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James and the members of Korean pop sensation BTS play a game of Flinch, where James fires fruit at incredible rates of speed at a piece of plexiglass protecting the band members, testing who has the biggest nerves of steel.

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29 nov 2017




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Commenti 74 880
HLR Anno fa
I love how RM is trying to be respectful by saying "Sir" and "James" and then there's Jimin shouting "Hey Cordonnnnn!!!" 😂😂😂😂
Dr Joy
Dr Joy 28 giorni fa
Sounds like Jimin said Conan.RM tried to stop him😂🤣😂🤣😂
Samantha Franco
Woody & Buzz
Woody & Buzz Mese fa
@yeonjun’ s twerking abilities yesss
Woody & Buzz
Woody & Buzz Mese fa
@HLR woahh exactly what I thought 😂😂
Micah Flores
Micah Flores 2 mesi fa
I am watching this all over again 😂😂😂😂
Vivek Varghese
Vivek Varghese 3 mesi fa
Jungkook just flinching a little bit is underrated. The fruit was literally aimed at him but he didn't overreact
Salim B
Salim B 14 giorni fa
He didn’t overreact neither the rest .so please
Elmariajin 15 giorni fa
@Not a Hypocrite ughh its just a game why y'all exagerrating so much just leave it.
Not a Hypocrite
Not a Hypocrite 16 giorni fa
But v wasn't also ready for the attack like it could hit anywhere no one knows because the speed was too fast. So v clearly won.
Shreya HB
Shreya HB Mese fa
If Namjoon didn't asked him "if he is okay or not" then he woudn't flinch i think so
Elmariajin Mese fa
@X what?
Raashid Mese fa
Who ever thought about putting J hope and jin together is a pure genius.
Salim B
Salim B 14 giorni fa
I’m dying on this comment
Woody & Buzz
Woody & Buzz Mese fa
@Raashid yep yep
Raashid Mese fa
@Woody & Buzz hahaha thank you but i have not seen jhope jin ever together this is unique and that too when its game of scaredness
Woody & Buzz
Woody & Buzz Mese fa
Underrated comment🤣🤣you deserve more likes lol
SweetAsSuga 15 giorni fa
Jin: “I’m coward but come on come on, I’m not afraid, you know” Also Jin: almost shat his pants
Jin's pink slippers
I thought he peed In his pants 😂
Rkive 14 giorni fa
That was my favorite moment
Sinthia Siddika
Sinthia Siddika 3 mesi fa
V and Jisoo:😶😶 Jin and Jennie :😨😨 And there is Hobi:........on the ground😆
Anuja NJ
Anuja NJ 11 giorni fa
Hobi:these people need some hobi water... Also hobi:everything i need is on thge ground....
Carlos Riedel
Carlos Riedel 14 giorni fa
@Sausage LMAO
💜ఌ Yasmin ꨄ💜
@Cindy i’m wheezing now
Bts are kings
@Sam! jisoo and Jennie are from blackpink
Sam! Mese fa
who Are Jisso and Jenni? LOL this video is from bts
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
Tae: **is deathly afraid of heights** Also Tae: **completely unphased by a fruit flying directly at his face at 70+ mph**
pugnotpog 9 giorni fa
yeah he had it coming, but with heights you can’t prepare for that 😂💜
Mariya Pronina
Mariya Pronina 27 giorni fa
But he likes high rollercoasters 🤔
Abhi 28 giorni fa
@Sirisha Velavan omg jisoo bad af🥵
Abhi 28 giorni fa
Tae my guy
A the Anonymous
Both are irrelevant smh
a m
a m 2 mesi fa
im not a bts fan but they’re so funny and enjoyable to watch
hi ght
hi ght 5 giorni fa
glad you enjoyed watching them 😊💜
Darin Mercer
Darin Mercer 22 giorni fa
Omg yes. They are naturally funny!!
ladybird 29 giorni fa
same omg
Latisha Chettiar
Latisha Chettiar 29 giorni fa
exactlyy omg finally someone who i relate too
Yoonji's Yadom
Can we like gather the three "un-flinching" Kim's?😭 I really wanna see a competition between Tae, Jisoo and Doyoung 😭 I swearrrrrr
aMeRiCaNo~ cHoA cHoA......cHoA~
@moon yea it's really annoying and I personally think it's not nice either
moon 22 giorni fa
But there are shippers roaming around them to ship them too..
aMeRiCaNo~ cHoA cHoA......cHoA~
That would be fun to watch!
