@letmetellyousomethin9410 ok hater casual
@Insultive Anno fa
One of the best regular season games of all time
@verginn Anno fa
Warriors Cavs Christmas game too
@@verginn warriors vs okc topo
67 win Spurs vs 73 win Warriors, it felt like a playoff game with how much defense was going on
@@seananthony7494 but 72-10 has a better “ring” to it
2016 Warriors vs OKC 🤷
@LeBeautiful Anno fa
Always going to remember this. Kyries 57 onslaught of points 🔥🔥
@HeDoesKnow Anno fa
Wow is this the original LeBeautiful? Haven’t seen you I awhile good sir.
@LeBeautiful Anno fa
@@HeDoesKnow and nice to meet you 😁 hope all is well good sir.
It’s been a while brother, we’ve had some famous encounters in the past
Could it be the legend himself? LeBeautiful wit the same pfp after all these years?
@cjo7370 Anno fa
@HiphopFaded Anno fa
Kyrie went so clutch it was unbelievable. Bron made sure to secure it too. Geez
This game was so iconic, Kyrie most skilled player ever. No doubt 💯
offensively probably yes
@zephyrmania Anno fa
@@zephyrmania stick to anime buddy
@zephyrmania Anno fa
being skilled isn’t a measure of handle or anything specifically, it’s a proportionate measure of how good a player is to their natural gifts. Kyrie has a slightly better handle, is a little more explosive, better at finishing, etc. but Steph is the greatest shooter of all time. I think that he gaps kyrie so hard in that area that he has to be in that conversation. Don’t act like skill is only a measure of how tight of a handle someone has (which again, curry is prob number 3/4 all time)
@@zephyrmania Kyrie and curry are somewhat alike in terms of their skill set. If you put Kyrie in the same position as curry (same team) he would’ve thrived the same way or pretty close to it
Never Forget Kyrie ´s legendary performance
@RascalV666 6 mesi fa
Irving's biggest mistake was leaving Lebron. Playing with Lebron sooner or later he would get MVP, and that's how he wanders around the clubs unwanted, disliked
I seen this live & it’s still the greatest single-player performance I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. Giannis beating the Suns in game 6 would be my #2
@@SonKoreo they literally let him do that you know that right? Bucks tired KD out and showed the world scoring alone can’t win games, defense can.
@@SonKoreo I’m glad you do. KD is about to turn 34 before next season even starts, he’s shown in this years playoffs that his scoring can’t do shit and I genuinely cannot recall the last time KD has gotten to the conference finals without curry…oh wait I can 2016.
@Mjh97 Anno fa
Gotta b a 2000s baby
@@samwisehuluberlu2210 There just aren’t too many games I’ve sat through entirely without turning it at some point or watching 2 games at once.
One the best regular season games ever. This was the moment I knew LeBron and Kyrie were going to do special things
@HeDoesKnow Anno fa
LeBron and Kyrie as a one two puch was something serious back in the day
@st4r444 Anno fa
Nope disagree. K2 is lebron's best teammate....kawhi#2. Gave lebron ring in 2013 with missed free-throw and gave this game away 🤣😂
ayo it's the riddler. What's good?
@@st4r444 guess kawhi was just that bad to lose a 3-1 leads to a weak ass nuggets huh?
@gorrow1990 Anno fa
I'm still convinced this Cavs team wins the championship if Kyrie doesn't get hurt. I know we'll never really know, but they were playing better than anyone, including Golden State, from late January until Kyrie's injury in the Finals occurred.
@azureangel8217 7 mesi fa
Very true. But you have to factor in KLove's loss as well
Nah Curry wasn't choking in 2015 Finals and was super clutch, we saw that they barely won in 2016 and needed a once in a lifetime comeback just to win in 7 by 4 even with Curry, Klay and Barnes choking they still downed 1-3 they wouldn't beat Warriors in 2015 regardless LMAO 😂
@@azureangel8217 "very true" they shouldn't even won in 2016 they need an impossible comeback to barely beat Warriors and was downed 3-1 with Curry being awful whole series, they wouldn't beat Warriors in 2015 Finals regardless 😂
⁠@@BullyMaguire387 they would have beat the 2015 warriors if they weren’t injured and 16 too lol But the warriors would win the next two tho
@@robertevbayekha6639 Warriors got robbed in 2016, Warriors clearly mopping the Cavs that year, they were 3-1 in the series and 5-1 at some point counting the reg season games before game 5 Green suspension, 2016 Warriors were superior. LMAO 🤡
@Herlon98 Anno fa
Spurs was a hell of a team, love how they find responses to Cavs points
@therealpvc2541 7 mesi fa
they were the defending champs at the time.
