Flat Iron Hacks To Style Your Hair Better, Faster, Easier

Brad Mondo
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Hi Beautiful! Today we explore all the marvelous things a flat iron is useful for. The list is endless but here are a few of my favorite ways to utilize this tool.
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17 ott 2019




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Commenti 100
Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo 10 mesi fa
I used OGX aspen extract texture spray for those wondering! Can’t wait till I have my own texture spray to recommend 🤩
•Raven_Wolf• 3 giorni fa
Could anyone tell me what straightener he used?
Weezie McF
Weezie McF 18 giorni fa
Kelsey Lowery
Thank you so much .
Kaelena Fletcher
uihi c cicis c
Stevie Valamis
Stevie Valamis 2 mesi fa
Hey brad mondo I love u sooo much and I just gotta wispy fringe and I love it wish I could show u 💕💕
xjellybeans x
xjellybeans x 9 ore fa
I love you Brad! 🤩🤩
BO4 Hypeee
BO4 Hypeee 18 ore fa
I always do the comb thing with my hair!! I never straighten my hair but when I do. Except I use a wide-tooth comb and I find it helps me save time by creating mini sections
Molten Vanilla
Molten Vanilla 19 ore fa
Im a total beginner.. thanks for your vid. It made my life easier
Hayden’s Hangout
He’s kinda under rated
amanda webb
amanda webb Giorno fa
Is he drunk? 😂
Crystal Ortega
Crystal Ortega Giorno fa
I’m super happy I already knew some of these techniques and have been doing them for years.
Mikayla C
Mikayla C 2 giorni fa
I feel like I’d be lost with out your videos, I literally learn something in every video I watch and I just want to thank you for that! 💕
JhopeIsMyBias 2
JhopeIsMyBias 2 3 giorni fa
Can somebody tell me where he gets his mannequins 😭
Annabelle Adams
Annabelle Adams 3 giorni fa
I start school Wednesday and I need to figure out making my hair look better because its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad and BLUH rn
Sophia Huw
Sophia Huw 3 giorni fa
:47 he says day of light instead of light of day
cerys parry
cerys parry 3 giorni fa
got a bit carried away with the hair there Brad LOL
chary361 4 giorni fa
I DO wish you would use a live model
Warren Lesane
Warren Lesane 4 giorni fa
Stephanie Paden
Stephanie Paden 4 giorni fa
I do the second one on my short hair. But I make it a little bit more curly. 😬
NYYankee Fan
NYYankee Fan 4 giorni fa
Wow I always thought the curls were so hard but this makes it easy to understand I am going to try it!
Elena Vargetto
Elena Vargetto 5 giorni fa
I’m getting very 90 vibes from you today and I’m all for it
Alaa's world
Alaa's world 5 giorni fa
No one : I swear no one : Brad : you can actually straighten your hair with a flat iron if you know
Tamirez Natividade
Tamirez Natividade 6 giorni fa
Just wanted to let you know that Jesus Christ loves you so very much even if you don’t believe it and He died for our sins so that whoever believes shall not perish but have eternal Christ
Chloe Jones
Chloe Jones 6 giorni fa
What was the flat iron called?
ANNIE ING 6 giorni fa
I just feel mondo so cute😂
Sydney Dawe
Sydney Dawe 7 giorni fa
My friend who is a hairdresser, told me that they discourage using flat irons as it burns the hair???
Donatta Maric
Donatta Maric 8 giorni fa
Idk why but it just doesnt work for me😪
Althea sotto
Althea sotto 8 giorni fa
Brad:i like when hair smokes Me when my flat iron starts to smoke : Mom the house is burning
Christina Denise
Christina Denise 8 giorni fa
My issue is either my hair is too long, too thick, or my flat iron is not good enough because, everytime I try to curl my hair it ends up coming out flat, doesn't glide through (gets traction) or my hair somehow tangles. I comb through each section grab a semi small piece, get the iron, flip the hair around (as demonstrated) & it just doesn't give the same result. I use a fair amount of heat protector, I use it at 250°F, I don't pull hard and I take my time. Again, it may just be my hair or my flat iron. I guess I'll just have to keep practicing. 😂😓
nasheena manygoats
nasheena manygoats 9 giorni fa
"this will give you precision, this will give you art" "actually they are both art but this is more art"😂😍
Jennifer Flores
Jennifer Flores 10 giorni fa
sadly i have SOOOOO much hair mud its kinda thick so it take me forever to curl it or iron it
Raven The Goddess of Woke And Da Heauxs
I LOVED her hair before too.
