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Giannis Antetokounmpo's 50 PTS mark a new Bucks franchise record for most points scored in a Playoff game & Led the Bucks to their first Finals Win in 50 years!
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19 lug 2021




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@NBA 2 anni fa
Giannis scores 50 PTS in Bucks first Finals W in 50 years 😎
50 points in 50 years
@lonzoball8061 2 anni fa
Giannis is a CHAMPION
@lebrongaay1199 2 anni fa
@jeremy3459 2 anni fa
Giannis is more than champion
@lebrongaay1199 2 anni fa
@@jeremy3459 He’s a lucky ass one time champion, that’s all
@tmol 2 anni fa
Being at this game live was a top 10 moment for me. The energy in the stadium was something you rarely experience. Bucks in 6 always
@bearsfan2476 2 anni fa
Love your content man, Keep it up!
@nba2kgamers590 2 anni fa
Why are you still not verified bro?
Yall deserved this. Bucks have been bottom feeders for so long but not anymore
@sarahwolfe1154 2 anni fa
Must be nice to be rich. You probably from Pewaukee or West Bend or something.
@@sarahwolfe1154 I'll take you courtside to whatever game you want sweetheart I gotchu
@blazer7731 2 anni fa
People have been clowning Giannis’s free throws all season then he goes 17-19 and drops 50. Legendary performance, one of the greatest Finals perfomances ever
@kokushi333 2 anni fa
Legendary it is! But can you help me remember how in 8:06 they say he has 47 and then after shooting 1 free throw (the other one missed) and suddenly he had 50. I was kinda lost back there, I was scrolling through the phone for reading comments on in-game updates while I was watching the live earlier. I hope you can help me be reminded?
@@kokushi333 they cuted the video, giannis hit a one hand after those free throws
@kokushi333 2 anni fa
@@aaronalvarado1959 Oh i see, alright. Thanks!
@silveraxe301 2 anni fa
@m.s.2479 2 anni fa
Legendary performance? By beating a weak Suns team?
@gordohuncho 2 anni fa
bro walked past everybody and went straight to his family. that's real
@kostasg7109 2 anni fa
That is exactly what a well raised Greek would do. I understand his parents are Nigerian but they embraced Greek culture at home. His father past away, but know that his parents are wonderful people. You can see this in all his brothers. He will be a wonderful father. As for his significant other expect a wedding ceremony on some Greek island either this or next summer.
@BM12592 2 anni fa
@@kostasg7109 no, this is exactly what a well raised man would do. Doesn’t matter if american, nigerian or greek just stop being stupid
@kostasg7109 2 anni fa
@@BM12592 Actually to Greeks family is a very important part of their lives. Family means everything. You rarely see this in families in other cultures. I have come across ‘family is everything’ mentality in Greeks and Hebrews. Stupidity is someone who dares to reply without leaving the town/city they live in.
@LessGo7921 2 anni fa
@@kostasg7109 But what he’s saying is family means everything to other countries too
@kostasg7109 2 anni fa
@@LessGo7921 yes but it is rare. In Greece almost the entire country bases its decisions on family first. That is not the case elsewhere.
Pj Tucker really beat all 4 of his Houston teammates to get a ring 😭
@codytran1719 2 anni fa
Don't forget his sun's ex teammates as well lmao
@CHANNEL-dh4ob 2 anni fa
And he laughing hard😂😂😂
James, cp3, capela and who else ???
@axelfoley6703 2 anni fa
@@jordanmorgan5381 Trevor Ariza who was on the heat this yr
@edraghifarri 2 anni fa
@@jordanmorgan5381 ariza
@boopah4365 2 anni fa
Giannis dominates the entire game and Middleton sinks the clincher..just poetic.
@silveraxe301 2 anni fa
@m.s.2479 2 anni fa
Just lucky
@gillaaaboy 2 anni fa
@@m.s.2479 lucky my ass
@TejBBF223 2 anni fa
It's exactly like Shaq and Kobe except Middleton ain't as good as Kobe.
