Fold and eat! Ham Cheese Toast Covered with Egg Blanket / Korean street food

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Fold and eat! Ham Cheese Toast Covered with Egg Blanket / Korean street food / Folding Ham Cheese Egg Toast / Korean street food

Hello. I'm [JJIN-Food]. Finding and introducing street food and delicious restaurants is my great happiness. Enjoy the video and have a good day:)♥

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Cheese Egg Toast

💲 Price: KRW 4,300 (USD 3.2)

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Commenti 2 038
M-Well 6 mesi fa
I love how clean and organized they are. The bottled eggs even fit the tray so perfectly. Love it!
My Kitchen
My Kitchen Mese fa
Cody Thompson
@CT if you think mentioning how 2 things are a waste of time makes me a "know it all" then you must really "know nothing at all"
CT Mese fa
@Cody ThompsonMr know it all expert over here 🙄
Cody Thompson
This is not how anyone actually cooks at this place. If it is, a lot of things in this video were just a massive waste of time. Sure it looks cool in a video to do some of these things. But like, straining corn then using a spoon to scoop it out? Looks very professional and cool in a video, but in reality, never gonna happen. Measuring out exactly how much egg there should be using a measuring cup? Again, cool for a video, in reality, use a ladle to make that 10x faster... No one is doing that in an actual rush... Again, maybe they are, but no matter what these workers are getting paid, you're literally losing money in the time it's taking them to do this shit...
Michael Mese fa
@Reid Bathgate Not sandals! 😢
A Harper
A Harper 3 mesi fa
Delicious looking! I’m salivating as I’m watching the video 😋 Love the organization of the cook, his preciseness and the cleanliness of the kitchen, everything works together. Wish I was there to enjoy that meal. Well done 👏🏾
ahhfd hxhdj
ahhfd hxhdj Mese fa
Im not sure if salivating is the proper way of expressing yourself in a comment section
kdo chce - vidí
Me Too 🇨🇿👍🤤
Cute Dog
Cute Dog 2 mesi fa
Looks delicius
Sridivyashankar Begari
@Connie huang hjiup
Connie huang
Connie huang 3 mesi fa
Kaye Prescott
Kaye Prescott 7 mesi fa
Love how the cook area is so neat and clean. Enjoyed watching!
b93nk 6 mesi fa
@days high Indo foods use lot of spices & real chili's even chili sauce isn't hot enough...
days high
days high 6 mesi fa
@b93nk The India street food looks nice but the background makes me feel I might need to go to the hospital after finish my meal there. No offense. But last time I been to Indonesia(Not India) and the street food made me had stomachache for a whole week and dehydrated to a point my weight dropped from 120 lbs to 105 lbs.
b93nk 6 mesi fa
Try to compare the cook area in India 😁
Bigben -1989
Bigben -1989 7 mesi fa
Ya it’s called standards!! Korea get it 💪🏼
Simone Deutsch
Simone Deutsch 3 mesi fa
Fiquei impressionada! Um único rapaz faz tudo sozinho , de uma maneira super organizada! E que limpeza! O lanche me deu água na boca! Assisto vários Kdramas, mas não havia visto esse prato nas comidas de rua! Gostaria muito de conhecer a Coreia! Povo trabalhador e dedicado! Além de lindos!
Andersoncarlos Carlos
Trabalho perfeito
Abbasi Abbasi45
calebe Gomes 🐝🐞
Tudo de bom
calebe Gomes 🐝🐞
Verdade 🤪🤪🤪🤪
Wanda Oquendo
Wanda Oquendo 7 mesi fa
I thought I was going to see unique ingredients from Korea but the ingredients are very similar to the ones used in USA. The way they combined the ingredients in the sandwich is very different and of course the presentation is very neat. It looks delicious.
LSP Mese fa
@Carla Harrington the clear liquid was rice vinegar - some people call it “Asian style” scrambled eggs when rice vinegar is added.
Ja C
Ja C Mese fa
Wait till you see taco rice from Japan. It's not really THAT surprising on why SPAM is used for a few things in S.Korea if you read up on history.
Finesse Formidable The Wise
@아리아놔~그런데is saltier than I like my eggs 😂
LaydiNite 2 mesi fa
@brad bradley Hot dogs are usually the same type of thing, but those are a lot more accepted as a common food item. Most things like sausage were meant to use the parts of the animal that wouldn't be suited to other dishes, so cartilage, organs, etc. get made into something that can still be eaten rather than going to waste.
