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i stalled making this video for 10 months because i'm embarrassed to tell these stories but whatever i'm over it here ya go
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You have a 2% higher chance of being asked out by someone you like ;0

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Jaiden Animations
i already know what you guys are gonna say and no, none of these stories are about james so you can take off your detective hats thankyaverymuch
Javier Hernandez
Yes it is
rAnDoM kId69
rAnDoM kId69 Mese fa
My real crush is *blushes* A.I.R
Kenneth Parsons
Kenneth Parsons 2 mesi fa
In my opinion,your chocolate tastes like caca
Blue_Lapis 2 mesi fa
To be honest I didnt link you and james in it...
Maya Nielsen
Maya Nielsen 3 mesi fa
Jaiden Animations lol that's what I was thinking
Kari alisa wolfie
Ew no did you kiss
White Apple plays
titanic theroys
Yeah i asked my crush out so she says yes. One day later she says she has changed her mind. Awkward Dont worry its fine
neelima thandrangi
When She that he was Gay I was like 🤣🤣🤣 Defense 1000
Syleem Brathwaite
Wait what you did that
Gia Sanchez Amaro
I am 9 i have a boyfriend
Chary Bondhus
Chary Bondhus 16 ore fa
Show us the video
Chary Bondhus
Chary Bondhus 16 ore fa
The Missing Couch Potato
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson 22 ore fa
I have a girl friend 😄😄
Mench S_L
Mench S_L 23 ore fa
T h e O n l y T h i n g Y o u W i l l F e e l i s REGRET.
Jordyn Davis
Jordyn Davis Giorno fa
Sarah Naomi
Sarah Naomi Giorno fa
“So how long have you been together?” Jaiden: “he’s gay” This is the definition of trying to avoid awkward situations but not succeeding.
Mud Racing Series
Mud Racing Series
Never mind
Mud Racing Series
Whenever I see love vids I’m like me: okay I could take a little brake on Jaiden dang Matt Smith and some Odd1sout The coronavirus: I am always someone wh loves killing I need to get a crush if the coronavirus didn’t happen I’m on the deep end of flirting and if had someone right now I’d probably be no one please help me find love after the coronavirus
Hayden Lee
Hayden Lee Giorno fa
Mud Racing Series
Your profile pic is you flirting me:I don’t think you have proper grammar ITvid:wait that’s illegal
Christin Vasquez
I swear
Christin Vasquez
I’m not joking
Christin Vasquez
Jacob Jacob and Jacob
Atlas Charles
Atlas Charles Giorno fa
Me what i think while talking to my crush:
AirPat Gaming
AirPat Gaming Giorno fa
ya like jazz
Marc Vickers
Marc Vickers Giorno fa
This is brilliant am suscribing XD
Jaiden: He's gay. Me: *Gay-shipping senses activate*
Jaiden date James please
Piano Boy
Piano Boy Giorno fa
my crush slapt me in the face
William White
William White Giorno fa
You just make videos to get money
Leslie :p Valero :]
I love you sooo much😄😄😄😄😄
Ali Oktay
Ali Oktay Giorno fa
katzumi katzuki :/
Mary Renneker
Mary Renneker Giorno fa
Am I the only one who pauses the video to reap the funny writing Edit:read
Itz_ GachaPeachy
*hes gay....* - Jaiden
Ahamd Nazry Ayob Nazry
First time i watch your video -w- its nice
Rola Shawaf
Rola Shawaf 2 giorni fa
Jaiden if i can click the thumbs up button a million times i will
Hey you yes you Don't ignore me
Hmmmmm HoW AboUt JaMEsssss
Brian Mercer Jr
Brian Mercer Jr 2 giorni fa
So she never Flirt on James
golden_samurai76 2 giorni fa
Do you have a crush on James AKA theodd1sout
Steve Lorenz
Steve Lorenz 2 giorni fa
You should also ask them what's their favorite kind of water
julia miller
julia miller 2 giorni fa
Pokemon go my cod in Lhe game 7769662966293453
MrsNL73 2 giorni fa
Someone : *cries* Me : i feel sorry My girlfriend : *cries* Me : *its enough to make a grown woman cry*
J Solomon .Evans
J Solomon .Evans 2 giorni fa
womens lack of empathy aways amazes me. If a gyy has feelings for you that you cant return he's not a duechbag for walking away. just like a girl isnt a bitch for rejecting a guy. No one owes you anything. its like you're being a spoiled brat because he dosent want to give you attention anymore. You have quite the ego.
Kickassidy !!
Kickassidy !! 2 giorni fa
@Oscar Stuempfl big facts
Oscar Stuempfl
Oscar Stuempfl 2 giorni fa
You need some life lessons to listen to bro
Kickassidy !!
