Florida Georgia Line & Backstreet Boys - H.O.L.Y. (CMT Crossroads, August 31, 2017)

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Florida Georgia Line & Backstreet Boys - H.O.L.Y. (CMT Crossroads, August 31, 2017)
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08.18.19 Hershey, PA
08.20.19 Raleigh, NC
08.21.19 Atlanta, GA
08.23.19 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
08.24.19 Orlando, FL
08.26.19 Nashville, TN
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Commenti 207
Helen Jackson
Helen Jackson 10 ore fa
H.O.L.Y. Listening June 17 2019.
divashalo 24
divashalo 24 Giorno fa
when you get upstaged vocally on your own song...ouch.
Coal black 79 k10
Coal black 79 k10 5 giorni fa
Imagine Waylon’s face watching this 😂 it’s sad people call this country 👎
David C
David C 6 giorni fa
Kevin definitely has a country-pop voice.
Jamie fry
Jamie fry 6 giorni fa
Holden3508 6 giorni fa
Fuck what a great song fuck!!!!!!
C Novika Maharani
C Novika Maharani 12 giorni fa
Backstreet Boys voices is undoubtable. While Florida Georgia Line always has good songs.
Monster Anst
Monster Anst 17 giorni fa
Kentucky 2 - New York 1- Georgia 1 - Florida 3 ,
Diana Harriman
Diana Harriman 21 giorno fa
This should be a slow song for prom
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 22 giorni fa
Seeing Fgl in Pittsburg with this song playing next to someone ya love and lost = goddamn.
amy b
amy b 24 giorni fa
Brian has to go for the sake of the band. He is a liability.
Amy Henderson
Amy Henderson 28 giorni fa
Love Brian's vocal and arms😍😍
gatorshd 29 giorni fa
Sleeping Fox
Sleeping Fox Mese fa
Kevin is sooooooooo like Elzo (AssissanCreed) love him 💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰🥰
Joseph Sillo
Joseph Sillo Mese fa
UGH 💖😭😭😭😭😭😭
Arsenal 4ever
garyw308 Mese fa
How about the harmony? I love how each one got a chance to shine and did not disappoint. I was really impressed with Kevin's voice because it is one we did not hear much back in the day. The stripped down set really allowed their talent to shine.
Renata Mariano Stabile
Maravilhosos 👏❤️😍
Heather Higgs
Smoke another blunt kevin.. 😂😂
Sarah Deutsch
i love this song i used listen backstreat boys win i was kid still do
Laura Osborne
This song reminds me of my purpose on earth..baby from Hamilton ohio...the city of angels
matt r
matt r Mese fa
Kevin is Saruman the grey
Chelle G.
Chelle G. Mese fa
Howie Just Made It! ❤️
L3na NC
L3na NC Mese fa
Jellah kay
Jellah kay Mese fa
High on watchin u
Hannah Culpa
Hannah Culpa 2 mesi fa
Damn this collaboration is superb! 😊
Sajan Aryal NEB
Sajan Aryal NEB 2 mesi fa
Absolutely incredible ! Underrated as hell
Audra White
Audra White 2 mesi fa
Aj tho🔥🔥🔥
Lee Phan
Lee Phan 2 mesi fa
Howie.!!!! Some cake plz.....
Dain Vigilant
Dain Vigilant 2 mesi fa
melissa morrow
melissa morrow 2 mesi fa
That was talent! On other note what about those eyebrows.lol
Daniela De Paula Pinheiros
Simplesmente maravilhosos 😍😍
Ray Yao
Ray Yao 2 mesi fa
They NEED TO record this song together!!!!
Alisha A
Alisha A 2 mesi fa
Howie cant sing
Alisha A
Alisha A 2 mesi fa
Kevin can't sing
poly_ pride
poly_ pride 2 mesi fa
"Im high on loving you"😌😍
Gyrl 83
Gyrl 83 2 mesi fa
I was such a huge backstreet fan back in the day. So awesome to see them now. Haven’t lost a step at all.
Deanne Bass
Deanne Bass 2 mesi fa
This is amazing!
Jaqueline Gomes Makeup
ai apaixonadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Mary Fletcher
Mary Fletcher 2 mesi fa
Finally Kevin an Howies voices shines!
Sei Ta
Sei Ta 2 mesi fa
Linda Pettersson
Bonnie Silva
Bonnie Silva 2 mesi fa
Bonnie Silva
Bonnie Silva Mese fa
Reminds me of all of our women in our lives 😊
Shawn Kurtis
Shawn Kurtis 2 mesi fa
Howie is the best singer in BSB
Tremblay 2 mesi fa
Claudia S.
Claudia S. 2 mesi fa
This was A M A Z I N G 👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 😍❤ All these men got our hearts melting ❤🔥
Maria Sajdak
Maria Sajdak 3 mesi fa
I like it I loved the song
Harli Lawson
Harli Lawson 3 mesi fa
This is so freaking beautiful!
Mari Yo
Mari Yo 3 mesi fa
Ho my god.. Briiaaaaaaan looks so sooo hot.. Te amooooo
Diana Harriman
Diana Harriman 3 mesi fa
Does Florida Georgia Line have kids?
