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Florence Pugh is an Academy Award-nominated actor with an ever-growing list of acclaimed performances, from Lady MacBeth to Black Widow, Little Women, Midsommar, and many more. You can also catch her starring alongside Morgan Freeman in her latest film, A Good Person, now playing in theaters worldwide. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Flo takes on the wings of death and discusses eating spicy mac and cheese in the MCU, the best pub in Oxford, and the perfect cup of tea.
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@FirstWeFeast 11 mesi fa
Would would watch "Tea Time with Flo"? Thumbs up if this needs to happen.
@Paul20661 11 mesi fa
YAASSSS Love her 💞 Ever since i saw her in Midsommar 🌞
@aubreezily13 11 mesi fa
The better question would be, who would not watch Tea Time with Flo?
@nintenmetro 11 mesi fa
Such a poser…
@cececola 11 mesi fa
@@macudapeter2384 I’ve been requesting this for years !!! 😊
@cececola 11 mesi fa
Yes ma’am ❤ I will watch!!!!😏 ms flo is awesome
@simgirl118 10 mesi fa
I like how she made a joke about keeping her hand up, and then actually did it 🤣 she's such an inspiration
@andreasm9102 10 mesi fa
She's the best..classic flo
@inazerega 6 mesi fa
You can tell she's a great actress from this video alone. She's not afraid to move her body and to make weird noises to express her emotions. Sean did a great job here by not being afraid to follow her moves. A beautiful interview!
Honestly, Florence's personality is CONTAGIOUS, the way she cares about little things, HER LAUGH( i'm in love with her laugh😭) just every little thing about her you just catch it in patches. Then it sums up and the you're like i'm in love with this woman.
@Nestor123057 29 giorni fa
You're the first person to mention her laugh and I loved it.
@hanmarie20 6 mesi fa
can we all appreciate how sean mimics his guests, i guess in a way to make them feel less uncomfortable when they’re making funny gestures and faces? it’s just very sweet and he’s a wonderful host. i love this show!!
YES!! You are right! It's something more people should do even in basic stuff. I can't tell you how fast a conversation ends when someone wants you to only match their energy, and never matches yours! Gotta give both people freedom, and Sean maintains himself while melding with who he's interviewing, VERY WELL.
@mlggamer5296 10 mesi fa
I love how she's going through the spices and saying where it would best fit. She's a real foodie
@Cherrycokexox 10 mesi fa
Flo literally cooking full on meals in her mind as she’s tasting is EVERYTHING
@giangtran-to6tb 10 mesi fa
@calluna2263 10 mesi fa
I thought the same thing, exactly how my mind works
@jordanjake5 8 mesi fa
Ikr! 😂
I love that's she's such a foodie ❤
@@giangtran-to6tbbad bait
@gigilamoore2656 10 mesi fa
I like everything about her. Her voice, her manner and most of all, how she seems to like herself. We should all strive to feel comfortable being ourselves.
@ladyicondraco 7 mesi fa
Florence finding the camera and the light to show her tear was fabulous!
@LauraEDavis 10 mesi fa
I don't normally think I could be friends with a celebrity but Florence is one that breaks the mold, she's good friend material ☺️
I wanna be more than her friend 😂😂
@LauraEDavis 10 mesi fa
@@dariuschisholm7317 I mean, yeah that too. She's adorable and smart and talented! 😍
@edub9930 10 mesi fa
I just want to have some tea w her. & I'm not a "tea" person 😅
@Anthony-pw5gu 7 mesi fa
​@@dariuschisholm7317me too 😂😂
@Anthony-pw5gu if ya know ya know must simp to draw em in
@mikecampana5779 10 mesi fa
This woman’s energy, authenticity, self deprecating humor, love of simple things, and just pure inner beauty. It’s quite stark to see this in a normal human, let alone a celeb. Refreshing like iced tea on a summer day. Literal timeless beauty.
Sean is the best host ever! He adapts to every guests energy level, and always positive. Quite remarkable!
@Silversky1113 10 mesi fa
I love how much of a foodie she is and how excited she gets when talking about food. I love her charisma and charm.
@Alastor255 9 mesi fa
She did a lot of videos about cooking, dont really remember on which platform, insta, tiktok or youtube
@jordanjake5 8 mesi fa
@wjrasmussen666 8 mesi fa
She is an amazing person.
@Harold-gl5vq 7 mesi fa
Yes my wife has much charisma.
