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NBA Anno fa
Giannis scores 50 PTS in Bucks first Finals W in 50 years 😎
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 5 giorni fa
@LebronGaay L
Bekslan Yelubai
Bekslan Yelubai 8 giorni fa
today he scored 50 too🦾🦾🦾
IdkWhatTo PutHere
IdkWhatTo PutHere 25 giorni fa
@Edwin Mouttou yes there are 50 states in America gj.
Edwin Mouttou
50 PTS after 50 Years and 50 Nuggets 🤣🤣
IdkWhatTo PutHere
It doesn't count you put in scott rigging foster to let bucks win as a bucks fan im not stupid.
Blazer Anno fa
People have been clowning Giannis’s free throws all season then he goes 17-19 and drops 50. Legendary performance, one of the greatest Finals perfomances ever
Justin Gorton
Justin Gorton 16 giorni fa
People still be hating on Giannis. Wins championship and finals mvp. These clowns are funny. All I can say is Bucks in 6.
Sam Mese fa
@M. S. Championship still a championship whats your point kiddo 😂. Ain’t no ones going like “that one doesn’t count” still a ring fool. Go to sleep child 😂
FroZone Mese fa
@Kokushi333 Beat a Nets team without two healthy stars lmaooo 💀
The man who conquer
@chuckthat nigga fans of lechoke. What do you expect? 2011 against weakass dallas with wade and bosh cant even win it all hahahahaha
The man who conquer
@M. S.oh lbj dickrider. Mickey mouse ring against weakass heat hahahahahahahaha
Luka DonGOAT
Luka DonGOAT Anno fa
Giannis at 26 2x Season MVP 1x Champion 1x Finals MVP 1x DPOY 1x MIP 2021 ASG MVP
Constantin Zhang
@Scep *THE greatest. He already is one of the greatest.
Sakuragi ibañez
@King Dino Dragonite hes better than bron..he never left his team to join a superteam,he never flops,and he never recruit superstar team mates
lil flip
lil flip 6 mesi fa
@Jeremy34 what bout him?
bLoWc16 6 mesi fa
@Musix it's not about age, it's about YEARS IN THE LEAGUE, MJ had way more accomplishments at this point of MJs career than Giannis did.
bLoWc16 6 mesi fa
@King Dino Dragonite no
boo pah
boo pah Anno fa
Giannis dominates the entire game and Middleton sinks the clincher..just poetic.
chuck 2 mesi fa
@M. S. injuries are part of basketball. bucks might’ve had back to back if middleton get injured for the celtics series. but guess what, he was injured
joeman 3 mesi fa
Middleton almost sold
Georg IV
Georg IV 7 mesi fa
@Tej S we have to think like this : If Middleton was consistent, we could not afford him
Deku Midoriya
Deku Midoriya 7 mesi fa
@Elons Musk take the L loser🤣
Matt Wheeler
Matt Wheeler Anno fa
@Elons Musk Man you gotta be one of the stupidest people alive, how would they even rig it? And even if it was possible, why would they rig it for a small market team like Milwaukee? You clearly have no knowledge of the real world, you're just stuck in your own delusions.
dineroo Anno fa
bro walked past everybody and went straight to his family. that's real
DJ-RocketMan 13 giorni fa
@El Peluca Awesome, I’m Guessing your one of the loving unreligious people 😂😂😂
El Peluca
El Peluca 13 giorni fa
@DJ-RocketMan dumbass ppl with god will literally kill their daughters for not following god's dumbass rules lmao. Non religious ppl are more loving and respectful than religious ppl most of the time
Charlie Kav
Charlie Kav 7 mesi fa
@Kostas G for sure. We poles would do it too, at least I would.
Abdulrahman Akinade
@Kostas G in nigeria family is everything what do u mean he embraced greek culture. its not just greek culture that teaches to respect family.
sweetchild0001 9 mesi fa
Nigerian prorities: God Family Community Eork
tmol Anno fa
Being at this game live was a top 10 moment for me. The energy in the stadium was something you rarely experience. Bucks in 6 always
The Alphabet
The Alphabet 10 mesi fa
You're very lucky to be there! Bucks in 6!
IrishSpring3 11 mesi fa
@sirius black7 Take me 😭😭
NBA 2k Gamers
@sirius black7 bruh
sirius black7
@Sarah Wolfe I'll take you courtside to whatever game you want sweetheart I gotchu
Sarah Wolfe
Sarah Wolfe Anno fa
Must be nice to be rich. You probably from Pewaukee or West Bend or something.