Lesley’s gaming
V: not moving a muscle and did not even blink. J hope: * falls on the ground hard *
Salim B
Salim B 14 giorni fa
Purple 💜 hearts
2:38 Loved the way Rm kept asking them are they alright 👍 and then asked them in Korean the coolest, cutest,kind hearted leader.
𖥔 rad edits 𖥔
pi55babie 15 giorni fa
the smooth butter that hobi ate
and they are my bias😩
valenn 5 mesi fa
maddiesxnflower 5 mesi fa
Yougotnojams 5 mesi fa
@Naritru Wireve YES
Micah Flores
Micah Flores 2 mesi fa
Jin: Come on come on i am not afraid you know? James: *Laughs at Jin *
Jimmy Chadwik
because of fans sound we couldn't hear but read his lips he said : I'm a coward come on come on I am not afraid you know?
I love the part at 1:21 where Literally They are confident and then they got scared like heck 😂
Sophia Mcrae
Sophia Mcrae Mese fa
Look at hobi blocking his ears his fear of everything is soooooo dang cute. 2:10 and 2:20
yoitsmayonnaise 2 mesi fa
I can’t believe this happened three years ago. I remember freaking out when I first saw the upload notification! These guys were my entire life in middle school when I had severe mental illness & immense feelings of loneliness. I’ve grown stronger now, but boy, do I owe these lil’ dorks a lot. Thank you. 💜
Danni Shelton
Danni Shelton 6 mesi fa
V really looked at James like “is that all you got?” 😂😂😂
Køkø Jiménez
Køkø Jiménez 8 giorni fa
Beautiful baby tiger 🐯 fighting 💪💜 I will keep my eyes open! Where’s Jungkook???? 💜💜💜 RIP 🪦 KOOKIE 🐰🐰🐰
Køkø Jiménez
Køkø Jiménez 8 giorni fa
RIP 🪦 J-hope 😂😂😂😂
Julia Johnson
Julia Johnson 21 giorno fa
@ankita mishra sure 'nuff
Keisha Iz Awesome
Right 😂💀 Tae was not impressed
Irsan Then
Irsan Then Mese fa
V and Jisoo are siblings and that’s why
nasokita Mese fa
Namjoon:"Taehyung can sleep with his eyes open." Taehyung: doesnt blink Namjoon: wait a damn minute
Jennie Kim❤️
RM: Scared Jin: Scared Suga: Scared J-hope: Scared Jimin: Scared Taehyung: Not Scared😆 Jungkook: Scared
Salim B
Salim B 14 giorni fa
Nope suga and jungkook weren’t even that scared
A the Anonymous
It should be like Rm : medium scared Jimin : low-key scared Suga : low-key scared Jin: high scared J-hope: higher than high scared Tae : not afraid a bit J.K - low-key scared ☺️
041_ Nitin kr.
Tae really surprised me. I thought suga will win this game but tae proved that he is perfect in everything
Larzodian Anno fa
"HEY CORDEN - DON'T WORRY, I'M NOT AFRAID!" will forever live in my head.
Brandy Koleta
Brandy Koleta 7 mesi fa
Love his English! But for those saying he just repeated what was said before, he didn’t. He says “Don’t worry” before it and he doesn’t say “you know”, after. He says “ok”. “Hey Corden! Don’t worry, I’m not afraid. Ok!” So adorable. Lol.
