First Time LeBron Played in Cleveland, Scariest NBA Game of All Time! 

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Did you know they threw batteries at them. The atmosphere was insane. Anger and hate filled the air. It felt like a Game 7. The tension and fans made you fear the worst case scenario. LeBron James doesn’t get enough credit for how he performed, and responded. This game is up there with his best of all time.
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21 giu 2018




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@P_H_P 5 anni fa
People around the NBA, and fans feared LeBron could’ve been hurt during this game. What did you think? This game is one of LeBron’s best, the hostile environment, the pressure. He performs like it’s Game 7. Thanks for watching. Subscribe if you haven’t!
@9Checkmate 5 anni fa
PHP I was stressed, I felt like something stupid could’ve happened
@ImNotTrolling 5 anni fa
Charles was right, a dumb fan could’ve done something real dumb
@SPIDERMVN 5 anni fa
He’s going to LA
@waves700 5 anni fa
PHP Thought a fan would’ve tried something
@CREOLEHEAT 5 anni fa
Watched this with my dad who is a big LeBron fan, & we both thought someone was gonna run on the court or assault him as he left the arena.
@mikosantos4576 4 anni fa
they finished 19-63 and the sign says"who needs lebron"
MIKO SANTOS lmfaooooo
@youngkgarrett 4 anni fa
MIKO SANTOS i was thinking the same thing 😂
@chosenone9102 4 anni fa
@Clawzoftime 4 anni fa
They were tanking
@LTrizzyLove 4 anni fa
@@Clawzoftime on accident lmao
It shows how mentally strong Lebron really is. He didn't let this behavior from few fans affect his love for the team and city, came back and delivered a championship few years later. 👏
Exactly….no other player ever did that💯🤷🏾‍♂️
Too bad he's also a racist piece of crap
He should have never came back to Cleveland f’n racist @ss fans. Why would he come back to a city like that after everything these ppl said about him.
@toraso842 Anno fa
Bro said mentally strong 💀 any player that left and goes back to face their former team performs well.
This guy literally has had 3-4 different sagas in his career all at peak prone levels. Insane. Most scrutinized player of all time
@ninjedi6710 Anno fa
that medal belongs to simmons now
Nah hes one of the greats but over rated for sure. Doesnt crack top 10
@rahqoun9735 Anno fa
@@thecakeisalie6601 😂😂😂
@@thecakeisalie6601 gonna crack #1 when he beats the all time scoring record that's for sure
@Jfxkxdvrvr Anno fa
“The player who calls himself the greatest player of all time while playing in the social media age is the most scrutinized of all time” OHH GEE YOU DONT FUCKING SAY
Huge respect to Lebron not trashing Cleveland! What a class act at such a young age.
Partially true. He trashed em on the court😂
@@woshidawanghaha ohh yeah that was inevitable 🤣
@@woshidawanghaha LMFAO!!!🤣👏🏽
Crazy thing is he always planned on coming back to Cleveland, he knew if he never came back he would have been the biggest villain in the history of sports if he didnt
@neptune4359 3 mesi fa
@@NickSandz-qe5teno he didn’t man he only came back because the team looked promising again with Kyrie and Miami culture didn’t give into his agenda so he bounced ship before the team became sorry.
people don’t give lebron enough credit for how mature of a man he has been since he was young
@Bi6M4C Anno fa
@ronnana694 8 mesi fa
Fax bro had a whole ass beard at 18
@Wh4L205 7 mesi fa
@@ronnana694umm that’s normal for a lot of young men.
@ronnana694 7 mesi fa
@@Wh4L205 well I just realized he wasn’t 18 in this video but beards look shit when ur 18
​@@ronnana694having a beard doesn't mean you're mature
@number9999 Anno fa
Bron helping Cleveland win the chip back in 2016 was a huge slap in the face to everyone in this game. Cleveland doesn't deserve Bron.
Honestly should be a 4 peat if kyrie & love isnt injured back then in 2015 plus durant joining GSW in 2017 & 2018
@brennanb6001 2 giorni fa
​@@richardtv9859That's such a delusional viewpoint dude😭😭 That's like saying GSW should've had a 5-peat if they won 1 more game in 2016 and didn't have injuries in 2019. But thats not what happened. Face reality dude. Kd joining the warriors was just a canon event
@sweeby3347 4 anni fa
Lebron has the nba record for most people booing at him in 1 game
@k-cx7137 4 anni fa
Worst than KD tho?
