Fkj & Masego - Tadow

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Buy/Stream Tadow: smarturl.it/pzlz9r
Improvised & recorded at Red Bull Studios Paris
Filmed by Arsedi
Buy/Stream FKJ debut album : roche.lnk.to/FrenchKiwiJuice


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24 mag 2017




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J 6 minuti fa
This song is freaking dope
Rubin Taylor
Rubin Taylor 9 minuti fa
2020 and still got this crankin! Dope AF 🔥🔥🔥🔥
kilomeen_ 31 minuto fa
bruv. an ad played as soon as he was about to say "tadow". it was an ad for nair....
Tony D
Tony D Ora fa
This makes me want to go to the mall and/or Panera
Hana Tekle Tekle
Alejandra Castillo
I absolutely love this song!
Jesus Muñoz
Jesus Muñoz 2 ore fa
R D 3 ore fa
Good job putting a ad in the middle...trash idea
vilmara maria da silva
Propaganda no meio da música não né...por favor bom senso....
Jimin D SUGA
Jimin D SUGA 4 ore fa
Reconocí esta canción por jimin, perdón...
The Mexican Man
Shout out to Bobby BadAss Adkins 🙌 😎
Tori Allen
Tori Allen 5 ore fa
Ricardo Rojas
Ricardo Rojas 6 ore fa
Does someone noted that when Masego played rimshots on drums (minute 3:00) they sound in tune?
Ninja Battle
Ninja Battle 6 ore fa
Elodie 7 ore fa
these two guys are beautiful
Mo Jo
Mo Jo 7 ore fa
I can't help it... I just keep coming back!
Pray F for the beanie 6:23
Le Lo
Le Lo 8 ore fa
21 savage changed fr
Damian Dewet
Damian Dewet 8 ore fa
Nobody, literally Nobody: ITvid:"Let's put an ad in the middle of the song"
deyno ndururi
deyno ndururi 8 ore fa
great of them all. KENYAN LOVE
Chedy Bahri
Chedy Bahri 9 ore fa
Fuck you ITvid for your adds in the middle of songs
Dan Grigonis
Dan Grigonis 10 ore fa
I come here once a week and it always feels like the first time
Lov Ns
Lov Ns 10 ore fa
laura pavlikova
laura pavlikova 10 ore fa
this song makes me so happy. i don’t know why
Fiona Singh
Fiona Singh 11 ore fa
I'm still listening to this everyday beautiful melodies
Simpiwe Mokwena
Simpiwe Mokwena 11 ore fa
Listening to this makes me wanna find the love of my life🥺
Jan Medeiros
Jan Medeiros 12 ore fa
ninguém merece anuncio no meio da musica!!!
Cormoran Lee
Cormoran Lee 12 ore fa
This production is absolutely ridiculous, I have nothing else to say. :) :) ;)
TheFlowYouNeed 13 ore fa
Chilled Flow - itvid.net/video/video-DFh95mecjeE.html
Harsh Ballikar
Harsh Ballikar 15 ore fa
who tf decided to put an ad right in the middle.
v t
v t 16 ore fa
That's what I call Talent ! 👏 bravo guys !🙌💙
Milinda _Murillo
su voz hace que me sienta un helado. UwU
Deboprity Bala
Deboprity Bala 18 ore fa
If u love this song then we can be friends 🤩
Angelo Romeo
Angelo Romeo 18 ore fa
i just realized he made that snapping sound at the beginning with his fucken passport...
endigoddess 19 ore fa
pretty sure the 57k dislikes were made by mistake
Avaslife Roblox
Avaslife Roblox 19 ore fa
Anyone else vibin' to this song? Or is it just me?
Emanuel Moldes Nascimento
putz, que música gostosa de ouvir, nem sei o que os caras tão falando mas a sensação é boa que só
brandon branch
brandon branch 22 ore fa
Can someone tell me what type of geometric wood things they have on the wall?!? They're amazing.
Ma Cho
Ma Cho 22 ore fa
Gerald from hey Arnold at 20-+
Barbara C
Barbara C 22 ore fa
Amen to joy
lapatriciapato 22 ore fa
So much talent in two guys and one song! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Plus the cameraman, on point! 👌💯
Shane Neri Benigno
Because of vance ig story, i came here 😬
Horacio Vidal
Horacio Vidal 23 ore fa
Entre genios nos juntamos. Haciendo este escucha. Soy una leyenda. Personas como yo. Asi de vergas alv. Puras leyendas. LEYENDA
Tommy Tom
Tommy Tom 23 ore fa
Chill and Tadow
Jen Smith
Jen Smith 23 ore fa
I’m a fan!! 🤗
Sentimental Sights
The advertisement I got just ruined the vibe I was having.
Ficky Fauzia
Ficky Fauzia Giorno fa
you love the insrument and the song until he screamed "TADOOOOOWWW"
Tatiana Vinasco
Tatiana Vinasco Giorno fa
It’s a hate crime that everytime I watch this there’s an ad in between the video... like pls let me listen to this song without intermission. At least play it before or after, not in between 😭😭
Dee Lane
Dee Lane Giorno fa
Why in the fuck did they put an ad in the middle of the song 😒