Nerd 11 mesi fa
Kavita Nailwal
Kavita Nailwal 11 mesi fa
This will remain iconic 😂
Terah Rose
Terah Rose 11 mesi fa
Same 💜
Park Jimin
Park Jimin 11 mesi fa
LMAO same 😂
ASHITA ARORA 3 mesi fa
Sometimes we can mistakes salt as sugar as well. A clear example of this is James Corden.
bangtan_ot7💜ARMY 💜
maït Mese fa
4:01 I just realised the way jin jumped when James fired while he wasn't aimed this time. I love him 😂
A Farley
A Farley 3 mesi fa
RM was dead on about how each member would react 😂😂😂😂
Danielle Bennis
I literally almost chocked on my water watching Jin and Hobi it was hilarious
sleepy 2 anni fa
Y'all: Yoongi is the most unbothered member of BTS. Tae: *_hold my entire gucci closet._*
Faiajj clash
Faiajj clash 8 mesi fa
This itvid.net/video/video-MC8EEaHlAHk.html
sinncia kate
sinncia kate 8 mesi fa
V was the one who did not move at all
Birgit Sørensen
Birgit Sørensen 11 mesi fa
@valt beyblade Taehyung doesn't like beer not wine. Actually he doesn't like alcohol generally except wine. Also beer is not heavier than wine.
d r e a m
d r e a m 2 anni fa
Yeah but yoongi is unbothered on a whole different level
valt beyblade
valt beyblade 2 anni fa
Tae can't even manage a glass of wine how would he deal with beer
2021 new army
V was super cool And our other bts members was also very adorable and funny as usual
I wIsH I wAs DeAd:]!¡
The first time I watched this I was like 13 and was just loving the laughter I got from their reaction now 2 years later I'm back and I'm an ARMY💜💋
brenda HM
brenda HM Mese fa
Jajajaja pobre de solecito jajajja me mato de risa donde estuve perdida todo esté tiempo amo a BTS I PURPLE YOU 💜💜💜💜
Amaya Thurston
Amaya Thurston 2 mesi fa
LMAOOO Why’d I lean forward like I could catch Hobi through the fricking screen?! 🤣🤣
Sridhara Shetty N
Relatable 🤣
Linda Saechao
Linda Saechao 2 mesi fa
Same, I was reaching forward to them both 😂
Tee 2 anni fa
Jin: "But c'mon c'mon I'm not afraid you know?!" Fruit cannon: *I'm about to end this whole man's career*
Lourdes Okoro
Lourdes Okoro 2 anni fa
Jin adds you know after every sentence he says in english
Oooo 2 anni fa
Iam not scary
Jennifer Manni
Jennifer Manni 2 anni fa
Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen 2 anni fa
HOW Are you SOO FUNNY?! This is the best and funny comment I ever seen!!
Tee 2 anni fa
@Elle Imad ahahahah thanks :D
Alexa 2 mesi fa
“come on come on ,i'm not afraid you know" HAHAHA
Saanvi Mese fa
Rewatched this. aww man they were so young. especially RM. new to the American industry and western world. always lookin out for the members. now the members can freely talk too. lol notice he even addressed James as sir now he be calling him out to be in hot water with armys lmfao we stan the growth. i am so proud of them .
sceneryooh Mese fa
the first video i have ever seen of them. i miss september of 2019, i would love to go through the journey of becoming an army again 💜
angeline_ jody
angeline_ jody 3 mesi fa
this was where I first watched them and fell in love, sad to know that James doesn't truly care about them like he said he did:/
Florence Shantara N
@Trinh Nguyen thank you People need to let it go… it’s not a big deal
Trinh Nguyen
Trinh Nguyen Mese fa
He does care for them and many fans are overreacting over nothing.
⟭⟬ Zennie K 🖤
@Your every picture well, idk if you really my comment property but I wasn't saying what I beloved, one person asked so j gave him/ herboth the perspectives of people on the situation....