​@@therealpvc2541 any team with Duncan, Parker and Ginobli on it was always going to be hard to beat. Especially with a blossoming Kawhi who was becoming a star at the time too.
@albertcaba3744 5 mesi fa
@@persistentlypathetic6820 DPOY that year
This was their first season together. Kyrie chose KD as a teammate and a friend and still couldn't find that chemistry.
@magicmillz Anno fa
Yeah unbelievable player but if he wasn't so delusional his career would be going miles better
He was on the court more with bron it’s a difference between both situations
They played in a weak conference with no Covid pandemic preventing Kyrie from playing. Next time use context
@STR1NGB34N1 Anno fa
@@lucaswalker7271 excuses excuses
@alucardygo4239 11 mesi fa
One of the best and craziest games you will ever see. Bron and Kyrie went nuts
5:04 this shot is unbelievable man
I remember watching this game live. This is the definition of being locked in. I didn’t Kyrie miss anything it was just unstoppable after another
This is my favorite game ever , at that time it was so exciting since it was there first year together, and I was so eager to see what was next , basketball was the best at that time 👍
@lance9738 Anno fa
it’s insane how good kyrie can be when he’s on the court
only one who can stop him is himself 😭
@@shakoimnadze7604 He's just a robin, he can't do that when he is the main man like Lebron, the best example is when he is the main guy of Celtics in 2019, he couldn't even past Bucks got clowned by Eric Bledsoe and Brogdon LMAO 😂
@overit29 5 mesi fa
@@BullyMaguire387no player wins by themselves
@@overit29 Cryknee have a stacked team in 2019, he just choked and can't lead a team just admit it, he got destroyed by Bledsoe and Brogdon LMAO LMAO 😂
@humble378 4 mesi fa
​@@BullyMaguire387are u joking what stacked team? Kyrie carried them all season lmao i rmb kyrie and horfords pick n roll carrying them terry rozier couldnt hit shit and gordan hayward was still recovering what stacked team?😂
@NasirJones1994 5 mesi fa
I was remember watching this game as a 9 year old in 4th grade I couldn’t sleep this night and I was a huge LeBron fan seeing Kyrie do all this was crazy and LeBron has 32 as well was crazy they had 89 points combined. But Kyrie did what ever he wanted. They were going to win if they have Kevin Love or Kyrie in the finaps
Classic game right here from Kyrie, still out here dropping 60 to this day.
One of the greatest performances ever, definitely at top 5 performance all time
@senseball1146 8 mesi fa
Kyrie was easily the most unstoppable player in crunch time around this time with Lebron and the Cavs, dude was so clutch and so fun to watch!
@wizkid86 Anno fa
I remember watching this game at home. I stood the entire game. It was epic
@maxc5338 3 mesi fa
Kyrie, Lebron, and Love was peak NBA. So fun to watch
@massfreak1 10 mesi fa
This was such an amazing game to watch. Still one of the best games regular season games ever
@DiorShiesty Anno fa
“What a game America” -Barkley, this game was legit with back to back plays and good defense.
@HakiZoro- Anno fa
this is why i love the NBA no matter if my Knicks are terrible.. im always happy to see iconic moments like this.. Kyrie has been bashed on the media.. but boy that man is dangerous... Him with LeBron again will be scary.. But i hope him and KD can set a tone!!! because they have the talent and ability to win it all.. They just have to man up and stop crying... Kobe aint give two S$%Ts about people thoughts.. he just played and showed out..
LeBron and Kyrie were absolutely one of the best duo in the league. I hope to see them again before they quit the league.
I remember watching this game live, me and the boys were on the edge of our seats for this one. This game was so intense sheesh
Boys woulda won chip that year if kyrie didn’t get hurt
Would want to see a day where LeBron and Kyrie be reunited again. 🔥
That why we love NBA ! Thats pure emotions
@aquila519 2 mesi fa
The fact that Irving did this against the Tim Duncan Spurs who were defending champions at that point, makes this performance that much more impressive.
