First Time LeBron Played in Cleveland, Scariest NBA Game of All Time!

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Did you know they threw batteries at them. The atmosphere was insane. Anger and hate filled the air. It felt like a Game 7. The tension and fans made you fear the worst case scenario. LeBron James doesn’t get enough credit for how he performed, and responded. This game is up there with his best of all time.

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21 giu 2018




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PHP 4 anni fa
People around the NBA, and fans feared LeBron could’ve been hurt during this game. What did you think? This game is one of LeBron’s best, the hostile environment, the pressure. He performs like it’s Game 7. Thanks for watching. Subscribe if you haven’t!
Eric paul Thompson
A❤ broke that night
Manuel Narvaez
LeFlop, LeChoke, LeQuit, etc., etc. AND Mistake-By-The-Lake Cleveland a match made in heaven!!!
Michael Tom
Michael Tom Mese fa
how many points did he drop?
Mohammed Ali Khan
It shows how mentally strong Lebron really is. He didn't let this behavior from few fans affect his love for the team and city, came back and delivered a championship few years later. 👏
Mrs ARVO 20 giorni fa
@004 Stroka that shot don’t matter without that block take nothing from Kyrie but he wouldn’t be on the finals stage without Lebron James!!!! Has Kyrie been back to the finals ever since??
Manuel Narvaez
Manuel Narvaez 28 giorni fa
@ChaseRiver More than that still don't respect LeFlop, LeChoke who only plays to self-padt inflate his own personal stats not winning the ultimate team prize despite hopping to different Superteams.
ChaseRiver 28 giorni fa
a few fans? That was a whole stadium of people that hated his ass
Dub Mese fa
@Manuel Narvaez I’m not the one using words like Neanderthal 😂
Manuel Narvaez
@Dub You first, urban neanderthal.
J Bartlett
J Bartlett 10 mesi fa
Been a Cleveland fan all my life. This was horrible, he left because management was shit. Same dorks loved him when he delivered that chip
Michael 3 giorni fa
There is a concept called forgiveness. I guess they forgave him because he stayed accountable to his promise. But at this time, it was looking like he wasn’t going to stay accountable to that promise.
Southside_ Mar 2.0
And do did u
Andrew Goldin
Lebrons story is so dynamic. To come back to Cleveland after this and bring them their first championship, it is a story book ending to that chapter. Now he's in LA and got a ring already. This mans career has been a journey. 3 rings on 3 different teams and being the best player on all of them.
Tommy Hart
Tommy Hart 6 ore fa
Not a real ring in LA lol. He won a summer AAU tournament. He has 3 NBA championships.
lul bam
lul bam Mese fa
@Mitchell no game was tied anybody could’ve hit that shit tf or bron could’ve took it to the cup either or he the reason they had to ball anyway
A 1 Enterprise
A 1 Enterprise 6 mesi fa
This guy literally has had 3-4 different sagas in his career all at peak prone levels. Insane. Most scrutinized player of all time
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy 2 giorni fa
Bill Russel is the most scrutinised player of all time. Boos from Cleveland fans don’t compare to racial abuse from your own city
Fl01892 4 giorni fa
@ty shu IT'S THE FACTS!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😁
Fl01892 4 giorni fa
@Chiasmata lol
hhsdugc 12 giorni fa
False, this is an opinion from a bronsexual
wadadlli 22 giorni fa
​@the cake is a lie one of the greatest but overrated ?
Simone Elia
Simone Elia 10 mesi fa
people don’t give lebron enough credit for how mature of a man he has been since he was young
gorn Mese fa
Protect David Chase Taylor
Watching Lebron play, even though obviously we’ve all been watching him for years, is still crazy. We will likely never see as complete and versatile a basketball player ever again. Anything there is to do in basketball Lebron does at an extremely high level.
Huncho Davinci
Huncho Davinci 2 mesi fa
Free throws?