Your every picture
@⟭⟬ Zennie K 🖤 No - you didn't. That's just not true. If - if! you listen to what Corden said, he said nothing wrong; amis had no business kicking off - he said something along the lines of "Many teenage girls would love to go see the members at the UN! - which ofc, they would - Corden said nothing unpleasant, about BTS - & Corden is English (not American,) - & he has always been just lovely to Bangtan from years back - & has always been on their side, when many of the US industry wd not give them the time of day💡💜He supported them re the Grammys & everything. Some amis will chase off every decent celebrity "friend" BTS hv - & it's not cool - pack it in, ppl🙈💜Hysterical rubbish🙏💜
Sequoia 3 mesi fa
it’s not really a big deal, he made an overused and kind of cringe joke that landed poorly, that’s all
Mochi_ Anno fa
When jin said cmon cmon I'm not afraid and got so scared I literally can't stop laughing I fell of my chair 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Edit: tysm for 5k likes!! Edit 2: HOLY NAMJESUS 6K?? MAMA I'M FAMOUS
Woody & Buzz
Woody & Buzz Mese fa
Looks like you caught jimin's habit of falling off the chair🤣🤣🤣
Waqas Niaz
Waqas Niaz Mese fa
Forever Armyy! 💜
Me too 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cheong Doy
Cheong Doy Mese fa
So funny 🤣🤣 I love Jungkook
ᴀʙʙʏ ᴘᴀʟᴍᴇʀ
KillJoy Since2017
They said they weren’t scared and then straight up fell to the ground 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hafsa Hussain
Hafsa Hussain 2 mesi fa
I dead in laughing and watching again and again jin this dialouge"come come i donot affaird you know." And then his reaction.... ,😂😂😂
Niki91-HR 3 mesi fa
I watched several of these... I guess the best flinch was by J-Hope and Jin hahahahhaha of all videos theirs is the funniest xD But respect to V. I think no one did it that well... And Jungkook is just being cute ;)
Jeonchoi 3 mesi fa
Aún sigo sorprendida por Taehyung como eso de que no parpadeo wow mis respetos Tae 🙇😇 eres lo máximo
yoongi senpai
yoongi senpai 2 anni fa
Whoever let Jin and Jhope be paired needs a pay raise
E B Mese fa
They know how to make us laugh
David YU
David YU Mese fa
I’m not afraid he said
Rida Javed
Rida Javed Mese fa
So true🤣
XYZ DIDIN 5 mesi fa
Gemini vous suis au
Wajiha Khatun
Wajiha Khatun 2 mesi fa
I love how RM is trying to be respectful by saying "Sir" and "James" and then there's Jimin shouting "Hey Cordonnnnn!!!" 😂😂😂
annika zhang
annika zhang Mese fa
I feel like jungkook and suga flinching just like a little is underrated because the fruit was literally aimed in both of their faces and they only flinched a bit. J-hope and Jin yeeted themselves to another universe 😂
Bhadra Seventh
Bhadra Seventh 3 mesi fa
What Jin said has a meaning now... Joker Guy!!
I'm an army girl
But now every thing is cleared did you see the James show with BTS yesterday?
Sinthia Siddika
Sinthia Siddika 3 mesi fa
Actually!! Dont trust anyone
Elizabeth 2 mesi fa
RM: They're the most cowards in our group 😂😂 Literally the best part bro 😂😂🤣🤣
Kam 4 anni fa
The comments are mainly about their looks but is anyone gonna mention how respectful Joonie is toward James. This is why I Stan them, they have such big hearts and great manners.
indigo blues
indigo blues Anno fa
@Winter Wolves 3:30
Winter Wolves
@miharu when did he say sir I cant find it o.o
Akansha Borthakur
@Ventrimol P A the one who speaks English
Ventrimol P A
I don’t know joonie! Which one is it
dana Anno fa
Jim in on the other hand.... CORDAN!!! *dOnT wOrRy iM nOt ScArED*
Athalee! 🧋🦋
💜ఌ Yasmin ꨄ💜
is nobody going to talk about how the fruit was aimed exactly at jungkook’s head??
Salim B
Salim B 14 giorni fa
And he still didn’t flinch too hard ,just moved a bit 🙌🏻
We need to do this with Jisoo and V to find out who's the last person standing.
Mary Mwamisha
Mary Mwamisha 4 mesi fa
AH, what to say ,.... bts always makes history wherever they go... J Hope... Best flinch V.... best non reactive to flinch
Viciadana Ana
Viciadana Ana 2 anni fa
Rm is so cute calling everyone "sir" I just died when he said "sir, James" how cute aaaw
vasundhra bisht
"hEy CorDoN" - Jimin
danganronpa_ _enthusiast
Vibhi Verma
Vibhi Verma 2 anni fa
@RAVI RATHOD Fans will obviously be excited. But there are more non fans than fans in India. And this is not a rumor, it's a fact. If you have ever dealt with non kpop fans in India, you'll know. Indians will obviously welcome bts, but half of them who aren't fans will still not listen to their music.