Cringe Mountain
Cringe Mountain 10 giorni fa
I was so confused why is wasn’t working..:.. MY FLAT IRON WASNT ON
Nicole Niclette
Nicole Niclette 10 giorni fa
What type of brush do you use❤️❤️
Hlompo Moloko
Hlompo Moloko 11 giorni fa
Me too
Ann B
Ann B 11 giorni fa
KenzieSings143 11 giorni fa
Okay but hELP!!! Those natural waves are so pretty but I get SO. MUCH. CRIMPING! it literally looks like I tried to curl my hair using CUBES!!! idk how to fix it 😫
Jeddy Bear
Jeddy Bear 11 giorni fa
The short hair one reminds me of Earth-Chan
Moey on Monday
Moey on Monday 12 giorni fa
For anyone wondering, Brad is using the T3 and he says at the end of the video that he's always loved the GHD Gold. He says ceramic and titanium are both ok if the quality of the flat iron is good 💜
Emma C
Emma C 12 giorni fa
Video 3 of my journey on binge watching brad at 12:00AM😁😝
Julie Tashima
Julie Tashima 12 giorni fa
This is the video I needed when I had a lob! Thank you! I love the in-depth teaching of actual techniques. I could never get that effortless edgy look, and I always ended up with a basic curl. I am so frustrated with watching tutorials where they just do it, fast forward through it, and don’t explain what they’re doing or why they’re doing it.
Emery Archer
Emery Archer 12 giorni fa
When your hair doesn’t hold curls 😔
Holley McGinnis
Holley McGinnis 12 giorni fa
Brad: so straight and stunning! Mannequin: Eyes wide as if stunned
Cirimpei Victoria
Cirimpei Victoria 12 giorni fa
He literally finished it in 10 mins... When it takes me an freakin hour..
Alyvia Kightlinger
Alyvia Kightlinger 13 giorni fa
I love my flat iron, idk what it’s called but it beeps when it’s done heating up 😍 and that’s why I love it honestly I could turn it on and forget about it but now I don’t have to worry cuz I’ll get spooked by the beeps! 😂
Aaliyah Whatley
Aaliyah Whatley 14 giorni fa
I can’t curl it if Brad can’t teach me nobody can 🥺🥺
Bvnmhini 14 giorni fa
my birthday video!
Teresa Anderson
Teresa Anderson 15 giorni fa
stacey carver
stacey carver 15 giorni fa
Thank you, thank you , thank you for showing how to curl/wave on short hair! Off to style my bob!
Brooke P
Brooke P 15 giorni fa
You’re adorable and hilarious 😂
Noor Sabah
Noor Sabah 15 giorni fa
ryenn murray
ryenn murray 15 giorni fa
“i didn’t think she’d ever see the day of light”
Alex Dapper
Alex Dapper 15 giorni fa
how do you keep your hair straight after flat ironing it? After about 20 min/30 min it starts to flip at the ends every single time
Mel. 11 ore fa
Try using an oil, like keratin oil or argan oil. :)
Cerys Parnell
Cerys Parnell 17 giorni fa
pls someone tell me where his t shirt is from i am dying to know
Silent Rose
Silent Rose 17 giorni fa
Can someone like buy me like everything i want i keep saving products from videos but never buy it 😭😭😭😭
Kayla B
Kayla B 17 giorni fa
Every time I try to curl my hair with my straightener I get so angry because I can’t do it. Sometimes I just come back to this video to try to get motivated again.
Etigress 17 giorni fa
J M 17 giorni fa
Thanks for helping this 40 year old learn how to do hair.
Payton Thurber
Payton Thurber 17 giorni fa
Does exactly what you said to do and it still doesn’t curl 👁👄👁
Aly_ssa80 17 giorni fa
“Am I the only on who loves this! Me” mom can u help me do this”
Sayani Dey
Sayani Dey 17 giorni fa
When I first saw this vid i had butt length hair now i have shoulder length 😆 Brad would be proud!!💁💜
Faten Afandi
Faten Afandi 18 giorni fa
thank you so much brad for creating this kind of video. i learned so much from your channel. god bless you for teaching us about hair styling for free. thanks for all the effort that you put for your videos. your videos are so simple and easy to understand. i love you 💗
Katie Cox
Katie Cox 18 giorni fa
BRAD. I have asked almost every hairdresser how to make the cute waves they always do after a new cut. they have tried to explain a million times and i never understood. I am sitting in my mirror SHOCKED at how easy that was after watching this. even parted my hair in the middle. like i'm shook. you changed the game, and my life!!! I LOVE YOU
angelsmokesalot angel
please do this blue hair again 💙
Mirella Nigro
Mirella Nigro 18 giorni fa
Make Braids or take a bathing coat belt and wrap your hair around. So you dont need heat and you dont destroy your hair :)
Prod. Han
Prod. Han 19 giorni fa
What to do with baby hair where the roots grow upwards? I look like i have two horns at the side of my forehead.. HELP..its too soft and little ironing it makes it flat but it still go upwards cuz its a baby hair its too light..i have short forehead with round face so i ahve no bangs
lu95 19 giorni fa
The curling was not figured out... still have no idea how he did those first xalla
Sude Ince
Sude Ince 19 giorni fa
idk why but the green side reminds me of ‘🥺’ girls and the purple side reminds me of ‘bruh’ girls
HannaBwanana. 19 giorni fa
Hi people Does anyone know if it's possible to cut your hair a certain way to make it less wavy? Because my hair isn't really wavy but also not pin straight like let's say Avril Lavigne 2002. Please answer, it would make my day
Fiondra 19 giorni fa
I tried to do the second technique and only succeeded in making my hair stick straight out from my head XD You make it look so simple, but I can't figure it out to save my life.
