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Florence Pugh is an Academy Award-nominated actor with an ever-growing list of acclaimed performances, from Lady MacBeth to Black Widow, Little Women, Midsommar, and many more. You can also catch her starring alongside Morgan Freeman in her latest film, A Good Person, now playing in theaters worldwide. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Flo takes on the wings of death and discusses eating spicy mac and cheese in the MCU, the best pub in Oxford, and the perfect cup of tea.
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29 mar 2023




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First We Feast
First We Feast 2 mesi fa
Would would watch "Tea Time with Flo"? Thumbs up if this needs to happen.
Paul Negrean
Paul Negrean 2 mesi fa
YAASSSS Love her 💞 Ever since i saw her in Midsommar 🌞
Bohemian Brunette
The better question would be, who would not watch Tea Time with Flo?
Cece Cola
Cece Cola 2 mesi fa
@Macuda Peter I’ve been requesting this for years !!! 😊
Cece Cola
Cece Cola 2 mesi fa
Yes ma’am ❤ I will watch!!!!😏 ms flo is awesome
Oscar Mese fa
I love how much of a foodie she is and how excited she gets when talking about food. I love her charisma and charm.
Bearded Badger Storytelling
Ooh you need to check her out on the Off Menu Podcast then! 😊
Alastor255 26 giorni fa
She did a lot of videos about cooking, dont really remember on which platform, insta, tiktok or youtube
Ida Mese fa
Flo literally cooking full on meals in her mind as she’s tasting is EVERYTHING
giang tran
giang tran Mese fa
calluna22 Mese fa
I thought the same thing, exactly how my mind works
Susan Mese fa
Extra respect to her for going the full round while wheezing through some asthma symptoms. You can hear it in her cough. She wasn't kidding around when she mentioned that we were hearing asthma.
libsybum Mese fa
She also has a condition that causes her airway to partially collapse which is think is the reason for her distinctive voice and laugh
CooKie Mese fa
@libsybum is that what it is? I always wondered why she sounds like she has a never ending cold
Catalina Blajin
​@libsybum yeah... Asthma
wesebeling Mese fa
19:11 The reciting of the cheeses…I know its not an acting role, but I nominate her for an Oscar for that painful, passionate list of cheese.
Agree I cried laughing a masterpiece
Cami M
Cami M Mese fa
I like how she made a joke about keeping her hand up, and then actually did it 🤣 she's such an inspiration
Faceless Mese fa
She's the best..classic flo
Justin C
Justin C Mese fa
This is my first time experiencing Florence Pugh.. and it was a delight. She 100% has the "It" factor and draws you in with crazy charisma and charm.
Whaaaaa??? Watch Fighting with my Family and Midsommar
Bnio Mese fa
Her performance in Little Women is great, appropriately annoying little sister in the scenes set earlier, but exuding can't-take-my-eyes-away confidence in the latter parts of the story.
than dinh
than dinh Mese fa
Giulia C.
Giulia C. Mese fa
Oh, boy... you are in for a treat!
LesAnimaux 29 giorni fa
Watch the video here on YT where she does an English mukbang in a big yellow dress. She is so funny and she knows so much about food!
Holly 2 mesi fa
She's like a kid in a candy store, so passionate about everything in her career and life and its just so adorable to watch her, anytime I see her my heart just fills with pure joy
FooGaawz ⛤
FooGaawz ⛤ Mese fa
holls Mese fa
@FooGaawz ⛤says the guy who’s posting shooting game videos and memes xoxo
Lauren Conrad
@Holly I agree! ❤
Aaron Hess
Aaron Hess Mese fa
Flo is one of the few guests to make it through all the way through the line up without drinking milk or water.
Nicole Arnold
her and lorde (both queens)
Roshan Antony Tauro
Dime a dozen
Matt Mortimer
Halle Berry as well. Probably the most comfortable person I've seen. Key and Peele also stripped all of the wings but can't remember if they drank or not
Alastor255 26 giorni fa
She's a foodie so maybe she used to eating more spicy things
Jeremy Jednachowski
@firstwefeast how bout an episode of a knights/dame of the big round wing table for the ones gettin through without a beverage for an episode?