Okoro Ifeanyichukwu
@Ash Luka plays no defense bro❗🤦🏻‍♂️
Ash 3 mesi fa
Honestly luka is that and even tho I'm the biggest Bron fan luka prob will surpass him if he keeps playing at the rate he is
L L 4 mesi fa
@Iggy Stardust hes avg at ft and 3pt
Iggy Stardust
Iggy Stardust 4 mesi fa
@L L Lol bro he does both great. At least clutch 3s
Yankees91919191 4 anni fa
Impressive how calm he played. Just another game for him like the crowd wasn’t there
aMiFiii 9 mesi fa
@-LordBacOn- The Great This was the start of dark Lebron. Before he was all love and fancy handshakes. After the media turned on him for the Decision he found his shadow character.
hamoIQ 9 mesi fa
If anything he seemed to be playing better cause of it just to prove it to them
WoahHeezy 9 mesi fa
HAN NAV 10 mesi fa
This is something that so many NBA players doesn’t have. With so much pressures he has, he was still calm and even motivates him even more.
shaft9000 Mese fa
It's just too bad that in his prime he couldn't handle the pressure against a declining Jason Terry in The Finals. Oh well. At least his fans don't care about failure enough to notice, or they'd have stopped bleating "GoAt! HUR-DURRR" along time ago.
shaft9000 Mese fa
@LucasFTW101 You've just failed to spell _you're_ correctly
LucasFTW101 2 mesi fa
@j nike your just a hater
j nike
j nike 3 mesi fa
4n10 in ifinals,he's not the player u think he is,he's terrible when in really matters
Quilton Hootenanny
What about those 2 Indiana pacer fans that said some mean words so he had them removed from the arena?
RayTv Anno fa
I love how they stopped booing him towards the end of the game cause he was giving them buckets lol
Michael 3 giorni fa
You people brush your non existent egos too much. They stopped boing this game because the game was almost over and they already let him know how much they hate him. They continued after until he stayed accountable and finally manned up to bring Cleveland a championship.
lloyd peneza
lloyd peneza 2 mesi fa
They got tired lmao he was still good despite the booing hahahaha
Mamba x King
Mamba x King Anno fa
@Jayden Vert Thanks and Funny pfp!
Jayden Vert
Jayden Vert Anno fa
@Mamba x King *Indeed.* And also for you, W username.
Mamba x King
Mamba x King Anno fa
W pfp
Héctor Saúl Maldonado
I'm definitely not a LeBron fan but the way he embraced this moment is something to admire
Kelly Austin
Kelly Austin Mese fa
I'm definitely a LeBron fan and you are right.
Lee Namin
Lee Namin 3 mesi fa
how is it something to admire lol i was disgusted.
No limit ty
No limit ty 3 mesi fa
@apapz3245 he got u on that one😂😂😂😂 your clownin on a billionaire my man
Javian Johnson
Man, even watching the footage 12 years later is still so chillin. Gotta give LeBron credit with not shying away from this atmosphere, I bet walking out of the tunnel you could feel and breathe in the toxicity and hatred in that arena.
Jonathan martinez
@Quilton Hootenanny they literally said they wanted his kids to die and they were courtside…
Xzenoph Mese fa
Chilling! Horrifying! Terrifying! So scary!
Powwie1 Rodriguez
@Quilton Hootenannypretty sure that was because they said something about his kids
Quilton Hootenanny
But 2 little Indiana pacer fans said a few words so he had them kicked out of the arena
Blood Cuz
Blood Cuz 9 mesi fa
This game wasn’t a message for the Cleveland “fans” or the opposing team… This was a message sent to the owners 😎
Stuffed Bear
Stuffed Bear Mese fa
@Critique Everything ahaha are you kidding ? Hahah
Critique Everything
@Stuffed Bear What choice did he have? The owners at Cleveland sucked and Lebron didn’t have a good system around them. He literally carried that organization on his back.
Stuffed Bear
Stuffed Bear Mese fa
@Steve Bean bro your name is steve speak normal
Steve Bean
Steve Bean Mese fa
@Stuffed Bear and hating on someone putting they self first😂😂
MIKO SANTOS 3 anni fa
they finished 19-63 and the sign says"who needs lebron"
Junior Hernandez
Junior Hernandez 28 giorni fa
They weren’t gonna win anyways, I guess that’s his point but still it’s really petty how the fans treated him. It’s like they felt like he owed them.
GeorgeRemix Mese fa
They finished the year in which jfk was assassinated
terry Davis
terry Davis Mese fa
Steve Bean
Steve Bean Mese fa
@mike Ion they were still hot ass even if they weren’t tanking…
Steven Vargas
Steven Vargas 3 mesi fa
Huge respect to Lebron not trashing Cleveland! What a class act at such a young age.
