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Happy throwback Thursday from 2014!


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14 nov 2019




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vincem5 27 minuti fa
hahaha this brightened up my day no end! thank you. yr accents are on point too lol
Nihal kapasia
Nihal kapasia 2 ore fa
Ek shashi tharoor fek ke marugaa naa saari english bhul jaega
Yesinia Razo
Yesinia Razo 3 ore fa
AHHH I'm dying
Ilian Fischer
Ilian Fischer 4 ore fa
4:06 My CD player when it has a scratch on the disk
RI majuro
RI majuro 4 ore fa
Not interested
James Reynolds
Love the curry!
Wanee Hing
Wanee Hing 6 ore fa
Not all Indians move their heads when they speak. ..
Lmao that was so good 😆...gross exaggeration, we do not ignore dead ppl on the road but dude got lucky! Didnt know traffic moved in any part of india 😂.
Kevin Kilpatrick
India no respect for Land 🤔 & There Is Not Notice About Red Light Flow of Traffic 🤔🤪
Abhijeet Singh
Shouldn't be so stereotypical 😒
Aarv Raina
Aarv Raina 9 ore fa
I stopped my 9-5 because of, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*
Ajit Mandke
Ajit Mandke 11 ore fa
Fluffy get your facts checked man and stop spreading lies about India. Nobody gets shot in the middle of the road and neither is anyone so insensitive over here to drive around and say " somebody pick him up".
YGC Duck
YGC Duck 10 ore fa
its a joke lmao
Glitch Plays
Glitch Plays 12 ore fa
Gta: India sound like fun.
joe the patriot
joe the patriot 12 ore fa
i thought fluffy looked different
joe the patriot
joe the patriot 13 ore fa
yep its all mexico definitely not the U.S. cough cough wink wink L.A.
Prajal chetry
Prajal chetry 13 ore fa
I am disagree with him 🙄, its making nothing happens like what he says thatsall
YGC Duck
YGC Duck 10 ore fa
its just a joke chill
Somebody has miss interpreted the meaning of why we worship cows bro. Dont start talking untill u know the real shit about something.
YGC Duck
YGC Duck 10 ore fa
its just a joke
Rudra Ghosh
Rudra Ghosh 13 ore fa
Are mota choda
YGC Duck
YGC Duck 10 ore fa
its just a joke chill
mohammed alzarooni
gabriel you should come see them drive here in United arab emirates :D not all of them but a lot of drivers here from them love action especially if there an accident
Dhanesh Narwade
Dhanesh Narwade 14 ore fa
Hmmm 170 years of having independence, still people outside India think so... different...I feel sad! First of all...you have seen and talk with a southern Indian guy (according to your accent) ,2ndly there are very different type of person and speech you'll get while talking! Only one thing I would say that you are right about people who ignore accident!
Karan 14 ore fa
YGC Duck
YGC Duck 10 ore fa
its just a joke chill
Irfan G
Irfan G 15 ore fa
Worst comedian act!
Abdul Bari
Abdul Bari 15 ore fa
he sounds like king julian
Harwant Kaur Chhachhia
Fanta is not a common drink in India. Cows are not considered reincarnated but. As holy because they provide us with milk and so many bi-products are made from milk. No one except gangsters/terrorists keep guns unlike America where every person carries a gun and shooting is so rampant. No, we don’t leave our injured on the roadside and drive around. Traffic stops, police is called and the injured transferred to a hospital. Maybe we are not as quick or efficient as Americans. Not all of us shakes our heads while talking. It most of you keep waving your hands in the air while conversing. You are good but please project a better picture of my country.