Firdog Anno fa
That handoff with Giannis and Khris was a monument for everything the team has done
Noah Thornburg
Noah Thornburg 6 mesi fa
@Nana Danso that's when we knew we were champs man all of Wisconsin started screaming from that moment on
Nana Danso
Nana Danso Anno fa
I remember watching the game, and that shot shifted the momentum
Silver Axe
Silver Axe Anno fa
Kiyro viper
Kiyro viper Mese fa
Such a close game for the finals😊
Tristan Harris
50 Point Finals Games Giannis - 50 LeBron James - 51 Michael Jordan - 55 Jerry West - 53 Rick Barry - 55 Elgin Baylor - 61 Bob Pettit - 50
manik Anno fa
Exactly 20 days before the sixth final, Giannis suffered an injury that would disarm a common human for many months. He stayed out for a week - the only time others had to carry him on his back - and returned in time for the first final, to play 40 minutes in a devastating rhythm. I do not know if I have ever seen such a performance from anyone in a title match. He is the humble ambassador of good hope, has virtues that now seem elusive. He is faithful and devoted. He knows how to forgive. He knows how to respect. He is not ungrateful. If he was ungrateful, he would play today in the Warriors or in Miami or in Dallas. But no. He wanted, first and foremost, to justify the people who believed in him, who gave him a chance, who pulled him out of the swamp. That gave him a new life. Luckily for her, the city of Milwaukee has acquired her messiah, a superhero whose arms reach into space and his feet touch the ground.
T3 Productions
T3 Productions 6 mesi fa
You basically summed up everything I love about Giannis
da1Uheardabt 9 mesi fa
@chromeheartsfiend l.
The Alphabet
The Alphabet 10 mesi fa
On Point!
AJ 11 mesi fa
@johnuel that's BS. Stop bringing up lefraud the leflop.
AJ 11 mesi fa
What a bunch of bloviating BS. I love Giannis but you're just trying to sound good and it's corny, long winded and mostly unnecessary. Shut your goofy ass up. "Pulled him out of the swamp" ??? What ? Goof. Ambassador of good hope ? Messiah ? He's a basketball player, not a war hero.
Oskino Young
Oskino Young Anno fa
2 MVPs, All-star MVP, Defensive POY, Finals MVP and an NBA Champion at age 26 without joining a superteam. This should put Giannis on the guaranteed HOF
Cinder Mese fa
being on the 75th Anniversary Team automatically inducts you in the HOF first ballot.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 9 mesi fa
You're still here in 2022 and Giannis is doing the same thing :D
Alex 9 mesi fa
he's Locked in already
The Alphabet
The Alphabet 10 mesi fa
Yes Sir! 100%
theprophet34! 10 mesi fa
They can win back to back champions
YourRAGE’s Alt
Pj Tucker really beat all 4 of his Houston teammates to get a ring 😭
johnuel Anno fa
@Lewis Mwai Hinga and now he can shoot, he’s a great playmaker, great defender, and a good shooter
He didnt beat them Giannis did chief
Dukas Skits
Dukas Skits Anno fa
@Jordan Morgan westbrook
Olivier Colin
*Pj Tucker was on a team that beat all 4 of his Houston teammates and got a ring*
Killian Krummel
@Angel Yaluhhhh Tell me you didn't watch the Bucks postseason without telling me you didn't watch the Bucks postseason
gor9027 Anno fa
That Middleton dagger was beautiful.
Tasos M.
Tasos M. Anno fa
He was bad the whole game to be fair tho..
Always Unit G
@Brian Herold agree . The one who made mistake gets traded like Danny green . Teams need championship contender
Silver Axe
Silver Axe Anno fa
Brian Herold
Brian Herold Anno fa
@Always Unit G🤔 Yeah they definitely do.Ayton played well for the most part, especially in the first 2 games.
Brian Herold
Brian Herold Anno fa
@Always Unit G Oh yeah, your right about that.It'll be really interesting to see how it plays out & who goes where.👍
Mustard Cycling
He brought a trophy home to wisconsin now we just need one from the packers and well brewers would be cool too
IH L 19 giorni fa
the brewers had their chance in 1982 but failed
Shownn_Wicc Anno fa
Giannis Akumpo 50 points, 14 rebounds, 2 assists, 5 blocks 64%Field Goal 16-25
Dylan Care
Dylan Care 6 mesi fa
@Simbarashe Charuma he can shoot though fuck is you talking about bum
ramsnation1 10 mesi fa
@Simbarashe Charuma this aged well
Giannis_pr0dz34 11 mesi fa
50 nuggets
Abraham E.