Real Life
Real Life 19 giorni fa
Thank you
Alex Louise
Alex Louise 19 giorni fa
I would love for Brad to come out with a curling iron/wand or flat iron!
Guenna Corpus
Guenna Corpus 20 giorni fa
the grateful dead VIBEZ is all I'm gonna say
Jade Villafane
Jade Villafane 21 giorno fa
Brad : straightens straight hair perfectly pin straight and shiny Me : cries in curly hair
Destiny Price
Destiny Price 21 giorno fa
ofelia Gaona
ofelia Gaona 22 giorni fa
Oh my gosh you’re such a pretty person like your personality is so sweet. I love your videos!
K F 22 giorni fa
In Aus we've only called it straighten when someone see flat iron I always think about old days when people used actual iron hahaha I think it's a American thing
kennedyz vlogz
kennedyz vlogz 22 giorni fa
Omg you are where I got this from I named my mannequin and I was thinking Harley Quinn but no it was you!!!!
JennyLove 22 giorni fa
@7:30 Brad was onto something 9 months ago..
Elnaz Hakimi
Elnaz Hakimi 22 giorni fa
thank you so much brad I was really looking out for this
Ally Baba
Ally Baba 23 giorni fa
He say "Soho...noho. Soho...noho." lmao 🤣🥰
ewa kingsley
ewa kingsley 23 giorni fa
You are the god of hair !
Joudy Eissa
Joudy Eissa 24 giorni fa
Am I the only one who when he said (she is not leaving the house because......) yep😏corona virus
Kalena Parker
Kalena Parker 24 giorni fa
Date: October 17 My brain: Why does that date remind me of something . . . 23 minutes later: Ha! Its my birthday
Scxxby Döö
Scxxby Döö 24 giorni fa
Is cantu heat Protection spray good for heat Protection and Shine? If not for the shine what do you recomend?
DJ Princess
DJ Princess 26 giorni fa
Me: yes I am going to do something fancy with my flat iron My hair: yeah.... nah
Leila Leila
Leila Leila 26 giorni fa
Y'all I swear that we won't need to spend money in salons: Brad teaches us haircare Hyram teaches us about skincare And Luhhsetty teaches us bodycare What do we want more?!?!
weston obrien
weston obrien 27 giorni fa
i luv that straightener i have it and it works so well
kissifusa 27 giorni fa
Thank you for this video
Star Alvarado
Star Alvarado 27 giorni fa
lovee your videos
Sydnie Raines
Sydnie Raines 27 giorni fa
If anyone else tried to pull off chains with a pearl necklace, it wouldn’t look that good but here’s Brad... PULLING IT OFF
Amy Howell
Amy Howell 29 giorni fa
I love the colours on the short hair wig and the purple on the long hair
Roz Wilson
Roz Wilson Mese fa
I want to chill on how much I swear at least a little. I can't make a swear jar. Ya need money for that honey! Thank you for your heaven sent expertise! You're super fun!
Haileigh Foley
You should do this more often!!! I could never do curls until know!!!! 😊
yeet skeet
yeet skeet Mese fa
Barb Losco
Barb Losco Mese fa
So ur hair color is perfect it’s like a light blue icy color what IS IT CALLED that’s the color I’m looking for
Dakota Anderson
My hair has been straightened for so long it can’t curl
Taylor Rae
Taylor Rae Mese fa
My hair is always like: _Yeah style me you've got this, spend an hour or 2 OR 3. I promise I'll behave this time and when I'm done it's like_ *PSYCH* !🙃
So true about the tools you use I have a God platinum and I love it but my old Remington used to also be great and I have thick stubborn frizz hair lol
Aya `
Aya ` Mese fa
You’re a really good teacher!!
I'd move wherever he's at just to get my hair done by this guy all the time
emmma 9161
emmma 9161 Mese fa
he kinda talks like mr.kate.
Moira Tayler
Moira Tayler Mese fa
“She’s retired but now she’s back” ‘smacks head’ ‘in high voice’ heyyy how u doin’ 😂😂
Dom S
Dom S Mese fa
How many people here have natural curly hair but came here just cause.
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