She's amazing
@Reylandson 10 mesi fa
Florence's excitement while talking about something she clearly enjoys is endearing
@SmileLoveLive22 10 mesi fa
Flo making up recipes while eating the hot sauce is everything. Love that Sean is taking notes on it. 😂
@lizzleslife 6 mesi fa
Her asthmatic laugh is EVERYTHING! ☺️
She’s the perfect sample of an actor/actress that knows how to stay who they are and humble. From this video I can tell she’s awesome to be around!
@haliensexist 9 mesi fa
She really proved herself to be a foodie, coming up with recipes for every sauce. Love it!
@PhoenixEncore 11 mesi fa
I love how Sean echos the guest's energy. He's never above or below. Always encouraging! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
@TheSaigoon 11 mesi fa
The NPC Comment.
@PhoenixEncore 11 mesi fa
@@TheSaigoon ❓
@S0FlA 11 mesi fa
@@TheSaigoon ur comment is very npc
@davidkymdell452 11 mesi fa
It's an essential part of interviewing and sales. Until you get problematic, aggressive customers or interviewees, then matching often not a great idea.
@key6723 11 mesi fa
​@@TheSaigoon touch grass i can tell you sit inside 98% of your life
@MrPlant1966 6 mesi fa
What an amazing guest! She was so much fun and willing to play. Flo is so incredibly smart and articulate, and I love the way she thinks. She’s a real artist!❤
@EyelessEntity 8 mesi fa
This was one of the best episodes so far. So much energy radiating off of Florence
@hux2000 15 giorni fa
Florence is just a sunbeam of enthusiasm and positivity - an absolute dream interviewee. Plus she didn't even touch the ice water or the milk. What a trooper!
This has been one of my favorites episodes of Hot Ones EVER! Florence is such a vibe and I was laughing the entire time. Sean never fails to amaze me, he is really the GOAT
@kalei49 10 mesi fa
sean has this incredible talent of perfectly matching the guest's energy every single time and i love it
@hay7501 5 mesi fa
I feel like I’m the only one who sees how weird af he actually is lol
@hollyss0807 11 mesi fa
She's like a kid in a candy store, so passionate about everything in her career and life and its just so adorable to watch her, anytime I see her my heart just fills with pure joy
@SlipperyGrampa 11 mesi fa
@burbuja777 11 mesi fa
@@SlipperyGrampa ur mom
@holls7631 11 mesi fa
@@SlipperyGrampasays the guy who’s posting shooting game videos and memes xoxo
@Holly I agree! ❤
I'd sniff her bar seat
@jamigerke6610 6 mesi fa
She is such a lovely person! Such a trouper and kept up the humor the whole time. Huge Flo fan!
@andreavela15 14 giorni fa
She is SUCH a delightful person, I’m overwhelmed with how happy I am after seeing this interview.
@Ruleof2Review 6 mesi fa
I already love her but her appreciation for the craft of filmmaking and the other jobs happening on set to make the magic happen increased my already high levels of respect 100 fold. What a person! She’s the best!
@alyciakerr3982 10 mesi fa
*dramatically breathes in* "a cheeeeeeeedaaaaaaaaa" that just took me out 😂
@miacrawford4662 10 mesi fa
24:21 her face when she realized she touched the cookie with the sauce hand 😂😂
@tombpunk 10 mesi fa
I love how she kept up her tradition of overdressing for anything food related. Her own cooking videos in fancy dresses are amazing.
@KingOfCoolness 10 mesi fa
Funny enough she wore this same outfit for the BuzzFeed puppy interview. Clearly did both in the same day, and that's quite a contrast to say the least. 😄
@777Nny 10 mesi fa
She's definitely not overdressed here, her dress is transparent.
@robinlight 10 mesi fa
Its not " over dressing " you just aren't use to seeing a woman dressed exuding class.
@jekanyika 10 mesi fa
@@777Nny Most of her clothes are transparent tbf.
its not the first time, but i love how Sean literally looks like he enjoys having Flo as his guest, they were laughing A LOT! Flo you are beautiful ✨
@navyanaaz 10 mesi fa
Her own cooking videos in fancy dresses are amazing.I love her energy in this episode. A true star.she's so funny and authentic.
@RNemy509 10 mesi fa
She is probably the most adorable guest you've had on the show! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode
@Jorie921 10 mesi fa
I love her more, she's so down to earth and humble. Her humor and sweetness is contagious. Love her voice too.