@m.s.2479 2 anni fa
@@TejBBF223 Its like an episode of luck of the irish 🤣
@lukamagicgod 2 anni fa
Giannis at 26 2x Season MVP 1x Champion 1x Finals MVP 1x DPOY 1x MIP 2021 ASG MVP
@jeremy3459 2 anni fa
@Chrisz00 2 anni fa
@scep2180 2 anni fa
He is on pace to be one of the greatest to ever do it
@OthoWilliamsJr 2 anni fa
@@jeremy3459 😴😭🤣🤦🏾
@vaporon2544 2 anni fa
That handoff with Giannis and Khris was a monument for everything the team has done
@silveraxe301 2 anni fa
@nanadanso5958 2 anni fa
I remember watching the game, and that shot shifted the momentum
@Ntwolf1220 Anno fa
@@nanadanso5958 that's when we knew we were champs man all of Wisconsin started screaming from that moment on
@gorrow1990 2 anni fa
That Middleton dagger was beautiful.
@gabsanga6703 2 anni fa
Right?? Dude klutch
😯WOW!...Nail in the freaking coffin friends...."NAIL IN THE COFFIN"!!!😳
😔Feel so bad for CP3 after everything he's been through in his career & now this!😟
@MmaBlazer1 2 anni fa
He reminds me of TMac 2.0 minus the injuries
@bulakenyo9792 2 anni fa
@@Bibanian-Bubkers Dude a terrific baller but almost ended Giannis finals appearance or worst career with that scary push when Ante was up in the air. Thats why hes being labeled a dirty player
2 MVPs, All-star MVP, Defensive POY, Finals MVP and an NBA Champion at age 26 without joining a superteam. This should put Giannis on the guaranteed HOF
@kokushi333 2 anni fa
And I believe he's not on his prime yet.
@ghtwghtw7197 2 anni fa
As chuck says. GUARANTEEEEE
@John Cube will it tho? We’ve been saying that for years yet it still hasn’t improved
@@TheRealNBAYoungboy if you watch him, especially in this finals it already show hints,his game start to slowing,he slowly goes to his spot meticulously and his fadeaway jumpshot are starting to hit He still 26 and he has the mentality to go even beyond
​@@TheRealNBAYoungboy he has become an inconsistent but somewhat capable 3point shooter from a terrible shooter. He also has developed a consistent floater and fadeaway from the low post. These moves are a starting point. I can easily see him perfect the fadeaway and low post moves, combined with a good floater and a respectable midrange. If he reaches a consistent 35% from 3 , it's over
@manik5345 2 anni fa
Exactly 20 days before the sixth final, Giannis suffered an injury that would disarm a common human for many months. He stayed out for a week - the only time others had to carry him on his back - and returned in time for the first final, to play 40 minutes in a devastating rhythm. I do not know if I have ever seen such a performance from anyone in a title match. He is the humble ambassador of good hope, has virtues that now seem elusive. He is faithful and devoted. He knows how to forgive. He knows how to respect. He is not ungrateful. If he was ungrateful, he would play today in the Warriors or in Miami or in Dallas. But no. He wanted, first and foremost, to justify the people who believed in him, who gave him a chance, who pulled him out of the swamp. That gave him a new life. Luckily for her, the city of Milwaukee has acquired her messiah, a superhero whose arms reach into space and his feet touch the ground.
@cyka2204 2 anni fa
good speech, brother
Beautifully written
@braemate 2 anni fa
Amazing man!
@blacklionxPR 2 anni fa
Dang this nigga in his feelings rn 😂😂
“I’ve got a ring and you’re never gonna win one.” -Rondo to CP3 Seems legit. What a conspiracy by Rondo.
@geejaradal5811 2 anni fa
Fr hahahahaha.