Kickassidy !! 2 giorni fa
go to therapy you incel lmao
Diggity Doggo
Diggity Doggo 2 giorni fa
“So after a bit, I just go, ‘he’s gay’”
Azula Gamerz
Azula Gamerz 2 giorni fa
*hE’S gaY*
The dude Dude
The dude Dude 2 giorni fa
Noah Apple
Noah Apple 2 giorni fa
Justin Liam Gapuz
Justin Liam Gapuz 2 giorni fa
2016: people flirting 2020: people *farting*
The Potato
The Potato 2 giorni fa
He’s gay
S V 2 giorni fa
Kyouko Toshino
Kyouko Toshino 3 giorni fa
Mill mall is dope.
Junko 3 giorni fa
2:22 the guy in the left side *Is that a jojo pose???*
Gabe Beebe
Gabe Beebe 3 giorni fa
Wow great channel and I like James channel too
Ging Barbo
Ging Barbo 3 giorni fa
Um... delete this pls 😖😖😖
Ging Barbo
Ging Barbo 3 giorni fa
Jarteeka Williams
Jarteeka Williams 3 giorni fa
Jarteeka Williams
Jarteeka Williams 3 giorni fa
Zach Watson
Zach Watson 3 giorni fa
like a nuzloke
Zach Watson
Zach Watson 3 giorni fa
this is weird make some pokemon ones again
David Nono
David Nono 3 giorni fa
4:19 Rest inpeace
Blank -
Blank - 3 giorni fa
When I was 12 I had a hard time saying no as well . A girl in class walked up who was friend said he my by I had to say yes mind and her friends all day 1 friend avoided me hate that memory. Sorry for the post for being long
Øcėåňić 3 giorni fa
I dont wait in text.... because I'm impatient I likezone them so that they can notice me...😂😅
2:11 Me: I have a crush on you.. Them: **FREAKINGBLOCKS ME**
Nicole Hsu
Nicole Hsu Giorno fa
I felt that :(
Kai Trinh
Kai Trinh 3 giorni fa
I see a jojo pose
KiraAsakura14 3 giorni fa
Nah, because people date because their heart told them to. Not because they're logically going to make a good couple. Like who chooses relationships based on logic now? That's what long lasting couples do. People just follow their emotions now and of course they can't be friends after a failed attempt because they never intended that in the first place. . . . What is wrong with this dumb world.
The Wolf Mattson
The Wolf Mattson 3 giorni fa
How to get people to stop thinking you’re dating your friend by JAIDEN ANIMATIONS! “He’s gay...” -Jaiden
The Wolf Mattson
The Wolf Mattson 3 giorni fa
6:20 this is what you call a d-uhhhh, creep... ya... =T
Ph_soapy 4 giorni fa
2:22 killer queen pose
Camee Eckert
Camee Eckert 4 giorni fa
Hello my name is camee and I’m a crazy chicken lady/kid
Stacey Drew
Stacey Drew 4 giorni fa
I cant express how hard i laughed the moment you said "he's gay" I'm a person who laughes quit a lot, but it's difficult to make me cry-laughing... so like when you said that I immediately start to cry laugh so hard to the point my mom heard me from downstairs and we have a pretty big house... XD XD XD
Woof Woof is Trashy 123345
Can you plz tell your phone numbre and your ad......
Shigaraki Quirk trainer
This may make you die a little inside but it makes my life feel like I should be going with the gut
Dragonfire XL
Dragonfire XL 4 giorni fa
kiss him lip
Samuels Nebula
Samuels Nebula 4 giorni fa
introvert+introvert=bad date
Chrysi Dimitrakios
Chrysi Dimitrakios 4 giorni fa
Addie Bennett
Addie Bennett 4 giorni fa
this makes me think of my crush in 4th grade. im going into 6th grade
Internet Gamer
Internet Gamer 4 giorni fa
All I can say is that I got friend zoned by LITERALLY EVER GIRL I DATED. Then I started my years of high school, met this girl named Chloe, fought over her with the popular guy, lost her, he cheated on her and she lost the engagement and now I’m getting married to Chloe tomorrow.
Internet Gamer
Internet Gamer 2 giorni fa
welovemonkeynoises 2 giorni fa
How is the wedding.
Communist Maus
Communist Maus 4 giorni fa
Can yall stop your shipping ya bucking creeps you can't change their minds, they have their own consciousness they aren't just a robot that's connected to a million people, just because they care for you doesn't mean you control them, you have to accept the fact you fricking weirdos
khushairi suhaimi
khushairi suhaimi 5 giorni fa
As I watch this an ads for Episode came out and I was like: *Ooh flirting in flirting*
Bob Kiefer
Bob Kiefer 5 giorni fa
the poses on these charcahters are that of the splatoon 2 concept art testfire
Cosmic hockey
Cosmic hockey 5 giorni fa
When you said ya you should have said after that get noob
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