@thatboynelly 3 mesi fa
Love episodes like this where the guest and Sean just seem to vibe and genuinely have fun throughout the episode. Florence Pugh seems like a really down-to-earth person, very endearing and charismatic.
I just freakin love her. Also, she's the only person I've ever heard who laughs the way I do...that kind of hoarse, wheezy laugh. 😂💜
@jonpoulda3362 10 mesi fa
Yeah, like my grandma who chain smoked. Not attractive at all.
@remmxt3205 10 mesi fa
@@jonpoulda3362 who asked?? 😭😭😭
Florence was my favorite of all the episodes. She seemed to be so much fun. I think Sean was having a blast.
@AndreeCynthia 10 mesi fa
There's seriously no one else i have enjoyed as much as Florence. She's so amazing and charming. Love listening to her put together dishes to pair with the sauces and Sean is taking notes ♥️
@charlettwiese 7 mesi fa
She is so fun to watch and listen to, her voice and humour is amazing - I was done when she was naming her dream cheese board and was breathing/ growling “cheddaaar” 😮‍💨 thank you so much
@robynrose3328 10 mesi fa
This woman is a breath of fresh air
@arimax888 10 mesi fa
Her energy and humor is so infectious. I love her voice and how she's suggesting food good with the sauces
@NazriB 10 mesi fa
Lies again? Babies And Roses UEFA SW
@kidwave1 10 mesi fa
She's a MAN, baby!
@marimar4481 10 mesi fa
Yes! She seems so down to earth & fun! Very humble. I enjoyed this episode.
@kidwave1 10 mesi fa
@@marimar4481 Not she, HE!
@camquoc5718 10 mesi fa
@Willismcnillis 7 mesi fa
She’s such an English rose. The tea scene at the end was lovely. We differ on our choice of tea bags but she is the bomb 🫖🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
@wumbos 7 mesi fa
Her asthma laugh is everything 😂🥰🥰 I love how she's dreaming up dishes as she goes, too. Also, why isn't Da Bomb the last wing? I feel like everyone dies after that one and I always wonder why it isn't dead last??
@Sadiebird14 4 mesi fa
What a delightfully charming woman. Could literally watch her tell stories all day.
@TinaMey 10 mesi fa
Again, a great episode! I LOVE how you interview the guests - so casual and natural but still very professional. It's so fun and chill to watch. Keep up the great work!
I've never seen an interview with her before. She seems fun and has such a contagious laugh. Looking forward to seeing more great things from her.
@ryann45 10 mesi fa
As a film student and working crew member myself, I really loved hearing Florence's appreciation and interest in the various jobs around the set.
@chrismezza1940 10 mesi fa
as a fellow film student, same here! It's a collaborative medium, and it's great for an actor to understand that.
@olliemoore7177 10 mesi fa
This!!! I’m in the same boat, it’s very refreshing:)
@lkatz638 10 mesi fa
@adamjay2ndward 10 mesi fa
As a regular human being living on earth .... do we really need to have a intro on what everyone does???
@perthyren601 9 mesi fa
@@adamjay2ndward yes
@alainaval Mese fa
I’ll probably watch this interview many many more times. I just can’t get enough of her!
@beemayhemful 4 mesi fa
It takes a lot to be so fun and charming through all the sauces! She seems so genuine and like she'd be a kick to hang out with
I love her. She's so genuine.
This just made me love her so much more and I didn't think that was even possible!!❤️ great interview, as always:)
@andreeailie9053 10 mesi fa
Love the fact that she is such a foodie and that she really enjoys talking about it and so layed back... Her dress code is top . I.think.she is one of the few guests who actually dressed up for this occasion. Btw, love that after each souce taste she canes up with different recipes to try it 😂😂😂😂
@shortie_got_low 11 mesi fa
Florence Pugh seems like such a kind and genuine person. Her whole interview was so enjoyable and fun. Thank you Sean for giving her the chance to speak so passionately. No other interviewer gives this kind of opportunity to shine.
@liamphibia 11 mesi fa
How can anybody hate her? She's just right!
@ShadowsDML 11 mesi fa
Yep, I've been in love with her personality since the Vogue cooking thing
@ghostgang_ 11 mesi fa
ikkk she’s an angel
@lungboy8980 11 mesi fa
@@Skeaik Interesting you say that. Most people say she was the standout of that movie.
@jonadol 10 mesi fa
@@Skeaik wdym she carried that movie
I just want to be friends with Florence. She seems like such a cool and genuine person to be around 🥰
This was so adorable. I loved getting to know her better and her laugh and giggle is so adorable and infectious.