Ben Pole
Ben Pole Mese fa
From hearing her talk I think it’s clear why she is a success. She is willing to continuously be a student in her craft, wanting to find out all aspects and collaborate with different areas. She knows a lot and is clearly clever but it doesn’t come across patronising. A true star.
GMB Mese fa
Watching these for the guests' reactions are one thing, but can we seriously appreciate how elite Sean is as an interviewer? Talk about a breath of fresh air with quality, original questions that keeps the guests engaged the entire time under the circumstances.
E Dub
E Dub Mese fa
He's great. None of that fluff-like ?s from your modern late night host variety
Travis Waggoner
Florence Pugh is so tuned in to the behavior and mannerisms of people around her and her love of the nuts and bolts filmmaking combined with the most virtuoso acting chops are going to make her one of the best directors ever one day. Can’t wait to see her make her own films in the future.
I love how she's going through the spices and saying where it would best fit. She's a real foodie
Tomb Mese fa
I love how she kept up her tradition of overdressing for anything food related. Her own cooking videos in fancy dresses are amazing.
R E A L Mese fa
Funny enough she wore this same outfit for the BuzzFeed puppy interview. Clearly did both in the same day, and that's quite a contrast to say the least. 😄
Nir Shalev
Nir Shalev Mese fa
She's definitely not overdressed here, her dress is transparent.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭21‬:‭21‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Robin Light
Robin Light Mese fa
Its not " over dressing " you just aren't use to seeing a woman dressed exuding class.
Gigi La Moore
I like everything about her. Her voice, her manner and most of all, how she seems to like herself. We should all strive to feel comfortable being ourselves.
Myles Migl
Myles Migl Mese fa
That Da Bomb joke she made went RIGHT over Sean’s head. “You can’t take that on the plane” 😂😂😂
Remote Faith
Remote Faith 29 giorni fa
He’s the one that made the joke
Patrick Adebamowo
Patrick Adebamowo 10 giorni fa
I’m glad someone caught this 😂
Laura Davis Desiano
I don't normally think I could be friends with a celebrity but Florence is one that breaks the mold, she's good friend material ☺️
Darius Chisholm
I wanna be more than her friend 😂😂
Laura Davis Desiano
@Darius Chisholm I mean, yeah that too. She's adorable and smart and talented! 😍
E Dub
E Dub Mese fa
I just want to have some tea w her. & I'm not a "tea" person 😅
ImMorTal PhoEniX
I love how the “you wouldn’t be able to take that into an airport” line to the bomb beyond insanity flew right over seans head.😂
Amanda Hugginkiss Poo-tato Pants
I was looking for this comment! 😂😂
Shanah Rusch
Shanah Rusch Mese fa
What? He's the one who said he might have problems getting that one through first 😂
Nat Mese fa
He’s the one who made the joke 😂
Chelsey Mese fa
The ending with the tea is so cute. She’s so kind and wholesome
E Dub
E Dub Mese fa
Absolutely. She strikes me as very childlike for some reason. & I mean that as a compliment. So playful & full of wonder 👏
Dani Phoenix Thomas
I love how Sean echos the guest's energy. He's never above or below. Always encouraging! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Matthew Clarke
The NPC Comment.
Dani Phoenix Thomas
@Matthew Clarke ❓
Sofia Mese fa
@Matthew Clarke ur comment is very npc
David Kymdell
It's an essential part of interviewing and sales. Until you get problematic, aggressive customers or interviewees, then matching often not a great idea.
Key Mese fa
​@Matthew Clarke touch grass i can tell you sit inside 98% of your life
Playsatan 13
Playsatan 13 Mese fa
So can we get a Cooking with Hot Ones show featuring Shaun and Florence? That girl spat out so many awesome sounding recipes 😋
Reylandson Abreu
Florence's excitement while talking about something she clearly enjoys is endearing
00juls00 Mese fa
The way she described learning about what goes into the filmmaking is so fascinating to me. Because you’d think, naturally, it’s an actor’s whole world; yet so many I think just do their part and bask in the fame. She clearly is invested in the right parts of it. I love hearing about anyone who’s super invested in their craft (hobby or career).