Tranquil Dragons Den
I wish i had the money to travel, there are so many places I'd love to visit and eat their food. But the Korean Street food is definitely near the top of if not at the top if I could only go one place. The preparation is mesmerizing on it's own. So methodical and ordered. I love watching it. Thank you for the viewing pleasure.
Goodbye Mr. Anderson
Pretty well every food place is like that.
linda handley
linda handley 6 mesi fa
I'm right there with you.The preparation IS mesmerizing and it's a big part of appeal. I've always been amazed at how perfectly proportioned the food is. The street vendors are masters at what they do! It looks delicious and I love to go on a street food journey too!
ana carolina Fabre vieira
Adoro ver os coreanos fazendo comida nunca comi mas deve de ser bem bom 😋
calebe Gomes 🐝🐞
@Maria Isabel Abreu isaza verdade
calebe Gomes 🐝🐞
Eu também colega, são deliciosos 😀😀
Ronald f.a
Ronald f.a 6 mesi fa
Halloo semuaa
Maria Isabel Abreu isaza
Que delicia que esquesites muy rápidos y presiosos me encantan sus videos son unicos✌️✌️✌️✌️👋👋👋🇪🇨🇪🇨🇪🇨🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪
Maria Helena Ribeiro Gomes
Mary D
Mary D 7 mesi fa
This needs to be available on a food truck. And if you could just park it outside my house, that'd be great.
Dinesh Ausnep
Dinesh Ausnep 3 mesi fa
@Dreka FineYeah!
weirdshibainu 6 mesi fa
Thank you for sacrificing a spot in front of your house🤣
SweetSadie 6 mesi fa
최민티 7 mesi fa
Dreka Fine
Dreka Fine 7 mesi fa
🤭🤭🤭I'm with you when you're right!
Cute Hamster
Cute Hamster 2 mesi fa
Чистота приготовления очень импонирует. Всё на своих местах , перчатки , маски , головные уборы - просто душа радуется.. спасибо каналу за видео.😀🙂🙂
himssendol 4 mesi fa
I like how the egg covers the sandwich sides and prevents the insides from spilling. Looks delicious. ❤
Ravindra SP
Ravindra SP 3 mesi fa
Just in love with the way chef cooks this so neatly..precision.. perfectness..looks so yummy😋
Erin Pruitt
Erin Pruitt Mese fa
Takes great pride in his work
John Doe
John Doe 2 mesi fa
Yes.. I agree. I want it so bad.. 😇
민영 조
민영 조 7 mesi fa
재료준비부터 먄드는과정까지 꼼꼼하게 깔끔하게 맛잇게 굿 ~ 만드는분 성격이 고스란히 묻어나오네요 먹어보고싶당
hay day
hay day Mese fa
ممكن اسماء المواد المكونة للبيض ؟
Erlinda Egay
Erlinda Egay 3 mesi fa
What kind of sauce on the top of cabbage
Sir_Axiom 5 mesi fa
That’s the point on cooking.
Ronald f.a
Ronald f.a 6 mesi fa
zulayne Alarez
zulayne Alarez 3 mesi fa
Looks delicious 🤤 I can get one of those as my meal of the day, nothing else ❤😋 Excellent food artwork ❤👏🏽
Wilmson 2 mesi fa
how the fuck is this art
Pina Santa Cruz
Pina Santa Cruz 7 mesi fa
Qué rico! Se me antojó. Creo que es una combinación de ingredientes deliciosa.
Жорж Борман
Язык не повернется назвать эту еду уличной ! Все чисто и аккуратно , а продукты наверняка качественные и свежие ! 👍
Lennie Watson
Lennie Watson 3 mesi fa
I could totally eat that! Looks wonderful!🥰🥰😋😋😋😋
Jim London
Jim London Mese fa
Looks delicious 😋. I like the idea of the shredded cabbage. It would add a nice tasty crunch.
Oleg Diy
Oleg Diy 7 mesi fa
Как же классно и вкусно выглядит 👍👍👍👍👍🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Philip Staite
Philip Staite 4 mesi fa
After pouring the egg onto the griddle, what are the next two things added, before the slice of cheese?
Joy 7 mesi fa
Let me just say I am in awe of Korean cuisine. It's simply head-and-shoulders above everything else. In Britain 🇬🇧 we don't have anything even approaching this unless imported. Bravo!
louise 6 mesi fa
Get rid of the cabbage and use better quality ingredients rather than spam and plastic cheese and maybe I would be interested. But can't say I'm in awe of the actual food .