@bayro7 2 anni fa
rondo has 2 now LMFAO
Rondo has 2 which makes it even worse 🤣🤣🤣🔥
@ghostcard2184 2 anni fa
Lowkey I wanted CP3 to lose so Rondo's quote can be legendary
@pandamonium19 2 anni fa
@@ghostcard2184 yeah same haha
@Shownnlights 2 anni fa
Giannis Akumpo 50 points, 14 rebounds, 2 assists, 5 blocks 64%Field Goal 16-25
Skip in the morning: He cant shoot the basketball😂😂😂
@@germainerucker9414 well he can’t shoot, but he does what he is good at very very well.
@juyahmad 2 anni fa
@@germainerucker9414 nah Skip will say “but he had six turnovers” 🙄🤣
@deadboylifex 2 anni fa
@@germainerucker9414 just say you mad, is nothing wrong
@zhawn4894 2 anni fa
And 16/17 in the free throw line
@sports3117 2 anni fa
Giannis has showed that he’s meant to be a legend
@silveraxe301 2 anni fa
@m.s.2479 2 anni fa
Legend? By beating WEAK competition
@@m.s.2479 Stop hating you clown this ring is more deserved than any ring since 2011
@m.s.2479 2 anni fa
@@brodykuemin9331 🤣🤣🤣🤣 na bro...just speaking FACTS
@ayakid921 2 anni fa
Giannis was so exhausted at the end but still kept going. What a warrior. Keep pushing till the end
@Hale-Bopp 2 anni fa
I believed it was Giannis dedication, passion and determination that brings Bucks to where they're now.. Giannis is one heck of a man 💪🏽
@m.s.2479 2 anni fa
I believe Bucks got LUCKY due to injuries and only won because Suns was not even supposed to be there
@Hale-Bopp 2 anni fa
@@m.s.2479 stop it dude.. nobody loves you.
@m.s.2479 2 anni fa
@@Hale-Bopp Lol nobody has to...just remember Bucks faced no real competition due to 1/2 the league being injured😅
@m.s.2479 2 anni fa
@@Hale-Bopp Luck of the Irish🍀...I mean Greek Freak😅🍀
@jayambry6150 2 anni fa
@@m.s.2479 you mom gay🤢
@andrewgehl5913 2 anni fa
"It's over the bucks have done it the long wait is has ended. After half a century the Milwaukee bucks are NBA champions once again" Still gives me chills hearing that even after 7 months
@rafiforfun789 3 mesi fa
Even after seven years, the words that give me chills are “ITS OVER, CLEVELAND IS A CITY OF CHAMPIONS ONCE AGAIN! THE CAVALIERS ARE NBA CHAMPIONS!”
@orluugochukwu193 13 giorni fa
Still gives me chills after 2years 😂
@jayvincent6 2 anni fa
Remember when cp3 clowned giannis' freethrows? Yeahh, I remember
@shun942 2 anni fa
bruh next season Giannis for sure is gonna get better at his shots...... pfffff SUCH A GREAT WIN.
@DarrenHoo1 2 anni fa
Honestly, I can't be bothered with CP3's comment on that. Giannis aced the winning game with 50 points, that makes CP3 looked like a clown. 50 points is more than total points from Booker and CP3 in that game. OH ZING THAT'S PAINFULLLLLLLL
Shots, Blocks, FTs, Alley Oops.... Giannis did them all! He played the perfect game and the Suns just had no answer for him. Congratulations, Giannis and the Bucks! Well deserved championship!
@silveraxe301 2 anni fa
@@nightknightz2057 amazing comment 😂
I must admit! What Bucks and Giannis did after a 2-0 loss was the best that happened in my life the last 3 years. It was an amazing experience to watch such a recovery. Thanks!
Worst thing that happened for us Suns fans.
@zainhafeez631 2 anni fa
That crowd after the foul with 25 seconds left is chilling
@luckydust7059 2 anni fa
there was no foul called. it’s a timeout
@silveraxe301 2 anni fa
@chriskay1449 2 anni fa
@@luckydust7059 Yeah. I have never seen Coach Bud move that fast to call a timeout.