YGC Duck
YGC Duck 10 ore fa
its just a joke chill
PRABH SINGH 15 ore fa
You have made every effort to make fun of India ! But my dear Frnd Fluckfy! India Is Incredible people are strongly bonded with each other there are rare Step Moms nd Dads! Even the beggars got Bigger Hearts! Thnx for ur visit to India! But when u Come Again try to see a little bit differently🙏
itvid.net/video/video-PcfT0qeZNBk.html watch this and like the vedio and pls suscribe my channel
Aditya Pandey
Aditya Pandey 16 ore fa
The way he imitated the south indian accent was accurate af...every indian will agree to this
Abhinav chauhan Gujjar
10:50 this is certainly not what we believe here in India he is making things himself to make it funny. But indeed it is funny, lol 🤣
August Sky
August Sky 18 ore fa
Deeksha Ganjam
Deeksha Ganjam 20 ore fa
I don't think I have ever laughed this hard at a standup comedy show 😂
Stay Fit With Goutam
Cow thing is not true some one gave you wrong info🙄 but the way looked India is really fantastic ❤️
Linda Myers
Linda Myers 20 ore fa
"Martin and I " gonna be good.
July seven
July seven 21 ora fa
midhunlal mohanlal
We do eat hamburger
MC skuare
MC skuare 22 ore fa
dont be offened indians ...... this is just for entertainment
Ethics Morals
Ethics Morals 22 ore fa
Some Things are not funny. Once that point gets crossed..it is end off!
adityA jaiN
adityA jaiN 22 ore fa
We dont worship cow bcoz its incarnation of our ancestors. Cow is too useful(its milk, its atmosphere, or even its dung or urine everything is to useful) to be considered an ordinary animal. Our scriptures and sadhu sants have taught us to worship them. U even consider cow as a mother
Lakshom Phom
Lakshom Phom 22 ore fa
Lovely word love❤️ u from India 🙏
Martin Smith
Martin Smith 22 ore fa
So many nice people from India.
Papa Grounds
Papa Grounds 23 ore fa
"Will they understand english in India?" Oh boy, they don't teach 'muricans much about the history outside of the US, now do they? 😂
Papa Grounds
Papa Grounds 6 ore fa
@death from the depths What? 😅
death from the depths
The brits lost it to an old man who went on a diet. History 101 lmao. The most simplified I can make that.
Sharon Sasidharan
Guess he went to some north Indian states, plz don't generalize as the whole India
YGC Duck
YGC Duck 10 ore fa
its just a joke chill
237homer238 Giorno fa
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Sergejs Ločmelis
that was risky about jews and Poland)))))))) But man you look so sincere on stage, and people just can not dislike for whatever your story is about. Walking charisma, the occasional sound imitations, mimics, funny jokes of course... You really give people joy. Good health, long life to you.
ishtiyaq anwar
ishtiyaq anwar Giorno fa
😂 I don’t know how to laugh In German. Aaaah aahh aaah
robertantonnyc Giorno fa
I remember this. I went to Indai a few years ago. Interesting pllace. Loved the Taj Mahal!
Rahul Prajapat
Rahul Prajapat Giorno fa
India is nthing like this man is telling at all he is talking gibberish.. or may be hi never visited India. He has no right to insult Indians and those people who are laughing on this silly bald man jokes.
kersamjernezian Giorno fa
Lollllll Fluffy you are the best in the world. LOVE YOU 🤩🤩🤩
Rahul Prajapat
Rahul Prajapat Giorno fa
When he was talking about Indian head moving the only image come in my mind is of Farah khan only speaks in whole India like that head movement and accent.
Beeti Sushruth
Beeti Sushruth Giorno fa
Oh man he put a lot of spice and exaggeration into this. Nevertheless it's hilarious.
Brawl with Dom
Brawl with Dom Giorno fa
10:50 i am indian and i didnt even know that untill now.... shiiiiit !!!
Rajdeep Mondal
Rajdeep Mondal Giorno fa
The crime rate in India is way too less compare to Mexico and even in some of the states in the USA.
YGC Duck
YGC Duck 10 ore fa
only violent crimes, not others like rape per capita
Siddhant Mishra
Siddhant Mishra Giorno fa
worlds best stand up comedy...... probably depicts indian traffic in best way possible.. appreciate it
Vaibhav Aher
Vaibhav Aher Giorno fa
Jay Shree Ram 🚩🚩
John James
John James Giorno fa
Visit Kerala. You’ll have a whole different perspective.