SneakyPlayz 10 mesi fa
Honestly I am very impressed with how Lebron spoke and carried himself. Its amazing that with all the money and fame he has been grounded and focused.
maxmilli25 10 mesi fa
I remember how intense this game was. LBJ and the Heat spanked the Cavs. It’s funny how this was the game that turned their season around at that point and sparked that 4 year dominance…
TheSBleeder Anno fa
I forget that he was only 26 years old here. I can't imagine being 26 and having to perform in an arena full of people who want me dead.
Logan Black
Logan Black Mese fa
@Mystic Lebron was 24 buddy boy
Mystic Mese fa
He was 25. He even mentions it at 10:37
Steve Whitener
He was probably 25. His bday is at the very end of December.
Triple C
Triple C Anno fa
Yeah he was still a kid, happy go lucky. That finals series fucked him up too later in the season. It was sad to see but I LIVE for the days he perseveres man cause it ain't NEVER been easy for him.
BxB 10 mesi fa
A beautiful moment that I'll never forget. Was so proud of Lebron
Sean Deady
Sean Deady 3 anni fa
Mad respect to Lebron for actually playing in this game and not dodging with a fake injury like kyrie
Your Barber
Your Barber 2 mesi fa
@Masembo RossYeah because you’d be able to play basketball the next day after getting infected screws removed from your knee?😂 Sure bro
Josiah White
Josiah White 3 mesi fa
@Hayden 😂😂😂
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 6 mesi fa
And lowry
Adam Christie
Adam Christie 7 mesi fa
Or Ben Simmons
Kyrie haters still down terrible
JR Plays
JR Plays Anno fa
Crazy how LeBron is so chill while playing
Carter Bilbro
LeBron is an amazing human being. So professional in the postgame interview. They didn’t deserve respect. They didn’t deserve anything, but he gave them everything
Chris56076 9 mesi fa
He is not
Lord Kodi
Lord Kodi 10 mesi fa
This is the pure definition of taking something or someone for granted. Only when its gone you finally realize how valuable it truly was!!!
Paul George
Paul George Anno fa
LeBron could’ve did the silencer after every shot he made 😭
Nekia Jay
Nekia Jay 9 mesi fa
Gives you chills to think he came back and won a championship for them 🫶🏽 Cleveland !!!
Monte James
Monte James 4 anni fa
It amazes me how the fans are more focus on booing lebron than actually cheering for their team.
Hgrihdrhbv Gguggguhvv
@A. Yhprum nadia Ohio st
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee 5 mesi fa
@VampireYoshi Why disgusting?
VampireYoshi 5 mesi fa
Betrayal elicits far stronger emotions than support. It wasn't really that he left, it was the way he publicly humiliated his home region when doing so. When they welcomed him back a few years later with open arms, it was absolutely one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. #FLJ
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee 5 mesi fa
@Safro You're going to prison.
Ricardo Luna
Ricardo Luna 8 mesi fa
As a person who was in that arena that day it felt so scary so chilling something about the booing and hate was so scary
KD Burner
KD Burner 2 mesi fa
Dwayne 9 mesi fa
I remember this game and was legit worried that something was gonna happening. I know security took extra steps to make sure that didn't happen, but I GENUINELY was afraid for LeBron even though I hated dude at that point too 😂.
ENERGIZERb 9 mesi fa
I like 👍 the way he kept his poise during the interview. If you've been around him since the south rangers peewee football you know he was still on edge even after the game. He was so glad this was over. But skill can't be suppressed by boos and jeers. All of Akron cheered for him and we follow him wherever ❤ he goes. He belong to "us" not Cleveland.
Car Mania
Car Mania 6 mesi fa
I was a Jordan fan. LeBron’s basketball story amazed me.
Carter Southall
Carter Southall 8 mesi fa
Watching this years later is so nostalgic, the fact he came back, the fact steve Kerr is the broadcaster lol
Sweeby 3 anni fa
Lebron has the nba record for most people booing at him in 1 game
VXXG 5 mesi fa
Crowd just salty and soft that he came back and clapped them
Ivan Diaz
Ivan Diaz 9 mesi fa
@K-C x the energy in that building was so tense it was actually scary everytime he would touch the ball you couldn’t even hear the announcers that’s all I gotta say
Ivan Diaz
Ivan Diaz 9 mesi fa
@K-C x way worst
Super Hi-Fi
Super Hi-Fi 10 mesi fa
Vince Carter does low-key
chiwezzy 10 mesi fa
And a record for playing on the most teams that are stacked. He needs help
Lucane Anno fa
Crazy how he’s literally about to be 37 and he was 25 here … time really flies
r j
r j 10 mesi fa
I'm not much of a lebron fan but I like the way he handled the situation just focused on his game despite everyone that hated him there that didn't bother him at all
dcmasta123 5 mesi fa
Every once in a while I’ll come back to watch this comeback to Cleveland game lol.