marnie Giorno fa
I feel so nostalgic hearing this. I admire artists who can make you feel something you never lived
David Alexander
David Alexander Giorno fa
Ads in the middle of a song are lame af
raiza miranda c
raiza miranda c Giorno fa
Mucha publicidad, una cosa es al final y otra al inicio pero cortar la musica ? Es un insulto
SalmonInYour Rice
No they did not put an add in the middle of this song 😡
Gabriel Capron
Gabriel Capron Giorno fa
everybody waiting for the "tadow"
Michael Salvino
Michael Salvino Giorno fa
Yo I'm a legend less go
purédepapas Giorno fa
PhanTom Billa
PhanTom Billa Giorno fa
who is here at 20sep😂 #Legendary song❤️
LIFE The Leader
LIFE The Leader Giorno fa
Breathtakingly Gorgeous Vibe 💙🖤💜✊✊
Malena Gomez Mendez
uacho amo este tema y escucharlo cuando te fumaste uno, en otro level es lo +++
Chelcia Hill
Chelcia Hill Giorno fa
You are on JZ 94.5 as I type this...I love it!! I've been on this song for a min...it's nice to hear it on the radio!! ♥︎ Knock 'em dead!
Michelle Jenkins
Dang they can do it all
Julien Longoni
Julien Longoni Giorno fa
Why the fuck do I get a publicity in the middle of this
Kim Manteiga
Kim Manteiga Giorno fa
Does anyone else think it's blasphemy when there's an ad right before the vocals? 😤😩🤬
Alex Alguire
Alex Alguire Giorno fa
A fucking ad in the middle of the song... cool
I’m Tyler
I’m Tyler Giorno fa
If you never got chills watching this. Stop listening now and restart until you get them.
Alexis Tv
Alexis Tv Giorno fa
Im still watching this ... And I love it By the way Its Sept 20, 2020 right now
Elisa Giorno fa
I love it how masego uses a pasport in the first 17 sec. And it sounds freakin awesome.
Tommy Tom
Tommy Tom Giorno fa
fuck tiktok me and my homies here cuz we want to
soulblade Giorno fa
Fire Video. Keep it going 💰
PneumaChill Giorno fa
One day this will get to 1B views, I will make sure of that.
Michael Patterson
Classic always and forever from peezimac hood genius
Jack Witkow
Jack Witkow Giorno fa
i never will understand how this video was filmed
Jack Witkow
Jack Witkow Giorno fa
i come back to this video monthly cuz it’s fucking awesome
Owen Samson
Owen Samson Giorno fa
Romina Aparicio
Romina Aparicio Giorno fa
This sounds amazing
beatriz santos
beatriz santos 2 giorni fa
Simplesmente maravilhoso
Malimídia Marília Silva
Tentando descobrir qual instrumento esses caras não tocam! Muito bom o som suing e vibe, continuem!
LaRicka Henderson
LaRicka Henderson 2 giorni fa
This is ART ❤️
Saturday Solitude
Saturday Solitude 2 giorni fa
Bruv, this shiz is dope. Oof.
DebbieDoo 2 giorni fa
How the fuck can you pick up every instrument maaaaynnnn 🔥🔥🔥
Juniya Black
Juniya Black 2 giorni fa
These guys are really good.
Texas Bread
Texas Bread 2 giorni fa
This yo vibe's favorite vibe
[Whatever name goes here]
It would be so good if that one sample wasn't so morbidly overused
regy paul
regy paul 2 giorni fa
Edward Shaken Bacon Aiken
Does anyone know where I can find more live music production content.
Ms Powers
Ms Powers 2 giorni fa
2 yrs when I fell in love with FKJ and I come back and see 230MILLION views 🤯🤯🤯...this is real magic 🤎🤎🤎
rex armstead
rex armstead 2 giorni fa
imagine being here for tiktok ..... i hate tiktok.
ARCHER 2 giorni fa
ITvid automatically put a midroll in the middle of a music video because it's a few seconds over 8 minutes 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Deku 008
Deku 008 2 giorni fa
Hence, the saxophone is the sexiest instrument ever in the history of humanity
Gladis Marulanda
Gladis Marulanda 2 giorni fa
Genial simplemente..... GENIAL
Nakia Lindsey
Nakia Lindsey 2 giorni fa
MASEGO ❣ is winning and I can't be any happier for him big hugs🤗 from Detroit ❣.
Vgly Cvmshot
Vgly Cvmshot 2 giorni fa
My boy had a passport in the beginning why tho
Miss Kariss
Miss Kariss 2 giorni fa
Pablo Velazquez
Pablo Velazquez 2 giorni fa
my good, thank you so much
lizzy Wizzy
lizzy Wizzy 2 giorni fa
I just came across this in 2020 and it snatched my ❤❤❤❤❤❤. I love the vibe. Where are they from?
k cool
k cool 2 giorni fa
Hans Christian Åkrell
WOW 230 480 776! You are welcome
The Cop
The Cop 2 giorni fa
The real genius is the camera man lmao
fotonez 2 giorni fa
Great !
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