Devon Dicker
Devon Dicker 16 minuti fa
Sean is the best host ever! He adapts to every guests energy level, and always positive. Quite remarkable!
brian bowes
brian bowes Mese fa
Her delivery of the 4 cheeses information is like her issuing a death threat.
Samantra Patricia-Smulenburg
She sounds so detail oriented and has good energy I LOVE HER EVEN MORE
iKandy Mese fa
This was so enjoyable. That tea segment made me think of her in an Alice in wonderland as Alice. If they made a psychological thriller type remake, it would be incredible with her in the lead role.
I feel like Sean was really having a great time during this episode. Like he and Florence had genuine host/interviewee chemistry. Don't get me wrong, he always crushes it, but this one seemed extra fun for him
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez Mese fa
This has been one of my favorites episodes of Hot Ones EVER! Florence is such a vibe and I was laughing the entire time. Sean never fails to amaze me, he is really the GOAT
Dustin Tirey
Dustin Tirey Mese fa
I can't help but smile whenever I watch Florence do interviews or press. She's so delightful and just seems like a kind, genuine person.
Steve Muzak
Steve Muzak Mese fa
Actors can be nice in front of a camera. That's called : Acting.
Marcus Aurelius
@Steve Muzak Right, you never know if you're getting the real person or not. It's their job to be likable on camera. The Jonathan Majors incident recently shows perfectly why we shouldn't worship celebrities.
Extra Shot of Expresso☕️
@Marcus Aureliusmaoo the person simply gave Florence a compliment. They said nothing about worshiping her 🤣
@Marcus Aurelius didn't the girl come out and say that he did nothing to her and that she had a panic attack and apologized?
Laurence Poloni
I love her suggestions for different food ideas. And she was great on the Off Menu podcast recently, a genuine foodie. Well played Florence!
Flo making up recipes while eating the hot sauce is everything. Love that Sean is taking notes on it. 😂
László Kiss
László Kiss 3 giorni fa
I can't help loving her. She's such a sweet personality ❤❤❤
Sadmin Durmishi
I absolutely adore this woman. She's always so real, down to earth and I love the sound of her voice. Incredible actress.
Naazfesn shopping
Her own cooking videos in fancy dresses are amazing.I love her energy in this episode. A true star.she's so funny and authentic.
Writer B
Writer B Mese fa
I’m so glad I can finally say this phrase about someone without sarcasm: She seems like a blast at parties.
kidwave1 Mese fa
She's a MAN, baby!
Alice Marlow-stevens
she is my mate who lives in london ended up at a party with her the other week and said it was soooo fun and they shared a ciggie which touched flos mouth which has touched timothee chalamets and i cried
Henry Haynes
Henry Haynes 21 giorno fa
@kidwave1 she’s a cisgender woman?
kidwave1 21 giorno fa
@Henry Haynes She's a MAN, baby!
Henry Haynes
Henry Haynes 21 giorno fa
@kidwave1 no she’s not!
sorry baby x
sorry baby x 11 giorni fa
I love Florence's laugh 😂❤
The Horrible Bright
The Horrible Bright 27 giorni fa
She's phenomenal in "Fighting with my family".
flamewave64 Mese fa
I love her energy in this episode she's quickly been becoming one of my new favorite celebrities
Kimberly Melvin
Her taste in cheeses makes me love her more. And I already love her sooooo much.
Jean Lucas
Jean Lucas Mese fa
Florence is such a a gem. ❤
Parzival Mese fa
As a film student and working crew member myself, I really loved hearing Florence's appreciation and interest in the various jobs around the set.
Chris Mezza
Chris Mezza Mese fa
as a fellow film student, same here! It's a collaborative medium, and it's great for an actor to understand that.
ollie moore
ollie moore Mese fa
This!!! I’m in the same boat, it’s very refreshing:)
L Katz
L Katz Mese fa
As a regular human being living on earth .... do we really need to have a intro on what everyone does???
Transistor Jump
I like chocolate
Adriana Alves
God, I love her so much, by far my favourite actress
Myles Mese fa
Never knew seen anything with her in it yet or heard any interviews she has done. What a pleasant, charming and inquisitive women. Great vibes and I’m sure she’s a blast to be on set with.