Abraham E. Anno fa
Don't forget the 17-19 FT
Sus Anno fa
@BLUEno it was 17 -19 from free throw
Sports311 Anno fa
Giannis has showed that he’s meant to be a legend
King K
King K Mese fa
@M. S. injuries are a part of sports bro ur forgetting giannis was injured throughout the finals as well. If we’re gonna be picky about injuries we would have to take away like 75% of championship banners from teams, as a diehard Raptors fan, the Bucks earned that championship and if you put up 50 points in the finals, there’s no luck there
M. S.
M. S. 6 mesi fa
@MvP_King I dislike Suns
MvP_King 6 mesi fa
@M. S.I sense an angry suns fan 😂😂
Panaramaman 9 mesi fa
@M. S. lmao pass that damn salt boii
ÆonO¥§Ter 11 mesi fa
@M. S. I really hope it's a rematch of the Bucks against the Suns in this year's finals. You're a moron if you think Milwaukee got away with beating a weak team. What's Phoenix's record right now? Give me a break.
ayá kid
ayá kid Anno fa
Giannis was so exhausted at the end but still kept going. What a warrior. Keep pushing till the end
Hale-Bopp 1997
I believed it was Giannis dedication, passion and determination that brings Bucks to where they're now.. Giannis is one heck of a man 💪🏽
Mikołaj H
Mikołaj H 10 mesi fa
@M. S. u the saltiest mf i ever seen, u in every thread lmao
JayAmbry Anno fa
@M. S. you mom gay🤢
M. S.
M. S. Anno fa
@Hale-Bopp 1997 Luck of the Irish🍀...I mean Greek Freak😅🍀
M. S.
M. S. Anno fa
@Hale-Bopp 1997 Lol nobody has to...just remember Bucks faced no real competition due to 1/2 the league being injured😅
Hale-Bopp 1997
@M. S. stop it dude.. nobody loves you.
Andrew Gehl
Andrew Gehl Anno fa
"It's over the bucks have done it the long wait is has ended. After half a century the Milwaukee bucks are NBA champions once again" Still gives me chills hearing that even after 7 months
I must admit! What Bucks and Giannis did after a 2-0 loss was the best that happened in my life the last 3 years. It was an amazing experience to watch such a recovery. Thanks!
Thomas McNamara
Thomas McNamara 5 mesi fa
Worst thing that happened for us Suns fans.
Caped Crusader
It was the best thing to happen for me within a span of 2 years
Jess Mark
Jess Mark Anno fa
Giannis made it with the team who drafted him, without taking his talent to south beach 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Teal 11 mesi fa
@Piotr Swat So true
@Germaine Rucker I mean I would leave Cleveland too, but if lebron thinks he's the goat, he's gonna be compared like one.
hypie 88
hypie 88 Anno fa
@Grievous fought they're way up 😂😂 you mean saved by great front offices, KD makes sense considering he had an amazing front office but Bron was left to save the cavs for 7yrs by himself with no co star being brought in no shit left and even then he still came back to bring that ungrateful city a ring with a co star in Kyrie
Grievous Anno fa
Yea that’s why Steph and Giannis are more respected than Kd or Lebron because Curry and Giannis have stayed with their teams through the hardest times and have fought their way up.
Andrew Anno fa
I'll start off by saying I stopped being a Lebron fan years ago because (among other reasons) he keeps leaving organizations to build super teams. However, Cleveland from 2003-2010 never built a championship roster. The fact that Lebron carried them to a finals appearance was an achievement in and of itself. That front office needed a wake up call and they got it.
Zain Hafeez
Zain Hafeez Anno fa
That crowd after the foul with 25 seconds left is chilling
dattybayo 6 mesi fa
I felt like the time out was night night imo
Chris Kay
Chris Kay Anno fa
@Luckydust Yeah. I have never seen Coach Bud move that fast to call a timeout.
Silver Axe
Silver Axe Anno fa
Luckydust Anno fa
there was no foul called. it’s a timeout
GRAW2ROBZ 4 mesi fa
I'm in tears again watching this awesome game.
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife Anno fa
“I’ve got a ring and you’re never gonna win one.” -Rondo to CP3 Seems legit. What a conspiracy by Rondo.
@William Jones 2008
Yussuf Shakir
Yussuf Shakir 8 mesi fa
This quote may have just been cemented with that horrible Game 7 performance 4 days ago. 😂😂😂
racksonracks5 11 mesi fa
@j.27 yeah thats what I'm saying he brought one of the worst teams TO THE FINALS!! IN ONE YEAR! how can nobody be talking about that?
j.27 11 mesi fa
@CangrejoPendejo dont know where these guys get the idea that this cp is a choker he's literally one of the clutchest players of the decade 🤦🏾‍♂️
CangrejoPendejo 11 mesi fa
@Jason ? When he's not injured he always shows up in the playoffs. Can't blame him for what his teammates do, it's a team game not golf.