Imtiyaz Ali
Imtiyaz Ali Giorno fa
Ha ha ha ha. You are too funny...Still, Our India is the best .. But Fluffy, I bet if you can drive in India, you can drive anywhere in the world..
preeti sharma
preeti sharma Giorno fa
Great personalities like Alexander the great.. Who conquered different -different parts of the world.... BUT He was not able to conquer THE GREAT INDIA....... ... Albert Einstein said``we owe a lot to Indian's who taught us how to count without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made``........ I mean to say from this that whole world bows down in front of Indian's.... This are such a great views from great personalities about India... So you are nothing to say all rubbish about 🇮🇳
akash Srivastava vines
Best best best.. I'm from India.. Loads of love😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
kl x
kl x Giorno fa
That's the reason how we Indian are different....when foreigners try to speak Hindi...ND even if they sound like shit...we appreciate them ND feel happy they are trying our language....on the other hand...if we Indian try to speak English.. u make fun of us.....
praharshitha ponangi
No people don't ignore accidents my Dad met with an accident this pandemic and people still helped him regardless of danger and thanks to them my dad survived and got well 🙏🙏
Nature Connect
Nature Connect Giorno fa
Foreigner disparage India. But believe me India is not the way it is picturized around the world by some foreign traveller and through movie and video makers. We Indian dont complaint any of the time for such activities and just tolerate everything. We Indians have to speak out about the all positive aspect of our country, otherwise people will only show our country as undeveloped, uneducated, full of only poverty, uncultered etc. Which is not true at all.
Slayden Dirksz
Slayden Dirksz Giorno fa
I can't breathe I am laughing so much
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Muhammad Danish
Muhammad Danish Giorno fa
Facial expression of FLUFFY is more worthy to watch than to listen his jokes. Thats called a perfect audio-facial combination....Amazing...
Muhammad Danish
Muhammad Danish Giorno fa
2:26 SATIRE Man......
18CE507 :: Prajwal Borkar
That's probably him it make mi laugh 🤣🤣
uncooked ham
uncooked ham Giorno fa
I heard that in India all the men just walk around with their cocks out 24 hours a day, they go shopping with their cocks out, go to work with their cocks out etc. that's just crazy!
manoj khatri
manoj khatri Giorno fa
crazier things even if they aren't true gets people's attention more ..hence these stories
KyriaNunNuit Giorno fa
For future reference, Germans drink beer. Just sayin'. You can save yourself a whole lot of trouble that way... 😉
GamerPanda Giorno fa
Who the fuck told him cows are reincarnated dead people man.. 😆
Vidya Jayaram
Vidya Jayaram Giorno fa
Some bullshit he doesn't even know why we don't eat cows why we worship cows and we respond each other and we're Unity in diversity
Leon Fitness coach Nashik Fernandes
I hate the politics in India ....and the politician spl current govt
g B
g B Giorno fa
Stupid ass.
max Hehetror
max Hehetror Giorno fa
Who else laughs at every joke
All for You
All for You Giorno fa
You only visited mumbai, Delhi . You would have been more confused if you had come to the other States 😂😂😂
Valdemar Perez III
5:44 😂🤙
Prashant Salve
Prashant Salve Giorno fa
India is basically not country is a continent of 28 states.... Different languages, different cultures , different foods and so on...
R. K.
R. K. 6 ore fa
I watched this for startes itvid.net/video/video-E8FxAriVWls.html Interesting. and this is only the south. One day I will visit Idia...or parts of it :-D Greetings from Germany
KSDVLmom Giorno fa
The Indian head wobble
Adra Mera
Adra Mera Giorno fa
Fun fact, we don't "worship" cows. We consider them to be a sacred symbol of life that should be protected and revered. In the Vedas, the oldest scriptures, the cow is associated with Aditi, the primeval goddess and mother of all the gods.
Amit Yadav
Amit Yadav 12 ore fa
@mweezy jajNZ
mweezy 14 ore fa
I was also told that human beings can survive on only cows milk for several months without eating anything.
Phoenix Andromeda
Fluffy thank you for unifying us all. Your heart is bigger than the biggest dinosaur!
Kid Rhyme
Kid Rhyme 2 giorni fa
You are funny Gabriel Iglesias but there is no need for blasphemy, minute: 21:21, keep it clean and you will have even more fans without a doubt, peace.