Joshua Alegado
Florence is one of a kind.. Especially when she describe the taste of each Hotsauce and how the effects works on her tongue. 🥵🥵💣💣Wonderful episode.
Kalei Mese fa
sean has this incredible talent of perfectly matching the guest's energy every single time and i love it
Mike Campana
Mike Campana Mese fa
This woman’s energy, authenticity, self deprecating humor, love of simple things, and just pure inner beauty. It’s quite stark to see this in a normal human, let alone a celeb. Refreshing like iced tea on a summer day. Literal timeless beauty.
AriMax*~ Mese fa
Her energy and humor is so infectious. I love her voice and how she's suggesting food good with the sauces
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang Mese fa
Lies again? Babies And Roses UEFA SW
kidwave1 Mese fa
She's a MAN, baby!
MariMar Mese fa
Yes! She seems so down to earth & fun! Very humble. I enjoyed this episode.
kidwave1 Mese fa
@MariMar Not she, HE!
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭21‬:‭21‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Layne Curry
Layne Curry 7 giorni fa
She's so charming I love her and I'd love to share a meal with her. You can tell he really enjoyed this episode.
Ipseity Healing Studio
I just freakin love her. Also, she's the only person I've ever heard who laughs the way I do...that kind of hoarse, wheezy laugh. 😂💜
jon poulda
jon poulda Mese fa
Yeah, like my grandma who chain smoked. Not attractive at all.
remmxt Mese fa
@jon poulda who asked?? 😭😭😭
Rubi Doo
Rubi Doo Mese fa
The fact that she credited the crew AND said "let us know what you think". Actors usually act like real people are seeing their films, so that was nice to hear.
HaliensExist 29 giorni fa
She really proved herself to be a foodie, coming up with recipes for every sauce. Love it!
ktness 27 giorni fa
Only Florence's voice could get even sexier after scorching it with da bomb. Best read out of cheeses ever ❤😂
Sass Media account
She's one of the few guests that actually answers Sean's questions directly, vs those that take a tiny bit and go off on their own tangents. Great job, Florence! Love this woman!
Dan Mese fa
Shes so goofy, love her
Tiana Morgan
Tiana Morgan Mese fa
Maybe the others have ADHD. Getting off track is a symptom of ADHD
Myer J
Myer J Mese fa
4:01 She sounds like she smokes 50 packs of Cigarettes a day 😭
Leonnie13 16 giorni fa
Florence seems so lovely. I loved her cooking show. I wish good things for her.
Thomas Bartley
What a stunner of a presence she is. The voice, the charisma, the awareness of others. She relaxes into composure by giving in to the increasing fun and expansion without losing her creativity or intelligence. She's intuitively aware of everything going on around AND with her body. I would say that she matched Sean's energy. She mirrored and mimicked him, sometimes with a wink but also unconsciously. Fascinating chick. Everything an actress. Y'all can see why she had little time for Olivia W & Harry.
Jorie Thomas
Jorie Thomas Mese fa
I love her more, she's so down to earth and humble. Her humor and sweetness is contagious. Love her voice too.
Pablo Palma
Pablo Palma 6 giorni fa
I love her so much and I love her laugh ❤
mrkity Mese fa
Love how she’s thinking about food pairings for each sauce! ❤
Kev PV
Kev PV Mese fa
I had the pleasure of working with Flo for a few days on the set of Don't Worry Darling. She was such a gem. Super friendly to all the crew and always cracking jokes. Truly a genuinely nice and fun person to be around with a great sense of humor. I usually expect celebs to be a bit snobby but she was as down to earth as they come.
gaelgarseeya Mese fa
oh that set 👀do you have other stories
Kev PV
Kev PV Mese fa
@gaelgarseeya I was only there for a few days unfortunately. I have no knowledge of any of the drama. Everyone on the crew I interacted with was just as cool as Flo. It was actually surprising how friendly everyone was. The whole crew was really nice and down to earth. I wish I could have spent more time on set with everybody because the vibe that crew had was something special.
@Kev PV based on what she shared about it I think it’s good that you didn’t stay for long on it.
Rustie Mese fa
This is good to hear and doesn't surprise me, I thought it was pretty nice of her to make Sean tea and she actually got up to serve it to him. Of course this is just her being a courteous and decent person, but I expect most celebrities would get someone on the set to pass it over because they couldn't be bothered to get up from their seat.