@dattykun Anno fa
I felt like the time out was night night imo
@arshad2895 2 anni fa
Giannis was playing out of his mind and kudos Middleton looking like Prime MJ in the 4th
@silveraxe301 2 anni fa
@caty_yt9199 2 anni fa
Fun fact: Did you know that the suns have been 3 times in the nba finals and every time they lost 4-2?
@arizonaFIREent 2 anni fa
How many times you been to the finals??????? 0
@nidzolinho8254 2 anni fa
@@arizonaFIREent here is some 🧂
@saulruiz84 2 anni fa
@@arizonaFIREent 🧂
@FATI_SZN 2 anni fa
@@arizonaFIREent 🤡🧂🧂
@realone3602 2 anni fa
Choked away a 2 - 0 lead. Bucks won 4 straight.
@CrustyJesus Anno fa
Man I will NEVER forget this day.. this series.. this season as a whole. I’m all smiles over here. Go Bucks Giannis bringing a 3rd trophy back to Wisconsin this year.
Momma got 3 nba champions holy molly!
Momma did her job
@isjama8741 2 anni fa
I was team bucks from day one so proud of the team for working so hard.
@silveraxe301 2 anni fa
@PeakNFL 2 anni fa
The bucks are my favorite team alongside the warriors and I was screaming my heart out watching this!
I really hope we'll see Bucks vs Warriors in this year finals
@78SPORTSTV Anno fa
Giannis will be a top 5 player all time. Mark my words
Everyone has been knowing this
Common knowledge
@realone3602 2 anni fa
He gotta win a lot more. Duncan and Kobe got 5.
@piotrswat169 2 anni fa
@@realone3602 yeah but both were never as dominant.One had Shaq other a great coach and a team.
@jordancruz9072 2 anni fa
We are witnessing the development of the potential all time greatest player. Nobody is talking about how Gianni's has only been playing basketball for 10 years total. He is not even near his peak skills yet. He has been playing basketball for 10-15 years less then the active players we consider great shooters. He is only just getting going which is the truly scary part.
@MrDonut-ys6bf 2 anni fa
I had a pit in my stomach watching these final minutes because it was such a close game but then the Bucks pulled away and I was so happy! Also these were the first Finals I’ve ever experienced in my life so I’m happy the team I wanted to win did.
When the SUNs were up 2-0 over the bucks everyone in social media, espn, nba tv, all they talked about was how CP3 has waited for this moment. Yep I guess that is what happens when u make it about one person.
@silveraxe301 2 anni fa
@ghostsquads 2 anni fa
Only one believed in Bucks, its Charles Barkley.
@chriskay1449 2 anni fa
Sccial media, ESP< , NBA TV and saying what they said had nothing to do with the Suns losing 4 straight. They lost 4 straight because the Bucks figured them out.
@LessOfMe8173 2 anni fa
@@chriskay1449 Underrated comment. Once the Bucks wised up, put Giannis at 5 and attacked PNR, and other variables like Jrue's D, Patty C on the glass, etc., it was a wrap. Even when Suns had momentum swings, Bucks took them RIGHT back.
@@ghostsquads and us Milwaukee fans
@raindotorg 2 anni fa
Are we gonna ignore the fun fact that Giannis and his two brothers are I guess, the first trio brothers that won an NBA Championship and 2nd, 3rd and 4th pair of brothers that did it as well? 🤣
@bayro7 2 anni fa
no ive seen this comment like 20 times already, ur not special for knowing that
@ArchShin 2 anni fa
@@bayro7 chill bro, definitely not the first, and won't be the last person to say it
@dodijackson969 2 anni fa
@@bayro7 hahahaha 😂
@raindotorg 2 anni fa
@@bayro7 oh sorry Bro. I didn't mean to irritate you. Now y'all gon hate me for that? 🙂
@elpee4197 2 anni fa
Boring "fun fact" everyone knows that you idiot
@jessmark6465 2 anni fa
Giannis made it with the team who drafted him, without taking his talent to south beach 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@masoncombs6578 2 anni fa
lebron did win with the team that drafted him lol
@jessmark6465 2 anni fa
@@masoncombs6578 he took his talent straight to south beach first 😏
Even when it has nothin to do with lebron their will always be someone who will somehow involve him😂😂😂
@masoncombs6578 2 anni fa
@@jessmark6465 shit i would need a break from being in cleveland too lol
@kostasg7109 2 anni fa
He would have left Milwaukee but Mykonos does not have a NBA team!!!