AICooL 2 giorni fa
This dude is amazing. He isnt one of those idiots that sugercoat everything and he aint of those cunts who make everything an object of fear. He is in the perfect middle.
AICooL 2 giorni fa
IDK why but I have this crazy urge to visit India for once in my lifetime even though I am Unwanted Numero 1: Pakistani.
AICooL 2 giorni fa
And yes, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. And no, I am not being a Xeno. My best friend is Indian.
zeke ross
zeke ross 2 giorni fa
Note to myself Whenever a video talks about anything remotely Indian don't go the comment section. For your own piece of mind. Also Trolls are just lonely bored people just ignore them
Slav Bucciaratti
Slav Bucciaratti 2 giorni fa
12:20 He waited so long to finally use that, he's a legend.
Meme Raven
Meme Raven 2 giorni fa
Most probably he is talking about people in South india.. Basically he doing South indian Accent(Tamil guys speaking English).. In most of the other States, the culture is very different and one can't even pick that many diversity in one visit. Every 100 km you would see different language(local language and slighty different culture). Head movement is there in southern states which i completely understand, but in North India or West India this is not so true. That Cow thing is made up.. I am Indian and i have never heard that story of Reincarnation in my whole life. Yeah we do worship Cow because it is symbol of life and that's why we don't eat it and can't hurt it.
Meme Raven
Meme Raven Giorno fa
@Artyfrolic bytwinsandsiblings not fluent but they can still speak.. I've been to Tamil nadu and people there speak good english and there were also guys who came from Calicut(Kerala) and Bangalore(Karnataka) who were speaking english. So yeah they can speak English.
Artyfrolic bytwinsandsiblings
Not the whole south india ....bangalurians speak better english...
Sharon Dirksz
Sharon Dirksz 2 giorni fa
My head pains because I've been laughing so much
Banzai Ozaki
Banzai Ozaki 2 giorni fa
Y’all I think I ate black panther
GZone Amy
GZone Amy 2 giorni fa
That south Indian accent was on point 😂🤣
Dirgh agarwal
Dirgh agarwal 2 giorni fa
Ohh man 12:25 was lit . Love from India bro
Marcos Enrique
Marcos Enrique 2 giorni fa
I would say that germans drinks Schnapps, but they also love beer, I mean, they invented the Oktoberfest just to drink beer
Mathis Jordan
Mathis Jordan 2 giorni fa
0:22 my love video :X
Sirnicus 2 giorni fa
21:03 My country XDDDDDDDD
Arun Gupta
Arun Gupta 2 giorni fa
Kisi indian ne tumhara bhi kaat diya😝😝😝😝 "That Indian meke u fool while telling those points about India"😝😝
movie efforts
movie efforts 2 giorni fa
I'm just here to comment "fluppy gandu h re tu"
Snake Productions
Snake Productions 2 giorni fa
From how he speaks as a Indian... I only think about he surely only met Farah khan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 even the cab driver too 😂😂
yashwanth bellamconda
4:10 lmao
Fiona RJ
Fiona RJ 2 giorni fa
Man you are awesome.. And by the way I am an Indian too..
Music Lovers
Music Lovers 2 giorni fa
His Indian accents say, he will have gone South of India🇮🇳
Pffffft............ Hilarious! Gabriel Iglesias will always be an amazing comedian!
ANi 2 giorni fa
That cow thing is so wrong I see everyday people beating them and throwing sticks and stones at them .. But well if it's as a joke then who cares Just like snakecharmers thing
Roxas Sora
Roxas Sora Giorno fa
@ANi Yeah.
ANi Giorno fa
@Roxas Sora Well depends on their experience I guess
ANi Giorno fa
@ichigo K Good job mate 👍
ichigo K
ichigo K Giorno fa
I still stop my car when cow/dog is crossing the road. I will honk so cow moves fast :)
Roxas Sora
Roxas Sora Giorno fa
I see people commenting about the opposite
ranjith cheruku
ranjith cheruku 2 giorni fa
Love u brother. I am laughed a lot
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