Jacob Motzel
Jacob Motzel 24 giorni fa
Man I will NEVER forget this day.. this series.. this season as a whole. I’m all smiles over here. Go Bucks Giannis bringing a 3rd trophy back to Wisconsin this year.
Fusionn Anno fa
Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks on winning the 2021 NBA Finals. Congratulations to Giannis Antetokounmpo on winning the 2021 NBA Finals MVP. Well deserved! 👍
JayAmbry Anno fa
@Bayro 🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂
Brody Kuemin
Brody Kuemin Anno fa
@M. S. still won tho
M. S.
M. S. Anno fa
Bucks were lucky
Brody Kuemin
Brody Kuemin Anno fa
@Bayro salty
Jordan Cromwell
@Bayro Suns in 4
Aidan Boisvenue
Giannis will be a top 5 player all time. Mark my words
Crease Cruzen
Crease Cruzen 11 mesi fa
Thats not even a bold statement or anything
Will see
Max Malten
Max Malten Anno fa
sick take man, very unorthodox
washcloud Anno fa
@Jordan Cruz ...to be exact, he started playing basketball at 13 (early 2007) - so he's been playing basket for 14+ years now, not 10. Other than that, what truly IS astonishing about him - compared to other NBA players, especially American ones - is that he never had the luxury of learning how to play, in the US. I however do not think that he will ever manage to be a "great shooter", because his bodily skills almost compel him to rather go for the drive, instead of developing the need to shoot the ball from mid, or even long range. That said, he IS gonna be as effective as hell in the years to come and will definitely post-up some ridiculous numbers in various stat categories and probably break some long-forgotten all-time records as well...
Fredooo Goated
He got a ways to go but it’s possible
A 16 Year Old on Youtube
Even the Bucks could end their 50 year drought, the Leafs shall forever be sports biggest perpetual failure.
Mr. Donut
Mr. Donut Anno fa
I had a pit in my stomach watching these final minutes because it was such a close game but then the Bucks pulled away and I was so happy! Also these were the first Finals I’ve ever experienced in my life so I’m happy the team I wanted to win did.
George Bourlos
CP's turnover at 6'03 is devastating... back-breaking !!! i just noticed... the whole team gasped
Jalen King
Jalen King Anno fa
Totally agree, momentum was already swinging towards Milwaukee because of the Giannis dunk right before that. I think that play sunk them
Sinkarta Anno fa
@Captaincrab77 game time
In game time or ITvid video time?
Cosho Anno fa
Fun fact: Did you know that the suns have been 3 times in the nba finals and every time they lost 4-2?
Michael’s Pet Squirrel
@Everything Sports clown
Everything Sports
Who? Cares
Sus Anno fa
@Nidžolinho they both had easy runs to the finals
Sus Anno fa
@Caped Crusader hey yall have to give cp3 respect he carried his team to the finals
William. Anno fa
@Dezzilio Devellini yea a lot of players should be off of injuries
Peak Anno fa
The bucks are my favorite team alongside the warriors and I was screaming my heart out watching this!
Alessio Raccagni
I really hope we'll see Bucks vs Warriors in this year finals
Boost Lee
Boost Lee Anno fa
As a bucks fan, I don't get tired of watching this and I don't think I ever will
TheAdSaid3000 2 mesi fa
Hearing those names listed off which now includes Giannis was so mind blowing So much respect to him
is jama
is jama Anno fa
I was team bucks from day one so proud of the team for working so hard.
Silver Axe
Silver Axe Anno fa
When the SUNs were up 2-0 over the bucks everyone in social media, espn, nba tv, all they talked about was how CP3 has waited for this moment. Yep I guess that is what happens when u make it about one person.
Thomas McNamara
Thomas McNamara 5 mesi fa
And yet every comment is about Giannis. Seems like that is one person lol
John Cedric Panganiban
The pick and roll game between Giannis and Khris really gave the Bucks their first chip in 50 yrs.