Diana Harriman
Diana Harriman 3 mesi fa
Kendall Melton
Kendall Melton 3 mesi fa
I didn’t know this crossover existed but now I do ❤️
Vienski A
Vienski A 4 mesi fa
February 2019 anyone?
Viviane Cruz
Viviane Cruz 4 mesi fa
2019 ❤😍
Yvonne Deninno
Yvonne Deninno 4 mesi fa
Eston Alford
Eston Alford 4 mesi fa
Just WOW! Great.
James Crew
James Crew 4 mesi fa
There are still boys in BSB ?
The Secret History
BSB will always be boys. Boys was common before in identifying a group of guys. We have bands called the Beach Boys, Pet Shop Boys, Beastie Boys, Boyz II Men, etc... no change needed for BSB.
Chrissy Vaught
Chrissy Vaught 5 mesi fa
The,best I love all of them together
John Branham
John Branham 5 mesi fa
I really like these guys working together. Which proves they FGL is not real country lmao. But still pretty awesome
Rita Thainá
Rita Thainá 5 mesi fa
Howie ❤
McDonough Henry
McDonough Henry 5 mesi fa
This was my mom fav song Beofre she pass away hearing backstreet boys made it better for me
Lori79 4 mesi fa
I'm sorry for your loss
Claúdia Silva
Claúdia Silva 6 mesi fa
Tasha Hespel
Tasha Hespel 6 mesi fa
Love Brains voice here
Francesca Gubellini
this version of this song is simply amazing
Qirsten C
Qirsten C 6 mesi fa
Yay!! For brian! And love his voice!! Always will! He sang lower, but still melted my heart!! And cant forget Mr AJ, (never a dull moment) but WAY to go HOWIE! Beautiful!! Man I love my BSB!!
KellBellPotter87 wwefan
Howie D's vocals are everything 😍😍😍😍💗💗💗💗
Rex Morgan
Rex Morgan 6 mesi fa
Yes it is, it's the best and always will be :)
BAMCIS13450703 6 mesi fa
How is this crossroads we just found 2 long lost member of the band
Rae-Ann Schulze
Rae-Ann Schulze 6 mesi fa
Does anyone if you can download this on iTunes?
Любовь Бахолдина
Brian's voice😍😍😍 great song!
MsWhatzmyname 6 mesi fa
Kevin has the smallest eyes.
Natália Koscelníková
Tatiana Garza
Tatiana Garza 6 mesi fa
Omg howie sounds amazinggggf
Christopher Granger
Shannon V
Shannon V 7 mesi fa
Brian and them arms ☺️☺️
Love Happens
Love Happens 7 mesi fa
My two favorite Boy bands together I'm going to faint
Anna Defina
Anna Defina 5 mesi fa
I know..doesn't get better than this.
Whitney Burdick
Whitney Burdick 7 mesi fa
Absolutely love this entire collaboration beautiful 🖤
Miss Bumblebee
Miss Bumblebee 7 mesi fa
I've never been too fond on Howie's voice but boy did he kill that falsetto!
Weslany Bastos
Weslany Bastos 7 mesi fa
JAMEY REED 7 mesi fa
I love this song and they just took it to a new spot in my heart
Rex Morgan
Rex Morgan 6 mesi fa
I bet :)
Stephanie Lovelace
Jason Hann
Jason Hann 7 mesi fa
this could a BSB song anyways
Rae-Ann Schulze
Rae-Ann Schulze 7 mesi fa
❤❤❤ i love this!!!
Lee Phan
Lee Phan 7 mesi fa
Kevin....!!!!! You looking great yeaaa...!!✌✌
Carol Sanchez
Carol Sanchez 7 mesi fa
Love you guys 😍♥️🙏🏽
JEHR Radio Station
Nice duet guys! Love playing your music on our Station! Keep up the great work!
Robert Jones
Robert Jones 7 mesi fa
Yeah but it could me something else like High.On.losing.you so yeah I been knew that
William Palmeira
This is Epic... The same for their live perfomance on ACM awards
Nero Renatus
Nero Renatus 7 mesi fa
Wow....just wow that was beautiful!
Erica Smythe-Katsanis
What a mix...fantastic
jesilia leaupepe
I love this version so much!
Stephanie Maciel Santos
Lindos ! 😍❤️
Anoop S Mathew
Anoop S Mathew 8 mesi fa
When your favourite band sings your favourite song .
The Wild Ox
The Wild Ox 8 mesi fa
(H) Please. (O) help (L) I (Y) sad. Anyone else figure that out??? HOLY
Jennifer Troutt
Jennifer Troutt 8 mesi fa
Brok sounds so good here
Jenny Lam
Jenny Lam 8 mesi fa
Omg Howard Dorough you have my whole heart 😍😍😍
Martius 8 mesi fa
Great song but I don't know, I like more this version. itvid.net/video/video-LW7AUyUsHUo.html
Rosita Ortiz
Rosita Ortiz 8 mesi fa
Omg I love this!! They all sound and look so good here!
Emma Blanchette
Emma Blanchette 8 mesi fa
That song is literally my favorite song on this planet and now I love it even more😍😍😍
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