M Winslow
M Winslow Mese fa
I had the privilege of being in set and interacting with a few popular actors and director and all were down to earth, super friendly and I still keep in touch with a few of them. Because of them I continued to pursue acting.
ilm Mese fa
I've never known a guest so comfortable and talkative. I love her!
najtrows 5 giorni fa
Sean is easily one of the best aspects of this platform. Anytime I'm down I can throw one of these on and feel the positivity he's spreading.
Gabriela De Tar
I just want to be friends with Florence. She seems like such a cool and genuine person to be around 🥰
Dave Guerra
Dave Guerra 29 giorni fa
There is nothing not to love about this wonderful person.
Broken Alice
Broken Alice Mese fa
Florence makes the world better every time she appears on screen. Period.
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
The two of the them together create such a fun chaotic energy. Always appreciate Sean's ability to adapt styles based off guests
CommieCrunch Mese fa
What's up with your profile pic and username?
DaRKS1D3RZ Mese fa
@CommieCrunch it’s a bot that steals comments
Hisham Rashid
How tf is youtube letting these bots get away with these pfps.
Cynthia Padilla
There's seriously no one else i have enjoyed as much as Florence. She's so amazing and charming. Love listening to her put together dishes to pair with the sauces and Sean is taking notes ♥️
Clark Barrett
Didn't touch the milk or water either. The girl is on fire! Her description of the Da Bomb as the bad date guy was genius too.
Kat S
Kat S Mese fa
Jesus CHRIST, her voice is gorgeous. I'd listen to her read the dictionary 😍😍😍
Heather Ortiz
Heather Ortiz 19 giorni fa
This is my favorite episode of the hot ones! She really brought the laughs. Even Sean was enjoying himself and I bet the crew was as well. She’s a delight and I’d listen to her talk every day!
Nemesis509 Mese fa
She is probably the most adorable guest you've had on the show! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode
shortie_got_low 2 mesi fa
Florence Pugh seems like such a kind and genuine person. Her whole interview was so enjoyable and fun. Thank you Sean for giving her the chance to speak so passionately. No other interviewer gives this kind of opportunity to shine.
Liam Phibian
Liam Phibian 2 mesi fa
How can anybody hate her? She's just right!
Supernova 2 mesi fa
Yep, I've been in love with her personality since the Vogue cooking thing
ikkk she’s an angel
Lung Boy
Lung Boy 2 mesi fa
@Chrispin Lindström Interesting you say that. Most people say she was the standout of that movie.
e- w-
e- w- Mese fa
@Chrispin Lindström She was dooooope in that movie, your subjective opinion is objectively not based
Robyn Rose
Robyn Rose Mese fa
This woman is a breath of fresh air
Slickymoxy Mese fa
She handled it so well. I just love her energy, her voice, and her laugh. At times, she reminds me of Kathleen Turner with her deep voice and her laugh. ❤
Andreea Ilie
Andreea Ilie Mese fa
Love the fact that she is such a foodie and that she really enjoys talking about it and so layed back... Her dress code is top . I.think.she is one of the few guests who actually dressed up for this occasion. Btw, love that after each souce taste she canes up with different recipes to try it 😂😂😂😂
ellis daly
ellis daly Mese fa
she is so unintentionally funny I love her!
Malak Ahmed
Malak Ahmed Mese fa
I don't think I've seen Sean so charmed by a guest before! 😂 No doubt Florence will become one of the best actresses of her generation👏🏾
The Life of Dodom
Briya your sky daddy isn't real
Tim Rizzo
Tim Rizzo Mese fa
@The Life of Dodomeither is your actual daddy
Buddy Mese fa
😂 same. His silence is loud in this one
Aria G.
Aria G. Mese fa
Am I the only one noticing that even young British actors are so much more articulate and in command of the English language than American actors? I'm so accustomed to hearing American actors limited to descriptives such ad "incredible" and "amazing"... literally describing everything as incredible or amazing! Conversely, these British actors are just so articulate with a wide range of vocabulary and expressions...so articulate! it's so refreshing! And who doesn't love hearing a young actress who doesn't have a baby voice or vocal fry?!