Thomas Sankara
@TyDye238 not only that, but it was over when our coach decided to put Jrue on CP3 Full Court, let Booker get whatever he wants while keeping the other out of it. Also attacking CP3 by switching and making him work on defense. Booker went Super Saiyan in Game 6, but without Paul's Playmaking and him running plays, due to Jrues defense, the entire team did nothing. Game 5 we turned it over like crazy at the start and rushed possessions, the Suns shot 13-19 From 3 and our Big 3 scored 25+ each, and we won. Despite the Suns shooting 55/68/91 Splits. That just shows you how unstoppable we are when our Big 3 plays well. That was the point where the series was over. Then Game 6 everyone started bricking everything cuz they were nervous, and the 2x MVP and DPOY took us home with 50 14 5 Blocks. PHX stayed in the Vame by making extremely tough shots, especially Chris Paul. In short, the Bucks should've blown out the Suns Games 4-6, but it's a testament to the Suns and how resilient they were throughout the entire series.
@4p and us Milwaukee fans
TyDye238 Anno fa
@Chris Kay Underrated comment. Once the Bucks wised up, put Giannis at 5 and attacked PNR, and other variables like Jrue's D, Patty C on the glass, etc., it was a wrap. Even when Suns had momentum swings, Bucks took them RIGHT back.
mackydog Mese fa
My wife and I were living in Milwaukee at the time and wanted to go down to the deer district for games 3 or 4 or 6 to help celebrate the Bucks playoffs even though we're both from Tucson AZ , the only reason we decided not to go besides parking and walking was that I have AZ plates!😁 I'll never forget that just being there for the championship. Bucks in 6 was so improbable after going down 0-2. Go Bucks!
Ishigami Yu
Ishigami Yu Anno fa
Giannis is the living example of HARDWORK BEATS TALENT,when talent doesn't work hard.
Faisal Rasyad
Yeah with another variable: physical gift
Rokeya Kadir
Rokeya Kadir Anno fa
Damn Giannis was a beast on the court. I’m just wondering if CP3 is ever gonna get a ring before he retires 😢
AMC GME Nation
AMC GME Nation 8 mesi fa
here after christopher paul choked against mavs
tony ebiere
tony ebiere Anno fa
@Cody20023 i think he joins Bucks, he was meant to be there but the deal failed last minute
Cody20023 Anno fa
He Will join the lakers i Guess, but there is no future in LA
Ádám Holler
I'm a die hard Lakers fan,but congratulations Bucks, congratulations Giannis! You all deserve it! My biggest respect for you all!50th anniversary, 50 points in Finals! Legendary performance! 😎
Muhammad Arshad
Giannis was playing out of his mind and kudos Middleton looking like Prime MJ in the 4th
Silver Axe
Silver Axe Anno fa
Drew 5 mesi fa
He accomplished almost every crucial achievements in three years. MVPs, dpoy, asmvp, champ, fmvp. How lucky…
Habeel Khalid
Great defensive play by Connaughton at 0:55, stuck to his assignment and got the offensive foul. These are the types of plays that win championships
Justin Gorton
Justin Gorton 16 giorni fa
I remember screaming we are going to win the championship. It was an amazing evening!
Born Again
Born Again Anno fa
Scary thing is, Giannis is not even in his prime yet
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell 11 mesi fa
@Frank Abreu notice how only ten players on this list my point being not everyone is gonna be great past 35 unless u all time great
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell 11 mesi fa
@Frank Abreu was baylor even averaging good number at 35 cuz i smell cap
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell 11 mesi fa
@Frank Abreu cp3 isnt good no more
Frank Abreu
Frank Abreu 11 mesi fa
@Michael Mitchell cp3, jordan, lebron, kobe, kareem, Stockton, duncan, Malone, dirk, baylor
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell 11 mesi fa
@Muse Nega name ten players who were great at 35 ill wait
Rektspresso 9 mesi fa
When Milwaukee called timeout with :25 left and Mark Jackson said "they're starting to celebrate here in Milwaukee" I absolutely lost it and went to my knees tearing up. This is cliche but I legit felt like I was dreaming for a second. I can't help but watch this every week or two to relive it
Surreal 10 mesi fa
one of the better finals ive ever watched. Was on the edge of my couch EVERY game of this series. bucks in 6 forever
Rain Organas
Rain Organas Anno fa
Are we gonna ignore the fun fact that Giannis and his two brothers are I guess, the first trio brothers that won an NBA Championship and 2nd, 3rd and 4th pair of brothers that did it as well? 🤣
elpee Anno fa
@Rushil Chatterjee ikr? 😂😂
FsM Anno fa
Yes we are going to ignore that fact
Rushil Chatterjee
@elpee lmao when you don't know how to roast a person so you involve their family xD. Better watch your back, Dom might be there.
elpee Anno fa
@Rain Organas HAHAHAHAHAHA dont cry idiot, no one is sad, maybe your parents are because they have a child with a reading comprehension of a 10 yr old 😂😂😂😂😂
Rain Organas
Rain Organas Anno fa
@CER and some people are roasting me because I posted that here. They're mad as fuck.