@boostlee5236 2 anni fa
As a bucks fan, I don't get tired of watching this and I don't think I ever will
@devanrudd3094 2 anni fa
My boi jeff Teague gotta ring 😎🏀
With Bud too lol
@ch.illmatic 2 anni fa
@@ethanbielby8125 poetic lol, if only Millsap, Horford, Korver, and DeMarre Carrol got one too
@fusionn4316 2 anni fa
Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks on winning the 2021 NBA Finals. Congratulations to Giannis Antetokounmpo on winning the 2021 NBA Finals MVP. Well deserved! 👍
@bayro7 2 anni fa
mickey mouse
@cook410 2 anni fa
@@bayro7 Suns in 4 🤡
@jordancromwell 2 anni fa
@@bayro7 Suns in 4
@@bayro7 salty
@m.s.2479 2 anni fa
Bucks were lucky
@ishigamiyu2331 2 anni fa
Giannis is the living example of HARDWORK BEATS TALENT,when talent doesn't work hard.
Yeah with another variable: physical gift
@Hakz379 11 mesi fa
@@faisalrasyad5123@ishigamiyu2331 yeah bad example bro lol but I like the fact u know about that quote
Μπράβο ρε Γιανναρε!Το αξιζες αυτο το δαχτυλιδι.Αλλα χαιρομαι και για το Θανασση που ειναι ψυχαρα!Love from Greece to the mvp of our hearts
Wow 50 year drought is over with a historic 50 points too give the bucks the NBA championship congratulations .
@EnTiempo824 Anno fa
Hearing those names listed off which now includes Giannis was so mind blowing So much respect to him
CP's turnover at 6'03 is devastating... back-breaking !!! i just noticed... the whole team gasped
@Captaincrab77 2 anni fa
In game time or ITvid video time?
@@Captaincrab77 game time
@jalenking810 2 anni fa
Totally agree, momentum was already swinging towards Milwaukee because of the Giannis dunk right before that. I think that play sunk them
@GRAW2ROBZ Anno fa
I'm in tears again watching this awesome game.
@jalenking810 2 anni fa
I have to watch this video a few times a day just to remind myself that this is real and the bucks really won the championship. What a ride it’s been
@mrip31 2 mesi fa
This is, without a doubt, a top 5 performance in NBA history. Thank you, Giannis.
@mackydog99 Anno fa
My wife and I were living in Milwaukee at the time and wanted to go down to the deer district for games 3 or 4 or 6 to help celebrate the Bucks playoffs even though we're both from Tucson AZ , the only reason we decided not to go besides parking and walking was that I have AZ plates!😁 I'll never forget that just being there for the championship. Bucks in 6 was so improbable after going down 0-2. Go Bucks!
@adamholler4912 2 anni fa
I'm a die hard Lakers fan,but congratulations Bucks, congratulations Giannis! You all deserve it! My biggest respect for you all!50th anniversary, 50 points in Finals! Legendary performance! 😎
Imagine how athletic Jrue Holiday’s kids will be🤯
@joskaizer9521 2 anni fa
Giannis kids as well, his partner was a former volleyball player
@JOHN-rt7jk 2 anni fa
Just because the parent is athletic doesn't mean their kids will be if that were the case Jordan's kids would be great
@joskaizer9521 2 anni fa
@@JOHN-rt7jk you can't make the case for jordan because his siblings got the short of their mom's genes. Giannis kid has two athletes as parents alongside with jrues kid
@Zaghzackio 2 anni fa
@@joskaizer9521 Liam akumpo 2050 nba champion!