Zachary David V Bangura
LeBron James was loved by the fans, that why no body attacked him, he was one of us, at that moment anger was within us, but u look at other games we always cheers for him when ever he comes home to play against Cleveland
Abeiku Armoo
Abeiku Armoo 3 mesi fa
Amazing how different his game has developed ❤
Jay Kelz
Jay Kelz 4 anni fa
The fact that he was so un-phased by all of this says a lot also. He balled out this game also, in spite of knowing ANYTHING could happen with all them people in there.. That gotta be acknowledged.
Mc loving Deeznuts
Anything could happen what the fans all smuggled 🔫 and cap him of course they where upset could you imagine mj or Kobe leaving of there teams I happens all the time now but not back then
Huskie Huskerson
Dude those people are literally insignificant, he had Miami fans once he signed with them, so those people literally because insignificant and they are to spend so much energy on one dude and one team, so fucking pathetic
Upton333 4 anni fa
Lets not use proper grammar or anything... #dumbitdown
stealthiscool 4 anni fa
EUPHORIC Le-WiS and that’s an excuse for laying an egg in the finals after disrespecting Dirk and the Mavs?
Sam Sachnowitz
gotta love how humble he was at the end
Antonio R.
Antonio R. 9 mesi fa
There's never been anyone like him. Damn.
John19 76Rome
John19 76Rome 7 mesi fa
That was love in disguise and Cleveland fans showed it the instant he decided to go back!
strrands Mese fa
wow, now he's the all time leading scorer
Jake 4 mesi fa
Man I loved watching LeBron in his prime. What a monster.
Proceid 3 anni fa
Came back to Cleveland and proved how bad they were without him 🤣🤣🤣
RJ Rude
RJ Rude 18 giorni fa
Proved? 😂 they already knew
mattymat1616 29 giorni fa
No one was under the impression the Cavs would be any good without Bron.
​@poch vincent oporto troll comment
duderpeace Mese fa
​@IC he never said it last year . When he was in high school and said wanted to be greatest basketball player in the world but he never announced that he is greatest player in the world
Modernity is TRASH
@IC he is the goat
Will 6 mesi fa
Started out LOUD then it got real quiet 👀. This game was legendary still to this day
Terrence Alston
Terrence Alston 9 mesi fa
I remember watching this game as a CAVS fan from Cleveland and yes the fans, our fans let him have it. Now some of the signs crossed the lines but fans is short for fanatic!!!! I was home in Cleveland years later for game 7 watching with family when we won the chip in 2016!!!
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee 9 mesi fa
Is "championship" that hard a word for you?
Johnathan Cano
10:41 it is crazy that he actually came back and brought a championship to Cleveland
Real Life
Real Life 10 mesi fa
Silky LewJr
Silky LewJr 10 mesi fa
That probably was the most seats filled that whole season 🤣🤣
monicaChrisAhn 3 anni fa
Everyone who burned or ruined their jersey, imagine how much regret they mustve had especially when lebron came back to bring a chip to cavs.
Glitter 9 mesi fa
@Dude Idk I’d say that’s a big part of the reason he was hated. A lot of people often criticized him at the time just due to the fact he left for Miami to join bosh and dwade. My criticism upon them deserving a championship was the way he was treated for leaving, not by just the fans but by the entire cavs organization. They refused to invest in the team like other teams did, Celtics, lakers, etc. After the decision was made everyone burned his Jersey & many other things.. & yes you’re right, that was the best championship. For a team to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals on arguably the greatest team assembled is insane.
Shawn Louisiana
Shawn Louisiana 9 mesi fa
Not only that but when he retire🤦🏾‍♂️ they gone regret it
Ray Mayo
Ray Mayo 9 mesi fa
I was a cavs fan til he came back 😂😂 i was like i cant forgive that nigga started watching hornets
Reza Masomi #Themindisall
They don’t regret nothing lol
M Dro
M Dro 9 mesi fa
HATERS thats why there spectators
Elijah Armanie
Elijah Armanie 11 mesi fa
The worst part about is he really gave it to them 😭😭🐐
kers 8 mesi fa
i feel tensed already playing in my suberb league with couple of tens of people being quiet. Imagine playing with thousands of people, booing you every possession. What mental strength this guy has
GW 2 mesi fa
One of the most exciting nights as a Heat fan.