Jalen King
Jalen King Anno fa
I have to watch this video a few times a day just to remind myself that this is real and the bucks really won the championship. What a ride it’s been
Rey Dequito
Rey Dequito Anno fa
Great player for both teams, you're great Booker, Paul and Giannis....GOD Bless
Stephen Paul
Stephen Paul Anno fa
Wow 50 year drought is over with a historic 50 points too give the bucks the NBA championship congratulations .
The Bennett Family
He’s a real champion, no super team needed!!!!
Shannon Link
Shannon Link Anno fa
Giannis made me even more proud of him and the Bucks. I love my team!!
R D Anno fa
Well, I had tears running down my cheeks too, Giannis. Well done brother. You so deserve this. 👏👏. And I’m a Kobe, Lebron, Lakers fan.
DodjersBoy 4 mesi fa
Phoenix had every chance to come back in this game, tough loss for the Suns but a great season nonetheless for both teams, congrats to the Bucks.
G7 Anno fa
have to say love this year, thrilled by this game
Jessie Belza
Jessie Belza Anno fa
As expected, Congrats Milwaukee Bucks and Gianne's leadership on the court, with Middleton and Holiday!
BigSmoke 11 mesi fa
Greatest finals performance I’ve seen
kenty mashmilo
kenty mashmilo 11 mesi fa
The adrenaline can either makes you nervous or do the things you couldnt do, and giannis shows what a monster he is in the court.
hlj25 Anno fa
That was the best final series in recent years bc almost all the games was close and it comes down to which teams players is clutch
Lan Weng
Lan Weng Anno fa
Giannis close the series with 50pts 16/25FG 17/19 FT, 14REB, 5BLKS WHAT A MONSTER on both end of the Floor!!!!!!!
Eva et Evana
Eva et Evana Anno fa
I got so emotional by Giannis and the ending of the game 🥺🏀🔥❤💯.
Maddox 123
Maddox 123 Anno fa
Well deserved hard-earned Victory ! Congrats Bucks!
Nana Gyambibi
I think what made the Bucks go from good to great was that they did what was best for the team. Giannis isn't a closer nor is he a "point forward" and thats ok. Throughout the series they allow Holiday to orchestrate and initiate the offense, in last 3 minutes of a game Middleton was the closer. Giannis was actively looking to empower those guys and give them the ball. Other superstar always complain that they have no help but don't empower the guys around them and give them a real opportunity to help. Thats how basketball should be played.
Alex Forrest
Alex Forrest Anno fa
Never gets old. Milwaukee Bucks fan for 26 years. Waited my whole life
Peter And Daciana
People from the future remember How this man started his climb to greatness
EugeneInsane7 21 giorno fa
My favorite game of all time!
The Man With the Plan
I wanted the suns to win, but well done to the bucks from England
Tau Anno fa
Giannis finally shut the whole media narrative about him. GREATNESS!
Ace Reyes
Ace Reyes Anno fa
Congratulations Bucks... it's indeed your season! 👏👏👏 keep it up hopefully -calmness, humbleness and loyalty to the team will still exist on the next years to come😊 You deserved it all!
arizona brawl 21 🦜🦅
Not really but it was it is
lippa Anno fa
If Giannis hadn't missed that last free, he woulda hit 94.73% smashing Stephs by .4%!!!
Wilson Tv
Wilson Tv 9 mesi fa
The game that solidified Giannis as one of if not the best and one of the greatest pf to step on the floor
Probably one of thee most exciting NBA games i’ve ever seen hands down
pixlz 4 mesi fa
I cried seeing this. The suns losing the finals is the most devastating thing ever. GG's to the bucks tho.
Arjake Villa Rock&Metal
Congrats Bucks, I have nothing to say about your talent and strength. It's amazing to live forever!
Charlotte PH
Charlotte PH Anno fa
Congrats to the MVP, Giannis 🔥🔥🔥
Lorenzo Cinco
Lorenzo Cinco 9 mesi fa
This one definitely broke my heart
KnotFluffy Anno fa
after a full decade of having lebron and/or curry in the finals, we're rewarded with this masterpiece. wouldn't have it either way.
Aki Anno fa
I will be honest here. I was crying after this game, you know i’m a suns fan. y’know how we love our team and always want to support it. Yeah that’s it. I’ve never hated. I think every fan has thier own right to support thier team. there is a reason why everyone loves thier team. I know. I thought about everything, all those tireless nights i stayed up to watch these suns games, how much it hurt me when we lost any game. I’m just trying to say it was a great series and please dont hate. you might say that the suns winning and the bucks winning is fraudulent but you dont know how much these players practice, spend tireless nights to get better. It is hard to win in the nba itself, just love your team, support it, and don’t hate. I will always support my suns.