@oscarvilao8061 2 anni fa
@@Zaghzackio he’s gonna be drafted by OKC
@jeremy3459 2 anni fa
This is what hard work does to you for winning the championship
@lebrongaay1199 2 anni fa
charles barkley guarantee was right all along :)
@silveraxe301 2 anni fa
2:54 poor Mike Breen was so ready to use that BANG on Portis
@jalenking810 2 anni fa
The building would’ve erupted if he hit that shot
@K-Rushik 2 anni fa
I think they are the first brothers of 3 to all win championships
@vaporon2544 2 anni fa
Over Melo Lonzo and Liangelo
@@vaporon2544 Over the Holidays
@manny6669 2 anni fa
@@johnjatmiko1934 don't like 2 holidays have rings now?
@@manny6669 right, only two. But The Antentokunmpos are the first trio with rings.
@manny6669 2 anni fa
@@johnjatmiko1934 respect to both families
@reydequito6532 2 anni fa
Great player for both teams, you're great Booker, Paul and Giannis....GOD Bless
@Bobothedad95 2 anni fa
Never gets old. Milwaukee Bucks fan for 26 years. Waited my whole life
@FishersofMen_ 2 anni fa
Scary thing is, Giannis is not even in his prime yet
@jeezus_ezp6320 2 anni fa
and he already achieved so much
He’s 26 this is definitely the start of his prime lmao
@@jordanevangelista7339 the start not his prime fully
@@user-sn1vq3qd5f the comment was still wrong
Yes he is. 26 is prime in NBA. Silly
@VerifiedMatt 2 anni fa
Watching this gives me tears 😭 I remember the night like it was yesterday
This is what happens when the Suns face a healthy team lmaooo
@xeverybolo2323 2 anni fa
Milwaukee are not even healthy they lose divincenzo in the first round
And Giannis as well after the hyper extended knee injury seemed like 80% imo, yet still dominated and pulverized suns downlow. Just to show how much they overrated Deandre "Joel Embiid" Ayton defense.
@arizonaFIREent 2 anni fa
Bucks beat bk without irving and and injured harden and tre young was hurt but ok.. Be delusional... Injuries happen
@lamargoat2.054 2 anni fa
@@arizonaFIREent and it still took 7 games just to beat Kevin durant!
@jordancromwell 2 anni fa
@@arizonaFIREent Bucks were injured when the Hawks were too so that doesn't count. Suns faced damn 3 injured teams. They should've been out the first round 😂😂😂
“Final 6:40” Also: skips 2 minutes 😂 Congrats to giannis and the bucks y’all deserve it 🙏🏻
@washcloud 2 anni fa
...not to mention that the video duration is 11-something minutes....
@ethan97679 2 anni fa
Exactly wtf lol, missed out on 2 min of excitement
@LeBaseballGuy 2 anni fa
2 big Giannis buckets during that skipped time, too. 🙄
I'm convinced....Giannis is not a Greek Freak, but a Greek God from Olympus.⚡
Wahtever "freak" he may be, the degree of Africanism should NOT be deducted from his freaky greatness! His parents, sadly, had to migrate from Nigeria to Greece. He is first African (by blood and race) and Greek by birth (based on Athenian law). Now, factually, he is Afro-Greeco-American.
@@dezziliodevellini9533 nobodys saying he's not African by blood. His nickname is the Greek freak because he was raised in Greece and that's where he honed his basketball skills. Greek freak is a catchy nickname and nobody owes it to anybody to say that he's part African cause you can clearly see that by looking at him
@@romanpisani8157 He was born in Greece...not merely raised there (difference). You missed my salient point! Did I not remind the reader of Athenian law? Did I not remind the World that he was Afro-Greco-American? For him, it begins with his parents! Your argument is without merit!
@@dezziliodevellini9533 American??
@@georgewillahryramandey538 I cannot respond to a one-word response which, to me is the interloper to GIBBERISH? Try again!
@evaetevana5948 2 anni fa
I got so emotional by Giannis and the ending of the game 🥺🏀🔥❤💯.
@AEMoreira81 2 anni fa
And then Chris Paul said Giannis can't make his free throws!