@JCAnimus 8 mesi fa
I've never heard her everyday speaking voice and it's so nice, BUT I love that she is thinking of things to pair these hot sauces with. Adorable.
I really love her voice and its cool how with every sauce a whole meal comes to her mind.
@ajwarrick17 7 mesi fa
I keep coming back to watch this because she just cracks me up 😂 i love this woman so much
@writerb5001 10 mesi fa
I’m so glad I can finally say this phrase about someone without sarcasm: She seems like a blast at parties.
@kidwave1 10 mesi fa
She's a MAN, baby!
she is my mate who lives in london ended up at a party with her the other week and said it was soooo fun and they shared a ciggie which touched flos mouth which has touched timothee chalamets and i cried
@@kidwave1 she’s a cisgender woman?
@kidwave1 9 mesi fa
@@henryhaynes2147 She's a MAN, baby!
@@kidwave1 no she’s not!
@turzigaming 3 mesi fa
I love the little squeaks in her voice. And her raspy laughs. 😍
@karenv.5564 10 mesi fa
This is so special, it was beyond beautiful. ❣️ You're both amazing and hopefully there's great things to come
I love watching Flo talking about dishes and recipes while tasting the hottest sauce on the planet. She's so adorable and authentic.
@bastanley 8 mesi fa
I already know what a brilliant actor Florence is, but with this, I love her straight out the bat - that fact that she's watched the show. So many actors/guests will come on and not even see one show - geez! - do your research guest!!! It was one of the best interviews yet!! She's fun, curious, smart, and beautiful - inside and out.
@rss_ruby 11 mesi fa
I love Florence Pugh so much. The fact that she'd go off on a tangent explaining the different foods that the sauces would pair well with was hilarious!!!!
I didn't expect that laugh. And I LOVE it!
Girl after my own heart. I had no idea who she was before watching this, but now I really like her. That laugh is great.
@user-mu5ny1ks6t 10 mesi fa
I really enjoyed that.
She took it like a total champ. Such a delightful person in this casual setting. Also her English is just perfect, far more sophisticated than I expected. Great show!
@sebf5815 7 mesi fa
She's English so of course.
My favorite episode to date. She is a joy. So smart. So funny.
20:35 LEGIT every single girl when they wondering where are all the good guys gone
@patitoasted 9 mesi fa
I love Florence's laugh 😂❤
@digitalbath. 8 mesi fa
you got to love a girl that’s naturally beautiful & extremely funny. she’s such a gem!
She's one of the few guests that actually answers Sean's questions directly, vs those that take a tiny bit and go off on their own tangents. Great job, Florence! Love this woman!
@Danno. 10 mesi fa
Shes so goofy, love her
@tianamorgan4223 10 mesi fa
Maybe the others have ADHD. Getting off track is a symptom of ADHD
@jmy871 10 mesi fa
4:01 She sounds like she smokes 50 packs of Cigarettes a day 😭
@charardinosaur 10 mesi fa
@@jmy871 she has asthma
@acemyname 10 mesi fa
@@jmy871 it’s a disorder/ disease she has that made her sound like that
@Samstar369 10 mesi fa
Bro she’s so awesome, cannot wait to see more of her in future movies and even more hot ones episodes
@edub9930 10 mesi fa
Haven't seen her work. Just downloaded Midsommar, heard only great things
@jf6331 24 giorni fa
I like that she really enjoys food and isnt afraid to talk about it.
@LesHoa-DuMal 23 giorni fa
19:05 🤣😆🤣 i'm not talking to you. i love how she calls is "The Da' Bomb" Florence is a piñata of adorable cuteness and joy.
@Leonnie13 9 mesi fa
Florence seems so lovely. I loved her cooking show. I wish good things for her.
@TimeBucks 11 mesi fa
She’s just captivating. That voice! Great episode
@bodygamal3537 10 mesi fa
Her laugh 😃
@HermesTonye 10 mesi fa
​@@BehindTheGreenEyes thought I was the only one falling in love with that laugh. ✨️🤣🤣 like an engine !!!
@ghost....tmc287 10 mesi fa
I adore her! So passionate! So inspiring!
I have a weird obsession with Florence’s voice! Her voice is so lovely with a slight rasp and has such a beautiful tone…I could listen to her all day❤️❤️❤️
Besides from her undeniable talent and charm, she's full of joy 🩷
Her voice is just gorgeous.