Aki 5 mesi fa
@ElSqueak Thanks mate good luck to the bucks
Thomas McNamara
Thomas McNamara 5 mesi fa
The Suns, Booker and CP3, are by far the most hated in the NBA. It isn’t even close anymore. Just have to get used to it.
ElSqueak 11 mesi fa
Bucks fan here, thank u man. Your dedication to the Suns moved me so much. Now yall may be made fun of sometimes, And dont let any other Bucks fans tell you that the Suns suck yall were undefeated in the bubble!!! The Suns are one of my favorite teams in the west since when Oubre was once there. Keep supporting the Valley man and your time will shine soon bro!!!!!
Kerry Jules
Kerry Jules Anno fa
Bravo Giannis. You deserve it. A long way since you left grece. You are a big man... Keep that strength.
Tiago Tendai Chingore
datboicole 6 mesi fa
being able to be at deer district for the ecf and the finals was litterly insane. historic as it gets and a monent I will never ever forget in my life.
الاسد Anno fa
Congratulations to Milwaukee Bucks from oman . My second favourite team in NBA after Minnesota Timberwolves
Witty Gabriel
Witty Gabriel 10 mesi fa
As a heat fan this still makes me so happy
Verified Matt
Watching this gives me tears 😭 I remember the night like it was yesterday
Aydan Aydan 2
Ahh the bucks and the bros all have rings this is what I wanted to see all along congratulations to the bucks first championship since 1971 the biggest congratulations to the bucks! So proud! # bros making sports history!
Jenna Graf
Jenna Graf Anno fa
im so happy for my hometown! i'm so happy giannis and khris finally got what they deserve!
Speed Racer }}
Speed Racer }} 9 mesi fa
I remember that game. Giannis was running on fumes. He earned his paycheck the hard way in that game.
Ronald Lim Wei Ren
One of the seven greatest finals performance in finals history. The other six r Jerry west, Bob petit, MJ, LBJ, Rick barry
Maximilian Smith
Maximilian Smith 10 mesi fa
Pat Connaughton was such an important piece in there run
William Fox
William Fox Anno fa
Very happy for the Bucks and the GOAT. Yes I mean the big O. I remember listening on radio as a kid while he played for the Cincinnati Royals! I guess some things never change!
Silenced GR
Silenced GR 5 mesi fa
The new nba game looks fire 🔥
Mario Gutierrez
Just shows what a great big man can do against the soft shooting teams of today. This series all came down to Giannis' size in the paint. The block, the easy points in the paint.
Borka G
Borka G Anno fa
I love that giannis finally gets the respect he earned a long time ago
“Final 6:40” Also: skips 2 minutes 😂 Congrats to giannis and the bucks y’all deserve it 🙏🏻
William Corliss
2 big Giannis buckets during that skipped time, too. 🙄
Ethan Anno fa
Exactly wtf lol, missed out on 2 min of excitement
washcloud Anno fa
...not to mention that the video duration is 11-something minutes....