@KWthr33 Anno fa
The look on Tim Duncan’s face at the end of regulation says it all😂
@humble378 Anno fa
His face is always like that tho lol
One of the best games in the 2015 season
2nd time Kawhi’s two missed free throws led to a crazy clutch shot
I remember this game as I watched it from work!!! We were good 👍🏿 enough to win that year had Kyrie and Love not gotten hurt!!!
@geor1717 5 mesi fa
I’ll never forget watching this game on live tv just incredible
This was the first game where you saw that once they got it together, Kyrie and LeBron would be a special duo and arguably one of the greatest duos of all time. As good as the Warriors were with KD you just feel like the chemistry on the court between LeBron and Kyrie along with the experience they had and Kevin Love still being a valuable 3rd option it’s likely the Cavs win at least 1 more chip if not more and another chip with the Cavs would’ve meant so much more for LeBron than playing with another superstar on another team and winning 1 there. With that being said I think there’s still a possibility that Kyrie ends up a Laker next year. If he wants out of Dallas the Mavericks will have no choice but to sign and trade him to the Lakers for DLo and maybe a pick.
I feel sad that i didn't witness this greatness of Lebron & Kyrie
sorry kid i had did wrong to u 😫 me and ur mom have to done it little bit before
What greatness? Curry and KD destroyed these 2 clowns on 2017 and made Cryknee quit on Cavs 😂
@overit29 5 mesi fa
@@BullyMaguire387blow a 3-1 lead 😂
@@overit29 Curry destroyed Lebum and Cavs 3x in Finals. #NeverForget LMAO 🥺🤣🙌
crazy how good they would of been if they stayed together smh.
@lance9738 Anno fa
it’s crazy how many rings they could’ve possibly gotten if kd to the warriors never happened
@gotchufried Anno fa
Rings fasho but once egos start tripping its over
@@lance9738 fr fr, also the only reason why Lebron is not considered a Goat by many
One of the most talented duo’s ever
Kyrie Irving & LeBron James most dangerous Cleveland duo Era 🔥🔥🔥
I find it crazy it could've never happened if Kawhi just made one of those free throws but choked💀
Ain’t the first time his miss free throws cost them a game.
The NBA needs to release the full games of the Cavs vs Hawks when LBJ dominated them
@la4908 Anno fa
There’s free games on ITvid.
i love to see them play together forever
I miss this version of Kyrie, even though this was the version of Kyrie that hit a dagger three on my warriors in 2016 finals lol
Llllard have his buzzer beaters, but for me, Kyrie is the most clutch player in the league.
@emancify Anno fa
What a lot of people don't realize is that Kyrie has the 6th or 7th highest Free Throw Percentage Made in the entire history of the NBA. When do you see him miss Free Throws? Almost never... he's 89.67%
He is 16th Not even close bruh
In OT for his first 3 years he never missed a free throw in the overtime part of the game
@yisroel5556 Anno fa
The fact kawhi missed both free throws is crazy especially when it’s at the most crucial time, but at the same time,it’s a lot of pressure and makes sense you won’t be able to focus as well. But props to these teams for an amazing performance!!! 🙌
No excuse tho He was the reign finals MVP, to choked like that in the clutch is unforgiveable Especially for the guy that had career 80% FT on that time
@yisroel5556 Anno fa
@@PribumiNusantara45 yea fr
Kyrie was one of the most perfect players to complement Brons game. We got robbed, we could’ve seen more years of Cleveland dominating wit these two if Kyrie didn’t leave but aye Bron came to LA and brought a chip so I’ll take it too 🤷🏽‍♂️
kyrie's the only man who made lebron look like a second option.
@ayoubsaaf9 Anno fa
Kyrie is crazy maan, the best show in the game
@Y0URB4DK1D 5 mesi fa
This spurs team was just insane as well.
The battle between LeBron & Tim Duncan is amazing
88 combine points for LeBron and Kyrie on this game 82 combine points for them also in Game 5 2016 NBA finals Miss this duo, If only Kyrie didn't get being delusional to be a leader on his own
hes not really delusional
Kyrie 57 🔥I remember this game
@rmd4379 6 mesi fa
I am a warriors fan, maybe for 5 years, didn't watch 2016 last shot.But Kyrie is damn baller, he was clutch and make big shots
@easygaming8733 6 mesi fa
That first play was a very creative play
1 thing you can't fake in life is chemistry Bron and Kyrie were magical together man
@jn9251 Anno fa
After this game, Kawhi Leonard took his free throw training seriously.