@billbaird135 2 anni fa
Chris Paul is cry baby
@MichaelJW72 2 anni fa
And he took that personally.
@MonoHipHopFile 11 mesi fa
Whenever I have a bad day, I come here and watch this video. Booker's DAMN makes me the happiest man alive, Bucks about to win another CHIP this year, bare with us!
Lol, this comment lasted long
​@@nicholasguzman4045 nigga 😮
Nobody gonna talk about cp3 leaving the court but let that would’ve been lbj
@guardian.r6704 2 anni fa
LBJ left the court after the first round: He's disrespectful Cp3 left the court without saying anything: No one is saying anything
@kcorpora1 2 anni fa
Dude he congratulated guys on the court! Eyes open not closed!
@shun942 2 anni fa
Uhmm is like his 4-5 chokes so... meh.... xdxd
@tkt874 2 anni fa
Harden too...if lose run to the locker room..no skills
@@guardian.r6704 Because CP3 being frustrated like that is VERY justified, and we know it was NOT meant to be disrespectful. That was his last chance at a chip, and he lost it. That was the game he worked for for 16 years, and he lost it. He just wants to go home instead of shower in the opponents celebration. The guy is heartbroken beyond belief. Lebron leaving in the first round after already winning 4 titles is just straight disrespect. He knows he'll have another shot at it, but leaves anyway. CP3 isn't getting another chance. (Unless he signs a minimum contract on the Nets or Lakers.)
@magakouli Anno fa
@miscfutbol4606 11 mesi fa
He didn’t run to a superteam. Didn’t complain of not having good enough team mates. Worked hard work and deserved this ring! This ring is worth more than Kevin Durant’s rings any day
Injured Kyrie,def the best way 😂
@Mitke420 2 anni fa
He Just destroyed suns made them look like last seed, and made me 2000 euros
Congratulations Bucks team win NBA SEASON God will bless you...
"God will bless you?" You funny. God has ALREADY blessed them BY THEM WINNING IT ALL. He ALREADY blessed them.
@blacklionxPR 2 anni fa
@@williamjones7247 True,and God is gonna bless again the team because he always do ma boy
My favorite game of all time!
@KurtDontMiss 10 mesi fa
Bucks fans therapy
@nome-ou9ky 10 mesi fa
@membroedits Anno fa
Middleton gotta be one of the most underrated players in the league.
@grannydeez13 4 mesi fa
come back to watch this once every couple months. Goosebumps every time
@fightnight14 2 anni fa
Crowder is 0-2 in the finals for 2 straight years. The curse is real
@mantasstyle 2 anni fa
The ringless salsa king has lost two finals in a row 😭😭😭
@arizonaFIREent 2 anni fa
How many rings yall have???????
@fightnight14 2 anni fa
@@arizonaFIREent same as Jae Crowder
@donellramon783 2 anni fa
@@fightnight14 💀
@jordancromwell 2 anni fa
@@arizonaFIREent The same as Crowder
When Milwaukee called timeout with :25 left and Mark Jackson said "they're starting to celebrate here in Milwaukee" I absolutely lost it and went to my knees tearing up. This is cliche but I legit felt like I was dreaming for a second. I can't help but watch this every week or two to relive it
Great defensive play by Connaughton at 0:55, stuck to his assignment and got the offensive foul. These are the types of plays that win championships
Giannis made me even more proud of him and the Bucks. I love my team!!
Damn Giannis was a beast on the court. I’m just wondering if CP3 is ever gonna get a ring before he retires 😢
@Cody-sk2dr 2 anni fa
He Will join the lakers i Guess, but there is no future in LA
@tonyebiere551 2 anni fa
@@Cody-sk2dr i think he joins Bucks, he was meant to be there but the deal failed last minute
here after christopher paul choked against mavs
@jhedeldatu443 2 anni fa
Damn Giannis 🔥🔥🔥🔥
@jennagraf3638 2 anni fa
im so happy for my hometown! i'm so happy giannis and khris finally got what they deserve!