Jordyn Stief
Jordyn Stief 6 mesi fa
A while later into Game 6 of the 2021 NBA Finals between the Phoenix Suns and the Brooklyn Nets from the Barclays Center… Mike Breen: 6.5 seconds remain on the clock here in the fourth quarter as the Brooklyn Nets lead 124-98 thanks to their new friend, Temporary Brooklyn Net #27, Empress Madame Ninja Barrett. Little is known about this sports star from the wrestling circuit other than her ability to predict the movements and read the patterns of her opponents. This is now her 6th consecutive NBA Finals appearance with 4 different teams. Jeff Van Gundy: Mike, I don’t know if you know this, but this is actually the same arena Ninja evolved in almost 4 years prior to tonight. Empress Madame Ninja Barrett: (with the basketball in her possession clearly preparing herself to end the series in favor of the Brooklyn Nets.) *takes a deep breath, sharply exhales* Okay. You can do this, Ninja. Time to finish this and claim your sixth NBA Championship within a 4 year span of evolving and becoming the first ever female Grand WWE Champion. I have to be mindful, though. There’s only 6 seconds left on the clock after all. (readying herself to throw her special shot as she channels her heart and soul into the ball.) I think it’s time for me to go for my patented special shot. *unleashes a Super Saiyan scream* (goes Super Saiyan much to the surprise of both teams.) Let’s see you boys handle this. Okay. Just do the thing, Ninja. Here we go. 1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to make ready and 4 to go. I call this one right here the Curse Breaker’s Drought Quenching Kiss of Death. (throws her special shot from the half court line and watches as it goes in.) Hopefully, that should do it. Mike: It’s now 127-98. I don’t know what happened, but they’ve now soared into a staggering lead. *buzzer sounds* Mike: And it looks like the Barclays Center magic is there for her one final time as the Brooklyn Nets are NBA Champions. Ninja: (transforms back to normal and gracefully drops the basketball onto the court while wiping the sweat from her brow.) *dusts off her hands* Well, I think this’ll make for an interesting MVP conversation. *chuckles to herself* (sees her fellow Brooklyn Nets approaching her.) That’s the end of that, I suppose. Kevin Durant: I guess so. James Harden: Well, you certainly gave the Phoenix Suns a show they’ll never forget. Blake Griffin: Judging by your performance, I won’t put it past you if you somehow manage to beat Kevin Durant for Finals MVP. Ninja: No, I’ve got a feeling that he’ll still get that accolade in the end. If anything, I’m basically just the one who put the final touches. Kyrie Irving: Oh, that’s true. Iman Shumpert: Wait. So, how many points did you end up getting us? Ninja: I extended our lead by 29 points. LeMarcus Aldridge: Whoa. Ninja: (as she changes back into her normal attire, which consists of the black metallic General Manager’s outfit, the pair of Elias’s wristbands, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship around her waist, the Constable of SmackDown medal around her neck with the red heart locket, the Snake Amulet and the Lone Wolf amulet pendant also around her neck, the black metallic TNA General’s coat and hat, the full body armor set based off of the Bane of Darkness Spirit, Galeem which was fused with the light of Ultra Necrozma, Fused Zamasu and Ashrah and the black metallic hitman’s outfit.) I think I’m just going to stick around for the trophy presentation and then just go. Jeff Green: Okay. DeAndre Jordan: Alright. Joe Harris: So, this is actually the place where your evolution took place. Ninja: Yes. Steve Nash: (approaches their new friend and pets her.) Good work, Ninja. Ninja: Thank you, Coach. I know how awkward that must’ve been for you going up against a team that you used to play for all those years ago. I’m just glad I was able to help you with winning an NBA Championship. Steve: Yeah. I don’t know if you were able to tell, but it was tremendously awkward. Ninja: Mmm. I can only imagine. So, I got to ask the all important question. How close is this Finals MVP race between myself and Monsieur Durant? Steve: Well, I’m glad you asked, Ninja because it’s officially so painstakingly yet tantalizingly close that the both of you can taste it. Ninja: Let me guess. My dear friend, NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver now has the deciding vote for the 5th time in 6 seasons? Steve: Yes, he does actually. Ninja: It figures. I mean, I think I have a clear edge here because I evolved into the Empress and Grand WWE Champion right here in the Barclays Center almost 4 years prior to this. Steve: Oh, that’s right. Ninja: (sees that another ability has been unlocked.) Oh, cool. A new ability. I wonder what I gained this time. Brooklyn’s Blessing. Alright. Let’s find out what exactly it entails, shall we? (reads up on it.) Oh, okay. So, this will boost my speed and Curse Breaker critical hit ratio by 65% if I either play a game or win a match here in Brooklyn. Steve: (notices the NBA Commissioner approaching them out of the corner of his eye.) Oh, I think someone wants to see you, Ninja. Ninja: (sees her dear friend, the NBA Commissioner and approaches him.) Oh, Monsieur Silver. Adam Silver: (embraces his dear friend, the Empress and Grand WWE Champion as she returns it.) My friend, you killed it. Ninja: Thank you, Monsieur Silver. Adam: You did so good. Oh, (as he motions toward the Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors.) I think someone else also wants their hug. Ninja: Oh. (as she embraces the Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors.) Hey, Monsieur Kerr. Steve Kerr: (returns her embrace and gives her a peck on the cheek.) I’ll gladly echo the sentiment of whatever Commissioner Silver just said.
david Anno fa
Amazing player. 0-2, 4-2, 50 points. a monster of player. I envy NBA from Spain. One day Real Madrid in NBA to see this players in my country.
strange Anno fa
congrats to the bucks a great series well deserved and giannis is a great played im glad he is able to get a well deserved ring
Denki Kaminari
After 50 long years! It's finally the Bucks time to celebrate a championship!
ALL- CAPS 8 mesi fa
Khris went crazy went it mattered most, been clutch all season for the Bucks. Giannis needs no words, Legend.
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