Final Seconds of 2021 NBA Finals Game 6 | Milwaukee Celebration | Suns vs Bucks

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Milwaukee Bucks vs Phoenix Suns - Full Game 6 Highlights | July 20, 2021 | 2021 NBA Finals

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19 lug 2021




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House of Highlights
Milwaukee Bucks Trophy Presentation Ceremony:
Nemar Resultan
Giannis saves the NBA. He stayed loyal to his team that drafted him and didn’t join or created superteam like most superstars today just to win their ring. Most people were laughing on him when he signed that five-year extension with the bucks but he knows his time is coming and he wanted to win his ring the right way. Now he’s one of the most accomplished 26 years old in nba history, he won the most improved player of the year, all star game MVP, 2x regular season MVP, defensive player of the year and tonight he became NBA champion and still won finals MVP even though he was injured 2 weeks ago. Well deserved
Demetris Soteriou
Leon Phelphs
Leon Phelphs Anno fa
When loyalty is rewarded…. Well deserved 🙌🏾 🏆
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis Anno fa
He sat down like thanos… like “finally” I can rest a little now.
Icy Diamonds
Icy Diamonds Anno fa
Seeing Booker saying “damn” in the midst of all this is still pretty dope
ExclusiveLM Anno fa
The small market Milwaukee is no longer a bottom of the barrel team. That city is now on top as champions !! Congratulations from New York City.
revenger32 Anno fa
He stick with the team who drafted him, and didn’t go to a big market team. Makes this win 10x more special, he deserves it and so happy for him
wii8 Anno fa
man, still getting goosebumps watching this back, being down at the deer district outside the stadium after they won, the entire crowd was going bonkers, literally strangers crying and hi-fiving and hugging each other, with just as much if not more energy outside the stadium than in that night, I will never forget that. there was easily 80k people there despite official numbers.
K*$tax Anno fa
Giannis and his two brothers got rings. WoW!!. Incredible. Much respect. The city of Milwaukee has been through a lot. I beLieve they deserve this moment in time. Congrats yall.
R.J. Anno fa
Just like Dirk was to Mavs and Timmy was to the Spurs, I hope Giannis remains with the Bucks for remainder of his career. Right now, it's looking like Giannis is already in the mix for the discussion of the top 5 (if not top 3) Power Forwards ever, with Garnett, Barkley, McHale, Malone, Dirk and Duncan.
Kam Anno fa
“When all else fails, bet on yourself.” A lot of people, including myself, called him crazy for staying and not going to the GSW or Miami or other championship bound teams. This guy was loyal and put the team on his back and won a ring.
Maverick Hunter 8
PressCAPLOCK Anno fa
Not bad for a guy that supposedly can only "Run and Dunk". Giannis is a 2x MVP, 1x DPOY, MIP, All Star MVP, and now a Finals MVP at the age of 26, Insane!! 🎉🏆
It Log
It Log Anno fa
I feel bad for CP3. That's probably his last chance to be a main player in a championship team. But these guys deserves it. Wish there was a game 7 but these finals was really entertaining to watch. So many close games.
kmusic Anno fa
Both teams played their hearts out. Respect to both teams
TenorMan96 Anno fa
Kobe would be proud since he told Giannis to win an MVP and a Championship.
Adrina Santangelo
Giannis walked straight towards his mother!! That’s beautiful man ❤️❤️
Peaches N CREAMY
When you look back at how badly this team wanted this title, they earned it by dedicating a defensive and offensive play. Job well done.
Joal Rycar Refe
“Don’t call me MVP unless i’m an NBA Champion”
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