@surreal9558 Anno fa
one of the better finals ive ever watched. Was on the edge of my couch EVERY game of this series. bucks in 6 forever
@acereyes4011 2 anni fa
Congratulations Bucks... it's indeed your season! 👏👏👏 keep it up hopefully -calmness, humbleness and loyalty to the team will still exist on the next years to come😊 You deserved it all!
Not really but it was it is
@aulazon9309 2 anni fa
The Greek freak shows what he’s made of
@_helper_5789 2 anni fa
Bunch of cells and determination 😂
@silveraxe301 2 anni fa
@shiyo31 8 mesi fa
It's time to watch this again after 1 month
Greatest finals performance I’ve seen
@kerryjules5320 2 anni fa
Bravo Giannis. You deserve it. A long way since you left grece. You are a big man... Keep that strength.
Congratulations to Milwaukee Bucks from oman . My second favourite team in NBA after Minnesota Timberwolves
Ahh the bucks and the bros all have rings this is what I wanted to see all along congratulations to the bucks first championship since 1971 the biggest congratulations to the bucks! So proud! # bros making sports history!
I remember 2 years ago that mann was pissed he lost. You can tell bruh was on a mission
@m.s.2479 2 anni fa
He got lucky
@omenka8389 2 anni fa
@@m.s.2479 u such a hater lmaoo under every comment saying the same thing giannis is the best player itw stop crying
@m.s.2479 2 anni fa
@@omenka8389 Just giving Giannis the same treatment, yall give Bron & KD and being real. Giannis got a lucky break this season
@omenka8389 2 anni fa
@@m.s.2479 no he didn’t lmao, kyrie being hurt is not “lucky” literally every team needs “luck” to win the title, last year bron got lucky cuz kyrie KD and curry were all hurt, 2019 raptors only won cuz warriors were injured 2018 bron only gets to the finals cuz celtics were hurt warriors only get there cuz chris paul got hurt. see how that works ? stop tryna discredit giannis ur a hater
@m.s.2479 2 anni fa
@@omenka8389 Yea, I know how it works. One small problem, you guys can point out when everyone else got lucky or had it easy except Giannis. Keep the same energy. Bucks AND Giannis got LUCKY!!!!!
@spekkie967 2 anni fa
i dont watch nba but i will start to but i was still cheering for bucks cause giannis is one of my favorite players so im happy to see him win with his team
@wilderac2250 2 anni fa
A moment I will never forget
@MrBuising 2 anni fa
JAE CROWDER BACK 2 BACK NBA FINALS LOSS :( congrats milwaukee bucks 2020-2021 nba champs !!! came from kobe's words..mvp next nba champioship.. mission accomplished !
Khris went crazy went it mattered most, been clutch all season for the Bucks. Giannis needs no words, Legend.
As a heat fan this still makes me so happy
Such a close game for the finals😊
Notice how the first person giannis goes to after they win isn't the crowd, isn't his teammates, isn't the press, but goes straight to his family.
@onlyds0822 2 anni fa
Chicago Cubs celebrated their World Series victory for the first time in 108 years in 2016. Now the Bucks celebrate their championship since 1971! Good for them.
So the 50 year drought is over for the bucks.
I come back every month just to remember, WE CAN DO IT... Go Bucks
@jpgaming08 Anno fa
time flies so fast i remember watching this on tv
@rd5107 2 anni fa
Well, I had tears running down my cheeks too, Giannis. Well done brother. You so deserve this. 👏👏. And I’m a Kobe, Lebron, Lakers fan.
@NickOtis0707 11 mesi fa
This makes me so proud to be born in Madison Wisconsin the state capital of Wisconsin but also proud of the Milwaukee bucks. Especially through the pandemic of covid-19...✍️✝️❤️
@JaiAuthenti 2 anni fa
Gotta feel for CP3. At least he finally got his chance.
The game that solidified Giannis as one of if not the best and one of the greatest pf to step on the floor
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100% Disrespect Moments 😈
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