James Moore
James Moore 6 mesi fa
You’re in awe of a cold cabbage, sweetcorn and spam omelette sandwich? No idea where you live in Britain but you sure can’t get out much wherever it is.
Dom Moore
Dom Moore 6 mesi fa
Spam's hardly haute cuisine. Hasn't been popular since WW2 and I've only ever used it as fish bait.
Mariana Cordeiro
these ingredients are used in any fast food chain, only the presentation is different.
Adrian Clarke
Adrian Clarke 4 mesi fa
I have no idea what it is that I’ve just seen being made, but looks delicious and way better than what I’m going to be having for breakfast!
RiNAt Bulatov
RiNAt Bulatov 2 mesi fa
Какая чистота на кухне. Всё блестит.
Geert Delmulle
Geert Delmulle 2 mesi fa
They make it look so delicious! I want some! :-)
Chuck and Eve A.
I've noticed that Korean chef or cooks are neat, clean and put a lot love into their food. I have seen many videos and they are all wonderful
Magdis Plantitas y Más
CR Travel TV
CR Travel TV 7 mesi fa
Muito delicioso 😍
djsgravely 2 mesi fa
Everything always looks super-clean in these Korean street food videos.
ASMR Mukbang 오늘의 먹방
조리과정도 너무 깔끔해 보이시고, 무엇보다 맛이 정말 궁금하네요!!
MoMoPuff 2 mesi fa
I would eat this every day for breakfast! 🤤
Sivakumar arasu
Sivakumar arasu 2 mesi fa
I just love the way u ppl do . The measurements, the creativity, the patience are all outstanding...
Tereza Talaia
Tereza Talaia 6 mesi fa
Nossa limpeza é muito bem organizado que gostoso hummq eu nunca comi mas deve ser muito boa 😋😋😋🙏🙏🇧🇷🇧🇷
Елена Потякина
Супер! Съела всё глазами! 😁 Превосходно! 👏 Молодой человек, мастер своего дела! Блюдо замечательное! 👍
Leila Emerich
Leila Emerich 6 mesi fa
Deve ser bom demais uiiii deu água na boca.
Torsten Hauke
Torsten Hauke 6 mesi fa
It would be cool if you offered the recipes online It is so delicious! Greetings from Berlin, Germany... 👍😎
WoDe Mao
WoDe Mao Mese fa
Просто обалденно! Так интересно, не могу оторваться, хотя уже ночь на дворе! Спасибо за фильм!
Paula Tristan
Paula Tristan 6 mesi fa
Korean street food is great and this breakfast sandwich 🥪 looks delicious !!!😋👍🏼🎉
REi 6 mesi fa
i just love how clean and organized koreans are when theyre cooking 😩 its so satisfying to watch!
Надежда Кузнецова
Как вкусно, аж слюньки потекли.
Анна  Сергеева
Точно 😆 наверное очень вкусно приготовлено.
Бобур Разметов
ERIC MELO 7 mesi fa
Korean cuisine is so beautiful to watch. How many amazing techniques!!! It must be delicious.😋😋😋😋
Khris Vlogs
Khris Vlogs 7 mesi fa
I love this Korean cuisine. So delicious foods everywhere. I'm glad to be here and watching this amazing recipe. Thanks for sharing and have wonderful day.
CEBUSAN 2 mesi fa
Es una preparación de las tostadas con mucha precisión, donde se refleja el expertis de el que prepara, lo que se constituye en ejemplo a seguir.
Stacy Flum
Stacy Flum 2 mesi fa
I can believe how many western (American) foods were used here. The cabbage and corn are what was a suprise for me. The corn was treated like caviar! It would be fun to try and use the techniques to make a sandwich to my tastes.
Odalis Moise
Odalis Moise 3 mesi fa
Looks delicious! I want one. This made me hungry. I tried this recipe two days later after watching this video using the ingredients I had. I made a few substitutions and still turned out great. I.e. Shredded four Mexican Cheeses, a slice of Provolone cheese, saute sliced red peppers instead of a tomato, Sriracha Mayo, Sriracha Hot Sauce, sweet and sour sauce. Thank you for sharing your recipe.😀
Grammar Habit Academy
Really delicious. I ate this almost every day for ten years in Korea.
MioMilaF 3 mesi fa
О! Вы- Счастливый! Есть такое вкусное блюдо в течении 10 лет! Корейцы- Супер мастера по приготовлению еды! Наверное, самые лучшие мастера!
is it mermelade at 9:45 or ketchup ?