RAVI RATHOD 2 anni fa
@Vibhi Verma o really .shut up dude dont spread unnecessary rumor.let them come once n u will see how indians become excited seeing bts
Vibhi Verma
Vibhi Verma 2 anni fa
@JAHNVI GARG Indians are friendly towards guests but are judgmental towards culture that is not their own. If BTS show up in India, non fans will still respect it and welcome them, but most of them wouldn't really listen to their music without prejudice.
Linda Saechao
Linda Saechao 2 mesi fa
I’m screaming so hard at Jin and Jhope, but I’m deathly afraid of V 😂
Windy Waves
Windy Waves 4 mesi fa
I love how V hugs Jimin after each of their turns.
Cejas de Opacador
Hollywood debería se contratar a James Gorden porque es un muy buen actor 👏
⟭⟬ Zennie K 🖤
Yea! He deserves an Oscar! My face btw- 😃😑🙄😒
VVLOVE 3 mesi fa
Now watching this feels wrong on so many levels... People we trust - • Halsey (🔒💜especially her 💜🔒) • Becky G • Ariana Grande • Jimmy Fallon • John Cena (Just to name a few)
Dishwasher at Jin Hit Entertainment
Brad Pitt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dishwasher at Jin Hit Entertainment
Megan, Ed, Steve Aoki (BTS fanboys over Aoki)
Sadika garcha
Sadika garcha 3 mesi fa
Specially Ed Sheeran
megan too i guess
Ok fine
Ok fine 3 mesi fa
Don't forget steve aoki lauv and max too
izzy grace
izzy grace 2 anni fa
boba ._. tae
boba ._. tae 2 anni fa
izzy grace hes so freaking polite 🥺💜
Decalcomani 2 anni fa
it's bc in korea people have a lot more respect for their elders
༄tqegu 2 anni fa
Woody & Buzz
Woody & Buzz 4 mesi fa
I cracked hard, unable to control, when I saw Jin and Hobi's entry, James asks Rm for predicting their reaction, when RM says you gotta expect the reaction, I mean they're the most *CoWaRDs* of our group, and then there's Hobi and Jin who don't understand a word but still act like they're super brave😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jamin Mochi
Jamin Mochi 2 mesi fa
My boys are hilarious before and now..they never change💜💜
I'm good Girl 💜
Best introduction by a good host 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Beatriz Silva
O j hope e o jin nunca perde a graça 😂
Meagan1023 2 anni fa
Namjoon: "They are the most cowards of our group" Jin and Hoseok: *didn't disappoint*
Trinh Nguyen
Trinh Nguyen 5 mesi fa
I wonder if James knew that they were the most cowardly in the group?
Kim Namvi
Kim Namvi 5 mesi fa
@CAMILA GUTIERREZ yeah actually
Hope Cobb
Hope Cobb 5 mesi fa
@ICE BEAR I think so.
jane cabatuan
jane cabatuan 5 mesi fa
Hannah Ruiz
Hannah Ruiz 6 mesi fa
@tori BTS is releasing a new song on July 9, permission to dance! Get ready to break records!!
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 3 mesi fa
Bts made history that day, it was the first time that more than 2 people played flich together.
Bikram Behera
When Jin said I am not afraid and then I laugh so hardly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marianne Barredo-Divina
whenever im feeling down, i always go back to this haha
_.Afrooo._ Mese fa
1:24 this. Is. Amazing. PERIODT.
Sakina Ghous
Sakina Ghous 4 anni fa
V is expectations Jhope is reality
Viji D
Viji D Giorno fa
True 😂
Indrani Roy
Indrani Roy 5 giorni fa
Køkø Jiménez
Køkø Jiménez 8 giorni fa
Lol I’ll jump on top of V OMG 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gabriela Truong
Gabriela Truong 10 giorni fa
@peachy. Hobi hi
Gabriela Truong
Gabriela Truong 10 giorni fa
@Daniela Ramirez Chaustre 💩 💩 💩
Devashree Tripathi
Jin: Come on come on I'm not afraid you know Tries to be overconfident Jin: Woah! Me: Whats wrong WWH?