Allen Pangs
Allen Pangs 6 mesi fa
The fact Lebron stand without teary eyes. That is just a real gentleman moment
Domo Huncho
Domo Huncho 8 mesi fa
This was an extremely emotional game for Cleveland there best player moved on and Ik they was heated id be pretty upset if my favorite left his home team
ISHWAR BEPIN 3 anni fa
At that time who knew this man would comeback and end the 52 year drought for championship. Simply one of the greatest.
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee 2 mesi fa
@Twiss no
Twiss 2 mesi fa
@Jon Hohensee We all know. Your correction was redundant
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee 5 mesi fa
come back
Chukwudumebi Smarty
I was there when I was 8 with my mom and brother and I can say it was wild. In the 4th quarter, the crowd was getting even more wild and they started chanting "Bullshit" and at that point my mom took me and my bro and we dipped. I was salty then but looking back it was probably for the best 🤣
1 IN A BILLION.. unfortunately.. predetermined
Great performance from LeBron considering the anger and heat against him in that building.
Aren #
Aren # 7 mesi fa
The man made sacrifices worked so hard to get where he’s at now no matter where he plays he don’t deserve to be disrespected for that reason
Sfslax32 10 mesi fa
I live in and am from northern ohio and am also not a cavs fan so i have a strange perspective, i gotta say i was scared this game that somebody would do something crazy. Also the way lebron responded and performed to all of it, it should surprise nobody that 10 years later hes argueably the best player ever
James Berry III
James Berry III 2 mesi fa
One of the ✨Best Games to watch ever!! He Shut them haterz down Completely
Jahn Symon Rivera
Deep down inside the fans who are crying inside, they missed him so much.
Tay Yates
Tay Yates 7 mesi fa
Duh I was there..missed him like hell
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee 9 mesi fa
jordan baker
jordan baker Anno fa
I highly doubt we'll ever see a reaction like this to a star player leaving a team to this magnitude again.
Colten _
Colten _ 10 mesi fa
Nah next time aj clown steps foot in nissan youll here boos in all the way in kentucky
Horse -
Horse - 10 mesi fa
The boo when he got the ball for the first time was insane.
They're here.
They're here. 2 mesi fa
4:16 the way they immediately stopped after lebron's ft 😂
He was in beast mode while in Miami miss him and Wade in transition.
Lloyd B
Lloyd B 8 mesi fa
It’s crazy to think LeBron was only 24 when I was watching this in 2010 and now I’m the same age watching him play at a high caliber still. The 🐐
2eightfoe Mese fa
I was 20
Steve Whitener
@BKid 05 Well not 26 yo in 2010 until the end of December of that year.
Chiasmata Mese fa
@Zachary Peery LeBron has literally way more points than Jordan and double the assists and rebounds as Jordan 😂😂😂
Ali Chaudhry
Ali Chaudhry 3 mesi fa
@Zachary Peery LeBron is leaving behind a great legacy. This is a video highlighting LeBron's achievements. Expect to see legions of LeBron fans. And so it's natural for them to proclaim him the GOAT out of excitement and admiration. I don't know what you're trying to accomplish making a case for Jordan on a LeBron video. Don't you have a job? A family? Other commitments? What are you doing here lol
MJ 4 anni fa
this was a very scary game, no lie. felt a wacko would’ve done somethin crazy
Triple C
Triple C Anno fa
@Jason Vyzer LeBron meant so much to the city being an actual native that it probably was "scary" to certain ppl. You never know what a fan will do or LeBron if he felt a certain way. It doesn't make the city look bad but back then LeBron leaving Cleveland was as big as an event as EVER.
444 444
444 444 4 anni fa
misterjdog Cause you Cleveland fans were shaming a man at unccesary levels. At the end of the day it's just a sport. Plus he owed the team nothing and it's his career anyway so he decides where he plays
George Weasley
George Weasley 4 anni fa
Aaron Rodgers And you act like that's a good thing 🙄 there are way bigger stadiums in America too genius, but as far as being "scarier" that depends on a lot more than crowd noise.
andrew naranjo
andrew naranjo 4 anni fa
Pretty sure if every single person in the crown unified and ran at the court at the same time lebron would have died. How are you stopping 20000 people charging at you. Lebron was lucky Cleveland isn’t that crazy but for the security to bank on them no doing that is crazy he shouldn’t have played that game.