소바 6 mesi fa
와 어디에요? 보는 내내 너무 먹어보고 싶다는 생각밖에 안드네요 위생이 넘 깨끗하고 군더더기 없이 깔끔하게 요리하시는 모습 너무 멋져요👍👍
채이 6 mesi fa
선릉에 있나봐요. 자세히보기 누르니 주소 나오네요.
Renee S.
Renee S. 2 mesi fa
I'm not gonna lie, this looks delicious! I might pass on the raw cabbage, though. Or at least give it a little stir-fry! 😂
Ligia from Portugal
Quero um, sem carne. Eheheh. Deu- me vontade de tentar fazer algo parecido.👩‍🍳
Bonboniya 2 mesi fa
These look so mouthwatering! And beautiful presentation as well 👩‍🍳🥪
Kate 2 mesi fa
So professional!! Looks amazing 👏 I am Australian and cannot imagine the taste but I am still salivating😛😊😊😊😊
Татьяна Сергеевна Пиче-оол
Вау! Как вкусно выглядит! Я бы хотела это попробовать!
Татьяна Сергеевна Пиче-оол
@Aniuta Да, конечно, я это и сделаю, но вот только непонятно, что это за соус, который использовали в видео, а он, наверняка, немаловажен в этом блюде. Жаль, что тут не дают подробный рецепт соуса... :-(
Aniuta 6 mesi fa
Попробуйте приготовить дома
Que limpios y ordenados para cocinar👏👏👏👏
Paty Trein
Paty Trein 6 mesi fa
Hummmm! Parece delicioso 😋
I'd love to taste that, looks so nice.
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Your kindness and dedication towards your job shows how professional you are, when it comes to account recovery am really grateful to encounter your skill..
Esteffany Gamer
Esteffany Gamer 2 mesi fa
Isso sim e trabalho de qualidade
Eliana Barreto
Eliana Barreto 7 mesi fa
Que lindo e que delícia 😋 ,adorei ter feito com água fica mais leve ..vcs estão de parabéns 👏👏👏🇧🇷🥰
글로벌 길거리 음식 Global street food
NOOR ZIA 2 mesi fa
Probably the most cleanest kitchen i have ever seen...and the food preparation... Totally awesome...
Tatyana Yanaeva
Tatyana Yanaeva 7 mesi fa
Чистота идеальная! Очень аккуратно готовит! Красиво! Вкуснятина!🤤👍💖
Cheeky Piper
Cheeky Piper 7 mesi fa
That is some delicious looking sandwich.
Indelible Sin
I love how they garnish the oil with eggs and cold cuts
Joy 7 mesi fa
Love the sounds and the editing. First class and of course the preparation and the food.
Ilone Clezar
Ilone Clezar Mese fa
Esse sanduiche é sensacional !
João Manoel Santos
Muito bom ! Apenas sugiro que em vez de colocar água logo no início quando bate os ovos com o mix, coloque leite integral. Fica muito mais saboroso. Cumprimentos direto do Brazil !
Todd 2 mesi fa
I love how everything is an art with Korean cooking.
Foodista 2 mesi fa
Looks very delicious 🤤🤤 Thanks for sharing ❤
Dude Lebowski the 5th
Look how neat and clean that kitchen is. Every Korean food vid I have watched is the same. Neat and clean
와이낫 3 mesi fa
진짜 맛있겠어요 ~위생적이고 정성스러움이 느껴져요
Uzii 4 mesi fa
I love the detailed complete process of making this soo yummy sandwich...
susan vasquez
susan vasquez 7 mesi fa
It's so good to watch while preparing the food, I love it! ♥️♥️
글로벌 길거리 음식 Global street food
Also i love the food preparation wow
글로벌 길거리 음식 Global street food
Cooking Sazzy's Way
This looks so so yummy 😋 I want one 💯💥
Ana Cris Lima
Ana Cris Lima 7 mesi fa
Adorei uma ideia inovadora de fazer um pão 🍞 com ovos 😋
Es un desayuno muy rico y nutritivo y que decir de la presentación espectacular la vida entra por los ojos.