@sean_mccadden 7 mesi fa
This is so great 😂 this is why shes able to take a supporting role and completely take over the show
@KevPV 11 mesi fa
I had the pleasure of working with Flo for a few days on the set of Don't Worry Darling. She was such a gem. Super friendly to all the crew and always cracking jokes. Truly a genuinely nice and fun person to be around with a great sense of humor. I usually expect celebs to be a bit snobby but she was as down to earth as they come.
oh that set 👀do you have other stories
@KevPV 10 mesi fa
@@gaelgarciabarchive I was only there for a few days unfortunately. I have no knowledge of any of the drama. Everyone on the crew I interacted with was just as cool as Flo. It was actually surprising how friendly everyone was. The whole crew was really nice and down to earth. I wish I could have spent more time on set with everybody because the vibe that crew had was something special.
@@KevPV based on what she shared about it I think it’s good that you didn’t stay for long on it.
@mako3197 10 mesi fa
This is good to hear and doesn't surprise me, I thought it was pretty nice of her to make Sean tea and she actually got up to serve it to him. Of course this is just her being a courteous and decent person, but I expect most celebrities would get someone on the set to pass it over because they couldn't be bothered to get up from their seat.
I had the privilege of being in set and interacting with a few popular actors and director and all were down to earth, super friendly and I still keep in touch with a few of them. Because of them I continued to pursue acting.
She is so pretty. And I love her as an actress. She deserves an Oscar for Midsommar.
Her dedication and passion about her industry is wonderful. I first saw her in midsommar shes amazing. 😊
@samiam4240 Mese fa
This was a GREAT episode...really enjoyed her authenticity and charm.
She seems like such a fun and genuine person.
This has been my favorite one yet. Thanks for the laughs ❤❤
@dustintirey6122 10 mesi fa
I can't help but smile whenever I watch Florence do interviews or press. She's so delightful and just seems like a kind, genuine person.
@stevemuzak8526 10 mesi fa
Actors can be nice in front of a camera. That's called : Acting.
@@stevemuzak8526 Right, you never know if you're getting the real person or not. It's their job to be likable on camera. The Jonathan Majors incident recently shows perfectly why we shouldn't worship celebrities.
@stevemuzak8526 10 mesi fa
@@vladimirhorowitz or Amber Heard. Pretty face but pure evil inside.
@@vladimirhorowitzmaoo the person simply gave Florence a compliment. They said nothing about worshiping her 🤣
@melosivitch 10 mesi fa
@@vladimirhorowitz didn't the girl come out and say that he did nothing to her and that she had a panic attack and apologized?
@heyhey1754 10 mesi fa
I love how entertaining this girl is. Fan from day one
@welllazvdo2216 7 mesi fa
I just love Florence. I've been in love with her since Midsommar, it was love at first sight, just a brilliant actress.
@chloecohen4928 10 mesi fa
literally love florence for so many reasons but being a public face sweater means so much to me❤️ thanks for ur service
@mlggamer5296 10 mesi fa
Oh my gosh I love the dress that she's wearing in this interview. It's got stars in everything I love it! I'm so glad I can finally watch this now
@jdean2547 8 mesi fa
What an absolutely delightful human being
@nicoleavila353 5 mesi fa
I love that she actually eats!!! So many guest had barely given bites 😂 and she is funny and natural
@UktenaGalliard 10 giorni fa
Love the interview.
she seems so genuine i love her so much
@Shondelisa 10 mesi fa
Florence seems mad cool, I love their asthma-induced grovel & laugh, and they smashed this
I didn't know who Florence was before Hawkeye but, now the making macaroni scene now make sense😂
@communityplum 11 mesi fa
I love how she takes in the flavor of the sauce and immediately starts creating all these plated culinary dishes in her head 😂❤️
@farrex0 11 mesi fa
@@basedyoutubecommenter Or.... here is a crazy idea. We all saw the same video.
@Bahamutdordi 11 mesi fa
It makes sense when you know her dad's a chef.
I feel her inner chef ahahaha
@jaysax7381 11 mesi fa
@@basedyoutubecommenteryeah there’s no way several people who watched the same video could call out or draw the same conclusions as someone else, huh
@mat4263 11 mesi fa
@Based 🏳️‍⚧️‍⃠‍⃠‍⃠‍⃠‍⃠‍⃠‍⃠ Im convinced you are an NPC because you lack the ability to think critically and just go on about NPCs
@RyanTV3000 10 mesi fa
She has such a cute laugh love seeing her having a good time.❤
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