Claire E
Claire E 3 mesi fa
이날 코디하신 분 정말 상 받으셔야 함. 맴버들 옷, 정말 너무 너무 이쁘다. They are not cute. They are "Gorgeous".
Anna K
Anna K Mese fa
Hobi's face expressions are so cute 😄
Remi this is real love story Remi
1:25 I died with laughter and fall in the ground 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Musthak Hamid
Musthak Hamid 11 mesi fa
V: didn't even blink Jungkook: moved a bit Jin: flinched his heart out Jhope: died his heart out
сидни прескотт
Because jin & hope were first. They weren't ready yet. If V & Cook were first they would have a heart attack
fangirl_ 9 mesi fa
Lee- Clara
Lee- Clara 9 mesi fa
He fell I feel so bad XD
Adelineeeee 9 mesi fa
And suga pretend to be brave like v but he is not even close
Samina Rehman
Samina Rehman 9 mesi fa
Samiksha Sardesai
4:20 YOONGI SAID ''AAISH, SHIBAL''😂😂😂😂 I don't know if it's correct but it seems to be in sync
donnie X
donnie X 22 giorni fa
😂😂😂 this was so good Jin was so funny and v was badass!
Deeksha Shrivastava
Deeksha Shrivastava 20 giorni fa
OMO J-Hope's Reaction And Jin's Reaction Was damn funny I'm dead laughing 😂😂😂😂
They all look SO GOOD this video as they always do
Honestly can't believe that one guy didn't flinch AT ALL. How is that even possible?? I couldn't help but rewatch that part multiple times... Seriously impressive.
Glory Castillo
Glory Castillo 4 anni fa
He’s harnessing the powers of Gucci
PwT 4 anni fa
he's actually not the known bravest member of bts but he is very unpredictable 😁
meh 4 anni fa
Naritru Wireve
Naritru Wireve 4 anni fa
It's possible. It just depends on how your brain works and how you react. Some scream, some shake, some don't have a reaction at all but that does't mean they're not scared
Kwon Ji Yong
Kwon Ji Yong 4 anni fa
xXxMissMysteriousxXx His name is Kim Taehyung (stage name: V) he's really cute and adorable but he can have blank face sometimes 😂
Ms Gamz
Ms Gamz 2 mesi fa
Jin: I won't flinch,You know👀 1 sec later..... FLINCHED I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING 😂😂😂
Nadasha Nguyen
Nadasha Nguyen 3 mesi fa
i love how nice he is to BTS
Amber Arcadia
Love how namjoon encourages the members to speak up
PRACHI 2 mesi fa
Elizabet Lara
Elizabet Lara 7 mesi fa
Jin “I’m not afraid, you know” *proceeds to flinch out of existence*
samantha maxwell
@Vetri Velan where's the jin?
JuStIn seaGULl coming to town
Shrimpy 6 mesi fa
He just wanted to seem tough 😂
Jisoo's Umbrella
@Vetri Velan worldwide funny guy
Hannah Ruiz
Hannah Ruiz 6 mesi fa
@Vetri Velan BTS is releasing a new song on July 9, permission to dance! Get ready to break records!!
Benedicta Shokpeka
RM:"They are the cowards of the group" I died laughing 🤣🤣
Julie Hartman
Julie Hartman 2 mesi fa
I laughed so hard with BTS. Thank you 😊
Madhumitha S
Madhumitha S Mese fa
The pose n all hobi gave before rolling on the floor still sends me 🤣🤣🤣
Courtney Ferriell
Jimins English is so cute, I cant. J Hope and Jins flinch was priceless
Kitty Greenleaf
Kitty Greenleaf 4 anni fa
I was watching this with my dad and after V went my dad goes "Gucci boy didn't even flinch" 😂😂😂
❤Bts drawing itvid.net/video/video-o3HofkwXBgc.html ❤Drawing +UNBOXING👇 itvid.net/video/video-ic2mAB0DD04.html ....