@sgthomas1266 4 anni fa
K-C x him Leaving was worse than KD
@justinbyrd626 4 anni fa
I know just like he holds the record for most ppl calling him a bum when obviously that's false. No player in NBA history has ever had a prime like LBJ. At least he can say I took a middle school team to the finals in 2018 more than any other player to ever play
@sweeby3347 4 anni fa
Justin Byrd just a joke.... even if it’s not funny to you
@mobueh 4 anni fa
Nah vince carter back on toronto
Been a Cleveland fan all my life. This was horrible, he left because management was shit. Same dorks loved him when he delivered that chip
Datz crazy
That's not true dwade Bron and Carmelo all planned to join during the 2008 Olympics. Carmelo was supposed to join but he signed that big contract with the Knicks which is why he never joined.
@XxMVPxDawg Anno fa
@@Michael-md1zj Carmelo was on the Nuggets when Miami's big 3 formed.
@@XxMVPxDawg oh my bad Carmelo actually extended his contract with the Nuggets which made lebron mad cuz they all agreed to join up together. And It was actually the 2004 Olympics they agreed to do this
@Chris56076 Anno fa
No excuses. He should have stayed
@hannav7411 Anno fa
This is something that so many NBA players doesn’t have. With so much pressures he has, he was still calm and even motivates him even more.
@ragingzx Anno fa
That's why he's the chosen one. All that hype and hate and still lived up to it. GOAT.
What about those 2 Indiana pacer fans that said some mean words so he had them removed from the arena?
@jnike4230 Anno fa
4n10 in ifinals,he's not the player u think he is,he's terrible when in really matters
@@jnike4230 your just a hater
@shaft9000 Anno fa
@@lucasftw1019 You've just failed to spell _you're_ correctly
Man his documentary is gonna be amazing, what a career is he having!
This game wasn’t a message for the Cleveland “fans” or the opposing team… This was a message sent to the owners 😎
Why? They gave lebron everything he wanted and he pulled a woman move and joined a super team
@@StuffedBearSus what? The players they gave were hot ass. Lol you for sure just watch highlights… pls don’t talk basketball again 😂
@@stevebean8675 bro ahah your name is steve hahah
@@StuffedBearSus and hating on someone putting they self first😂😂
@@stevebean8675 bro your name is steve speak normal
Watching Lebron play, even though obviously we’ve all been watching him for years, is still crazy. We will likely never see as complete and versatile a basketball player ever again. Anything there is to do in basketball Lebron does at an extremely high level.
You're a nut. Why on Earth will we not see as complete and versatile player again? So ridiculous.
@dakreem3122 Anno fa
bUt Mj
Bro what? Of course a player like that will come again, probably even better ones, the game changes and so do players
@Ril014 Anno fa
@@coolpool4191 nah
@jaesim3150 4 anni fa
"scariest NBA game of all time" -ron artest joins the chat
@shaysaeed9815 4 anni fa
Wow that’s cold 🥶
@sublime90 4 anni fa
exactly. click bait ass title
@Chrisp707- 4 anni fa
@@sublime90 it's not click bait at all. At the time for a player this was the scariest game. Because of game ignorance people were actually scared folk was gone try to hurt him.
@treyroach9017 4 anni fa
Jae Sim 😂😂😂
Man, even watching the footage 12 years later is still so chillin. Gotta give LeBron credit with not shying away from this atmosphere, I bet walking out of the tunnel you could feel and breathe in the toxicity and hatred in that arena.
But 2 little Indiana pacer fans said a few words so he had them kicked out of the arena
@xiunitv4513 Anno fa
@@quiltonhootenanny1174 as a pacer fan you are sadly low iq if you can't see the obvious differences
@@quiltonhootenanny1174pretty sure that was because they said something about his kids
@Xzenoph Anno fa
Chilling! Horrifying! Terrifying! So scary!
@@quiltonhootenanny1174 they literally said they wanted his kids to die and they were courtside…
I'm definitely not a LeBron fan but the way he embraced this moment is something to admire
@apapz3245 Anno fa
@Zoot004 Anno fa
@@apapz3245 LeSalty.
@apapz3245 Anno fa
@@Zoot004 LeTrash
@Zoot004 Anno fa
@@apapz3245 LeGOAT.
@apapz3245 Anno fa
@@Zoot004 LeBald
My Dad and I were at this game. The crowd was vicious! Every time he touched the ball, he was booed. He shut the crowd up when he got hot in the third quarter. He even said that he knew every inch of that court. And he did. He destroyed the Cavs that night.
