Finding Out I'm Pregnant! 

Taylor & Soph
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Taylor's REACTION coming next…
Sophia: sophiahilll...
Taylor: taylorrwatt...
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9 mag 2023




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Sam & Jess
Sam & Jess 4 mesi fa
sophia i am so excited for you guys 🥹🩷 i am just so happy!!!!
bill myers
bill myers 4 mesi fa
i love you guys so much
Billie Price
Billie Price Mese fa
Hiii im a big fam of y’all
Omg I love you guys!❤❤❤
TimeBucks 4 mesi fa
So excited to see both of your guys reactions!
Bui Phong
Bui Phong 4 mesi fa
i like it
Arnav Jha
Arnav Jha 4 mesi fa
Ndoti mativo
Ndoti mativo 4 mesi fa
Sanjay pal
Sanjay pal 4 mesi fa
Very nice
sahil bisht360
sahil bisht360 4 mesi fa
alivia kunco
alivia kunco 4 mesi fa
it’s so wholesome and so exciting to realize that she got married not too long ago and how fast there journey is going i’m so proud of them ❤️❤️
Dominique Marie Gatward
Chloe A
Chloe A 4 mesi fa
me too!!
Gorillaglue face
Jacob Petersen
Jacob Petersen 4 mesi fa
so excited to see you guys become parents and raise this precious child from the Lord!
gwennyk 4 mesi fa
Love u guys!
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis 4 mesi fa
I love watching how fast everything is happening. Makes people realize you don’t need to wait so long to have a baby!
Samantha Petticrew
I fell pregnant on my honeymoon and people said why the rush, enjoy being just married but it was the best thing for us 😊
cam tran quoc
cam tran quoc 4 mesi fa
kaley hardin
kaley hardin 4 mesi fa
this is the sweetest reaction! being pregnant is such a beautiful thing and motherhood is AMAZING. i’m so excited for you to experience being a mama🤍
thi kim
thi kim 4 mesi fa
Haley Dobbs
Haley Dobbs 4 mesi fa
I got married in March and I found out I am pregnant in April so I understand how you’re feeling!! It’s amazing how fast things can change. Congratulations you guys❤️
tam nguyen
tam nguyen 4 mesi fa
Haley Dobbs
Haley Dobbs 4 mesi fa
@tam nguyen what?
Alana Didonato
Alana Didonato 23 giorni fa
Such a blessing. I love your reaction because I felt exactly the same way. Just had this experience for the 4th time again in July.
taylor nelson
taylor nelson 4 mesi fa
Sophia and Taylor, I am so incredibly happy for y’all! My husband and I got married about a week before you guys did and I actually found out I was pregnant on April 7th too!! This is my first baby as well. I can’t wait to see all of the pregnancy videos and get to go through this with you and have cute little December babies!! I love you guys and I will be praying that you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Sending lots of love💗
morgan hulsey
morgan hulsey 4 mesi fa
i found out april 7th too!!
taylor nelson
taylor nelson 4 mesi fa
@morgan hulsey that’s crazy!
Yadira Lomeli
Yadira Lomeli 4 mesi fa
Oh my gosh!! I just lived this precious moment with you from the beginning to the end of the video!! When you got to the part when you saw the results, I just started bawling my eyes of excitement and gratitude for both of you! 💜🙏🏼 I felt like I was there living every second of it! Congratulations!! You both have beautiful souls!! Blessings to you 3!! 👶🏻🥰🥳💜
Felicia Bourque💜
I can't wait to see Taylor's reaction. Y'all are going to be the best parents ever. Such a blessing 🙌
Haylee Stotts
Haylee Stotts 4 mesi fa
I’m excited for you guys. I just found out I’m pregnant as well and I’m glad I can feel closer to you guys during this experience! I love you both and I will be praying for all pregnant women and families out there including y’all! ❤❤❤
Mrs. Cook
Mrs. Cook 4 mesi fa
so happy for y’all to start a family. y’all will be amazing parents
Nicole 2 mesi fa
Awww congrats. So happy for you. You're gonna be an amazing mama. I don't know you but I can just tell you're gonna be an amazing mama ❤😊
r h y a n 🤠 #WWJD
the way her hand was shaking when she found out!!!! so sweet! y’all are gonna be such good parents!
Trinity 3 mesi fa
How do you know? 😒
Envie Sharp
Envie Sharp 4 mesi fa
Ahhhh I’m so happy for you guys I’ve been following you guys on tik tok for awhile now and I can just tell you guys will be great parents congratulations
Mackenzie Cure
Mackenzie Cure 4 mesi fa
I’m excited to see Taylor’s reaction!