Yin 3nergy plus Your fellow ARMY
Your dad is my spirit animal on another level😂😂
Barameesak Moksiri
Gucci boii
myx Anno fa
ayo V is very gucci lmao
Maja Ruzicic
Maja Ruzicic Anno fa
Simeon Williams
This had me laughing 😂😂
Asmah Samae
Asmah Samae 19 giorni fa
The boys is so fun and cute when be together Always BTS proud of you !!
Anika Mahmud Era
Never gets old 😂😂
Mini 0.1
Mini 0.1 3 mesi fa
No more papa mochi, I seriously feel hurt 😔 I really didn't expect James to be a clout chaser
Kim Braud
Kim Braud Anno fa
Jin: I’m not afraid! Hobi: yeah! *two seconds later* Hobi: *on the floor* Jin: *is having a seizure*
❄️Orca Slimez❄️
That’s what I do when I get scared, I have a siezer, and fling my arms all aren’t in the air XD! 😂
Estelle E.
Estelle E. Anno fa
I cried laughing so hard 🤣🤣🤣
I'm Jisoo but I'm not ok
💛Soul Space💛
@binnie lol
binnie Anno fa
can't stop laughing
Claire E
Claire E 20 giorni fa
이때 코디분 진심 상 받으셔야 함. 맴버들 의상이 어쩜 저렇게 다 이쁜지.....
ChuChu 28 giorni fa
I love how Namjoon was "sir Corden?" And then Jimin was just "HEY CORDEN!"
Elisa Özdemir
Elisa Özdemir 3 mesi fa
James, I swear, I was your biggest fan but after your betrayal I lost my respect for you..How did you play so well? How could you fool us? But I must appreciate that you are a good actor... Believe me, BTS's love for you was so big and sincere that you didn't deserve their love, and ours. 💔 "people change" What a true word.
Trinh Nguyen
Trinh Nguyen Mese fa
Another over reacting fan… sigh…
garugay 3 mesi fa
Let’s talk about why BTS was invited to UNGA, to promote SDGs and use their influence to support the achievements of SDGs by 2030. ARMYs we can be better than this. Let us help the boys on the big responsibilities on their shoulder as ambassadors for future generations. Let us choose our battles.
Anushri Roy
Anushri Roy 3 mesi fa
I would like to clear out that the statement that they are unusual visitors was a joke because obviously UN is a world government and BTS were the first artists attending the General assembly so it was unusual and also good. Second the term 15 year old girls, he meant that many people fall in love with them at their teens, so mostly the Fandom has a majority of teens, and well this statement was also a joke but the words used by him were not appropriate I must say that. But let's not spread hate before knowing everything right? I hope you guys understand Peace ✌
17kIOS 3 mesi fa
@Crazyforbt& Yh and e thought of it as a funny joke but it really hurted the army's
angelica Vega Sanchez
@S S oh okay thank you for the info i'll go look for the monologue thx again for letting me know that the person had over reacted and twisted up words i'll update once i've gotten as much info on the situation as i can
Jasmine Watts
Jasmine Watts 27 giorni fa
To be fair, they fired it directly at Jungkooks face. But yes. Tae was awesome 😄💜
Faith 2 anni fa
Namjoon being so polite calling James “sir” And then there’s Jimin (being his adorable self): “HEY CORDEN!”
Lunar 2 anni fa
@Shaziaayaz Ayaz yeah he is
Regina Franco
Regina Franco 2 anni fa
Lizbeth Villa
Lizbeth Villa 2 anni fa
Lmao 😂😂😂😂
btsislifeu gottaproblem
omg im wheezing
Joshua Pineda
Joshua Pineda 2 anni fa
Josip Benzon
Josip Benzon 23 ore fa
Hobi is in his own world 😂
Victoria 4 giorni fa
1) Yoongi actually did pretty well 🥺 2) I am that person who screamed "MIN YOONGIII" at the end of their turn, that person is me (not actually but that is a MOOD)
Raiba Begum
Raiba Begum 3 mesi fa
I'm just start laughing when RM said jin and j_hope are most coward
Zxyyni ot7 💜🖤
Namjoon: They're the most cowards Jin and Hoseak: lives up to their titles
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