@fonsy2580 Anno fa
"In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually they will hate you." - Green Goblin
@MadSUPANOVA 22 giorni fa
Try Jesus😅😅. Stan Lee stole every conceivable idea from the Bible
@nobs.1794 Anno fa
There's never been anyone like him. Damn.
@montejames831 4 anni fa
It amazes me how the fans are more focus on booing lebron than actually cheering for their team.
It's impossible to cheer for any Ohio team other than the blue jackets
Now they love him again
Monte James cuz they trash now they ain’t got no team now they wishin they had him back and Kyrie
They had all season too boo duhhhh!!!!!! lol
You know why they're booing him. Dumb comment man.
Honestly I am very impressed with how Lebron spoke and carried himself. Its amazing that with all the money and fame he has been grounded and focused.
@ashtzy9682 Anno fa
Evil lebron is just different🔥
@ericjaynes7150 8 mesi fa
The chalk toss before this particular game was savage af 😂
@SilkyLew Anno fa
That probably was the most seats filled that whole season 🤣🤣
@kersst Anno fa
i feel tensed already playing in my suberb league with couple of tens of people being quiet. Imagine playing with thousands of people, booing you every possession. What mental strength this guy has
@jaxnfashio 4 anni fa
They all bought tickets to see him play lmao
@th3gps223 4 anni fa
Or to see their team play..?
@th3gps223 4 anni fa
Fatal ZoZo The Cleveland fans are obviously there to see Cleveland and not LeBron. Ever heard of season ticket holders?
@JABelms 4 anni fa
@Fatal ZoZo Because he was there....
@th3gps223 4 anni fa
Fatal ZoZo Because the game was against the heat? God, you are a moron.
@th3gps223 4 anni fa
Fatal ZoZo Their mindset is "I'm going to see my favorite team play and I don't care who they're playing. But since they just happen to be playing Bron's new team, I'm going to take advantage of that and heckle the shit out of him." It's not that difficult to comprehend.
@maxmilli25 Anno fa
I remember how intense this game was. LBJ and the Heat spanked the Cavs. It’s funny how this was the game that turned their season around at that point and sparked that 4 year dominance…
@bxb7603 Anno fa
A beautiful moment that I'll never forget. Was so proud of Lebron
@user-dr2ww2jg8o 15 giorni fa
@rozartfuego238 5 mesi fa
That interview was a class act. He said everything without saying anything.
LeBron is an amazing human being. So professional in the postgame interview. They didn’t deserve respect. They didn’t deserve anything, but he gave them everything
@Chris56076 Anno fa
He is not
@@Chris56076I’m not particularly a Leflop fan, but his maturity and humility has always been something to recognize. Most athletes would not have that same kind of composure on this level and still maintain a classy attitude.
@@AICaliceinchainsGood man. Don’t need to be a fan of somebody to show respect. I respect you for that comment
@@jaggerbolton2086 🤝
Watching this years later is so nostalgic, the fact he came back, the fact steve Kerr is the broadcaster lol
@proceid6709 4 anni fa
Came back to Cleveland and proved how bad they were without him 🤣🤣🤣
With a superstar team
@TheNyion912 4 anni fa
poch vincent oporto what super team?
@airanator1212 4 anni fa
poch vincent oporto sure. Because he finally got one or two other competent players alongside him so he didn’t have to carry the game every step of the way..... him going to Miami literally doesn’t even compare to how bad it was when KD went to the warriors. The warriors literally had 4 all star players, and then here comes KD arguably within the top 3 power forwards to ever play the game. Making the deadliest starting lineup to ever touch the game of basketball. The fact Lebron and the cavs actually came back and beat them just shows how he’s the greatest player of all time.
@@airanator1212 but Lebum is a self proclaimed GOAT, no player in GSW said that they are the best. They just continue to prove it with actions.
@@TheNyion912 get a dictionary if you don't know what that mean.
The worst part about is he really gave it to them 😭😭🐐
This is the pure definition of taking something or someone for granted. Only when its gone you finally realize how valuable it truly was!!!