That's what I'm talking when I say he makes u feel like LeBron not even here. That's just tell u how good this guy can be when on fire.
This is my favorite Kyrie Irving game
As a spurs fan I do not want to relived this
@cowboy4life233 5 mesi fa
Can’t believe Kyrie played this game and still said I want my own team
@Bhajek15 Anno fa
This is one of the remarkable game for kyrie and LeBron the other one is in G5 NBA finals 2k16 btw it's like the King command he's knight to show his best skills. Edit: this is my best and fave dou in the NBA so strong chemistry but so sad bcoz they join together in a short period.
@dh4n1elee96 6 mesi fa
One of Marvelous duo in nba history..lebroon & kyrie
@jojothenoble1 5 mesi fa
They even had the ref in shock 😂
@legacyhaha Anno fa
This is much better than his recent 60-pt game
@tomcat9761 4 mesi fa
I always wanted to see a Spurs/Cavs Finals. I believe 2017 Cavs and Spurs are their Peak. Warriors 2017 were just too much...
Nba2k would never understand what some of these guys can really do 😂
@lorkay3159 Anno fa
charles barkey's commentating was the cherry on top for this game #classic
@k.s.c.1276 Anno fa
I think with Kyrie & KD & Simmons playing on the court together, the Nets still have a shot at winning the final.
Best Ever Career High (in Points) of a NBA Player,because he is doing this against the Best Defensive Team of All Time.
5:40 clamps Bron but uncle drew blow by fast asf lmao
@MistahJay7 17 giorni fa
Cause Bron gave him a hand off as Kyrie was coming down hill. No shit he was going to blow by Bron haters have zero IQ when it comes to ball
This game was crazy entertaining live
A lot of refs wouldn’t have called the foul that sent Kawhi to the line with 4.3 seconds left. If someone else gets fouled not only do they likely make at least 1 but it’s possible the clock is around 2 seconds left. Crazy how the smallest details make or break historical moments in sports.
@jackjax7921 Anno fa
1:10 I like how LeBron beat Duncan in the box out but Still Duncan tip the ball out. Legend.
Lebron and Kyrie duo so deadly even 73-9 team aint enough to beat them
@Ponkorts Anno fa
Duncan, Manu and Mozgov. what a good old days
@underoath257 5 mesi fa
Cavs Kyrie was the best version of him, and Lebron was the only one who kept him focused. This duo should have never been broken up.
@DzevatS Anno fa
I’m surprised I don’t remember this game. Good game and a little revenge for Bron from the finals
@lairjmjcccb Anno fa
I miss Kyrie and miss this Cavs team. Warriors would be swept if big were healthy that series. Anyway look at Spurs roster. They were really good team and unfortunately NBA reigning champs at that time.
@lance9738 Anno fa
the best game of kyries life
Best game I’ve seen in a long time
Imagine if this was the finals that year
Kyrie Irving is a machine
this was the night I knew Cleveland was going to win the championship 🏆
Not after another year...
Kyrie 7/7 3pt FG 🔥🔥
@pigyei6415 5 mesi fa
Till today I still can fathom why He has leave this group in Cleveland
Kyrie Irving on fire 🔥🔥🔥
@Ken-yg4fo 6 mesi fa
What a great game! If Kyrie hadn't got besides himself the Cavs would have won 2 more chips, him n Bron were dominant together Mayne!
@mk7wars978 6 mesi fa
No. They would not have won anymore. They were never going to beat the Durant Warriors and it was proven
@labb3n531 4 mesi fa
I wish kyrie stayed I think bron wouldn’t have changed teams if he stayed. They were so fun to watch together very competitive they compliment so much more than he ever did with all the teams he went through
I don't get goosebumps but that shot just did🤔🤷‍♂️
kyrie and lebron are INSANE!!!!!
I think this is the best comeback
I remember watching this in Grade 6.... time flies.
@dylandavis2887 6 mesi fa
If kyrie would have stayed healthy that year, the cavs would have gone back to back. They were so good.
Best Kyrie performance After game 7 vs golden state
@Jimmy1K_ Anno fa
Best duo to exist.
Some insane shotmaking
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Bro just had to lock in real quick
100% Sportsmanship Moments 👏
Bro just had to lock in real quick