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Florida Georgia Line - Women ft. Jason Derulo

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Watch the official video for Florida Georgia Line’s song, “Women” featuring Jason Derulo. This song is available on their album, ‘Can’t Say I Ain’t Country.’
“‘Women’ is an unbelievable song that we’re really honored to feature Jason Derulo on. […] This is the song that puts women on a platform the most. It’s a good reminder that we wouldn’t be here without women."
Listen to ‘Can’t Say I Ain’t Country’ here: FGL.lnk.to/CSAICYD
To see all upcoming tour dates, visit FloridaGeorgiaLine.com

Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Women. © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC


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1 feb 2019

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Commenti 1 882
joynz1 2 giorni fa
Loved it guys - just one thing - could have did with less talk and more music...just sayin'
Justin Hall
Justin Hall 3 giorni fa
Women make it happen .
Duncan Graham
Duncan Graham 3 giorni fa
man this song hits me hard. i never had a real family or real mother i was adopted and my adoptive mother treated me like shit. but there were always women who took a step up for me and cared for me when nobody else would. from my bestfriends mom to my god mother and my friends wife they never let me go hungry never let me go without love THANK YOU TO ALL THE AMAZING AND WONDERFUL WOMEN OUT THERE I LOVE YOU ALL
Chad Thundercock
Chad Thundercock 8 giorni fa
hakim 8 giorni fa
I think someday later this song gonna be top 1 all time favourite..... SOMEDAY. (Sorry for bad english tho)
Rita Dennis
Rita Dennis 9 giorni fa
Fatty Boomer
Fatty Boomer 10 giorni fa
Dislikers are gays
Graca Mateus Assane
Graca Mateus Assane 12 giorni fa
Lyrics here: itvid.net/video/video-uYgs9YjREiE.html
ℓυcy нєαяτfɪℓɪα
Thank you so much for this wonderful song , so much love from algeria💛💛
Sumal Boro
Sumal Boro 17 giorni fa
Nice song..
fabiola alfaro
fabiola alfaro 17 giorni fa
This is a beautiful collaboration!!
Starry Night
Starry Night 17 giorni fa
🧡🧡🧡! We need more song like this country and RnB forever!!
Your Baby
Your Baby 17 giorni fa
Tylers smile when he says "pretty"......#melted #done
Gisi Rößner
Gisi Rößner 18 giorni fa
love it at all
Gabriel Luiz Freire
Gabriel Luiz Freire 18 giorni fa
kkkkk wtf
izzy58 18 giorni fa
He looks like young Axl Rose
Don't worry be happy NEW LIFE IS GOOD
Dinny Yanti
Dinny Yanti 19 giorni fa
My husband never heard this song, when i play it on youtube, he actually reaction was...."WOWWW" God bless u guys. I love this song
Dea P
Dea P 20 giorni fa
Beautiful Song
Ya'ela Marcanno
Ya'ela Marcanno 20 giorni fa
Did anybody else get chills!
Eli Wagner
Eli Wagner 20 giorni fa
Adão Vicente
Adão Vicente 21 giorno fa
this song could enter the series the walking dead
Ariana Gerez
Ariana Gerez 21 giorno fa
Los amoooo con mi vida, gracias por su buena musica ❤❤❤
Rin 21 giorno fa
Beautiful song. ❤️😍
Falcone Festival
Falcone Festival 21 giorno fa
Buddy Guy
Tamuka Asher
Tamuka Asher 21 giorno fa
in love with this song
Jaro050282 22 giorni fa
Deloro is a gay.
Matharsa Daimary
Matharsa Daimary 22 giorni fa
Beautiful song. M here for my man JD...... ❤️
Heather June
Heather June 22 giorni fa
Don’t vote against our rights than. Sayin.
raya estrada
raya estrada 23 giorni fa
this makes me crying like livin' in old days
Patricia Becerra
Patricia Becerra 23 giorni fa
Mano Salman
Mano Salman 23 giorni fa
oh my godddd
Natalie Ramirez
Natalie Ramirez 24 giorni fa
love that sooong !!! los amoo!
Bianca Maistry
Bianca Maistry 25 giorni fa
This song deserves more recognition 🇿🇦💛🙏
Jan Benda
Jan Benda 27 giorni fa
Vanessa Waya
Vanessa Waya Mese fa
Jolie morceaux j adore👍🏻👍🏻❤
Rogério Lopes
If someone says celebration one more time, I'm gonna...
sl hoff
sl hoff Mese fa
this is pure magic
michael northup
My mom did every thing on her own all my life I found out young women are stronger then any man can ever be we underestimate the power of women.
Dawn Burton
Dawn Burton Mese fa
It don't matter if I am in the care at the house or at work, when I hear this song it gives me goose bumps ! I love it.
Christina Tampubolon
love this song
Sandra Grubbs
Love this song and it does sound churchy, love it.
Life with Lindsey
Women .... sweet, sweet women 😭😭❤️❤️
Valei Kailawadoko
I ❤ this song so much
Zdravko Martarano
I wish they would shut the fuck up and just sing the fucking song
J 23
J 23 Mese fa
Every one complaining about how this isn’t country😂my dudes times have changed and so has country get over it
Elijah Fischer
Born in the city with a lot of hurdles and still this is a go!
Bryan Sadler
Bryan Sadler Mese fa