@Mr071lulu Anno fa
Say what you will, but this man will be truly missed when he retires. A class act, generous, a great father and husband, and a fierce competitor. It's been a pleasure watching him for all these years (Even though I hated him for not choosing my Bulls in 2010 😂) Much respect
As a person who was in that arena that day it felt so scary so chilling something about the booing and hate was so scary
@ewok3270 9 mesi fa
Which hate
I bet you were shaking and nervous
Bro came back and dropped 40 on them💀. I’m a huge heat fan and lebron fan and man was it fun watching this game
@sportagus3 5 anni fa
Imagine being this emotionally invested in a basketball player who doesn't even know you exist.
sportagus3 thank you I’m a fan too of basketball football and boxing but I never get but hurt or in my feeling over my favorite teams or fighters😂
@ugnius2707 4 anni fa
It's called being passionate about something. Come to South America or Europe to watch some football
Ugnius I don’t think passionate means you want to hurt someone because of their business decision
@McLovin25165 4 anni fa
Christian2327 facts
sportagus3 you say that but if it wasn’t for fans no one would know who lebron is so....
@aren8443 Anno fa
The man made sacrifices worked so hard to get where he’s at now no matter where he plays he don’t deserve to be disrespected for that reason
@rg7532 Anno fa
His documentary is gonna be so good
@strrands Anno fa
wow, now he's the all time leading scorer
@carbonatom2 2 anni fa
the way bron handled the pressure tho 👀 goat level
8:56 super underrated move by bron with nasty stare down to the cavs bench
@MastaBlastaS99 5 anni fa
There was a sign that said " Leaving your family. Like father like son. " Jesus, the hate was intense.
@Mintoaster 5 anni fa
Where was this sign because I couldn't find it
@OnewYork 5 anni fa
James Smith you won't find it .. it was a lie, told by > Cynical Chump < his name should've been your first clue .. he a fuggin hater.
@Mintoaster 5 anni fa
@MastaBlastaS99 5 anni fa
NEW YORK I'm hating on 7 year old Lebron haters? Roit. I should have been clearer, it wasn't in this game, but it was said at some point in time during his tenure there.
@zay_rich 5 anni fa
James Smith *rude
Lebron didn’t owe that city anything. Shame on those people. They really didn’t deserve him coming back and winning them a championship but Bron did it anyways.
Gives you chills to think he came back and won a championship for them 🫶🏽 Cleveland !!!
@Ryan-wx1bi 2 mesi fa
The way they acted, he shouldn't have
@Dip9600 3 mesi fa
Man jus wait till this man documentary come out aww my god gone b legendary bruh real shit
I was a Jordan fan. LeBron’s basketball story amazed me.
@Jake-rs9nq Anno fa
Man I loved watching LeBron in his prime. What a monster.
@chrisbenj3819 2 mesi fa
He’s still in it.
@minimikee 5 anni fa
Little did they know that D.Wade and Lebron would be on the Cavs in the future lol
@MC-oi2pb 5 anni fa
Michael Karl shame Wade didn't last
For half the season....
Michael Karl lmaooooo and the love him again
@louietae9932 5 anni fa
Rayyan Funny video top 5??? Who the hell is better than lebron?? I think lebron is the goat by just a little bit
@kabeperry4702 5 anni fa
Michael Karl and they would be trash😅
@ThatscrazyxD 8 mesi fa
it hits for me when he says he made his decision "for the kids" cuz i was probably 10-12 at the time and i remember how exciting it was being a big fan of d wade already seeing them link up with cb. crazy how much hate he got for this but hopefully that memory is still a good one for lots of kids like me
@Beetwate305 Anno fa
This crowd is a perfect example of “Group Think”
i love seeing the city come together like this
4:05 LeBron's impact and popularity is insane. We won't see this again.
To think he was only 26 back then and this is back when the marines sponsored everything is pretty amazing
Lol I was scared that a crazy Cleveland fan would bring a gun and be like. “If he won’t play for us, then he’s not playing for nobody.”
@jerryhill8281 4 anni fa
U can't get guns into the arena....have you ever been to a game?
@romerobryan83 4 anni fa
Jerry Hill it’s not impossible
@jerryhill8281 4 anni fa
@@romerobryan83 Damn near close especially that night. Pacers games you empty pockets then patted and scanned then go through another scan before going in. Unless you had a plastic or wooden knife or plastic explosive up your ass ya. All the psycho people in this country and how many games there are it would of happened by now
Jerry Hill lol I'm sure if someone wanted to get a gun into an arena they will find a way. Most may not succeed, but I'm sure some people are smart enough to get a gun inside
@marklowe2608 4 anni fa
@dcmasta123 Anno fa
Every once in a while I’ll come back to watch this comeback to Cleveland game lol.
@RM--- Anno fa
I remember watching this game with my dad. miss you pops
@kml6960 11 mesi fa
Great video!