Tenley Pape
Tenley Pape 4 mesi fa
Jordan’s Life
Jordan’s Life 4 mesi fa
Me too!!😊
dragonflies_4 4 mesi fa
Same!? ❤
Billie Brown
Billie Brown 4 mesi fa
Instant chills when she showed him walking in! 😍
tam tri
tam tri 4 mesi fa
Cora Wilson
Cora Wilson 4 mesi fa
Congratulations! I’m so happy for you guys. Did yous wait until marriage before having sex? I’m assuming you did, if so this is exactly what should’ve happened because it’s happened so fast for you! ❤️❤️
Gigi Garza
Gigi Garza 4 mesi fa
Ahhh I’m so happy for you guyssss!!! 🎉❤🥰 This is amazing and you guys are gonna be awesome parents!! Can’t wait to see everyone’s reactions and go along the journey with y’all! Thanks for bringing us along!!! ❤️
kiki 4 mesi fa
This baby is being born into such a beautiful family. He or she will be so loved. Praying for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby!!! 🥰🥰
Amber Van Buren
Amber Van Buren 2 mesi fa
Congratulations 🎉❤ so excited for you both
Cam Kovaleski
Cam Kovaleski 4 mesi fa
This was the cutest and most wholesome reaction. Your husband's reaction was even cuter. So happy for you both
Lora Poe
Lora Poe 4 mesi fa
Congratulations 💝God bless you all!
Amanda Brault
Amanda Brault 4 mesi fa
Girl your reaction was amazing mama. Loved this.
Ryan Sohaski
Ryan Sohaski 4 mesi fa
Wow😭🥹🥹so happy for you guys! Can’t wait for the next video!!
Kas 🤘🏻
Kas 🤘🏻 4 mesi fa
I’m so happy and excited for you guys! I’ve been watching you guys since the tiktok of baby clothes in target I look up to you guys!!🎉❤
Tracey Leary
Tracey Leary 4 mesi fa
Aww beautiful congratulations guys ❤👶🏽🤰
Megan Jonette
Megan Jonette 4 mesi fa
Love this 💕 not only am I so excited for both of you, but I am so excited for you in a whole. I can only imagine how beautiful of a feeling is knowing there is a baby in your belly (and also at the time being the only one who knew). So excited to see Taylor’s reaction!
Laila of Destiny
Congratulations! Children are a gift from God!!!🎉 May the Lord continually bless your growing family!
Courtney Crawford
awwwwh 😭❤️ i’ve been following you guys for a long time on tiktok and i’m so happy for you two (soon to be three) ❤ your relationship is so beautiful i love you guys sm ❤️❤️🫶🏼
Keeping Up With Malana
Congratulations!! When I found out I started crying in happy tears for you guys! I love you guys so much and I know you guys are going to be the best parents!❤️
Raissa Juliana
Raissa Juliana 4 mesi fa
Omg no way!!!! Started watching yall on tiktok! Absolutely thrilled for you guys! My husband and I found out we were pregnant almost 2 month after our wedding. Our little girl Is now 3 as of April 🥰💕🙈
Courtney💕 4 mesi fa
I cried so much for you both. Can’t wait to see Taylor’s reaction. Congratulations girl, your heart is so full ❤️🦋
Eastyn 4 mesi fa
Your reaction was so cute! Y’all are going to be amazing parents! I pray that your pregnancy goes smoothly❤
Annika Blinson
Annika Blinson 4 mesi fa
I am so happy for y’all!!!
Noelle Clearman
Noelle Clearman 4 mesi fa
I cried happy tears the whole time. You guys are amazing, I am so happy for you!!!! ❤ I cannot WAIT to see you as parents. You are both going to be so amazing. Sending all of my prayers and love throughout this journey for you both!!!!
Layla Martin
Layla Martin 4 mesi fa
congratulations you guys!! 😘 much love 💕💕
Chloe Williamson
So wholesome and sweet! Can't wait for next video ❤❤❤
Marianne Lee
Marianne Lee 4 mesi fa
So sweet! Congratulations 🎀💙
couu alis
couu alis 4 mesi fa
Congrats girly!!! You got pregnant one month after me, so we are in this together haha! Blessings to you and Taylor
ly cu
ly cu 4 mesi fa
Gray Freeman
Gray Freeman 4 mesi fa
So excited for y’all to become a family!
Charlotte Driscoll
So happy for you guys 🎉
abigail trevino
abigail trevino 4 mesi fa
So happy for you!!! ❤
Danielle Barr
Danielle Barr 4 mesi fa
They joy is beyond anything amazing!!! Congratulations y’all!!!