Random Rob
Random Rob 4 anni fa
Wasn’t scary at all! What are you on about?! It’s all part of sports. It’s good fun.
Geordie Jones
Geordie Jones 10 mesi fa
The Heat played just as many away games as every other team this year but it felt like every they went on the road it was into yet another playoff-like atmosphere. Heatles lit a fire under the entire NBA.
Noah K
Noah K 2 anni fa
A look back after 10 years later, this still visualizes the scariest game ever in nba history
Frank Marshall
Frank Marshall 10 mesi fa
Nah palace beat down wax lol
DubNational 9 mesi fa
idc what team lebron plays on i just want it to be entertaining and he never fails to keep a game boring
Zee Siu
Zee Siu 7 mesi fa
hating for what?🥱
Nicholas Bistrong
Bro came back and dropped 40 on them💀. I’m a huge heat fan and lebron fan and man was it fun watching this game
the bird snatcher
i love seeing the city come together like this
For real tho u gotta respect LeBron for coming back to win a title for such pathetic fans. They legit burnt his jersey and hammered him with insults, some people even wanted to hurt him man. I'm a Cavs fan but damn I'm not sure if these fans deserved a title.
AlwaysUp Gaming
AlwaysUp Gaming 3 anni fa
They deserved a title my man
ulol 3 anni fa
@Heavy Kevy Stunnaham... what did lebron say before he entered tye league? He wanted to be the GOAT
ulol 3 anni fa
@Heavy Kevy Stunnaham... chicago was wade's hometown fyi, stop arguing kid you must have watch nba since the 2010
Cavs nothing without Lebron
Parkour 3 anni fa
Dk B they really were the most salty hateful fans ever and were so fucking happy when he came back....
Jerald Lockhart
He did what he had to do❤😢
LiquidxC 2 mesi fa
Everybody wanted this to be something different, Bron made it look like another day of shooting in the gym. 😂
ChillZhongli 2 mesi fa
I remember watching this when I was in high school, when the Cleveland crowd booing LBJ, I screaming the Tv saying: You don't deserve greatness. That's why the greatness left you high and dry."
Sharmon Blackmon
LeGoat James has always been WISE beyond his years, still a top 5 NBA player in the in league & a billionaire! What’s understood needs no explanation 🐐
Jamal 9 mesi fa
Only man in basketball history to be so hated but loved at the same time for just wanting to win..
Logan Brandt
Logan Brandt 3 anni fa
Gotta have respect for how he handled everything. A lot of people would have completely flopped and the way he handled the interview at the end. Extremely mature for a guy that came straight from high school into the nba. Not very many could even handle that
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee 9 mesi fa
How would YOU know how many could have handled that???
Theophilus Jones
Theophilus Jones 10 mesi fa
The fact that he played good.. and then came back 5 years later to win them a ring... CRAZY
Mr_Integrity 9 mesi fa
He and Barry Bonds are the only 2 athletes I've ever seen get booed in every stadium they played in 👌
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 5 mesi fa
i love when crowds get embarrassed like that
Samuel DeGennaro
Non Cleveland fans just don’t understand, the passion is different here i was 12 when this game took place yet still very emotional, diehard life
Ian Dione Martinez
the decision to take his talents to South Beach was never about trying to learn how to win Championships, it was about proving he can win if only he had enough help around him
Flawess Grace
Flawess Grace 3 anni fa
He handled it really well. If I was him I would have never went back to Cleveland
Flo Bro
Flo Bro 9 mesi fa
@Austin Moran Elmo knows more basketball than you ever will in your entire life. What the Cavs almost were has nothing to do with what they actually were ultimately. The fact that they went from being one or two wins out of the first seed all the way to (at best ) a ninth seed shows you how much of a mess they are. And no a hump isn't just when you can't win big games over and over a hump is where you can't get past whatever Milestone you keep running into no matter how big or small. You also say he can't compete with the west but Elmos retty sure Bron won Championship with the Lakers a few years ago when despite the pandemic the playing field was even for all teams in the West and East.