@A_Brion Anno fa
Dang just realized towards the end, is Steve Kerr one of the commentators for this game? Makes it even more epic
the decision to take his talents to South Beach was never about trying to learn how to win Championships, it was about proving he can win if only he had enough help around him
Lebron the most hated and loved Cleveland player,
Cant understand the haters. No reasons to hate him. (I m not a lebron fan)
@jrmiss4167 5 anni fa
Adrelle Ocampo cavs ain’t shit without him second best franchise player who brought them most success is mark price 😬
Jr Miss i thought the 2nd best franchise player was ANDERSON VAREJAO, hahahaha just kidding bro!
@tnertthegreat 5 anni fa
Jr Miss Mark Price was good but he’s no Lebron
@jacobwhite1959 5 anni fa
Adrelle Ocampo JR SMITH
The energy in that arena was pure hatred. It's sad that people are capable of living like this
@Beamin439 Anno fa
theyre just booing at a sports game bro. its not that serious. the fact that you think this is a crime against humanity shows how great your life is you should be thankful.
@@Beamin439 if you think this is normal sports booing then you obviously know nothing about cleveland fans and the way they truly felt at the time.
@Beamin439 Anno fa
@@FlemingoFilmProductions ah... this is advanced super ultra mega booing. Scary
@@Beamin439 do you watch sports? 😂 this isn’t normal
I'm not much of a lebron fan but I like the way he handled the situation just focused on his game despite everyone that hated him there that didn't bother him at all
@DavidBrocekArt 6 mesi fa
LeBron is one of those people who got the exact opposite buzz from this situation. He gets motivated not nervous.
Man I can imagine the scenario if Ben Simmons will have his debut against the sixers lol
@cmy9769 Anno fa
except ben will pass a open lay lol
Yeah definitely I wish it was 2015, because In the Cavs he was so young. Which was good, and I always used to think of him doing the windmill. When I eat some mins meat, and some spaghetti when he has the best beard. And he was also, I really love the way, how he steals the ball because it makes me really happy when he dunks. And I really wish it was 2015. It was really an awesome year.
Cleveland 7-11 before this game Finished 19-63 Think that says something
@pcorf 4 anni fa
And the second time he left Cleveland for the LA Lakers they also finished 19-63 after the 2018-19 season.
@iloading_ 4 anni fa
Demir Bejtovic it says that they had different players and he missed the playoffs with the lakers
@pedrogates3189 4 anni fa
iloading_1024 it’s Saying that Cleveland ain’t shit without lebron stop tripping they always been garbage
@Iamtheman143 4 anni fa
You mean with out Irving?
@pedrogates3189 4 anni fa
Nats Nacua they were garbage when kyrie was there too
There needs to be a 30 for 30 on this
I remember this game and was legit worried that something was gonna happening. I know security took extra steps to make sure that didn't happen, but I GENUINELY was afraid for LeBron even though I hated dude at that point too 😂.
Cleveland was saltier then the ocean that night😭😭😭😭😭
Came back and played a perfect game I was watching this shit in awe 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
@p-star7678 Anno fa
His interview after the game 💯
Impressive how calm he played. Just another game for him like the crowd wasn’t there
@ir6237 5 anni fa
Yankees91919191 It's called professionalism.
Cmon its Lebron
Tommi GT you would expect lebron to be affected cause of his highly emotional side but he ranked through it
@Tiger_Woods 5 anni fa
Its amazing to block out 20,000 people screaming at u
And now he is a hero forever in this town, so happy for my King.
The Heat played just as many away games as every other team this year but it felt like every they went on the road it was into yet another playoff-like atmosphere. Heatles lit a fire under the entire NBA.
@archvile1313 5 mesi fa
lol 2:40 the guy top left giving the bird Stone Cold style to James.
@ComedyBros5 2 mesi fa
Boy, Bron’s jumper was so clean. He really was something back in the day. He’s still an incredible player, but him with a jumper was just amazing.