Breanna Seal
Breanna Seal 4 mesi fa
Congrats you both will be amazing parents.🩷💙
Kaytlynn Ioerger
I’m so excited for you guys, I have a 2 months old baby girl about to be 3 months and I’m telling you she is the biggest blessing, I cannot wait to watch you guys grow not just as parents but as a couple as well. 💛 congratulations you two! 😊
Laura Schulz
Laura Schulz 3 mesi fa
I am on the day exactly as far as you are and I also found out that I’m pregnant the same day as you! And it’s also my first. So excited to see you guys do everything ❤
Priscilla Bernal
I had goosebumps watching this. I am over the moon excited for you both. Can’t wait to see Taylor’s reaction. 🩷🩵 I can’t wait to see this Journey you both are on now. The best gift GOD ever gave me, was being a Mother. Pure ❤️ LOVE.
Kennedi Tompkins
OMG congrats you guys! I'm so Incredibly happy for you guys!!!
Tiffany Hartman
Tiffany Hartman 4 mesi fa
Congratulations! So happy for you guys! Praying for a healthy beautiful pregnancy for you girl! We actually just found out we are pregnant on April 14th. I’m officially 8 weeks today and due date is December 23rd! So exciting for December Christmas babies! 😍
Sammi Heit
Sammi Heit 4 mesi fa
Hi from Australia ❤ congratulations I'm so happy for you both x
Heather Sutton
Heather Sutton 4 mesi fa
So excited for y'all!! Babies are a lot and amazing at the same time. During this time, Taylor and you need to go do all the things you want before kids come because then you never have alone time which is fine but man....
Y’all are going to make such good parents ( this video was so cute ) ❤
Megan Montgomery
This made my day! Finding out is so life changing and emotions on high! I’m so excited for you both and may y’all have an amazing and blessed pregnancy 💕💙 (team girl 🙃)
Julianna Slabaugh
🥰 I’m so happy for y’all and so excited! The suspense tho y’all come on lol 😅 Love it 😍
Chelsea Renee
Chelsea Renee 4 mesi fa
🎉🎉 congratulations again y’all will be great parents 🩵🤍🩷
That’s So Caitlin
What a beautiful blessing! I’m so happy to see y’all’s journey! Praying for a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby❤️
Odelia 4 mesi fa
so beyond excited for you guys! you will be the absolute best parents, and im so excited for this next chapter❤❤
Selena Calderon
Selena Calderon 4 mesi fa
Keep doing you. dont let no one stop you from being happy. the child will be a blessing to your guys life and always will be .
Izabelle Campbell
you guys are gonna be the best parents!!💕
Kambrea Mitchell
Congratulations guys!!! That's so exciting! I love watching new mom's find out they're pregnant, it's so precious to see their reactions and then the father's as well. ❤
Kayley Donald
Kayley Donald 4 mesi fa
Congratulations you guys, love you guys a wonderful and beautiful couple you guys are❤
madelynnnn♡︎ #TEAMSHARKS!
I’m so happy for you guys! I geared up so much when you found out!
Shelby Nash
Shelby Nash 4 mesi fa
Congratulations you guys I’m so excited for you guys you guys are going to be amazing parents
Kiley Isom
Kiley Isom 4 mesi fa
I also just found out I’m pregnant with my hubby and we’re 20. So excited to watch your journey throughout my own ☺️
lindsay Lyn
lindsay Lyn 4 mesi fa
You're going to be amazing parents! So happy for you and this new journey. Love you guys.
Kate Peterson
Kate Peterson 4 mesi fa
I’m so happy for y’all! My sister Emily had a hard time having a baby she had a miscarriage but she has a healthy 1 year old now and almost 2 years old and my other sister had her first baby not long after they’re only like 1 months apart and we are so blessed CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! God knows you were ready and ahhh so excited for you guys!!!!
Amber Bertino
Amber Bertino 4 mesi fa
Congratulations!!! I am so happy for u both be awesome parents
Jay Collier
Jay Collier 4 mesi fa
Congratulations so excited! How many kids do you want? Y’all are the cutest couple ever ❤️❤️
Yanna La’Faye
Yanna La’Faye 4 mesi fa
such a beautiful video and happy for you guys!!!🥹❤️❤️
Emily Lemoine
Emily Lemoine 4 mesi fa
I know that pain of wanting a baby sooo badly ❤ congrats!
Monica Smith
Monica Smith 4 mesi fa
This is the most beautiful video I’ve ever!! I literally cried❤️❤️❤️
Reese Etcheson
Reese Etcheson 4 mesi fa
i’m so so happy for you guys!! also exciting!! sending you both so many prayers and so much love 🙏🏻💗💗🫶🏻
Anna Talbert
Anna Talbert 4 mesi fa
Congratulations both of you!
