Florida Georgia Line & Backstreet Boys - H.O.L.Y. (CMT Crossroads, August 31, 2017)

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Florida Georgia Line & Backstreet Boys - H.O.L.Y. (CMT Crossroads, August 31, 2017)
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Commenti 256
Zanelti Croes
Zanelti Croes Giorno fa
Lisa Treaster
Lisa Treaster 7 giorni fa
The backstreet boys and Florida Georgia line sound so great together. Love all of them..there music is great.
Brenda Pina
Brenda Pina 9 giorni fa
Oh, Howard! I think he just got me pregnant!!
Zoraya Fagime Yurgaqui Dias
Amazing performance, great voices. Qué bella interpretación y qué letra tan profunda
Mia Brown
Mia Brown 15 giorni fa
Amy Brown
Amy Brown 21 giorno fa
Omg!!!! ❤❤❤❤
SP 24 giorni fa
Brain sounds like he is dying
Georgia Baldwin
Georgia Baldwin 26 giorni fa
This song goes out to the city of Los Angeles.
Chamberlain Achilihu
Florida jorgia line is better than backstreet boys
Jessy Elhabta
Robert Iocca
Robert Iocca Mese fa
Great! Love it... Thanks to GF line to make this happen...
shane hall
shane hall Mese fa
Lol meant to be together. Pop artists.
Just Jen
Just Jen Mese fa
The BEST .... 💯🙌🏼🔥🔥
Jill T
Jill T Mese fa
AJ...oh my lord, sexy as hell. Love his sexy voice and his new country vibe. Been in love with him forever and even more now 😍😍😍
Tracey lynn Caudill
Bud drive came in for some reason
Gabriela Flores
❤ ❤ ❤
Samuel Mese fa
Songs and the appearace has'nt match.
AnnA Mese fa
sooo much soul and harmony 💙💙💙
Jon Forrister
Jon Forrister 2 mesi fa
Such a great job guys
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 2 mesi fa
They are awesome
Kimberlee 2 mesi fa
Can we just admit the song is beautiful but bsb on it makes it even better..they sound beautiful but that's no shocker
Heather McLean
Heather McLean 2 mesi fa
Dylan Batchelor
Dylan Batchelor 2 mesi fa
Love how Nick only did backup & vocals lol but he's the main one to talk shit about Brian's voice..
JadedAngel14 2 mesi fa
Honestly NKOTBSB was a drag for me but WHAT I WOULD GIVE to have these guys do a full album together. Like they sound SO amazing together every damned time. Please just give me a whole album, pleeeease.
Jirinka K
Jirinka K 2 mesi fa
Love it!!! 😍🤩💖
Markk Hogan
Markk Hogan 2 mesi fa
Wow Howie!! What a voice I love it
Isaias Godoy
Isaias Godoy 2 mesi fa
Elizabeth Wass-Hagel
I could never get sick of this song. My god awesome, awesome song❤️❤️
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 2 mesi fa
I love them they amazing
Stephen McCollum
Great combo and harmony
Savannah Sorensen
Omg i love them
lue Douglas
lue Douglas 2 mesi fa
Killed it🔥🔥
Kris Ladera
Kris Ladera 2 mesi fa
Testosterone overload. Lol. Props for these guys. Awesome singing! 👏👏👏👏
Nokuphila Mahlalela
This is the most amazing song I just came across
Yassy T
Yassy T 2 mesi fa
Michele Nguyen
Michele Nguyen 3 mesi fa
BSB for a country album please!!!!
Dawn Hennig
Dawn Hennig 3 mesi fa
Howie is my favorite BSB❤️❤️❤️❤️
Luana Konograi
Luana Konograi 3 mesi fa
Lush Tv
Lush Tv 3 mesi fa
Backstreet Boys can sing any type of music #Legends
Jessica Harper
Jessica Harper 3 mesi fa
I love backstreet boys forever
Lucy Oliver
Lucy Oliver 3 mesi fa
Helen Jackson
Helen Jackson 3 mesi fa
H.O.L.Y. Listening June 17 2019.
divashalo 24
divashalo 24 3 mesi fa
when you get upstaged vocally on your own song...ouch.
Coal black 79 k10
Imagine Waylon’s face watching this 😂 it’s sad people call this country 👎
David C
David C 3 mesi fa
Kevin definitely has a country-pop voice.
Jamie fry
Jamie fry 3 mesi fa
dmonic_hsv 3 mesi fa
Fuck what a great song fuck!!!!!!
C Novika Maharani
Backstreet Boys voices is undoubtable. While Florida Georgia Line always has good songs.
Monster Anst
Monster Anst 3 mesi fa
Kentucky 2 - New York 1- Georgia 1 - Florida 3 ,
Diana Harriman
Diana Harriman 3 mesi fa
This should be a slow song for prom
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 3 mesi fa
Seeing Fgl in Pittsburg with this song playing next to someone ya love and lost = goddamn.
Amy Henderson
Amy Henderson 4 mesi fa
Love Brian's vocal and arms😍😍
gatorshd 4 mesi fa
Sleeping Fox
Sleeping Fox 4 mesi fa
Kevin is sooooooooo like Elzo (AssissanCreed) love him 💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰🥰
Joseph Sillo
Joseph Sillo 4 mesi fa
UGH 💖😭😭😭😭😭😭
Arsenal 4ever
Arsenal 4ever 4 mesi fa
garyw308 4 mesi fa
How about the harmony? I love how each one got a chance to shine and did not disappoint. I was really impressed with Kevin's voice because it is one we did not hear much back in the day. The stripped down set really allowed their talent to shine.
Renata Mariano Stabile
Maravilhosos 👏❤️😍
Heather Higgs
Heather Higgs 4 mesi fa
Smoke another blunt kevin.. 😂😂
Sarah Deutsch
Sarah Deutsch 4 mesi fa
i love this song i used listen backstreat boys win i was kid still do
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