Vanessa Damian
I could listen to her all day. She’s so humble ❤
Oliva Del Rosario
Florence is natural, open and charismatic! Love her personality!
Zsuzsi Rabai
Zsuzsi Rabai Mese fa
She seems so cool! Love her energy! ❤
Shaleesa Rowley
Florence seems mad cool, I love their asthma-induced grovel & laugh, and they smashed this
Ianmundo Mese fa
Not every guest makes a great impression but Jesus, what a clever and adorable person Florence is
Sam Coon
Sam Coon 2 mesi fa
I love how she takes in the flavor of the sauce and immediately starts creating all these plated culinary dishes in her head 😂❤️
farrex0 2 mesi fa
@basedyoutubecommenter Or.... here is a crazy idea. We all saw the same video.
Bahamutdordi 2 mesi fa
It makes sense when you know her dad's a chef.
Arianna Challinor
I feel her inner chef ahahaha
Jay Sax
Jay Sax Mese fa
@basedyoutubecommenteryeah there’s no way several people who watched the same video could call out or draw the same conclusions as someone else, huh
SeppyQ Mese fa
I adore Flo. Such a fun, cool girl. And great actor. She's gonna do so much.
양주연 17 giorni fa
I love this so much! Florence is glorious.
skew SME
skew SME Mese fa
Florence is an excellent sport and absolute fun in this episode, kudos for taking the Hot Ones challenge 👏
Riley O'Brien
What a funny analogy she had for the bomb beyond insanity sauce. She took me in and I felt that 😂😂
Chelsey Mese fa
She’s so bubbly and fun. I love her amazing personality and sense of humour 😂 If I was friends with her she would help me laugh a lot. And she’s also beautiful. She’s the whole package 🥰
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
The best part of this show has always been how it brings these folks down to our level. I've never felt more like I could 'be someone' than after 30 minutes of celebrities just being normal people
Rose Mese fa
You’re on the same level !
Alex Holmquist
Celebrities always appear aloof because it's part of their job. They are still normal people just like us.
Cameron Hall
Cameron Hall Mese fa
Andrés Barriga
They are just people.
Olivia Grey
Olivia Grey Mese fa
Love her. Love her acting. Love him, love this show!☺️🔥🍗
Samuel Kim
Samuel Kim Mese fa
Bro she’s so awesome, cannot wait to see more of her in future movies and even more hot ones episodes
E Dub
E Dub Mese fa
Haven't seen her work. Just downloaded Midsommar, heard only great things
Darcy Reads Sometimes
I love how she was never taken off guard by his questions! She just answered them in turn. She seems cool. :)
Galen Marek
Galen Marek Mese fa
Florence is awesome! A warm, genuine person, hands down. More should aspire to be like this amazing woman 💯💯
Duncan McMillan
Sean Evans just knows how to bring the best out of his guests. This is the best series.
Thomas Adair aka Mr Arthur
Unexpectedly one of the best episodes in recent memory. She’s so naturally funny and animated that it really makes the interaction super enjoyable to watch. So funny.
Zvch Mese fa
Yes sir, I’m in love with her too.
Justin Wright
Definitely already liked her, but this just upped it considerably. She genuinely seems like she would be great to hangout with.
Andy Saelee
Andy Saelee Mese fa
Agreed. Im crushing on her now 😂
Nadia N
Nadia N Mese fa
She’s so humble
Jahzell M.
Jahzell M. Mese fa
this might be my fav hot ones sessions i’ve watched perhaps, i love flo so much, her energy is just amazing, she’s such a wonderful, genuine human being and she absolutely handled those sauces very well 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
leila I
leila I Mese fa
I like how she is confident yet modest and easygoing, a type of character who everybody wants to be friends with!
Karen V.
Karen V. Mese fa
This is so special, it was beyond beautiful. ❣️ You're both amazing and hopefully there's great things to come
Tina Mey
Tina Mey Mese fa
Again, a great episode! I LOVE how you interview the guests - so casual and natural but still very professional. It's so fun and chill to watch. Keep up the great work!
Michael Malcom
Michael Malcom 28 giorni fa
She did really great and was super funny!
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