@Will203_ Anno fa
Started out LOUD then it got real quiet 👀. This game was legendary still to this day
@seandeady2753 4 anni fa
Mad respect to Lebron for actually playing in this game and not dodging with a fake injury like kyrie
@hayden6701 4 anni fa
Sole Magus some 9yr old mad🤣
@f3p 4 anni fa
Dumbass kid thinks an injury has to be a player's leg snapping in half why would he fake injury in the finals lmfao I've fucked up my knee many times playing basketball and when it happens it looks like there's nothing wrong
@Ren602 4 anni fa
if you whoosh me you are gay r/wooooosh
@seandeady2753 4 anni fa
if you whoosh me you are gay Kyrie was just dodging Boston everyone knows this
As a Celtics fan. Kyrie is a lady for that
@rayko9868 3 mesi fa
Playing in that atmosphere and dropping 38 8 and 5 is crazy
@samboywakita8329 28 giorni fa
Lebron man is a perfect role model as a person and as a player ❤️ and he is so mentally strong imagine playing like than with so much pressure and intensity insane man👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Lebron was only 26 here and already a 8 year veteran. Holy shit
Looking back on this, I’m glad he did it. It taught people that business is business. And it also showed how you can do so much for a group of people, soon as you stop doing it they don’t fuck wit you nomore….
@jondoe384 Anno fa
i love when crowds get embarrassed like that
@lukamatic6859 4 anni fa
Every Cleveland fan in that building looked stupid in 2016 in june😂
Faze 00F Bro thats offensive I’m s cavs fan myself please don’t say that. :(
@sunflower1659 4 anni fa
@@derekstudios8494 its true, just because he left and when he came back and win a championship for you guys you worshiped him, 🙄🙄🙄 you are sensitive about feelings how about lebron seeing those idiot fans who call him names
@steelixite39 4 anni fa
Sun Flower I’m a Cavs fan from Ohio, you just don’t know how we all felt when he left, especially the way he left having it publicly televised with “The Decision.” People had a right to feel betrayed or hurt, but I didn’t blame him for leaving the first time (and second time), we fkn sucked. LeBron brought a championship to Cleveland and you could never ask for something greater. Wish LeBron nothing but the best, he’s matured, and definitely learned from the first time.
@chrisgrove7694 4 anni fa
Faze 00F when he can’t back we accepted him and we were thankful
@OfficialJHoly 4 anni fa
@@steelixite39 turn all that to your org bro. You were blessed to be so bad that he ended up on your team, if the org was good instead of him leaving that year you guys wouldve had the first free agent super team. Miss me with the " we feel betrayed and hurt"
@Sammy43381 Anno fa
Amazing how different his game has developed ❤
@kangdelos Mese fa
2k must add this feature like this on my career when you face your former team
@zaviz581 11 mesi fa
The thing that sticks out about lebrons game back then vs now is his balance on his jumper is wayy better now vs his earlier years
@graeadventures 2 anni fa
5:37 onwards, Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley hate that Bron is talking to Cavaliers and saying back in the day that would never happen but Kenny Smith made a good point, Bron being a smart player knowing people are booing him every time, he will talk at the Cavs to show everyone "Look the people who have the right to hate me are talking and laughing with me coz I own them..." Savage and smart
@SilkyLew Anno fa
They really act like you can't compete while talking to the opposite team. Sound like cry babies lol
At 8:50 he pulled up with both of his first jumpers he ever hit in the nba same spot and all🖤 8:56
“Who needs lebron” obviously y’all do 😂💀
@stonevlogt3224 5 anni fa
Jordan Mayfield hahahahahah soo true
@hitthegoat 5 anni fa
No I guess not he quit again punching a whiteboard this time last time it was because Delonte west bound his mother And gagged her with Nba ball sweat
@edgeLord7654 5 anni fa
Nah kyrie was better i like kyrie leading cleavand i hate how james left then came back only cause kyrie was there everyone knows kyrie is the only reason he came back
Talk about clutch, this is the definition of being cold-blooded. The whole building is against you, yet you silence them
Those same people cheered like hell when he got them their first chip few years later
Best heel turn in nba history
That wasn't a NBA crowd. This was a ECW crowd that night.
@scottk8245R Anno fa
Same building of people watched him win it for them 4 years later 🤣
Sign:who needs LeBron The NBA in 2019:👀
FBI burner lol
@rose-xh5ov 4 anni fa
I get it
@izzy6918 4 anni fa
No one wants to see lebron get swept in the finals
Lmaooo explain why the ratings are down
The cavs were worth $500 or so million dollars before lebron came back. In 2016 the cavs were worth 1.2 billion😂 that man is a money making machine. He takes up 80% of every basketball show ever when he’s playing. And even when he isn’t, he’s still getting 2-3 segments per day😂 the day lebron retires the nba is gonna take a hit, not a major one, but they’re gonna notice😂
This game is worthy of its own documentary
@guyguy2282 2 mesi fa
The type of focus you must have. LeBron a GOAT! Strong mindset, great player
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Buy Feastables, Win $10,000
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When Footballers Meet Famous People