Austin Moran
Austin Moran 9 mesi fa
@Flo Bro the cavs were a win or 2 out of 1st at one point if you knew basketball you would known that and a hump is a team not being able to win a big game over and over again and if lebron went to the cavs he will such trade everybody for his buddies and turn them into the lakers because he needs superteams and he can't compete in the west because the west wasn't the easy east he played in for most of his career
Flo Bro
Flo Bro 9 mesi fa
@Dominic Lowe how was the Cavs almost first place when they didn't even make the playoffs? Meaning at best they were the ninth seed? What LeBron needs is a couple different pieces around him that'll play better. It's not like Cleveland has been some title Contender ever since he left they would need him to get over the hump.
Dominic Lowe
Dominic Lowe 9 mesi fa
@Flo Bro look at what the cavs were doing this and look at what the Lakers are doing people are saying the cavs should say no to lebron because they don't need him they were almost 1st place in the east with injuries while lebron was trying to not be last place lebron needs Cleveland
Flo Bro
Flo Bro 9 mesi fa
@Dominic Lowe How u figure that?
Flemingo 10 mesi fa
4:05 LeBron's impact and popularity is insane. We won't see this again.
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson 10 mesi fa
What Lebron went thru was crazy during his career! Imagine having your own city booing you!!!!!
Flo Bro
Flo Bro 9 mesi fa
LeBron's a bigger man than most. I could have never returned to a city who's fans that showed this much hate toward a player who gave them seven years of Maximum effort Blood, Sweat and Tears to a franchise that surrounded him with nothing toward the end of his first run
Martin Jugolin
Martin Jugolin 6 mesi fa
When the crowd hates you, I think it can motivate you to prove them wrong with skill & style
A5___br1sk3t 6 mesi fa
26 years old…. what a legend
Dhmir 3 anni fa
Cleveland 7-11 before this game Finished 19-63 Think that says something
Aazib Abdullah
Aazib Abdullah 2 anni fa
Lol they were going to be competitive but they lost 26 straight
Eric Christian
Eric Christian 2 anni fa
@Pcorf Creations as much as I like the Cavs and I'm from the land, it shows that they need LeBron and Kyrie. But mostly Lebron.
Menace 3 anni fa
@Nats Nacua Nigga Kyrie couldnt make it to the playoffs without LeBron tf you talking about
AlwaysUp Gaming
AlwaysUp Gaming 3 anni fa
If any team loses their biggest star(s) the team will suck. For example the 2020 warriors
MKBGAMING 3 anni fa
pedro gates they had a 30 win team before Lebron got back you really think they wasn’t gone make the postseason eventually?
The Truth Revealed
Looking back on this, I’m glad he did it. It taught people that business is business. And it also showed how you can do so much for a group of people, soon as you stop doing it they don’t fuck wit you nomore….
Da Legend17
Da Legend17 2 anni fa
I love how when he destroyed them they didn’t say anything
BigBoyGeorge Anno fa
@Da Legend17 appreciate it bro
Da Legend17
Da Legend17 Anno fa
@BigBoyGeorge I would have made a shush gesture at the end of the game or I would have done a bow like Trae Young (Btw I saw your comment 5 months ago and I liked it so it meant I read it but in case you didn’t know imma just reply to this so you know that I did)
BigBoyGeorge 2 anni fa
He put the babies to sleep 🤣
For the Love of Sports
That performance in that moment. Wow
joseph henry
joseph henry 2 anni fa
hate him or love him he made up for it in every way possible
Carlito Brigante
I know he was trying to put a face that night but knowing the type of person LeBron is nowadays I can't imagine how it felt for him to hear his hometown boo him like that.
Michael Karl
Michael Karl 4 anni fa
Little did they know that D.Wade and Lebron would be on the Cavs in the future lol
tyrek green
tyrek green 4 anni fa
Joan Deep you think oscars better than magic
Certified Fresh
Certified Fresh 4 anni fa
Leland Joseph Lmao he makes Bird look like a bum
4est 4 anni fa
Leland Joseph bird isn’t even top 5 bro. He’s a great player with an incredible mind for the game, but his lack of athleticism simply puts him in top 10 at most. Maybe you could argue him into the 5th spot, but LBJ, Jordan, Hakeem, Kareem, the big O, and arguably wilt/bill are superior to 33.
YOUNG TISA 4 anni fa
And drose
Kwesi Sam
Kwesi Sam 5 mesi fa
I marvel at how lebron James does not let the pressure get to him
Larry Gerald
Larry Gerald 4 mesi fa
To think he was only 26 back then and this is back when the marines sponsored everything is pretty amazing
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