Mikaela Telles
Mikaela Telles 4 mesi fa
Your reaction was the most precious thing omg I LOVE IT. So so happy!!! I’ve always wanted to be a mom too and I can’t even imagine the emotions I would be feeling in that moment realizing there’s a baby inside of me already. Can’t wait for more of the journey
Jada 🤍
Jada 🤍 4 mesi fa
My husband and I are currently trying! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Praying for yall for a gentle, healthy, easy pregnancy!! Youre already beautiful but yall are gonna be the cutest parents!! Youll rock that baby bump!!! 🤍✨ Im already gonna guess its a girl!! 💞
Hailey Gravatt
Hailey Gravatt 4 mesi fa
i’m so excited for you guys! becoming parents is the best adventure in life❤️
Sophie Goodwin
Sophie Goodwin 4 mesi fa
Congratulations to you both. I look forward to seeing Taylor’s reaction ❤
Kenadi Jean
Kenadi Jean 3 mesi fa
I am so happy for you guys you are going to be the most amazing parents ❤❤❤
Natalie Nicholson
Your reaction was just beautiful 🥹 I am so happy for both of you
Miley Sanchez
Miley Sanchez 4 mesi fa
I’m so happy for you too! Can’t wait to watch your beautiful family grow❤️
Denise Bohorquez
I just stumbled across this video and you remind me so much of myself. I was exactly like you. I used to get that exact same pain. I literally cried to my mom when I was like 16 because I wanted to be a mom so bad but knew I was too young and needed to wait. Lol now I’m 26 and my husband and I have been trying for 6 years since we got married. Still no luck 😞 but staying positive we will finally get our chance soon! Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! I am so so so happy for you ♥️
dalynn sparks
dalynn sparks 4 mesi fa
You guys are going to be such amazing parents.I can’t wait!! ❤
Ella Young
Ella Young 4 mesi fa
I’m so excited for y’all, I started tearing up and I got emotional just watching it! I can’t wait to see your Godly parenting and your beautiful child! Congratulations ❤
Bella Rose
Bella Rose 4 mesi fa
Congratulations to both!!
Alissa Purdie
Alissa Purdie 4 mesi fa
This gave me all the feels!! I always wanted a baby and my dream came true in august last year when I found out I was pregnant. 😍😍 Sharing the news with your partner and loved ones is everything. I now have the most beautiful 3 week old baby boy which was all I ever wished for. I am so excited to watch you both on your journey to become parents ❤❤❤❤
Liliana Zurita
Liliana Zurita 4 mesi fa
Congratulations to you both!! 💖Sophia, your reaction was so wholesome, you’re going to be an amazing mommy! Sooo excited to see Taylor’s reaction
Lakyn Reed
Lakyn Reed 4 mesi fa
congrats! i can’t wait to see this wonderful little baby! i’m super exited for this little baby, and i’m a HUGE fan!!!
Katherine Smith
Katherine Smith 4 mesi fa
I'm so happy for you guys 🥺❤ you and Taylor are gonna be such amazing parents to a beautiful little baby!!
Ella Wappner
Ella Wappner 4 mesi fa
So excited for you guys!! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy 💗
Mikala Holmes
Mikala Holmes 4 mesi fa
so happy for you both. I don’t think God has placed a desire in my husbands and my heart to have children but it makes me very happy to see couples like you two so excited to be starting a family 🫶🏼. prayers for a healthy and safe pregnancy ❣️
CROSSTATT 2 mesi fa
I'm so happy for you! I wish you the best with pregnancy.
Cheryl Mantle
Cheryl Mantle 4 mesi fa
❤😊 congratulations…. Can’t wait to follow your journey to parenthood! You guys are going to be great!!
Bonnie Malcomson
So happy we’re pregnant together 🫶🏻🫶🏻 wishing you guys a happy and healthy baby ❤️
Jaycee Langston
Jaycee Langston 4 mesi fa
So beyond excited for y’all!! This baby is gonna be so blessed! Seeing y’all’s journey has been such an inspiration! 💖
Faith Purcell
Faith Purcell 4 mesi fa
Your reaction is so sweet. You guys are going to be such great parents and are going to have such a beautiful baby. I'm so happy for you guys! God has such good plans for your family, and he will watch over you. I hope your whole pregnancy goes well for you all.❤
Amber Cierra
Amber Cierra 4 mesi fa
Cant wait to see Taylors reaction! I am so happy for you both! Prayers to you and your little one! ❤️
Elogium Mese fa
Fantastic, congrats to you both :)
Chris David
Chris David 4 mesi fa
Hi Sophie and Taylor!! So happy for you both!
Taylor & Soph
Taylor & Soph 4 mesi fa
Hi!!! Thank you🥹❤️
Alyssa Schloss
Alyssa Schloss 4 mesi fa
I am so excited to see Taylor’s reaction. Congratulations soph this is beautiful. Your love for Jesus is beautiful. You deserve all the good
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