Lee Petrie
Lee Petrie 2 mesi fa
Yum, these look amazing 🤤🤤🤤🤤
Cynthia Lynch
This looks absolutely delicious
C JAY'S HOME 7 mesi fa
This looks so delectable. I can smell the aroma of the butter. This is a special toast a lot of ingredients added. Yummy
Furkan Avcı
Furkan Avcı 6 mesi fa
Harbiden çok iyi. İzlerken canım çekti. Çok temiz ve düzenli. Türkiye den selamlar. ❤🇹🇷👋🏻
Lizzie Robinson
Lizzie Robinson 2 mesi fa
Much dedication & skill from this guy! Well done :)
Rob Tait
Rob Tait 6 mesi fa
😋 Love how everything is so precise.
Наталья Новосёлова
Все вызывает аппетит.Вкусно.Молодцы.
А. Г.
А. Г. 3 mesi fa
Отлично! Вкусно по ходу!
Susan Hatch
Susan Hatch 7 mesi fa
Wow! So ingenious and looks so delicious! I would love to try one. ♥️ Susan
Serhiy Lokachuk
Serhiy Lokachuk 7 mesi fa
SPAM yummy
wolf 44 ángel
wolf 44 ángel 6 mesi fa
Que deliciosa comida. Son muy limpios felicitaciones gran trabajo.mexico
Alla 3 mesi fa
Вы молодцы классно придумали ,и вкусно наверное ах попробовать бы такую вкуснятину,спасибо
Александр Юсупов
Как робот, всё чётко, выглядит аппетитно 😋
Linda Aulenti
Linda Aulenti 7 mesi fa
I love to watch them cook. Most of the same ingredients we use but just incredible way of presenting the food. I'd love to know the secret to their rail thin bodies and flawless skin, gorgeous hair. beautiful people
Zero Todona
Zero Todona 7 mesi fa
@John Bridgman he’s literally is using bread and rice has a lot of carbs. It’s portion size.
John Bridgman
John Bridgman 7 mesi fa
The diet (which I love) is nearly all meat, seafood & vegetables - don't think I ever saw bread or even potatoes outside of a western restaurant. There is rice but it's just one part of the meal, not like our diet where everything is either on a big pile of bread or a big pile of fries. Something like a paleo diet with more/better spices and some fermentation. I suspect that kimchi (fermented cabbage) is a key contributor to the health benefits but not 100% sure - what I do know is that the closer I can get to a typical Korean diet the more weight I lose and the better I feel.
diafasshat 7 mesi fa
many secrets... one being genetics... another is culture
Peter Cho
Peter Cho 7 mesi fa
They exercise, eat healthy, vitamins and skin products
Сергей 7 mesi fa
Больше перца,меньше еды😀
Gokhan Aydogan
Gokhan Aydogan 2 mesi fa
Guys you are really legendary. Incredible discipline, care and quality. You are making this world better.
cobaingrohlnovo 2 mesi fa
They’re literally using spam lol
Jincil lee
Jincil lee 7 mesi fa
어떻게 저 정도의 청결을 유지하며 장사를! 놀라울 뿐입니다👍👍👍
Розалия счастливая
🤤🤤🤤я залипла прям!
David Stuck
David Stuck Mese fa
this food looks so good wish i could buy one
Ocean View
Ocean View 2 mesi fa
Oh my. Everything looks so dang delicious 😋. You cook so precisely and are very clean. Now I'm hungry 😁.
N 7 mesi fa
I love the egg square. The whole thing looks heart-stoppingly good. I'm afraid to try to make it. I have an addictive personality.😉
Kduns5150 Mese fa
This was very satisfying and cool to watch and listen to. Love the outcome. I want to try.
Мир Прекрасен!
Чисто, четко. Всё упаковано. Респект!
Neil McCann
Neil McCann 3 mesi fa
You can sense the amount of pride that the chef has in his work. They say "Find something that you like to do, and you will never work another day in your life".
Fity Bux
Fity Bux Mese fa
"Cheese Egg Toast", sometimes called Gilgeori Toast. (And it might be found by a Korean food place near you.)
Sarah Merkel
Sarah Merkel 2 mesi fa
That's it I am moving to Korea LMAO! Just for the food!!! OMG this looks so yummy!
Julianne Heindorf
The guy is wearing gloves and a mask and everything around him is very neat, clean and well organized. A nice change to the videos of other street vendors around the world.
Сергей Павлов
Очень круто!!!! Вкусно 100%
Ruby Twilite
Ruby Twilite 6 mesi fa
I love how super-duper ultra clean everything is!
MioMilaF 3 mesi fa
Так придумали - Просто и хорошо! Формочку для омлета! Супер!
Светлана Иванова
Ну ,как же это красиво!!!
SvetaElf 5 mesi fa
Я хочу попробовать этот шедевр🙌😃
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