You know I've been home for 2.5 year's thought I would be gone. I was gone for 19 year's never thought I would come home to see my Mom and bury 32 people that I went to church or school, or that lived in the same neighborhood. The heroin addicts have taken over and it is sad, so sad to see the people that are hooked on that shit. Hurt's me to my core. But what hurts more than that is the ones that are left behind like the kid's the parents of the addict's. It's a sad day when you have to go out and pick a casket. That's not something that we go shopping for. Or to have your grandkids to come over on the weekend's that are to young to understand that Mom or Dad are not coming home never. That is not fair for the grandparents or the grandkids. Nor is it fair for the person that goes out for the first time, and trys that shit and dies from it. The way I see it is heroin is an evil drug. And it's one that I hope in the near future God wipes off the face of the Earth. Sooner than not. My name is Bryan Sadler and I approved this message. Thank You. I do love this song.......The End.
Regina Puhiri
What a beautiful collabs! God bless you, man
Dark LAMF Lord
Mano, q musica chata plmds n aguento mais hahahaha
Tina Desselle
You suke
Guilherme Teixeira
Esses aí são os famosos peãozin quarta-feira
Theresa Toomer
Nice. I like how the different genres of music are coming together to make good music still maintaining their individuality.
Trottingfox Mese fa
What is going on with Country music??...Now it is all 3/4 or worse. finger snap sound... SNAP.SNAP.SNAP.SNAP...Stop it!
Destiny Grady
Instead of putting down women or objectifying them, they celebrate us. Such a beautiful song. Great job y’all.
Destiny Grady
I love that FGL is STILL doing music with Jason Derulo
Ice Queen
Ice Queen Mese fa
i love them soooo much.
Lebogang Lentsoane
Rose Wright
Rose Wright Mese fa
Amazing harmony
Charlotte Amuge
I fell in love with this from the first time I listened to it and truthfully, I have never been more proud to be a woman....❤
Maniac Rider
Maniac Rider Mese fa
I love FGL but this song sucks.
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
Beautiful song , regards :)
John Kimenyi
John Kimenyi Mese fa
God Bless All the Women
Rhonda Fesperman
I’m not a country fan but this is beautiful and I certainly love that Jason Derulo!
Rheedwan Cheng
This song should be go big! Love it .
Brooke Burrell
omg first time i listened to this i fell in love with it
Akshat Panwar
Dammmn so relatable man . Long live musicc!!!
Shon Williams
I love Jason in this song LORD
Diane Fiddler
Makes me proud to be a woman 👩 love ya Angel ❤️ Beautiful Song Florida Georgia Line
Elizabeth Pounders
This song just proves that Jason is better at country music than pop Edit- OMG, I got my first like, wait why is it blue?🤨😐😩
Milan Narayan
Man I wish I had the comedic genius you have
Am I the only one who detects some low-key shade being thrown given the day and age we live in??😂 but I'm wit' it! I was just telling a buddy at work last night how much I love women and I wasn't necessarily talking about the sexual aspect. I work at a gym and so many different types and flavors and colors and sizes come through. My female co-workers tell me I flirt with all of them and I'm not even trying it's just natural cuz I just like women. I always say second best thing God gave us after Jesus. Hanh??!!!
Thinley Jimmy Dorji
Thank you for the wonderful song. I love this song :)
Ash Archer
Ash Archer Mese fa
This song has really grown on me - a real cool left turn!
downs813 Mese fa
Such a beautiful song. Jason has an amazing voice.
TSG Desi
TSG Desi Mese fa
Doesn’t this beat kinda sound like earned it by the weekend?
helisa silva
helisa silva Mese fa
Que isso meu Deus isso é um hino amei 😍😍😍
Young Wyzdom young Wyzdom
Yeap yeap 🇧🇮 🇧🇮 🇧🇮 🇧🇮 .
MoSoM Mese fa
I need like this more Love from #assam india
Yosh AC
Yosh AC Mese fa
asquerosa musica de mierda
Thayná Souto
Tricialynn Delaney
It’s like, give in🙌🏼 I lost my 2nd breath for that
Gabriela Rosario Ulloa Morales
Amo esta cancion!❤ Es hermosa!❤ No puedo dejar de escucharla!!!! 🇵🇪 Gracias por hacer una cancion tan increibleee!!!!!
gabriel paes
gabriel paes 2 mesi fa
Stream do jukera ????
Khan Tran
Khan Tran 2 mesi fa
Women, God-given women The reason we're livin' And lovin' this life, hallelujah Women, beautiful women We're all better off with 'em Right by our sides
Ashley Rene
Ashley Rene 2 mesi fa
Ohhhhh babbbyyyy
Ramisa Begum
Ramisa Begum 2 mesi fa
Daughters - John Mayer vibes ?
Sal AH
Sal AH 2 mesi fa
Abonni plize ☺☺👈
Chantal Herrera
Chantal Herrera 2 mesi fa
I love them. 😍
Panda Wolf Mutant
Not a fan of country but I am really liking this song.
Abby Burton
Abby Burton 2 mesi fa
Awww💖🙏🏽✨.. love it guys!!
Sietrix 2 mesi fa
Just walking to the bus and this comes on an I’m like “ooooo~....OooOOooOooo WTH is this!! I love it 😂”
KyngJSavage88 2 mesi fa
3.6k dislikes smh y’all don’t understand wat good music is cuz it’s not rap dosent meant it’s bad music 💯
Abdul Sacur
Abdul Sacur 2 mesi fa
only 10 M?
Brittney Nicole
Brittney Nicole 2 mesi fa
This is beautiful its literally tearing me up
sunnyalways68 2 mesi fa
I love the melting Pot ❤👍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Axell JP
Axell JP 2 mesi fa
#INAelectionObserverSOS #2019PrabowoPresidenRI Pleace share 🙏🙏🙏
John Kinkead
John Kinkead 2 mesi fa
I would like to hear interview of you guys change that person in that lyrics for that song it is a good song
MONKEY-BUTT 2 mesi fa
Why can't America be like this?!?!?! What an amazing collaboration! 👌😁👍
Dmiiy Tolikoli
Dmiiy Tolikoli 2 mesi fa
Elizabeth Wiegele
Well this is pretty good. I like it.
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